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  1. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Junker's Fee Welcome to Fondor Fondor City Nightlife Many Bothans Died... Well At Least One Fixing to Clear the Mind Thermal Detonator Pot-Pie Focus Torturous Trial The Escape The Calamity Star Hyperdrive Repairs Motivating the Troops After the events surrounding the Suprosa, the Rebels headed to the nearby system of Kuat… “This is the first string of luck I’ve had since I asked the Rebel Alliance to help me break you out of prison!” exclaimed Kale. “What do you mean?” asked MKJoshA. “I just heard that the fleet is heading to Kuat” answered Kale, “And that’s where we need to be!” “And why do we need to be on Kuat?” asked Josh. “I’ll tell you on the way” was Kale’s response. The Rebel fleet that had attacked the Suprosa dropped out of hyperspace a short jump from Kuat and just a couple ships completed the journey to the planet carrying Kale, Josh, Mon Mothma, some other Rebels, and the super computer. Kale and Josh took one of the first shuttles down to the planet’s surface. “Well remember” started Kale, “how I promised you I could help you prepare to avenger your brother’s death?” “Yes…” said Josh. “And remember how I told you I knew a guy that could help?” “Yes, and?” “Well,” said Kale, “really there’s a guy friend of this girl I know who’s an attendant to a former senator, Senator Lysani who lives on Kuat’s surface.” “Wait,” interrupted Josh, “I didn’t think there was anything on Kuat’s surface except for endless farms? You know, to feed all the people who work in the rings around the planet?” “Well there’s that too,” answered Kale. “But there are some small settlements on the surface. I mean, someone has to keep the equipment running right? Anyway, so this senator retired there because it was quiet and hired some help and that’s where my friend comes in.” “So she knows how to defeat Mandos?” asked Josh. “No,” said Kale exasperatedly. “Try to keep up, remember that my friend has a guy friend. He’s the one that knows how to beat Mandos.” “And how did he learn that?” asked Josh. “Well, the Kuati have this weird tradition of raising what they call telbuns, the perfect male” began Kale. “One of these telbuns was offered to Senator Lysani some time ago. His father was owed a favor by a Mandalorian so he had his boy train with them for some time. He had the body to look at and the brawn behind it so he made the perfect telbun for an up-and-coming Kuati aristocrat. He’s the one who’s going to help you learn how to defeat the Mandos that killed your brother.” By this time they had landed at one of the spaceports on Kuat’s surface. It was a small, rural port more used to seeing farmers than politicians, though, Josh noticed at least one person of wealth taking off in his chauffeured speeder. He hoped the extra Stormtroopers were there because of him and not because they had gotten wind that the Rebellion was there. “If the Empire was able to identify me on Fondor, won’t they notice us here?” asked Josh. “Nah,” said Kale. “These Stormtroopers know they are stationed in a dead-end job so they barely look at anyone. We’ll be fine!” More Pictures! (the elevator actually works)
  2. From the log of TK- 2754 "Dragonfire", Squad Sergeant. My team's mission was simple: patrol the perimeter of the Kuati city while the Imperial convoy entered, keeping a lookout for any suspicious activity. We'd been assigned a light infantry walker equipped with flamethrowers for this task. It was all going smoothly until we heard blaster-fire in the distance and I received a sudden transmission from the convoy commander himself. Apparently, a Rebel agent had fled the city on a speeder, likely making for a hidden stronghold in the barren wilderness around the city. He had outpaced the slower tanks, but we were perfectly positioned to intercept him. I relayed this quickly to my squad... The Rebel rounded the corner of a rocky outcrop, unaware that he was being watched. We quickly moved into position, but we were unaware that we were also being watched.... Accompanied by two troopers, I opened fire but he was quick off the mark, dodging our shots with skilled manoeuvres... until he swerved the wrong way and veered straight into the path of the walker... The speeder's left engine caught fire and went up in flames; the rebel, having been thrown clear of the blast, sprinted for safety as his comrades opened fire. Poor Skim never had a chance. The bolt hit him squarely in the chest. Seeing him go down, the rest of us dived for cover, not wanting to make ourselves obvious targets. It was then that I saw an opportunity. Motioning to a trooper to follow me, I crept around the back of the rocky outcrop, attempting to flank the rebels. The closest Rebel didn't see me coming. He was easy prey. Taking advantage of the rebels's momentary shock, the remainder of my squad advanced with the walker's fire covering them. The odds were turning in our favour. Within minutes, the battle was over. Kasser, another trooper, checked Skim's body for any sign of life, but unfortunately found none. Others escorted the surrendering Rebels away from the scene. The mission had been successful. Three rebels killed and two taken prisoner, with only one casualty. I was sure I'd be well rewarded for this. The walker: The landscape and speeder: [ C&C welcome. Apologies for the abundance of photos ]
  3. After the battle in the space I finally arrived on solid ground. But I was quickly forced to leave Kuat and head to the rims around it. One of the small hangars is a base of a small group of rebel soldiers. There I got a friendly reception by their leader. Our mission is to find a skillful technician, who will crack the super-computer. Please consider, that it was raining for a couple of days and that making better photos is impossible.
  4. This is the next chapter of Wick Nole's story. Introduction. [soNE Freebuild] The Story Begins Chapter 1. [soNE Freebuild] A Fine Delivery Chapter 2. [soNE Freebuild] Unexpected Arrival Chapter 3. [soNE Ep. VII] "Before we leave this planet..." Chapter 4. [soNE Ep. VIII] "This is not the race you are participating in." Chapter 5. [soNE Ep. IX] Gathering Intel Chapter 6. [soNE Ep. X] Counter-attack -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- We've received multiple messages from other Rebel groups. They all included a warning on the heavy Imperial presence and significant troubles during extraction. Some groups were lost in action, many were captured, and only a few were able to successfully escape the area. Fortunately, the group carrying the Suprosa supercomputer was one of them. It was decided then, that all Rebel groups remaining on Kuat surface will look for an alternative routes off planet. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thankfully, despite a significant Imperial presence, there were still a few of the smugglers' dens remaining on Kuat with landing pads able to receive the standard freighter-size vessels. One of these was located on a reachable distance... After a few weeks march, the Wick's group finally reached the place - and some old friends were already waiting there with transport ready to lift-off. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Unfortunately, the group did not reach the place unnoticed...
