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Found 105 results

  1. hjmediastudios

    Rise of the Iron Men

    Another charming digital creation- this time high-res renders of all the current and upcoming Iron Men from TLG, based off official figures. For fans, the shot on Flickr is suitable for an HD desktop, and an Iron Patriot one is forthcoming. As always, comments and criticism are more than welcome!
  2. Hey, Here's my first Iron Man MOC in LDD. It's Malibu Mansion from Marvel films. 473 pieces. Pictures: Front Back Side
  3. It is Chinese New Year here and so I have a little holiday. With the free time I finally have the chance to clean up my Lego shelves and the superhero sets. After that, I think maybe it is a good time to take a record photo for them :) It is just my humble share, and I believe some of you may probably have a bigger setup! Have you guys read the comics from Marvel and DC? How many of them do you recognize in these photos? Full image: Full image: Full image: Actually I think the villains in Marvel sets are overlooked. Dr. Doom is a huge villain who is just impossible to die, and so is the upcoming Mandarin. Therefore, I am MOC-ing something for the armored Dr. Doom, a Viper or something, after completing a Freeze Boat for Mr. Freeze. How about your setup? Let's share it!
  4. I have noticed that people have often wanted to alter their minifigures but have had no clue as to how ( me included ). You may have seen my Red Skull thread which I eventually got a resolution from the kindness of Hammerstein NWC's heart. So, I thought to myself, why start a new thread every time someone needs help with one minifigure hence my thread. Now, I'm kind of in Superhero-frenzy mode at the mo what with my B-Day and Xmas just past in which I received many of the new Superhero sets and I'm desperate to add to my collection so to start off this thread, I will make some suggestions which my help my, and hopefully others, superhero collection. NOTE: Before I begin, I want to assure people that this thread is not for my personal gain or so that I can nick everyone's superhero ideas. It is designed so that if ANYONE is stuck with a fig, they can ask for a solution and hopefully someone will give them an answer. I would be happy to help anyone who I can but in no way feel obliged to let others 'steal' your ideas, I just thought it would be a nice thing to do. NOTE 2: If this thread gets decent critical response, I may start up other themed threads but this is just a prototype, as such. On with the ideas: The Riddler's Cane: Now when the Funhouse set was released, I recall many were disappointed that LEGO could go so cheapskate with us and not supply Riddler with a good cane and instead, give us the common red crowbar relating to nothing and almost spoiling the figure. I am in aid of the classic gold cane the Riddler should carry and already have the start of something (possibly) brilliant, which involves a gold hook. The Penguin: Unfortunately (for me), the old penguin is too expensive for anyone me and the new one is somewhat j u n i o r i s e d so I am looking for an alternative. I think I'll use the Magician's suit along with short purple legs and hands and a top hat but the head is a real problem and that's where the help comes in... So again, my suggestions were just to get the ball rolling so if anybody else needs help with a figure, don't hesitate to whack it on here. Thanks a lot, TT
  5. With the many requests for some superhero custom designs, I thought I'd create a separate thread for those. These can be from the popular Superhero movies (other than Dark Knight, as I already have a thread for those), or comic book characters. Hope you like them and as usual, I welcome any comments and critiques. Note: the following designs are copyrighted by the designer, so please be sure to use these only for personal use. Any reproductions of these designs for sale must first be okay'd by the designer. Spiderman (Amazing SpiderMan version) Earth Blue version: Dark Blue version (these will be adjusted soon to match these above): Zemo Here's my design for Zemo that was requested. I wasn't sure about actual color styles, as there were so many variations on the web to go by. As I'm not an officianado on Zemo, I thought I'd make one of each color below. Also, what will be most problematic with any design of Zemo is matching a paint that matches these head colors (as there are no purple heads from TLG as of now), which may be tough. If someone has a paint color they would like me to match it to, please feel free to contact me and I can work with you to try and recolor the purple to match. Also, I don't have a reference to go by for the back, so if someone has one they can share that matches this version of Zemo, please forward to me, I'd be very greatful! Version 2 Version 3 Coming Soon: Gambit