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  1. “We Are Being Boarded!” Aboard an Imperial medical frigate above Naboo Imperial Crew: *Over com* -Bzzt- “All units report to Section C3! Repeat, All units report to Section C3” -Bzzt- *Flashback Starts* Stormtrooper #1 (Flashback): “Rebels- Aghh!” *Shot in head by Rebel Soldier* Stormtrooper #2 (Flashback): “They’re Everywhere!” AwesomeToa (Flashback): “Die Rebel Scum- Aghh!” *Shot in arm by Rebel Soldier* Imperial Crew (Flashback): *Over com* -Bzzt- “We are being boarded! All personnel Evacuate! Report to your designated escape-” *Blaster fire heard over com* -Bzzt- AwesomeToa (Flashback): *Heavy Breathing* “No! Wait help me! I’m still alive! No! Please… help me…” *Blacks out* Imperial Crew (Flashback): *Over com* -Bzzt- “The rebel forces have taken the bridge! I repeat we have been boarded, all personnel to the escape pods!-Bzzt- *Flashback Ends* Shoretrooper Captain: “Wake up!” AwesomeToa: *Heavy Breathing, Half Asleep* “Huh? Sorry sir.” Imperial Crew: *Over com* -Bzzt- “We are being boarded, all units move to intercept the rebel forces in section C3” -Bzzt- Shoretrooper Captain: “All units means you too, get up! Here’s your blaster.” AwesomeToa: *Less Heavy Breathing* “Yes sir.” AwesomeToa: “Wait, section C3!? That section is filled with civilians!” Shoretrooper Captain: “Exactly, that’s why you have to move, now!” Later, in section C3 Shoretrooper Captain: *Over Loudspeaker* “Attention Rebels! Please release your hostages to us, we will not fire as you do so!” Rebel Trooper: “We don’t bargain with imperial Bucketheads!” *Shoots Shoretrooper Captain* Shoretrooper Captain: “Aghh!!!” Stormtrooper #3: “Medic! Somebody get a Medic!” Imperial Navy Trooper: “Fire!!! And don’t stop until every single rebel is dead!” AwesomeToa: “But sir, the civilians-” Imperial Navy Trooper: “-are of no concern to us. We have orders to kill these rebels and that's what we’ll do!” AwesomeToa: “Yes sir!” Imperial Navy Trooper: “We need reinforcements!” Imperial Crew: *Over com* -Bzzt- “Reinforcements are on there way to your position now sir.” -Bzzt- Two Death Troopers enter the hallway, one has a Thermal Detonator… The Death Trooper throws the Thermal Detonator. AwesomeToa: “Take Cover!!!” The Thermal Detonator explodes, killing the majority of the rebel fighters along with a dozen or so civilians, AwesomeToa is also knocked unconscious. *Flashback Starts* Stormtrooper #4 (Flashback): “Run, to the escape pods!” AwesomeToa (Flashback): *Heavy Breathing* “No! Don’t leave! Don’t leave. Please, don’t leave...” *collapses to floor* Imperial Crew (Flashback): *Over com, slowly getting quieter (until silent at end)* -Bzzt- “All personnel to escape pods, we have been boarded! Escape pods launching in: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...” *Flashback Ends* *Out of Character* Please Judge!
  2. My newest target is Abrel Tosbar, a rich goldsmith from Fondor. Every day at 7 am he comes to his workshop on Calig street. He is driven in a tank which is too strong for any weapon in my arsenal. So I must kill him during his short walk to the door. Which is again very hard because he's always accompanied by his bodyguard. So I have to find another way ... More pictures and proof of the size are in the spoiler. Whoops, not enough points. Can you score this after I reach 25 points?
  3. Mads Heering

    [SoNE Freebuild] Retrieved

    That last mission was really hard for Mads. It was his first without his friends. Now he was sent to find them and get them with him to the base. There will they get further orders. Please, judge this freebuild.
