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Found 71 results

  1. Hello, all. My son and I did this movie for the "Super Heroes Unite" contest that Lego held in 2011. It is 50 minutes long. We recorded this film with a sony handycam and edited it in iMovie. The whole thing was done in 4 months. We worked on it about 6-7 hours a day. All of the voices in my movies are my students and colleagues from the school where I work. Enjoy!
  2. FinalFeature

    Superman Vs Hulk

    The Man of Steel fights The Incredible Hulk in this brand new video of test footage from my Lego Justice League / Avengers crossover project. Stay during the credits to see additional footage from the DC / Marvel Project!
  3. As with my last few Super Hero polls, what do you think are the best and worst Super Heroes figures? As for my opinion, I think I'd say the new Green Goblin for least favourite-the head is decent (and you gotta love the olive green) but the outfit just looks like a 1920's bathing suit with silver plating on top in my opinion. And I don't really like the upcoming Wolverine or Magneto, as the colour scheme on Wolverine looks a bit weird in my opinion, however the overall amount of detail is good, and I appreciate that. Not sure which one my favourite is... Oh wait... HULK!!! -Lady Godtshep.
  4. A Man of Steel parody, Superman must battle his way through Krypton Invaders, a Sharknado and...twerking!? Even the Justice League can't stop all the craziness in this action packed epic brick film. Tell us what you think, please share it if you like it.
  5. My version of a futuristic Justice League. Inspired by the Justice League Unlimited from the Batman Beyond Universe and the Justice League 3000. Left to Right Green Arrow: With this version i decided to lose the hood and mask and use a fake face (Like in Batman Zero Year). I also gave him a fully armoured suit with arrows like Speedy from the Teen Titans show. The Flash: Out with the Red and Yellow and in with the White and Red. I thought i would give him i suit that lets him perform to the best of his abilities, not designed for looks. Wonder Woman: With all the rumours going around a Wonder Woman or a Justice League movie going around and a load of Fake images going around, it seemed like the modern way is the way to go. Really happy with this one! Batman: One of my favourites. I don't really like how everyone thinks he should have a big red logo on his chest so i was inspired by the leaked pictures of a Batman action figure from the next Man of Steel film to do something different. Superman: The first heavily inspired one from the Batman Beyond Universe. Since all the cloths and gear there have rectangle plates i decided to give him a all out armour look instead of a basic layer with the rectangle plates i was talking about. Green Lantern: With this one i went with the wise little monk from the Batman Beyond Universe, instead of a fully grown human being. I added that bag to the front of him to make it look like the Justice League 3000 version with the cool ghost looking cloak without the hood. Aquaman: With this one i lost the classic fish scale torso and went with a shark like body with fish arms. The creepy head makes him look less human too which is what i was aiming for. Overall i say this one turned out pretty good. So what are your thoughts?
  6. So this has been through development in almost 3 years! I consider it to be a new start up for future projects and plan to make more movies related to both DC and Marvel comics in the future. It's been a real journey learning the process of the Cinema view in movies and the post production development. Enjoy the movie and stay for the credits. When the rogue God of Apokolips invades Earth, The Worlds Mightiest Heroes (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter) must unite to face this unprecedented threat no matter the outcome. Starring JOEL MORALES as SUPERMAN JOSHUA SIMS as BATMAN BRICK7 as WONDER WOMAN COULTER RAIL as THE FLASH BILL KARALIUS as GREEN LANTERN COULTER RAIL as AQUAMAN REY RIVERA as MARTIAN MANHUNTER COULTER RAIL as DARKSEID SEAN POLITE as ORION CDwaver as JOR-EL BRICK7 as LOIS LANE REY RIVERA as JIMMY OLSEN CDwaver as PERRY WHITE SEAN POLITE as DR. EMILL HAMILITON SEAN POLITE as PA KENT LUCASETAK as YOUNG CLARK SEAN POLITE as KALIBAK CDwaver as VANDAL SAVAGE SUDSPEN as KELEX Follow the official Facebook page for new updates on the future of the Justice League Please feel free to ask questions on the movie. Feedback is always welcomed and I plan to improve as much as possible in the future.
  7. Captain Nemo

