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Found 1124 results

  1. LukeClarenceVan

    MSFC: Mos Eisley Spaceport

    Here's my entry for Si-MOCs' awesome Micro Sci-Fi Contest. I decided to build the scene from the Mos Eisley Spaceport where Han Solo encounters Jabba the Hutt. A couple of overview shots. And the Falcon up close. If I get a couple more thermal detonator tiles I may have to build the whole ship... Thanks to the sponsors and organizers of this contest, and thanks for viewing! And maybe voting... ;)
  2. Here is my take on the Future of Star Wars: Star Wars - Episode VII 'Twilight Dawning' In this scene, Han Solo & Princess Leia Organa-Solo have chased down a new Bounty Hunter, Kal Durusk, into a small subsidary section of Bespin's Cloud City. Kal has the plans to a new weapon that will make life difficult for the Skywalkers...problem is Han and Leia are getting a little long in the tooth, and Kal looks to be escaping! Han pauses to catch his breath, and leans hard on his walking stick. He faces camera and breaking the fourth wall states,"We're Getting Too Old For This, Your Worshipfulness", while Leia attempts to focus her blaster rifle on the fleeing Bounty Hunter, only to have to pause to rearrange her glasses on her nose. Will the old Rebels manage to capture the Bounty Hunter? Or will they realise that their twilight years are upon them, and give it up in order to spend more time with the grandchildren... We're Getting Too Old For This, Your Worshipfulness 1 by mjfirefly, on Flickr This pic shows the vignette as first built, Kal's blaster can be seen poking out to one side! Please, also note the Clone Trooper helmet. Han has a walking stick in one hand and blaster in the other, while Leia is in her most comfortable robe. Notice that Han has gone grey, and both the old Rebels need spectacles now... We're Getting Too Old For This, Your Worshipfulness 2 by mjfirefly, on Flickr A closer look at the old Rebels, with Kal Durusk making a swift getaway. The clouds of Bespin can be seen out through the pressurised window. We're Getting Too Old For This - Close Up of Elderly Han & Leia by mjfirefly, on Flickr A closer look at Han and Leia, and the detail around the pressurised window. We're Getting Too Old For This - Close Up of Kal Durusk the Bounty Hunter by mjfirefly, on Flickr Kal Durusk, a new Yuuzhan Vong Bounty Hunter, expert with blaster and sword. We're Getting Too Old For This - Close Up of Interior by mjfirefly, on Flickr The interior of the vignette, the main centrepiece being the pressurised window, not unlike the one that Luke Skywalker shatters in his fight with Darth Vader in Cloud City. We're Getting Too Old For This - Close Up of Power Generator by mjfirefly, on Flickr A Power Generator, providing lighting. Notice the electrical wiring and interface couplers. We're Getting Too Old For This - Close Up of Window & Door by mjfirefly, on Flickr The door and exit for Kal Durusk, his ship waiting nearby amongst the swirling clouds of Bespin - notice the light indicating Exit... We're Getting Too Old For This - Close Up of Elderly Han & Leia 2 by mjfirefly, on Flickr A closer look at Han and Leia, a little vaseline over the lens to hide the wrinkles... Leia is dressed in her most comfortable robe (following the fashions of the over 70s on Coruscant) and has favoured her original 'bagel' buns hairstyle - for ease of tying her hair back in her older years. Han is in his favourite black trousers and comfortable shirt - an old Rebel 'Endor' jacket completing the ensemble. He holds tightly to his walking stick, this fashioned from the tree that his dear departed Wookiee friend Chewbacca lived in on Kashyyyk, to always keep him close. More pics here:
  3. Hi everyone, this is my first MOC and my entry for the Future of SW Contest (small category) - 16 x 16 studs. A scene from Episode VII: A family day The years pass, the Empire has been defeated and the New Republic rised, we are in the 15 ABY. The Solo family meets together in front of the fireplace; the Solo twins show that they have talent for the Force and "Uncle" Luke is quite happy of this. My Flickr album, soon there will be a post about my creation on Life in a brick C&C are always welcome and hope you like
  4. Hi folks, Just thought that I would share a short montage I put together over the weekend of stop-motions (all my own) for a presentation I gave yesterday where I had to teach an unusual skill - mine being stop-motion. So this was just an example of some of the things that can be done, both with lego and other items around the house. If I had time I'd have added sound effects, so music will just have to do! Thanks for watching! Duck P.s. If a mod feels this is in the wrong place due to not being a blickflick in it's entirety then please do with it as you will - I understand
  5. Hi everyone, this is my entry for the Future of SW Contest (small category) - 16 x 16 studs. Episode VII: A dinner with old friends After a lot of events, bad and good, all our heroes come together at a dinner: Darth Vader is enjoying his sausage while conversing with his Master Yoda and his children Luke and Leia, Admiral Piett is discussing with the Rebel Admiral Ackbar, General Madine and Lando Calrissian, Han Solo and his friend Chewbacca are exchanging stories with the Bounty Hunter Dengar, finally an Imperial Ace Pilot with an Imperial Officer are enjoying their drink with two Rebel pilots. My gallery on Brickshelf (When moderated ) C&C are always welcome and hope you like it Wedge09
  6. davaoeno

