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Found 318 results

  1. Ilija Simon

    [MOC] Diocletian's palace

    Dear EuroBickers, let me share with you my Lego Ideas project which is submitted for voting on 19.04.2016. and currently has 1.439 votes with 488 days to go. The creation is Lego Diocletian's Palace from 305. AD and it represents one of the world best preserved Roman monuments and it is part of the UNESCO heritage. Also, nowdays it is the center of my hometown, Split, Croatia. -snip- Thank you for your time and please let me know what you think about my project!
  2. LucByard

    [M - B05] Uplink

    Planet: Marphacia - B05 Tags: Military, Building. Chapter 2: Uplink. Yseult stood on the upper terrace on the eastern side of the M.A.N.T.I.S. outpost watching the Marphacene sunrise. As usual, the morning mists diffused it into a messy and unattractive blur that was far too bright for her liking but she hadn't been able to sleep again, so she watched it anyway. Why am I here, she pondered, considering the unusual events that had led to her being wrapped up in the Galaxy's 'most avoided' mega-coporation. She didn't trust them, but then they probably didn't trust her either... except maybe for that scientist... Why an I here Big Sal? Why did you bring me in? "Late finish or early start?" The voice behind her came from a man carrying two steaming mugs, one of which he offered her. "Either way" he continued, raising his eyebrows to emphasise the offer, and perhaps intonate that there is wisdom in having the drink. "Coffee?" Yseult asked, taking it with both hands, the warmth welcoming against the brisk early morning air. The man let out a wry smile. "I wish" he responded. "Why pay to ship in coffee once they discovered you could get twice the caffeine from locally grown delicious cold-steeped brooga beans. Just add..." He looked, down at his mug with a worried expression. "Well, anything that'll take the taste away". Yseult couldn't stop a brief smile and an ever more brief chuckle. She looked at her feet as if to hide her face in embarrassment; it had been a long time since anyone had made her laugh. The man carried the smile he had from evoking the reaction openly. "And there was everyone telling me the new girl was just a walking bad temper." He said, holding his mug forward. That's because I am she thought. She considered the gesture, Friendship her heart implored. You can't trust him her head warned. Warily, she raised her mug and they chinked with a dull thud. "Riddaeon" He said before taking a large gulp of the brew. Yseult stopped, perhaps she'd hoped she'd never have to tell him, she'd prefer not to. It was an instinct, she was safer if no one knew who she was, that was how it had been for five years now. That's how I survive. "Yseult" she finally said, as quietly as she could get away with before taking a long sip of the drink herself. She didn't mind the bitterness so much as the flavour of something trying to be a tart fruit and a herb at the same time. She lowered the mug and couldn't hold back the grimace of displeasure but upon seeing Riddaeon's similar reaction, they both found some comedy in sharing such an unpleasant experience. "It's very bad" she was finally able said once the taste has stopped forcing her mouth into a painfully tight sliver. The moment was broken by the sound of an approaching shuttle as it flew directly overhead and disappeared at the peak of the pyramid-like structure that formed the outpost. 'Uplink' was a communications hub, its landing bays arranged vertically down the centre of the North and South faces with smooth walls of opaque and transparent composites on either side. The East and West faces were not so elegant, one having a huge dish for off-world communications and data transfer (the function that gave the outpost its name) and the other having the communal block and local transceiver antenna. At the top of the pyramid, 360 degree views were afforded to traffic control and the executive's offices, above which was their private landing pad. with regular traffic all being directed to approach the main landing bays from the North or South, a shuttle arriving from the West into the peak of the structure could only mean one thing... Someone important had arrived. Once the shuttle was out of view, Riddaeon looked back to Yseult. "Looks like news of your arrival is spreading" He said. She looked back at him, did he expect an answer? Did he think she knew who was in the shuttle? "I've seen people come and go in M.A.N.T.I.S." He continued. "I know what kind of people they are, what they look like". He paused for a moment, as if trying to figure out the answer to a question he hadn't asked yet. "They don't look like you." A tension emerged between them. Yseult knew M.A.N.T.I.S. operatives were supposed to be suspicious types, always looking for spies. Was she accused? Suspected? He took a last gulp of his despicable coffee and inspected the dregs at the bottom of the mug. "Why are you here... Yseult Brenneux?" He gave her one last look, then casually strolled back towards the building entrance. "I didn't tell you my full name" she call after him. He stopped, gently placed his mug on a nearby table. "No." he replied with certainty. "You didn't". He gave her one last glance, then turned and continued to the doors back inside. He's trying to read me she told herself, or scare me. She didn't like either. Uncertainty clutched at her. Where am I? Why am I here?. Would she ever get back to her normal life? But I don't want to go back. I didn't choose that life, they left me there. She was tired of looking back though, M.A.N.T.I.S. was a strange place but look what it offered. But if I leave, I'll never find her... I'll never get her back. Chapter 1: The mark Additional images:
  3. Hi Lego experts, I am planing to purchase this LEGO® Architecture Studio. Any one have play or use this before ? Mind to share your experience ? Thank you in advance.
  4. F0NIX

    [MOC] The Edge

    This is another model of a real building from my home town Tromsø in northern part of Norway. Clarion Hotel The Edge was opened 1.may 2014. When they started building it, there had already been some pictures in the local newspaper of how it was supposed to look when finished. And I liked the shape. The architect was inspired of some other spectacular buildings in the town: Ishavskatedralen and Polaria that I have made a model of in LEGO before. I like this type of architecture. I also like some challenges and thought all those angles looks fun and interesting to build. I settled on minifig scale (1:42) just to get as much details of the buildings as I could (there are not many). I used photos that I took myself and some floor and facade drawings to help me plan this out. This is my first LEGO MOC in this huge size so I tried to plan as well as I could. I had a few criteria beside the scale of the building, that I wanted to follow: * It needs to be easy to set up and taken down. * It needs to be stable enough for a public exhibition. * It needs to be as compact as possible when packed down. Used LEGO Duplo bricks as support columns inside. Used LEGO Technic for structural support rack/scaffolding inside to hold up the brick built walls. And it can be dismantled and packed down as a IKEA furniture set (without the umbraco keys) :) The pictures is taken on the first exhibition it was on. PKH2015 in Trondheim, Norway. Not 100% complete yet. Missing some parts that had to be substituted with the closest part I could find until the new parts arrive. The new parts has now been placed and the model is again ready for a new exhibition. PKH is short for "På Kloss Hold" that translates to "at close range" but the word "kloss" could also means like a LEGO brick. So it is a play on words. PKH is the Norwegian LUG Brikkelaugets annual meeting and exhibition. Right front facade: Left front facade: Right rear facade: Front facade: Top View: The Real Building: More pictures here. Some numbers: Real building: 42m high Model = 100cm high Number of bricks: more than 20.000 And here is a video from when I was setting it up for the first time at the first exhibition it was shown at. It was on "På Kloss Hold 2016", the Norwegian LUG Brikkelauget's yearly event. I have fixed a few things on the building since those pictures was taken: Swapped the black bricks with trans-black panel and bricks in the front where I ran out of bricks before PKH. Made the sign on top of the building. Made one of the huge air conditioning units that sits on top of the first floor in the rear right corner. Fixed some of the gaps on the roof where I had trouble finding a wedge plate that matched the angle of the wall. Fixed some other small gaps here and there. Fixed a little low wall on top of the roof of the first floor. I will maybe set out some more minifigs with bags and suitcases and a taxi in front of the hotel. But that depends on how accessible the parts are for small fingers ;) There are also a few other things that I may do with the model in the future: Around on the facade there are some vertical glass panels on the real building. But since they are made of glass they are not very visible in the day. But in the night they are lit up from behind with some cold white-bluish light. But I have not found a good way to implement this feature so it is not very visible in the day. The small posts in the front has a trans clear round 1x1 plate in every second post. On the real building those post are lit up at night. I have already made the model so it is possible to put in light here, but I have not put in the LED here yet. There are also some cranes here and there on top of the building. Those cranes lower down a basket so they can clean the facade of the building. I may put in those at a later time to. I have to find a nice way to build them in the right scale first, and here I only have pictures from below to look at.
  5. Here is my Barracks Phase 3 build for Age of Mitgardia. It was actually made in 2015, but it took me forever to get around to making the other barracks phases. I used SNOT 1x2 tiles for the stone walls, and quite like the stone block texture it gives. Daydelon barracks is a prominent barracks in Mitgardia, and houses from all over the guild send their sons there to be trained as warriors. In fact, it's not overly unusual for citizens of another guild to train for a time in Daydelon. Thanks for looking, your comments are always welcome
  6. A beacon of faith.
  7. Hi everyone! This is my entry for the Dream Home LDD Contest - Free Build Although I'm a software engineer by education, I dabble in architecture and interior design as a hobby here and there. This house is a concept i've had in my head for some time and it represents a dream home for me. In my vision, this house is placed on the edge of a cliff, the living room and bedroom areas are suspended over the abyss and held by columns. Imagine waking up in such a room to an unobscured view of surrounding hills and forests. The house is an open space, without doors (except on the bathroom :) ), rooms separated only by wall panels. Walls are made of brick and glass, and the floors, including the terrace, are teak. In current state, it is basically a bachelor pad :) There's a garage, a living room, bedroom and bathroom. No kitchen at the moment (although i enjoy cooking), so I guess there would be a lot of eating out :) On with the pics: The "squareness" of the house is broken by the curved bathroom wall What good is a bachelor pad without a nice porsche in the garage? :) Rare sight in a men's bedroom - a made bed :) Who can guess the lego set on the shelf? (not a tough question, I'm sure) I hope you enjoyed the presentation, it was really fun and exciting for me to materialize something I imagined for so long. It's a shame i will probably never be able to build it due to a huge brick count (the lego version :) ) <shameless propaganda>If you really like the house, kindly head over to the LEGO digital forum and vote for it :) </shameless propaganda> (theres also a .lxf file there if you are interested) Cheers!
  8. LittleJohn