    [MOC]: Superman vs. Flash

    Superman vs. Flash Who’s the fastest? The Man of Steel or the Scarlet Speedster?! Will Lois ever be able to fix her hair after this?! Well it’s time to find out! Ready...set...go! Featuring Custom Flash minifigure by Christo. Enjoy! ~Nemo
  8. Many people looked forward to the new Superman movie <Man of Steel>, but were much disappointed when the movie was not something that they expected. However, I think the first part of the movie about Krypton, the home world of Superman, is quite awesome. The organic high-tech kind of design looks very interesting without being too overwhelming or too different from human's world. Too bad that Lego's Man of Steel series only have the dropship and escape pod, and I think the awesome attack ship by General Zod should also be included. This time, like I did The Bat last time, I bought the movie book to study what this plane really is before starting the brick building. I couldn't believe that it only had one page about this ship, with only this blurry image: This type of ship only appears once in the movie, in which General Zod came to Jor-el's place to stop him from sending Superman to Earth. I have trimmed that little bit of the movie, and see if it helps you recall what I am going to show you. After nearly 2 months I finally completed the model, and it was featured too in the recent Hong Kong Lego exhibition "Bricks Adventure 2013". Now, here is the overall view of what the Man of Steel series should be! Close-up of the cockpit. There is no glass, and with the Krypton technology, why do you need to see the outside? Haha! Also, check the guns at the front, which can be adjusted for different angles. They are the weapons blowing off Jor-el's place... Inside the cockpit, one Kryptonian can be fitted in. The attack ship is basically a bigger dropship, transferring warriors to the battlefield. The center part is empty, and you can fit around 8 soldiers here... The most complicated and difficult part is the wings, which is also the prominent feature of this ship. I guess they take the idea from insects. Each side of the wings have 3 members, each can then be rotated to adjust flight position. I fixed the innermost two parts, leaving only 4 of them being adjustable. Also, the 3 members can be opened outwards or packed together. The concept for all these rotated blades of engines is for the control of flight direction. If the plane is moving forward, the engines along the blades (green parts) will face backwards. If it needs to slow down, the wings will flip to the front, like this: (you can see that in the clip above too) If it needs to stay in the air, the engines (green parts) will face downwards. This is a shot of the back, which features a pair of engine too. Different rows of engines will be turned on depending on the moving direction of the plane (as you can see in the clip) Okay now you know how the wings work. Time to land and find Superman! There are quite some design considerations during the development. I decided to keep the same kind of color and form that the original Lego series had set up, but at the same time I had to follow what the movie had designed (the dropship was not completely like the original!). It is quite a struggle. In the movie, there is no green color, but I prefer what Lego did with the green color, since it is what Kryptonite is like in the comics. Also, I keep the details from the dropship: tan base plates, shooting missiles...etc. The hardest part is the pair of wings. I have redesigned it four times, trying to keep the same design and form but making it lighter so that the hinges can withstand the long blades. Now it is slightly supported too by the top part of the plane, which is okay for now. I may improve it by using some Technic pieces later. Now everything is set, the Kryptonian war begins!
  9. Sorry for double post. I was trying to edit something and it made a new thread...
  10. The Official LEGO Justice League Trailer is now out. When a rogue God invades Earth, the worlds mightiest heroes (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter) must unite to face this unprecedented threat. Coming to your screen in Early 2014. Available to watch in HD and 3D.
  11. After seeing getting the exclusive Jor El figure and seeing Man of Steel, I thought I'd add my own decal for Jor El's Robe that he wears most in the movie, for better realism. I won't spoil the movie with where you will find this in the movie, just thought I'd share this version of him with you, see what you all think. This will not be one of the prints coming up for my Phoenix Custom Bricks figs, so no issue here, feel free to use but not for your own profit without permission. Update: there's an issue with my usual picture sharing site, so for now, I'll just provide links to my Flickr pics of the torso designs: - Torso Clear Decal version - Torso Flesh Face version Legs for these will be added soon, hopefully, to complement it, for anyone looking to use these.
  12. Description: Meanwhile in the Hall of Justice. The Justice League meet with the Avengers and Co. to ''discuss'' their interaction with the media. Available to watch in HD and 3D. This is my first time using original voice actors other than myself. My next big project is the Justice League Origin. Feedback is appreciated as always. LegoGalactus
  13. I was on BrickHeroes yesterday and I came across a Brickfilm contest through tongal. Has anyone else heard of it or even entered? If so what are some of your ideas? Post some of your videos. Here is the link to the site: Pie
  14. SteampunkDoc

