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Found 37 results

  1. Hi! This is my first post. I am building a tatra t813 kolos, it has leaf spring suspension, planetary wheels. Some pics
  2. Hello everyone, I just finally got done building Madoca1977 Tatra 813. What a build! I learned a lot while building this and so much went into this. This is probably my favorite of his MOCs. So I decided to do a different color and went with blue. It wasn't hard to do and instructions are easy to follow as well. I might be adding extension cab and making it 4 door but not sure yet. And or add something to the bed of the Tatra. So for the door I had to improvise on the panel fairing. Lego doesn't make it in blue for the long one. So I just 2 added 3 stud liftarms. Then for the perpendicular 3L 2 pin holes I had to do black sense Lego doesn't make blue so black seemed better. Rollcage Overall this is A+ MOC. It was very fun to build and seen the hard work that Madoca1977 put into this.
  3. Hello All I am pleased to anounce, that in 2015, OSUHARDING1 will be doing a double review of both these Tatra's in question. There could possibly be an offroad duel between both, which I am very excited for; this will be the ultimate duel. Both mocs are amazingly built, I couldn't take one over the other, nor the builders either. Madoca is famous for his attention to detail (he is the pagani of technic), and Zblj is famous for fufilling and utilising functions to the best of their ability (though it doesn't mean that madoca's use of functions are useless, nor does it mean that Zblj builds ugly mocs). Madoca's Tatra has the best attention to detail, and is extremely precise for every of its functions. The Fox may not be too pretty, but it goes like a train though terrain. The Fox has been proven to survive all terrains, it can drive on any terrain including snow, ice, foresty areas, sand and can tow a car. You can literally say that the Fox has been around the world. Zblj also quotes his Fox as the most powerful tatra EVER, but then it would be because it has 1 XL motor per wheel. It has 2 winches capable of pulling itself up, not to mention its 8 wheel steering which can vary from rear steering, front steering, crab steering and opposite motion steering. It can climb up a hill but starts to loose traction due to the combination of torque and high revs, its either one or the other in technic. Madoca's tatra, aaahhh its a joy to look at, and to play with. It is very technical, but more stable than the fox when climbing objects (the fox is a bit skiddy when tackling objects). Madoca's Tatra's stablity also means it can climb higher than the fox on steep hills; it doesn't slip its wheels when climbing. Madoca's mocs are also known for there effective suspension and he always shows each moc, climbing over a few bumps. Not to mention that the Tatra has the offroad pedigree of the SUV MKII and the Offroad pickup truck, which are also made by madoca. Performancewise we know that all of Madoca's offroad based mocs can go offroad, but we don't know what extreme offroad conditions his Tatra can survive. Like I said its difficult to pick between them. This is equal to the battle of the 918 spyder and p1, one is a no-compromise and the other one is. Zblj's Fox is the ultimate expression of what a technic tatra can perform upto, and Madoca's tatra is the expression of what a technic tatra should compromise. The fox is a no compromise all terrain vehicle, stripped of things Zblj thought it didn't need: no fake engine, no rear cover, no based looks, its like the p1. Whereas the tatra is compromised, it was designed to replicate a real tatra, his tatra was built like the 918 spyder. But turns out lighter than the Fox but slightly slower Zblj believes because of the gear ratio. Zblj's Fox is also indestructable and was designed to cope with just about anything, like a saab. This willl be a great duel. Here are some pictures of the 2 Tatra's in question. Madoca's Tatra: Zblj's Fox: Note that both are 8x8 and are powered by multiple XL motors, instructions are available for both mocs, I think both are for free. Let me know what you think about both mocs, both builders are amazing and you must subscribe to their youtube channels for updates of their recent mocs. Also I'll leave a link to the video of the Fox and tatra, and also OSUHARDING1's review of Madoca's Tatra. Zblj's Fox: Madoca's Tatra: OSUHARDING1's review of Madoca's Tatra: Thank you for reading this topic! LeocornoProductions
  4. Hey Everyone, Before I begin, I just want to let you guys know that the chassis is someone else's, but I did make it my own and added in improvements and such. This is where I found it and credit goes to WOUTER31.So, now that's out of the way, let talk about the truck. This is my first 8x8 truck and have built a 4x4 rock crawler which I am making a Jeep body for it right now. The one thing I don't like about this 8x8 that it doesn't have a 2 speed gearbox. I want to make one, but don't know where to start and where I would install it for this chassis. If you guys have any tips, pros or cons on the truck let me know. I know it isn't perfect being that I haven't built in at least 4 years so I am a little rusty. 8x8 Specs: 2 XL motors drive 1 M motor steering 4WS 1 AA battery box 1 IR Receiver LED lights Independent suspension 1:3 gear ratio Length: 76 studs Width: 9 studs(not including suspension) Height: 21 studs I am probably 95% done with this and wanted to see what you guys thought of it. Hope you guys enjoy it!
