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Found 414 results

  1. Purpearljellyblob

    [K - D10] Exploring Hamilton

    :: Diamond MK-I to HQ: Approaching D10. Permission to land. :: :: HQ to DMK-I: Permission granted, dense asteroid field ahead, approach with caution. Objective: Locate coordinates of Awesomnium. Godspeed. :: :: DMK-I to HQ: Roger. :: Beep. Beep. :: Attention Agent PPJB, high levels of Awesomnium detected, coordinates... ... :: "Coordinates locked, landing sequence initiated." "Landing sequence complete. No signs of life detected. Oxygen levels critically low, five minutes maximum on surface without oxygen supply. No signs of Awesomnium observed on asteroid's rock surface. Scanning immediate area for subterranean Awesomnium." :: Attention Agent PPJB: Awesomium levels within fifty metre radius - High. :: "Initiate DMK-I automated explorers for immediate extraction." "Commencing extraction. ETC: Six hours." After five hours... :: Attention Agent PPJB: Storage tank full. :: "DMK-I to HQ: DMK-I storage tank filled with Awesomnium. Preparing for return sequence." :: HQ to DMK-I: Return sequence approved. :: "One minute to take off..." :: Warning: Latch disarmed. :: Agent PPJB disengages DMK-I and obtains a last minute rock sample. "Apologies DMK-I, toys for our hard working Scientists, for them to play with. Return sequence ready, ready to take off." ... ... DMK-I Build Enjoy!
  2. Week 2: Transmission 3 AD3851 Maian 23 Location: G05 - Jen's Star Tags: Civil, Building After mapping out a sector of the Cave system I came to a vast underground water aquifer. The cave area was pretty big around the water so I decided that this area would be a good spot to put the Water pumps. The supplies for the Water ram pumps came quickly and was a very easy to assemble. The great thing about these water ram pumps is that it uses no electricity to move water up through the cave system and will work none stop always pumping water. ​
  3. --------- Start Log ---------- I have been speeding along the outskirts of this swamp for hours. I was told by the eggheads at corporate that it would be easy to see the rivers of awesomnium running out of the swamp and into the water system. So far, nothing but swamp, swamp, swamp. If I do not find anything soon, I will have to find a spot to camp for the night. I was hoping to have found the source of the river flows and reported back to HQ by now. Oh well, looks like a nice night for a campfire! -------- End Log --------- The splash behind the speeder is inspired by Keith Goldman. All hail Lord Business and the Octan Corp.!
  4. narbilu

    [K - B09] Shallow Waters

    Serium B09 - Shallow Water Maian 3815 Everything seems to develop in a proper speed on Orinshi, our help is necessary elsewhere. So the Collition sets to the adjacent system of Serium. Inside the flagship figs run around preparing for the first official scout mission. Brazer sits in the operation room with Narbilu, discussing the first target. When they reach the orbit of the oceaan covered planet, the Collition halts. Narbilu and Fey readied the Renegade and left the Collition to orbit Serium. The craft hovered over large oceans for hours before the scanner showed some sort of surfaced land. When Fey spotted a small sandbank she decended to a height where both would be able to see what was beneath them. Narbilu opened the bar to exit the Renegade after checking the surface for hardness. The ground feels like regular sand and a first glymps doesn't show any from of life. Narbilu took out his scanner to check the content of the surroundings. It revealed a small amount of awesomnium in some craters in the shallow waters. A closer look revealed the veins were visible and easy to mine. When Narbilu wanted to enter the water, a large black snake-like creature surfaced from burrows between the awesomnium. Fey jumped out to pull back Narbilu. Both watched the animals for an hour and study them. Fortunately the creatures seem harmless. They appear more visious than they are. This will be a great planet for our miners. Although they need own supplies to survive.
  5. HeadBrick

    [O - H05] Awsomnium export

    ---Begin transmission--- This is Pilot Ace Head, reporting from Awsomnium station #29, H05-Livgorn. The mining operation seems to be going well. With multiple wells popping up all over the place. And when the awesomnium piles up, the need to get it back to Farmolis comes. And that's where I come in. The guys on top has entrusted me the OT-NVG Freighter to bring back the stuff. In order to save cost, Octan made the ship from existing consumer level tech and parts. Which honestly doesn't make the ship particularly fast. But with large tanks of precious awesomnium in the back I can forgive the lack of speed. Well breaks over. I need to get this back to Farmolis. And into a better ship. Ace out ---End transmission--- The moon is really bright here on Livgron. Hope the other guys have set up stations on open areas like they did here. Or I'm gonna have a hard time landing this thing. And here are some shots of the ship itself.
  6. Space Terrapin