    Review: 5001623 Jor-El

    Review: 5001623 Jor-El Polybag Hello, and welcome to my very first Eurobricks review! Sadly, because of his dark colors, it's fairly difficult to get all the tiny details photographed without over-exposing the edges. But hopefully that won't detract too much from this review. And don't ask about the funky number, that's just what Bricklink and Brickset said. Set Number: 5001623 Name: Jor-El Theme: Super Heroes Subtheme: DC Universe Year of Release: 2013 Pieces: 5 Minifigs: 1 Price: N/A (Free Polybag with $75 purchase.) First, the packaging, which is typical for a polybag. The front has a picture of the completed minifigure, and the back is covered in copyright notices and warnings. The image is probably of Krypton judging by the red sun. But other than that, it contains few details. Jor-El is highlighted by an unusual white glow, and as was noted back when the figure was leaked, it's lacking any character design in the upper right-hand corner. After opening the bag, I was shocked to see that the cape is loose, with no cardboard protecting it against unwanted bending/creasing. Elrond's cape may have been done the same way, but it's still something to consider. Thankfully, there was no damage to any of the parts, and they all look great. Once built, the great printing really begins to shine. Like most polys, Jor-El is a Chinese-made figure, with the arm stamps and ever so slightly reduced quality. But the face printing quickly puts away any doubts regarding his worth. There's some back printing, and it's identical to Superman's, but sadly there's not alternate face print. Probably because the hair piece wouldn't be able to cover the beard in back. Now, as were many people, I was surprised to see that the Jor-El minifigure is considerable darker than the Kal-El/Superman minifigure. Of course, part of it is the cape, as Jor-El uses dark brown as opposed to Kal-El's bright red. As you can see, the cape makes some difference but even so, Jor-El's plastic is a few shades darker. Here's a nice family picture...Plus Zod. Sadly, Jor-El's darker printing doesn't show up very well, and this allows the sheer awesomeness that is Zod to stand out. Also, the armor doesn't look nearly as cool on Super-Daddy. Results: Design: 4- It's a great print, and filled with details. He may not have a second face, and the printing may be nearly identical to Superman's, but it's still "Super." Value: 3- I didn't have to pay for it, but the listing price on is $5. It's a bit steep for one minifigure and no build, but it's a rarer figure, and unlike the CMFs, you know what you're getting. Playability: 3- It's a minifigure...With no accessories, no flick-fire missiles, no tiny useless build, and no ADU gun. On it's own it's got a certain degree of playability, but needs more to live up to it's full potential. Overall: 4- It's the perfect choice for a poly. He's a bigger player in the movie, but isn't big enough to be in any of the other sets. He's desirable, a great design, but this isn't robbing a different set of an integral character. (Looking at you Iron Patriot.) "Kneel before Zod." -SteampunkDoc
  15. Henchmen4Hire

    Golem Bot (Brainiac Minion)

    Got bored so here's a quick build. Based on the robots that appear in a Superman cartoon.
  16. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Kal-El vs. Brainiac

    Kal-El vs. Brainiac High above the sieged Metropolis, Kal-El battles the android Brainiac; in a mission save the city from the alien invaders! Brainiac figure is a custom designed and printed minifigure by Green Pea Toys. Green Pea Toys is based in the UK. For more information, click the Brainiac Picture. Enjoy ~Nemo
  17. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Superman vs. Metallo

    Superman vs. Metallo The man of steel, Superman faces off against another steel (Among other elements) “man”, the villain Metallo; in the subways of Metropolis. I just had to build something for my new Metallo figure, and show off his design allowing Lifelight products. I felt a subway was a good location for the battle, and I’m rather happy with how it turned out. Enjoy ~Nemo
  18. The Hall of Justice from the Super Friends show, in Micro Scale. I've also built the Legion of Doom many months ago, as shown below, but that will be rebuilt new soon, so look for that too! Anyways, The Hall of Justice Super Friends! Legion of Doom (Old) Enjoy ~Nemo
  19. DC sure has had some bizarre comics in it's history. One of them is Action Comics #481: "It's A Bird... It's A Plane... It's Supermobile!" Yes, that's the actual title of the comic. The Supermobile is a vehicle made out Supermanium (that's right, Supermanium) that can simulate most of his powers. Superman builds it in order to defeat Amazo after a wave of red sun radiation cancels out his powers. I've always loved the Supermobile for its sheer absurdity as well as its retro look and have been wanting to build it, and this contest was the perfect opportunity to do so! So here it is: And here is the original cover: As you can see, Amazo is played by Jeremy Renner (aka. Hawkeye) in my recreation. The Superman logo decals were made by me and the engine detail stickers are from the Exo-Force set 7713. Here are some more views of the Supermobile: I hope you like it and wish you a super Superhero Month!
  20. It is Chinese New Year here and so I have a little holiday. With the free time I finally have the chance to clean up my Lego shelves and the superhero sets. After that, I think maybe it is a good time to take a record photo for them :) It is just my humble share, and I believe some of you may probably have a bigger setup! Have you guys read the comics from Marvel and DC? How many of them do you recognize in these photos? Full image: Full image: Full image: Actually I think the villains in Marvel sets are overlooked. Dr. Doom is a huge villain who is just impossible to die, and so is the upcoming Mandarin. Therefore, I am MOC-ing something for the armored Dr. Doom, a Viper or something, after completing a Freeze Boat for Mr. Freeze. How about your setup? Let's share it!
  21. Hey guys, Just wanted to share my latest LDD MOC: Superman's Fortress of Solitude. I tried to combine elements of the Fortress of Solitude as seen in the movies and "Smallville," so it has a crystalline exterior--but also put in features seen in the cartoons and comic books. So there are things like a shrine to Krypton, Kal-El's "Baby Rocket," a trophy room, and a Kryptonite vault. I added some minifigs and a villain attack vehicle to make it more like a "real LEGO set," and after getting encouragement from some friends, decided to put it up on CUUSOO. If you're interested you can check it out--link is in my signature. Anyway, here are some pics: