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Found 63 results

  1. Hello everyone! I want to start this news by saying, that if this is the wrong place for this news, or I am not allowed to postnews here, I will kindly take this page down. I've rarely made topics, this may be my first or second. I only mean to comply with those administrators who operate this website. I mean no harm if I make a mistake. Anyways, on the LEGO Store website, a downloadable .PDF file is available for the LEGO Calendar April 2014. Events are also posted but no email reminder has been sent to my inbox yet for the April events lineup. Monthly Mini Build: "Visit your local LEGO Store on the first Tuesday of every month and you can learn how to build a cool mini model, and take it home -- for free! Quantities are limited and offer is good while supplies last only. A new model will be available every month and will be specially themed to that month -- ask a Store Associate for details! Models are not for sale and cannot be purchased. One free per child. Event is open to children ages 6 to 14 only. See store for more details. Upcoming Mini Model Build: LEGO Helicopter: Tuesday, April 1 begins at 5:00 pm until supplies last." Danbury, CT Grand Opening Celebration: "Join in a huge LEGO Building event and help a real LEGO Master Builder construct an 8-foot tall model of the Hulk™ completely out of LEGO bricks! You'll receive a FREE Certificate of Achievement for participating! April 4-6 • Center Court Friday, April 4: 11am-7pm Saturday, April 5: 10am-6pm Sunday, April 6: 11am-5pm Plus: During the event, be one of the first 300 people each day to make a qualifying purchase at the LEGO Store and you will receive one of these exclusive giveaways." Fashion Show, Las Vegas, NV Grand Opening: "Join in a huge LEGO Building event and help a real LEGO Master Builder construct an 8-foot-tall model of R2-D2™ completely out of LEGO bricks! You'll receive a FREE Certificate of Achievement for participating! April 25-27 • Great Hall, Fashion Show, Las Vegas, NV Friday, April 25: 11am-7pm Saturday, April 26: 10am-6pm Sunday, April 27: 11am-5pm Plus: During the event, be one of the first 300 people each day to make a qualifying purchase at the LEGO Store and you will receive one of these exclusive giveaways." Sorry I couldn't upload photos yet. Here's my news video of it!
  2. Alfadas

    AoM Store Phase l

    I, Mandred Mandredson, Alfadas older brother (I know, Alfadas inherited my fathers position, just because I don't want any responsibility on a lot of people), opened a weapons store with some financial support from Alfadas before he left. It is still a small shop, but when I make a lot of profit, I will expand my store. I sell only weapons and armory now, but also that will change. The store has a lot of customers, and I don't think I can handle it all. I might need to hire a blacksmith. No problem, enough blacksmiths here and there. But that is in the future. I once was a good warrior, guarding the town of my brother. When he left, I got the lead of the town. I didn't like it, so I gave the leadership to another brother, Nólaf. He is a good leader and promised he would support my shop. And there leaves a happy woman, with the birthday presents for her husband. How nice. And there is a nice nobleman from a big town far away, buying my best shield. I used it a few years, and it is still a good shield. Here I am again with another entry for AoM challenge, this time it is the store phase l. That is it, hope you like it. To be continued....
  3. snaillad

    Barrie's Department Store

    Hi everyone, Here is my latest build, Barrie's department store. It was inspired by a department store in my home city of Newcastle Upon-Tyne. I wanted to do a long building with a high window display and build something on a large scale. It comes with a fully furnished interior on 4 floors which consist of a food hall, home furniture, ladies wear and a restaurant on the top floor. I added a 1930's streamlined 'balloon' design tram to the street scene even if these were not found in Newcastle at that time but it was fun to build Here's a few exterior and interior shots; More pictures can be found on my flickr here Comments welcomed as always!
  4. Hi, There Lego Fans Recently i bought few sets of lego city. Now I`m thinking how to store them I read lots of topics about this and I got general idea. I decide to store by brick type in plastic cabinet with drawers something like this: Now I got questions when i store bricks in those drawers (like on photo bellow) will this type of storing cause scratches on them ? What can i do to avoid or minimalize scratches on bricks when storing them ??
  5. There is this small possibility that I go christmasshopping soon in Oberhauseb Centro. Legostore included. I've always wanted to know what makes a Legostore special. We don't have one in the Netherlands so I'm pretty anxious to see what it's all about. Now what can I expect? Just a toystore filled with most of the legosets we allready know? Do they carry every set? Do they carry minecraft or cuusoo? Do they sell seperate bricks? Are there any amazing discounts? Is legoland germany worth a visit? Anyway... Should I bring my wallet...? I will be going with my girlfriend. Any tips to distract her and getting the most legos I possibly can..? :-p Any other tips? Thanks!
  6. lightningtiger

