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Found 105 results

  1. Hi guys, Here's our newest and upcoming custom minifigure, Crimson Arachnid. It's a custom designed figure, pad printed (just like LEGO) onto LEGO parts - with printing on the front head, front torso, arms, and back torso. Render is by HJ Media Studios. What do you guys think of our newest creation? Love to hear your feedback and thoughts! Crimson Arachnid
  2. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Superman vs Zod

    Hi all, Here's my latest moc inspired by the big screen fights between Superman and Zod. I wanted it to have a comic panel look so I added a border. Hope you like it ;)
  3. Finally I got the parts I need and I made the biggest Sentinel in the X-men series, the Master Mold. Being a giant Sentinel created by Dr. Trask, Master Mold is to control other sentinels and produce even more sentinels to hunt down the mutants, hence the name. In the LEGO 76022 set, the sentinels look like the comic version instead of the movie (the purple ones not the transforming ones). I keep the same style and make a boss version. Instead of being a building-size robot, I just make it a more muscular robot with the same gold touch for its hands and feet. That will probably give the X-Men a headache for now! It is a small MOC, and fits great with my superhero display area. Hope you like it!
  4. This '8x8 Vignette' concept started with 'The Dark Knight - Interrogation Scene' vignette, which as based on the #40120 Valentine's Day Dinner and #40121 Painting Easter Eggs. This is loosely base on the #76005 Daily Bugle Showdown set. I didn't want to have the set displayed but the top floor I had to keep as it was the highlight if the set. I have changed the design of the the office and the exterior of the top floor and kept is simple and small as possible as it could be whilst using all the cool stickers used in the building. 'MOC: J Jonah Jameson's Office - 8x8 Vignette' Album: I really hope you enjoyed this MOC; feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel
  5. Peppermint_M

    [MOC] LexBot 2.0 vs Superman

    Lex Luthor has improved his LexBot and is ready to take on Superman again! With a fully loaded K-Cannon and a supply to last, he is ready to take on the alien once again! I did like the set from a while back, but mostly because it supplied some parts I could use to build something better. I can't recall if it stands taller than the original, but I have bulked it up and added armaments and armour. Then I swapped the figure from the set with the one from the promotional polybag from LEGO Batman 2. Comments, critique and etc welcome.
  6. The Lego Nolan

    MOC : Punisher Van

    I made this MOC of Punishers Van. Hope you enjoy. All pictures are in this folder
  7. LegoPercyJ

    (MOC) Batzarro Batsignal

    A MOC Narrated By Batzzaro Himself (With Comments By Me) Me Am Batzarro! Me Am World's Worst Dectective. I Built this MOC when I acquired Batzzaro. Me In Me Unnatural Habitat Me Without Me Signal I wanted a place for him to be properly displayed, along with my Bat Signal. You No Enjoy! FYI: I actually Build this. The background was too dark (stupid camera) so I had to remove it.
  8. Here is my 'Harley Quinn's Pet Shop'. I copied some layout from [10218] Pet Shop. Front: Harley Quinn’s Pet Shop by Hay Core, on Flickr The Harley Quinn's motor bike is designed by LEGO video game. I copied it. 1st Floor: 2nd Floor: Roof: "Na na na na Come on Come on Come on I like it Like it" Thanks for looking. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome. The Street of Superheroes
  9. Here's a render by HJ Media Studios of our newest and upcoming figure, The Curator, coming soon in January 2015. He's going to be pad printed, feature a double sided face, and leg printing. Pictures of the fig will be coming soon... What do you guys think? The Curator The Curator - Coming in 1 Week by Phoenix Custom Bricks, on Flickr Render The Curator - Coming Soon... by Phoenix Custom Bricks, on Flickr
  10. Reekardoo

    MOC: Batman Silent Wing

    Hello. My newest MOC. Also in Thanks for checking it out! Cheers
  11. Peasantseverywhere

    Favourite Lego Superheroes 2014 Set ?

