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Found 399 results

  1. I glanced nervously at the proton torpedos sat in the repulsor kart. Helping to unload them from the snub fighter had terrified me, despite assurances that they were safe. The rebel forces were still scattered around the outer rim. I don't even know the name of the place where we were temporarily based, but I doubt it was anywhere that I would have heard of anyway. Us ground troops were protected by four X-Wings, the ony survivors remaining from Night Hawk squadron. When news arrived from command that an astromech had been compromised, the fighters were all grounded until they could be checked out. This left everyone very nervous and anybody who had ever held a hydrospanner before was volunteered to help out. My previous life as a mechanic (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=100455) meant that I was the only one qualified to help the flight crews. After removing the R2 unit (which Rax did not look happy about having to guard, until the techs could check it over and then wipe its memory) from its socket, and unloading the torpedos, I had helped the Mon Cal head mechanic to check the ship for signs of sabotage. We were instructed to make sure it was safe to fly and keep an eye out for any clues if it had been tampered with. An old R1 unit had been brought out of storage to help with diagnostics. Ours was the first X-Wing to be cleared for duty, and we were all relieved to have our air cover back in action... Thanks for looking
  2. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 MKJoshA, Kale, are you there? Yes, we're here. Hold on, your picture isn't coming through right. Ah, there we go. My color balance was off. I need you two to go to Tatooine and investigate the X-wing that fired on Luke to see if we can learn anything more about this saboteur. PLEASE NOTE! The following picture is the "First Picture" for my contest entry and it includes the seed part. The previous pictures were for story sake and should not be counted in the entry. "You there," asked Josh, "droids. What can you tell us about this X-wing?" "Oh my!" responded the protocal droid. "I'm afraid there has been obvious signs of tampering." "The technicians are still dismantlement the circuitry," he continued. "But it seems that certain parts were used that are only manufactured on Coruscant" he finished. "Thank you for the information," said Josh. "Now let's finish the investigation of the circuitry and see if we can flesh out any more details." OoC: Yes, I have gone to the darkside and I have converted to fleshies. I made this decision after chatting with Rogue Angel at Brickworld, Chicago. Every other kind of build of mine will continue to use yellows, but it just makes sense to use fleshies in my Star Wars builds now. I had no idea LucasLaughing was going to do the same thing! I'm really happy with the heads I found to replace my character's old yellow heads. My character is Will Turner's and Kale's is Superman/Hyperion's. Let me know what you think!
  3. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Junker's Fee Welcome to Fondor Fondor City Nightlife Many Bothans Died... Well At Least One Fixing to Clear the Mind Thermal Detonator Pot-Pie Focus Torturous Trial The Escape The Calamity Star Hyperdrive Repairs Motivating the Troops Kuati Spaceport A Friend of a Friend Coming Back From the Edge After leaving Kuat, it had taken Kale and I weeks to track down the first lead on the Mandalorian bounty hunter that had killed my brother. Turns out there were a lot of Mandalorians who had a beef with the Empire so the list of those who were on record as killing stormtroopers was pretty long. We narrowed that list down to those who had been known to be on Fondor when my brother died. We ended up on Naboo of all places. Turns out the queen there was sympathetic to the Mandalorian's vendetta against the Empire and allowed them to come and go freely from a number of space ports as long as they didn't cause any trouble. Kale went out to investigate our next lead while I went out to get some supplies. When I got back to our quarters, I found a note saying "they" had Kale hostage and if I wanted to see him alive I'd meet them at the attached coordinates. I left in a hurry, taking only the beskar blade I had received from Bryce after I finished my training with him. "We know you've been hunting one of our own," stated the woman with red hair. "Your clumsy attempts to track us have alerted the Empire to a number of our operations." MKJoshA just stayed quiet, waiting to see what their demands were going to be. He could tell Kale was bad off and didn't want to say anything rash that would lead to more harm. "We've already taught your friend the dangers of being on our bad side," continued the woman. "Leave us alone, never try to track us again, and we will let you and your friend go." Josh looked around and could see he was vastly outnumbered. But he had come all this way and it seemed like he had finally stumbled onto what he had been looking for so he decided to press his luck. "If you've been watching me, you know why I'm here. You know I want vengeance on the Mandalorian who killed my brother. If he is here, I challenge him to single combat!" The Mandalorians on the ground looked at each other and the woman spoke again, "I don't think you understand your position here. You don't get to make demands. Leave us or you and your friend die." Just then a Mando flew down from the roof top. "I'm the one your looking for," the blonde one said. "So," thought Josh, "it wasn't a he, it was a she!" "I killed your brother" continued the blonde. "He died without honor as all Imperials should. But you, you show honor by seeking to avenge him. I will give you the privileged of dueling me and dying with honor." Josh could tell she didn't expect him to be a match for her. But she didn't know he had trained for this moment with all his passion. Their blades locked and the combat began. Again and again their swords met and just as often they released and each