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Found 71 results

  1. blurryclear

    Dc Lego Stop Motion Collection

    This is my first long stop motion video, please tell me what do you think, and thank you for your support
  2. I have a deep and unironic affection for the Supermobile, goofy as it is, thanks to owning the Corgi toy as a kid and have wanted to make a Lego version for a while. I've seen several really good ones from other folks through the years, a few of which even included some great step-by-step instructions, but I never had the time or patience to figure out what I was lacking brickwise and put in an order for whatever I still needed. I also wanted to make my own version more than just build someone else's, so a week or two ago I figured I'd sit down and see what I could make with what I had available. I'd love to go back and redesign someday to try and cover all the visible studs, but I'm pretty happy with the results of my first attempt. Here's the side view to start... Front view... Cockpit interior (with that scope that allows him to focus his vision powers...
  3. Listed are some superheroes that need to be in Lego form. I'd love it if other people could expand on these ideas, and add their own. DC: Green Lantern: Atrocitus Big Fig, Arkillo Big Fig, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner(Green/White Lantern), Carol Ferris(Star Sapphire), Saint Walker(Blue Lantern), Larfleez(Orange), Black Hand, Indigo 1. Maybe more. Aquaman: Ocean Master, Mera, Murk, Tula, Atlanna, maybe more. The Flash: Iris West, Joe West, Zoom, New Captain Cold, Heatwave, Wally West, and more (this is where many more could be added) Green Arrow: Red Arrow, Black Canary, (Same for Flash, here, many more characters here) Legends of Tomorrow: Heatwave(Mick Rory), Firestorm (Martin Stein), The Atom (Ray Palmer), White Canary (Sara Lance), Vixen, Rip Hunter, Nathan Heywood (Steel), Zari (Wind Totem Girl) Others: John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Solomon Grundy, Shazam, Black Adam, Hawkgirl, Raven, and multiverse other earth variants of existing characters. Marvel: (Not entirely sure about all of these characters, need some help) Beast, Nova, Deadpool, Tons of X-men.
  4. "No hard Feelings but someone paid me good Money for yer liveless carcass.Struggle all you want,makes it moar Fun fer me!" IMG_20180302_220856 IMG_20180302_220904 IMG_20180302_220913 IMG_20180302_220933 IMG_20180302_220944 IMG_20180302_220954 Anyone remember this one of a kind Antihero from the 90s,a mangey Spacebiker that calls himself a professional Bountyhunter, named Lobo? Yep,the Guys in Billund decided it would be a good Idea to put this violent and quite mature DC character into Lego Minifig Form,and i couldn´t agree more. The Bike he comes with is quite a bloaded Mess,but nothing a bunch of Frag Grenades,some Booze and a Wrench couldn´t fix. I shrinked the Bike a bit to make it fit more into Minifig Scale but still kept the Design mean and gas guzzling badass. Hope you like my new Version of Lobo´s Spacebike.....if not,get the fraggg outta here :D
  5. r5-j2

    Lobo Space Hog (MOD)

    Here`s my take on Lobo`s Space Hog.. the original build is magic ,but I thought it was a bit over-sized , so I shortened it ,using flick-missile parts for the front forks, I also took a wee bit off the height, getting rid of the launcher/storage bay under the main man`s seat..adding in a third engine. I think for twenty pound , you get a lot in this set, Krypto and Lobo are superb figures and I would recommend this to`s just a lot of fun! Take care everybody Kenny. 20180205_082721-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20180205_082520-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20180205_082224-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20180205_082328 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  6. Outworlder

    (MOC) the Spacehog (Lobo's Bike)

    Enjoy! SpaceHog 1 by outworlderohlendorf21, on Flickr SpaceHog 2 by outworlderohlendorf21, on Flickr SpaceHog 3 by outworlderohlendorf21, on Flickr SpaceHog 5 by outworlderohlendorf21, on Flickr SpaceHog 4 by outworlderohlendorf21, on Flickr SpaceHog 6 by outworlderohlendorf21, on Flickr
  7. Here`s "The Battle Of Smallville" set which has some cool figures, which I got second hand for £27 (still in it`s box, which was pretty beat up).The jeep had two blue flick fire missiles, so I built a radar controlled gun thingie instead and added some bits to the Kryptonian drop ship...sorry for the fuzzy camera work!... I`ve been looking for this set for a while now, because to be honest ,the current run of DC/Marvel sets hasn`t been great in terms of content or value(of course that's only my opinion).So I find myself on Ebay looking at older stuff and recently also got the Captain America "Avenging Cycle" set (no box or stickers, which is o.k. cos I detest stickers ) for less than a fiver. Wonder if anyone else is feeling the same about Lego`s recent offerings Take care folks Kenny 20171119_084855 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20171119_085040-1-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  8. Zilcho