    2014 is nearly over and throughout the year we've have some great new sets for the Superheroes theme, but the question is, which has been your favourite. These can include the normal sets and UCS Tumber, aswell as any polybags you have particularly liked. You can either choose your overall favourite set or separate it between the two different themes of Marvel and DC, i think i will do both. Marvel - Milano Spaceship Rescue DC - Jokers Steamroller Overall - Milano Spaceship Rescue
  12. Piranha

    Future Superhero Set Ideas

    Surprised we didn't have one. Might as well start one. DC Sets: Daily Planet: $50, 500+ Parts TDKR Tumbler: $50, 400+ parts TDKR Bat Pod: $10-$20, 100+ parts TDKR Bat Wing: $75, 600+ parts Anything Arkham City Batman Marvel sets: Iron Man's Lab/House: $50, 500+ parts
  13. After a post by a fellow member, I learned that 76021 was already in shelves at the Houston LEGO Store. What followed can be best described as "sheer joy." I had been looking forward to this set since initial descriptions surfaced. A Marvel set that's larger than 400 pieces? A set based on Guardians of the Galaxy, one of the comics on my pull list? I was sold. But did the Milano Spaceship Rescue turn out as well as I'd hoped? Is it truly "all that and a bag of chips?" Read on to find out... Name: The Milano Spaceship Rescue Theme: LEGO Marvel Superheroes Year: 2014 Pieces: 665 Minifigs: 5 Minifigures Price: USD $74.99 Minifigures: There are 5 minifigures included, 4 of which are exclusive. The Sakaaran appears in all three sets based on the film. I'll start with Star-Lord, the rebellious prince of Spartax. Star-Lord wears a maroon jumpsuit for space flight. His facial expressions are snarky and angry, similar to most of the other LEGO Marvel Superheroes. His hair is pretty common to find these days, nothing to get excited about. I am excited, however, by his new dual blasters. They're very accurate to the comics and to what we've seen of the film so far. He also comes with a helmet complete with hair! It doesn't look as bad as you might expect. He doesn't tower over minifigures, but it's fairly noticeable. And he has this gun... thing? I'm sure all will be explained in the film. Next up is Gamora, the most dangerous assassin in the galaxy and the daughter of Thanos, the Mad Titan. Her jumpsuit is basically the female counterpart to Star-Lord's, which makes them seem more like a team. Her hair is unique, and useful to MOCers wanting to create a punk rock/pop star. Drax the Destroyer, a being created with the sole purpose of killing Thanos, completes the Guardians included here. He is controversially grey, falling victim to what I'll call "concept art" syndrome, much like sleeveless widow's peak Mandarin. Drax is adorned with tattoos across his torso and on his arms. If you look closely, you can see little LEGO skulls. Neat-o! Ronan the Accuser, the Supreme Accuser of the Kree Empire, takes the role as lead villain, though he is much more (morally) grey in the comics. Only time will tell if the film will follow that characterization. He has a nice headdress that doesn't fold his cape up too much. He also wields the Universal Weapon and carries what I presume to be one of the infinity gems, or stones as they are called in the MCU. The Sakaaran appears to be a member of the Shadow People, the creators of the Old Power. He looks A-OK! Pretty menacing, but forgettable on the whole. His weapon is generic enough to be used for space themed MOCs. The Necrocraft Cockpit Open The Sakaaran sits at the controls... The engine Beauty shot! The Sakaaran ship, or Necrofighter in proper terms, is a nice inclusion. Menacing, swooshable, and equipped with two new spring missiles. The controls are simple, but at least they're there (I'm looking at you, Extremis helicopter...). The Milano Well equipped for any battle... I was surprised that the designer didn't include any of the new spring missiles. There's plenty of room underneath (as you'll see later on). They're super functional and I'm mildly disappointed that we didn't get any to add to the fire power of the Guardians. Thrusters The underside Just a quick note, it's nice that the big holes on the underside are covered by large thrusters. It's not perfect but it gets the job done. Rear view The interior Gamora's controls are a printed tile, previously seen in some of the Star Wars sets... Aurebesh lettering? Mark your calendars, everyone: Disney is planning a crossover. Might the Millennium Falcon meet the Milano? Seating (and a fire extinguisher) ...and some more seating! Are you "Hooked on a Feeling?" Get ready for lift off! Comparison with 6869 Quinjet Aerial Attack Conclusions... So that's the Milano! Overall this was a joy. The interior is great: spacious, plenty of seating, a very detailed cockpit, lot's of free clips. What's not to love? The window in the back is a nice surprise and gives it some atmosphere. Another nice surprise is the stereo! I imagine that'll be a bigger plot point in the film than we previously thought. Can somebody say: "That's momma Star-Lord's mixtape?" Back on track: The build was nicely paced, I was never bored. The ship is heavy and full of features so you feel like you're getting your money's worth. Both fighters are very swooshable. There are a smattering of new elements for the MOCers and the figures will leave all of the Marvel fans and kids happy. If I had some criticisms, they're that the wings take a little time to adjust because the ball joints are very close together so it was difficult to position them correctly. Also the lack of Groot as a potted plant is disappointing given how easy it would have been to include. Perhaps he doesn't have that ability in the film, only time will tell. But in the end... Playability: 10/10 (No spring missiles for the Milano, but the interior, swooshability, and Sakaaran Necrofighter more than make up for it) Design: 10/10 (I see no problems here. As I said before, the build is excellently paced and the Milano is very sturdy) Price: 9/10 (665 pieces is average for $74. It's forgivable though because the Milano is pretty heavy so you feel like you get your money's worth and there is so much playability) Overall: 10/10 (Don't delay come June 1!) Bonus As a little celebration of the LEGO Marvel Universe entering the cosmic realm, I took a group photo of all of the characters we have thus far...
  14. Hi everybody ! NickAb and I would like to present you our new collaborative project based on the 2011 movie The Green Hornet. The set has been designed like an official superheroes set. My main inspirations were the old Spider-man sets #4850 and #4853, and the Catwoman Catcycle City Chase. The minifigs : The Original decals have been created by NickAb. I've tried to attach importance to the renderings so as to give all the prestige that this car deserves. The old Spider-man 2 set #4855 gave me the idea of the Daily Sentinel newspaper with the Tile 2x2 of the Daily Buggle : More renders and High-resolution pictures are available on Flickr : We hope you will enjoy this project. If you like it, feel free to support it on LEGO Ideas :
  15. HayHay

