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Found 7 results

  1. Location: The University of Tiberia, Arlinsport, Tiberia Type: Royal Project Piece (This takes place sometime in 621) It was another pleasant day in Arlinsport. The well manucrued lawns of the University of Tiberia fluttered gently in the breeze, as Agnes Mesabi walked to a surprise meeting at the Mesabi Hall of Geology. A squat, and tough building, the Geology Hall was a recent addition to the University. It's construction, of course, was made possible with the new influx of funds the Mesabi family had charitably dumped into the University. While the Mesabi family was quite dreaded across the Brick Seas, their vast wealth and willingness to keep up appearances had lead them to dump large amounts of capital into Corrington's colonial educational institutions. This allowed for several educational institutions to add new facilities.... provided they put up with "Mesabi Shenanigans" on the premises. Agnes Count Mesabi's harridan of a wife, walked into the halls of the Geology building. Her stiletto heels clacked with each step, ominously announcing her arrival. In the research labratory, WTC Leader Karl Mordo chatted with a Professor of Minerology. "So you see, with these samples, we're hoping that we can identify a common pattern." Said Mordo gruffly. Agnes burst into the labratory. "Karl Mordo! My old friend and confidant. Can you guess why I'm here?" Said Agnes in a nail bitingly aggressive tone. " you've come to kill me then...." Said Mordo cooly. He reached into his holster, and drew a pistol. "At LEAST you had the decency to come do it YOURSELF!" "Hey, easy there Mordo..." said Agnes, a little slower, but no less agressively. "Let's talk this out..." With a quick motion, Agnes was behind the Professor, pistol in hand. "TRY SHOOTING ME THROUGH MY NERD SHIELD YOU ****!" She yelled, Aiming her pistol squarely at Mordo's forehead. [/url] The two aimed their pistols at each other for a solid 30 seconds, neither blinking. The Geology professor stood nervously, too afraid to say a word. A grad student cowered in the corner. "...So you're not here to kill me?" Asked Mordo mildly sheepishly. "What? No, I just thought I'd surprise you while I was here to giva a speech for the 'Women in Business' event." Said Agnes, mildly annoyed. The two lowered their pistols. The Geology Professor Scattered. "So, I had a proposal for the WTC to expand our business opportunities." said Agnes. "Involves some things with Oleon, involves the sale of some less than legal merchandise....." Mordo sighed. "You ran out of money in Namere again, didn't you?" "Look, overthrowing governments is hard and expensive! We're certainly not winning the hearts and minds at the moment. But I'm thinking throwing even more money at the situation will fix things." Said Agnes, rolling her eyes. Mordo grunted, and walked over to a chair. "I'm trying to use science to improve our prospecting, but I'm fairly certain I'm going to need to find a different professor to work with, thanks to your antics." Agnes ignored him, and handed him a piece of paper. "Lemme just get your signature, and I'll keep the fact you just tried to kill me on the down low." Mordo glanced over the document. "You really like this Namere thing." He muttered. He signed the piece of paper, and handed a copy back to Agnes. Agnes turned and left. "Oh, and if I wanted you dead Mordo?" She paused, smiling to herself. "I'd just hire someone to do it." FIN Thanks for viewing the build! This continues my work on the Royal "University of Tiberia" project that I've had going since.... 2018. With the current rate of progress I'm making on it, (about 1000 studs per year) I should be done in 2027! Honestly, looking back on my project writeup, I'm not satisfied with what I have their, so I'll probably get it fixed. If anyone is interested in helping, do pm me in the meantime. Regardless, enjoyed building this one. I originally planned to have it be set in Mesabi Landing, leading to a more squat look, but I didn't feel like the style was really working for that settlement. So, I changed up some parts of the build, and set as a part of this project. Storywise, this ties in with my long neglected TMCRA, with Agnes trying to overthrow parts of Namere. Karl Mordo is @Darnok's player character, and he told me that the story was fine, as long as " Set it some time in the past." Thus, the disclaimer at the beginning. I'm also referencing his many prospecting builds on behalf of the WTC. I'm sure this also would lower the IC opinions of everyone of Agnes Mesabi.... if they weren't already rock bottom. Anyway, thanks for viewing. C&C appreciated, and lets hope this royal build gets done!
