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Found 13 results

  1. So this is an old moc... a really old moc! I started building it originally for the Sultan's Gate community build in mid-2014, but then got sidetracked onto other things and ended up missing the comp deadline altogether. Eventually i returned to it and finished it in Jan 2015. I always meant to post it in GoH once i had finished, but a demanding work schedule meant that this plan ended slipping through the cracks - whoops. Finally this year i find myself with more time and got around to making a new build to return to the guilds with (more on that later), and realised to my embarassment that this one never got posted! So this clearing the decks to some extent. So anyway, this is the description i wrote up for my version of Sultan's Gate's merchant's entrance: Often trade entrances into cities in Historica are modest affairs... not so however in Sultan's Gate! The cities strategic location has seen flourishing trade down the centuries, which has made some merchants very rich indeed. This allowed the powerful merchant's guild to commission the lift many years before, completed in the grand style to advertise the wealth and power of the city. Goods that are perishable or particularly valuable are often sent by lift to avoid the treacherous climb up the escarpment. The lift is very safe with only a few losses, mainly from overbearing merchants ordering it's use on high wind days. (A local legend has it that a giant roc once bit through the lift chain and made off with the entire box, but this has never been substantiated.) A ride in the lift to the ground and back again is a rite of passage for many of the young thrillseekers in the city, who often try to stow away or bribe the guards for the experience. Above the clouds - the great merchant's lift of Sultan's Gate by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Abovetheclouds - Merchant's lift 4 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] One of the things i was keen to try out with this build was a style of angled rockwork that was pioneered by Torgar. It was perfect for creating narrow sloping ledges on the cliff face. The long cloud base was an afterthought as i had committed to exhibiting this at Brickvention (a Lego show in Melbourne, Australia), and had to soak up some more table space. I think the asymmetric composition really helped it in the end and it was great to be able to crack out one of my great eagles in a moc for the first time! Abovetheclouds - Merchant's lift 1 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Abovetheclouds - Merchant's lift 2 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Abovetheclouds - Merchant's lift 3 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] I was really inspired by images of the Manitou cliff dwellings while i was building, so i wanted to have different levels cut into the cliff, where people would be living etc. I incorporated lights into the interiors where i could as well. Abovetheclouds - Merchant's lift 6 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Abovetheclouds - Merchant's lift 5 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr Abovetheclouds - Merchant's lift 8 (back with lights) by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Abovetheclouds - Midnight Tower by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] The lift itself is actually remote controlled using PF, which was a first for me. It took a little trial and error to get it to run straight, but was a lot of fun to build and operate,especially at Brickvention. I would stand away from the table and activate it wherever kids came up to touch the lift - seeing them trying to figure out how it was moving was quite amusing! IMG_0496 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Anyway, thanks for checking out my (very late) build... c&c very welcome!
  2. After winning their way into the city of Sultan's Gate with an impressive performance, the minstrels quickly found the point at which the great victory parade was to begin. Striking up their noisy tune, the minstrels began to livened up the parade, with the crowd gathered in the streets and rooftops cheering wildly - so much so, in fact, that the guard who had let them in was even starting to hope that he might get a raise! The Minstrels: Part one of the guerrilla. Credit goes to Marcu for the window and street design... to whom I now turn this over for the final part Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  3. "The Day the Music Died" The moment delegates from different parts of Kaliphlin were arriving with specialties for the gala diner, a group of terrorists had stormed forward shouting something like "Four You Land Us" and "Four Kai and Flin", which nobody understood. These armed lunatics had to be taken care of. The Desert King's sorceresses acted swiftly and ruthlessly. Cleotete created a shining blue shield of protection around the king while killing the first assassin with magical fire. Simultaneously Nofrepatra, the enchantress, stopped an attacker with a frightening blast of blue magical power. Al Giwemm Fahia appeared with his famous three-prong staff of flames and set the third assassin's crossbow on fire. Within a second an Ostrich Archer took care of the evil dwarf. The malicious plan had failed. Let's hear it for Al Giwemm Fahia... and Cleotete... as well as Nofrepatra and the brave Ostrich Archer The hideous assassin fell from the wall to his death soon after this magical picture had been taken: The guests arriving: This is a counter attack to [GA:B12 U vs. DK] The orchestra of Sultan's Gate @marcu22: Nice building style!
  4. Rebuilding What Once Was (Challenge 4 Prelude, Chapter 2) Chapter One The thunderous sound of the earth roaring seemed to last for hours in Kaliphlin. Not only did the Lone Mountain explode, but the force of the tremor was felt as far away as Mitgardia. Much of Kaliphlin was shaken, and many places suffered catastrophic damage. The newly rebuild city of Sultan’s Gate was not spared the wrath of the “Great Disturbance” (As it has come to be known). However, as the dust cleared and those who were spared began shifting through the rubble, treachery has surfaced! One of the housing districts that seemed to have sunk into the ground during the quake, was sabotaged! It soon became apparent that Drow tunnels were dug under Sultan’s Gate. For what purpose, we many never know, but the culprits have seemed to have abandoned their plans now. Sultan’s Gate is a tight knit community, and soon the rebuilding effort began. Robuko by Picture, on Flickr (NOTE: Thanks to Robuko for building this MOC, when he gets back in town he will probably post this as a separate free build with more close up shots.) Orcs, humans, mummies all work throughout the day to try and clear up the results of the landslip. Some of the newest Petraea General Trading Company contraptions are used in the effort. In this painting we can see the Ornithopter Flying Boat surveying and lifting rubble. At this rate, perhaps Sultan’s Gate will find normalcy in a few months. But something seems to be lurking in the distance, a general feeling seeps over the people, that the Landslip, the earthquake, and the intrusion upon Kaliphlin are all just early warnings to something greater. And… with the new strangers starting to appear in town, from “Ulandia” or “Ulantis” or ”Ulandus”, or something like that, a place no Kaliphlin seems to recall, , one must wonder what this new era may bring. proverb by skaforhire, on Flickr Rebuilding What Once Was (Challenge 4 Prelude, Chapter 2)
  5. Sultan's Gate's "Fair Street" is renown throughout Historica for it's intriguing shops! The house on the left is a music store. The owner's workshop is on top, and he sells instruments down below. Without customers: The wooden house is an armory. Apologies for the rather crusty overview picture, I didn't have much choice but to take it today and it was raining! I'd like UoP credits for Roofing #3, Roof Rakes (both Architecture), Interior Design (General Building), and Music (Culture) if possible please! Thanks for looking! Comments are always welcome!
  6. gedren_y

