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Found 318 results

  1. legophisto

    Various micro stuff

    Hi everybody, here are some pictures of micro creations and similar stuff I have built in the last week. Most of them are entries to the Rebrick microbuild contest. I had to come pretty much out of my comfort zone as I usually build just cars. It was great fun and I hope you like it. Rebrick Micro Compilation.lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Ancient Greek temple: Antiker Tempel(1).lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Bumper cars: Auto Scooter.lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Light bulb: Glühbirne(2).lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Dick Mack's Irish pub: Irish Pub(1).lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Classic swing ride: Kettenkarussell(2).lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Maya pyramid: May Pyramide(1) by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Mussenden Temple: Mussenden Temple(1).lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Nelson's column: Nelson Column(1).lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Ferris wheel: Riesenrad(1).lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Scrabo Tower: Scrabo Tower(1).lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Football stadium: Stadion(1).lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Taj Mahal: Taj Mahal(3).lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Classic red phone booth: Telephone Booth(1).lxf by klingen_guru, auf Flickr Thanks for watching!.
  2. Imagine you walk in a gorge with steep cliffs of orangy rock towering above you. You can't see that far ahead of you, until suddenly the gorge widens and you're bemused by a cliff that looks a bit different. It's the same rock as everywhere else, but it is smooth, shaped into a beautiful composition of columns, frontons, statues. Petra is an amazing place. I have yet to see it with my own eyes, but just reading about fills you with wonder. Even a walk on Street View is an awesome experience. It's no wonder that Petra belongs to the seven modern wonders of the world. It houses many extraordinary buildings dating back almost two millennia ago. The most famous and one of the best conserved of all of these buildings is Al-Khazneh, the Treasury. It's monumental yet elegant, beautifully refined between the rough rocks. A true gem, especially when lit by candles at night. Recreating a wonder of the world with bricks definitely is no easy feat. Capturing it on a 8x8 footprint is even harder. It gets worse still if you can only use classic bricks, so no Technic or minifig-related parts. The Classic contest on Rebrick definitely pushed me, but I'm happy with the result. On an 8x8 base and with no Technic or minifig pieces in sight I recreated Al-Khazneh, complete with decorated columns, fronton, monumental gate and remnants of statues. The only thing I couldn't quite cram in was the Holy Grail. [MOC] The Treasury of Petra by Bert Van Raemdonck, on Flickr The antenna pieces was what got me started. From there on, it was getting the most out of classic bricks. I recently built the Architecture Brandenburg gate, and that was what really gave me inspiration to participate in this contest. I was intrigued how that set manages to convey all of the necessary detail with just basic bricks, employing them to shape the building rather than to depict anecdotic details. It drove me to work with a lot of offsets to get the most out of the system. It was something completely different than my previous build, in which the objective was to use as many exotic parts as possible to depict details. The result is a seven wide building with a lot of half-stud offsets and trickery to fill the holes in between the sports of the fences on the top. A result with a back that isn't entirely flat because I'm not a magician. But a result which in my opinion really feels like the original. [MOC] The Treasury of Petra - Visitor perspective by Bert Van Raemdonck, on Flickr One of the hard things to get right when depicting anything from Petra, is the color. The color is just so distinct and part of the atmosphere of the place, but not well matched to a LEGO color. I went with the common solution of using tan bricks, but put a orangy/reddish light on it all to give it the sense of desert mystery in the morning. [MOC] The Treasury of Petra - Desk perspective by Bert Van Raemdonck, on Flickr I had a blast building this and learning more about the wonderful place that is Petra. I loved the refreshment of getting everything I could out of the system. It meant not using gears for extra details on the dome or using some minifig accessory as broken statue, but I learned that the coherence of the build only benefits from it, especially at such a scale. I doubt that the creation would be better if I were allowed to use all kinds of bricks. So thanks Rebrick for hosting this contest. And thanks to all of you for taking a look at my 266 part creation! As always, the digital file is available here and you can find it on Rebrickable to make your life easier if you'd like to build it. Thanks again, and have a dreamy day!
  3. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Modern Fire Brigade