  4. Note: this freebuild follows my freebuild Destined to Hang, and takes place before my episode XIII entry Blunt Force Trauma. One of the first things soldiers learn is to grab shut-eye whenever possible, so I sleep during the short jump from Commenor to Kuat. The beeping of the nav computer wakes me, just before we drop out of hyper. Pilot: Have a nice nap? Kirana: Yes - - Give me one reason why I shouldn't broadcast a distress call saying I've been hijacked by a fugitive. Because you already know whoever's after me will kill you too, just to keep things quiet. Besides, I'm not a fugitive. I - Imperial Patrol vessel, this is Kuat System Control. Submit your ID and orders. KTC, this is system patrol 468-echo-73, coming in for minor repairs. Roger, patrol. Your transponder shows you currently assigned to Commenor – what are you doing out here? Uh-oh, I can picture his hand moving toward the 'scramble TIEs' option on his console. KTC, Commenor is correct, however my commanding officer ordered me to take the ship here for repairs. And why would he do that, patrol? KTC, my, uh, understanding is he was operating the vehicle when the damage occurred. … Oh. Oh. So you mean - She interrupts him, her voice a perfect imitation of the upper-class Coruscanti accent that officers often adopt. Ensign, how the ship was damaged is irrelevant. Your only concern is seeing that the repairs are completed quickly and discreetly. Smart. Tapping into the one experience that unites navy, army and stortrooper corps: getting screwed over by your superior officers. While she finishes talking our way into the system, I try to figure out who to contact. It's hard to know who to call when your own side is trying to kill you. I have a whole new understanding of Goatm's world. Right now, there are two people I trust. Captain Jackson Parth was my executive officer back when I was in the 142nd SpecOps group. He's a good man, and being a SpecOps officer often means knowing when to look the other way. Still, he's a career officer, and whatever 'they' are claiming I've done, it might be too big to ignore. That leaves 'Grace.' Probably not her real name. She's part of the ISB … the organization is suspect is trying to kill me. Not ideal, but she does owe me a favor... This is TB, calling the DID. The boss is mad, but I'm not sure why. Could use some advice. Out. Your codename is 'TB?' Nickname, not codename. Where are we headed? Cargo complex. Plenty of spots to disappear for a while and figure out what to do. Well, it's a bit of a fixer-upper, but I suppose it'll do for now. Ow! What the hell was that for?! You don't get it, do you? No, you just waltz into a system and wave around your spy credentials, demanding a ship and a pilot. I wasn't even supposed to be on duty today! And now, I'm stuck out here with a shot-up ship – which, I might add, was shot by our own people - Ok, calm down. No – you don't get to tell me to calm down. Why were Imperial ships shooting at us? I don't know. Oh, well, that's fine then. Yeah? No! Her hand moves back … toward her blaster?!? The rebel pilot pulls a blaster from beneath him, and I fire at point-blank range. His head explodes like an overripe meiloorun. Marla glares at me, pure hate in her eyes, as she picks up the blaster he dropped. There's no time to do anything. I aim my rifle as she raises the blaster toward me. My rifle?! Where is it?? I have to- Pain. Pain means I'm still alive. Damnit. She has my comlink... Grace: TB, you've been a very naughty boy. Yeah ... so I hear. Can you extract us? Yes, but I'll need you to do something for me first. I, uh, thought you owed me one? I did, and I just spent ten minutes convincing your lovely companion not to kill you or turn you in. Now we're even. You want something else, I have a job for you. Sounds like I don't have a choice. What is it? One of my … associates needs an operator and all his other assets are committed. He'll comm you the details. In the meantime, I've given your companion the coordinates of one of my safehouses. It's not far. No offense, Grace, but I'm not sure an ISB safehouse is the best place for us right now. I didn't say ISB safehouse, did I? You can take an air-taxi there - pay with hard credits only. Get moving, Grace out. I guess we - -don't speak to me. The details from Grace's associate come through a few minutes later. A simple job. He wants the same thing everyone wants. He wants me to take a life.
  5. With all that happened during the last patrol, It felt good coming back to base. I took off my helmet for a breath of fresh air. Finally a moments rest, or so I thought. That was until I came across an imperial officer. Blasted! And while I'm outside of uniform. I nearly jumped as I saluted him, "Sir". "At ease soldier. I am Commander Ulric. I am here in regards to your recent performance. You displayed exceptional skills in the capture of the Rodian rebel scum, enough for me to take notice." "Thank you sir. Just doing my duty." Looks like he doesn't mind the helmet. "Indeed. And that is why you are hereby promoted to the Imperial Survey Corps. You are under my command now, effective immediately." "Yes sir!" "Now, report to bay 12 in 0400 hours and prepare for departure. We're leaving this back-water planet." "Right away commander." "And trooper, who gave you permission to remove that helmet." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, back with a small vignette scene set in the interior of an imperial bunker. The build was made mostly for continuity sake to show my character's progression but it also gave me a chance to introduce a new character, Commander Ulric. Albeit he's a generic hates-everything kind of guy, I like how he turned out. So tell me what you guys think and thanks for viewing. Please judge this freebuild.
  6. Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka Episode XII: Flight from Ice With the siege finally broken on Javin, once an Imperial surrender was given after five hard-fought months and extensive casualties, the Alliance firmly gained a foothold in the Javin sector and greater control of the Corellian Trade Spine's Outer Rim reaches. I thanked the gods the battle did not carry on into the city streets a battle that would have forced us to root the Imperials out building by building, block by block. Now an occupying force we buried our dead strewn across the many trench works and bunkers of the Imperial defenses and prepared fortifications of our own in the event of Imperial reprisal. During one of the final charges on the Imperial battlements, I stumbled into a bunker where a Pathfinder detachment was busily interrogating an Imperial army officer by the name of Ferad. The Pathfinder squad had lost their technician and slicer so I offered my services as an experienced slicer and helped download the data stores from the bunker's computers. I couldn't make out much of the data except that it involved the Black Sun Crime Syndicate and Commander Skywalker. I didnt ask. The shistavanen in command of this particular Pathfinder unit dismissed me and I returned to what survived of my