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Found 72 results

  1. thebluecrusader

    Brick Shenanigans - Star Wars

    Brick Shenanigans - Star Wars Hello everyone over at Eurobricks! For the past few weeks, I've been working on a solo man stopmotion animation project based upon Star Wars. What inspired me to do this genre (comedy) was the Robot Chicken series of Star Wars episodes which made me want to see if it could be done in Lego form. I hope you like this episode, I plan to do more but in different themes in the future (Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones etc). Thanks for taking time to watch the video, if you like what you see, feel free to subscribe. We have more exciting projects to come! Feel free to give your opinions below. P.s. Greenscreen was planned for this video, although a few mistakes prevented this from happening. *NOTE - Can't seem to get the video to display in the post, but rather only in link form.
  2. Check out my newest brickfilm with crazy race. It was made for LEGO and Porsche contest. Soon I'll write longer blog post with more info about the production and with interesting photos. Meanwhile enjoy the movie :) Link to YT: Follow my new MOCs and articles at: Facebook | Flickr | Google+
  3. Check out my latest animation involving Tahu, Uniter of fire: Umarak, The Hunter: And finally, Lewa, Uniter of Jungle: All videos took about a day's worth of work to make. I used Dragonframe 3.6, Adobe After Effects CC, and Sony Vegas Pro 11. I intend to do all seven of the 2016 winter wave sets.
  4. Yup, Suddenly Lego loves Porche! And futuristic cars*! Last week I subscribed to Rebrick's YouTube Channel, and Yesterday they Uploaded this Video, Another Contest: '' To Enter you have to make a stop motion video between 15 seconds and 1 Minute to complete the Video. And as anyone how cares about rebrick, Should by now know that '' as we know it is about gone. And the link should, by sometime today, start redirecting to '' A totally different site focusing on the CONTESTS Part! There are two current contests running and, imo, the second one is much more interesting, especially with the grand prize including VIP tickets for two courtesy of Porsche to Le Mans 18 – 19 June 2016. which includes: Travel and accommodation, and Complimentary exclusive access to the Porsche Hospitality area. I don't know about you, But I am pumped up. What will you guys Do?!?! *I was referring to the Mercedes of the Future Competition. Edit: Ok... So the tittle is chopped off, I didn't see that coming, there should be a warning or something. The last word is just videos, so the ellipsis '...' and the space between stop motion could be removed and then fit videos
  5. Hi my name is BoefBandito! Recently I builded my first LEGO box! here a video of me in action:
  6. The German online magazine Spiegel featured this video (in German) where the author of the hilarious youtube video gives comments to the creation of the video. Enjoy!
  7. Hi, For a website which will be launched officially in 2 weeks, we made a lego movie :) Enjoy! is a platform in Flanders (Belgium) where organisations, schools, groups, ... can put their opendoors / opendays so visitors can find those events :)
  8. Living Rave

    Stop motion DJ set up !
  9. Hi guys! I'm started a new channel - only in English... And the first short video on my channel is Assassin's Creed fight against borgia guards!
  10. LegoGunInstructions

    The Expendables in Lego

    Please tell me what you think about this stop motion remake of a scene from the movie "The Expendables" [removed link]
  11. GEF


    Spring! that wonderful time of year to look forward to. Here is something to help take your mind off those long and cold days to come. Animation: Gideon Feldick (GEF) Editing: Abraham Feldick (AnW)
  12. Agent Fusion

    Riverside Raid

    This is the first Brickfilm I have made so judge fairly. Any comments or criticisms are appreciated.
  13. Agent Fusion

    Riverside Raid

    This is the first Brickfilm I have made so judge fairly. Any comments or criticisms are appreciated.
  14. GEF

    The Survivor

    Being an evil minion is only bad most of the time. Animation/some Editing: Gideon Feldick (GEF) VFX/Editing: Abraham Feldick (AnW) Sound FX: Music: Incompetech
  15. GEF


    Hey everyone, name's Gideon. I have been a Lego addict for several years now, specializing in the creation of brickfilms. But Lego is not my only hobby, I also farm, ranch, bike, play sports, hunt, and have a growing interest in aviation. I look forward to being a member here and associating with others who have the same passion for Lego.
  16. So I wasn't sure if this was the place to post this... Or if we're supposed to go through the academy or something... But my friend's sister finally finished editing our video. Check it out :D (Mods, please PM me to let me know whether or not this is the right place.)
  17. Techno_Knight

    Best sets for stop motions?

    Hello and sorry if this thread exists but i couldn't find anything related by using the search function. Anyway, here goes: For the past two years i'm trying to make some stop motions. I bought a dslr nikon camera, a tripod, the latest photoshop and after effects and all that. I wrote dozens of scripts ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 and even 5,000 words but i could never figure out the scenery. I live in Greece so Lego sets are seriously overpriced so i have to buy them online. I gave my old lego bricks to my cousins so now i have to start again. Now, my question is: Which of the sets thta can be found in lego's website would you consider pffer the best amount of useful bricks that can be used to make the scenery? I have a budget of around 300-400 euro (or 390-520 dollars) with shipping icluded. I will have lego sed the sets to a friend of mine in America and then he will ship them loose to me. Anyway, i'd love to hear your opinions and any help is appreciated!
  18. seaotter71

    Brick Flick: Santa Yoda

    This is the first Brickfilm I ever made, for last year's Santa Yoda contest. Enjoy and happy holidays!
  19. Christmas comes to Hoth, in a little LEGO stop motion movie I made. I had the idea in case LEGO ran another Santa Yoda contest, but when they went with the Holiplay idea I decided to make it anyway. Enjoy and any feedback is appreciated. Unless you are from the Dean Martin Estate :)