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Found 71 results

  1. Actor Builder

    Cheesy DsCenes [MOC]

    I have started a Vignette collection for the DC Cinematic Universe, highlighting the cheesiest moments from the films. I plan to add on to this collection as films come in the future. First off is the scene from Man of Steel where Superman gets so mad that he snaps...Zod's neck. Man of Steel by Actor Builder, on Flickr He ends up killing more innocent people with Zod's laser beam, just so he can break Zod's neck. Poor Zod. He was bred to protect Krypton. He thought Superman wouldn't be willing to kill innocent people in order to kill him, but he was wrong. Superman is a monster. Why Superman didn't just snap his neck the other direction, I have no idea. I guess the "S" isn't for Super. On his planet, it means Stupid. Next up is this scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I'll keep it in a spoiler tag until Suicide Squad comes out. And here is the two of them together because Technic pins are amazing: That's all for now. I'll probably make one for Suicide Squad, and then Wonder Woman, etc. Comments and criticisms, puns and witticisms welcome!
  2. When the new Batmobile was announced I wasn't really sure how I felt about it. Over time however I have grown to like it and so I felt that I had to try and recreate it in Lego form. Several people have already made some good looking versions of this vehicle but as always I wanted mine to be as close to minifig scale as possible, this meant that mine was going to be quite a bit smaller. I also prioritized getting the general look of the thing right instead of adding in functions, as such this is pretty much a display model without any significant features. Overal I am very pleased with how it came out, the shaping of the batmobile was quite tricky to get right and for a while I even thought that I was never going to get it "right" but in the end I feel that I got it looking pretty close to the real thing. Here are some pictures: Here is Batman next to the Batmobile, as you can see it is pretty close to the size of the real thing (compared to a human) One last picture without the machine gun on the front. I hope you enjoyed my take on the Dawn of Justice Batmobile, have a nice day :)
  3. The visual language is inspired by the '30446 - The Batmobile' ploybag. Mini Batwing by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel
  4. So I went to the LEGOWorld Copenhagen 2016 along with thousand´s of other people last weekend. It was a great event as usual for us fans of LEGO. As i could bore you with an insane amount of pictures of all of the event I will focus only on the Fan area. For now, most pictures are present. More will be added lateron! As I wen´t along with my sister twins, I had to somewhat rush through the event ( well, I didnt get the time to talk to everyone as you can imagine how eager 5year old kids behave ) Another thing that is really a shame is that I thought I had my camera all setup for the event. For some reason a lot of the pictures were overexposed ( I think is the right word in English ). I´ve been trying to the best of my ability to make all the pictures watchable afterall. Hope that you will enjoy as much as I did. Here we go: Ulrik Hansen came up with the information that its creator is Søren Johansen from Byggepladen (DK), and Cowboy Gibson from Brikkelauget (NO) A representation called Dragons Lair. As a kid I spend an awefull lot of coins playing a game named the same at the local Arcade, now I´ve just been told by Ulrik Hansen, that i´ts actually a representation of Smaug from LOTR. The creator is Sharon Vance from MichLUG (US). A gorgeous creation indeed ! JanetVanD were there as well. Her Awesome creation Fortress of solitude was also one of my favorites. Im so sad that my pictures of it turned out so bad. This is the best I could present to you. But check her creation out yall ! Transformers. These creations ( I know two are missing for now, will add pictures lateron ), can be transformed as the creator had an tablet showing the process. This scale and the way they were made was beyond my skills. Mindblowing to say the least. My god ! STARCRAFT !!!! These creations were also some of the best to me. I´ve been trying to build microscale Starcraft creations some years ago, but I only finished Terran and Protos. Zerg were the bane of my life. Those organic forms to me is just insanely har to accomplish. Cecilie is the woman who made these. I think she did it to what I think is the best that LEGO can offer for now with the part´s available. So well done ! You can watch all of her Starcraft creations Here on Flickr.And they are definatly worth checking out. Bricksonwheels were present. And while I´m mostly into Classic build´s or Historic themes, these just threw me of the floor. Seeing these creations in real life was just the best part of the day. So well build, so well presented. To top it Bricksonwheels is a really friendly guy. Check out his book: The Art of LEGO Scale modelling. Gulliver´s Island by Palle & Tina Haulrich of Byggepladen (DK). A fun MOC that I would have never thought of making. This was also a thing that draw the twins as they had recently been told the story. They enjoyed it as well as i did. An Rasmus Klump Diorama. Build by these people from Byggepladen (DK): Anne Mette Vestergaard, Lasse Vestergaard, Helgi Toftegaard, Henrik Kunz and Jakob Hestbæk. Again Ulrik Hansen came to help out telling us all who made this wonderful creation. I have no clue as to what, if these Child book´s even exist´s in English. If they do please tell what they are called. Another very well represented build with loads of awesome easily recognisable features from these kid´s stories. For now most of the pictures are here. Next step is to add text and so on. Im not quite done with the whole of the event. Busy busy. But will add more when I have some sparetime to spend on this post. I hope you got something out of it and enjoyed the pictures as well as the builds. If you know who made any of the MOC´s i havent yet named the creators of, please give me a hint so i can add proper links to the user, or at least link´s to their respective Flickr, or whatever they use to publish their creations. All C and C will be appreciated. Dont hold back. KlodsBrik
  5. Hello, the movie "Batman v Superman" will be fun - I hope. So this is my Review (in English) of the new set Heroes of Justice: Sky High Battle. The Batwing is a fun-build, and the main five minifigs are included. Have a nice day Andres
  6. Dennan