  5. This is a moc I've created. I sort of just threw it together, so it's not based off of any vehicle in particular. It's got the Tatra suspension, and crawls over uneven terrain just wonderfully. When I finished the front I noticed it sort of looks like an older range rover, didn't do that on purpose though. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Hopefully I can put together a video in the next week or so.....
  6. Hello everyone, Thought I would share my quick build Tatra to test my asymmetrical half axle setup. Turned out to be quite good surprisingly. The body work was very quickly built, inspired more by the shape of the Tatra T813. Specs: 20cm (H) x 20cm (W) x 38cm (L) Weight 1.910kg 2 x XL for Drive 1x Servo for Steering I also wanted to make it blue, and colourful just like the trial trucks.
  7. Lego Tatra T813 4x4 RC Trial Truck V4 The famous Tatra T813 in Lego remote controlled version, versatile and durable as the original. Modular Design The scale model, made ​​by me after several months of work, contains most of the features found in the real version, to significantly affect its performance are the axle shafts, transmission, suspensions, chassis structure and weight distribution. Specifics -weight: 2Kg -height: 225,0mm, 22,50cm -lenght: 400,0mm, 40,00cm -width: 215,0mm, 21,50cm -3 XL Motors (2 for drive, 1 for sterring), 2 IR Receviers, 2 Battery Boxes Motor For Lego Tatra T813 I opted for the use of two XL Motors, which provide a high torque with an average consumption of energy, but low number of revolutions per minute. There are two transmission shafts (the real Tatra T813 uses one), each connected to a single engine, split the load energy, strengthen the chassis, but also to divide the stress that every engine needs to support. In the gear shaft there are numerous gear reductions with anti-snapping patented by me (final gear ratio 9:1). Suspensions Independent half-axles suspensions for each wheel, all-wheel drive and anti-snapping system between gears for maximum traction, unlike the original model, Lego Tatra T813 does not use differential: between Lego bricks there is no type of limited-slip differential, then, by inserting a differential whatever, at the first hurdle would stop the vehicle, and this should not happen. Axle shafts New axle shafts very strong, with anti-snapping system patented by me, gear reductions, increased torque transmitted to the wheels (final gear ratio 9:1), and steering (in the front). Wheels Individual tactical tires on each axle (94.3 x 38R). Comparison with the real model The Lego model made ​​by me is very similar to the real one, in particular, the design of the cabin faithfully reproduced it based on original designs. Youtube's Video The video is of the V1 version, I will soon be making a new video. My blog's page For more information and news about this incredible model, please visit my web page dedicated to it,, http://gtathecomplet...trial-truck-v4/
  8. New Half-axles for Lego Trial Trucks - Tatra T813 4x4 RC Trial Truck V4 I accidentally reversed the gears of the portal hubs of this pic. For Lego Tatra T813 4x4 RC Trial Truck V4 I decided to make new half-axles, more resistant than they already were the previous ones, so as to transmit the maximum torque ratio possible from wheels to ground. The photo of the axle shafts made ​​with Lego bricks will be available by early next week. Project Starting from my previous axles, which had little resistance in the attack for wheels, I added the portal hubs from Lego set 8110 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U400, made ​​specifically for this use. In the portal hubs I put gear reductions for a total gear ratio of, together with other gear reductions in the transmission, 9:1, then, nine complete revolutions of the pinion of the motor, the wheel it will perform a complete one. Lego Tatra T813 4x4 RC Trial Truck V4 My new axles shafts will be used by Lego Tatra T813 4x4 RC Trial Truck V4; thanks to them will greatly improve its performance and by the end of July will publish a new article and a new video dedicated to Lego Tatra T813 V4.
