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Found 3 results

  1. This is my first WIP thread for a vehicle I've wanted to create for some time now. The most difficult part of this build so far has been the air ride. When Air ride is at its lowest or highest point, it clicks. This also lets you know when to stop lifting so it doesn't over rotate and jam the gears. I placed the 1X1 angled black system Lego on the L shaped beam, so the drop is only 45ยบ on the axle. Then I noticed the weight of the car might not be able to hold the body work up so I added torsion bars to all 4 wheels. This design can be setup as 4 wheel steering, because the front suspension is exactly the same as the rear. (But the SUV I'm building doesn't have that function, so I opted out of it ) This beast comes stock with a V8 engine, air ride & torsion bar suspension, servo for steering, 2XL motors for drive 2M-motors for lift. I had to hide the servo in a different place as the axle for 4wd goes through the center. I am trying to get the steering wheel working but its tough... SUV framework for my new MOC by lachlan cameron, on Flickr I've been working on this frame for 2 weeks and am happy with how well it functions. I placed 3 pounds on the framework and the lift still works. SUV framework for my new MOC by lachlan cameron, on Flickr 2 M-motors are geared down before they turn 1 worm gear on each wheel to lift the whole vehicle.
  2. After 1 month of building this beast I'm proud to present Dug's build that is completely modular, has 1 l-motor to raise the rear wheels and 2 m-Motors to raise front wheel 5 studs higher, 1 servo for steering and 2 XL motors for drive, working V8 and fan at the engine. Designing and creating this truck was the most satisfying so far. 77 studs long x 39 high x 23 tall (slammed) Weight: 3kg = 6.6 pounds Slammed ride 100% modular Rear air ride
  3. Hi all, This is one of my first MOC's after a dark age. I'm really excited about the sbrick, and though it looks like serious competition, I thought I would still enter and complete my project as a personal goal. We have a 1966 Chevy C-10 Truck on air ride suspension. Loosely based on a real 'rat rod' truck. The model is 'bagged' on air ride pneumatic suspension. 4 motor functions: 1. L for Drive 2. M for Steering 3. M for Air Pump 4. M for Ride height via air switch. I worked really hard on trying to get fancy with a transmission, but they are either too big for the limited space I have or just aren't robust enough. In my pictures you can see that I tried various setups based on some notable Technic builder's models. Ultimately, they just didn't function as smoothly as I had hoped. I did have fun building them though. :-) With the frame on the ground, and it being a short cab, I didn't have room to implement the transmission with PTO to control the air pump (as originally planned) so I'm scrapping the transmission and just simplifying so I can make the deadline. First Transmission 4 speed, using a small LA to shift And here is the LA installed on top: The shifting was rough and the resulting transfer to the wheels was sketchy at best. I tried a two speed robust from Sariel and also one of Sheepo's 4 speed compact transmissions that uses rubber band tension. Sheepo's transmission is really clever. I tweaked it and had modest success but overall it was too complicated for my model.The real truck was supposed to be a '3 on the tree' so i might work that in after the competition. Here we have slfroden's linear gearbox. It uses a large LA and works very well. It's just huge. It can fit sideways in my model behind the cab, but the height is 4 studs too tall. Also getting it transferred to the drive train seemed overly complicated considering the placement. I think in a future moc, i'll start with the transmission and build the car around it. The LA is under the M motor. It's a WIP at the moment so keep that in mind. I do have a servo motor, but I JUST built lucio switch's awesome white 4WD truck. It used up my two XL motors also so I planned to use the L motor I have to drive this moc. It's probably not enough, but being as it is a 'cruiser' with air ride suspension, it certainly isn't built for performance. Stay tuned for more body work and a video. Thank you for any suggestions or comments.