battalion. Fortunately for our battalion the Imperial Defenses here had been far weaker and sparse then other sections. Several days later I received orders from Alliance Intelligence that I was to temporarily be transferred to serve as slicer for a commando group, the same one from earlier, on a highly important mission in the Yarlith Sector bordering the Javin Sector. Our destination a place of nightmares still carved in my mind. Due to Javin's close proximity we were dispatched in a triad of U-Wings to deploy at Hoth, specifically to land at a ridge just beyond the still smoldering remains of Echo Base. My entire battalion along with many others had been wiped out on these icy fields. When we landed the bodies of fallen troopers were perfectly preserved from the frigid climate, littering the area for as far as the eye could see. As I would soon find out, a Vigo of the Black Sun had taken operations in the ruins of Echo Base and was using the facilities to expand Black Sun interests in the sector and our mission was to capture him alive. I was required to hack and slice our way into the base and through the countless digital and physical booby traps the Alliance had left for the invading Imperials. The Pathfinders swiftly decimated the unprepared and aloof Black Sun forces and we were able to capture the Vigo, a portly Nemoidian. As we made our way back to the U-Wings several clicks aways we heard the haunting call of something in the distance approaching. Of course rumors and eyewitness accounts had circulated amongst the personnel stationed at Echo Base of horrible monsters that lived in the snow wastes. Of course many of us had seen Commander Skywalker return with the smuggler wounded from a fearsome animal. We hastened our movement but one of the oh so frequent storms Hoth was known for swept in obfuscating our vision with a thick white mist. That was when unit members began to disappear one by one. The monsters of Hoth were all too real... 4 ABY: Ice Plains Near the Former Alliance Echo Base on Hoth "Go, go, go!" "AHHHHHHHH!" "Jannis!" "Don't stop!" "Get your feet in gear Weskers!" "AHHHHHH!" "WESKERS!" GRRRRRAAAAAAAAWWWWRRRR! "We're all gonna die!" "Nobody stop till boots hit durasteel, or I will shoot you myself!" "I can see the U-Wings, we're almost there!" Behind the Scenes: Episode List:
  7. Still working on thread details and dialogue, please be patient while I will update the thread. Story version, view this if you like my story: Raw images for judgement:
  8. The City of Benlem on Tatooine was the sort of place you could walk through without noticing. It was fairly bland, generic and most importantly, it had no security. Unlike Courscant there were no X-Rays, scanners, cameras, or anything of the sort. The rule here was simple: you take off or you land. End of Story. The security was so bad a rebel scum could've landed here and built a base and the residents would still go on with there day to day lives without batting an eye. And that's what made it the perfect place for a criminal, or specifically, The Black Sun. The mission was simple: Eliminate any members. I had two Deathroopers watching my back, even if the whole population of Tatooine had been here, I still would have known who it was. I raised my blaster hoping he would stay he was, It was vital that as soon as he was dead we ran. We had heard the rebels had come scouting for Black Sun members too,and this was not he ideal place to meet them. Then I fired, it was over immediately, and from the looks of things we hadn't attracted too much attention. I felt sorry for the man, but then, how many of my friends had died in battle? Thank you for reading! C and C welcome.
  9. On my first day as part of commander Ulric's unit, we had received concerning orders. The empire had issued a hit list of identified Black Sun spies hiding out on Tatooine who were too dangerous to be left alive. Our target was an imperial officer whose been secretly transmitting imperial records to Prince Xizor. Normally taking out traitors is no trouble, but we couldn't risk tipping off Xizor. We were going to have to make the officer "disappear". Luckily I was always good with a blaster and Tatooine is a terribly unsafe place. So while commander Ulric "escorted" the spy on ground, I took to the roof tops. Even with all the stalls and civilians, the traitor was easy prey. And just as I got the perfect shot, Ulric gave the order. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, here is my entry for Ep. XIII challenge. It was originally going to be two towers but the pieces I ordered for the second building didn't arrive on time so I decided to downscale the build and included a stall instead. Overall I like how it turned out, smaller than I had intended but I think it now has a little more variation than my original design. So tell me what you guys think and thanks for viewing. Also, sorry about the poor photo quality, I'll try to edit a better photo before the final hour.
  10. This is the next chapter of Wick Nole's story. Not the one to be proud of, but the one which is sometimes inevitable and necessary. Introduction. [SoNE Freebuild] The Story Begins Chapter 1. [SoNE Freebuild] A Fine Delivery Chapter 2. [SoNE Freebuild] Unexpected Arrival Chapter 3. [SoNE Ep. VII] "Before we leave this planet..." Chapter 4. [SoNE Ep. VIII] "This is not the race you are participating in." Chapter 5. [SoNE Ep. IX] Gathering Intel Chapter 6. [SoNE Ep. X] Counter-attack Chapter 7. [SoNE Ep. XI] On their own Chapter 8. [SoNE Ep. XII] Tech support -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Day -2. Imperial prison bunker somewhere on the surface of Bothawui. *** Incoming message. *** Attention trooper NH16-2811, be prepared to have prisoner 100138-SQ transferred off planet in exactly 48 standard hours from now. Prepare all necessary documents and alert the ground crew. *** End of message. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Day -1. *** Incoming message. *** Report the current status. Send all available data on prisoner 100138-SQ. Request the bunker command officer to reply ASAP. *** End of message. *** Outgoing message. *** Trooper NH16-2811 reporting. Preparations proceed according to plan. Bunker command currently inspecting perimeter, exact arrival time unknown. Will contact now and request to return. *** End of message. - Sir, there is an incoming message directly from the ISB. We need to get back and respond as soon as we can. - Proceed without me then. We'll return to the base and see what exactly is wrong with 100138-SQ. He is either very valuable to the Bureau, or very dangerous. In both cases, we'd better get rid of him. I'm glad they are the ones organizing the pick-up. You three, and one trooper - follow me, all other - continue the inspection. I don't want any surprises tomorrow. - Open the gate! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Day 0. Two hours before transfer time. - Team Zulu on position. It is two hours before Lambda class shuttle arrives to the platform in front of us. As the shuttle lands, these blast doors will open and a prisoner will be evacuated. According to the data we have received from local rebel cell, the prisoner is Raav Ib - one of the mid-level Black Sun operatives - who is to be transferred out of here and later interrogated by ISB. With high probability he will be executed thereafter. Our mission here, however, is not to prevent the execution, but to avoid an interrogation. This is not a mission to be proud of, but the one which is sometimes inevitable and necessary. Raav Ib should not leave this planet. - Remember, that we should leave no trace to the Alliance. The assassination should look like an orchestrated murder by the Ib's rivals. Our mission is to prepare and make a single shot. No imperials should be harmed. - According to the intel we've got, the bunker garrison lacks a proper tracking equipment to follow a small fast-flying objects, so these jetpacks will also be our tickets out of here. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Day 0. Time: -00:00:01. *** Outgoing open frequency message. *** We are clear for the shot. This Black Sun scum will pay with his blood for what he did to Talass-Al-Zul. The master will be proud. *** End of message. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Day 0. Time: 00:00:05. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  11. First Sergeant Alarkis: Our agent on the ground indicates there are (2) of them possibly a 3rd. We'll be landing at Pad 37 in the administrators' column. As soon as we hit the deck, we're hauling to the chamber. TheBeeze: Do you really trust these outsiders to provide reliable intelligence? First Sergeant Alarkis: It has been very successful in my prior sorties. This particular one has a higher benefit to cost ratio than some of the others. *TWO MINUTES TO TOUCHDOWN. STANDBY* Bowszex: We have what we came here for. I fear our transmission may not have gone through as we thought. Inferion: The Imperials would pay dearly for this intercept. Prince Xizor will be most pleased to have this bargaining chip at the table with him. We'll be back there shortly. Willrow Hood: The Black Sun think I'm one of them. General Calrissien sent me back to infiltrate the group and see what they have found out. Lobot: They have enough to worry about. If the imperials don't get them first, the Rebels will. **Closes Eyes while head band starts to blink** Lobot: An Imperial Detachment just landed and is headed this way. You need to leave. Willrow Hood: I will get this data back to the General. First Sergeant Alarkis: Where are they?! TheBeeze: STOP! TheBeeze: We're too late. First Sergeant Alarkis: Nevermind him. Our agent says he is making contact now. Keep moving Dengar: If you wanna stay in one piece, drop your blasters. Inferion: What's your end here Dengar? Black Sun will pay you and handsomely to spare us. Dengar: And indeed you shall. Hand over that intercept and I won't kill you. Bowszex: You got what you wanted. Now go. Dengar: I have one more bit of business to finish. Scout: This is the door Sergeant. First Sergeant Alarkis: Blow It Open. TheBeeze: We have you now. Black Sun Scum. Bowszex: You said... Dengar: I said I wouldn't kill you. Never mentioned these boys here. First Sergeant Alarkis: FIRE! Blast fire rains across the Holo-Room The Two Black Sun Agents lay in ruin... Dengar: You tell Lord Vader this little box is gonna cost him extra. First Sergeant Alarkis: Your credits have been transferred for this job. You can discuss your plans with Lord Vader yourself for whatever it is that you're carrying. Dengar: Black Sun intercepted a rebel transmission. Something about a little plan to spoil your party on that reconstructed ball of yours.. Holo Room with no minifigs.
  12. The story so far:First Day Aboard the AvengerAt The Table-Before The StormRescue MissionReassignedEliminating The CompetitionTarget Practice“Here we go again…”Evac EscapeA Quick Transaction"Black Sunshine"Repel and RetreatFlatline ReflectionA Promotional MeetingThe New Squad Farmland Triangulation Previously: The Rat Beltar learned, that apparently, we aren’t finished with The Black Sun. Though this time, rather than helping them ship questionable goods, or hunting for information: we are taking them out. Supposedly, there have been many traitors in the Empire at this moment, and yet again, one happened to be located on Naboo. It's dawn and the sun is rising over this coastal city in Naboo. Officer: Here are a small portions of the weapons you ordered. Took me quite a bit to get them here. Our mutual Chiss friend met an unfortunate end recently…. Black Sun Agent: Yes, yes. I assume the rest of the weapons will come soon? Officer: They will arrive when they do. DC: Alright… Move in on my mark. Beltar: Got it. DC: Go. The small unit of Imperials rushed in, taking out the Bith with a quick shot. The human Black Sun agent fell soon after. However, the Traitor surrendered before any form of harm could come to him. Beltar still felt essentially useless. All he had to do was check to see if any of the two Black Sun Agents were still alive. And to catalog the stolen Imperial property. DC: Gotcha. Black Sun Agent: Gah! Alyin: Get down on the ground! Traitor: Woah! I—I surrender! Beltar could see that the human wasn’t worth checking. He had taken a direct hit to the chest at point blank range. However, Alyin had only hit the Bith in the shoulder, which somehow, probably passed the Bith out. Beltar began to scan the alien. Beltar: Commander! Looks like this guys alive. He’s stable. DC: Good. We will take him for questioning later. Now for the traitor. DC: Beltar. I want you to call for the clean-up crew to come. Beltar: Sir yes sir. Alyin: So what do you want me to do with this guy DC? DC: Kill him. Alyin: Understood. Beltar: Wait we could use hi- *blaster shot* The traitor’s body now lay against the wall covered in blood. Beltar: That was unnecessary. DC: Well. If Palpa- The Emperor knew this planet was infested with traitors… Beltar: Ah. Beltar understood that Naboo was Lord Palpatine’s home world. Alyin: That officer. He was an officer at the academy were I went to. DC: Well how did an Academy officer end up smuggling guns to a crime syndicate...? Alyin: Perhaps there is more going on that we know. Beltar: Perhaps. DC: Alright. Our work here is done. I believe the cleanup crew will be here shortly. Dismissed. Let’s go. Beltar: Sir, yes sir. Alyin: Sir, yes sir. As the crew turned towards the door the cleanup crew just arrived. Cleanup Officer: Alright boys, let’s get this cleaned up. I want all of these weapons tagged, catalog, and shipped back to where they came from. Stormtrooper Squad: Understood. Beltar: Have fun boys. They walk to the door in the hallway they came from. Beltar: Sir, I’d like to know some more. Why are we chasing after The Sun right now? DC: Beltar, son. I honestly don’t completely understand myself. But there is something in the shadows of the sun that we do not yet see. But I believe a big strike is imminent. From either side. ==End== More pics/Random Thoughts: EDIT: Just at the bottom of the spoiler. Hopefully it's alright that I put that there.