    MOC - Row Of Shops

    I'm still waiting on a stack of parts for my mega Shell, etc., complex so I decided to start on a new menswear store to replace my old Lowes and Mensland store designs from a few years back. Just a tease shot first....look closely at the detail and see what you can see ? I of course still have the side walls and racks for jackets and pants among other merchandise.......keep watching !
  7. The impossible has happened. I just saw this on Brickset: At last, we Belgians don't have to go all the way to Lille or Köln for a store. (I visited my first LEGO store while on holiday in the USA) Finally we can acces a Pick a Brick wall without having to pay for the transportation! My dream has come true. And his come close to my door... PS: No word yet on special events or promotions, but for all of you guys wanting some free minifigs: go check out this coupon.
  8. Hi Eurobricks members! We (that is EB member herrJJ and me) got a bit into selling LEGO parts. We noticed that we are pretty up to date in regards to parts and sets, that we can distinguish between part variations and that we buy sets over sets to have the parts, but often don't use them all. That's why we opened our own BrickLink Store now where we sell parts and some sets, that we do not need anymore. While we try to be as professional as possible, we only do this as a hobby, so shipping may take some days. But our goal is to be a fair alternative to the classical profit-orientated resellers. We don't want to gain huge profits from this, we only want to get parts for own collection cheaper. We think of different services to offer, e.g. looking for specific parts or sets, you need. Or helping you to "bricklink" old sets. Something like that. If you find parts in our inventory, that you would like to have, but think that the price is too steep: contact us and ask for a discount. Especially if you buy several parts, we may be able to give you a discount that meets your wishes. If you find parts in our inventory, but you need more: contact us! Maybe we have more parts in our private collection that we can sell to you. If you are looking for parts, sets, boxes, instructions etc: contact us! We try to help. Well, I want to tell you more about our ideas soon. And we are of course thinking of a nice "corporate design" or something like that (if you have ideas... contact us! ). But I could not wait to share the news. I am curious when we will welcome our first EB-customers! Visit steinreich24 at!
  9. lightningtiger

    Hoopers Hardware Store

    Seeing the wonderful work of 'snaillad' the other day got the tiger thinking.....what could I come up with ? Well, for a change - no stickers but still open backed though. I now present.......Hooper's Hardware Store This the updated store front with scales and sign saying 'Hooper's Hardware'. (edit post date 24/08/2013) Here we see Mr. Hooper about to sweep the front entrance of his store. (original post date 23/08/2013) His father started this business in the late 19th century and modern ideas are the last thing on his mind......he's quite old fashioned in his ways. As you can see the store hasn't changed much since the late 19th century, the big drawers full of hardware, the big paper roll for wrapping parcels, the old school display tables and the big heavy front doors (yes, they do open and close perfectly). Hopefully tomorrow if Mr. Hooper is in a good mood we can get some more interior and close up shots of the store.....but he was a little testy tonight so fingers crossed for tomorrow then. Comments are always welcome, plus any questions for old Mr. Hooper.....hopefully he'll answer them (oh, I hope he doesn't mind being called old ?)
  10. lightningtiger

    MOC - Multi-Storey City Building

    It's been a few weeks since I posted any designs and with the coming of Town Square I decided to start designing buildings to join that set.....well when I can buy it. Through out European cities you can find small inner city hardware stores so here is my take on them. The painter's roller has come in just in time eh ? Now what's going on top....well either a second floor for giftware/kitchenware/glassware or a different business all office of some sort....any ideas or suggestions ? Oh, an example of a real one I guess would be a good idea right ? Keep watching !
  11. Hi guys, I want to share with you how I store my trains. I think this is a good solution as the black plastic boxes protect engines and wagons, can be stacked and cost less than 3 Euros. I use a 11 liter SAMLA black box container with bubble wrap and lid, that fits perfectly 1 train set. For its internal size it can contains the entire Maersk Train set or other sets with 4 wagons, like PF Red Cargo Train.
  12. B-OV-40B So, that Winter Village contest is going on, and I (surprisingly) haven't seen any entries yet! I can't enter this digital entries aren't allowed. I made this for fun, anyway, I do it every year. Last year I made a candy store. But this year, I thought I'd try something smaller; a book store! Final_Winter_Book_Shop3 The store itself is 628 pieces, there is a light brick, but I will get on to that later. I had a few design flaws, like the rounded window. I wanted it to have some icicles, but using the green rounded plates wouldn't allow me to have them in some places. I tried my best not to have the window's roof from the post office set, so I kinda.. altered it. Some scenery is included; a tree with a snow pile (from the snowblower), and a small bridge with a stream underneath and a little wreath. The minifigures: WBS1 From left to right: Book Store Owner, Mother, Daughter, Father, Snow Worker Then a few inside images: Choosing books Buying a book (Where's the book? ) Upstairs bedroom, bed w/ lamp and a 'picture' (or newspaper ) The fireplace and light brick, that shines through the window! Side view (notice the technic pin hole in the 1st alt image?) So that's my Winter Book Store. I hope you all liked it! Comments appreciated -Sci
  13. It would seem like there will be a new Lego store.