    Clark Kent - Superman

    My first diorama showing Clark Kent changing into Superman. Not really satisfied with the clear yellow parts showing the movement of Superman, anybody having some ideas?
  7. I have started collecting every single minifigures produced by Lego for superheroes theme including the old Batman/Spiderman sets and exclusive minifigures from SDCC and ToyFair, etc. I think I am at around 98% complete. I wondered if anyone has done the same and how do you display them? Any advice on getting hard-to-find minifigures?
  8. rickfromkrypton

    (MOC)Metropolis Mayhem v.2 (PIC HEAVY)

    Well everyone, the day has come. I am now secure enough with my feelings about showing this. I have been working on this for quite some time. I hope you all enjoy. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you.....METROPOLIS MAYHEM v.2!!!! Here it is...... mma1 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mma3 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mma4 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mma5 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mma6 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Big Belly Burger gets invaded by DARKSEID, while BATZARRO flees from GREEN ARROW........ mma7 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mma8 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Centennial Park has been over run by Arkham Prisoners. One of MR. FREEZE'S goons hi-jacked the Arkham van, and released the inmates. The first thing they do when they breakout is break into Superman's memorial. They find a body inside. POISON IVY and her Flower goons chase citizens in the park. BEAST BOY is perched in the tree ready to attack BANE, RIDDLER, and MR. FREEZE. mma9 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmb1 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmb2 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Centennial Park also has a small pond. A pond which has become home to KILLER CROC!!! mmb3 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Towering over Centennial Park, The SPECTRE witnesses the rampant evil breaking out all over The Avenue of Tomorrow. mmb4 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Welcome to The First Metropolitan Bank. It looks as if TWO-FACE and his goons have decided to rob it! BATMAN, BATGIRL, and Damian Wayne ROBIN are on the scene. They got this! With the alarm going off, SUPERGIRL is attracted to the sound and heads for the bank. BRAINIAC, who just happened to land his ship, doesn't even know the world of hurt he entered. mmb5 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmb6 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmc1 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr What's happening on the street? Well, there's the high-jacking taking place, and the cops are all over it. We have citizens running from it, and some are running right into DARKSEID!! While others are being shooed by the MFD. Check out the old man gang!! mmb7 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmb8 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Here is a small Industrial Park. A few Ninjas have decided to break into the power station. But HEY!!! That was DEATHSTROKE'S idea. Who will win, and turn of Metropolis' power? The PENGUIN and his penguin goons have high-jacked the LEX-RAIL train. AQUAMAN fends off BLACK MANTA, and helps to keep the water tank safe. mmb9 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmc2 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmc4 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmc5 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmc6 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Here stands the Majestic WGBS building. Live breaking news on Channel 8! ***NEWS FLASH*** GORILLA GRODD has stormed WGBS and has taken a hostage. Reports from the street have shown us that GRODD has busted through our Roof sign. A piece fell to the ground, smashing a new sports car. The sports car was being used for one of our segments on the street. We will keep you informed when we have new reports. Stay tuned. ***NEWS FLASH*** SCARECROW decided he would try his new serum on an unwilling participant. Unfortunately for him, he didn't notice STARFIRE!!!! mmc8 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmc9 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmd1 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmd2 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr In the shadow of the WGBS building stands Metropolis' oldest Pizza Joint. OR IT USED TO!!!!!!!!!!! The ANTI-MONITOR lays waste to pizzaria. {also notice the new shoulders for Monty ;)} mmd4 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr So you found STEELWORKS, eh? The home and workplace of John Henry Irons, aka STEEL. Which is apparently being robbed by CAPTAIN