  5. After the Imperials had successfully captured many Rebels in Kuat, Dark Trooper Tyrus had been personally requested by Admiral Zapal to attend an interrogation of a Rebel hotshot pilot that had destroyed the Admiral's Star Destroyer a month ago with a lucky torpedo, leaving him with just an Interdictor. He had made contact with the Avenger and was delighted to hear that Tyrus' squad had captured the fleeing pilot on their surveys of Kuat. As a gesture of thanks, Zapal invited Tyrus to join him on his Intedictor cruiser, personally decorated to his tastes (though far to light and cheerful for Tyrus'), to witness the interrogation and eventual destruction of the pilot. Tyrus walked into the interogation bay and squinted at the harsh, white lights that illuminated the room. The Admiral had been joined by another Commando, Jargo Fine, along with a couple of Stormtroopers. Tyrus had brought a trooper that had carried the pilot 9km across Kuat's surface back to the Imperial Shuttle, SK-13L. "Don't you just love to hear them scream..." The Admiral said to Tyrus and Fine, as a few small drills pierced the pilot's stomach. Tyrus had heard things about Admiral Zapal, about how he had crushed the heads of a Rebel woman and child with his bear hands, but he was even more sadastic in person. He grimaced as he watched the torture take place, but the pilot didn't really yield anything they didn't already know. He was just being punished by destroying the Admiral's flagship. Suddenly the other Commando, Fine, murmured something into his headset. No one else seemed to notice, but Tyrus suspected something dodgy... SoNE XI by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr SoNE XI by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr WP_20160220_11_51_31_Rich (2) by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr Suddenly a trooper walked over the the blast doors and opened them. To people, a man and a woman, dressed in scruffy clothes entered the room. Tyrus and SK-13L de-holstered their weapons and the Admiral turned round but the other Stormtroopers and Fine didn't react. SoNE XI by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr SoNE XI by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr The man strode over to the Admiral and held a long blade to his throat. "Admiral Zapal. It's nice to finally meet you." "Who are you? How did you get onto my ship?" The Admiral replied, his staunch gaze failing to falter. "We have had men stationed on your ship for weeks. Jaul and Lo'kar here," he said, pointing at the Stormtroopers beside him, "are prime examples of this. They've been reporting your movements and plans for ages, my men slowly replacing yours on this ship. Next we'll have the Avenger. As to my name, that doesn't matter. All that matters is you," He said, "And him," pointing at Tyrus. "Tell us what you want," said Tyrus, walking towards the newcomers. "I just said. We the Admiral dead for all the atrocious war crimes he has committed." Tyrus secretly couldn't disagree with that point. "Also, we would like you as well." With that, the man stepped towards the Admiral and sliced his throat open. The Admiral gasped and fell into a pool of his own blood. "You want me dead too? Well come and get me!" Tyrus said, signalling SK-13L to join him in cover behind the medical equipment. SoNE XI by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr SoNE XI by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr Tyrus and SK-13L fought hard. They managed to take out one of the traitor Stormtroopers and the Commando, Fine. "Run," Tyrus said to SK-13L, "I'll cover you. You need to inform the Avenger that they are going to be under attack. Tell them to purge the Intedictor, Vanquish, It's not worth the risk they could cause. An Intedictor in the hands of bounty hunters will be very dangerous." SK-13L nodded and started to rush down a ventilation shaft. He didn't get far before. The bounty hunter male had thrown his blade and Tyrus watched as SK-13L's back was split open. Tyrus could hear his cries of pain before they were suddenly silenced by a blaster bold from one of the rogue troopers. Tyrus looked back at the attackers and was immediately hit by a stun bolt. He dropped his blaster pistol as he fought to stay conscious. He saw the woman stride towards him and watched helplessly as a bag was pulled over his head, the darkness looming ever closer until he could see nothing but black. He dropped to the floor, unconscious... Sorry about the mediocre build and rushed story, hopefully I'll have time tomorrow morning to modify the story... Modified.
  6. The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" Repel and Retreat Flatline Reflection A Promotional Meeting Previously: The New Squad Any Rebel on Kaut was a prime target at this point, but Beltar’s new squad was tasked with attempting to locate the stolen supercomputer. DC guessed that it A: Wouldn’t be in a high populated area, they wouldn't risk civvies, and B: Would be using large amounts of power for the Rebel’s to attempt to decode it. He was right. On the scanned map of the planet’s surface, there where multiple locations where large amount of power being used...In the middle of farmlands nonetheless. Using this information, he triangulated the possible location of the supercomputer. And now this squad was in the outskirts of the farmland of the bigger cities, they had discovered a trench, recently dug and decided to follow it. DC: Watch it soldiers, in coming! Beltar stay here! DT’s- With me! Alyin, you know the drill. Entire Unit: Sir, yes sir! The squad engaged the Rebels, two more had come off the pathway near the house, while the other two were completely off guard. DT-202: I got him! DT-101: Yeah right you did! DC: FOCUS MEN! DT’s: Yes Sir! Alyin: Yeah, you normally get left behind for a few missions, and as a medic. Beltar: Figured… Wait…Woah what’s going on over there? The two idiots where beating the one living Rebel, all of them where dead except this one, but Beltar knew this Rebel’s strategic value and that he was needed alive. DT-202: EY! Where is the computer! TELL US! Rebel: Ughh…. DT-101: HE WASN’T ASKING! Beltar pushed Alyin out of the way, and ran towards the other three, he pushed the two aside as DC watched in wonder…Beltar set his pack down, took the needle, and instantly administered it too the injured soldier. Beltar: Woah, move! Stop STOP! DT-101: What? What is the meaning of this, soldier? DC: Hmm….? Beltar, again knowing the value of this target, tried as much as he could to save him, and this kept that one Rebel alive. Beltar: Stay with me Rebel Scum… DT-202: What are you doing! Beltar: He’s an asset! We need him ALIVE! DT-101: But- DC: Let him work! I have to agree… Beltar had knocked him out to continue to work, once he was stable for the time being, Beltar got up and they continued to discuss the rest of the mission, and rather than continuing the search, they’d send DT’s for more scouting, and the rest would return to the rings to interrogate the Rebel. DC: I just dispatched the two nitwits, we will be taking him to the interrogation room. Beltar: Understood sir. Wait, he’s waking up. Alyin: Sir, The Room will be ready. DC: Good, now one second... DC: My turn...