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Found 7 results

  1. This MOD upgrades your CAT D11 as below: - increase the blade lifting speed by 67% (the Control+ app needs to be calibrated after this MOD) - close the gaps near the front panels - make the front linear actuators look stronger - replace the rear fake linear actuators with a real one; they can be controlled manually to tilt the ripper - add 2 fire extinguishers near the cabin 115 extra parts are needed. The most expensive parts are the 2 black linear actuators (43097). Replace them with the LBG one (61927b) is fine. Or just like me, sprayed the LBG one with semi-gloss black. Instruction available at Enjoy and have fun!
  2. LEGO did a great job in re-releasing R2-D2 as 75308, but there are still some parts not the same as the real one. So I've made the followings: - changed the outlook of the leg's fuel cells - flushed the third leg outlet panels (front and rear) by 1 plate - completed third leg outlet panels by adding the left and right sides - switched the position of the buttons and pillars of the legs (same as the 2012 version) - changed the outlook of the middle exhaust vents - moved the tools compartments further outward and made it taller - filled the gap between the head and the body - more SNOT outlook - push-to-open the lightsaber cover 195 extra pieces are required. Spare parts are also needed, about 80 original pieces will be left. Instruction available at Happy building. Have fun and enjoy!
  3. This is a compact RC Forklift. It's inspired by a China made Forklift set. It's a HOG set. I've changed all the functions to be remotely controlled, and improved the outlook. Features: - Total no. of pieces is less than 700 - Around 1/16 to 1/17 scale - FWD - Requires a SBrick or BuWizz 1.0/2.0 or CaDA or Mould King remote battery hub - PF Servo Motor for the steering - PF L Motor for the front driving - PF L Motor for the lifting - PF M Motor for the tilting - Gear ratio is 2.33 : 1 - Maximum lift loading is about 300g - Maximum lift height is about 16.5cm - Detailed cockpit and driver seat Any feedback is welcome. Instruction available at:
  4. As inspired by pg5200's Buggy and Tamiya's Fighting Buggy, I've built this RC Buggy MOC. It's simple, fast and stable. Features: - Total no. of pieces is less than 400 - Around 1/15 to 1/16 scale - Requires a BuWizz 1.0/2.0 or CaDA or Mould King remote battery hub (SBrick should be possible by placing the hub on top of the battery box) - PF Servo Motor for the steering - RC Buggy Motor or BuWizz Motor for the rear driving - Gear ratio is 1.4 : 1 - Transverse damper rear suspension similar to Fighting Buggy - Rear camber angle is about +1 degree - Optional 4 LED lights (instruction not included) Instruction available at Have fun and enjoy! It's not in Minifig scale, just give you an idea of its size. It has a +1 degree of rear camber angle.
  5. Hi, it's my long time project. It's heavily based on the famous Plus-Size AT-AT by raskolnikov. I've changed mainly the outlook of almost everything. It's an on and off project when new ideas came out. Recently, a new idea: head movement was inspired by cavegod's new UCS AT-M6 ([Moc] [Instructions] UCS AT-M6 - LEGO Star Wars - Eurobricks Forums). Why not give it a try? Any comments are welcome.
  6. A_C

    AT-ST MOC by A_C

    Hi, I've built a AT-ST MOC. It's the version appeared in the movie. Hope you like it. Some of the features are: total 716 pieces 2 seats for Minifig movable and modular head hinged roof top a bit bigger foot to increase stability leg is limited to move but can stand by its own with a simple inter-locking mechanism It's now posted on Rebrickable: Change Log: 2021-1-17 v1.5 (716 pieces) - trimmed the head a little - stronger legs - overall added more details 2020-11-28 v1.2 (729 pieces) - changed the pose of the legs - more details added to the body 2020-11-25 v1.1 (726 pieces) - hinged roof top - changed the back of the head a little - strengthened the leg a little 2020-11-18 v1.0 Initial Release (724 pieces)
  7. Hi, of course I love Millennium Falcon. All the versions provided by LEGO are great. The only problem is the space to exhibit it. So I've built a micro version. Some of the features are: less than 700 pieces has a cockpit for 1 Minifig has a living room with the chess table smooth bottom mini-mf-01 by A_C, on Flickr mini-mf-03 by A_C, on Flickr mini-mf-02 by A_C, on Flickr