    Justice League

    I've been working on this for a long time. I really wanted to test my limits, and used a lot more green screen and tracking shots than I normally do. I hope you like the end product!
  9. Hi guys! I don't normally collect Juniors set but I did pick up the most recent DC ones for the minifigures and parts. After fiddling around with the main builds of each set I came up with these Batboat- Lex's warsuit- Tell me what you think! Constructive critism is always welcome
  10. The Batmobile from Batman v Superman is perhaps my favourite Batmobile design to date. I decided to build a UCS scale version and make it as authentic to the prop car as possible. The cockpit struts and roof panels were inspired by KKB-N7's excellent LDD rendition. Features include detailed interior, rolling wheels, and rotating front turret. More photos on flickr.
  11. thebluecrusader


    The Joker (Lego Batman Movie Version) and his super villain squad invade Batman's Batcave. Batman must form his own super hero squad from members of the Justice League to help ward off the threat! The trailer for an upcoming stopmotion animation I've been working on for the past two and a half weeks. I finished the final cut at around 7-8 yesterday and whipped up this small preview. I will be releasing this on my studio's YouTube channel (the same one you are watching the trailer on) on the 18th (Tuesday) so be sure to subscribe so you don't miss it! Thanks for watching!
  12. Unfortunately nobody has responded to my original German-speaking question in another (German) Lego forum. I try it here: Hello Although I myself have quite a lot of nerdiness to me, technical interests and hobbies, a certain film genre and hobbies that a "serious" adult should not have (?), I can start with the whole superhelden area, the starwarsfilms and also similar series little. Somehow I find the stories boring, very simplistic, humorless, politically far too correct and often too simple knit. Therefore, my question to the older fans (older in the sense of: Having a family of their own, have already participated in the professional life for a long time, the first destiny and crises have brought about, interested in "real" social / political issues - not only image newspaper and Facebook ...): What fascinates you at the superheldenstory, whether film, serial or comic? What is so special for you on Star Wars and similar film series? (No, I'm not interested in why Star Wars is better than Enterprise Enterprise, Battlestar Galactica, or is not). Signature: My nickname which I use in that forum. This text I have automatically translated with the Google translator. Lapidem
  13. Palixa And The Bricks