*punch* Alright, know that he’s out cold we are all good. Beltar: Well…That was…slightly unnecessary. Alyin: For now Beltar, yes it is. ===Later=== DC: Look…This is gonna heart real...real bad… Or I’ll take some information…You know… Rebel: I… Don’t know anything! Please! AHHHHHHHHHHH DC: I JUST NEED THE LOCATION! After a little more…’convincing’ the Rebel spilled out much information, about the location of the supercomputer, who they were recruiting, and how they were getting into the system undetected. Even though the Rebel gave all the information he knew, DC continued to torture him, and at one point the screams became truly haunting. Beltar: That’s ENOUGH! We got what we need! DC: FINE! But next time…Don’t interrupt me. Admiral, now that we know, keep the Rebel’s from entering the system for now. And Beltar, Alyin, and I will head back to the surface using the information, and combine it with what the two found on the surface. We might have to contact Kiriana about this, if he’s been looking in the city, that’s most likely the wrong area. We need to act fast. Admiral: Understood, I will notify Kiriana at once, Mr. Beltar, you are dismissed, you may return to your barracks. Beltar: Sir, yes sir. End Thanks for making it through this long episode build. Finally finished it, might edit the story tomorrow, but had to post it today because I won’t be home till 10:15PM PST, which leaves not much time. I tried to combine all of the ideas of this episode, interrogation, searching for the supercomputer, near the farmlands like in the episode topic, etc. More Images on my Photostream! Way too many extra pictures for me to embed in a spoiler, cause I'm really busy at the moment. The lighting was finally decent, but there is a huge crack in my photo studio now, so I’m going to have to get a new one…Thanks for stopping by and as always Comments and Criticism welcome! ~Beltar Edit: I got an OK by a judge to embed my photos afterwards.
  7. Given the large scope of the Empire's operation we were all pulling duties we might not be usually assigned to. I had been sent to interrogate a captured Rebel. I figured that since I wasn't a trained interrogation specialist that this would not be a high value target. Since I wouldn't be dealing with a Rebel that would have likely been trained in interrogation resistance techniques I decided that bluffing would likely be my best choice. I entered the holding room and didn't address the Rebel at all. I set about powering up the interrogation droid and busying myself with looking like I was getting things ready when I really was just doing nothing. I never directly looked at the Rebel but I could sense his growing apprehension. Finally I finished with my "preparations" and got the droid positioned right in from of the Rebel. It was at this point that the Rebel tried to put on false bravado and defiantly said: "Do you really expect me to talk?" I calmly replied: "No Rebel scum, I expect you to die." The mask of arrogance was quickly changed into a sense of panic. "But ... but you haven't even interrogated me!" "Correct. We know that you have little of value to offer us as far as information. But you do have value. You see, this droid here will make sure that your screams are heard in the nearby cells. And then THOSE Rebels will be far more willing to offer up their information. See, you can be helpful!" I wasn't even sure if there were any Rebels in nearby cells. Or how well sound would travel for that matter. But it worked anyway. The Rebel started telling me everything he knew without me even asking.
  8. They told us to hide. Empire will be searching for rebels and it isn't healthy to be found. So I did what they told me. I joined the rebellion 3 months ago and became a soldier. But all I was doing was working in large warehouses. I'm not really brave, you see. My father owns a large oiling company and helps rebels with free oil. But then, one day, he decided that it's not enough and send me to join them. And now? I'm hiding, as they told me to do. Another mission. We have to break the super-computer. I'm not really familliar with science, so I have to find someone who is. Oh, WE have to find him. But I can't find Toby. He's same as all those rich boys. He doesn't know how to work hard, he cannot fight. But it seems, he is good in hide and seek. The first part especially. I joined the army to see the world. Well I'm in the middle of it. But it isn't really interesting. Sand. Like the good old Tatooine. Me and my mate Arnie are searching for rebels. Again. All I do since I joined the army is searching for someone - rebels, rebels, Boba Fett and more rebels. Well ... I joined the army the same day as Rory. And we didn't join it because we wanted to see the world. No. We were just coming from the stag party and well ... Never drink with an ergesh! -----------
  9. The Sarge and I were undercover on the rings of Kuat, hoping to recruit a computer programmer to help crack the Supercomputer. I was back in my familiar gear, whilst the Sarge had been issued "Inconspicuous freighter pilot outfit #3" by Rebel intelligence. We had been told that we would find our target in one of the smaller Tapcafes that serviced one of the cargo docks of Kuat Drive Yards. I ordered the drinks from the server droid, whilst the Sarge kept a lookout. As expected, our mark was drinking alone in one of the booths. "Don't mind if we join you, do you?" "Well....I....." "Good, plenty of room. Could have picked a booth with a view of the planet instead of out into the empty nothingness" He looked unimpressed as we settled down alongside him, placing his glass on the plaswood table about to protest, before the server droid brought our drinks. "You don't seem very pleased of our company, had a hard day?" "Well...not difficult, I could programme these stupid cargo unloaders with my eyes closed...., just tiring after twelve standard hours..." "You sound like someone who needs more of a challenge, perhaps from someone who appreciates your skills? Why don't you have another drink...?" This job was starting to turn out more easy than we had expected, I thought, as the Sarge knocked back another Correlian Ale... Overview: Thanks for looking