    SG: Sali Dahlib's Stall

    Millenia ago in the frozen north the Armored Eagle Goddess left the material world (and her flesh body) behind. But as she went, the Goddess told her people she would return. <In a time of heavy persecution my faithful will make a great pilgrimage,> the Goddess foretold, <Far to the south they will find a great Nest of Metals, and settle there. Many generations will pass, and life will be good. After a war with magic, involving many peoples, the fervent will take up a quest to find my Egg. When my Egg is found by a true believer, then my flesh will be reborn into this world.> This is the tale of the quest to fulfill the Goddess' word. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The caravan from Lost Vega had taken an intentionally confusing course, but finally Sdair Zuuree and Kynkayd Hernbolnd were in the 'Old Quarter' of Sultan's Gate. Their holy quest to find the Egg of the Armored Eagle Goddess will require some very specific maps. Maps of the ancient Drow tunnels. DS Overall by gedren_y, on Flickr In Lost Vega, Sdair was informed by the casino masters that to obtain the maps he needed, he would have to visit the merchant Sali Dahlib. He was told that he would find the stall atop a pedestal on which a giant marble statue once stood. DS Barter 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr "Ah'm in need of sum maps," Sdair said after his climb up a rather flimsy ladder, "Ah'm told ye'd be da one ta see fer what Ah need." DS Barter 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr Sali Dahlib hesitated a moment at Sdair's accent, but then replied, "Sali Dahlib got maps. Stone maps, scroll maps, an' even a big globe map. Quality. No cheep." "Ah'm in need of sum vera special maps," Sdair lowered his voice, "Drow tunnel maps, as old as possible." At Sdair's request Sali Dahlib looked frightened. As the merchant swayed from foot to foot considering, Sdair looked about at the wares on Sali Dahlib's shelves. Nothing seemed really promising. "Dat, dat," Sali Dahlib stammered, "Dat Sali Dahlib no gots. But Sali Dahlib gots map to where youse be gettins it." "A map ta get a map?" Sdair snorted, "What dross is dat?" "Home of Driz Urdon on dat map," Sali Dahlib pointed to a stone tablet on the shelf to his right, "Him usedta be a Drow. Hims a wraith elf now. Him lives in dangerous place. Likes be alone, but him gots what youse need. Youse pay four rubies, and no say where youse gots map. Yes?" Sdair had nearly as much trouble understanding Sali Dahlib's diatribe as the merchant had with his own words, but he understood and agreed to the terms. --------------------------------------- DS Waiting by gedren_y, on Flickr Kynkayd Hernbolnd waits with their horses and Sdair's gear. It was advised that they not try to carry anything heavy up Sali Dahlib's ladder. ---------------------------------------------- Here are some other shots of this build: From above to see the roofs. The pedestal base. Look, a scorpion is looking to have frog meat. Just a bit of sand detail. Look, Sali Dahlib has a kitty. The back of the horse corral is the crumbling remains of an old wall. More of that wall, and a horse not sure of the feed. ----------------------------------------------- I took Sali Dahlib's wares off the shelves for these shots. Maps and scrolls. Some foodstuffs. Naughty. (The middle isn't a drow head, just an orc head made to look that way. Don't be fooled by imitations.) Other stuff. -------------------------------------------- I hate the quality of these pics. I'll try to get some better ones later, but I had to get this posted today to qualify.
  7. The time has finally come for the Kaliphlin Community Build for Sultan's Gate! Your challenge: Help rebuild the great city of Sultan’s Gate! A ruined lonely city will once again be rebuilt and revitalized with the help of the Kaliphlin guild members. There are no restrictions on what you can build for the city- markets, homes, businesses, temples, towers and walls all need to be rebuilt to their former glory in Sultan’s gate. Your Inspiration: Sultan’s Gate is a fortified town on top of the Great Escarpment, and its architecture draws from both Mediterranean and Middle Eastern building styles. It sits on the main trading route between the realms of Mitgardia and Nocturnus and one of its crowning jewels is the defensive first gate that traders and villagers must pass through to enter the town. Being built on the top of the Escarpment the town has many height variations, and as you climb the hills towards the highest peak, the differences in the wealth of the city can be clearly seen. Wealthier merchants and residents prefer to live at the top of town near the citadel, rather than near the main entrance. Primarily tan fortified walls span around and throughout the whole town, and with it being located on the lower end of the Escarpment the walls only range from 10-12 studs high and six studs wide. The new walls are built upon the ruins of the old wall and all sections are similar but not necessarily identical due to this. At the moment the town is made up of many temporary buildings