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Found 143 results

  1. Having heard that a man with a treasure chest wanted to talk to him, the Ulander official, who was working at his desk, was quite quick to admit him. "So," he asked, "you hope I will turn over my town in return for the contents of this chest?" "Precisely!" answered the other, opening the chest's lid and revealing a bunch of gold and sparkling diamonds. "Hmm," replied the official. "You know, though we have been separated for the mainland for two thousand years we still know your tricks... the good part is that you don't know ours! Goodbye!" The official pressed a button on his desk and the spy disappeared through the gaping hole in the floor. Walking over to the hole the Ulander laughed "Thanks for paying in advance again!" My counter to MKJ's guerrilla on G13. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  2. With the battle at Bella'Erezhi ragging around him, a Captian of the Thirteenth Ulandian Legion found himself trapped on a rock overlooking still boiling lava with Desert King mummies rushing at him from either side. That was no problem for a clever Ulander though! If I win I choose F14 as the next battleground. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  3. A footsore band of Ulandians trudged across the rocky plateau. A long day's march lay behind them, and ahead of them the sun was setting in a glorious blaze. Squinting into it, the leader caught sight of their goal - a sliver of the mighty Flagg reservoir. It shone black against the brilliant hues of the sky, and there was something sobering about its desolate look, like a guardian watching sadly over a countryside it knew was about to be ravaged by war. "I didn't think I had it left in me, boys, but on the count of three - hip, hip, hurrah!" the leader exclaimed. The cheer was taken up by the troops and rolled down over the sand dunes as they pressed with renewed strength on their way. For the curious... I was very careful to stay within the 32x32 limit! C&C welcome!
  4. The Desert King sent out some of his warriors and a wizard to find an old crypt and bringt some of his powerful companions from 2000 years ago back to Historica. High Centurion was glad when he heard the news that some of his soldiers had arrived just in time to put an end to this unholy act of the Desert King's followers! - - Builders Note: While I am really happy with the build itself, I don't like the minfigure placement much at all. Also I expected the illumation-effect of the dark wizard in the cave to come over much better than it does...
  5. Wingless Serpents Scout Surprise At the edge of the Nestlands, where the forrest meets the desert a band of Mypar Stedor mercs scouted the area for a way into the dense foliage. But it seemed that not a high price was paid for their services, because a couple of keener eyes observed them every step unnoticed. A couple of Wingless Serpents Scouts, led by Venm. At the first possibility, the leader of the pact was surprised by a single blow in the chest by Venm, dropping him hard in the dust. Without any doubt, the others scattered into the desert, not even taking the opportunity to raise a weapon. A simple victory, without the lost of any of our scouts. After a short examination of the blood soaked corpse, proudly Venm send out one of his men to Nar Bilu, who was heading to the Lonely Mountain.
  6. While Nar Bilu is taking his recently acquired army to the Deep Sands, he send out a skirmish of troops accompanied by Phyton, the serpent mage, to Bella’Erezhi to join the game Lord Kar’dani was planning. From every corner of the game field heroes of every tribe tried to terminate their competition. A veteran from the royal Kaliphlin army raged into the keen eyed mage of the Wingless Serpents. In a split second a tornado erupted from the hand of Phyton, crumbling the pavement to shards, but more importantly throwing his opponent several feet back against the ruins of that part of town. The liveless body of the veteran still lays somewhere between the rubble.
  7. My counter attack against Umbra-Manis's guerrilla attack in sector B7. (I think I made a mistake in the title. Whoops ) In response to the Mummy Herding Carts that have been running rampant in Ulander territory, security fences had to be build in order to keep out these carts. The reinforced fences are made of sharpened spikes driven into the ground at an angle. An attempt to drive a cart through the fence will harm and damage the cart, and the fence is only able to be removed from the inside. Also, an armed guard patrol is on the lookout for an invaders or any damage to the fence. Nothing breaches without the Ulanders knowing about it.
  8. Pumping the water into the aqueducts is important, yes. Deciding about the waters destination, however, is real power. As such a small unit of Ulandian soldiers has conquered a tower further landinwards where a waterstream is split in two. Some of the water is kept for the small oasis around the tower. Poor Desert King spy soon to be discovered by the watchful dog... Stopping the flow of the water in one of the directions: Feel free to have a look at the full fotostream for some more shots. In case I win: J9.