    [MOC] Superman Daily Planet Building

    Hi everyone, a while ago I challenged myself to build something with the cylinder hemisphere parts used for the Star Wars planets. My 4th build in this challenge is the Daily Planet building from Superman. There are a lot different references for this building. It almost seems that each series/film/comic uses its own. So I chose the one that's based on the Los Angeles City Hall (which was used in the 1950s television series Adventures of Superman, see wiki). When looking for reference pictures I also found this funny toy (Schylling Superman Classic Carousel. The site seems to be broken right now, so maybe just use image search instead). Now, this is the result of combining those two references: This is my very first build with power functions. (follow link to see the video) The other builds of this challenge can be found here. I hope, you like it. I originally posted this in the Special Themes forum, but I guess it fits in better here.
  14. Should or will DC's Suicide Squad and the Justice League join Lego Dimensions next? It seems like a natural fit since Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, the Joker, and Harley Quinn are already in Lego Dimensions. What about Suicide Squad? A bunch of Oddballs wrecking chaos in Lego- that's a riot waiting to happen! Here's a video detailing their strengths/attributes and weaknesses- Cheers! BoB
  15. Hello, and welcome to my minifig-scale bottled city of Kandor! This is the first MOC I've posted on EB, so be gentle. Or harsh. Or honest. EDIT: I may update this later, as I keep building, or take better photos This is part of a much larger Fortress of Solitude project I've been working on since forever (hence WIP, or work-in-progress). Please excuse the dust, dog hair, bad lighting, bad photos, etc, etc, ad infinitum. I'm only posting because someone asked how I did it, and because I really like some of the work I've done and am keen to share it, even if I'm not in a position to take decent photos. Or dust thoroughly beforehand. Seriously, my dog sheds a lot. It's a problem. On with the show. Here's some shots of the city, still bottled. Each shot is a 90 degree rotation clockwise from the previous shot. And here it is out of it's bottle. As you can see, the city is built on a 2x3 plate for a base, and fitted into a 4x4 (round) space, offset using two jumper plates. This is pretty tricky. The top of the cylinder, when assembled, only has a 2x4 opening, so you can't simply put the city inside the bottle. The opening at the bottom is the same 2x4, so you can't attach the 2x3 city then add the half-cylinders because the city overhangs on at least two sides. The easiest way to assemble it all is to add the two 1x2 jumpers to the bottom of the city's 2x3 base, then hold the cylinders around the city, so that the cylinders grip the jumper plates and form an even surface. Then attach the assembly to a 4x4 (round, or not), making sure to apply pressure to the half-cylinders AND the city itself. This can be frustrating, especially if the city isn't stable enough to withstand the pressure put on top. For mine, that longest spire is a perfect place to apply pressure and ensure solid clutch-power on the bottom. As for the city itself, well, you have tons of options. I went for the white color-scheme, to match the general aesthetic of the 70's movie version of Krypton, but plenty of depictions of Kandor/Krypton have color, so it all depends on what you want. For my project, I just started grabbing all of the tiny white pieces I could find in my collection and started throwing them together, finding pleasing arrangements, hoping to suggest micro-scale alien architecture. This is the fourth version or so that I came up with (though I think I liked the second version better, it is lost to me now). Here's some shots without the bottle, each one turned 90 degrees clockwise, as before. As you can see, there's all sorts of tiny bits in there, lightsaber hilts (attached vertically using a 1x1 round w/ pin), a lever-base, cheese slopes, a skeleton arm, some minifig hands, and lots of SNOT building on a 1x1 brick with studs on 4 sides. There are so many ways you can configure this stuff, it's nuts. I actually just acquired some white minifig skis that I'm hoping to incorporate soon. The only restrictions are to the inside of the cylinder, which leaves some room to build past the 2x3 plate-edge on the short sides, making the city more rounded in appearance. Spires also need to be position to fit through the centered 2x4 gap at the top. That's it, really. If anyone has any questions, please let me know! Now that that's out of the way, here's some shots of the Fortress itself (very much a WIP), and a couple of other goodies. A wide shot of the base and half of the outer Fortress, with Kandor sitting in front for size-reference: Pictured are four spires, individual constructed and attached at the base. The spires are built using a core of standard bricks and technic bricks, strategically placed so that the outside can be plated and tiled in various places, adding to the crystalline look I'm going for. Here's where the spires attach, using some technic pieces, so that the spires are able to swing open, allowing access to the interior (which is fairly non-existent at this point ) The spires are built with some overlap, so that, if you raise the first one, it catches the second, and so on. When closing it up, the last one catches the next-to-last, and so on. Aaaand, this is the point at which I stalled out on the project. I want to incorporate some gears so that the entire structure can be opened and closed using one crank/gear. But I'm not a Technic guy. I came up with a simple enough lift system, but the spires are too heavy for it to work smoothly, or well, or at all really. I thought about redesigning the spires to be more hollow, thus lighter, and I thought about changing the way in which the spires interlock, and I thought about changing.....etc. So yeah. That's why there's a year's worth of dust on this monster. I should get back to work soon. Again, criticism, thoughts, and ideas are all welcome. Here's a case of kryptonite that would go somewhere inside, though I'm not entirely happy with it, simply because glass isn't enough to save Superman. It'll have to go behind lead, but then we couldn't see inside, so I'll probably add a vault for it to go in. Eventually. And last but not least, my Phantom Zone projector. I styled it largely based on the Superman: The Animated Series version. It is able to tilt up and down on the stand, or detach completely so that Superman can fly around with it and zap anyway who annoys him. Like Jimmy Olsen. Damn that Turtle Boy! A picture here would be good. #FAIL Phew, I'm tired of writing this post, so I guess that's it. Thanks for checking it out!
  16. Not so long ago I built my version of the Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Batmobile. At the time I believed it to be close to minifig scale. Recent pictures however and rewatching the scene in the movie have made me realize that it is actually quite big even in real life so I decided to remake my Lego version in order to make it more accurate. As you can see it is bigger then my previous version but not too big so it is actually in minifig scale this time. I also decided to make room inside the Batmobile to be able to fit a small cockpit area and more importantly a Batman figure. Enough talk enjoy these pictures: A main shot of the Batmobile showing of some of its front features, the "nose" area was completely redone in order to make it more accurate. Probably my favourite shot that I took so I had to include it. A side shot, as you can see it isn't that big at all, in total its length is 20 studs (including the "wings" in the back). A shot of the rear, this area was also reworked pretty heavily, unfortunately the pictures came out a little dark so you can see all the details but I actually used antenna pieces to replicate the bars that hold up the wings. A straight shot of the rear. A 3/4 shot of the other side. And here is the front from the other side. Here is the front head on, you can clearly see the gun and the headlights which are still the same as my previous version but are much more in scale this time. Also note that the Batmobile is around 13 studs wide. A higher shot of the front to once again highlight the nose area. Here you can see the Batmobile without the gun as it is set to appear in an upcoming DC movie. As I said in the beginning I actually added a cockpit for Batman to sit in. I also managed to add some details to it nothing too shabby but nice nonetheless. Here you can see the Dark Knight inside the Batmobile, he fits pretty comfortably, the roof can fully close with him inside. Here is a picture of Batman standing next to the Batmobile to give you an idea of the scale. Another shot of Batman and the Batmobile, I liked this one so I figure why not show it... And finally another rendition of the Affleck Batman shot. So that was pretty much it. Overal I am very pleased with how it came out, I hope that you enjoyed it too if you did please let me know as I greatly appreciate the feedback, as always have a nice day :)
  17. Hello everyone! Here are some pictures of the making the life-size Superman statue (17.300+ bricks). The pics are not the best quality because i was focusing to built the statue as soon as possible... 2016-05-16 19.02.19 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 2016-05-19 18.54.39 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 2016-05-21 19.15.31 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 2016-05-21 19.16.53 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 2016-06-01 19.20.47 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 2016-06-06 19.42.03 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 2016-07-01 15.24.23 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr
  18. LEGO Superman Classic Life-size Statue, more than 17.300 LEGO bricks are used The project took nearly six months to plan and build. Each of the 17.324 LEGO bricks are brand new and were glued together for better stability. LEGO Superman dimensions; 1,8 meter - 70,8 inch high (nearly 6 feet tall) Weight 20 kg - 45 pounds. I hope you`ll like it!!! 3 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 4 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 5 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 6 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 7 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 8 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 9 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 11 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 2016-07-01 15.44.43 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr
  19. DComics Shop