    [A - G04] A Diminutive City

    Location: G04 - Fractor V Tags: Building, Vehicle While scouting out Fractor V, an Octan explorer came upon a tiny, yet highly advanced, alien civilization. He was going to get a closer look at some of the buildings when he noticed several hostile looking spaceships coming right towards him! Deciding a closer look could wait, he turned heel and ran. Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt: Link Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated
  9. Skyscraper's evolution: Stage 1: Plain concrete block; Stage 2: Architectural extravaganza; Stage 3: Part of the natural environment.
  10. The Ryugyong Hotel is a 105 levels pyramidal building located in Pyongyang (North Korea). Ryugyong Hotel Pyongyang North Korea by Raymond Cunningham, sur Flickr The construction has started in 1987 aiming to become the world's tallest hotel after completion planned for june 1989. However, the completion was delayed and the construction stopped in 1992. The exterior was finally finished in 2011 after the construction has been resumed in 2008. The interior is still under work. During the 16 years of halt of the construction, it was called "The Worst Building in the World". I found it interesting to build because of its shape which fits perfectly the LEGO Architecture style anf its dark blue colour on most pictures. Ryugyong (3 views) by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr This is my entry to the Marchitecture 2016 Contest. More info : Enjoy
  11. I created this building in LDD earlier this year and had some good comments on it so I decided to go ahead and build it. I wanted to share it on here and let you all know that it will be displayed at this years Brickfair VA. Please feel free to comment and critique!
  12. Here's a new one. At our last exhibtion, children liked another tower, which I've bulit, and so a decided to build something even taller to impress them the next time even more ;-). Indeed I started to build it at the exhibition (show-MOCing), so people could see, how I build without any building instruction, and seeing whats inside the tower. Height: 107 cm Inside:
  13. The Lego store at the Northshore Mall near Danvers/Peabody, MA has the Architecture Studio for $159.99 plus a 20% discount. I asked a clerk how long was the sale and they remarked that it was either until 31 March or permanent, pending a decision by TLG. (TLG and Amazon prices remain $160.) Happy designing!
  14. All your Gothic r belong to us! Here's necromancer Xardas' tower from videogame Gothic I. A minifig scale + mini-midi scale of it + some mixed themed minifigs from both Gothic I and II. Images, here they come:
  15. Hello, I have visited New York City two years ago. I have seen all the impressive buildings of this set. And I have to say: This build is amazing. The only thing, I don't like, is that the order of the buildings isn't right. But anyway: A fun build! Best wishes Andres
  16. Redhead1982