  13. Mon Calamari. Ocean as far as the eye can see. Well, kind of. I was hidden behind a corner, waiting for my target. I was leaning against the wall, almost asleep, when I heard the heavy warehouse door open. I poked my head out. I saw a Mon Cal stick his head out and look both directions cautiously. DSC02324 by Brickmasterben11, on Flickr DSC02325 by Brickmasterben11, on Flickr I waited until he stepped out of the doorway and closed the door, than stepped out onto the pier. DSC02328 by Brickmasterben11, on Flickr I pulled out my blaster, but he must have heard m, because he turned around and pulled out a pistol. DSC02329 by Brickmasterben11, on Flickr Acting fast, I pulled the trigger. The laser missed him but hit his pistol, which fell into the water. DSC02331 by Brickmasterben11, on Flickr He slowly turned to me and raised his hands in surrender. DSC02335 by Brickmasterben11, on Flickr "Wha-what do you want from me?" DSC02334 by Brickmasterben11, on Flickr "Tell me the truth. Do you or do you not work for the Black Sun? DSC02335 by Brickmasterben11, on Flickr "N-no." DSC02334 by Brickmasterben11, on Flickr "Tell me the truth. Alliance intel says otherwise." I pointed my gun closer. DSC02335 by Brickmasterben11, on Flickr "Ok, ok, I do! What do you want? Weapons, ship parts, deathsticks?" DSC02334 by Brickmasterben11, on Flickr "No. I want you dead. You've been blabbing alot of Rebel information. Lots of Bothans died to get us that info. We don't need more to die to get it back." DSC02335 by Brickmasterben11, on Flickr "I'll stop! I really will! Please!" DSC02334 by Brickmasterben11, on Flickr "Too late for that. Now we can have a quick death or a slow death. It's up to you." DSC02335 by Brickmasterben11, on Flickr "U-Ummmm..." DSC02334 by Brickmasterben11, on Flickr "You take too long." DSC02336 by Brickmasterben11, on Flickr DSC02334 by Brickmasterben11, on Flickr "Bye bye, Black Sun spy." DSC02337 by Brickmasterben11, on Flickr I watched the bubbles foam up until all was still. Time to go. DSC02338 by Brickmasterben11, on Flickr The MOC: DSC02339 by Brickmasterben11, on Flickr DSC02340 by Brickmasterben11, on Flickr DSC02341 by Brickmasterben11, on Flickr Please judge. P.S. Sorry for the grainy pics, I didn't have alot of time and I didn't have access to good lighting.
  14. I called my mates to talk about our newest mission. We have to assassinate one of the Black Sun bosses. On Ord Mantell. I visited the planet before and had no wish to do it again. But it had to be done. Luckily, we saved ourselves from hours of planning and executing the mission and simply called one of our collegues. Wedar.
  15. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Fleshing Out the Problem Bothan Data Hub Parting Ways MKJoshA led a couple troopers to the remote location of the Black Sun agent's hideout. Like many buildings on Bothawui, this one was decked out with all manner of surveillance and communication equipment. This particular Black Sun agent had been hiding on Bothawui under the guise of an information broker. Josh and his men followed a group of un-happy looking former customers of the Falleen to avoid showing up as intruders on the buildings security systems. "I told you," the Falleen said, "I can't help your employer gain access to any more data. It's become to risky. I think I'm being watched." "We don't care if you're getting cold feet" the Gran responded. "Our employer paid you with the understanding that you'd help us finish the job!" "Listen, I've given you the data you paid for" the Falleen continued. "I just can't get you any more." "But now you know what our employer is up to" interrupted the Gran. "He doesn't want to hire another person and have to give them that same intel. He naturally wants to keep the number of people in the know to a minimum." As much as Josh wanted to wait and see if these disgruntled customers would take care of the Falleen for them, he couldn't risk waiting any longer. He motioned for his men to move out. They rushed up the steep hill and were able to get some shots off quickly before the villains knew what was happening. The villains had the high ground, but Josh and his men had the element of surprise. It pained Josh to see life extinguished so quickly, but he reminded himself that these were beings who had made their choice and had chosen a path of evil. Now he was choosing to kill to them in order to save many others. He still didn't like it, but he knew his orders were given because innocent lives were at stake. They gave the Falleen a chance to surrender, but he began to raise his blaster at them so they had no choice but to riddle him with blaster bolts. The job was done. The Black Sun had lost another agent without them knowing it was the Rebel Alliance that was after them.