  9. A Failed Insurgency After the Ulandians occupied the Nestlands, insurgencies began popping up in an attempt by the locals to regain their land. After the Ulandians blocked an essential trade road in a dense forest in the region, a small group of cloaked local fighters attempted to retake the road. Unfortunately for them, the Ulandian fighting force guarding the route was prepared, and after a quick and one-sided battle, the guards were able to drive off the attackers. The Ulandians hold off the Nestlanders. An overhead shot of the skirmish.
  10. Down in a tunnel along the road from Queenscross to Cedrica a couple of Ulandians are digging and hacking away at the dirt and loose rocks. Above them extends a short barricade across the narrow road. On the other side of the barricade their High Council taskmasters lounge, cracking jokes with each other and carrying along generally. Now and then they call to the Ulandians to make sure they're still around, but they don't seem worried about keeping a close eye upon the digging procedure. In fact, the Ulandians have made quite some progress. The barricade is already high enough for it to be very inconvenient for the High Councilers to see over, and the "slaves" have started digging a short tunnel under the rest of the road. "I hate to say this," one remarked to the other, resting on his shovel for a second, "but these High Council guys are really... naive!" "I know, right!? I mean like, for one thing, we gave in really easy. In fact you gave up so easily I thought they would be crazy suspicious right from the start. But nothing. And then, building a barricade right here? Where it would take, oh, I don't know, maybe ten seconds to walk around it?" "Yeah! And then, I kind of thought these guys had grown up around here. They should know the location well enough. But I guess they've been imported from the Arkbri. Anyways, really, putting us right next to an oil pool..." "Yep. This is gonna be good!" The two "slaves" labored in silence for a few minutes. Presently a rich black substance began to ooze through the dirt surrounding them. One winked to the other. "You ready? You should probably back out." He picked up a couple of stones lying around, grinning. Patiently he struck them together, over and over. At last a spark flashed out and fell upon a small puddle of oil. The Ulandian promptly sprang backwards. The next second an incredible crash was heard and a bright flash of flame and smoke hurled the High Councilers, the barricade, and a good portion of the road far into the sky! The pit and explosion, figless: Link back to Gideon's build. Those cacti were so good I knew I'd have to do something really explosive to be able to come close! Comments are welcome!
  11. One of the Captains of the Thirteenth "Storming" Legion had undertaken the task of destroying a Desert King fort in the Siccus Badlands. Sneaking over the wall, the Ulander overheard a couple of mummies congratulating themselves at being posted at some distance from the river. "Ha! Those nasty high councilors keep running our forces down to the water's edge and cornering them there - at least we don't have to worry about that!" "Yep, the less water in sight, the happier I am. I'm glad there isn't any in or near the fort- hey, what's that red glare over there?" "Fire! Hurry, run for some water!" yelled the mummy. "What are you talking about? Water is awful!" replied the other. "Well it is, but we could still use some about now!" Meanwhile the Ulander made good his escape, laughing under his breath about mummies and water. I would like to receive UoP credit for: Architecture - wall techniques (2) My guerrilla build this week against the Desert King. C&C are appreciated!
  12. The wind wafted languidly over the water, as if in no hurry to get where it wanted to go. 'At least it's better then no wind.' Adira thought, staring up at the sail floating around above her, growing taught as another breath of wind was caught on it's canvas surface, then drooping again, as if tired from it's work. “Captain Magdeburg, there is a matter that requires your attention.” 'Captain Magdeburg... who would have thought that I would be called that, especially all those months ago...' For a moment Adira let her mind wonder, allowing the waves before her to gradually change shape into the realities of her memories... The sun shone down gently on the city of ~Berigora~, and a gentle breeze flowed through the winding streets. Citizens strolled through the streets on afternoon walks or on their way to whatever meeting or duty called them, in no hurry. Tijal the beggar sat at his usual place, taking alms from good natured passerbys. It was a surprise therefor to see someone running on such an afternoon. Adira's lungs were almost bursting from her exertion, but in her excitement she hardly noticed. 