    LEGO 2013

    London Toy Fair 2013 Check this out!!!
  7. Hello, everyone! Not so long ago there was a Lego event in the Netherlands (Lego World in october). I always make a layout there, this year I also had a Hoth display. Because I wanted this year to also put some MOCs in my layout, I started at some. I hadn't initially planned to make this one, but when I took my Death Star planet set to move it, I just knew in a moment it would be perfect for an Ion Cannon. Because everyone was complaining they needed an Ion Cannon in this year's new Battle of Hoth set, I thought I would share it. It is very easy for everyone to make one, because besides some white stones you only need a cheap Tie Interceptor & Death Star planet set. I did this model very quick, using most pieces from the Home One Mon Calamari Cruiser set and the T-6 Jedi Shuttle. I am sure myself and many others can make this much better and accurate. so, enough talk, let's show some pictures: The fire flame was an idea of someone I know. Image without flame real ion cannon. it looks a bit whiter, though. Back: As you can see, it could be lowered very much. from above, with planet removed. Next: Micro Battle of the Shield Generator I built this today & yesterday to go with the Ion Cannon, because I thougt the Ion Cannon looked so alone, but actually I think it is more a separate MOC. anyways, here are some pictures: Complete battle, including shield generator, snowtroopers, Hoth rebel troopers, Darth Vader, Han Solo, tauntaun (from Battle of Hoth Lego game), Anti-trooper turret, Anti-vehicle turret, AT-AT (modded from Battle of Hoth Lego game), snowspeeder (recolored version of 4486 AT-ST and Snowspeeder). The shield generator without all the troops. the real one from ESB The two turrets. Personally, I really like the The modded vehicles. I think the AT-AT might have Anti-vehicle. looked better without the 1x4 trans-clear tile. The micro shield generator and Ion Cannon together. for a few more images and images of how they are built see my Flickr account. I hope you all like it! C & C welcome.
  8. A Plastic Infinity

