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Found 81 results

  1. Hey all, I was browsing the Internet for some ideas for new MOCs, and I found an amazing Viking Longhouse village, that can be found here . I think it is very detailed and has nice figs. I have not made it, I just found it on the Internet. I hope you like it. I think I am going to build a longhouse myself, I let you know when I am ready. Enjoy!
  2. soccerkid6

    Coming Home from War

    For Lenfald Local Challenge 8 in Lands of Classic Castle. The Challenge: "Build a scene depicting either your character or another Lenfel solider returning home from War. The focus should be in capturing emotion, not extravagant Landscapes/buildings!" I used only subdued colors in this build to help add to the serious feeling of war and its aftermath. The houses have full interiors. Some of the soldiers coming home have been injured, others are physically unscathed, and many never return at all. For some families it is a time of joyous reunion; for others, a time of mourning: More pictures can be seen here: link All C&C appreciated
  3. Bricknave

    MOC: Going Coastal

    As contracted by Loreesi hero Mark of Falworth, the Outlaw Captain Claw and his crew "visits" the Lenfald coast, specifically an unsuspecting village close to the shore. Two Outlaws tagged along as unofficial members of Claw's crew: blade-wielding brawler Lute the Brute and crossbow-wielding archer Arrowhead. The village is by no means defenseless: After the Obsidian Seawing arrived, a group of Lenfaldi sentinels sprung into action.
  4. dr_spock

    [MOCPages find] Harrr Village

    [pid][/pid]230B Harrr village by Vladimir van Hoek's friend Eric. The harbor hosts a feast for famous figs! Pirates are unloading a hoard of ingredients for the banquet, The beggars are shooed away, and celebrity minifigs are entering the village.
  5. evan.evan.evan

    Winter Village: Tavern

    I present to you my entry for: Expand the Winter Village Contest III The Winter Village Tavern! (I apologize for the image quality) I don't have any of the winter village sets (all the more reason I'd love to win one! ) so I had to look them up online to get a feel for their look. I loved the way the Cottage was designed and decided to model mine after that! Here's some more shots The inside! The side! Where do the kids go while their parents are in the pub? Outside, where they have snowball fights, of course! Full set: flickr page with all of the pictures (much better quality): I hope you enjoyed this! Thanks for looking Good luck to the other contestants! Why did only the last picture load? Sorry guys...
  6. B-OV-40B So, that Winter Village contest is going on, and I (surprisingly) haven't seen any entries yet! I can't enter this digital entries aren't allowed. I made this for fun, anyway, I do it every year. Last year I made a candy store. But this year, I thought I'd try something smaller; a book store! Final_Winter_Book_Shop3 The store itself is 628 pieces, there is a light brick, but I will get on to that later. I had a few design flaws, like the rounded window. I wanted it to have some icicles, but using the green rounded plates wouldn't allow me to have them in some places. I tried my best not to have the window's roof from the post office set, so I kinda.. altered it. Some scenery is included; a tree with a snow pile (from the snowblower), and a small bridge with a stream underneath and a little wreath. The minifigures: WBS1 From left to right: Book Store Owner, Mother, Daughter, Father, Snow Worker Then a few inside images: Choosing books Buying a book (Where's the book? ) Upstairs bedroom, bed w/ lamp and a 'picture' (or newspaper ) The fireplace and light brick, that shines through the window! Side view (notice the technic pin hole in the 1st alt image?) So that's my Winter Book Store. I hope you all liked it! Comments appreciated -Sci