combatant twirled away looking for a weak spot in his/her opponent. The Mando slashed wide and Josh took advantage of it, twisting her blade out of her hand and driving her the ground. The other Mandalorians quickly raised their guns and trained them on Josh. "Do it," she said. "You've beat me fairly. Kill me and take your vengeance." "No," replied Josh. "Killing you won't bring my brother back." Josh wanted justice, and he still wanted to turn the Mando into the authorities to answer for her murder. He knew he and Kale wouldn't be allowed to leave if he demanded this though. "One bridge at a time" he thought. "I just had the chance to kill my brother's murderer, and turned back from the edge. Now I need to figure out how to get out of here alive." But he still stretched out his hand to the blonde Mando to help her to her feet. But as he was pulling her up, a blaster shot rang out. Josh saw the Mando falling backwards, clearly dead before she hit the ground. He dove out of the way, not wanting to be the next victim. The ensuing firefight between the Stormtroopers and the Mandalorians left a number of dead Mandos and put the rest to flight. Josh was helped to his feet by the Imperials. "Are you alright sir?" asked the lead Stormtrooper. "We received intel that there was Mandalorians in the area and we were sent to erradicate the problem before any civilians were hurt. Looks like we got here just in time." Josh couldn't believe his luck, the Imperials didn't recognize him as a Rebel! "Tha... tha... thank you!" Josh said trying to sound sound like a worried, loyal member of the Empire. "Think nothing of it sir," answered the trooper. "It looks like your friend here needs medical attention, would you like me to call in medical support?" "No, you've done enough" said Josh, "I'll get him to the med-center myself." "Very good," said the trooper. "We'll continue our eradication of these scum." As the Imperials moved out, Josh reflected on what had just happened. His brother's murderer was dead, but not by his own hand. Kale was okay and would be back on his feet soon. And they had both just narrowly escaped another run-in with the Empire. Josh didn't know what this all meant, and he didn't know what was next. But he felt like this chapter of his life had closed. He may not know what was next, but he was pretty sure the Alliance would have something to say about it.
  4. Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka; Episode XII: Stopping by Location: Kuat Time: 10 am Persons involved: Mads Heering; Stormtrooper Orwell Haggins; Stormtrooper Cornell Haggins; Stormtrooper The story: Three stormtroopers, Mads Heering the driver, Orwell Haggins the navigator and Cornell Haggins the gunner were driving through the wastelands of Kuat when they received a new message. They have to stop by at the nearest base, where they would search for clues. If they find anything suspicious, they have to report it to the base. What are we doing here? I thought we were leaving Felucia. Not yet. Something went wrong in the space and now we're searching for clues. What exactly do we have to do? I'm not sure ... Sgt. Wunderkind said we must report if we find something suspicious. What does suspicious means? ... ... It sounds nice though ... Conclusion: My first episode! I'm very excited to be part of it and part of the SoNE itself. I can't wait to see more entries. Please tell me your opinion and thanks for watching!
  5. MontyPython

    [Freebuild] Recruitment

    ----- Freebuild; M = Monty Python; S = Sid Bass; W = Wedar Sitherius; T = Trevor Devington ----- You won't believe it. I was promoted. They said I'm an army commander now. That means I got my own office and my work is less dangerous. If you don't count bounty-hunting, ofcourse. I called Sid to share a pint or two with me ... M: Well, that's it. That's my new office. What do you think about it? S: Well, it looks nice. But don't become soft and weak, I'll still need you for a couple of missions. M: Yeah, yeah, don't worry. Tell me, what would you like to drink? I have lots of great stuff in those fridges. S: Okay, do you have any Rodian Ale, you know, that purple stuff we used to drink in the old days? M: Ahh! Something nostalgic? Ofcourse, wait ... S: What's that light? M: Ugh, alarm! Something's going on. Wait a moment ... M: What's wrong, Trevor? T: Apparently the tried to get rid off Luke Skywalker. Now we're searching for the person who did it. You have to call all soldiers under your command and send them out. M: Alright, alright ... M: Did you hear it? New mission. I'll send message to the nearby troops. But I think we need more soldiers. Do you know anyone who could help us? S: Do you know Wedar? M: Wedar the four-handed death? Isn't he a bit, well, mad? S: Hah, no, he's completly normal, just a bit eccentric. And you know, he hates Empire even more than trandoshans. And you know what he did to those slavers. M: Okay, okay ... Let's call him. S: Hello Wedar, mate! What are you doing? W: I'm cleaning my guns. What else should I do on a monday morning? S: Well, me and Monty have a special job for you. Something interesting and dangerous. Maybe with lots of fighting. W: Well, tell me more. M: You see, there's a traitor somwhere out there and we need someone to find him. He's cooperating with the Empire. W: Okay, okay. Wait, I'll come to your base. M: How does he know where's our base? It's supposed to be secret. S: See, I told you he's the perfect guy. W: Well boys, where's that traitor? M: Well, it's up to you to find this. Ask in the underground. Oh and we probably need him alive so ... M: Alright, now I need to send message to other troops. We'll do this another time Sid. See ya! To all units in the nearby sectors! There's been an attempt to kill Luke Skywalker. Suspect is a female human, a technician working for the Alliance. We believe she's just a smaller part of a big action, behind which is probably the empire. Ask everyone you know about anything they know about this situation. Act quickly. May the force be with you. ----- Please, score this freebuild.