    Hi everyone! I got this interesting idea of a fire station some time ago, and built this in two weeks, the fastest building I have done so far. I have no intention to get the now-expensive 10197 Fire Brigade, which doesn't really appeal to me. However, I am thinking, if I am to build a fire station, what design should it be? All fire stations have the distinctive feature of the big gates for fire trucks and the walls that separate them, no matter what the buildings look like. I took that idea, and thought about extending these bays to the second storey. At the same time, what if the interior walls grow so big that they grow outside of the facade walls? And so I turned the sketches into real thing. I choose dark red as it is less prominent than bright red, giving a more sophisticated color scheme for the city. Inside, you have everything a normal fire station would have: parking bays and equipment racks on the ground floor: Captain talking to the staff... On the second floor, there are pantry, resting room and toilet on the top. There is even a ping-pong table for the firemen! "Hey why are you two playing table tennis on the street, huh?" One of the play features here is the light. I put the red light brick at the corner and so when there is alarm, you can light it up and the firemen will be ready to go! I hope you like this modern building design, thanks!
  4. I was curious to know what the old LEGO Architecture Big Ben set (21013) would look like with the new roman numeral clock faces introduced in Disney Castle (71040), so I placed a Bricklink order. For the curious, here is the result: One could certainly wish for a more appropriate base color than reddish brown, but on the whole I think it's an improvement!
  5. Kit Bricksto

    Hogwarts Castle (Lego Architecture)

    Hi everyone! There's a contest going on over at the German forum Imperium der Steine challenging us to build our own Architecture style models. There are three categories, the first two being Skylines and Actual Buildings but for the third one we are to build fictional skylines or buildings! As I am a big Harry Potter fan Hogwarts was the first thing I could think of. Lego Architecture: Hogwarts Castle by Kit Bricksto, on Flickr I am really happy with how it turned out but I'd love to hear your opinions and I am of course open to criticism too!
  6. Ex cinno

    Moc - Villa Palladiana

    Hi everybody! Here I want share with you my last project, the Villa Pisani Bonetti, an original architectural design by the noted italian architect Andrea Palladio, built back in 1570. In 1996, UNESCO included the Villa in the World Heritage Site list: "City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto" (you can check out more here: By now I have only built the exterior of the Villa, which is composed of about 10.000 pieces. I have already created the interiors with Ldd program too, but it will take around 4.000 piecest more, so I maybe will complete the full project at a later time. Villa Pisani Bonetti Lego 01 by ElektroGospel, on Flickr Villa Pisani Bonetti Lego 04 by ElektroGospel, on Flickr Villa Pisani Bonetti Lego 08 by ElektroGospel, on Flickr Villa Pisani BonettiLego 09 by ElektroGospel, on Flickr Hope you enjoy some pics of the Villa I uploaded in my flickr album :)
  7. Cecilie

    [MOC] Tokyo Skyline

    My attempt at building a Tokyo skyline in the architecture style. Tokyo is such a city of contrasts. From skyscrapers and neon lights to old temples and shrines. From busy streets full of cars and people, to forests and serene gardens right in the middle of the city. For my build I selected the 5 most famous landmarks in Tokyo, from left to right: Meiji Jingu, Tokyo Tower, the Imperial palace, Tokyo Skytree and Senso-ji. Tokyo skyline by Cecilie Fritzvold, on Flickr I had to make some compromises on what parts of the buildings to include, to keep it within the slim format, so Meiji Jingu is represented by only a part of the shrine as well as one of the characteristic trees in the main yard. The actual Imperial Palace is hidden from public view unless on special occasions and for guided tours, and isn't that interesting of a building anyway, but it's surrounded by the imperial gardens which are open to the public, and the most iconic part of the grounds is the encircling moat with a view of the Seimon Ishibashi bridge which leads to the main gate of the palace, and Fushimi-yagura keep which can be seen behind it. So that is what I built. For Senso-ji I also added the Hozomon gate, which is quite substantial and stands at the entrance to the temple grounds.
  8. With the recent concert tour of "A Head Full of Dreams", Coldplay's popularity has risen drastically, therefore why not create a project of a popular group. The set is a concert stage, so the builders will be able to use it for their own customs and other play features. This set will include 4 exclusive minifigures of the group: Chris Martin Jonny Buckland Guy Berryman Will Champion Additional features include: Upright Piano Electronic Keyboard Drum set 2 Guitars Amplifiers 4 Beat boxes (green, red, blue, black) microphone I invite you all to be a part of this project, support and make something incredible become true.
  9. CM4Sci