  10. After Beltar’s recent reassignment to an Imperial Medical Team, going to Tatoone is one of the last missions he expected himself to do as a Medical Official… He was briefed on the mission at least five times, but he still could not comprehend why he was chosen to do this, and not someone higher up in the Empire. He wasn’t sure that this was the best thing for a very unexperienced stormtrooper to do…His old staff sergeant would have loved coming here… The three Imperials surveyed the pod and the surrounding areas before the sergeant in command said aloud a needless order, “All right, Beltar, get in touch with the contact, we will take it from here. Ugh, looks like there's a Kel Dor wanting that pod...” Beltar then proceeded to begin the first phase of the mission.Before Beltar knocked on Dar-Dar Cyonie’s quaint little house, he kept thinking that this was not a mission for him, but then, without any more hesitation, he knocked. Dar-Dar: Oh, Hellos! Yousa must be that bombad Imperial Officer who is coming to talk to mesa about the races. By the waysa, I did nothing wrongs! Beltar: Hello there Mr. Cyon- Dar-Dar: Please call me Dar-Dar! No need for formalities, comsa inside Beltar followed Dar-Dar inside, and Dar-Dar directed Beltar to sit, while he prepared some traditional Gungan Tea, but Beltar insisted that he was fine. Dar-Dar: Are yousa sure bombad Beltar? Beltar: I’m fine, thank you. But let’s get onto business, such as why I am here. Dar-Dar: Okay! Mesa say perhaps after wesa talk, wesa can drink some of my tea? Beltar: Perhaps, but please, take a seat. Dar-Dar reluctantly sat down, where he may have broken a sweat, but Beltar paid no mind to it, the plan was going smoothly. The other operatives where in position, working on finding the answer. All Beltar had to do was stall for the next couple of minutes… Beltar: As you are no doubt aware, I am here for the races. The Empire is looking to recruit you for the race in the coming week. Dar-Dar: Isa would accept this most humble offer if mesa pod was not broken down. Last race, I got in Bombad trouble. Most of mesa pod’s innards are not working anymore. Theysa need to be replaced. Beltar: The Empire will pay for whatever you need. Tools, pars, equipment, fuel, an- Beltar’s commlink beacon was active, then the Sargent in command announced to Beltar over the com, “Phase II is a go. Possible hostility confirmed, we will be their soon. Keep stalling…” Beltar: Sorry, as I was saying: and any other supplies you might need. Dar-Dar: Yousa Imperial scum, yousa stalling! Two Minutes ago: Stormtrooper: Sir, looks like our suspicions were right. He’s a rebel. But why would he actually paint their insignia here, on his house? Sargent: The world may never know Boris, but for now, let’s proceed with Phase II. Presently: Beltar: How kind of you to notice, though, you were a good pilot, too bad all of your winnings and belongings will be confiscated, and you will be arrested. Dar-Dar: Neve- As soonDar-Dar yelled never, the other two Imperial officer’s stormed through the two doors, Dar-Dar tried to dash for it, but when both doors where blocked, the attempt to escape was futile. He was quickly apprehended. Boris: You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Wait, you won’t have a trial! Never mind then. Sargent: Boris, you have terrible jokes, alright Mr. Cyonie, you are under arrest by the Intergalactic Empire on the charges of Treason. Other charges are to be determined. Boris: You did well Beltar, perhaps you will make your way up to a sergeant! Probably not though, joking of course…Aw, what’s that smell! Beltar: Probably that Bantha outside… Sargent: Okay you lazy soldiers, get outside! I want every piece of equipment and the pod to be shipped to Coruscant immediately. And if you excuse me, I have some real estate to ‘sell’. ================================================================================================================================ Huzzah! A new subforum! More Pics in the spoiler! C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  11. Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka: Episode XI: Cracking Down I've been part of the rebellion for more than two years, so I got used to do all sorts of things. I visited numerous planets and met a lot of different beings. Many missions were successful and after some time, I was promoted in Alliance intelligence. I had to search for Boba Fett and report his locations to combat troops. But during those trips I learned many more things and if I complete my work in the next mission I may get promoted to a higher rank, Special force. But what exactly do I have to do? After unsuccessful mission in space, when Alliance fell in Empire's trap on Suprosa, all members involved must hide on Kuat. Furthermore, our mission is to crack the Super-computer or find a technician who will do it. I just landed on Kuat. In a secret underground hangar, to be precise. It was a hard trip, because I had to avoid Imperial trackers and I had to drive as fast as I could. I managed to get a quite good ship. Since I'm used to drive this kind of ship, I was happy to find out it has one large engine and one large wing. And it's small enough to squeeze almost everywhere. The hangar suprised me. I expected something a lot dirtier. I landed and got out of the ship. Instructions were to wait in the hangar, until someone comes to me and tells me furher instructions. During the waiting I took time to take a look of my vessel. I hope they will let me have it, I've been searching for something like this since I had to left my previous ship on Hoth. The ship is really small, but it has some nice weapons. Those small guns on the front couldn't be better for targeting TIEs. And that missile on the engine might be even a bit to heavy for this small vessel. I'm very satisfied with the engine, it's really strong, some small modifications could make it usable for a podracer. And the wing is quite well balanced. I just have to make some modifications on the back of the ship, It wouldn't be bad if it could hold some cargo. But I'll be thinking more about this ship some other time, I think I hear the steps ...