  6. Personnel Files: Currently, on Tatooine... I'm innocent, you Imperial goons! I have no idea what you are talking about! We've intercepted transmissions from your home detailing Imperial patrol movements in your neighborhood. While we don't know exactly who the intended recipients of these transmissions are, we do know the only reason why someone would send them is to help the Rebellion organize against us. It wasn't me! I've been framed! We'll let the interrogation droid determine that. TK-8554, hold on. Sir? See, see?! Listen to your commander! She knows I'm telling the truth! It's time for your initiation. Heh. Initiation? What's going to happen is that this Rebel sympathizer scum is going to resist arrest. And in the ensuing struggle, you are going to put a blaster bolt through him. Then we will leave his decrepit corpse here to desiccate and mummify as a warning to others who might think of betraying the Empire. And in my report, I will state how well you handled your first assignment. Wait...I'm just an old man! You can't do this! YOU FIEND! <pew> Congratulations, "Fiend". And welcome to Razer Squad. All comments and criticisms welcome!
  7. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Junker's Fee Welcome to Fondor Fondor City Nightlife Many Bothans Died... Well At Least One Fixing to Clear the Mind Thermal Detonator Pot-Pie Focus Torturous Trial The Escape The Calamity Star Hyperdrive Repairs Motivating the Troops Kuati Spaceport A Friend of a Friend "Again!" shouted Bryce. He and MKJoshA had been training for weeks. Like the rest of Viqi's residence of service, even the training room was elaborate. Josh's first day of training had begun with a question, "WOW! Are those real lightsabers? Where did you get them and why hasn't the Empire taken them from you?" "Do you want to train?" asked Bryce. Josh, realizing his excitement was a little premature just hung his head. "Do you want to avenge your brother and learn to take down a Mandalorian?" Josh stayed silent, his anger at what the Mando had done to his brother welling up inside him. "Then you can ask a question only after you first land a hit on me. Let's begin." The first chance Josh had to ask a question was a week later. Bryce was a hard teacher, but his lessons were effective. When Josh finally scored his first hit with their training staves, he asked "Do you know how to wield a lightsaber?" "Knowing how to use one and knowing how to wield one are two different things" began Bryce. "I can turn the blade on, I can use it to cut your arms off. But to truly master it I would have to be a Jedi. Only a Jedi can effectively learn to use such a weapon." "Why is that?" asked Josh. "That is another question" said Bryce and their training continued. Over the next few days Josh improved quickly and got the answers to many more question. Bryce told him, "What most people don't realize when they think about using a lightsaber is that the handle is the heaviest part of the weapon. As the blade is made of light, it weighs nothing. A normal being would sooner cut their own limbs off than effectively use a lightsaber in a fight. Only a Jedi has the danger sense needed to avoid harming themselves when wielding it." Josh also learned that being a former Senator had its perks. One of which included the Empire not snooping into her private collection of "artifacts" when the Jedi purge happened which allowed Senator Lysani to keep her small collection of old lightsabers. Josh asked if Kale had gotten his lightsaber from this collection. "I do not know where your friend acquired his," said Bryce. "But there are many such cache's of Jedi artifacts across the galaxy. Your friend must have connections with someone else who has similar tastes to the Senator." Finally, after 2 months of training Bryce told Josh he was ready. "You have learned everything you can from me. Your senses are more attuned to your surroundings, your reflexes are improved, and your knowledge of all combat maneuvers is impressive. If you go after this Mandalorian, you will be able to beat her in a fair fight and even an unfair one. But you must remember what I taught you. As you are fighting you will be taken to a cliff's edge. Better men than you have come to that cliff and fallen off. If you allow your anger to be your driving reason for fighting in that moment you will fall and you will become the very kind of person you are trying to destroy. But if you fight for justice, you will face that edge, understand its dangers, and will come back from it." OoC: Trying some more lighting effects. Not super thrilled, but it kind of worked.
  8. After my decision to join the Rebellion, I was waiting for a mission, something I can do for the good of the Alliance and universe itself. I was given a small but important mission to find out, who's involved in the sabotage of some droids. Many other rebels were given the same task. I decided to go to the planet Hapes, because there were some rumors about the traitor hiding there. Hapes is a very special planet, where people still love and respect nature. So I had to get myself a vehicle that won't pollute the clean air of planet Hapes. I decided to use the ultra-light speeder, which gets the energy from sun, through the triangular solar plates. This also makes it very silent and perfect for missions like this. ... Thanks for watching
  9. Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka; Freebuild: Still on Kuat Location: Kuat Time: 8 am Persons involved: Mads Heering; Stormtrooper Orwell Haggins; Stormtrooper Cornell Haggins; Stormtrooper The story: Three stormtroopers, Mads Heering the driver, Orwell Haggins the navigator and Cornell Haggins the gunner are driving through the wasteland of Kuat. Again ... Where are we? I don't know. Mads, where are we? I'm not sure. I think we are on Mon Calamari. Or Hoth. I'm not sure. Could it be Kuat? No, definitely not. What are we doing here? Where? Here, in this speeder. I think we're going somewhere. Orwell, where are we going? Are we going anywhere? I think so, yes. Why? I don't know. That Sgt. told us, didn't he? What's his name? I think his name is Wunderbar. Isn't it Wunderschon? No lads, it's Scheisskopf. I think we're going to the landing pad ... Why? I'm not sure. Sgt. Schmeterling hasn't told me. Conclusion: I'll post better photos, when the weather gets better. I hope that's soon. Thanks for watching and please judge this freebuild.