    [MOC/MOD] A.I.M Lab.

    This is my another modularized superheroes building. The building is based on '76018 : Hulk Lab Smash'. Some parts of Knowhere Escape Mission (76020) were used for the roof. I used most bricks from Lego store pick-a-brick except those products. It is a still work in progress. I need some plates and tiles to complete it. Front [WIP] Modularized A.I.M on Flickr Two-story building 1st floor The portal machine designed from 'Lego Movie' is updated. 2nd floor Taskmaster on Flickr Thor on Flickr The roof Thanks for looking. Comments, suggestions and grammar corrections are more than welcome. Here are other modularized buildings: Daily Bugle: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=83150 Super bank: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=83039 Fun house: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=83074
  16. First of all, an enormous thank you to my good friend Josh (armoredgear7) for doing a fantastic job editing the photos. This was built after seeing the Amazing Spider-man 2 movie. Since it was for Brickworld, big and complex were two adjectives that were prevalent in my mind. The creation includes all three of Spider-man's villains from the movie, Electro, Green Goblin and of course the Rhino, which I posted as a <a href="">teaser</a> earlier this year. Although certainly tough, it was a fun build, and from the compliments I got at both Brickworld and Brickfete, it was apparently a very enjoyable site. The full interview and scope of the build can by seen on my (I apologize, my ego seems to know no bounds :P). The Amazing Spider-man 2, Spider-man and all related names, images, etc. are property of Sony Pictures Entertainment and MARVEL Entertainment LLC. All rights reserved. Logo found here. Thanks for stopping by true believers, and prepare for more stuff soon! Also, thanks to my awesome friends from ToroLUG. I couldn't have done it without you. Maybe next year I'll build something more stable... Available to view on flickr. Excelsior!
  17. Hi everyone, It's been a while since I've been on here, but I've been busy preparing and starting my new custom minifigure company, Phoenix Customs LLC, which took a lot more time than I had anticipated. Some of you may remember me from creating and sharing some decals on here (Dark Knight, Soccer Players, James Bond, and Assassins Creed, etc.), and I met and worked with many of you all here on Eurobricks, so I thought I'd share my first two figs for you to see what I've been up to. So, without further ado, here are my first two figures, and information about both. I hope you all like! Kinetic Man Here's my first figure. About Kinetic Man is a superhero that has the power to use kinetic energy as he sees fit to defeat his enemies. Based on the popular comic character! This figure includes: 1 MMCB Capes trenchcoat - Reddish brown 1 light gray LEGO cane This guy is pad printed just like TLG does. The Red Bird Here's my second fig: About When trouble strikes, count on Red Bird to swoop in and save the day! Based on the popular comic character! This figure includes: 1 MMCB Capes black cape This figure is professionally pad printed as well. NO DECALS or PAINT! So, what do you guys think? Would love to hear your feedback and comments below. Thanks!
  18. BaratiProductions