COLD and his Cold goons. Looks like a yard worker has become a frozen victim. CAPTAIN COLD froze and blew open the front doors. One of the goons guards the truck, while the other steals Toastmasters ;) and other advanced weaponry. They even stole STEEL's hammer and television!! No worries though, NIGHTWING is on the scene, and he isn't alone. Tim Drake also known as ROBIN, watches over the situation, waiting to attack. MAN-BAT just wants to have a relaxing sleep, so he crawls up behind the STEELWORKS sign to nap. All the while CATWOMAN waits for unsuspecting people to use the ATM, so she can steal the cash! mmd5 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmd6 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmd7 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmd8 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmd9 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mme1 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mme3 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr S.T.A.R. LABS. (not much has changed with this MOC, just the placement of a few characters) SUPERMAN goes after GENERAL ZOD. HAWKMAN throws a Kryptonian soldier around, while Dr. Emil Hamilton watches. WONDER WOMAN lasso's up FAORA. mme4 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mme5 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mme6 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr LEX LUTHOR and his Goons are robbing S.T.A.R. LABS for its KRYPTONITE supply! One goon uses Lex's Power Armor suit to fight of CYBORG. While down on the street, The FLASH disposes of one goon into the dumpster, while he makes the next goon spill KRYPTONITE. The spilling of the KRYPTONITE takes down a Kryptonian soldier that was attacking LUTHOR. LEX calls for his Dr. goon to take a blood sample. This causes car crashes and traffic tie ups. This happens all the time on The Avenue of Tomorrow!! mme7 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mme8 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mme9 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Thirsty? Lets head over to The ACE O' CLUBS and get a pint! Hold up!!!!! Looks like The JOKER and his cronies are holding up the place. HARLEY QUINN and goons rob money from patrons leaving the bar. A Joker robot and Goon break into a second floor apartment for some more cash. The JOKER puts some poor sap into a canon. Citizens flee, and an old Groundskeeper comes swinging his broom to chase off The JOKER. This is the least of our worries. It looks as if DARKSEID has sent BRIMSTONE to wreak havoc. Even though he has a fear of fire, J'ONN J'ONNZ The MARTIAN MANHUNTER, leaps to action. mmf1 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmf2 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmf3 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmf4 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmf5 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmf6 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmf6a by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmf7 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmf8 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mme2 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Beside S.T.A.R.LABS stood an apartment building. That is until SINESTRO, and the SINESTRO CORPS landed their Central Power Battery on it! Good thing The GREEN LANTERN CORPS was in town! HAL JORDAN, KYLE RAYNER, GUY GARDNER, JOHN STEWART, and another GREEN LANTERN rush to action! mmf9 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmg1 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmg2 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmg3 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmg4 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Well that's all I have for now folks. But before I go, here are some pics looking down The Avenue of Tomorrow. mmg5 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr mmg6 by Richard Hicks, on Flickr Let me know what you guys think. There will be an addition in the future, but I must plan it first. Comments welcomed Have a good one!!!!!
  9. LegoPercyJ

    (MOC) Clark Kent Phone Booth

    This is a MOC I have been meaning to make ever since I got Clark Kent but only got around to making it recently. It is a rather simple build; Clark with some accessories, and the phone booth. But I think it is nice all the same. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough clear 1x2 bricks to make it all around But besides that, I think this is a good MOC. But what do you think? C&C welcome.
  10. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Superman vs Zod

    Hi all, Here's my latest moc inspired by the big screen fights between Superman and Zod. I wanted it to have a comic panel look so I added a border. Hope you like it ;)
  11. Peppermint_M