    MOC: The Great Pit of Carkoon

    This was going to be my entry, but I decided to do something else. Also posted on Flickr now. Feedback is appreciated, I've worked long and hard on this!
  9. Here is my first review, this is one of 2013th best sets's, the Z-95 Headhunter's review. The first time when we got the rumored list about the 1st wave of this year I knew this set will be nice, popular and very good for army builders because it won't be very expensive. when we heard about Pong Krell, everybody want to see he and spoken about those minifigure. Name: Z-95 Headhunter Set Number: 75004 Pieces: 373 Price: US$49.99, €49.99, GBPL39.99 Ages: 8-14 Minifigs: 3 Theme: Star Wars Subtheme: The Clone Wars Year of Release: 2013 S@H description: BOX: On the front of the box are the fighter, the set informations, and a nice little green box with the figures and the names and it show that each are new. The box has the new green art with Yoda, LEGO and STAR WARS logo of course. The back is very nice with a lot of green color and pictures . The biggest one showed to us the back of the open fighter and its functions on smaller box. The other are battle scenes and down plan and side view of the fighter.There is small picture about the Yoda Chronicles. A good point, the box is not oversized, just right the bags have enough space and only a little air. Contents: Inside the set are 4 numbered bags, stickers and the instructions. The instuctions is bigger than the half of the box, almost big as the box. The first page of the book showed how should we use teh Brick Separator and the numbered bags. The second page tell us the contents of the bags and some warning: "IMPORTANT: Never modify the elements or use projectiles than provided with this toy." On the page 7,27,33,35,53,55 we get the same Yoda art. On the end are the parts list, a Yoda Chronicles page with a code (s4yh3y) and pictures about the sets of the wave. Bag 1: Here are the Clone Pilot, the Brick Separator, Rubber and some technic parts. From this bag can we build the main body of the ship with the rocket launcher. Bag 2: This is the "nose" of the starfighter and the warp of the body. In this bag aren't any minifigure. Bag 3: The new 501st Clone Trooper and the engines are in this bag. Bag 4: Finally!Here ara Pong Krell and the wings with cannons. The Finished Set: The Headhunter is perfect, it's realy looks like the original in the Clone Wars series, here is the ship's back as on the box. The cocpit looks nice and the pilot can be removed easily because there aren't any studs. We can open the back and here can put wepaons. The landing gear works very good and the rocket launcher too. For the fireing you must pull the little black technic piece and the launcher turn down and shoot. It is perfect for destroying ground units because it fires a little bit down.And there isn't any flick fire missiles. The minifigures: I love all of them. The biggest attraction of this wave is the Pong Krell minifig. It is very detailed and it has painting everywhere, it look s wonderful. The second figure is the 501st Clone Pilot which has a new helmet, it has good painting too.(On my one's helmet has a little printing fail) The last one is the 501st Clone Trooper,same as in the AT-RT set. It has new phase 2 helmet nice blue printings. this is amazing and it can be one of the best (or the best) clone trooper minifigures. Each minifig has back and leg printings. Ratings: Playability: 9/10 This isn't a largest set but it has a lot of functions whiches work good and easy. It can fight with enemy's starfighters and ground units too. But you didn't get enemies. Design: 10/10 It's looks like tho original fighter, the size perfect, not biger,not smaller. Price: 8/10 It's not the most expensive set but it could be a little bit cheaper. Minifigures: 9/10 It's OK but it would the best when we get one more new one like Fives or a named 501st clone trooper. Parts: 9/10 There aren't so much new part, and they should give printed parts instead of stickers. Total: 45/50 I think the set hasn't any big problem or deficiency. This is one of the best sets of this wave . I recommend it to everyone who want to build an army or only like LEGO STAR WARS and if you have separatist the playing would be enjoyable with this set. Finally a comparison with the ARC-170: More and bigger pics: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=520516
  10. Endor: Battle for the Shield Generator Next in my series of classic Star Wars MOCS is my take on the Endor bunker attack from the rebellion to take down the Death Star shield. Hope you like my build, you can see my other recent Star Wars builds in my signature as well. Endor: Battle for the Shield Generator by I Scream Clone, on Flickr Endor by I Scream Clone, on Flickr Endor by I Scream Clone, on Flickr Endor by I Scream Clone, on Flickr Endor by I Scream Clone, on Flickr C+C welcome. Thanks for looking, ISC.
  11. Hi, I just like to share my Cuusoo projects will all of y'all, since you're all SW-fans. Of course i'm aware that those projects are not likely to get made at all. But for me, it was kinda nice to develop some Lego-designs and I finally understood how to work with LDD. I drew myself some mini-figures (the accent on all these sets are the mini-figures by the way) and connected them with my LDD-designs. My main reason for these designs is that sometimes when you have an idea stuck in your mind, you want to execute that idea in the hope TLG will see it and gets inspired and uses some of those ideas :-) Anyhow, my first Cuusoo-project was called Star Wars Universe Packs and contained six boxes with five mini-figures in it, a stand and a mini-building. A little like the Planet-series. Biggest reason for those packs is of course the need of more typical SW universe people (the kind that won't show up in other Lego SW boxes, because they're not main characters) for us to make our Lego SW world more complete and detailed. The second project is all about the Mos Eisley Cantina. The thing is, we need a new cantina. A proper one. The set 4501 isn't sufficient in any ways (ok, except for bringing us Greedo). In trying to inspire TLG i designed a Mos Eisley Cantina in packs. So in order to complete your Cantina you'll need all the packs. The reason for this is of course the number of mini-figures. If you want a real SW Mos Eisley cantina you need a cantina-band, you'll need some space weirdo's, a bartender, some good folk, and a snitch with some bad folk. I thought this was a clever idea for TLG to avoid one big set with too many mini-figures and not being super expensive. I'm not the greatest Lego-designer so the designs may be pretty rough. I hope you'll like them, i just wanted to share with y'all! Oh, if you like to see them on Cuusoo: SW Universe Packs Mos Eisley Main Cantina Cantina Band Pack Cantina Benches Pack Cantina Entrance Pack
  12. MaceWindu