    Architecture 2016

    Good news, Architecture fans! (Images updated on 16 Dec 15 by WhiteFang) 21028 New York City 21026 Venice 21027 Berlin 21031 Burj Khalifa Summer: 21028 US Landmark 21029 Buckingham Palace
  10. In January 2013 the House of Literature opens in Fredrikstad (Norway) and Earthtree Media (where I work) will be moving in to new offices on the first floor. Griff Architecture, that we share offices with today (before we move in to these new offices), has drawn this house that lies at the river promenade in Fredrikstad. Here are some pictures of the house taken yesterday: I thought the architecture-style on this house was very nice and wanted to make my own model of the house, and here it is!
  11. Presenting my LEGO Architecture interpretation of Caerphilly Castle; a commissioned model for Cadw with Little Big Art. I’ve captured and replicated the architectural essence of Caerphilly Castle, such as the iconic leaning tower and the ruins across the landmark. The structure is designed to provide a true-to-life colour and relative scale depiction adding an extra dimension and feel of authenticity to this detailed recreation of Wales’ biggest castle! Caerphilly Castle by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Caerphilly Castle by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Caerphilly Castle by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Full Gallery: Highlights: -Blogged On -Blogged On -Blogged On http://www.walesonli...s-like-11798081 -LEGO Ideas Feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel ______________________________________________ Follow Me On... Facebook - Flickr - Instagram - Deviantart - Twitter - Youtube -
  12. Hi! Our association "!" was asked by Lego Poland to design and build a map of Poland along with several characteristic places. Such a map will be shown at the Lego events in Poland. One of the models that I built is the Royal Castle and Cathedral on Wawel Hill in Krakow. Our models were not to exceed a certain size, so I built only a portion of the building complex. Design - 5 days Building - 2 weeks Size 64x105 studs The height of the highest tower - 46 bricks More than 200 lots About 20000 bricks Wawel complex is one of the best known sites in Poland. Archaeologists dug passages that suggest that already in the eleventh century there were more residential buildings. Later Wawel Castle was the seat of Polish kings and today is one of the places used as presentable by the Polish presidents. Exactly two days ago the Pope celebrated Mass there, upon arrival to the Poland. :-) Entire Complex Courtyard of the castle Tower of Sigismund III Vasa Tower of Jan III Sobieski Tower Jordanka Danish tower Hen's foot Senators Tower Cathedral Clocks Tower Sigismunds Tower Silver Bells Tower And renders of design steps Finished project And some fun with the photo. :-) Ufff ... Thanks for the reading and watching. :-)
  13. NOTE FOR PEOPLE IN THE ALTANTA AREA: we can arrange for pick up/delivery in the N.E. Atlanta area - by Sugerloaf Mills, Gwinnett Place, etc. For various reasons I have decided to sell off the bulk of my LEGO collection. I've been into LEGO, as an Adult, for about 16 or 17 years now, and I've continued buying the sets I wanted all those years despite the fact I have no place to show them off after I've built them. I had always hoped I'd eventually have room to build out city displays, Harry Potter displays, castle displays, Star Wars displays... I also bought extras a few sets because they were army builders, or I thought they'd make great presents (which some of them have). I can't bring myself to sell it all, but I'm starting with my new sets because I obviously was preferring the ones I actually opened and built. Some of the sets have been de-boxed and stored in plastic "shoe" boxes (or larger plastic boxes). It's a vast minority, and ANYTHING unusual about the set - if it's been opened, de-boxed, or otherwise will be noted in the list. I'm basing my asking prices on the Bricklink North American six months sale average, and then taking a percentage off that. I will try to keep shipping low, but shipping is on the buyer - I can de-box to keep shipping lower, if desired. Some of these sets are quite large and heavy, and I may need packaging. I will NOT EVER ask for more than it costs to package and ship, and I have a great deal of boxes and packaging material already that I won't charge for (IOW, I won't ask you for anything I can't show a receipt for). PICTURES Castle: 7946 King's Castle $140 7188 King's Carriage Ambush $35 Architecture: 21010 Robie House $350 Toy Story: 7597 Western Train Chase $125 7595 Army Men on Patrol $20 Holiday: 7553 Advent 2011 Calendar $35 10199 Winter Toy Shop $100 If you're interested in Star Wars stuff: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=138683
  14. jimmynick