'This is my chance! If father agrees, then at last my one greatest desire will be fulfilled!' She could still remember Laffir's expression when she first asked him to teach her to play the Qanun, a local instrument that required great talent to master. At first he had said that it would be both frivolous and useless, and that she would quit before she ever got anywhere close to learning enough to even play a simple tune. But upon her continual begging he had finally relented, on the condition that she first get her father's permission. Ten minutes later... Magdeburg wasn't her biological father, of course. He was Mitgardian, she was of Kaliphlin. He had adopted her after her parents died. But he remained her father in all ways except that, and she loved him as such. Thus it was to him she ran with this news, and she couldn't run fast enough. Adira turned into the street on which her house was situated only come to an abrupt stop. A small knot of people were clustered around the door leading to her father's study, only there was no door there, just twisted hinges. That's when she noticed the sounds coming from that door. The people around the door grumbled as she pushed past them. A sliver slid into her finger as she grabbed hold of the door frame and she winced. But as soon as she saw what was transpiring inside all her pain was forgotten. Two Ul soldiers stood with drawn weapons while their captain watched. Just as she reached the door one of them raised his blade above a prone, motionless man in the corner of the room, preparing to strike. It took a moment for Adira to recognize the man as her father. A cold shiver ran down her spine, and she opened her mouth to shout, but no sound came out. The man's weapon fell. Silence settled over those watching. The only sound was the dull 'thuck' sound as the soldier removed his weapon from Magdeburg's heart. Adira stared at the soldier's blood-stained blade, her mind refusing to compute what she had just seen. 'No! It couldn't be! He can't be dead! He is my father! They had no reason to kill him!' Slowly anger started to seep into her heart, like a dark fog, obscuring all rational thought and replacing it with a cold, calculating madness. Slowly Adira stepped away from the door and glanced over the three soldiers. Her eyes alighted upon the commander, the closest one to her, and from the look of it, the best fighter amongst them. Without thinking, she charged him. The man's eyes bulged as Adira rammed into him, sending him sprawling to the ground in an undignified heap. In the same motion Adira grabbed the one of the soldier's short swords out of it's sheath and swung toward his neck. There was a loud cracking sound and the man fell to the ground silence. Adira felt a hand grab her arm and she turned to see the other guard standing next to her, a very condescending look on his face. Adira didn't wait to hear what he was about to say but switched the sword to her right hand and stabbed the guard in the stomach. There was an angry noise from behind her and Adira caught sight of the captain, back on his feet and red with anger, behind her. Without think she whipped around and swung in his direction. Her sword met resistance but sliced through it, as if it were a thick rope or vine. Adira stepped back and let her vision clear, ready for anything. What she saw sickened her. The captain stood staring at the stump that had been his hand. A small puddle began to form underneath him, and he doubled over in pain. One of the bystanders stepped in, an older one of the cat creatures, and helped the captain outside. Adira stared at the puddle of blood on floor, trying not to look at the dead soldiers around her. 'I've killed someone. Two someones. Another I've maimed for life.' Like when her father had died, her mind refused to compute what she had done. 'I'm no warrior, I'm the daughter of a Mitgardian Merchant, here in Kaliphlin for a few years... how could this have happened to me?' Suddenly Adira remembered her father, lying on the ground bleeding behind her. She quickly dropped the now blood-stained sword and dropped to her knees beside him. She felt for a pulse, hoping against hope, but she found none. For countless ages she sat there, her finger on his wrist, staring into his clouded eyes, but they remained as lifeless as if they had never seen before. “Adira! Adira we must leave quickly!” Adira turned blankly toward where Lorne Cairn, a friend of her father's stood. She had not noticed him in her rage, and now her mind barely comprehended what he was saying. “Adira! Can you hear me?” His tone was urgent. Adira continued to stare for a moment before nodding curtly. “Adira, we must leave now! That Ul will tell his superiors as soon as he gets back to wherever he stays, then we'll have a whole pack of them upon us! Adira you must listen to me!” Lorne took a few steps toward the door and stopped, turning back toward her. Adira silently turned back toward her father's body and stared at his face one last time. Slowly she reached out and closed his eyes. Then she stood and, grabbing the short sword she had used, for what she had no idea, strode past Lorne and started blindly down the street, ignoring the silent spectators around her. She could hear Lorne behind her, trying to keep up with her mad pace. “Where in the world did you learn to fight like that?” She didn't know, she didn't care. One hot tear rolled down her cheek, but none followed. None the less the sorrow was there, felt all the more strongly for it's lack of expression. A single tear rolled down Adira's cheek as she stared out over the waves, lost in thought. Slowly her eyes began to focus again and she faintly heard the sergeant's voice behind her. “Captain? Captain can you hear me?” Adira turned, brusquely wiping the tear from her cheek and focused upon the soldier before her. “What is it Sergeant Adra?” The soldier stared into her face a moment longer the snapped to attention. “Sir we are approaching our destination.” “Good, prepare the men.” Adira turned back toward the sea as Adra began shouting orders to the rest of the force. She let her mind wander once more... 