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Found 105 results

  1. I found the Ra's hideout a bit disappointing so I decided to rebuild to suit my tastes better using parts only from the original build Also while I've got you hostage please check out my Flickr What do you guys think? Critism is welcome but in moderation
  2. Brick Corner

    Lego Batman vs The Joker

    Hello folks! Here is new stop motion animation from Brick Corner Team:
  3. The Librarian

    X-Men Blackbird

    I've had this model sitting around for a fair while and it's taking up a lot of space so I figured it was time to take some pictures and show it off. As well as I can, anyway - I did get some decent lighting this morning . . . only to find I'd photographed it with some bricks splitting in one of the tail fins. So . . . poor lighting for the intact shots. Ho hum. Enjoy regardless! X-Men Blackbird by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr X-Men Blackbird by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr X-Men Blackbird by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr X-Men Blackbird by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr X-Men Blackbird by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr X-Men Blackbird by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr
  4. J3D1-T

    LEGO DC Comics Discussion

    This is a forum where you can discuss multiple topics on DC and upload an MOCs, leaks, rumours and more. Is anyone doing the Rebrick competition
  5. Duncan Young

    The Moth-Cave!

    Where do those foul bugs Firefly and Killer Moth kick back? At the Moth-Cave of course! But what's this?! Our daring caped crusader has arrived to run these pests out of Gotham Below is the Moth-Cave's power generator designed by the villain K.M himself! Now the Dark Knight has happened upon the duos laboratory (with table shamelessly stolen from the Batman's own cave!) But the crooks guard their trophy room with Freeze guns, Joker cards and Riddler Canes Finally lies the Moth-Computer- used to commit unspeakable evils! Can Batman defeat the dasterdly duo of Moth and Firefly?! Well yeah- it's Killer Moth :p Please tell me what you think :)
  6. Lego Spiderman 2 minifig from 2004 set 4856 Doc Ock's Hideout for sale. Pristine condition, includes one web string accessory (minifig stand in pictures not included) Image: Posting to UK only, payment by bank transfer only. Message me with offers if this interests you. Thanks LC
  7. Hellfyre

    The Bridge Battle display

    Having recently bought the Spider-Man Bridge Battle set, I thought it would be amiss not to display it and make a chaotic diorama out of it. IMG_9275 by J G, on Flickr I'm not much of a MOCer (at least not anymore), so there's not much modification apart from the Sandman's 'sand hands', taken from that awful Sandman/ Rhino set. IMG_9282 by J G, on Flickr I'm glad the bridge comes with a birds nest on top, so I could make this lame joke with the Vulture. IMG_9292 by J G, on Flickr Ben Reilly's having some trouble keeping this taxi out of the water below, though his troubles are far from over. IMG_9285 by J G, on Flickr Whilst Spider-Girl faces off against the Scorpion and Kraven, Deadpool follows in the footsteps of the Great Oily Lord Ainsley Harriott and gives his meat a good old rub. IMG_9280 by J G, on Flickr Here is an under-shot of the entire thing. I had a lot of fun putting this together, and I can't recommend this set enough. IMG_9293 by J G, on Flickr Link to the album here;
  8. So this topic could be pointless but I wanted to put some of my ideas out there. The post ideas about what a character (if released) would need. So without further ado here we go: Mystique:This one Hair- AoU Black Widow Hair in Red Head-Medium Blue or Blue Printed Head Torso-Medium Blue or Blue Printed Torso Arms-Medium Blue or Blue Arms Hands-Black Hands Hips-Black Printed Hips Legs-Black Legs Captain America: This one Head-Blue Printed Head Torso-Blue Printed Torso Arms-Dual Molded Blue Top/White Bottom Hands-Red Hands Hips-Blue Hips Legs-Dual Molded Blue Top/Red Bottom I have a couple more but I'll wait a bit to post them. Also the variant of the characters are shown in the links as the first image. Happy Building!
  9. NetherCreeper

    DC Super Heroes MOCs

    Inspired by the new Star wars figures, I took a shot at making DC figures in the same style. From Left to right: Joker, Robin, Batman, Superman, and Lex Luthor. Although none of them are final, the one who will receive the most change is Batman, as I want to give him a grapple gun. Please, give me feedback on how to do better, or compliment me. The eight long shell, the 2-part chest plate, and the armor add-on pieces represent the new star wars pieces, The heads are just there to give them a head, since they would require new pieces. (and in Batman and the Joker's case, pieces that aren't in LDD at this point) Brickshelf folder when active (contains individual pics of each, along with Lex Luthor's build): http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=558843 LXF file : Super Heroes.lxf
  10. Captain Britain

    Marvel Statuettes

    Hi all, Complete long shot but does anyone happen to be selling the 4 statuettes from the Helicarrier set? Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye and Nick Fury (I have the SHIELD agent). Last 4 I need to complete my Superheroes line up. I was after one on Bricklink which was a good price from the US and as they got my message somebody else purchased it . You win some, you lose some!
  11. Ashnflash

    Worst LEGO Experience...

    So I went a few weeks back the LEGO Store and bought all the Civil War sets and a few Micro Racers sets. And well you know those horrible stories you hear about it LEGO mishaps in production. For example that one time Louis Lane's face was printed onto the wrong head. Anyways I think my experience was a nightmare. I open up the Micro Racers: The Flash vs. Captain Cold set I was astonished to find that the set had a lot of problems. As you can see the list of problems with the set. For the Flash: No head or helmet... And the Powerboltz can didn't have any printing.: For Captain Cold: This is much worse... No head or parka... They sent the wrong color legs. And the freeze gun... Much worse the blaster is a piece I've never seen before and does not exist in any set. But the most disappointing I think is they sent me a fire piece, HE'S CAPTAIN COLD!!! So I had to contact the Shop online and ordered the parts but they won't be coming for a long time because they don't have spare parts in stock... Ya so I just thought I'd share my experience with all you guys! (And if someone could help me post the images that would help a lot, thanks!)
  12. Im a brickmaster.

    Joint MOC- The Whirly Bat!

    Behold! The Dark Knights oldest and goofiest/awesome vehicle! I helped my friends brother build this awhile ago and mn I think it looks pretty cool. Enjoy! Whirly Bat (joint MOC) by Total BrickMaster, on Flickr Whirly Bat (joint MOC) by Total BrickMaster, on Flickr
  13. Marvel Superheroes 2017 Rumors and Discussion (This is probably really REALLY early, But better early than late. Mods, please Lock if too early / no real info.) I made this because we now have our first piece of official 2017 Marvel. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 (Potential) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 [sets] - (???) Polybags (Potential) Thor Ragnarok [sets] - (???) Polybags (Potential) Spiderman [sets] - (???) Polybags
  14. The colossal MECHMASTER After common criminal Jennifer Mekto was trapped in a collapsing building, she rebuilt her body and became the menacing Mechmaster. Back detail: Action pose to show articulation: The dastardly Street Tooth A mysterious illegal racer given vampiric superpowers by exposure to irradiated gasoline built a strange vehicle to terrorize the streets of LEGO City. The ominous Arachne A brilliant scientist turned to crime, Arachne built a mechanical set of spider legs to traverse difficult terrain.
  15. NevertooOld

    LEGO Movie Night!

    Green Lantern invites Batman and Robin for a Movie Night. Someone has a gas problem...
  16. Hey everyone! Watch out LEGO heroes and citizens, Shapeshifter has arrived to infultrate your collections! One of two new custom minifigures available, Shapeshifter will feature front head, torso, and leg printing (with high quality professional pad printing), as well as back head and torso prints. And if here shapeshifting wasn't dangerous enough for the LEGO heroes in your collection, she also comes packing a BrickArms 1911 v2 pistol, perfect for quick lethal strikes. One aspect that is most unique for this figure is here new red hair piece. This piece was dyed to perfection by our custom community's own customBRICKS, so the quality is very good. Check out the figure's page to see an actual pic of the piece as it will look on the final figure (click the link for our site on our signature below). What is great about dyeing the piece is that it binds to the plastic and helps retain that smooth LEGO feel. None of that paint feel or peeling. Thanks again to HJ Media for producing this great render! What do you guys think? Shapeshifter Render by HJ Media Studios Figure designed by Phoenix Customs
  17. Chilly_Productions

    LEGO Early Discontinuation?

    I have noticed that when I visited LEGO's shop@home to buy the Phantom set, it was discontinued, then I looked at a set released later on, the Wookiee Gunship, also discontinued. Is lego discontinuing sets early now?.
  18. Hey guys, I have another custom pad printed minifigure that is available now on my website that we are excited to share with you all. Here's the information and pics for you, please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback on him below! I'd love to hear what you think! American Super Soldier by Phoenix Customs Minifigures Product Description American Super Soldier is a superhero who uses his stealth movements, super strength, speed, and agility and specially crafted shield to take out enemies that threaten his country. Based on the popular comic character! This figure includes: 1 Dark Red - Star Pattern Shield Printing This figure is professionally pad printed, just like official LEGO® figures. Features top quality head, torso, back, and arm pad printing.
  19. Hey everyone, Excited to share with you all our newest pad printed custom fig, Cold War Assassin. Here's the info: Cold War Assassin Featuring high quality professional pad printed double sided head, front and back torso, front legs, and printed silver chrome arm. He also comes armed with some of my favorite custom weapons - both a BrickArms HCSR Sniper Rifle and M16-AGL - to inflict heavy brick damage ;) Here's some pics: Here's the render by HJ Media Studios: What do you guys think?
  20. Superheroes teams up for some construction work. Spider-man´s spider sense is not what it´s used to be.....
  21. Raptor of Vengeance

    New Robin Head?