    Brickflick Batman

    8 films in 8 days! LEGO Batman. Check it out and tell us what you think.
  19. Discussion for 2014 LEGO Super Heroes sets. The Riddler Chase set was confirmed on USA Today. DC January 2014 Wave Batman: The Penguin Face-off (136 pieces) Batman: Man-Bat Attack (184 pieces, $19.99 USD) Batman: The Riddler Chase (304 pieces, $29.99 USD) Batman: The Joker Steamroller Marvel Spring 2014 Wave
  20. Moon_Knight

    Favorite Batman LEGO set

    I'm a huge Batman fan and was excited when they first announced that Batman would be joining the LEGO family alongside Star Wars and Harry Potter. I managed to collect a few sets from the original Batman theme but because I was young, I couldn't afford awesome sets like 7783 or 7785. (I still think the older Batcave is a lot better looking than the newer one...) I was wondering which Batman set my fellow Eurobricks users like the most. My favorite Batman set of all time is easily 7781 The Batmobile: Two-Face's Escape. The Batmobile that comes in this set looks like the iconic Batmobile from Tim Burton's '89 film. It even has the odd nose piece that is actually a launching missile! Batman looks very cool with the shiny gold bat symbol and utility belt on his torso; very much like Michael Keaton's Batman. The Two-Face minifig is also way better looking than the newer one. He looks very much like the Two-Face from Batman: The Animated Series more than Tommy Lee Jones' awful performance. Maybe it's just nostalgia that makes me like this set so much. I used to play with it for hours. That's just me though. What do you guys think? What's your favorite Batman LEGO set?
  21. rexusprime

    Super Heroes Advent Calendar

    Hey guys! I just saw pictures of the new Lego Star Wars advent calendar and I'm still thinking why TLG doesn't release a super hero one as well. What are your thoughts?
  22. TNT apples

    [MOC] Star Lord CubeDude

    Hello all! This is my latest MOC, a CubeDude of StarLord from the Guardians Of The Galaxy. The CubeDude design is of course based upon Angus Maclane's Cube Dudes: Now, onto the MOC itself; Front view Side view, with a better look at the blasters Hope you liked it, I may do the other Guardians of the Galaxy members soon, if people like this enough. Thanks for looking at my MOC, any comments and constructive criticism are welcome.
  23. FinalFeature

    Superman Vs Hulk

    The Man of Steel fights The Incredible Hulk in this brand new video of test footage from my Lego Justice League / Avengers crossover project. Stay during the credits to see additional footage from the DC / Marvel Project!
  24. Peasantseverywhere

    What is the best £/$ 20 superhero set

    Hi was just thinking of about at this time what do you think is the best £/$ 20 superheroes set my personal belief is that it is the cap vs. hydra set but really wanting your opinions !
  25. TristanLoganLoki

    Custom Xmen

    Ive found some spare lego figs and Ive brought the 2 xmen sets out at the moment, but over them you only get a hand full of mutants. I know I can buy custom ones via online auctions places, but they are abit pricey so Ive decided to make my own figures of characters I dont think they will bring out. Im doing; Harada Mariko Yukio Silver Samurai Warpath Blink Viper Also brought a Lex Luthor fig so that can be Prof X. using an invisi block and a grey chair. Anyone got any tips for using paint on lego? I might put pics up if im able to, but, im not an expert painter and Id say im quite bad so. So they may suck. Ive done Yukio's sword (Basing the fig from the wolverine) which im almost happy with. If anyones interested, drop a message in :)