    Duel Of The Fates

    Hi, everyone! I'm glad to present you my new MOC - "Duel Of The Fates". The name came from the soundtrack of the movie. I recomend you to watch this scence to know what is my MOC about(try to watch with 720p or 1080p ). The sences, wich I show in my work, start at 2:00. Main views: The entrance to the hall: Black hall is modular part. Because of the grooves, red interceptings easily inserted between the walls of the corridor. When red barriers are deactivated, grey pillars are extended. The droid's rooms are gifts of my imagination! Don't be so serious! In the right we can seee the passage with the reactor pit. And this hints, that the pit's very long! And the story! You know it! [/url] [/i] The original photos are also in the spoiler: Bonus! Thanks for watching!
  13. seaotter71

    Brick Flick: Santa Yoda

    This is the first Brickfilm I ever made, for last year's Santa Yoda contest. Enjoy and happy holidays!
  14. Okay. Before anyone starts hating because "Oh that's too much like Kenner and Hasbro, oh no!" that's not what this is. Each box/kit/whatever will include a building component. Although some elements may resemble each other, don't tell me I copied or anything. So what this is is boxes with individual figures AND BUILDING ELEMENTS (along with buildable display stands) from all six movies (e.g. Luke Skywalker), major video games (e.g. Revan) and comics (e.g. K'Kruhk), both Clone Wars series (Otua Blank), and any other major characters (Jaxxon, T'ra Saa). Minifigures released together in a wave can be grouped together to make groups that may be expanded on later in the series (e.g. Obi-Wan and Commander Cody are released in one wave, and the next wave has a 212th clone trooper). The minifigures will be made as effeciently as possible so that LEGO won't have to waste money on new molds. NOTE: I'M AWARE THAT THIS CUUSOO PROBABLY WON'T BE CHOSEN, BUT IT MAY GIVE LEGO AN IDEA FOR THE FUTURE I'll update with images, and additional info
  15. I Scream Clone