    [MOC] Crown Hall

    Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed the campus for the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, where he was also the dean of the school of architecture for a number of years. The best-known building on IIT's campus, and one of Mies's most famous buildings, is Crown Hall. The building expresses its structure so honestly that it is a beautiful example of Mies's aphorism "less is more", and doesn't employ curtain walls simply for their own sake like certain other buildings do. Here is my take on Crown Hall: I rendered these pictures using Bluerender, which is a really easy tool to make nice pictures of digital models. Thanks for looking!
  15. Minifig Lecturer

    MOC Custom House, Dublin

    Hello everyone! The neoclassical Custom House in Dublin was built in 1791, burnt down in 1921 before its restoration to what it is today, a grand but neglected building. It was quite unpopular with many at the time of its completion but I’m hoping minifigures are less critical. I'm interested in hearing what you all think. Dublin Custom House by David D, on Flickr
  16. WINNERS! The Votes are counted, the winners have been found! 1st Place Entry A: Volkovskaya Dam, Russia by viracocha 2nd Place Entry B: HVB Tower Munich by t-brick 3rd Place Entry E: Cadillac Ranch by JGW3000 If the two prize winners could PM me their preferred contact address for the prizes to be sent, Thanks everyone for all the great entries and interesting places you opted to build,
  17. Hey People! After a longer stage of inactivity on EB I present you my latest MOC. This microscale model is my execution of the world-famous statue of christ in Rio de Janeiro. It's also well-known as "Cristo Redentor". Though the model consists of only 122 parts, it took me a couple of weeks to get over it! But in the end I made it and here is the result: I'm very curious about your opinion. So feel free to leave your comments! Thx & so long, Jens
  18. Greetings, fellow Eurobrickers! I'm pleased to present my contest entry, the Great American Tower in my city of Cincinnati, Ohio. It's one of the newest and greenest additions to our skyline. I'll probably repost this after the contest with my own personal thoughts, things I learned about, some of the techniques inside it, self criticism, that sort of thing, but for now, it must stand on it's own. I hope you enjoy it! Some facts about the building courtesy of -- --- If you are interested in green buildings, you can follow the link above for a write up of its certification, but there are also more photos, fact sheets, and features of the building and Queen City Square. So, on to the build and myself. A while back I got the New York skyline set and The LEGO Architect by Tom Alphin and just loved them but haven't really MOCced anything in that scale. But while I love the NY microscale, it doesn't leave a lot of room for details, but in looking back at the older Architecture sets, I settled on the midi-scale? of the LEGO 21018 United Nations Headquarters, so my entry is more in that scale and should be about that size, per contest requirements. Each thumb you can click on for larger photos in Flickr. Entry thread photo: Great_American_Tower_1 by James Warden, on Flickr Reference photo: Great_American_Tower by James Warden, on FlickrSome more: Great_American_Tower_2 by James Warden, on Flickr Great_American_Tower_3 by James Warden, on Flickr I always like to try perspective photos, even if they don't turn out... Great_American_Tower_4 by James Warden, on Flickr Great_American_Tower_5 by James Warden, on Flickr Finally, good luck to all entrants, and thanks to EB and LEGO for putting this together!