    [MOC] LexBot 2.0 vs Superman

    Lex Luthor has improved his LexBot and is ready to take on Superman again! With a fully loaded K-Cannon and a supply to last, he is ready to take on the alien once again! I did like the set from a while back, but mostly because it supplied some parts I could use to build something better. I can't recall if it stands taller than the original, but I have bulked it up and added armaments and armour. Then I swapped the figure from the set with the one from the promotional polybag from LEGO Batman 2. Comments, critique and etc welcome.
  12. Please support me on Lego Ideas! Based on the super popular How It Should Have Ended videos, The Super Hero Cafe is the perfect place for super heroes to grab a cup of coffee and talk about their latest movies. Batman and Superman seem to be permanent fixtures at the cafe, but there is an extra set for a guest super hero. Today Nick Fury has dropped by to explain his obsession with fire extinguishers. I have lots of Super Hero minifigs, but this is one of the first MOCs I've done with them. I hope you like it.
  13. "Tell me... Do you bleed plastic? You will." I just finished remaking the new Batman vs Superman trailer in LEGO. Thanks for watching!
  14. rickfromkrypton

    (MOC) Ace O' Clubs

    Thats right! I'm back with another MOC. I just keep getting ideas, and just have to build them. My technique is getting better. I now have more buildings than roads. Oh well. Here is what I whipped up this time.......... A view from straight on... ac1 by rickfromkrypton, on Flickr A view from the left..... ac2 by rickfromkrypton, on Flickr A view from the right. I tried downspouts this time. Also added a small billboard... ac3 by rickfromkrypton, on Flickr From above...... ac4 by rickfromkrypton, on Flickr Dramatic shot..... ac5 by rickfromkrypton, on Flickr So there you have it. Now on to the next. Let me know what you think.
  15. rickfromkrypton

    (WIP) Superman's Tomb

    Hey guys! Well, this is the second of two MOCs that I am currently working on. The other is being held off till I can get a road plate. So I wanted to build a city park for my diorama, and I couldn't think of a more popular attraction than Superman's Tomb. Superman's Tomb is located in Centennial Park. I plan on using 2 green plates for this. Here is what I have so far. Keep in mind that this will more than likely look real different when finished. Except for the Tomb itself. I like it. Yes, there is a reason for the hole in the front. wipst3 by rickfromkrypton, on Flickr wipst1 by rickfromkrypton, on Flickr wipst2 by rickfromkrypton, on Flickr I saw the Duplo Superman at the store and the idea struck me. I knew what I had to do with it. Let me know your thoughts. Stay tuned......
  16. Krikkit

    Our DC Collections.

    Hello all, I see that a lot of us post images of our customs, but I would like to see our collections! I have created this thread for our DC items, I would like to see all figures you put in, including customs and any 3rd party items that help accentuate your sets! The Bat Family My baddies. DC Villains - Update. The Justice League! The Justice League - Updated 06/02/15
  17. FinalFeature

    Jurrasic world

    After an encounter with the lord of time, Epoch, Batman finds himself in a post apocalyptic future. In this world of savagery, the last boy on Earth, Kamandi and his loyal friend Dr. Canus must help Batman get back to his own time by any means possible. Dinosaurs, Gorillas, and Eagles are rampant. Directed, Written, Animated, and Music composed by Tristan Kilmer Starring Joshua Sims as Batman Bret Newton as Kamandi Sean Polite as Dr Canus Drake Winberg as Gorilla Grodd CoulterRail as Alfred Joey Xero as Superman Thanks for looking!
  18. Robianco