    EDIT: FIXED! Images are now up on imgur! So I have a bit of a story: I have the Damian Wayne Robin minifigure and I thought it'd be nice if he smiled for once, so I decide to buy the Juniors Batcave set for parts, the bright blue Batman, and Robin's face that has a similar design to Damian's, except it has two new expressions. Of course, with my luck, the set I bought just so happened to be missing that Robin head, so I used the replacement parts service on LEGO's website, and within a few days, it arrived. However, I think I have a whole new face print. Normal face currently available to everyone Its unique alternate expression Comparison with other expressions, very bottom head is the unique expression. I like it. It reminds me of a scared Emmet, and It's very different to what I should have received. Here's a result from a quick search on Google, for those who either don't have the set or don't know what I'm talking about. I've heard of misprints such as designs on wrong colored pieces and designs printed with wrong colored inks, but not anything like this, as well as the fact that LEGO sent me this "misprint" through its replacement service So what do you guys think? A new print for next year accidentally released early? A rejected print? Has anyone else ran into something similar?
  22. I have started collecting every single minifigures produced by Lego for superheroes theme including the old Batman/Spiderman sets and exclusive minifigures from SDCC and ToyFair, etc. I think I am at around 98% complete. I wondered if anyone has done the same and how do you display them? Any advice on getting hard-to-find minifigures?
  23. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Sinister Six's Rhino

    So I managed to complete Rhino (Aleksei Sytsevich) based on the version from the film Amazing Spider-Man 2. I am not really a mech guy, and so it is my first time doing a exo-suit. I took quite some images as references, and with them I created this model. It is supposed to be a big armor standing upright, but also leans down a little bit to resemble a rhinoceros when it is running and charging at targets. "You want me to come down so that you can kill me?" "Yeah!" "Okay Ill be right there." I insisted to make the thighs bigger than the calves, but the existing parts are not in good sizes until I discovered using them in 45 degrees. It looks much better in this way. Now it is in running mode: Probably better to run first to buy time! Rhino is heavily armed but that means he is also slow... Armed with two machine guns, the Rhino also has missile launchers on the shoulder. For left shoulder, I follow the original and put a shield-like plate there. Aleksei Sytsevich can sit inside comfortably...until Spider-Man defeats him! The head is probably an interesting use of part as I found no other piece / build that suits my intended design. The back is also a tricky part, because while it needs a lot of details, it also serves as a spine that hold the structure tight and stable. I also managed to follow the original design and put two "fins" at its "butt" location. Now, with Rhino, my Sinister Six team is complete. I also made my own Vulture and Green Goblin designs. Hope you all enjoy this and now I have to run and hide until Spider-Man defeats them all! Thanks for watching!
  24. LegoPercyJ

    (MOC) Clark Kent Phone Booth

    This is a MOC I have been meaning to make ever since I got Clark Kent but only got around to making it recently. It is a rather simple build; Clark with some accessories, and the phone booth. But I think it is nice all the same. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough clear 1x2 bricks to make it all around But besides that, I think this is a good MOC. But what do you think? C&C welcome.
  25. In this thread is all the information regarding 2016 DC and Marvel Superhero sets that we have collected. Discuss the 2016 sets here! This thread was created because of the pages upon pages being filled up with people's ideas and wishes. This is based off the Star Wars thread because their's seems to work really well, we're trying it with the Superheroes! Please read before posting: Stay on topic. Do not post fabricated information, which could lead to your account being banned. Remember that this topic is for discussing sets that are rumored to come in 2016. If it's something you wish to see or something you think that we'll see sometime in the future, but not something that's actually rumored to be a 2016 set, then it's pure speculation and it belongs in the Marvel and DC Wishlists created by Sir Gareth (Links below)! http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=113546 - Marvel http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=113545 - DC Also: Please do not repeat what other members have already posted when creating lists of set names and the figures you expect to be in upcoming sets! Thank you! As of right now we know that we are getting sets based off of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War! Promotional Posters released for Bats V. Supes First image released of the Batmobile that will appear in one of three BvS sets! DC Superheroes Set Names: - (76044) Batman V. Superman 1 - $14.99 - (76045) Batman V. Superman 2 (Batmobile) - $29.99 - (76046) Batman V. Superman 3 - $69.99 - (76052) Classic TV Series Batcave D2C (Direct to Consumer) ~ Name courtecy of CM4Sci - (76053) Gotham City Cycle Chase - $24.99 ~ Name courtecy of CM4Sci - (76061) Batman 1 - $9.99 New Racers - (76062) Batman 2 - $9.99 New Racers - (76063) Batman 3 - $9.99 New Racers Marvel Superheroes Set Names: - (76047) Captain America: Civil War 3 - $34.99 - (76048) Iron Skull Submarine Attack - $34.99 - (76049) Avengers Space Mission - $64.99 - (76050) Captain America: Civil War 1 - $24.99 - More Captain America Civil War sets according to just2good - (76064) Avengers 4 - $9.99 New Racers - (76065) Avengers 5 - $9.99 New Racers - (76066) Avengers 6 - $9.99 New Racers Rumors - The Racers are rumored to not have legs... - Gotham City Cycle Chase is rumored to have new Harley Quinn with Pigtails - Raven may come in 2017, the design is rumored to be based of the Teen Titans Go TV Series - The 1966 Batcave will feature "more" than just the Batcave Please let me know if I've missed anything!