    Modular Corner Neighborhood

    After 7 months of on- and off-building, my Modular Corner Neighborhood is finally built. When I started building the three buildings, my only goal was to use only parts I had at home. Well, I failed that. My favourite of the three is the corner building Cupcake Cafe despite the fact that it's the only half furnished. On the ground floor, there's the best Cupcake Cafe in town. The top floors are empty, but not for long. The new owner is already moving in some of his furniture. The moving van is a recycled MOC from a long time ago. The other modular building is the Grocery store. As the name implies, there's a Grocery store on the ground floor, and an appartment above. The store is small, but it has the basics. There's a nice variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh bread, dairy products, jams, etc. My inspiration for the store was the 10684 Supermarket Suitcase. The middle floor of the Grocery store building is the living area. On one side there's a small kitchen, on the other a living room, and in between is the dining area. The top floor has a large bedroom and a bathroom. The 16-wide building is residential. The ground floor has a kitchen, and door to a small terrace (I removed the wall for the photo session). On the middle floor is a living room with a more modern furniture. On the top floor is a bedroom with ensuite bathroom. The buildings can be rearranged in a linear layout. I added some details also to the back of the Grocery store building, mostly to hide the large grey wall. The buildings have some details also on the back side. If you're interested in more details, you can have a look in my (picture heavy) Flickr album, as I didn't want to include too many photos here. Most of them I was taking during the building process so they're not perfect, but most of the details can be seen.
  17. Hello, the new Architecture Skyline series is a nice idea - and I like most of the Berlin buildings. But: The "Deutsche Bahn Tower" is not black, and the Victory Column is very abstract. And the Berlin Wall is history - but well known, of course. The Brandenburg Gate - even in this scale - is great, also the Reichstag and the TV Tower. My review (in German) with impressions: Best wishes Andres
  18. Adeel Zubair

    MOC: Taj Mahal (Architecture)

    Presenting my LEGO Architecture interpretation of one of the most iconic landmarks ever constructed - Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Taj Mahal by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Assemblies Taj Mahal - Assemblies by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Interior Geometry Taj Mahal - Interior Geometry by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Staircase Taj Mahal - Staircase by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Full Album: When redesigning and revisiting this MOC I felt I was going back in time given it was based off my first ever MOC I ever created. It was a very unique insight seeing how my designs and the ability to replicate features and elements of a source into a LEGO model have improved. Taj Mahal - Orginal Design (2012) Please leave your thoughts, opinions and suggestions down below. Adeel
  19. soccerkid6

    Hradcanny Dungeons

    Built for the Colossal Castle Contest. It was inspired by Michal Herbolt's "Defending the Mine" build. There are 4 individual cell modules that hook onto the back of the build. The dwarves of Hradcanny know well that run down prison cells increase the chances of escape, thus, even their dungeons feature wonderful craftsmanship of stonework. See more pictures here: link Thanks for looking, more to come soon
  20. Welcome to the Colosseum in Italy. I fully understand that some AFOLS have already built it and they did a fantastic job. I also love the Colosseum. I would like to build my own but rather I try not to follow the footsteps of my predecessors. Therefore, I try to build it small. To the best of my knowledge, perhaps this is quite original. Only several pieces of basic bricks are used. Instead, the major parts I used are technic bricks, hose, jumpers and binoculars. The building process requires exceptional patience. I have to look for a good curve which finally turns to be imperfect, but I am afraid that is the best I can do. This MOC won't be a LEGO IDEA project. I think TLG won't allow it to become an official set simply because the set is not sturdy. Yes, pieces won't fall out when I move it from one place to another, but it will change shape. I need to readjust the positions of binoculars...
  21. Hi all, this is my second public MOC, I built it two years ago, but just now I get the chance to show it to you. Hope you like it
  22. Hello Everyone, My new Design is Mercury City Tower from Architecture Series. i hope you will like. Thanks.
  23. Support France and say no to terrorism. This creations is driven by the sad news of the terrorist attack in France. It turns out to be rather late for me to publish it here. I have to wait for the arrival of red fence in order to complete my creation. Hope you agree with me -- the wait is worthwhile. Fences are the best LEGO parts to be used in this creation. In my first idea, I would like to build the MOC in the iconic tre-colour of red, white and blue. However, the blue fences are too costly. ^^" After all, I want a peaceful world so that I can concentrate on my creation....
  24. ...and I'm a very fan of LEGO since I was a little child! Now I'm 35 and I've rediscovered the pleasure of this game thanks to Internet and the Digital Designer. I have uploaded a couple of projects on the Ideas site; one of them became a "staff pick" few days ago and is acquiring a great number of supporters. It's THE PARTHENON. If you like it you can support it too here: Cheers! Marco