'Revenge. That is my life now. And my revenge will not be complete until every single Ulandian is dead and their island sunk back into the ocean.' The build. This one I think I can say is my best yet, though I'm not sure about that. This is my first time using dark tan in this street technique, and I think it turned out pretty well. I'm also experimenting with half-plate height differences in the street, which aren't as noticeable from this shot, but gives the street a more varied feel IMO. What think you? Build Pics: A new antagonist maybe? Anyways, this is my third GoH build, and C&C are appreciated. Especially critiques. I would like to claim UoP credit for: I: Roofing. II: Roof Rakes (the gray building). III: Interior design. IV: Anthropology: City scene. I would try for stained glass, since I did use that, but it didn't show up very well here. So... Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  13. Marching rapidly, the Ulander thirteenth legion soon came into sight of the fortress they were after - a small castle some little distance from Ras-El-Akhen which supplied the city with grain and weapons. As the fiery bolts of Ageven's giant crossbow continued to play on the walls, the Ulanders begin to storm the breach through the cloud of arrows being shot by the defenders... A close-up shot of the build: And a bonus pic with part of Kai's crossbow: This is my joint guerrilla attack on K12 with Kai NRG I would like to receive UoP credit for: History 1 Military Science - siege Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  14. Garmadon

    [WZ2:G12, Ulandus]

    The Thirteenth Legion was meandering around, supposed to be searching for an old aqueduct that was probably nothing more than a myth. However, they were rather enjoying themselves gazing at the brilliant vegetation and picking berries... They were all completely lost until it occurred to one of them to look up. "Hey guys, look at that!" "Uh, do you mean the monkey?" asked one. "Your the monkey!" replied the other, "don't you see the aqueduct?" "Nobody home? And you guys thought we were slow! Those mummies must be as slow as snails!" My entry to Warzone two - I pick I16 as the next battlefield if I should happen to win Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  15. Dwarf Faction by The Goliath, on Flickr The Dwarves of Ulandus have since been recently called upon by the First Centurion to help fight against the Desert King and the High Council forces. These Dwarves are loyal to the First Centurion and will do whatever it takes to win. They are fierce warriors who forge their own weapons and armor. They fight to uphold Dwarven equality and unite their kin from across the lands but also in the name of the First Centurion who has actually given the Dwarves the respect they've never really received. They demand justice to their kin and for Ulandus to become recognized after all the years of neglect and punishment the Desert King gave them... when he was actually a "Human". There are many Dwarves who fight in this legion, all from different regions of Historica. So far, little is known about them other than they are the newly established army. It is also worth mentioning that not all of them are warriors. Well, yes, they are but there are also field engineers who can fix things and build things. They are typically known for their craftsmanship you see that are typically referred to as aqueducts and oil rigs and refineries. Here are some additional pictures. Dwarf Faction by The Goliath, on Flickr Dwarf Faction by The Goliath, on Flickr Dwarf Faction by The Goliath, on Flickr Dwarf Faction by The Goliath, on Flickr Dwarf Faction by The Goliath, on Flickr
  16. In a small town a little below Mpya Stedor, a bit of shady business is taking place between a Ulander official and a High Council agent. Having bargained for exactly how much the town would be turned over, the agent was about to hand over the bribe money when it started raining- what!? Looking up (and getting more wet in the process), the agent saw a maid throwing water out of the window. "You could have warned me!" he exclaimed to the official, who had trouble controlling his laughter. "Alright hand it over," he replied. As he gave him the money the drenched agent failed to notice the official winking and nodding. "Ahem, sir, what is this?" queried the Ulander Captain of the Thirteenth Legion behind him. Looking quickly around the agent saw he was surrounded and decided to make a virtue of necessity and give in. "You may go, and tell your High Council never to bribe a Ulander - and thanks for paying in advance!" My counter to Bregir's guerrilla. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  17. Now that Ageven is an apprentice, he's been temporarily given his own little squad! Anxious to impress, he's decided to take on Ras-el-akhen! Ready! Aim! Fire! Overview of just the crossbow. Actually works! As this is a two pointer, Garmadon will be helping out with a build that actually can go along with this one. Comments are welcome! For purposes of response, I'd say this should be taken as a 20x16, if the respondent wishes to include a base.