  19. This is my entry for the "Local Landmarks" contest! My model shows a modern building complex that is only a few kilometres away from me in the northeastern part of the city of Munich. It's the "HVB Tower Munich", an administrative bank building (of the HypoVereinsbank). It was completed in 1981 and is still in use, now under monumental protection. With 113m it's one of the highest buildings in Munich (which is not known for skyscrapers :-) ). Even as a kid I was fascinated by this building. Parts of it were build upside down because the floors are hanging down from the supporting columns! Around the central tower there are several lower buldings that belong to the complex. Most of the roofs are planted and there is also a lot of green around the site. The challenge when building this in LEGO was to depict all the different angles, the intricate and nested bulding structures and the planted and glass roofs. I chose the subdued sand green for grass and low vegetation and bright lime for trees and bushes to make for an interesting color combination. You can find some more pictures and information about the real building here: http://www.hvb-tower...x.php?id=25&L=1 On Google there is a 3D model:!4d11.6174009 Thanks for holding this competition and good luck to all participants! Bye, Thilo (t-brick)
  20. This is actually my first post here on the forum, even though I’ve been following it for a while now… Entering this contest seemed like a good excuse to finally register as a member ;-) I live near Rotterdam in the Netherlands and for this contest I choose the Euromast, with 185 m the tallest building in Rotterdam. Some background facts Built for the 1960 Floriade Event, the Euromast is an observation tower designed by Hugh Maaskant with a base pillar diameter of 9.6 meter. At 32 m above ground there is a small museum, resembling a ship’s bridge. The platform is at 96 m and houses a restaurant, viewing decks and even hotel rooms. Originally the tower was only about 100 m tall, but after it was surpassed by other high-rise buildings in the city, it was decided to add the Space Tower: a rotating observation capsule carrying visitors all the way to the top. With a tower like this, scale wise there were only a couple of options: the base pillar could either be 1 stud or 2 studs wide. The first option was a bit too simplistic for my taste, and because I insisted to add at least some detail I went for the latter option. This resulted in a scale of about 1/600, making my model 31 cm high. Base and top part were pretty straightforward to build, but especially the middle part took me several attempts until I was satisfied with recreating the particular shape. Anyway, I had fun building the tower, so thanks for reading and good luck to all who entered!
  21. On the dusty high plains of West Texas, the Llano Estacado of yore, memorialized in song and art, sited on a extant portion of the original Mother Road, Route 66, just west of Amarillo, rests Stan Marsh's Cadillac Ranch, a monument to the Open Highway, the Road Trip, and the Gasoline-Fueled Four-Wheel Behemoths that used to prowl these byways. Cadillac Ranch is a modern sculpture of a series of ten 1950's era Cadillacs buried hood first in the West Texas dirt, designed to illustrate the progression of body styles and tail fins through the decade and beyond, with vehicle models from 1949 to 1963 stuck unceremoniously in the ground. The installation is publically accessible - and untold numbers of visitors have left their marks - brightly painting every above-ground surface with a variety of designs, colors, and graffiti. My version of this iconic architectural landmark is a mini-fig scale depiction of four Cadillacs, containing 1217 parts. Designed and built over the course of about 6 months, going through several iterations. Enjoy. Additional images are in my brick safe gallery, including an image with CADILLAC RANCH title tile, and images with optional minifigs busy "decorating" image from Wikimedia Commons:
  22. LEGO Architecture is an interesting and attractive collection of sets. From the Sears Tower to the Burj Khalifa, many internationally famous buildings have been recreated in a pleasing LEGO form. These world-renowned buildings are special of course, some of us are fortunate enough to live close by. But what about our local landmarks? The structures we are familiar with and enjoy spotting. The building we see and know we're nearly home? Those special things that set our town apart from the next one over? So we at Eurobricks have decided to launch a building contest to recreate a place, building or other structure in LEGO Architecture style. With a number of wonderful prizes generously donated by The LEGO Group. To enter you need to build a local landmark within the