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Found 5 results

  1. My latest creation;'s another submarine . It's a small one, I do hope to build a really big submarine one day. The observation dome on top, the printed transparent dish, came from some Star Wars set. Lots of canopies to give the operator a complete view of the surroundings. I hope you like it. I'd put it on Ideas but who am I kidding, people are only interested in yellow submarines .
  2. Orange Leader

    Three Little Subs

    Every space colonizing corporation, group or private company, needs their own submersible to explore, harvest or kill the deep ocean floors from planets, moons and comets. The following three submersibles are build to represent their own faction. My own submersible for AG back then, was the Kaito Mk1 from Kawashita. I did some subtile modifications so it does not break as easily (its still not recommanded to play with it, though). Octan GUPPY かいと (Kaito) Mk1 Stealth Sub V2
  3. For my upcoming Aquazone project, I built a small submersible for the Aquanauts faction. It is intended to be a multipurpose utility submersible, short to medium range, operated by a single Aquanaut and space for one passenger. Specifications are as follows: Powerplant: Four 6.5 kAh Hydrogen fuel cells Propulsion: Single propellor, dual maneuvering pump-jets, max speed: 30 knots Communications: Dual Enhanced UHF antennae, dual short-range VLF voice comm antennae Armaments: Dual harpoon launchers Oxygen supply: 60,000 liters of compressed air, redundant dual 20 m3/hour carbon scrubbers The submersible (though technically almost a submarine) in all its glory. Three powerfull LED-lamps provide ample lighting for navigating around the seabed. The propulsion system, fast but not very silent. But it's not meant to be stealth anyway. The trans-neon antennae are a piece of revolutionary sci-fi technology that allows high-bandwith communication over long distances, something that's impossible in current era submarines. Basically it's like underwater 4G with a 300 kilometer range from the cell tower. And the bill being paid by the Aquanaut admiralty. Sweet. Top hatch, for use when the sub is surfaced only, for obvious reasons. It even features a small window with electrical defogger! Emergency escape hatches, operated via explosive bolts. Be sure to put on a diving suit first though! Also, it's for easy playability access. Clearly visible are a tool clip, a control panel, and the diving hatch. It can even hold an Aquanaut diving suit and the doors will close just fine. The diving hatch, technically it doesn't fit a minifig but oh well. This deep in the ocean, pressure inside the cabin would have to be very high to stop water flowing into the sub, but minifigs are tough! Try smacking one with your hand as it's laying on the table, you'll get my point. The pilot, operating the sub via dual joysticks. The harpoons are laserguided, and have an optional explosive tip. But surely, there's nothing to fear in the deep seas except maybe huge sharks, giant squids, and competing factions, right? Since the yellow numbered tile is available 1 through 4, I built four identical subs. They're multipurpose anyway, and there's a lot of work to be done for these fellows, and a lot of stuff to be built! Additional pictures in the Brickshelf gallery (when it's public) http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=561086 Thanks for viewing, more aquazone builds will follow!
  4. papacharly

    [MOC] Submersible JAGO 2.0

    One year ago I presented a virtual version of submersible JAGO (see here). Now I am able to proudly present a real life brick built version of JAGO. And some new renders (Pov-Ray, based on LDraw) too. For the brick built version I had to manipulate some original parts: Dome 4x4 #86500 and Round Plate 6x6 #11213 are not available in yellow. So I had to re-color these parts by using a color spray can. JAGO is a submersible primarily dedicated to exploration and research in marine sciences. See homepage JAGO. Hope you enjoy it. Regards Papacharly
  5. JAGO is a submersible primarily dedicated to exploration and research in marine sciences. Check it out here: I virtually built it by SR3D Builder (LDraw system) and rendered it by Pov-Ray. Regarding the “Shark-Render” I used media and scattering for generating the “foggy” appearance of the underwater scenery. The sharks are from Lego 4506 Deep Sea Predators (posted by C3POwen in "Official Lego Sets made in LDraw"). Papacharly