  18. The Golden Partisans - The new 13th Legion of Ulandus? Somewhere in the deserts of Kaliphin, a small group of soldiers has setup their camp. Hidden from the eyes of their foes these warriors are taking a quick rest from the past struggles, looking forward to heroic deeds in the future. Will first Centurio hear about their doings for Ulandus? Colours: Gold (secondary: "sand" / light yellow) Mission: Guerilla Missions, particulary in the desert Name: Golden Partisans Overview of the small camp. Backside of the camp. The group's elven leader is drinking some refreshment, while her guard is trying to take a nap. "The boy" is filling a bucket at the small hidden well they found in the desert. Well, actually it's hardly more than a hole in the ground, but water is what you need to survive under the sun! Some supplies of the warriors. The whole squad of the "Golden Partisans" as CMFs. Full Album with three more photos can be found here. I plan on adding the following over the next couple of days: * the camp at night * some facts about the squad (colour, history, races, mission, equipment) * single characters with some proper background stories * two more scenes about their heroic deeds after leaving the camp
  19. "Oh Centurion, Stedor has extinquished their lighthouse again. It will be a dark night like always..." "Hahaha, our Centurion will not hear you. We are in the middle of a sea... Come on, let's sleep some... Aisha, it's your turn to watch out for coming lights" And so the Ulandian Navy Soldiers in the Ghuba-ya Biashara closed their eyes and started sleeping... A few hours later: "I saw something in the water!! The ship is moving!!" Aisha yelled, "Shut up Aisha, it's a shark swimming around the ship. Even in the moonlight you can see it is a shark. And beside, we are anchored" Aisha was right, there was a shark in the water. But also a whole bunch of Mermaids who removed the anchors of the Patrolling Vessels so they could move them to another territory. A guerilla against Ulandus together with Bregir for Square J15 For the glory of the High Council!! Long live the real Kaliphlin!! C&C ofcourse welcome!! Also UoP for: - Hydrology : Underwater - Landscape: Sideaways Rocks
  20. On his way to Petraea, Lord DamaXimus found it time to take a small stop and have a dinner. Surrounded by some of the heaviest guards (Royal Guards of Stedor) of Stedor, he was pretty sure it would be a silent dinner. Alas, already after a few minutes, they spotted an Ulandian Army coming for them. Quickly the Royals put their weapons and started defending Lord Damaximus! It was an unfair battle for the puny Ulandians to fight against those well trained Royals. Idiots... Guarding Lord Damaximus by Maxim I, on Flickr Guarding Lord Damaximus by Maxim I, on Flickr Guarding Lord Damaximus by Maxim I, on Flickr The campfire lit up thanks to my phone! Guarding Lord Damaximus by Maxim I, on Flickr For the High Council!! For the real glory of Kaliphlin!!! edit: I would like to claim: UoP Lightning Technic!
  21. My counter to Lord Dan's guerrilla: A couple of Ulandian soldiers were walking along a quiet street in small town just northeast of Ras-El-Akhen when suddenly a ridiculously loud screech issued out of the tavern they were passing. The screech was immediately followed by a person hurrying out of the door over which hung a sign with a dragon. The Ulanders, always ready for anything, nodded at each other and winked. "Going somewhere?!" The jester - for it was he, though he had quickly put on a hood and breastplate - desperately attempted to slid between them. However, his attempt was a signal failure. As one of the Ulanders tackled him to the ground the other commented, "I've always said that you should never get too close to a jester!" I would like to receive UoP credit for: Architecture - roofing Anthropology - city scene Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  22. The 13th Legion Color: Dark Tan Nickname: The Pirates By far the greatest portion of the legion is composed of these heavy infantrymen. They bear the brunt of any attack! Generally termed "recruits" derogatorily by the heavy infantrymen. Their main job is scouting. They compose about a fifth of the legion. You may be wondering how on earth the Legion got such a bizarre name. Well, keep reading! Far, far underground. A sudden scuffling of feet and a power of violent exclamations. A small group of Ulandians come crashing through a hole in the cave wall. Behind them rolled a boulder that showed the reason for their haste. With a thud that made the rocks tremble, it stuck in the doorway, completely blocking it. “You little! What were you thinking!” “Yeah! I had even just mentioned booby traps!” “I’m sorry…” the recruit began to mumble. “Sorry! You’ll be a lot more sorry three days from now when we’re still stuck here without any food!” The heavy infantryman turned and started complaining loudly to his buddies, “We were going to impress everyone too! Man, we have a name to make for ourselves, and then some… some noob like this comes along and messes everything up!” His companions agreed with him heartily. Meanwhile the recruit stumbled into his friend. A few bumps and scrapes ensued, followed by a loud splash and a