  10. View my cast of original characters here: Nar Eurbrikka Cast See the introduction of Cody Startale into the story here: Episode 0 – The Introduction The full story in images (it is recommended to read this first) Clear images of the build (for judgement) Thank you for your attention. I've had it in my head for weeks, and bringing it to life brick for brick has been a blast!
  11. MontyPython

    [BH - Geonosian] Disarmed

    [bH - Geonosian] Disarmed Location: Ord Mantell We landed on Ord Mantell at around 6 am. Our connection said, that target owns a small piece of land in the eastern corridor, section B12, small part in the north-western region. The part with largest population of wild Savrips. We have to took some more serious weapons with us. Unprepaired Geonosian is a easy task. But if we'd had to beat a Savrip or two, well, that would bring some troubles. We left the ship in one of the secured hangars. You can never be to sure. I was very eager to complete the task. False informations made us fly to a lot of planets before we heard that our target's hiding on Fondor. This was true but unfortunately he left two days before we got there. Luckily we got new informations and now we're here. Monty was nervous. He was on Ord Mantell before so he knows it's a dangerous place. And it's even more dangerous when you're hunting someone. You can quickly become the hunted one. But so far everything seemed to be okay. He and his partner in this mission, Sid Bass were approaching the target. Locator said they're only 50 metres away. They quickly got there. "Sid, I think we're too late" said Monty. "Really? What makes you think that" replied Sid. "Well," said Monty, "I believe this mission is accomplished. But who could do something like this?" Sid smiled and said: "Have you ever seen a savrip before?" "Yes ..." said Monty. "I played dejarik a lot when I was young and ..." "No, I mean the real savrip. Have you ever seen it in the battle? Well you don't want to. Let's leave." ---------- More pictures in the spoiler.
  12. Sgt. Lucas Kirana: It happened again … this time while I was on Naboo. A bounty hunter working an unrelated job recognized former ISB Agent Goatm An, posing as a merchant captain. I'd been assigned to 'terminate' Goatm almost a year earlier and although we'd had one close encounter, most of the time it felt like I was chasing a ghost. This was the first solid lead we'd had in months. By the time I got to Naboo, the local garrison had identified the ship Goatm had been using, which led them to a house near the spaceport. It was the perfect cover for someone posing as a merchant working his way into respectability. The troops confirmed the house was empty, and then set-up a perimeter. They had orders not to touch or disturb anything before the scanning crew and ISB liaison arrived. They showed me inside, but I'm afraid I didn't make it too far... There was a plant. Something about the smell, or the shape ... reminded me... Something I'd seen before... Shortly after our first encounter, the ISB tracked Goatm to his mother's home planet: Aquilae. They sent a team of agents after him, but lost contact with the agents shortly after they landed. As the sun rose, I saw why. Goatm had been busy. Some of the bodies were already decayed, but others were fresh. Goatm was close, or he had been very recently. The stench was horrific … it was hard to breathe, the humid jungle air tasted of decay … and the flies … can a swarm of flies make that much noise? … the sound rising and falling ... as if the swarm itself had a … a voice... Yes, of course. I was just contemplating our next move. What's up? It's the scanning crew, sir. They found something. Good. … Was there something else, trooper? Uh, respectfully, sir, we've cleared the building, so you can secure your side arm. If you want to. Sir. My pistol. I hadn't even realized I'd drawn it. Roger that. Old habits … where's the scanning crew? Follow me, sir. To be continued ... Update - part 2 finally posted.
  13. Part Two I've been working for Green Banthas for some time now. I got used to Wellcity and I liked it. My missions weren't hard, I had to drive a lot, but since it's my favourite thing I couldn't complain. I also got some other skills, as locating the target, disarming a person and other things. This was all part of my training for Alliance SpecOps. But it seems I'll have to take a pause - I was called in to the base, because I'm needed for a new mission. I'll learn more about it when I get there. Just a small freebuild to continue the story. Please, judge this.
  14. Alliance was once again defeated by the Empire. Our forces had to flee from Kuat. But, I was also promoted to the SpecOps. They sent me to one of the neutral planets, where I would locate a small hangar. There is waiting a group of mercenaries, who are cooperating with the Alliance. I have to join them and then wait for further orders. Wellcity is just another of billion metropolas in space. But it wasn't hurt by the war so it still looks clean and peaceful. But the group I have to find is waiting for me in the old part of the town. Which is not that clean and peaceful. But still, being on a neutral planet is great. Computer says that the target is just beneath me. Time to land! Please, judge this freebuild.