located both inside and outside of the main walls. The city outside the walls consists of more temporary and quickly made shelters while inside the walls sits more permanent buildings. Due to the location and elevation, building materials are harder to transport so most villagers in the town do utilize the old ruins when building new structures in the town. The prizes! We have the new Hobbit set 79012 Mirkwood Elf Army and three Kaliphlin inspired part packs to give away during this community build. The community build will be ongoing; however only MOCs posted between February 1st, 2014 and July 31st 2014 will be eligible for the prizes above. How to win: Set 79012: This set will be given away to the person who wins by popular vote for the overall best MOC built between February 1st, 2014 and July 31st, 2014. After August 1st, everyone who participated will PM me their favorite build to be included and then voting will be opened up to the Eurobrick members to pick their favorite. Kaliphlin part pack: For every free build MOC made pertaining to Sultan’s Gate you will be awarded points that will be converted to entries into the random lottery draw for these packs. 1 point equals one entry! The more MOCs you make the more times your name will be entered into the lottery to win! You have two simple ways to get points for entries: 1st: Main Gate Challenge: From February 1st, 2014 to March 31st, 2014 build what you think the main gate of the city looks like. After the 31st we will open up voting to Kaliphlin members for the best gate and the MOC will officially be used as the Main Entrance of Sultan’s Gate. One point will be awarded for participating in the Gate Challenge (one entry point per Kaliphlin member) and the winner will receive one additional point. 2nd- Points will be awarded for all free build MOCs done related to Sultan’s Gate: MOCS sized 8X8- 32X32 studs will be awarded .5 points each MOCS sized 33X33 studs and up will be awarded 1 point each A running tally of points will be kept at the end of this thread and will be updated regularly with your total. If anything is missed or if you think your total is wrong, please send me a PM with your concerns. Contest Rules: You must be a member of the Kaliphlin Guild to participate. Entries should be new (never posted anywhere previously). All entries are to include only real LEGO. No clone brands. To be eligible for points all entries must be posted in a separate topic and started with the following text- SG: Your Topic name. You can also add a link to this thread with your topic so no one gets overlooked. Quality over quantity is what we are looking for. I reserve the right to ask for a MOC to be improved if it is found that effort was not used in order to rack up more entry points. To help spread the prize love through the whole guild, you are only eligible to win Set 79012 plus one part pack. If your name is drawn more than once for a pack, the entry will be discarded and awarded to the next valid name drawn. These rules can be changed whenever we see fit to ensure that people follow the intent of the contest. What are you waiting for? Grab your bricks and get building! MOC Index
  8. The courier must deliver his message! This was kind of a revolutionary build for me because I started at the bottom and built upwards!...well, mostly
  9. Sitting atop the Great Escarpment, at the northern edge of Kaliphlin and overlooking the main trade route between Mitgardia and Nocturnus, the city of Sultan's Gate has been recently revitalized by the ruling council of Kaliphlin. Building upon the ruins of the once proud city, it has been restored to impress travelers and intimidate armies advancing from the North, a much needed measure in these dark times. Should any enemy be foolish enough to march against Sultan's Gate, they will first have to face the narrow and winding path up the Escarpment, that only allows two abreast. If they are lucky enough to make it to the top, they will be flanked by the two main towers, that do not allow easy passage East or West, and from where defenders can rain death on them. The bazaar, with it's distinguishable violet dome, and the tower of wizardry, the tallest building in Sultan's Gate, can be seen peeking out from behind the city walls, the rest of buildings too short to raise above the level of the imposing walls. This build has certainly changed coats often during its story, as it was supposed to be a regular minifig scale of just the gate. But it soon became apparent I wouldn't have enough bricks for what I wanted, so I decided to try my hand at micro. The advantage of that, tho, is that I could include the path up the escarpment, so those not familiar with the community challenge learn more about the location. It also allowed me to include a small Orcan settlement, who have relatively recently been allowed to inhabit the area. C&C will be greatly appreciated, as this is my first micro, but I've always been fascinated by the "format". I would also like to claim the following UoP DoH credits (2 total): [General Building] Microscale, [Geography] Mountains or cliffs
  10. Kai NRG