    Maul vs IG-88

    Hey one and all, just a quick MOC to showcase my new IG-88 designs and an old one I borrowed from someone a while back. If you wouldn't mind voting in the poll that would be great. Thanks, hope you like the MOC! Maul vs IG-88 by I Scream Clone, on Flickr Maul vs IG-88 by I Scream Clone, on Flickr IG-88 by I Scream Clone, on Flickr Cheers.
  16. Hi all, I've put some nice stuff on Ebay, have a look :-) I do of course ship worldwide. Please post any questions you have in this topic. Many thanks and have a great brickin' day! Benny PS: I'm on the straightshooters-list and have 100% positive feedback.
  17. INTERVIEW: Erdbeereis Today we're talking with Erdbeereis, the newest moderator of the Star Wars Forum. He patrolled the high seas as a Pirate Moderator before joining the Star Wars Staff team, so we must admit that we don't know much about him. EBSWF: Thanks for talking with us, Erdbeereis. First off, how were you introduced to LEGO, and how did you discover Eurobricks? Thanks for having me! I hope that this interview will help the good people of the EB Star Wars forum get to know me a bit better. I have always enjoyed building with LEGO bricks; when I was little my family always set up our LEGO train around the Christmas tree and we built all sorts of things around that. My parents were nice and often bought me little sets. But I really started seriously around 2007, when I received a small LEGO set as a gift (4939 Cool Cars). For some reason, this set sparked a greater interest, which eventually led to what I am today. I can't remember exactly, but I believe I found Eurobricks when I was searching for LEGO websites online sometime in 2007. It looked like a good community with some interesting content, so I eventually joined. EBSWF: How in the world did you come up with the name 'Erdbeereis'? Are strawberries a favorite food of yours? And why did you choose the chef as your sigfig? "Erdbeereis" means strawberry ice cream in German. My dad is German, and I was born in Germany, so I've always had a connection to the country. I visit my relatives there every year, and there are a lot of great Italian ice cream shops. So, I thought I would honor my German side and my love for ice cream at the same time. Most English speakers always seem to think that my name has something to do with beer. One of the other things I love doing besides LEGO stuff is cooking (and eating of course). So, I thought the chef would be an appropriate choice for my sigfig (plus I always thought he was a friendly looking guy). EBSWF: It sounds like a strange question, but do you like LEGO Star Wars? We can't say we've seen much from you in this part of EB, though you have dabbled in building Star Wars. I do indeed like LEGO Star Wars. However, there is really not one LEGO theme that is my favorite. When I make MOCs, I usually try to build things from my own imagination rather than sticking to something that has already been created by someone else. For this reason, I don't typically build Star Wars MOCs. That first MOC there was one of my first ones that I ever posted. Truth be told, I completely forgot about it. I think it's safe to say I have improved my building skills since then. In addition, I'm not a huge movie buff like some Star Wars LEGO fans are, so I don't have that level of attachment to the theme. That being said, I do enjoy the theme, and I buy SW sets from time to time if they have some exciting minifigures at a reasonable price (this is sometimes difficult ) EBSWF: We know you're a mod. What's entailed in being one? We often hear EB staff members complain about their being tricked into accepting the job of being a part of the staff. I wasn't tricked, just brainwashed. As a mod I help plan contests and moderate the forum (keep discussions on track, move and merge topics/posts, let people know if they need to change their posting habits, etc.). Sometimes I check up on the EB Star Wars blog to make sure everything is running smoothly. EBSWF: Speaking of moderating, you were a mod in the Pirates forum for a while; does being a mod of the Star Wars forum differ from what you did over there? Good question! For the most part, the two forums require similar things. However, a major difference that I've noticed between the two forums is the type of members that post. To me, it seemed like most LEGO Pirates fans were pretty laid back. On the other hand, there are quite a few members here that are very particular when it comes to SW related things. For example, the frequent arguments about a model's accuracy, or the tendency to freak out when the Star Wars universe is changed in some way (case in point the Disney news). While these quarrels can be tiresome, it is nice to have dedicated fans and I think ultimately it is beneficial for our site to have people who strive for as much accuracy to the real thing as possible. That being said, I still like it when we can all just get along EBSWF: What do you do with your time when you're not playing with LEGO (or doing something related to the LEGO community), and how much time do you spend on LEGO related activities? Does being a mod affect the time you have to build? There are many things that I enjoy doing besides LEGO. I love playing sports like golf, soccer, basketball, football, anything really. As I said before, cooking is another thing that is fun for me. Especially trying out new dishes, and making creative and unusual things. I've recently been doing a lot of desserts, such as creating sorbet recipes and making cookies. Here are a few of the things I've made recently. Frozen mango parfait Macaron cookies Mandarin orange cake Sponge cake with buttermilk sherbet Mango sorbet with cherry sauce Pad Thai I also do a lot of traveling; I've been to 13 countries so far in my life, and I hope to visit many more. Finally, I play drums and piano. There aren't enough hours in the day to do all those things, but I do my best! It all depends on my schedule and the time of year when it comes to how long I spend doing LEGO-related activities. I definitely wouldn't say more than a few hours a week, but in the winter I do a lot more since I can't be outside as much. EBSWF: You're an AFOL, certainly not uncommon in the LEGO community, but what do 'normal' people think of that? I don't necessarily advertise my love of LEGO to the world, but I do enjoy showing my friends and family the things I build, or talking about interesting things going on at Eurobricks. The people I share things with usually think it's fascinating to see the many things one can do with LEGO bricks. EBSWF: Finally, do you have any plans for future projects in the Star Wars forum? Well we will just have to wait and see won't we? I can say there is an exciting event in the works for the near future, but that's all I will say for now.