  15. The forest moon of Endor. Imperial Scout Troopers raced noisily on speeder bikes between the trees. My information sources hadn't been able to say why the Empire was interested in such a place, although I had seen signs of construction as I approached from orbit. I only knew that they had been foolish enough to use wookie slaves in the middle of a forest, and had been careless enough to let one escape. One of the Scout Troopers looped around and came to a stop before dismounting from his speeder bike. The officer in charge of over seeing the construction had despatched several squads of these troopers in a futile search for the escaped wookie. Not all of them returned from their patrols. Desperate to prevent his superiors from discovering his lack of judgement, he had quietly offered a bounty for the capture or elimination of his wookie problem. This didn't mean that the searches had been stopped, and the troopers accompanying the officer had dismissed the idea that a lone bounty hunter could achieve where they had failed. I watched from high in a tree. The natural clearing provided one of several regular stopping points for the scouts taking a break. I'm sure they knew deep down that they had no chance of capturing the wookie buzzing around making so much noise, but it wouldn't do their careers much good if they returned from their patrols too soon. As well as stealth I had one other advantage over these troopers to help me to catch their prey, it would never occur to them to use one of their own brothers as bait. The trooper panicked and turned to flee as the wookie emerged from the undergrowth. Unfortunately for him the rampaging wookie was faster and he lost an arm before leading the wookie into one of my traps. I didn't particularly like the idea of recapturing escaped slaves. Had I thought that the poor wookie would go off to make its own way in the forest I might have even felt guilt. Instead I figured eventually his attacks on his previous masters would grow bolder and he would wind up getting shot, so capturing him alive was really in his best interests. Plus desperate Imperial officers always paid well... Overview: The speeder bikes: Thanks for looking Jannik
  16. I quickly found Geonosian's garage. He wasn't inside. Time to visit Ord Mantell again! Please, judge this freebuild.
  17. New target. Yes it's time to claim another bounty. It's a Geonosian. He should be in his garage on Fondor. I don't know where it is. So I'll ask someone if he knows. -Hello, can you spare me some time, please? -Yes ofcourse, what is it? -I'm looking for a Geonosian who goes by the name of Alfred. Perhaps you could know his destination? -Yes, yes. His garage is the third one in sector F, 5 minutes from here. -Thank you very much! -Your welcome. Oh, another thing. He may not be there, I think he went to visit his uncle on Ord Mantell. -I'll go and see anyway. Thank you again! -You're welcome! Please, judge this freebuild.
  18. After discovering the presence of a hidden Rebel base in Sector 217, Major Plumhol is sent a small Element of battle hardened storm troopers to locate the rebel base and eradicate them. Rebel: Base, this is Delta 7. I am inbound to your position now. Commander Adleni: Delta 7, this is Base. We have you on approach. You're clear for entry. The rebel enters the base and checks in with the commander. Rhodian Rebel: How'd it go? Rebel: I saw nothing. Again. This is my 2nd two day over watch this week. Whoever their informant was, they gave us bad information. Rebel: Is that why we're on stand down? Rebel: Yes. I reported in to Commander Adleni and he agreed that we probably received bad information. They would have come for us by now. I'm gonna get some shut eye, I'm wiped. Just as things began to quiet down in the night..... Storm Trooper: Major! I snapped this holo image about an hour ago. Major Plumho: Good Work Trooper! Sergeant Reik! Sergeant Reik: Sir! Major Plumho: Assemble everyone up, lets get ready to move. Sergeant Reik: Major, this is First Sergeant Alarkis from the 403rd Shock Trooper Division. First Sergeant Alarkis: Major, it is my pleasure. *They Salute* Major Plumho: Sergeant, the pleasure is mine. What have we stumbled upon here that command has deemed worthy of sending you to take over? First Sergeant Alarkis: Major I am here simply as a tactical advisor. You are the commanding officer. Command has grown tired of this desert wasteland and want these rebels wiped off the rock. Lord Vader personally authorized your request for overflight scans of the sector. Major Plumho: I am glad we have the full support of the Empire. Our scans indicate the rebels have been probing the outskirts of their territory hoping to uncover us after discovering their comm relay station several days ago. Aside from that, things seem fairly relaxed here. They don't appear to be on alert. Intel believes this outpost to be nothing more than spy ring. We will take them under cover of dark. First Sergeant Alarkis: I am at your service Major. Major Plumho: TheBeeze, get on point. You're taking us in. TheBeeze: Roger that Sir. The storm troopers go silent and proceed to move into the Hill Pass Ravine using hand signals. One by one they bound passed one another covering an extended amount of ground. Inside the main complex Commander Adleni: Captain, my men have charged the speeder for you. The space port is not far. At this time of night, you should not run into any Tusken Raiders or Imperials if you stick to that route. I'm sure you can find a pilot willing to get you off this planet. That intel you recovered may prove crucial down the road to us. I have a bad feeling that we are not going to be here much longer. Captain Plakarse: Thank you Commander. I will inform the General of your conditions here and see if there is anything we can do to help you and your men. OUTSIDE First Sergeant Alarkis sees the ambient glow of a night light in a