  12. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE 10.2] A Promotional Meeting

    --==Please Judge this freebuild!==-- The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" Repel and Retreat Previously: Flatline Reflection A Promotional Meeting Beltar was contemplating the ringing, the heartless ringing. Heartless. As he walked into the officers room. Green. That was odd for an officer to have his own custom made green chair, Beltar thought, it just seemed odd. Recently he seemed to be noticing trivial things, like how the technician’s collar was slightly bent down and wrinkled. Then he noticed Sarge in a uniform and was relieved that this meeting couldn’t be that bad. Imperial Officer: Hello there, Mr. Beltar. We have much to discuss. Oh yes, be amazed that Sarge is dressed up in that new uniform, go on tell the lad. Sarge: Well Beltar, I was offered a job as a chief medical officer aboard one of the Empires Outer Rim research facilities. I’ve taken it. Beltar: Congratulations Sarge! I imagine it’ll be great.. Who’ll be in charge of us then? Oh, that’s what this is about, isn't it? Imperial Officer: Precisely my dear boy. That is where you come in. But please, hand that Data Disk to the officer first. Beltar: As you wish, Sir. Beltar once thought again about what was so important on this disk, of course he didn’t ask, but what was on that disk out in the middle of deep space is a question he’d soon ask again. Imperial Technician: Thank you, you’ve been a great help Mr. Beltar. The Technician then proceeded to put the disk into the droids socket and walk towards the door. Imperial Officer: Due to the recommendation of Sarge and whim of some other high ranking officer, I reviewed your files, and as TK-821….isn’t in the position to lead, you are. You will be the new “Sarge” As a captain though, within the medical Dark Ops Units. Beltar: I get Sarge’s old job? Wonderful! This’ll be fun. Imperial Officer: Not so fast, there will be much paperwork sent to your barracks, but you may also report to the armory when ready for a new set. Also, it is not the same job. Different Team, no Kirk, different missions: more... “Under the Radar” type. Dismissed. Beltar: Thank you sir. Beltar: It’s a goodbye then, isn’t it? Sarge: Yeah, but I got a feeling we’ll see each other around sometime. Beltar: Well then, perhaps we will. Sarge: Maybe, I’m heading to my ship at the moment, goodbye Mr. Beltar. Sorry about what happened to Borris. Beltar: Couldn’t have done anything about it. Goodbye Sarge. -End- Dark Trooper: Where they both transferred? He doesn’t like to wait. Imperial Officer: Of course they were, you can leave, and I don’t need you at this time. Just tell him I don’t see where he is going with this. Dark Trooper: Understood. Thank you for stopping by! I tried to continue the serious tone from my last freebuild. Not to much on the build, again, more of a setup to get my character’s story going even further and most of my parts are in storage or on my next MOC, very greebly and It used many of my parts, non SoNE related though.. Thanks for reading and as always, C and C Welcome! ~Beltar
  13. After receiving orders from Josh to board the Suprosa Zaael asks his crew to join him on the mission to retreive the supposedly valueable information. : La Feuvre, one of the best pilots in the Alliance, but flying isn't his only feat. He likes guns, big guns! : Fe'ya, a warrior in every way you can think of. Her legs got destroyed in a fierce battle she never talks about. Her new legs complement her skills perfecty. : S-CR4P, the droid Zaael build himself. Nobody knows why it's on just about every mission Zaael goes on, but nobody dares to ask. : Bill, the mechanic. Bill can fix anything, break anything and build anything. Bill is not his real name, but his real name is unpronouncable. : And last but not least, Zaael, the glue that holds the crew together. Vedauwoo drops our heroes off on the Suprosa and they advance to the room where they believe the main computer is. Bill prepared a nice entrance. : Zaael, don't drop that, it's quite dangerous... hehehe. : I've got a bad feeling about this. : Beep, bop bop! : Indeed Scraps! : And he says that after the bumpy ride here... : *sigh* hehehe. : Take cover!! 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... BOOOOOM!!! : For the Alliance!! Charge!! : I love these legs! : Me too... hehehe. : That was the last one, let's slice this thing! : The other Imp got away, we need to move fast! He's probably getting help. : Got it! : BEEEEEEEEEEP!!! : Move guys, I'll cover you!! Zaael and his crew got back to Vedauwoo in time to get off the Suprosa. What was the information? We'll find out soon enough...
  14. Please judge this freebuild. _____________________ During a deceptive period of cease-fire between the Alliance's and imperial forces around the sector, Jacob Nion uses his time to renovate the SoroSuub Luxury Yacht he had found during the evacuation of Cloud City long ago. The endless junkyards of Nar Eurbrikka provide enough spare parts. And it's a good opportunity to meet again an old friend. And some shots of the ship Sadly there's still pure emptyness. Simply because I have no idea what I could install inside. So, finally. After a long time I'm glad to return to SoNE. I had the Yacht finished for a while now, but didn't want to post it until I would have got better photo equipment. And then there was a different rpg on eurobricks... but here it is! When I did my first Luxury Yacht for the very first episode of SoNE, I fell in love with this ship class. And I really wanted to improve it. You can compare the model to the original in the wookieepedia article Thanks for having a look! And man, it's good to be back on Star Wars!
  15. "I don't like him. He's coarse and irritating, and he gets everywhere." The Twi'lek girl in the cantina had been right- the Rodian gunrunner was splattered over his hideout, an arm the only thing recognisable as belonging to him. He'd tried to run from my guns, the irony. His goons had put up a fight, but no one gets away from Demos Khan, Scourge of the Outer Rim. Or something like that, I forget what they call me now. The only sounds I can hear are the moans of the dying mingling with hiss of the door as it opens and closes on the lone arm draped across it's threshold. And the soft crunch of my boots on the sand. Job done. The dead Rodian's arm: Demos Khan himself: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So, I hope this is alright as a bounty hunter build! C+C welcome! Definitely got a lot more inspiration for SONE now.
  16. "Vedauwoo joins the Alliance" (early days) 1 -> "Some New Equipment..." 2 -> "Koga che pankpa - Panksta Hunto" 3 -> "HV-37 test flight" 4 -> "Destination: Suprosa" ===================================================== [begin Transmission] [Type - Alliance Mission Log] [security - High] [Report from: Vedauwoo (Pilot) {VK-23}] [Location: Hangar Besh-4, Doaba Guerfel, Corellia] {{{{........e on Corellia, at Doaba Guerfel Starport, to pick up the VK-23 Freighthopper for the upcoming mission....command has been very "hush-hush" on the a matter of fact, we don't even have "official" orders to commandeer the craft. With no official orders, we have no authorization to open the hangar doors, so we have to make our way to the central egress control to slice in the codes.... Only one problem....this being Corellia, we are side to side with several Hangars in use by the Imperials. There is heavy security, so we are making our way along a catwalk, out of sight of the surveillance instruments... Norven kept watch over the hanger while we slipped past.... While I waited for the squad to pass, I couldn't help but notice what was going on in the hangar below.... They were fueling some sort of generator or probe...... Whatever it was, it must've been important. There was a whole squad of Stormtroopers on duty... ....and I overheard one of the Captains disarming his superior for safety.... There was another trooper that brought in some sort of data module.... I got the last of the pilots through as they finished up the fueling.... Considering the firepower in there, I was glad we were on our way.... ================================== Thanks for visiting!