  16. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Fleshing Out the Problem After his investigation work on Tatooine, MKJoshA was called to Bothawui. He and Kale met Mon Mothma there. Excellent work back on Tatooine. Thank you Mon Mothma. What about me? When do I get my reward? We already paid you Kale, back when you helped rescue Josh. We didn't promise you any payment this time around. If you were expecting to get paid every time you helped the Rebellion, then maybe you need to re-think your life. I want you to talk to the data analysts. We've been working on a captured Imperial droid and they think they have some valuable intel. If they're right, we might need you to go on another mission right away. We just got back from a mission, what's in it for me if I go out again? Just the knowledge that you're helping to bring down the Empire and free millions of beings from their grasp. Yeah, no thanks. Good feelings don't pay the bills. Josh, I think you're on your own for this one. Call me if you get stuck in prison again. You've done a lot Kale, I can't ask you to do more. Now, let's see what these analysts have come up with.
  17. Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka; Freebuild: Cornell's Yellow Box Location: Kuat Time: 11 am Persons involved: Mads Heering; Stormtrooper Orwell Haggins; Stormtrooper Cornell Haggins; Stormtrooper Sgt. Wunderbar/Wunderschon/Sheisskopf/Schmeterling/??? The story: Three stormtroopers, Mads Heering the driver, Orwell Haggins the navigator and Cornell Haggins the gunner were driving through the wasteland of Kuat. Then they were searching for clues. Now they're waiting for a ship. Well done boys. Well done! Why are you saying this Sgt. Geschirrspüler? You completed your mission on Kuat! We sent things you found to the main base and now we're waiting for reports but you job's done! You're leaving Kuat! We're on Kuat? How? Nevermind, you're leaving it. And you're leaving it in style! In your own ship! Our own ship? That's great, but why? Well you did great job and you impressed superior officers. Now they're giving you chance to make a great career! Back to the ship. It's great! A brand new model, fresh from shipyards above us. Remember those dreams you told me about the other day Cornell? They'll become true. Those dreams when I was dreaming about flying in a giant yellow box? Yes ... Ugh? Huh? I like the color ... I knew you'll like it boys! Now hurry up! Later that day ... Sgt. where are you sending those idiots? You see, we always need boys like this in our Army. Imperial Survey Corps is in need for new men. Many have defected to the rebellion and a lot of others were well ... when you find a new planet there may be some dangerous specimens living on it. So now we're searching for troopers like these 3 to make things easier. We're sending them to the ISC base where they'll get more informations and then ... Well they'll be far away and still doing good things for the Empire. Conclusion: Please, judge this freebuild.
  18. Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka Episode XII: Siege of Javin Javin, back end of the Corellian Trade Spine. After the disaster at Kuat Alliance High Command scrambled to regain the losses we suffered in the heart of the imperial war machine. The core worlds were too highly defended to make feasible targets. My battalion suddenly found itself jumping from back water sector to back water sector. Eventually after a month of system skipping we were given our orders. We along with an entire division were to liberate the rebel sympathetic planet of Javin, the center of Imperial control in the surrounding five sectors in this small corner of the Outer Rim. If we took Javin's capital of Babusa, the Empire's position in this area of space would be untenable. From what we learned in mission briefing COM-SCAN detected the presence of heavy ion cannons encircling the city along with extensive trench works that would prevent orbital and atmospheric bombardment. To a grunt like me that's the worst news in the world. This would be an exclusively infantry and armor based operation, which only ever results in high casualties for both sides just like at Hoth. Everyone in the battalion is a survivor of Hoth, somehow managed to escape the onslaught and make it onboard a GR transport. Unlike Hoth we would not be running with state of the art AT-ATs, only what the engineers could scrounge up. Command's strategy, under the guidance of an anorexic looking Bothan general, was to simultaneously charge the defenses at key points along the fortifications. Since the Imperials would be stretched thin if they manned the entire perimeter they instead operated mainly around communication towers that networked with the entire defense network. If we took the towers out en mass the Imps would be running blind and unable to reinforce their various garrisons. From there we could press our advantage after we secured our objective. We deployed fifty clicks out from the imps and made our way through the Javin bogs, riding on top of the T2-Bs. Luck, or command, smiled on us that day. We were one of the few battalions to be assigned to a pathfinder commando squadron, who would clear the way for us. I met the shistavanen, he mentioned something about hunting Luke Skywalker's enemies, and jabbed furiously with a double tipped weapon he always carries. No blaster madman...wolf...guy. Still as we waded through waist deep marsh or hugged onto the durasteel plating of a tank, I remember worming my way through the snow on my belly to hide from an AT-ST's chin guns, hiding under the bodies of comrades. Most of us weren't coming home. Most of us forgot how hard the Imps fought. 4 ABY: Imperial Defenses Encircling Capital City "Shut those blast doors! Now! if Colonel Jerres can't hold this rabble at bay we need to scrub the mainframe of all evidence of the Skywalker fil-" "Sher'al I have your Intelligence Agent down here." *growls* "At last!" [imperial Security Camera Data Recovery] "Let's talk, Agent Ferad." Behind the Scenes: Episode List:
  19. First Sergeant Alarkis: We tracked the Rebel Beacon out here in the middle of nowhere. My last deployment on Corellia consisted of pulling security in the resorts, much nicer than this. The air is thick enough to swallow out here in the jungle. The rebels have to be out here for a reason. The orders from Lord Vader were very clear, "Leave no stone unturned". The rebel crew out here may not be directly involved in this plot to kill Skywalker, but they could be following something a of significance. First Sergeant Alarkis: *Over Intercom* How you holding up kid? TheBeeze: Are you kidding Sergeant? Anything is better than that rock Tatooine. First Sergeant Alarkis: Well you won't be staying with us for too much longer. I hear you will have a new unit soon enough. I have put in a good word for you at the academy, so hopefully you can do something with that instead. Let us know if you find that beacon. TheBeeze: Confirmed and thank you. *Scanning Droids sent out by the Imperial Forces to help locate the rebel beacon* Meanwhile Downstream Rebel Pilot: What are we gonna do? Rebel Pilot: What does it look like? Rebel Pilot: Yeah, but how long will it take to find us? Rebel Pilot: Dude..... chill. Task Force 3 is within the system. As soon as they pickup the beacon we'll be golden. Rebel Pilot: I just hope we scuttled the U-Wing enough that the imperials won't be able to track us any more than they already have. Rebel Pilot: You think they'll find us? Rebel Pilot: You need to relax. Escape and Evade until reinforcements find us. They won't find..... (Looks Off in the distance) First Sergeant Alarkis: We're getting close. Readings are picking up. Rebel Pilot: Oh Crap! They're gonna find us. Rebel Pilot: Get in the damn cave and shut up! *ELSEWHERE* First Sergeant Alarkis: Beeze, how far out are you? TheBeeze: The weather here is messing with my systems. I'm pretty close. Within 100 Meters. I have to get over this rock wall, but I'm a bit tied up. First Sergeant Alarkis: Move It! TheBeeze: I'm getting there! TheBeeze: Life readings up here are unsettling. I feel like there's more to th... First Sergeant Alarkis: Nevermind the life readings! Did you locate the beacon? TheBeeze: Yes Sergeant, I found it. Send in the retrieval team. The beacon is in a really shallow water way by a waterfall. First Sergeant Alarkis: Perfect! I'm sending them over now. TheBeeze: Sergeant, the troops with the beacon claim its rebel locator. They use it when they have downed air crews to alert nearby rebel forces to send an extraction team. First Sergeant Alarkis: Excellent. Have them shut it off. We can use that to our advantage. Bring it back to base with us. Out. TheBeeze: Roger. *Switches off Commlink* I wonder if those life readings I was picking up were the rebels fleeing the scene? These shock troopers are good, but its all gun and run with them. They never stop and think. I'm sure we'll use that beacon wisely though. This just seems like a bust to me.
  20. Personnel Files: Previously: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=138634 Currently, aboard the Carrack class cruiser Seeker in orbit above Tatooine... <door hisses closed> Captain, you wanted to see me? TK-8554, yes. I've read the report from Sergeant Dooze regarding your first assignment. You acquitted yourself quite well. Thank you, sir. It seems that Dooze has even given you a callsign. It's rare for Razer Squad rookies to earn their callsigns during their first assignment. You must have really made an impression. If you say so, sir. Some say our methods are ruthless, that we destroy freedom in the name of oppression, but those are weak minded fools. We do not seek to oppress. You have to understand the fundamental principle of the Tarkin Doctrine, you see. The Tarkin Doctrine, sir? The idea that one should rule through the fear of force, rather than force itself. Which is why examples must occasionally be made, such as with the planet of Alderaan and with the Rebel sympathizer that you took care of. Freedom cannot be obtained without order, and order cannot be established without fear. I understand, sir. Excellent. Anways, I just wanted to commend you on a job well done. Go on, then. Return to your duties. Yes, sir. All comments and criticisms welcome!
  21. This is the next chapter of Wick Nole's story. Introduction. [soNE Freebuild] The Story Begins Chapter 1. [soNE Freebuild] A Fine Delivery Chapter 2. [soNE Freebuild] Unexpected Arrival Chapter 3. [soNE Ep. VII] "Before we leave this planet..." Chapter 4. [soNE Ep. VIII] "This is not the race you are participating in." Chapter 5. [soNE Ep. IX] Gathering Intel Chapter 6. [soNE Ep. X] Counter-attack Chapter 7. [soNE Ep. XI] On their own -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The Alliance is struggling to find any info regarding the latest attempt on master Skywalker. Wick, as many others, is looking for any valuable clues. In search for these, he located one of the former "colleagues", an ugnaught who was once working on a trade barge on Corellia. The "trading" was only a cover, of course - the gang used the place to collect and sell valuable data, plans and blueprints, Imperial rooting schedules for freight ships and military patrols... and many other. Today, the ugnaught was found on one of the docks above Kuat. Judging by the location, the gang was looking to develop a new information sources... This was not of a main interest for Wick, however. The reasons for finding the ugnaught was that he thew some guys who knew some guys who may have known something on droid reprogramming. So it was worth a try. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- out of character notice: I'll see if i could re-do the pictures... but for now - it is what it is.