    SG: Main Gate

    A trader brings a convoy of goods. Ageven tours the walls: Interior shot: Second house. This was something of an experiment, I do like the purple bottom, but it doesn't seem to work quite the way I hoped it would with the rest of the building. Unfortunatly photographic conditions were far less than ideal. When I edited them they didn't look so dark but on this computer they're showing up pretty dark... I'm wondering if that's just the angle? I'd also like to claim UP DoH credits for: Wall Techniques (1/3 - for the purple house - , Architecture) Life in Kaliphlin (Anthropology) Desert (Geography) Thanks for checking it out, I hope you enjoyed it!
  11. Gideon

    SG: Main Gate

    Located on top of the Great Escarpment in Kaliphlin, the town of Sultan's Gate guards the only scalable path up on top of the Escarpment for many miles. It's main gate is a formidable fortress, with arrow slits in all directions and murder holes on top of the gate where stones and boiling oil can be poured onto anyone who's managed to drag a battering ram all the way up onto the Escarpment. Inside the gatehouse, all traders have to pay toll for their wares. The old wall has crumbled in some parts, but has recently been repaired. The stonemasons making the repairs were not as thorough as the masons of old however, so the new section of the wall is not perfectly flat. The old door from the gatehouse has had to be walled up, since it was leading out into the air nowadays. Together with the town module (more pictures here): The orcs living at the foot of the Great Escarpment are strong porters, and a lot of the trade is carried out by them. The orc inside the gatehouse has stopped on his way up to pay the tolls for his goods. Lead roofing is used to keep out the scarce but heavy rains this part of Kaliphlin experiences. I'd like to claim the following UoP credits for this build: Roofing [architecture] (3/3, for the flat tower roofs with the tiled roofs in the middle) Caravan / shipping by land [trade and law] I had planned to put this on top of a cliff, symbolizing the upper part of the Great Escarpment. Hopefully I'll be able to finish the build in this manner sometime before I need the tan bricks again.
  12. Gideon

    SG: Town Houses

    Located on top of the Great Escarpment in Kaliphlin, the town of Sultan's Gate guards the only scalable path up on top of the Escarpment for many miles. Within the safety of the walls of Sultan's Gate, space is precious enough that most houses are built with at least two or three stories. This section of wall is built upon the old walls of the great ancient city built in the times of the Sultan. The gatehouse The old wall has crumbled in some parts, but has recently been repaired. The stonemasons making the repairs were not as thorough as the masons of old however, so the new section of the wall is not perfectly flat. The old door from the gatehouse has had to be walled up, since it was leading out into the air nowadays. This section of the wall is facing the Great Escarpment, and a father and his son are spending the afternoon caravan spotting from the roof of their house. I'd like to claim the following UoP credits for this build: Roofing [architecture] (second roof of three, for the domed roof). City scene [anthropology]
  13. Built on the back of a crumbling old wall section no longer used, by-product of the expansion of the city, the Sultan's Plate is not the fanciest food joint in the city of Sultan's Gate, but it is one of the most popular. Conveniently located near a main circulation artery, the once dusty warehouse is now a haven for travelers and locals alike. The place is run by Laebon, an associate of Q'adris (the owner), an elf who was crippled in battle decades ago and found refuge and solace in Kaliphlin. What he lacks in muscular capabilities is more than compensated by his excellent social skills. Drop by if you are ever in the city and would like to experience a warm welcome, delicious wine and a fulfilling meal. Laebon Kitchen Overexcited Soldier If you have noticed the studs on top of the walls, those are for the attachable ceiling. For point matters in the Sultan's Gate community build, this build is small (<33x33). I would also like to claim the following UoP DoH credits (3 total): [General Building] Interior Design, [Anthropology] - City Life, [Anthropology] Life in Kaliphlin Edit: Added links to all pictures, added another image with roof