    [O - H07] Prospecting on Quantus III

    Spencer's Diary, Maian 21, 3815 There's no excitement to match the feeling of being among the first to set foot on a new planet. Hooray for pastures new! Although, around here the pastures seem pretty barren. Still, the orbital scans suggested that this should be a good region to prospect for Awesomnium - that's why I'm here with my trusty drilling rig, Edwina. Hmm, that rocky outcropping looks like a good place to start. Sure enough, a few minutes' drilling reveals an Awesomnium node! Time to try out the portable sample collector and ore analyzer the Octan tech guys fitted Edwina with, and find out what sort of a deposit we're looking at. Looks like I'll be pretty busy for the next few days...
  7. Big Sal

    [M - B03] Experiment M5B03

    Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Date: 20 Maian 3815. Experiment Code: M5B03. Lead Scientist: Big Sal. Laboratory: Linopeia III Facility, Materials Lab 5. Aim: Assess local rock sample for precious metals. Excerpt ends. "Well, I suppose I'd better get on with aligning the lasers." "The other lasers are fine, but the connections on this one are a bit loose. However... to fix it I'd have to go borrow a ladder from Sci-X's lab, which would mean actually speaking to Sci-X... I'll just leave it - what's the worst that could happen?" Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Method: Precious metal content will be analysed using newly designed quad-laser quark-gluon spectrometer. Prediction: Analysis will reveal any subatomic impressions of awesomnium, gold, mithril or copper, effectively scanning the whole of Linopeia III with just one sample. Excerpt ends. "Everything's set up - time to fire the lasers!" "Everything seems to be working as expected. Wait, what's that tearing sound?" "Whoops! At least it didn't damage the highly explosive gas canister it fell on..." Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Results: Quark-gluon impression spectra contains distinct awesomnium signature. Conclusions: High probability of extensive awesomnium deposits on Linopeia III. No other precious metals detected. Spectrometer worked perfectly. Safety report: No incidents to report. However, on returning to laboratory after experiment, evidence of large explosion causing extensive damage to laboratory. I suspect Octan or Kawashita sabotage! Excerpt ends. Comments and criticism welcome! Here's the whole build:
  8. Location: B09 - Serium Tags: Spaceship / Airplane / Submarine, Exploration. Log #001 – 20 Maian 3815 I have been sent with a group of scuba hunters from Kawashita Group HQ to inspect Serium's seabed upon closer. The scuba hunters are experienced divers and they'll escort me. You'll never know what kind of vicious deepsea predators show up. However, there's nothing but planes of sand, varied with seaweed and rocks. The rocks vary in size and texture, but they all have a stub end. I haven't find any creature unlike Narbilu, one of our explorers yet. The strange seaweed Mister S. spoke of is rather plane from the looks of It. However, It seems they're moving on their own when I approach them from only a few meters. No idea If they're hostile, they haven't grabbed nor harmed any of my scuba hunters yet. Now the good part: The ocean floor has to offer us a lot of Awesomnium. Only problem is, It's rather deep to mine out. I guess we'll have to dig deep in the deep waters... But I'm sure the Kawashita Group will have no problem with that. In the end, we can do everything, thanks to our advanced technology. More information and pictures under the 'spoiler' tag:
  9. "Log date 316, This is Dr. Danielle Long, recording from the surface of planet H05, or Livgorn. My Sc106 probe drone and I successfully landed at 1200 hours Farmolis time... which translates to roughly mid-morning here, although the days are faster. Sc106 and I are scouting the immediate vicinity of my landing point for signs of hostile life and to collect samples. Supposedly there are deposits of Awesomnium beneath the ground not too far from here. I will look into this. First observation: This place reeks of urine. Likely this is due to abnormally high concentrations of urea in the atmosphere. I suspect this has to do with the wildlife. To confirm my suspicions, I have tasked Sc106 with the collection of multiple samples of the native "Flora" and "Fauna." The air is breathable. I imagine that means these "xeno-plants" are conventionally photosynthetic. I cannot wait to perform experiments on these xenobiological organisms in my lab... and get out of this fetid fen. Second observation: I should have worn a heavier jacket. It's positively frigid, and I'm currently within the tropical zone. Status update complete. Dr. Long, signing off." //Survey// //Specimen Acquisition// ~Dr. Long
  10. Umbra-Manis