  18. Hi everyone, I have had a trade thread for some time now but for some reason I never made a wanteds thread, And as theres no time like the present here it is. I am mostly looking for LOTR figs but I am interested in other stuff too. So without further ado heres my list- Boromir LOTR Orcs (a few) Merry Pippin Legolas (from mines of moria) Ringraths (a few) (preferably with horses) Big troll Almost anyone or anything from the hobbit sets Black widow Bane Classic batman characters. And here's some of the stuff I have- gold by Joker 789, on Flickr LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 4 Werewolf vs. Studios by cjdc, on Flickr Plus many other things or cash. :)
  19. Hi @ all, soon, very soon, there will be the Lego Fanwelt 2012 in Cologne, Germany. I presented to you some months ago a sneak peek from my layout for this year: Boonta Eve Classic (Podrace from Episode 1). Today I want to show you two of my new podracers (what sense makes an arena without "modern formula 1 cars?). I tried to build them as sleek and "round" as they are in the film, and I think it works well from what I can do with Lego bricks:: Gasganos podracer: Second image: Aldar Beedos Podracer: So what do you think about them? I wait for comments..(-; greetings Hendrik
  20. I borrowed the wing connection mechanic's idea from a different rendition, one I came across a while ago. I wish I could find it again so I could give credit where it's due but for the life of me I've not been able to come across it again. Should anyone recognize the pivot point approach I've used please drop me a note as I want to give credit where its due. I went through three or four incarnations of what I thought the cockpit canopy should look like and sadly this was the best I could come up with at this scale. I'm still not 100% happy with it but anything else I could come up with was even worse. I could find very little in reference to the underside of the T-47 but what little I could find appeared to show an intake scoop towards the aft so I've tried my best to model this as well. More pics and file download on my MocPages account.
  21. INTERVIEW: Rufus Today we're interviewing Rufus, the special themes mod, as well as a Reviewers Academy Teacher. EBSWF: Thanks for doing this, Rufus. Firstly, how did you get started with the LEGO hobby, and how great is your interest in LEGO Star Wars, as opposed to other themes? I’ve been a LEGO fan since I was about 5. I inherited a number of rather beaten-up 1970s sets from my brother, and started my own collection with some of the beautiful Classic Town sets from the early 80s. My first true love though was Classic Space, and I built up quite a sizeable space base from these amazing sets. Of course, being a child of the late 70s/early 80s, I was also a Star Wars fan. I remember trying – and failing, miserably – to build a Millennium Falcon from some Classic Space grey wedge plates! I never dreamed that, 20 years later, it would be Star Wars that got me back into LEGO. You can blame the original Snowspeeder 7130 for that! I’ve been collecting LEGO Star Wars ever since. For a loooong time, it was ONLY Star Wars, and initially only the UCS sets – I have nearly all of them. Then in about 2006, I was at a conference and a little bored in the evening, so I bought two sets – the A-Wing and the Tie Interceptor – and that got my into System Star Wars and the minifigure addiction caught hold! Recently, my LEGO interests have broadened greatly and Star Wars is no longer my over-riding passion, mainly because the Clone Wars and Expanded Universe sets don’t appeal to me that much; also I have got into MOCing in a big way and it’s difficult to MOC Star Wars without falling foul of the accuracy fiends! But I still collect the OT and PT sets and will continue to review them. It amazes me that after 13 years of the SW Licence, TLG are still putting out great sets; even though they are nowadays mostly improvements on previous ones. EBSWF: How did you find this site? I spent many years thinking I was the only AFOL in the world! Imagine my surprise when I discovered there was a whole community of people like me out there. I first discovered From Bricks to Bothans, but I kept following links to this ‘Eurobricks’ site, and it seemed a much more lively and interesting place, so I figured Eurobricks was for me. Like most people, I lurked here for a long time before finally signing up; what convinced me to join in the end was that I was working on my MOC of the Lambda Shuttle (which still doesn’t have a good System version), and wanted to show it off. EBSWF: What do the people around you think of you being an AFOL? Not many people know, and those that do don’t know the true extent of it! Close family and friends know, of course, and I think they look at my LEGO hobby as an eccentricity – an image I don’t try to refute! My wife also being an AFOL is both a blessing and a curse – it’s great to share the same hobby, but we don’t have anyone to moderate our spending. LEGO is inexorably taking over the house! EBSWF: Aside from LEGO, do you have any other hobbies? I’m a little bit of a musician. I play the guitar (reasonably well) and the saxophone (extremely badly). Till recently I played in a band doing rock covers in a variety of pubs around London – it was great fun until the usual ‘musical differences’ got in the way! Oh well, I have more time for LEGO now. EBSWF: How much time do you spend on LEGO related activities? Too much! Unfortunately, as the collection grows, so does the amount of