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Found 31 results

  1. Sigolf Brimabane

    [GNAR] Ormr hinn víðfǫrli

    This is the Mitgardian longship "Ormr hinn víðfǫrli" (The Far-Travelling Serpent). It is owned by Sigólfr Brímabani (at the steering oar) of the Wyrm Clan. Because of the current unrest, they built this ship to be able to defend Mitgardia from attackers. Sigólfs best warriors are at the oars. Their names are Gunnarr, Óláfr, Friðþjófr, Þórólfr, Egill, Þórsteinn, Úlfr, Stýrbjǫrn, Snorri, Starkaðr, Kári, Bjólfr, Ragnarr and Ívarr. In the bow they store water, beer, fermented herring, crisp bread, fermented and soured milk, dried meat and other delicious food that you need when you go viking. They also keep the spears in the bow, but midships they have swords and axes. In the stern is an idol of a god of water and journeys at sea. (Technically this is no longship, since its width/length ratio is ca. 1:4.5, which makes it a Karfi (which wasn't a ship of war). But I didn't have more of the prefab hull pieces so I couldn't make it any longer. A real longship should be at least 1:6 and have some 30+ oarsmen.)
  2. After a long building hiatus, I've finally had a chance to hit the bricks! Even though I never saw the movie in theaters, I have become a big fan of "How to Train Your Dragon" over the last year (largely due to John Powell's superb soundtrack, but no need to talk about that here). In anticipation of the sequel which will be released this summer, I decided to take on the challenge of building an accurate minifig-scale Toothless. Here are the results! Front View: Hiccup and Toothless in Lego form! Toothless' ears, legs, wings, and tail can all be adjusted. His mouth can open too, but it's not an intentional feature. Side View: One difficulty with building a fairly small and specific dragon is its stability. To keep both dragon and rider in place, I used two rubber bands. The lower rubber band keeps Hiccup's torso in place while the upper rubber band keeps Toothless' head upright. Close-up: When building, I first started with Toothless' head, which proved to be the most difficult part. I wanted to recreate the unique shape of his head, while still incorporating his reptilian eyes and expressive ear-flaps. Even if it's not perfect, I'm definitely pleased with the result! As a fortunate coincidence, Hiccup's pedals align perfectly with Toothless' legs, which is movie-accurate. Flying Mode: The wings I used in the first few photos were much more easy to position, but were too small compared to Toothless' actual wing size. Thus, I made it possible to switch them out for a pair of Dino Attack wings for a more accurate flying mode. For a few more pictures and higher resolution versions of the photos here, check out the Flickr set. I would be delighted to hear your feedback, seeing as my rendition is far from perfect. Thanks for looking! Inky
  3. mrcp6d

    Clowns & Vikings

    I built this mainly for CCC, but it fits here too for a free build! Jesters aren't as appreciated in the far north as they are in the warmer Guilds. In fact, Erik the Angry appreciates jesters so little that he typically runs them right out of his clan's village--an event that is usually incredibly entertaining for the bystanders; but, not so much for the jester. PoD Claims: Architecture - wooden walls General Building - minifig posing General Building - interior design Anthropology - village life Flickr C&C appreciated!
  4. Hello everybody! Here`s my history MOC about vikings ;) DSC_0044 by balthazar_heyward, on Flickr From an English annals... "798. Vikings burned Sacred Patrick's island, took a tribute a cattle and profaned Konnan's sanctuary" Britons prepared to defence... More photos in my flickr photostream: And short story :) Bye! And good luck :P
  5. Hello everybody, I want to make a big Barbarian army, using the viking minifigs, and a big Roman army, using the CMF roman soldiers and the roman commanders. I don't have the roman soldier, but the commander 3 times, so a lot of soldiers would be nice. I have 27 vikings, I have all the sets except the chess set. My question is, where can I buy those minifigures for not that much, not bricklink or such a site, they don't work for me. I live in the Netherlands, so please no sites or shops from halfway across the world, the shipping prices are a bit too high . (Moderators, if this is not in the right place, please move it)
  6. Hey all, I was browsing the Internet for some ideas for new MOCs, and I found an amazing Viking Longhouse village, that can be found here . I think it is very detailed and has nice figs. I have not made it, I just found it on the Internet. I hope you like it. I think I am going to build a longhouse myself, I let you know when I am ready. Enjoy!