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Found 1 result

  1. Enjoy the ultimate LEGO® NINJAGO™ building experience as you construct the majestic Temple of Airjitzu and surrounding village! The highly detailed Temple building has many delightful architectural features including Oriental–style decorated windows and sliding doors. The intricate wooden-frame-style walls of the nearby Blacksmiths and beautiful curved roofs of the Smugglers Market will also test your LEGO building skills. And with every Ninja included in one set for the first time, plus loads of other key characters, you can role-play all your favorite NINJAGO adventures. Take tea in the reception area of the Temple, practice your Ninja moves in the training room or join Wu in his study to read or paint. Discover the Ninja glider upstairs at the Blacksmith’s workshop, cross the bridge guarded by the stone dragons and seek out hidden treasure at the Smugglers’ Market. Then turn off the lights in your room to watch the Temple’s illuminated spinning shadow theater! Includes 12 minifigures with assorted weapons: Lloyd, Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Nya, Wu, Misako, Dareth, Postman, Jesper and Claire. I'm going to start by first apologising for the pictures that will be following this review, as i'm preparing to move so the bodged white background I was using previously has been discarded as I'll be purchasing a proper photo box once settled in. But with that out the way, one go to...the Temple of Airjitsu!! Product number : 70751 Pieces count : 2028 Price : £169.99 Figure count : 12 (!!) Is this the first time a Lego own brand theme has received a D2C set? Honest question as I have no idea. It does seem an interesting venture, considering the fact that Ninjago is primarily aimed towards the younger builders. With a TV series and the odd couple of video game tie-ins involved, the theme definitely has a multi level presence, but enough to appeal to older builders? Labelled as a 14+ set, I can see a lot of parents having a christmas fluff building this set with the risk of it being pulled apart again notice at all. When I first saw the images for this set, it immediately reminded me of the Japanese Architecture set that had been uploaded to Ideas. It ended upping turned down, but did that choice then result in this set? If so, it's a very clever idea to do so. But how does it shape up against the likes of the Modular series of the UCS sets of Star Wars and Super Heroes? Lets find out. BOX The front of the box shares the same style as those of the Star Wars UCS sets, which helps to set it apart from the normal Ninjago sets. The back of the box gives the usual insights into the features of the set, such as the shadow theatre, fireworks cart and the little ninja glider making a cameo from the original ninja theme. The top of the box displays all the figures included, with them indifferent poses and their names labelled underneath. BAGS We get thirteen numbered bags (note the different style of numbering on the bags), plus one bag with three dark tan plates, two red technic flexi rods, two moulded rock formations, and the plastic screen that features in the shadow theatre. The Instruction booklet, once again bound in the same style as recent UCS sets, is packaged within a plastic bag to keep the pages undamaged, along with the sticker sheet (which I must admit I forgot to take a picture of). The instruction book has ten pages at the beginning that cover the story of Ninjago so far, plus character bio's for the figures included, and some behind-the-scenes info covering the design the set, the designers and more. THE BUILD As I go through the builds of each bag, I will show a picture containing elements which I feel are interesting or believe are featured in a new colour. BAG ONE Animals are always a bonus in any set, and intros one we get two chickens. Also included are 1x2x2 pale green bricks, 1x2x5 pale green bricks, and the 8x8 light blue plate. The base of the Smuggler's Market is complete, with the walls built up, and its wares, bread, fish, and fruit, are on display. BAG TWO The classic flower stalk appears in olive green for the first time I believe, and the droid arms also new in gold. The spear was featured previously in a Lord of the Rings/Hobbit set. At this point I also want to say how, for a 14+ set, I was quite surprised by the fact that most steps are only adding about two to three pieces. Seems like quite a low number to me. The Smuggler's Market complete. It just screams Japanese Architecture, and is very close to what I remember the Ideas set being. The treasure chest hidden under the sloping roof section's are obviously what give