    Hello from Serbia!

    Hello my name is Ferenc Matyus 34 yers old, and I`m a new user on this platform. A year ago discovered again (since my childhood) the beauty in creation with the Lego cubes. I`m on some projects and just recently finished my first bigger statue which is a life-size Superman Lego sculpture. I look forward to sharing it with everyone. Have a nice day!!
  20. the2awesomeguys

    LEGO Batman v Superman

    A short sketch based on the recent DC film; Batman v Superman; Hope you enjoy, any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  21. Actor Builder

    Cheesy DsCenes [MOC]

    I have started a Vignette collection for the DC Cinematic Universe, highlighting the cheesiest moments from the films. I plan to add on to this collection as films come in the future. First off is the scene from Man of Steel where Superman gets so mad that he snaps...Zod's neck. Man of Steel by Actor Builder, on Flickr He ends up killing more innocent people with Zod's laser beam, just so he can break Zod's neck. Poor Zod. He was bred to protect Krypton. He thought Superman wouldn't be willing to kill innocent people in order to kill him, but he was wrong. Superman is a monster. Why Superman didn't just snap his neck the other direction, I have no idea. I guess the "S" isn't for Super. On his planet, it means Stupid. Next up is this scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I'll keep it in a spoiler tag until Suicide Squad comes out. And here is the two of them together because Technic pins are amazing: That's all for now. I'll probably make one for Suicide Squad, and then Wonder Woman, etc. Comments and criticisms, puns and witticisms welcome!
  22. When the new Batmobile was announced I wasn't really sure how I felt about it. Over time however I have grown to like it and so I felt that I had to try and recreate it in Lego form. Several people have already made some good looking versions of this vehicle but as always I wanted mine to be as close to minifig scale as possible, this meant that mine was going to be quite a bit smaller. I also prioritized getting the general look of the thing right instead of adding in functions, as such this is pretty much a display model without any significant features. Overal I am very pleased with how it came out, the shaping of the batmobile was quite tricky to get right and for a while I even thought that I was never going to get it "right" but in the end I feel that I got it looking pretty close to the real thing. Here are some pictures: Here is Batman next to the Batmobile, as you can see it is pretty close to the size of the real thing (compared to a human) One last picture without the machine gun on the front. I hope you enjoyed my take on the Dawn of Justice Batmobile, have a nice day :)
  23. Hello everyone !!! So after some on and off work designing this thing both IRL & LDD i am very proud and happy to show you my Batmobile as it appears on Batman V Superman. I tried to make this model as accurate as i could and the recent images,game DLC´s & toys helped a lot,not only that but the model is very stable and i know this is a small detail that´s pretty much standard with other Batmobiles but... i managed to make the wheels roll with all the armor on it !!! :D So let´s start with the front,definetly a challenging part to do as at first i had no idea how to pull off the shapes & angles, not only that but belive it or not i had trouble doing the turret Things got difficult on the sides, as the actual car has a lot of angles and shapes that are almost impossible to make a 100 % acurate representation on this scale.... however i think i did a fairly decent job doing those The back was fairly simple to do... it took me a while to find a correct size of tires but once i did everything went smoothly.... BTW Credit to JANGBRICKS for the idea of using that motor piece for the Turbine/engine/exaust pipe... So that´s pretty much it guys i hope you like this build as much as i do and if you do want to build this yourself here´s a link were you can buy the instructions : Happy building !! -Prime
  24. The visual language is inspired by the '30446 - The Batmobile' ploybag. Mini Batwing by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel