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Found 63 results

  1. Mestari

    [MOC] Modular Jewellery Store

    This is my fourth modular building and first one that really got me angry at LEGO. I'll explain that at this end of my post. This is a Jewellery Store at the ground floor, followed by an apartment on first and second floors. What I wanted to achieve with this build was to have a living space that was complete. Eventually I missed the bathroom having only toilet there. What I did crammed in there is the living room, kitchen and toilet on the first floor and two bedrooms on the second floor (the little boy has blankets made of reindeer skin ;) ). There is also a storing room on the ground floor and a swing for the boy (where he left his teddy bear). I have also made a little area surrounded by foliage overgrown stone wall. The entry to the apartment is through the gate and at the side of the building. So, let's have a look at all of the modules together: First let's have a closer look at the ground floor: and a view from the back: and a front with LOVELY dark green bricks. Each in different version of what was supposed to be the same colour: Now for the first floor with living room, kitchen and toilet: and the last floor: Here is another view of the building: and now I'll tell you what made me angry (apart from those dark greens, that is). First, it was also DBGs and bright pink that were all over the place with colour accuracy. Have a look at that: Then, much more serious trouble. This is what happened when I tried to build with 1x2 bricks: Nice, isn't it? It was even worse if you kept on building like that so I had to disassemble everything and start again, but this time I had to use 1x4 bricks as much as I could to avoid warping the baseplate and rising the whole building. Pathetic. But it's not all. Later came 1x2 plates. This is what those do: Same thing, but here I need only one layer of them and was albo counter fight this effect with 1x4 bricks on top. Lastly, cheese slopes. I have 2x6 of them on the front. You guessed it right. On the left side 4 out of 6 cracked. Because. I was rather displeased, to say the least as those are all new bricks and I have more similar stories to tell lately so I contacted LEGO service via e-mail. They politely told me to sod off. Only after me calling them I was able to get replacement for broken and cracked pieces. Shame on you LEGO... :/ PS. Full gallery for this modular is here:
  2. July D2C should be 10252 Volkswagen Beetle.
  3. Does anyone know whether we can buy boxes of minifigures out of lego stores? Thanks
  4. lightningtiger

    MOC - Reece Plumbing Store

    Now for my latest creation, I tossed this together the other day. Reece is a major player in the plumbing supply industry in Australia and after visiting two of their stores last week I thought why not make my own. More to come, keep watching & Brick On everyone !
  5. bobbrick999

    Lego Facade only 6 studs wide

    Lego Facade,all this is only six studs wide! and has a brick count of less than just one modular building,The idea behind this model is to allow collectors who struggle with space for the large modular buildings to display this with ease on any standard shelf. with a brick count of less than one normal modular build you get three,There is the hardware store with tools for sale,a hat shop just in case your mini figures want a new look,and last but not least a fish store for all your pet fish needs,be careful tho the contractors tearing up the walk way. All the stores have goodies inside to play with and a few secrets to discover as well ? This model would be ideal for people on a budget,with limited space, or have a gap that needs filling in there Lego city.also ideal as a standalone set.more details on Lego Ideas
  6. Hello everyone! Here is my "last-minute" creation for the Expand the Winter Village VI contest. It's a 2 in 1 building. The main building is an antique store, but it's a little bit big if we compare it with other Winter Village LEGO sets, isn't it? That's why we can open it up and get two smaller, but more interesting buildings: an antique store and an old house. Hope you like my entry for the contest, please leave your opinion here, I can't wait to read it. Please fly to my Flickr album for more, detailed photos: Winter Village: Antique store and an old house Happy holidays, and happy new year for everyone!
  7. vinchente000

    LEGO Olaf Summertime Fun?

    Hey guys, I just wanted to share this set I got today with my Lego shop order (airjitzu temple). It is from disney princesses and frozen the movie.' alt='24172007719_2625dd0c38_k.jpg'>Olaf by Vincent ST, auf Flickr[/img] I think it is actually pretty neat. I am not a fan or actually knew anything about this set line but you can easily rid the snowman of his beach hell ^^ and place some figs on it. Also the pieces are quite nice for other sets. I especially like the blue plate. Either way, I just wanted to share this set with you and well have a nice day :)
  8. lightningtiger

    City Square Brick's Sports Store

    Another one of my Lego City series now, Brick's Sports Stores is a chain of sporting goods store in Legoland and this one is the latest in City Square. Now you maybe wondering why the odd design......well the next photo will make it all clear. You see there is method to my madness. Telco store is next, keep watching and Brick On everyone ! Oh, is it's Lego Ideas link if anyone wants to support, etc.,.
  9. BrickBuilder7622

    Music Store Modular

    New creation just before the new year. This is my second modular: a music store and a recording studio. Packed with lots of details and opening panels, I think that this is perhaps my best build yet! My goal is to be able to build some more modulars (comprising of what will be known as Bricktropolis) for BrickWorld Chicago 2016. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!
  10. Here's my entry into the Expand the Winter Village contest. I chose to build a sporting goods store selling everything from winter apparel, to snowboards and skis. The shop has a light brick that lights up the showcase window, and the car features opening doors and trunk. I tried to keep it very similar in size, and complexity to an official Winter Village set. Brick's Sporting Goods is a very popular store year round, but especially in the winter. Come inside and buy a new snowboard, visit the hot chocolate and cookie vendor's stall outside, and then enjoy a day of fun in the snow. See more pictures here: link Thanks for looking
  11. kritch

    Winter Village: Village Shop

    Every Village needs a local shop where they can buy snow shoes or get spare keys cut or a trophy engraved. This maybe the first actual town model I've build, and it became clear halfway through that I don't have a whole lot of house type bricks, like doors or windows, which is why it is maybe a bit small. There are a few other pictures on my flickr page.
  12. Please respond if you have any information on the January 2016 store calendar.
  13. bobabricks

    [MOC]/[WIP] McDonald's

    I'm starting to work on a Mcdonald's MOC and I just got done finishing the M logo. The red panel in the bottom center would have the sticker from 3438. I was just hoping for some feedback and if there is a better way to make that M. Thanks!
  14. Ever wonder where the minifigs are buying all those coffee mugs? My newest modular is a kitchen store: The first floor is the kitchen store.... Cooking classes are offered upstairs... Here it is next to the Fire Brigade and my candy store moc: Thanks for looking!
  15. lightningtiger

    MOC - Mechanics Store

    Something different, a store for mechanics to buy their tools and machine spare parts. This will end up sitting along side of the tyre dealership. Keep watching !
  16. The next building is underway.....a lot still to be done to this work in progress.....keep watching !
  17. Trainmaster247

    My basic store The shelf with closup view is my favorite it holds DVD type things and the flowers I got a bin of pick a brick and kept finding more room my new saying "Lego Flowers: oh I have a bit more room here and only flowers will fit and I want the most for my money so lets put more in"
  18. Trainmaster247

    ideas for store interiors

    I want to build a store but have very few pieces I was wondering if anybody had ideas that used limited pieces.
  19. eliza

    MOC: Candy Store

    Happy Valentine's Day! Here is my latest modular MOC - a Candy Store with an upstairs party room. The design is done in the style of an 1890s iron facade. It's only two stories, but not as small as my Florist and Lawyer's Office MOCs. The first floor Candy Store interior: 2nd Floor Party Room Interior: Next to Palace Cinema for comparison: Thanks for looking!
  20. I have been spread pretty thin and have been trying to work on this MOC of a wine and spirits store, with a two level apartment/flat above it. I want to take more photos of it and the interior, but only had time to take a couple of the facade. The ground level is the store, and above, reached by exterior stairs is a flat with living on the first floor and a bedroom and roof terrace on the 2nd. I would be interested in what everyone thinks of how it looks. I finally got the roof on today, but it still needs the sign over the entrance and some small details added. Already, the firefighters from next door are looking inside (they are having a bbq on the roof of the Fire Brigade building next door.) :-) Thanks for any constructive crit. :-) I will post more photos of the interior and rear soon.
  21. AFOLguy1970

    Lego Store monthly minibuild ending?

    I was just browsing the forum at Brickset, and it is reported that Lego is going to discontinue the monthly mini-build after December. It is disappointing, but I can understand some of the reasons why. I took my kids to their first one over the summer. It was packed, and that is where I learned you have to get there early to get your place in line. The Lego Store in Dallas has it arranged where you wait in line outside the store (it is in a mall). They would pass out cards for the kids who were there and then at 5pm direct kids to the tables to build their model. After a couple of times, they finally gave people the option of either building it at a table outside the store or taking it home. They also made sure the kids were actually present before issuing a card. Apparently, some people were abusing this and making up imaginary kids for the models. My kids enjoyed building the models, but it was not fun waiting that long with them, especially when the 7 year old has hyperactive attention deficit disorder. He would bother every living thing around him for that hour to hour and a half wait. Actually, I think forcing everyone to wait in line kind of hurt store sales a little bit. As the only parent with two kids in line, I myself wanted to go into the store while we were waiting, because (a) it was not busy inside, and (b) I am an AFOL who would likely purchase something. Going into the store would mean losing our place in line, because if I went in, then we would all have to go in. Therefore, I had to wait until we did the minibuild to go inside and maybe buy an item or two. By then, I was rushed, because it was dinner time for the kids. Certainly that and a more crowded store was not great for making a PAB cup. Even on a school night, the store easily gave out all of its supplies. The line extended back several stores and sometimes beyond. It will be disappointing to end this short lived monthly tradition with the kids, but again, I get it. It was not really profitable for Lego to give away free bricks and inadvertantly discourage people from going into the store. What are your thoughts?
  22. lightningtiger

    Lowes Menswear (Drapery) Store Updated

    Well just a quick update here only the counter got changed....... There is more room to position minifigs in there now the post office update next week so keep watching !
  23. I did write in recent posts for my last project that I was working on something of another rehash......hey, if Lego can do it so can I ! This might go next to the bank instead of the tractor shed.......I'll look into shortly, keep watching !
  24. I decided today to start a new series of designs that could be used in MOCs of stores, shops or the GE. Now I'm sorry for the poor photo but thanks to some tech problems....I had to use my phone camera. The first one is for sporting goods. Keep watching because there is more coming over the next few weeks. (plus if I can get the tech problems solved better image I will try for)
  25. LegoJalex

    MOC: Closed food store

    A closed food store, that either has been closed for the day or for good. I wanted in this model to try and build in a scale between minifig scale and micro scale. The "Food store" sign and "open daily" sign are custom made.