time required to sort all the parts. Like most, we’ve been through every permutation of sorting technique and still haven’t found the best way. I probably spend equal amounts of time MOCing, reviewing, sorting, and doing online stuff like moderating. Keeping the variety is important as doing exclusively any one of these things can leave you a bit stale. I have a bajillion things I mean to do – particularly on Eurobricks – but rarely the time to bring them all to fruition. EBSWF: Has the LEGO hobby changed/impacted your life? Do you have any practical use of LEGO in your daily life? It has thoroughly taken over! Sometimes at the expense of real life things like mowing the lawn. Mostly, it’s a positive influence – we’ve made a load of great friends around the world through Eurobricks, who started as virtual friends and thanks to the things like the Eurobricks Event and Brickworld have become real friends. Otherwise, I’ve learned a lot through the hobby – particularly with regard to photography and photograph editing with Photoshop. I did consider building a life-size set of furniture from LEGO, but decided that was a step too far. So no, I don’t really have a practical use for all the LEGO! EBSWF: Have your moderator duties on EB effected how you relate to LEGO? Why or why not? Yes and no. How's that for an answer? Mostly no, because it hasn't changed my LEGO interests much; though I've probably focused more on Architecture than I might have, and it leaves a little less time for other interests like SW. In some ways it has broadened my interests, because sometimes as a moderator you have to go into forums you wouldn't normally visit, so come across things you wouldn't normally see; in Special Themes I've come to appreciate some of the amazing Arty and Military MOCs out there which I might not have looked at before. Mostly it leaves a little less time for my own interests within EB; for example, I do less in the Reviewers Academy (and less reviewing) than I'd like to. EBSWF: Why did you choose 'Rufus' for a username? This has been a secret since I joined EB – do you really want me to reveal it? Prepare to be disappointed! I’d like to say I’m named after the character Rufus in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, or after my Fabuland sigfig, but the truth is rather more mundane. Around the time I joined EB, I was playing an Xbox RPG called Fable II. You run around with a cute dog who finds stuff to dig up while you shoot bandits. My dog was called Rufus. Told you. EBSWF: Do you have a favorite Star Wars character? That’s a toughie. I imagine everyone picks Han Solo, but Han is far too obvious a maverick hero. I think for the Rebels I’d pick Lando – he makes the best of a difficult situation, and works hard to make up for his deal with the Empire. For the bad guys, I always really liked Admiral Piett. He has a quiet, calm dignity so often lacking in the stereotypically English-accented baddies. You won’t hear him cackling maniacally, or prematurely celebrating his moment of triumph. And he utters the immortal line, ‘Bounty hunters – we don’t need that scum.’ Shame his LEGO figure isn’t so great. EBSWF: You always make excellent reviews, but how do you go about making them? And how do you decide which sets to review? Thank you! This question is best answered the other way round. Generally, I buy sets I like, and review the ones that I feel would benefit from an in-depth look, or which haven’t had a quality review done before. Sometimes I get sent a preview copy of a set to review, which hopefully removes some of the bias inherent in only buying sets I like, but this isn’t likely to happen with Star Wars sets any time soon. Reviewing is a time-consuming process. For a mint set, I first take pictures of the box, then the contents, then spend far too much time arranging parts neatly. I think this is an important step though: the parts selection may be a factor in many people’s decision to buy one set over another. Then there’s the build process: shooting every few steps of the build, whilst keeping the nascent model and camera in the same positions is a painstaking process, but it does force you to think about the build as you do it. Once the model is complete, I take pictures from every conceivable angle, and show every feature of the set; for Star Wars sets in particular the minifigure selection is often at least as important as the model itself. I probably only end up using about a quarter of the pictures I take. Finally, there’s writing the review: for me this can be the hardest part, and writers’ block strikes more often that I’d like to admit. There’s a limit to the number of different ways you can describe the box art of a series! EBSWF: What was your favorite review? Oooh, that’s a tricky one. I’m very fond of the UCS R2-D2 review, and indeed some of my earlier UCS reviews (the Snowspeeder was my favourite for a long time, but I think I’ve improved since then. On balance, I’d have to say the 8129 AT-AT review – I went a little over the top, perhaps, but I had great fun posing the AT-AT. EBSWF: How do you make such great pictures for your reviews? (What's your setup; what camera do you use; what picture editing software do you use; etc.) Again, thank you! Mostly it’s down to practice. A reasonable camera is essential – you can’t do it with a webcam or a mobile phone. I use a bottom-of-the-range Canon 1000D, with the basic lens that came with it, but the equipment I really swear by is the tripod. With a tripod, you can use the best ISO setting and a narrow aperture, and just leave the shutter open for ages (never use the flash!) My ‘studio’ is simply the dining room table, with some white posterboard and the overhead lighting in the room. It’s really simple, but it did take quite some time to find a setup which produces consistent results every time. This produces a rather yellow raw image: For the processing, I use Photoshop Elements. I always recommend it (and I promise I get no commission from Adobe for this!) With Elements, you can do about 90% of what you can do with the full Photoshop for about a sixth of the price. About 30 seconds of editing turns it into this:
  22. Wedge09