cut out of the rock face above. After looking at his map scan he believes there to be several rebels positioned above them. He signals the Major that he is going to toss a thermal detonator. Rolling across the ground the rebels awaken... Rhodian Rebel: BOMB! GET OUT! The explosion rips the ravine sending a deafening roar of fire, rock, and smoke through the base. TheBeeze: Here they come! The remaining rebels in the main base leap to life scrambling to return fire on the storm troopers who are slowly encircling them. Captain Plakarse makes a mad dash to the speeder bike while taking down a storm trooper. The Captain manages to escape while the Imperials breach the base. The Beeze manages to get behind the rebel commander and knock him down with his rifle. First Sergeant Alarkis: Take him outside, the sun is coming up. Commander Adleni: You have failed imperial. You are too late. First Sergeant Alarkis: Your base is destroyed and your men have burned, I'd say we've succeeded. Commander Adleni: You will learn in time of your failure. TheBeeze: MEDIC! The major has been hit. Hang on Major, we'll get you out of here. As the medics Come to retrieve the Major, TheBeeze marches straight up to the Duros Commander and punches him square in the jaw. First Sergeant Alarkis pulls him back as the storm troopers start to pick up the rebel. First Sergeant Alarkis: I hear this is two in a row for you? TheBeeze: We let the pilot get away. First Sergeant Alarkis: Excuse me trooper? TheBeeze: The pilot who got away in the junk town just got away in the fire fight. He has to be the key to this. Sergeant Reik is dead, and the Major is now out of action. I am not done here. First Sergeant Alarkis: Things happen in combat out of your control. You need to learn that. You did well today. You may have a future with us yet. I will keep an eye on you trooper. We are going to work on getting you a new assignment and hopefully off of this rock. Hang tough. The Storm Troopers depart with their prisoner and board a shuttle to head back to their Star Destroyer with TheBeeze coming along for reassignment. Major Plumho will live on to fight another day. Just outside the Mos Eisley Spaceport... Captain Plakarse: That was a close call. I need to get out of here and get this into the right hands.
  19. Tatooine Discovery- A desolate village on Tatooine which is engulfed in junk dealers and moisture farmers draws the suspicious and watchful eye of the Empire due to a new Storm Trooper looking to make a difference in the galaxy...... Sergeant Reik: Where the hell is this kid? Major Plumho: Relax Sergeant, this is his first assignment. Do you remember your first assignment? Out there feeling like you alone would crush the rebellion? Sergeant Reik: Yes Major, but I never WENT ALONE! This kid has a real pair on him. Major Plumho: Well, lets just hope he's not wasting our time out here with the radio call. An Hour Earlier TheBeeze: I'm out in this town... Day 1 on the job... And I'm already seeing things I don't like. I'm in the middle of a Junk Dealer Alley and I see this building. More Sophisticated than all the others. Reinforced Door. Long Range Comms Gear Mounted on the Roof. I'm gonna call this in for backup and poke around a little more on my own. Random Pilot: Hey Trooper! Come over here. Random Pilot: What brings you to these parts? Quiet little remote town like this never sees any Imperials. TheBeeze: How about I ask the questions here... What brings a pilot like yourself to a remote junk dealing town in the middle of nowhere, miles from any spaceport? Random Pilot: Ahhh very perceptive. Well my ship broke down on a run about 3 miles north of here. I'm trying to scrounge a compressor to get it going. TheBeeze: Why didn't you report the damaged aircraft? I have not been notified of any damaged aircraft in my sector. Random Pilot: My comms are not working either (Looking passed the Storm Trooper to see Two Mounted Storm Troopers arriving) Sergeant Reik: Storm Trooper, Report! Random Pilot: Looks like you better get moving. *Chuckling* TheBeeze: You Wait Right Here, I'm not done with you. (As he turns and walks away) Major Plumho: Trooper is this the building you reported? TheBeeze: Yes Major I think it ha.. Major Plumho: Sergeant Reik Escort the rookie inside this structure and check it out! I'll pull security. Sergeant Reik: Roger! Sergeant Reik: Major, we've got something here! Major Plumho: What is it Sergeant? Sergeant Reik: It looks like this is a Rebel Weapons Cache and Intel Relay Station. They've been spying on our Sector! Major Plumho: Sergeant! Get out here! Gamorrean: It is not safe for you here. Sergeant Reik: Creature! Be careful what you say or we'll make the world less safe for you. Gamorrean: Rebels come and go from this building quite frequently. They maintain a small base a short distance from here in hill pass. They are probably watching you right now. TheBeeze: The Pilot! I knew something was wrong with him. Major, I was interrogating a pilot just before you arrived. His story did not check out. Major Plumho: Lets move away from here and call this in. Before Dark Sets in. Major Plumho: Good Job kid. Command is going to detach an element and we're going to hit that Pass to clear it out. Sergeant Reik: You better be ready for this. TheBeeze: Thank you Major. Sergeant, I will be ready. Major Plumho: I see you picked up one of those E11s Rifles from the rebels, you're going to need it. And do us a favor, clean your uniform. Dark Sets In as the Dewbacks Depart TheBeeze: Well Day 1 and I uncovered a rebel plot and picked up a new accurate blaster. I think our scouts carry these. Maybe some day.... Well, better head back and get ready for this battle. Back in Town a Faint, almost incoherent voice whispers into a Commlink Jawa: They are sending a detachment your way. Can a Mod please change the name of the topic to- [soNE Freebuild]- A Tatooine Discovery. Thank you.