design aesthetic of LEGO Architecture and post a picture of your creation next to a photo of the local landmark. Here's my Example; The Newport Transporter Bridge, a landmark in South Wales that is actually just at the end of the street I work on! You don't need to add the labels, I was fortunate to have some printed up for me. There are a few more rules to follow: The Rules Entries must be posted by midnight GMT, July 3rd. One entry per member. Entries must be similar in size to an official release LEGO Architecture set. Entries should be new (never posted anywhere previously) and be similar in style to the previous official TLG releases. All entries are to include only real LEGO. No clone brands, 3rd party parts, or digital entries allowed. Decals will be allowed if you've made them yourself, but no cutting, sculpting or modifying parts. Entries are to be placed in their own entry topic in the Special Themes forum. The title of the topic should begin with "[Local Landmark]" and then give the name of the entry. The entry post (first post in your entry topic) may be edited at any time up to the end of the contest, so feel free to make improvements if you wish. Entries are to consist of no more than 5 posted pictures of 1024x768 pixels or smaller resolution but may also include a link to a folder of additional images of any size. The first picture will be used for your entry in the voting thread. Entries require at least One photo of the real landmark that can be compared to the entry, no more than 1024x768 pixels. This is not counted in the total pictures rule set above. Get a picture from the internet, take your own or find one somehow, but there has to be one. Photos of your creation can be manipulated with Photoshop for levels, proportions and color correction but may not include graphic enhancements. We reserve the right to disqualify any entry that does not follow these rules. Winners will be decided by public vote. The Prizes 1st place will receive #21028 New York 2nd place will receive #21031 Burj Khalifa So build and enjoy!
  23. Hi guys, here is my entry for the "Local Landmarks Contest": I decided to rebuild the King-Friedrich-August-Tower (König-Friedrich-August-Turm) which is located in eastern Germany nearby the town Löbau and is named after a former king of Saxony (Friedrich August II.). It's the only observation tower made of cast iron in Europe that still exists and the parts of the tower were actually made in the iron works of my hometown Bernsdorf back in 1854! During realizing it in LEGO there were some problems to solve. The base of the tower is a regular octagon, which is not the most common shape of Lego parts and I had to find parts that can represent the iron construction. I decided to use the binocular piece which ended up in a very fragile construction. But, finally I am very pleased with the result, even if it is a little bit unstable ;)
  24. The Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) may not be the most iconic building in Glasgow, however it is the only one that has an Equestrian statue of the Duke of Wellington with a traffic cone on its head outside, and that's the bit I really wanted to build. The GoMA was built in 1778 as a fancy townhouse for a Glasgow tobacco baron, the Corinthian pillars were added between 1827 and 1832 and it became a museum in 1996. It is also where the local goths used to hang out. IRL it looks a bit like this (the photo is from wikipedia); I'm having trouble attaching sensible sized images from teh internets, however a good view of the side is also here
  25. I wouldn't exactly say Los Angeles is known for it's architecture, but there are some nice buildings that deserve to have an architecture set. This isn't an amazing entry, but I am pretty pleased with it considering it's one of my first MOCs. This building was completed in 1956 and is the home of Capitol Records, a famous record label. It may be 30 miles from me, but it's still local enough. A picture of the side and back, including a section on the side where a mural is located, titled Hollywood Jazz. Front of the building. Here's a picture of the real building: I'm new here, so if I did anything wrong I'm sorry Please give feedback, I always like to improve.