  22. Jix, an Ugnaught, has been living on Felucia since Zaael and his team freed him from his slavers. He had been working as a slave in a mine on Kessel for a crime lord that had ties with the Empire. After years and years of hard labor and sour circumstances, in a lost moment, Jix found a transponder. He was looking for some equipment to repair his mining drill in the office of his boss, Kar’ta. There it was, just lying around. Without a thought he took the transponder and send out a message. Zaael and his crew were just passing by Kessel, on a “trade” mission, when they received the message. After much debate where especially Bill and Fe’ya were against Zaael’s plan to save Jix and the other slaves and put a dent in the Empire’s supplies, the rebels freed the slaves and put a heavy blow (and many explosions, courtesy of Bill) to the Empire. Having nowhere else to go Jix joined the rebel crew for a while. He and Bill learned a lot from each other, as it turned out Jix was a nifty engineer. Jix proved to be a valuable member to the team and he and Zaael became true friends. After a while though, Jix felt the need to live a more peaceful life without the danger and action. He liked the jungle feel of Felucia and it gave him a true feeling of freedom, so he settled there. Zaael hadn’t heard from his old friend ever since, until now. Zaael: Jix, old friend! It is good to see you! Jix: Hah! Are those watery eyes I see? Zaael: It’s the humidity of this hump of clay. Jix: Ah of course… Ghehehe. Zaael: How are you? That’s a nice cabin you have there. Jix: Yes, thanks, it is! I am doing great friend. I like it a lot here. I have made friends with the locals, grow my own food and, most importantly, don’t have to be scared of losing my life to one of Bill’s gadgets. Zaael: Haha, I can imagine. Bill gave me this and told me to give it to you. You might want to be careful with it, he told me not to drop it as well. Jix: Oh no! Haha, this is an inside joke. It does not explode for sure. We used this to fool a band of Stormtroopers on Corellia. They bought it, thinking they were real, and we made a good profit. Zaael: All I do remember is we had a great dinner. You and Bill treated us, I never understood why, but now I get it. Jix: Haha, yeah! Zaael: As much as I’d like to talk to you about the old days, I came here with a mission. You had some intel for me? Jix: Yes, as I told you, I made friends with the Felucian village not too far from here. When I was there a few days ago I saw a shady figure moving about there. I saw her face for a nanosecond. She saw me too and seemed startled. Not long after I saw a ship leaving the planet. It appears she was hiding or living close by the village and she was getting supplies. One of the Felucians found the stuff she left behind and gave it to me. Zaael: Interesting, this is some valuable stuff indeed! Jix: I thought so too, that’s why I responded to your message. It is some high tech stuff, might even be Imperial. Zaael: Thank you Jix. The Rebellion and me are, once again, very grateful for your help. Jix: It’s nothing, everything I can do to repay you for my freedom is something. I still owe you a lot! Zaael: Hah, no you don’t. You’ve got yourself to thank for your freedom. Jix: Ever the humble person my friend. Zaael: I’ll be off to get these goods to the right people. Thank you again old friend. Till next we meet. Jix: Be safe and may the force be with you. --- Overview of the build: The Forseti prototype starfighter: C&C is much appreciated!
  23. brickmasterben11

    [SoNE Ep. XII] R03 Return to Hoth

    Hoth. I wasn't present for the battle, but I don't think i missed much. There's not much to Hoth; snow, snow, and more snow. I had some trouble opening the doors, as they were frozen shut, but I was able to get them open just enough to squeeze in. Odd. The lights are on. maybe the Alliance left in such a hurry they forgot to turn them off. I walked through the room. From what I could tell, I was in a maintenance workshop. A deactivated med droid stood rusting in the corner, with various supplies piled around the room. I noticed a holotable and activated it, surprised it still worked. I saw the mechanic, working on snowspeeder engines. I uploaded it to a mini holochip, and put it in my parka. I looked around once more, and started to turn towards the door, when I heard the click of a DC-15 behind me. A snowtrooper! He must have been posted to the base after the Empire took it, to make sure that any rebels stayed away. I drew my pistol and shot him before he had the chance to shoot me. I decided to get going before the snowtrooper was noticed missing. The sooner I get off this ice cube, the better. Signing off, brickmasterben11. Sorry for the pics, something is wrong with my camera, but I don't have the time to get it fixed right now. EXTRA PICS: Please judge and thanks for viewing! EDIT: Sorry for the picture size. I have no idea what happened, I really need to work on my photo skills.
  24. This occurs moments before this build. "HP-LC, We have to go. " "No." Star Wars Nar Eubrikka by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "What do you mean 'no' The Empire is upon us!" "I have received an overriding command from the Captain. He informed me that I must permanently errase certain contacts from the datalistings. I have almost completed my assigned task." Star Wars Nar Eubrikka by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "There's no time. Here comes Ezra and Zeb!" "Time is not important. Only life." "Erasure complete. Now deleting personal file copy. This can be performed while in transit." Star Wars Nar Eubrikka by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "Set your blaster to stun, DLL-5222!" "You mean this isn't a stun gun?!" "No. That's a specific setting. It's that blue button right on the side." "You mean I've been killing people?!" "Only if you consider Rebel Scum people. Now we want these rebels alive." "Yes sir." Star Wars Nar Eubrikka by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "We've corralled them into a trap. Take your time, trip' 2s. They're not going anywhere. I'll extract any data this droid may have in its drives." "Well this wasn't too bad for my first deployment." Star Wars Nar Eubrikka by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Edit by Goatman. ******************************************** I completed this in honour of my Brother. It's not as large as I had hoped, but given everything that's happened this week, it's the better than nothing. ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  25. Optional intro story, linking this build to the previous ones: I linked up with Bravo company just after dark. Our target was the Industrial Automaton factory on the edge of Theed. Something about investigating sabotaged astromechs. We were supposed enter the office complex via the roof, and make sure no one tried to erase data before our slicers could get to it. The rest of the troops would be at the front doors, knocking politely with their AT-ST. It was quickly apparent that the office complex was not where we'd been told it was. Either they'd changed the factory layout, or ImpIntel had their blueprints upside down. Ah well, time to do a little sightseeing. If we can avoid getting welded to anything, we should be able to find our way to the office complex.