    DC - The New 52

    I was pretty sure there may already be a thread set up for this but looking through the forum I really can't find one and searching has also been unfruitful! Bit of background first... I've been a Batman fan for many years... but not always a comic book reader with any kind of regularity (not since I was a kid). I read 2000AD as a young'un... and Dredd was by Batman as a kid... although there's many great characters in those pages. When I got a bit older I was never that interested in picking up weekly comics but got into reading trade paperbacks and graphic novels. I've read a lot of Batman's graphic novels and still own many of them but obviously with the advent of the New 52 there's a huge amount of overlap in stories and crossovers. One thing it's done is really make me sit up and take notice of other characters such as Nightwing (personally I'm thinking he'll return at some point but we'll stick with Grayson for now). I've picked up all of the New 52 Batman, Nightwing and Batman & Robin trade paperbacks to this point as well as Batman Incorporated as a follow on to Grant Morrison's pre-52 volume. So I'm kind of interested in people's thoughts on these titles as well as the Detective Comics, Dark Knight, Batman Eternal titles etc... which ones should I pick up... which don't work for you? I've been picking up digital copies of New 52 weeklies as a catch up for when there's a big gap to the paperbacks and the current weekly timeline. I really enjoyed Talon although I think by the end it was losing a little of the early spark it had... nice to see a brand new hero brought into the mix though. I've head that a lot of the writing for Catwoman was a bit iffy by Ann Nocenti although I'm keen to hear what any recent writing is like as well as any feedback on other related titles such as Batgirl, Batwing, Red Hood and the Outlaws etc. One other series that I've always liked is Green Lantern. It was actually the first US comic I ever bought and I've liked it ever since. I've read most of the Green Lantern series and I'm up to date with the Sinestro title (Sinestro is actually one of my favourite characters). Would people recommend the other GL titles such as the Green Lantern Corps? And then of course we have the rest of the Justice League and the Justice League Dark that I've barely mentioned (I'm sure we could have a whole thread devoted to just Hellblazer) So there we have it... for any of the DC fans here on the forum I'm interested to hear your views... which titles you read... which you don't (and why). I look forward to hearing all your thoughts.
  19. The Joker1

    Displaying your superhero town

    Hey guys, Now that we have 3 years and many many waves of superheroes sets available to us i was wondering how people went about displaying them, personally i have separate little zones for Iron man, Bat-vehicles, Justice league characters, GOTG and my Arkham display, But us for all the oddities and randoms that the SH line gives us i have put them all into one big Town display, How do you guys display all the bits and pieces you have? Jazzenberg by Legocollecter123, on Flickr
  20. rickfromkrypton

    MOD/MOC: Arkham Asylum

    Hello; I'm back with another creation. I have doubles or older versions of characters from The Batman sets that I just had to put to use. So I give to you my version of Arkham Asylum. You'll notice in some of the pictures that I erased some parts. That is for your protection. Those images are for another time. Also, I apologize for the crude background. It was the only thing that wouldn't give off a glare. Shall we get started? Okay here we go......... This is it from above. ark1 by brickhicks, on Flickr A view from straight on.... ark2 by brickhicks, on Flickr The Main Building area..... ark4 by brickhicks, on Flickr More of the main area, and NIGHTWING! ark5 by brickhicks, on Flickr The River and Beach area.... ark6 by brickhicks, on Flickr James Gordon vs. Bane. ark7 by brickhicks, on Flickr Catwoman on the prowl.... ark8 by brickhicks, on Flickr High Tower/ Graveyard area.... ark9 by brickhicks, on Flickr Joker's next plan..... arkx by brickhicks, on Flickr The FLASH has got this...... arkxi by brickhicks, on Flickr Mr. Freeze and Penguins plan. Robin to the rescue. Killer Crocs' killer haul... arkxii by brickhicks, on Flickr It was Black Manta who broke out the inmates..... arkxiii by brickhicks, on Flickr SUPERMAN and Gorilla Grodd... Poison Ivy too... arkxiv by brickhicks, on Flickr A different angle of the entire thing..... arkv by brickhicks, on Flickr Another angle... arkvi by brickhicks, on Flickr 1 more angle.... arkvii by brickhicks, on Flickr Well, there it is. I hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think. I will return with another MOC.
  21. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Solar Superman vs. Doomsday

    Solar Suit Superman vs. Doomsday Donning his Solar Suit to enhance the sun’s rays and his own power, Superman flies into battle with his greatest and most dangerous foe yet: Doomsday! This was a commission build by Power Brick; a customizer team; who provided me with their new Solar Suit Superman (Bricklink/Ebay) to use in this creation. It is inspired both by the figure, and the figure’s source: that of the Death of Superman storyline from the comics/film. Doomsday is based off his apperance in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Enjoy! ~Nemo
  22. Hey EuroBricks! Has there ever been a time where you wanted The LEGO Group to make a certain minifig, but they just won't, or can't do it good enough? Well then, you've come to the right place! Lots of advert banter... Removed.
  23. LEGO CUSTOM PAD PRINTED SINESTRO CYBORG SUPERMAN Minifigure has head,back\front torso printing,right arm printing and a custom hairpiece
  24. _epicster_

    New Batman Cowl?