  20. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE 11.1] The New Squad

    --==Please Judge this freebuild!==-- The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" Repel and Retreat Flatline Reflection Previously: A Promotional Meeting Beltar just got out of the armory and started walking down the hall thinking how spiffy and awesome his new armor looked even though it was an old beat up shock-trooper suit. “Red for medical division, I presume” thought Beltar as he neared the entrance on the Avenger, an old retrofitted speeder repair garage was the location of this new squad, Beltar had read the report. Hopefully they were in a good mood for once. Beltar opened the door and was greeted by wonderful sounds from his new roommates: Darktrooper 1: “It’s Not MY fault that he walked into my proximity bomb!” Female Officer: “OH YOU KNOW WHAT? PERHAPS I’ll JUST LEAVE A PROXIMITY BOMB UNDER YOUR BED!” Scout: “Or! I’ll get you courtmartialed that!” Darktrooper 2: “Can’t you do anything right? You piece of Bantha Fodder!” Darktrooper 1: “OH THAT’S IT!” Beltar was surprised at how his superiors where acting, then the one outcast shadow trooper closest to the door turned to Beltar, with a confused look. Sargent In Command: Hello there Mr. Beltram..? Glad you on board with the new squad. Please excuse the mess. DT-202 got DT-203 killed last mission. You are his new replacement. Never knew you specialized in medicine Officer Beltram. Beltar: Uh…Sir? You must have me confused with another officer. Belt-ar not ram. DC-101: Well then Mr. Beltar. I must have read the file wrong. Refer to me as DC-101 or Sir, no other name required. Sorry about the mess soldier. You’re a medic right? That’ll be useful with this unit’s casualty and injury rate… One second please. DC-101 turned around and yelled near the top of his lungs: “ATTENTION! GET UP YOU LOUSY RASCALS! STOP FIGHTING FOR ONE MOMENT!” The arguing stopped instantaneously and all men rose instantly. DC-101: “Squad, this is Beltar, the new transfer. Medical Division, I’ll let these lackeys do the explaining to you Beltar...” Alyin: Hello there Mr. Beltar, I’m Alyin, the pilot at your service, also the only person able to keep the two dark trooper nitwits in line…from time to time. Reimer: Well, obviously I’m the scout. That’s all you need to know at this point. Duke: DT-201 is my designation, nice to meet you, just call me Duke though. I’m the muscle depending on who you ask. *cough* NOT 202 *cough* Reeder: DT-202, despite what these idiots told you, I’m the muscle, and the smartest of the group. Alyin: Oh. That’s debatable! Reeder: What did you say? Beltar: Well, carrying on! Beltar continued to get a feel for his unit, not a nice one. ‘101 and Alyin where the nicest of the bunch so far. Reeder and Duke continued to make a ruckus, and almost got into another fistfight before DC broke the up and forced them to their bunks. Alyin: First off, they’ll never stop. They just can't. I would've shot them with my blaster or left them on the last planet if it wasn't for DC. Reimer: You’ll get used to it at one point, at least after a few weeks…or months…or never. Just hold out hope that one day, the Emperor will smack them in the face. Beltar: Thank you for this…well semi-warm welcome. Beltar: What a lovely group of people... Thanks for making it through this long freebuild story! Finally got a little more ‘complex’ build, even though it's certainly not the best. Still moving my character’s story along. I just had to fit Beltram in because of Puvel’s build! I didn't even know there was a DJ named Beltram! This is probably going to be Beltar's squad for awhile. I keep having him move around, but I think I've settled on this Unit for now... Also the lighting at this time was pretty bad. I photographed this at a terrible time, and I forgot to close my blinds, oh well. Thanks for stopping by and as always Comments and Criticism welcome! ~Beltar
  21. Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka; Freebuild: Looking for Rebels Location: Kuat Time: 9 am Persons involved: Mads Heering; Stormtrooper Orwell Haggins; Stormtrooper Cornell Haggins; Stormtrooper The story: Three stormtroopers, Mads Heering the driver, Orwell Haggins the navigator and Cornell Haggins the gunner are driving through the wasteland of Kuat. Their mission is to spot Rebel activity on Kuat and report it. They're driving a new model of speeder. Actually, they're testing it. It is dispensable and so are they. They joined the imperial army 2 weeks ago and they still think they'll see the whole galaxy, fight great battles and change history. Perhaps they will, but at the moment they're driving through Kuat and looking for rebels. Additional photos: Conclusion: It was hard for me to post this build. It cannot match all those fantastic builds on this forum and my photographic skills are far from good. But still, I'd like to contribute to SoNE, so, if possible, please judge this build. Thanks for your attention!