  17. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE 10.1] Flatline Reflection

    The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" Repel and Retreat Flatline Reflection Beltar had just returned from the Suprosa, when he tried to help Sarge escort Borris to the med bay, but was cut short by a few med officers, and a soldier informing him he had to go to the debriefing. The debriefing was boring, but detailed the extent of each persons’ mission, and how well they fulfilled it, then they asked for any pieces of equipment recovered from the Suprosa, but Beltar did not turn the disk in, and perhaps the Commander noticed as Beltar walked out, fiddling with the disk in his hand as he went towards the med bay. Yet no one stopped him. Beltar was staring blankly into the nurse’s face. He had been sitting in this chair for at least 30 minutes. He lost count. Beltar got here late, while the Sarge got to cut a corner and go directly here to help Borris. But now he’s at his debriefing. Who knows what’s going on there. Beltar was remembering how in such a short time, Borris became one of Beltar’s best friends in the Empire. The nurse’s comlink rang. She listened through her earpiece, she gave a sigh and responded: “Yes sir. And the patient is…Well. You know. Almost…there.” The nurse then began to walk towards Beltar and said, “Well. The Sarge and one of the Generals has called you in. I don’t know why. Might have to do with you not turning that…disk in, or with TK-821’s Condition.” Beltar gave a nod. But he didn’t want to move. The nurse asked him to get up again. Beltar didn’t. He was replaying the moment when Borris was shot. And how did they not see the rebels a few meters ahead…And just other outcomes of the event if they had just paid more attention. The nurse then gave him a nudge, and he sprang to his feet, now fully awake, and he just started to walk off. Beltar turned his head and thanked the nurse for what she was doing, with the most mundane voice he had. The nurse seemed to be annoyed with this, but Beltar just kept walking without a care in the world... The nurse turned to the doctor and said, “Alright let’s see what we can do. It’s looking bad.” The doctor agreed. They began treating Borris again, when a piece of equipment malfunctioned, but they proceeded to try, after a couple minutes, they stopped to get something else to attempt to help Borris. Perhaps they didn’t try everything though, because as Beltar closed the door while exiting the hallway next to the room, he heard the flat ring of a malfunctioning piece of equipment. Or what he hoped was a piece of malfunctioning equipment. . . -End- Thank you for reading/looking at this freebuild. Pics are a little blurry/grainy because a storm just rolled in today. (At least it’s raining…) Also I tried to make this build/story in a more serious tone, also, I really liked WickNole’s color choice for his build, so I decided to use it here, as it reminded me of some of the medical places in TCW. As always, C and C welcome! ~Beltar Edit: Forgot to say again: Please Judge this Freebuild!
  18. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE Ep. X] Repel and Retreat

    The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" Repel and Retreat With Beltar’s recent involvement with break-away organizations of the Black Sun, Beltar decided to cut his vacation short. Now we find Beltar with his team boarding the Suprosa after being briefed by none other than Commander Lucas Kirana, and being deployed one of the Empire’s top pilots, Artizan. But Beltar and his medical team may have gotten here a little too late to repel the enemy forces…As they head towards their objectives, it seems the Rebels may have gotten to the computers first. --Around 15 Minutes Ago-- Rebel Transmission: “We are boarding the Suprosa, we should be landing on what appeared to be a major computer station that should have direct access to the main databanks" Imagine this picture has space and more Suprosa hull. The Imperial Officer below heard the hissing of something strange above him…when suddenly he saw the spikes of the rebels modified Dorch-Class boarding ship run through the ceiling of the computer station! He thought he may have been safe, but then he saw the rebels cut an opening right above him… Rebel Commander: Alright boys! Get ready to move! Duros Rebel: We are ready to move in commander. Weequay Rebel: I’m all set. Human Rebel: Sir we are all ready. Remember that you two need to secure the hallway to stop any Imperial advancement. The rebel commander acknowledged this with an nod, and had his team drop below to suprosa surprise the officer beneath them. Hahaha! Terrible joke! Rebel Commander: You! Download the information onto this drive! Imperial Technician: I…I have no idea what you mean! The Rebel officer pointed the gun closer... And held out the disk in one hand. Imperial Technician: On-On second thought…I think I may have something for you. --Presently--Imperials--Location: 2 Corridors from Boarding and Escape Hangars-- Now we join our heroes who have just reached their first checkpoint, before the teams split up, but here they find an injured Storm Trooper, TK-941, and Beltar rushed to his service, instantly administering pain reliever to the soldier. As he treated this soldier, he noticed Lord Tyrus, one of the Shadow Troopers that was following them vanished. Hopefully he was following his objective. TK-941: Thank…you…They-They surprised my unit…My unit is a group of cowards! They all ran but me… Beltar: Save your strength soldier, the ship at the hanger should have more medical equipment that could help you. Sarge signaled the rather out of place Storm Trooper, ZW-461, to get TK-941 to the back-up ship awaiting at the hangar. TK-941: You’ve got to be kidding me lad! An Alien in storm trooper armor? Your unit has set the bar real low for the Empire! Sarge: We all can’t have the best units you know…Those aliens really don’t make us look uniform… Sarge’s eyes followed the nervous Zabrack as he got closer and started helping the wounded soldier get on his feet. Beltar himself never really understood why the Imperials hated having Aliens in their ranks, and Life Day has recently passed, a very alien centered holiday, it seems to annoy many Imperials...Sarge then turned around to speak to Kodan’s Team of pilots who were fixing a leaking power converter before heading off to the bridge, in an attempt to regain complete control of the ships movements. Sarge: Alright, I assume this is where we split up, you take Corridor AA1134 Left, we will head Right, and hopefully we can finish our jobs and get off this lost ship and hopefully we will be able to repel these rebels without any setbacks. Kodan nodded, and signaled us to follow. We eventually broke loose at the Corridor, and embarked on our path through these almost maze-like halls on the Suprosa. Beltar: Those stories about this ship being huge...It’s true. All of it. You know I just had to make another joke with FA. Sarge: Yeah, I was actually stationed here for a day because I transferred right out after seeing these hallways…Worst day on the job. Ever. As they continued down the winding corridors, they had almost arrived at their objective, when they came across a Gonk and Mouse droid: Beltar: What are these guys doing here? Sarge: I…I don’t know, Borris, this is on you, you’re the only one here who can understand these guys. They shouldn't be here. Unless they got lost. Borris gave a short laugh, then he began listening to these droids tales. Borris: Well, EG-89 tells me we got some rebels up ahead. And the mouse droid says. Wait. Their preparing to fire? How do you k-- Without warning, a shot hit Borris on the back of his helmet, Sarge and Beltar instantly rushed to the sides of the hallway. Beltar could eye 2 of them, one was about to come out of the door, but turned back instead. As this happened, the GNK droid waddled away while the mouse droid stayed to watch the show. Beltar: We have no cover out here! Sarge: Rush them, I’ll cover and then I’ll deal with Borris. Got it? Beltar nodded, and Sarge yelled: "Now!" Beltar instantly sprang forward, getting the upperhand on the sitting rebels. After some quick shots, Beltar realized and said to himself: “How did we not