gurgling cry. “Water!” exclaimed one of the others, peering round him nervously, afraid to move. Everyone else froze, until someone managed to strike a light. The poor soaked recruit was promptly pulled out by the three infantrymen. “Where is the noob, anyways?” one asked. “Why isn’t he helping to fish out his buddy?” They turned and saw him, another torch in his hand, looking around him in awe. “Maybe this won’t turn out so badly after all,” he drawled. They all looked at the walls around them. “Gold. Tons of it!” muttered one. “Just what we need! I even heard the commander mention the need for funds. We’ve made our fortune, friends!” “Here, hold this,” commanded the infantryman who had been holding the first torch, handing it to the soaked recruit. “Keep it steady.” He peered closely at the gold. “It’s the real stuff all right! Gentlemen, I propose to you that we will no longer be known only as the 13th legion! We will be known as the Golden Legion! Three cheers for the golden legion!” Everyone cheered and threw their helmets into the air. Of course, since they were in a cave, the helmets clanged against the roof and then ricocheted into the water. The soaked private was deputed to fish them out, since he was already wet anyways. The rest set themselves to filling their pockets. “Now,” said one of the infantrymen, his pockets full, “if we could only find out how to get out of here!” Fifteen Hours Later: "Sir Centurion, here is a messenger from that nameless, unlucky 13th legion. He tells a rather far fetched story but insists he be brought to you." "Show him in," sighed the Centurion. The messenger ducked into the tent. With gleaming eyes he dumped his pockets out in front of the Centurion, quickly telling his story. "And there's more where this came from!" he finished. "This is excellent!" the Centurion exclaimed. "Well done, thirteenth legion! You have earned your place, if this be true!" Later that day, on the parade ground, the Centurion called a few of the men of the thirteenth legion over. "Who was it that found the gold first, you say?" Half reluctantly they pointed out 'the noob' as he was already called throughout the legion. "Excellent work, my boy," the Centurion said to him. "We will have to make you captain now!" The infantrymen's faces were a sight to behold! After all, they didn't get their pet name of "Golden Legion." Instead they were just called, "The Pirates." Another view! Comments and criticism are welcome! That rockwork... insane. Learn from my mistakes. Don't try to curve your rockwork. Thanks for checking it out! For the record, it is considerably smaller than the 32x32 max.
  23. The Storming Legion: The new Thirteenth Legion of Ulandus is made up almost exclusively of heavy infantry, though there are a few cavalry and light troops sometimes used on scouting missions. There suits are dark brown and gold. Besides other exploits, such as capturing a High Council supply train, finding a Desert King spy, catching a jun-away jester, and taking a High Council fortress by storm, the Thirteenth Legion carried a strongly fortified stone wall held by the Desert King's troops, thereby gaining for themselves their title: "The Storming Legion!" A close-up: Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  24. Aymeri and his men take back the supplies, that were stolen by the Ulandian advance guards: Figless: More pictures here: Link C&C welcome
  25. (A chilly, frosting morning. Through the gloom, three people are just visible. The seem to be bent on a mission.) N.1: (whispering loudly) Stop it you duphis! You're poking me with your spear! N.2: (penitently) I'm sorry. N.3: (authoritatively( Hush it up! We're getting close! (A loud crash, followed by an obnoxiously loud "Moooooo...") N.3: So much for secrecy! Get them! N.2: (in a low tone to N.1) Here we are, miles away from the nearest house and he's worried about a few twigs breaking! I never could understand him. N.1: (picking himself up and brushing dead leaves off his tunic) That makes two of us! N.3: You! To the left. You take the right. Keep them together. I'll head them. N.2: (slapping the back end of a cow with the flat of his spear) Now this is my kind of job! N.1: No way, Mr. Cow, you're coming over here! N.3: Cows are female. N.1: Nu-uh. This one's male, I'm sure. Just look at him try to ram that bush down... oh, no, you porker, stay on track now! N.3: You don't get it. All cows are female. N.2: What? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. How you gonna get a baby cow if they're all female? N.3: (exasperated) Because there are bulls, of course! N.1: Bulls? Those crazy old things you can't come within a mile of? Now if there's anything all female, that's it. (reflectively) You know the saying, there's nothing more angry than a woman scorned - or somethin'. Now, a bull just screams that to me. N.2: Yep! N.3: You two are a bunch of... N.2: (interrupting) Don't want to know what we are, but anyone else feel like a gang of robbers? N.3: (gravely) It's not robbing if you pay for it. (N.3 tosses some coins onto the ground they had just left) N.1: (to N.2) You were right. Never can understand him! C&C welcome! Numbers 1, 2, and 3 are making inroads in F13, Desert King territory.