    A Jedi on the run

    The Clone Wars have devastated many worlds such as this, now there are only impressive ruins bear witness to the past history. Here, a lone Jedi is guided by the Force in his escape from the forces, once divided but now united, of clonetroopers and separatist droids. This is my second and final entry for the Comunity Build: Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. To create this MOC, I was inspired by the Order 66, which in the galaxy has decimated the Jedi. After several discarded ideas, I decided to locate this MOC in an anonymous world but with great ruins. The Jedi on the run. At the end of the run, the jedi sees something: a motorized tricycle!! Maybe it can be a great help. The imperial forces in pursuit. My Gallery on Brickshelf (just they became public ). C&C are always welcome and I hope you enjoy my MOC . Thanks for reading, Wedge09
  23. Wedge09

    I have the high ground.

    This is my first MOC for the Community Build: SW Episode III - Revenge of the Sith : I have the high ground. I want to represent the conclusion of the duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker on Mustafar. I create this MOC in LDD beacuse I hadn't all the necessary pieces and therefore I had some problems to search for the facial exp<b></b>ression of Anakin and Obi-Wan but I managed to use the most accurate I find in LDD. Anakin is jumping to reach Obi-Wan high position. More photos on My Brickshelf http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=515115 (just they became public ). C & C are always welcome and I hope you enjoy my MOC. Thanks for reading, Wedge09 P.S: My second entries for the CB will posted soon, I've almost finished it.
  24. Hello everyone I finished my last MOC. A giant chess Star wars on the Episode 5 with Hoth planet in main theme. I try to make the main scene of the the empire strikes back and in the same time try to keep the spirit of classic chess. I was inspired by a MOC of chess with the same theme. I made it in no stud for the base. There are 34 figs PLease feel free to give me some feedback about this chess, that they are good or bad. ( I know is not the good Lando ) Here a link with more pics :