see these guys moving down this hallway?” Then he looked out of the corner of his eye and saw Sarge was already treating Borris. It seems Sarge really took this job and his unit very seriously. As long as they weren’t aliens it appears…And it looked like Beltar had to do a hopefully easy job, by himself…Beltar rushed into through the door, gun raised. Rebel Commander: Ha! We have the upperhand! The download just finished, move and I’ll shoot. Beltar gave a slight movement on the barrel of his blaster to signal the officer to get down. And as fast as a the Rebel Alliance falling into a trap, Beltar shot both of the two rebels, they lay on the ground dead. Beltar then realized, “these may be the first Rebels I’ve actually killed….Strange…It’s an odd feeling…” He then walked over to the officer and helped him up. Beltar: Is there any way to wipe this computer? And possibly the other databanks? Imperial Technician: Yes and no. We cannot wipe other databanks on this ship, but we can set up the manual override, just pull down that handle on the wall…And thank you. Beltar handed the Officer his gun while he pulled down the lever. The light on the computer went from green to red. It worked! But then Beltar saw that the Rebels did download something important onto the disk, as its display screen showed it was full, and it was attempting to decrypt the files. Beltar picked it up and just wondered, what was so important that we had to keep these Rebel’s from getting? Instead of breaking it apart…he just held it...He didn’t know why, but he just did. Beltar: Alright, we should get moving back to the escape ship. Hopefully it hasn’t left yet. Imperial Technician: Understood. Hope you took care of that disk. Too much valuable information to be fall into the Rebel’s hands. Beltar showed it to the officer in his hand, and the officer just smiled. To Beltar, this seemed rather odd. As they walked out, Beltar realized that Borris’s condition was serious. Beltar took off his med pack, unfolded it, and attacked it to the other pack. Sarge and Beltar then moved Borris’s body onto it and picked it up without saying a word. Sarge: Well. His condition is very serious, I’ll need better equipment. You, tech-officer. Imperial Technician: Yes? Sarge: Watch our backs, will you? And mouse droid…Hit me if rebels are coming in that way.Huh? Why I trust you? I don’t know…Well this is one fine setback, but at least we accomplished our goal. Repelling these guys. Beltar: Yeah, but this is also a retreat at the same time. They back-tracked their way to through the long and winding hallways to the back-up transport’s hangar, only to find it missing with a soldier laying against the wall unconscious and ZW no where to be seen. Beltar: Wonderful. Maybe we can hitch a ride home with Artizan when all troops are recalled. Unless Kodan and his team succeeds. -End- More Pictures in the spoiler: There are some more closeups of certain shots on my flickr, thanks for reading/looking at these lots of pictures! This build underwent many changes…I was going to greeble the walls behind all of the build to make it more presentable as a whole, but I ran out of parts… Of course. The Rebel ship is based on the droid boarding ship from TCW, if anyone wants some detail pics, just ask. .I also couldn’t resist sneaking in a Force Awakens line in….hehehe…Only 3 weeks away, wow! Note: Any builders mentioned should be a way to tie them in, if it changed when they post their build, I'll edit this post. As always, C and C Welcome! ~Beltar Edit 1: Fixed Story Link after Builder Posted
  19. SoNE X by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr Tyrus’ latest mission was to infiltrate the engine bay aboard the Suprosa, and take out the power to the command deck computers. Once completed, he would be able to take full control of the blast doors, as the engine room engineers had second in command in the case of an airlock breach or other technical problem. His task was to shut off the Rebels’ route by closing the blast doors, preventing them from accessing the central computer terminal. While seemingly a fail-proof plan, on closer inspection, Tyrus could see that there were some problems. He knew from first hand experience that the Rebels had specialised equipment perfectly capable of breaching through Star Destroyer-grade blast doors, let alone the minimal plasteel plates on a frigate like the Suprosa. Upon facing a closed door, the Rebels would merely blast their way through. Tyrus had already thought of this, however. He’d secretly planned with Sergeant Davon an alternative: he'd close all of the doors, but one, in the hope that the Rebels would go for the easier option, and run straight into Davon's and the other troop's blasters. A small, but significant deviation, but he hoped command wouldn't mind. While loyal to the Empire, Davon had the same doubts in its leadership as Tyrus did. He’d turned down the job of captain because it meant he would spend almost every day at a desk with the same men that had sent many of his squad to their deaths. Instead, he’d become the sergeant of the Stormtroopers under Tyrus’ command. He liked Tyrus, and, despite being several years his senior, looked up to him. He knew that if there was anyone who could do a good job of commanding a legion of Stormtroopers, it was Tyrus. Therefore when Tyrus approached him after the briefing on the Avenger, saying that he had a slightly different plan, he didn’t stop to think before agreeing. Tyrus sat down on one of the seats aboard a HAAT, commanded by a pilot by the name of Artizan, alongside the Sergeant and a few troopers. Upon landing, Tryus gave a quick nod to Davon and they split up. SoNE X by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr He found the engine bay to be deserted, he presumed the crew had run for cover. He wasted no time in heading towards the computer terminals, carefully resting his blaster against the wall. Suddenly he heard a noise. He quickly spun round and flung the small knife in his belt, ducking just in time to miss the sizzling laser bolt that struck the wall where his head had been a split second ago. He heard a thud as the knife hit its mark followed by a second thud as an overall-covered body hit the ground. He reclaimed his blaster from the limp hand and fired at the engineer’s head before quickly returning to the console. SoNE X by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr Within minutes, he was through security and shutting all of the blast doors, bar the central corridor. He watched through the cameras as the Rebels turned and headed for the clear route. Tyrus smiled to himself as the stupid Rebels fell for the bait. With a simple ‘Now’ through his comm, he signalled to Davon to spring the trap. The cameras in the lower half of the central corridor saw a sudden flash of red, then lost connection... And an overview:
  20. This is the next chapter of Wick Nole's story. Introduction. [soNE Freebuild] The Story Begins Chapter 1. [soNE Freebuild] A Fine Delivery Chapter 2. [soNE Freebuild] Unexpected Arrival Chapter 3. [soNE Ep. VII] "Before we leave this planet..." Chapter 4. [soNE Ep. VIII] "This is not the race you are participating in." Chapter 5. [soNE Ep. IX] Gathering Intel -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Wick's group together with a number of rebel troops were deployed together with other teams to infiltrate the computer databases aboard the Suprosa. The target was simple: get to any mainframe terminal and look for any encoded information packages - then download whatever is found and retreat back to troop transport. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- We were able to clear some debris and enter the inner hangar bay where the working terminal was finally found. However, as it always happens... in just a few minutes everything went wrong... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- - "How much time do you need?!? We cannot hold them much longer! They will manage to open this blast door any moment now!" - "Hold them for a few more moments! I think I just found something!" - "The door is opening! I need every solder there! We need to hold against this counter-attack!" -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- And a few more close-ups.