  22. My name is Pertyn Sawk, Pertie for friends. I got this name from my great-great-grandfather. He established a small speeder workshop on Bothawui and my family has been living there since then. We still produce small vehicles and I'm very proud of this. One day a group of men came in the workshop and asked for some small transport speeders. And this seemed very suspicious, since they didn't look like workers, but more like soldiers. But not imperial soldiers. They asked me some questions and I told them, that I'm not very fond of the current system, altough my life's not bad. I saw some stormtroopers intimidating my Bothan friend. And I knew why. My customers soon identified themselves as rebel soldiers and invited me to join them. It was a hard decision, but I said yes. I left the family business to my younger brother and went away. But I took my first speeder with me and I'm still using it. ---------- I've recently joined this RPG and I wanted to build a small, simple build to introduce my character. Thank you very much for stoping by. I would be very happy if I could get this freebuild judged. Thank you in advance. ----------
  23. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Junker's Fee Welcome to Fondor Fondor City Nightlife Many Bothans Died... Well At Least One Fixing to Clear the Mind Thermal Detonator Pot-Pie Focus Torturous Trial The Escape The Calamity Star Hyperdrive Repairs Motivating the Troops Kuati Spaceport Kale and MKJoshA made their way to Senator Lysani’s estate to meet with Kale’s friend. “Have you ever spent much time around Kuatis?” asked Kale. “No, why?” replied Josh. “They have some of the weirdest fashion sense in the galaxy!” was Kale’s reply. “They pride themselves on setting fashion trends on Coruscant, but sometimes I wonder why!” They walked up to the main door, being tracked by the security camera and minigun. Josh could tell that although Lysani was a former senator, that didn’t mean she stopped being paranoid. A telbun opened the door. “Can I help you?” he asked. “We’re here to see Viqi, she’s expecting us” said Kale. “Yes, right this way sirs” was the reply. Josh immediately noticed all the art the senator had collected adorning the walls and tables in the entry room. He wondered what the rest of the estate looked like if this was only the greeting room. A moment later Viqi entered. Josh could see what Kale had meant by strange clothing styles. Headdresses were back in style on Kuat it would seem, and so were the face covers. “Viqi, it’s been too long!” exclaimed Kale. “Not long enough Kale” was Viqi’s curt reply. “I only agreed to help you because I still owe you for helping me out of that situation on Bothawui. Crazy Bothans are intolerable if they think you owe them anything! But let’s get one thing straight. We aren’t friends. I’m going to help you and your friend and then we’re done. Got it?” Kale just turned to Josh and rolled his eyes. “Glad to know you still miss me Viqi” Kale said with a twinkle in his eye. “Ugh! Let’s get this over with” said Viqi. “You’ll be sleeping in the telbun quarters. And tomorrow Bryce is going to start your training.”
  24. (This is my re-introduction into SoNE! Hope you enjoy the build. I'd like it to be judged.) Windusky entered the meeting room, after taking a deep breath. He had just finished his training last week, and already he had a well known officer recruiting him for his regiment. Windusky: "Reporting for duty, sir." Officer Crux: "Stand at attention, rookie." "Yes sir!" "Your strategy skill is quite impressive. Your test statistics show high scores." "I've been the best at holochess and battle-starship since i was a kid." "I see. Now, before i test your strategy skill for myself, i have your first mission. I need you to over see the mining operation on Kessel. Make sure the miners are doing their jobs right." "When should i head out?" "ASAP. Oh, and sergeant Thast here will be accompanying you." Sarg. Thast: "Your sending me with this rookie?" "Yes, to teach him the ropes. Now, you two get going. I want a report on the mining progress tomorrow." - "Yes sir!" Officer Rand: "You seem awfully sure of Windu's skills. Are you sure of him?" "I am. Weren't you paying attention during his strategy challenges?" "I was, until i fell asleep because he kept winning." "That's what i mean. He's good. He could even possibly take your place soon." "All i know is that you better have a good explanation to Lord Vader if Windu fails to fill his expectations." "Understood." To be Continued... Let me know what you think! CC is welcome, and i hope you enjoyed my re-introduction! I'll be working on the next freebuild soon! More pics of the build on my flickr page.
  25. Well, I got to eager to wait for a reply in the Intro/Discussion topic. I hope this is eligible for xp, even though its not really related to an episode. It's more of a mini story about (SW universe) Beltar (duh), when he is first aboard the Avenger after the passing the Imperial Academy. Admiral: Well, here's a mini search database area thing, they don't tell me enough about tech. As you can see, you can search planets, etc. Beltar: Yeah, think I saw one of these at the beginning of the tour. Also, nice to see you. Last time we talked was... 5-6 Years ago? Admiral: Yeah.. Well I am older than you. When I graduated the Accademy, you where fresh outta the University. And Haha, I knew you have probably seen this piece of tech. Men Heading to R & R after missions on Hoth: Right side one: Ah, dat was da best mission evah! Right? Left side one: *sigh* It was greaaattt..... (sarcasm detected) Admiral: Soldiers. Men from Hoth: Sir! Admiral: As I we were. (Heavy walking in backround) .... Now what? Admiral: It's probably best to let them through. Beltar: Let's see if we can continue now. (Music/Humming in backround) Another interruption? Gus: Oh, Howdy yall! My names Gus. Usually I just am a speepin these floors. Last time I was in infantry under commander Arlon... But I gets the demotion. Ye. Admiral: Ok there Gus......? Beltar: Uhh, Gus, looks like you have an astromech that needs to get to an award ceremony behind you, better get moving. Beltar: Hmm... Very eventful part of the tour. Admiral I agree. Usually it isn't this busy.... Over View of Moc Without figs: I also realized I'm not indexed yet so that may be another factor. Judges, Please score! C&C Welcome! ~Beltar