  9. Lego Tatra T813 4x4 RC Trial Truck The famous Tatra T813 in lego version remote controlled, Versatile and durable as the original. Modular Design The scale model made ​​by me after several months of work, contains most of the features found in the real version, to significantly affect its performance are the axle shafts, transmission, suspension, chassis structure and weight distribution. It's powered by two powerful xl motors through a four-wheel drive, it has half-axles and various gear reductions. The Article of my blog To learn more about this amazing truck, visit the page dedicated to it on my blog, at the web address: http://gtathecomplet...trial-truck-v2/
  10. Greetings, fellow builders! i am happy to announce that i will be featuring my most resent build in this very topic. And as the title states it will be a Tatra 6x6 with following features: - Propultion 2x NXT motors. - Steering 1x L-Motors. - All wheel drive. (duh :P) - Full Tatra suspension with 4 wheel steering (the first two axles) - 1x battery box. pictures and hopefully a video will follow shortly.
  11. Hello! My newest mini moc is also a Tatra. My goal was to make a 8x8 813 model with realistic Tatra suspension: This was my first moc, which could be build with 1:1 scale from a paper: I always wanted to build a really small Tatra with the wheels from 8842. This wheel has a diameter of 43 mm, so the proportional width is about 11 stud. That's even not enough, too narrow, but I had success with the suspension and drivetrain in 13 stud width. The first and second axle has steering, and all axle is driven and suspended. With U-joint there is no way to build it narrower. I used 3 different shock absorbers. The first axle has harder ones to hold the weight reliable in the front. The steering mechanism only steers directly the left wheels, the right ones are steered by the 9L links: http://www.brickshel...y.cgi?i=5748589 The ground clearance enables 25 mm high obstacles under the truck. Of course it can go through much bigger ones, as can be seen below in the video. The drivetrain is pretty simple Tatra like, with assimmetric left and right side: http://www.brickshel...y.cgi?i=5748587 In the picture it also can be seen that the front 4 wheels are driven with a small 2L thin liftarm to prevent clacking(if it uses pins and pulley). There wasn't problem with that, in every terrain kept the front wheels the correct position. They look like the valve cover of the wheels.( I forgot to take them also in the rear wheels) Maybe from the pictures we can think that the 12 bevel gears can go out in the middle of the axles. They can't. The 2L red axles prevent that (I used strong 12 gears and loose U-joints). The suspension worked well in terrain, this Tatra doesn't carries tons of weight, stronger axles aren't necessary. The wheel travel is about 2 stud or a bit more depending of the axle. Technic inside: http://www.brickshel...y.cgi?i=5748652 The steering M motor is in the front, the driving M motor is in the rear part. The M motor is powerful with 6:1 final ratio. It can be, because the weight is only 761 g. The stability surprised me. In the video can be seen some test. The aesthetics was also important for me, this one isn't a trial truck, more civil version. I had to cut the mudguards to give space for the wheels, and of course it's a bit higher than the real Tatra to have wheel travel. The front grill has a Tatra logo and some covering sticker: The on/off button is in the top of thew vehicle: If you hit the PF connector, the front LED lights will work(video). I didn't want a PF switch, and wanted to try this out. And the video with infos: If somebody needs, I can upload the building instructions.
  12. Hey This is my new creation Tatra T810 tipper truck. Truck have full 6x6 drive (without differential), Tatra suspension and pneumatic lifting tipper. Happy new year!!