  2. Location: The University of Tiberia, Arlinsport, Tiberia Type: Royal Project Piece It was a pleasant day in Arlinsport at the University of Tiberia. Birds were chirping, and students pleasantly milled about beside the administrative office. When suddenly, the sounds a maddened horse and rider charged towards the building. "MOVE, NERDS!" yelled Countess Agnes Mesabi at the top of her lungs, as she charged her loyal steed, "Buttercup" into the main concourse. Students dived to the side as she fired her pistol into the air, and Buttercup reared aggressively. Countess Mesabi dismounted, and slapped Buttercup on the hindquarters. Buttercup raced towards the nearest body of students as Agnes walked towards the door of the Administrative building. Meanwhile, An adjunct professor watched in horror as students ran from Buttercups clomping hooves. Countess Mesabi arrived at the board of regents meeting a timely seven minutes late. She dropped a parcel of papers onto the table, and coughed loudly. "You're late" said the chair of the department of sciences. "And why was there screaming and gunshots outside?" "I come here to do business, and all you want to talk about is screaming nerds. I thought you were professionals!" said Agnes crankily. "Also, don't worry, it was a blank." "Countess Mesabi, we're a bit... alarmed by your entrance, but let's move past that. You're here on behalf of the WTC to help the university with budgetary matters?" "Yes of course," replied Agnes. "The WTC is willing to give a large endowment to the university, provided you name a building or two after me, and help us offload some WTC products that aren't flying off the shelves like they used to. I see it as a win win." "Meaning exactly what?" Asked another board member. "Well, we have excess Horse meat to get rid of, some of it cut with low quality Giraffe. That of course can be put in the cafeteria. Also, we want to be the exclusive arms dealer to the UoT." "We Will NOT have our students eating WTC horse slop!" Yelled a board member. Wordlessly, Agnes pointed to the endowment proposal on the table. The Board members looked at it, and glanced at each other. A collective sigh filled the room. "Which building do you want named after you?" Asked the chair. "Here Buttercup!" yelled Countess Mesabi, as she walked out of another successful meeting. Namere awaited once more. FIN Thanks for viewing my build! I've been wanting to get this royal project done for a while now, and this is a bit of a start on getting back to it. This build took a lot of work to get right, it went through quite a few design phases before I was satisfied. The entryway is the focal point of the build, and is based off of the entrance to The Golden Cat, from Dishonored. I ran out of a lot of bricks towards the end, which is why the top is rather plain, but I think it turned out alright. I really tried to improve on some specific things from my last build. The road is definitely more worn, and I think it looks good, although perhaps a tad modern. I also utilized the trick of putting plates behind the windows to darken them, as recommended by Ayrlego and Evancelt. I'm not sure how well it all comes across though, and I may need to re-photograph some of it. I'm hoping I can spark some interest in finishing the royal project. Though, the stories around this project might be a bit zany for other people's characters, and cause some people to not be interested. Either way, it's always fun to write for Agnes at her worst. C&C appreciated, per my usual list of sins: I'm sure some bricks aren't fully pushed down, this one used a lot of plates, and so it's kinda fragile. Fleshies inhabit the same world as yellow figs. You can see the blanket under my white background in one shot. I have the same table, and bookshelves prefabs as at least 10 other builds. I take my photographs with my phone camera, a sun lamp, and a super bright bulb.
  3. All-faiths chapel, University of Tiberia by Ross Fisher, on Flickr Brother François, University of Tiberia, Arlinsport, August 608. Your eminences, I beg your forgiveness, but I am beginning to suspect that I am not the right man for the position here at the University of Tiberia. When I applied for this post, I had hoped that it would be suitable for a man of action. I believed that by great labour, or sheer force of will, I might have an impact here. I had hoped that I could bring some of these Corlander intellectuals into the light of the Faith. However, in truth, I see now that this task requires someone with far more patience than I. Someone with a tolerant demeanour and a comforting disposition. The chaplaincy here is small. When I arrived here I was surprised that it would never fit the entire student body within. In hindsight this should have been my first clue. The school governors here regard my presence as a box-ticking exercise; something to appeal to prospective students, but not a part of the university in its own right. Moreover, I have been superciliously told that this temple is a "multi-faith" chapel, and that any old heathen can use my building for his own twisted rituals. Fortunately, after I ran the first few heretics out, word got around, and the titan-worshippers and "three goddesses" hippies have stopped coming. By Hades, it's all I can do to stop myself erecting a pyre on the quad! In short, I ask that you consider someone else for this position. Perhaps a priestess of Hera? Far too many of these feckless Corlanders come here in search of mothering, and I am disinclined to accommodate such pathetic mewling any longer. Please help me find a different path. Something I can really sink my teeth into - preferably not more horse. Your humble servant, Brother François
  4. Location: Arlinsport Type: Royal University It was a cloudy day in Arlinsport, as the Luca siblings walked into the department of Politik, Philosophy, and History library, next to the Great Garden of Tiberia. The University of Tiberia by North White, on Flickr "Tiberia could easily have been Nameren, you know." Said Maria. "Do South of Balmin, if only we hadn't been at war with the Bremerens, we could have sent our ships and taken it for ourselves." The University of Tiberia by North White, on Flickr "Ah, wouldn't that have been nice, sister. A united Namere under Gonda. A pity it was the Bremerens who won the war." Replied Luca The two entered the library. The librarian shushed them without even looking up. The University of Tiberia by North White, on Flickr "Greetings, my friends." Said Princess Isabella of Gonda, "Though I regret circumstances are not as I wish they could be." The University of Tiberia by North White, on Flickr "We're alive, and that's what matters." Said the pricessess's attendant, Antonio Barsotti. "Alive, but broke, our forces scattered, and our resources exhausted." Said Isabella. The University of Tiberia by North White, on Flickr "If we ever want to take back our kingdom, we'll have to find new allies." Said Maria, "We're in a Corrish Settlement. Perhaps these, 'Corries' can be of use." "That incident in Carno set us back. We can't trust outsiders again. Not again." Said Antonio. The University of Tiberia by North White, on Flickr "Unfortunately, we must. I've reached out to local governance for resources. The only useful thing I've found is a flier labeled 'Captain Wanted' for a ship. seems some organization is taking anyone they can get. If we ever want to recover the throne of Gonda, we must begin wherever we can. Luca, see if you can get the position. Take whoever you need." Isabella said. "I'll take Nico, and Maria. It's going to be a chore, but baby steps." Said Luca. "Anything else to discuss?" The University of Tiberia by North White, on Flickr "Nico, you go with Maria and Luca, we've got big plans." said Isabella, calling the navigator over. The University of Tiberia by North White, on Flickr The Three left the library. The Librarian shushed them again, as they passed uniforms from some pointless war between Oleon and Corrington. They had work to do. FIN Thanks for viewing my build for the royal university of Tiberia! As I am spearheading the project, it would be a sin for me to not get something decent looking out. I can't wait to see everyone else's builds for the project. C&C appreciated, especially on the story. I hope to develop things in Namere more like @Keymonus did with Varcoast. Thanks again, and let's hope this is the start to a great project for Corrington and the Brick Seas as a whole.