  21. I found myself, like many others, involved in the battle for the Suprosa. As our forces attempted to gain control of the ship I had been tasked with securing the flight controls to avoid catastrophic loss of the ship. The Rebels were trying to gather data and likely commandeer the ship if possible and we certainly were not going to allow that! A Stormtrooper escort would have been preferable, but they were not available given the current situation. I had been assigned two other pilots to go with me to attempt to take command of the bridge. There had been some reports of injuries on the bridge with all the fighting and we wanted to make sure that we didn't lose control of the entire ship. The two pilots with me had never had any ground fighting experience beyond basic training, so I told them I would take point. I equipped myself with a blaster rifle figuring at least one of us should have some firepower, and had them use the pistols they were more familiar with. Hopefully none of us would even use them. There had been no reports of Rebel activity on the path I had planned for us to take, but it was hardly complete info. There was a chance that we could encounter Rebels at any time, but I kept the other pilots in the dark and assured them we were just being overly cautious. We caught a break when the blast doors were open on a service corridor. It would allow us to make it to the bridge quicker and take control of the situation. I had to hope that we would prevail or else the Rebels would most likely be able to trap us on the bridge. I can't imagine we would fare too well in that situation. More pics:
  22. As usually I was given the hardest job. I was floating above Suprosa with a bomb in my hand. I had to put it on, go away and when it explodes enter the ship with others. But the explosion will probably bring consequenses ... It was meant as a 1st freebuild for this episode, but since this is the last day I'm posting it as a build and I'll post other stuff in next few weeks. Thanks for watching!
  23. The Battle of Suprosa had only just begun, and yet it appeared things were going pear-shaped. I had been assigned with preventing the Rebels from getting to the computer rooms, however after shortly separating from my fellow comrades it had come to the Empire's attention that one of the main computer rooms was being breached. I reacted instantly and made my way through the wrecked maze of the Suprosa until I approached the last corridor. As soon as I looked down a heavy object went from my throat down to my stomach. Losing troopers in battle was not uncommon, but the thought of losing a close friend dying for what he believed for without witnessing whether he was successful or not? Now that was a different matter. I made my way to the fallen comrade and lifted his helmet only to realize it was not one of our men, A rebel had disguised himself as an Imperial trooper and had either been discovered by one of ours or been gunned down by his own men, either way he had failed, and anxiously I opened the doors to the computer room to see if anything was destroyed, but It was okay, everything was as though it had just been built.
  24. the lego dwarf

    [SoNE Ep. X] Data Secured

    My mission was simple, stop some highly important data from falling into the rebel's clutches. I made my way towards one section of the Suprosa but I found myself staring into the eyes of a rebel. The Lego Dwarf: Put your weapon down or I will shoot. Rebel Soldier: You won't win you imperial scum. I quickly raised my gun and fired at the window just as the rebel was about to fire at me. Unfortunately for the rebel the sudden depressurizing of the sector caused the rebel to scream and fly out of the window. The Lego Dwarf: All you had to do was drop the weapon. I carried on towards my main mission and I finally met up with a small team of troopers and we began our assault on the target. I quickly ran into the room and shot the rebel through in the chest. The fellow troopers walked in after me and cleared up the body. I found the data up link and quickly shut it down and for a quick moment looked outside at the calmness of space. OOC: This is my entry for soNE Ep. X. I found this quite a challenge as this is my first sci-fi style build. I would have done more if I had the time and sorry for the quality of the pictures as at the minute I am using my tablet camera as my other camera is broken.
  25. +++INCOMMING ENCRYPTED TRANSMISSION+++ ---channel 1337---security level DELTA--- ***static*** "Th.. .s Rebel Pilot Zaael" ***static*** "My cover has b... ....mpromised... . I'm being hunted by th. ..perials. They a.. .n my tail." ***static*** "Try... .. get to rendezv... .oint X^#45." ***static*** "THERE HE IS..." "I ne.. .. go. Za... ou... ***gunfire*** +++END OF TRANSMISSION+++ Needless to say, my mission did not go as planned. I was made quite quickly because some stupid Imp lover wanted to start a "discussion" about why it was so bad that we drove them away. That discussion did not end well and soon I had a bunch of Stormtroopers going after me, the guy I pissed off had some high placed friends, I need to get back to him at some point, he might know more. Anyway I started running through the streets and while I could send out a distress signal, I couldn't shake the Troopers. Untill I found a Speeder Bike. Engine still running. I had to take the chance. I will repay the owner at a later time. I lost the Imps and went on to the rendezvouz point, hoping someone had received the signal. I would like to have this judged by the way.