    [M -B03] Heading For Linopeia III

    Heading for Linopeia III Pilot's Log: Pangloinus here. I've been sent to Linopeia III in an experimental, long range, fighter: the M.A.N.T.I.S. Cristax Fighter Mark I. MCF for short. Currently running at normal cruising speed. Preparing to push the ship to its max. 3....2.....1.....GO! This is awesome! I'll be making record time for this run. Ending transmission so i can fully test the ship. YEEHA! OOC: First MANTIS build! C&C appreciated!
  11. goatman461

    [O - H05] Getting a Closer Look

    Location: H05 - Livgorn Tags: Civil, Vehicle, Spaceship / Airplane, Exploration H05-1-A by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr H05 - Livgorn - Octan Pilot John Hannibal recons the area surrounding his ship's landing site. Hiding below the short but dense foliage, vast amounts of awesomnium and some sinister beasts intertwine. Edit: tags
  12. WickNole

    [O - H05] First Encampment

    Location: H05 - Livgorn Tags: civil, building, exploration Terrain: Swamp Start of transmission #01. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- "Finally arrived at Livgorn. Truly, a forsaken place. It was almost impossible to find a proper landing spot on the sites marked as "interesting" on satellite images... either wild jungles or frozen marshes there, both biomes allowing no possibilities to safely land. I'll better let our explorers deal with there places. Deployed surface sensors and analyzers as soon as the spot was more or less cleared. Awesomnium confirmed, extraction possible. However, the proper on-site analysis requires 6 days more. And I'll have to stay here all this time. Need to finish the cupola now - it will provide at least some safety both from environment and who-knows-what living here. I've already heard some strange noises... so I'd better finish before nightfall." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of transmission #01. The build:
  13. D10: The Hamilton Belt =================================================================================================================================================== Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part 001: “Ten days after my rehabilitation from the crash…and I’m already in the game… Wonderful. APauLo(s)-5 has been a great help in getting me back in the zone, even though I’m no longer a pilot. I was handed a task to scout for any possible activities in the Hamilton Asteroid Belt, and after staring at a scanner for 48 hours, I found a faint piracy distress signal, it was nearly gone. Now I’m here, what a pile of trash! A barley functioning pump, a couple of empty canisters, and a cut computer. Whoever left here, left in a hurry, perhaps they were scared of our scouts, but this couldn't have happened recently… It looks like it would be a liquid Awesomnium mine, but it’s all solid, pipes are clogged. PauL and I tried to get the damn thing working again, but it wouldn't start. So we just set up a landing zone and waited for a supply ship to set up our own mine right on top of the thing. Yeah know what, I never actually know why I record these stupid messages. I’m just talking to myself with PauL listening. Who knows, maybe someone is listening? Aw, shut up PauL, I’m not hallucinating people listening to me…" Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 001 =================================================================================================================================================== More Pics in spoiler: Beltar’s mask is basically like Starlord’s helmet/mask from GotG. And no, APaouLo(s) is not TARS! C&C welcome! ~Beltar
  14. Boxerlego

    [O - G05] Rough Landing

    Transmission 1 AD3851 Maian 16 Location: Jen's Star After a long trip in space I finally made it to Jen's Star. It was a rough landing along side of the mountains. Octan corp has Let me test out their new Model T Utility Bot. Its specialty is in construction but right now its has been good at uprooting plants and moving rocks. I've been searching along side this rocky mountain ridge for signs of water flow. Took me some time to find but I finally come across a mountain side minerals deposit and according to what I was taught only water can do that. Scanners are picking up loads of minerals in that deposit but it looks too dangerous for me to excavate intensively, Plus Night is falling upon me and I need to get some rest after the long hike today but lucky the Utility Bot never sleep. The Bot has also reported about picking up the sound of running water but that is way to far at the moment to journey to at this time of hour. I'm going to take shelter in the cave up ahead. End of Transmission Edit: Image was remade and new one was posted with more visibility