  5. May 615, Arlinsport, Tiberia (Flashback: This takes place approximately a year ago, at the very beginnings of the rush to the new world.) Montoya was preparing himself, and, uncharacteristically, he was nervous. He was about to appear before the Society of Natural Philosophy. He had been personally encouraged by esteemed members he highly respected, and had now received the official invitation to become a full member. By any logic, he should feel confident. However, his acceptance meant he had to give an introductory speech on a scientific subject of his choice. The audience would be the members, some of the most prominent natural philosophers in the world, and Montoya was somewhat awed. His subject was one with which he was intimately familiar, and for which he had already achieved widespread acclaim, the Great Tiberian Sea Otter. His field studies were the first to fully describe the species and its behaviours. Yet, he was nervous. The society is a college of some of the finest zoologists, botanists, biologists, medicoes, and entomologists, as well as a multitude of other natural philosophers, many of them from the finer families of Corrington, and most of them affluent. As such, sizeable donations are frequently made by members and non-members alike, giving the society control over significant funds. These funds are mainly used to fund expeditions or experiments, or for other such measures the Society finds relevant for furthering the cause of Natural Philosophy. Having recently decided himself to purchase a ship… Vessel, he should say - His friend Cooke, a Captain of the Royal Navy, had often reproached him with the ridiculous notion that some ships were not ships at all! Sailors and their jargon! He was funding an expedition into the new world rumoured to hold such wealth, both to the natural philosopher, and to those of more worldly concerns. As such, he had every reason to stand tall before the Society. Yet still, he was nervous. He had taken refuge on the balcony of his residence in Arlinsport, and was now waiting for Cooke to arrive to follow him to the conference. Perhaps his friend's unwavering confidence on his worth as a scientist (if not a sailor) would keep his nerves in check… _________________________ The house was built by a wealthy merchant in Arlinsport's early beginnings, and was now situated in the midst of the city's finest quarters, conveniently only a few minutes from the Society's Tiberian Chambers. Incidently, this rich merchant was Montoya's Godfather, so apart from spending much of this childhood and youth here, amongst the interesting flora and fauna of Tiberia, he had recently inherited the house, as well as considerable wealth. Thus, this charming townhouse was now his home, and the home to many of his collections. The top floor had been converted to a study, and the warehouse at the ground floor now housed a multitude of specimens, most of them waiting to be described, catalogued, and dissected. ________________________ C&C is, as always welcome. In this and my next few builds, the story will be more elaborate than usual, so I hope it makes sense. Here, my purpose was mainly to introduce the Society of Natural Philosophy, which I hope in time will be one of the scientific fraternities recognised by the Crown of Corrington. (And then adding Royal as a prefix to the name! ) I intent to build for this Society in the Future, and hope to see it grow with more members (And donors... ) The building has been sitting around for a long time, in several iterations. First as a modular building for my city layout, then as a townhouse for GoH. However, it seemed to modern there and was thus discarded. Luckily, it fits perfectly here, I think, and will be registered as a small residence. Thanks for reading!
  6. Boat Yard at Arlinsport, Tiberia:
  7. Rick: "Vlad, do we really have to leave? There's plenty of women on Tiberia!" Vlad: "We've got to find land of our own. I rather think the locals have had enough of your scams, perhaps it's time to broaden our horizons! Hey, Captain!" A Corrington Captain on the small dock turned. Vlad: "Got a place on your crew for the world's best navigator?" "Oh, and the chap in the brown hat's a dab hand with a mop", he added with a wink in Rick's direction. Couple more pics in the spoiler: C+C welcome!