this building its name. I feel it's the better of the two outbuildings. BAG THREE AND FOUR Not sure about the following element, I feel it may have featured in this colour in Santa's Workshop. (Maybe someone can confirm this?) (Totally forgot too take pictures between Bag 3 and 4, I get really forgetful during these big builds) The Blacksmiths is nearly as good as the Smuggler's Market, nearly. The build technique follows the style of modulars, but the interior feels a little bare. The foliage surrounding the side is a nice touch though and adds character to the set as a whole. Plus I love the simple technique used to create the lamp in the far corner seen in the last picture. (It's one of the gold fez pieces with a clip element and a harpoon gun) BAG FIVE Only one piece again for this bag, a 6x6 round plate in light blue. The base of the Airjitsu Temple. The light blue round plate at the front is the start of the fountain at the base of the stairs. At the back you can see the first part of the shadow theatre being built. BAG SIX Quite a few bits of note in this bag. 1x2x5 brick in light tan, 3x3 curved brick in caramel, a light brick with orange bulb, and an ornamental wheel in gold, previously seen in both Disney Princess and a previous Ninjago set. Bag Six builds up the stairs that will lead to the Temple entrance, plus finishes off the Shadow Theatre, which is very effective with the light brick, and is pretty mesmerising to watch when you spin the micro figures inside. BAG SEVEN Yes, these door panels and window panes are indeed printed! No need to worry about misaligned stickers or fingerprints left on transparent stickers. We also get some of the rings from LotR and a beard piece in grey, nostrum if its a new moulding or not. The first floor of the Temple complete. The door panels slide inside of grooved plates,and they are held very tightly in place. BAG EIGHT No parts of any recognition in this bag, so onto the completed build section. The dojo training floor. The attack dummy is nice little build, plus the weapon station is simple but effective. BAG NINE This again contains a number of the small window panes that are printed. The second floor of the Temple is built up, and the base of the third floor takes shape. BAG TEN The third floor is the study room, with a painting area, and a small book case holder. BAG ELEVEN Here comes one of the bigger surprises in the build, the inclusion of train wheels. Surely this is the first time such an inclusion of this element has occurred in a non train related set? We also get a 1x1 trans. green tile with computer chip printed on it, only the second time since the Ultra Agents set. The gold book and paint palette have been seen a few times before. The roof again oozes that Japanese styling, and the attic is nice little touch that could easily have been left blank. BAG TWELVE Bag Twelve adds some more roof detail, completing the Temple with the separate roof edging. The build technique for the edging is very nice and compact. BAG THIRTEEN And here we are at the last bag. One of the new 6-stud shooters is included, plus the little dragon from Harry Potter makes a reappearance. The last few details are added, such as the glorious little fishing bridge, the fireworks cart, and the ninja glider. FIGURES Lets start with the ninja To me, these are the best ninja outfits throughout the life time of the theme. The black is perfectly accented by the colours of each ninja. One thing I did notice is that Kai appears to of earned a few more scars on his face, the last I remember seeing he only had the one covering his eye. Anyone able to confirm the new scars as canon? Zane again has two faces, and is the only figure in this set to have a dual face. The other seven figures are all exclusive to this set except for Nya, who wears this outfit in City of Stixx. We finally get Misako, yet to have Garmadon accompany her requires the Ninja DBX. CONCLUSION This set is very enjoyable, and with a build time of around 6-7 hours, will keep you going for most of the afternoon. The techniques definitely aren't anything drastically new, but they're neither boring or uninteresting. And whats more, it makes a brilliant set piece. This set would pair very well with the Fire Temple and The Battle of Ninjago City. And to give you a sense of its size.... All comments and questions are welcome after this review, and I hope that it will be good source of information for anyone considering purchasing this set. If anyone wants to see any other areas the set or figures, please feel free to ask, I will have the model with me for another couple of days before I have to take it in for display. Thanks for reading, Fezter out!