    So we've all seen the somewhat-new (It's been out for a while now) Batfleck suit for Man of Steel 2, So that means if LEGO doesn't take the lazy route, We will be seeing a new Short-eared cowl. Should be interesting, especially for customizers (Black Panther, Batman Noel, etc.) Not until 2016 of course, but something to look forward to.
  25. Captain Nemo

    MOC: 2nd Annual Superman vs. Flash

    Well hello again! It's almost time for Brickworld (You could count the hours!) but that also means it's time for another epic Superman and Flash race! (Because the two events are related?). So hold onto your hats, because here they co...oh wait...missed them...wait here they come Well just watch for yourself! 2nd Annual Superman vs. Flash Special Brickworld 2014 Edition Based off the first Superman vs. Flash creation, this 2nd Annual Brickworld version features three main sections divided across three vignettes. The 2nd Annual Race: Starting furthest from the finish line, section one features the tail end of the race, where Gorilla Grodd attempts to slip up the Flash. Section two features the mid-race, where Lex Luthor and Bizarro attempt to squash Superman once and for all; while the third and more familiar section features the finish line of the race. Before we look at the sections themselves however, I'll bring up some info on the creation overall. It's based on my 2013 creation Superman vs. Flash, and holds many similarities to its inspiration; such as having some of the same characters, like Lois and Jimmy; as well as having some of the same visuals like the flowing flags and the flying newspapers. From Left, Back row: Upset Aquaman, Jimmy Olsen, Gorilla Grodd, Lex Luthor, Bizarro (Onlinesailin Custom Minifigure), the Gingerbread Man, Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold (Custom made by myself), Heat Wave. From Left, Front row: Martian Manhunter, Superman, Flash (Christo Custom Minifigure), Batman, Wonder Woman, Perry White, Bad Hair-Day Lois, Crowbar Joker, Robin. The most obvious difference between the two is the new much larger size and the updated speed lines, which are based on those seen in my creation Flash vs. the Rogues. There has also been a significant color swap from black and grey to dark tan and grey, which significantly changes the look and feel of the creation. The build has now been expanded to show more of the surrounding Metropolis area. To get a better feel of this, I constructed a Daily Planet fountain, with a large globe--this may acutally be my favorite part of the creation. I also added a Daily Planet Newspaper stand to give a better location to have flying newspapers come from. Another significant addition was the two palm trees. When building this creation, I was inspired by another builder’s depiction of Metropolis; Xenomurphy’s epic 2011 creation Superman & Young Justice vs. Brainiac; which features the Daily Planet in a more tropical Miami styled Metropolis. The palm trees fit with the atmosphere I created, plus they look spectacular in the wind! Section 1; the Banana Affair: The first section of the race is the farthest from the finish line, and also the smallest—but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t back a punch. Gorilla Grodd has laid a slippery trap for the Flash; using a well-placed banana (Which he does not like! Does not like!) to take down the scarlet speedster. But, just as foolish of a plan as it was last time, and as ridiculous as a plan as it was for the Riddler; we know by now that Flash is immune to comic takedowns by bananas—next time try the yellow banana thing on GL Grodd! Section 2; the Kryptonite Drop: The second set shows more trouble faced by our racing duo, although this time directed at Superman. Notable bald-baddy Lex Luthor has teamed up with Bizarro (A great custom minifigure by Onlinesailin, based off his expensive SDCC appearance), have gathered up a large collection of Kryptonite in a sack and are ready to drop it on Superman—if only they could have agreed in time who would pull the drop-cord! We also see a rather hilarious addition in this section—a third racer, the Gingerbread Man! Oh run as fast as you can Gingy, but not this year…not this year. Section 3, The Finish Line: The third section is the largest and most familiar to those who view my creations. It is the finish line where Superman and Flash race by the spectators to the victory line—causing huge commotion to ensue because of the supersonic winds that follow them! It’s because of the wind that we get some more commotion in this section. Lois’s hair is still messed up like last time, but we also get another spectator’s hat blowing in the wind, and another poor fellow is about to be drenched at the worst of times! There’s an old lady being mugged (Ironically, what with all the Superheroes around), and we also find Aquaman pouting at his now lack of water, and members of Flash’s Rogues; Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold (A custom figure I made in early 2013), and Heat Wave; coming late to the party to spoil what’s left of it (The after party?)! Enjoy, and see you at Brickworld Chicago 2014! ~Nemo