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Found 399 results

  1. Page_1 by Meyerj, on Flickr Page_2 by Meyerj, on Flickr Page_3 by Meyerj, on Flickr Page_4 by Meyerj, on Flickr Hope you enjoy, comments always welcome. Cheers Jody I have been out for a bit, real life has been tough for my family and I.
  2. Movement: We want to move one square left to U11. Ep1 Ep2 Ep3 Ep4 Ep5 Ep6 Our team finally found a promising outpost to find a security switch. The place, Bunker 0225, is surprisingly calm and EMPTY... BN-0303 - Sir this control panel is damaged and sparklin heavily for some reason, I'm not sure we could use it. Shock Trooper - Looks like this damage could have caused by a blaster, but by whom? If you can't enter the main computer, at least open that door. BN-0303 - Yes Sir, Just a minute! BG-0329 - What happend here? Shock Trooper - It seems something exploded. Shock Trooper - There was nothing left here, just ember and ash. TG-0222 - Could it have been an accident, or perhaps an ambush? BN-0303 - This and the traces inside are pretty suspicious. I think it must be a pretty heavy explosive installed properly to cause such damage. TG-0222 - Look! That's all that remained. Shock Trooper - We need to report it and move further.
  3. I was given two additional troops to aid me on my journey. As I was walking I felt something.. Thinking to myself "I feel like someone from my past is here...." "but she was on Alderaan...." "and it..." "I also feel my..." "but he was with her..." Suddenly one of the troopers says. "Sir up ahead its the Jedi!" "Hands..." Before I could finish he said. [url= "I surrender" Then he hands me his light saber. "You (pointing to the trooper in the back) call a speeder bike, we need to get this Jedi to Lord Vader" "Yes sir" The spy's say whispering "Sharp, we found Charlie" "Finally, we can bring my brother home" For movement we would like to move to the left
  4. Ep1 Ep2 Ep3 Ep4 Ep5 After discovering the force field, all available troops were ordered to search the security switch before the enemy does. The squads visits all known bases and outposts and found only empty rooms and opened crates. Our team just leave a base at the edge of the forest.
  5. Movements: We would like to down 1, then left 2 to collect the bonus on O19, then continue down to R19, with the preference being down and left. (Since I didn’t exactly feel like making an even more pic heavy build with a lot of dialogue and what not, here’s a bit longer of an intro describing what has happened.) Beltar and his squad have been moving across the surface of Endor for days now, through forest, rock, river, and a lot of mud. Over the past couple days, the squad has been the target of several attacks led by the Native Ewok’s who are hunting and leading the Rebels to their location. Two days ago, they made it into the night camp and silenced TK-9162, they awoke at the sound of the Native’s knife finishing the deed. The next day, they were ambushed while beginning their journey through the plains of Endor, killing their commanding officer: Colonel Oppenheimer with an arrow and blaster to the chest. Today, there was no surprise attack, there was no cover in these plains save for a few groves of some dark type of bamboo and sparse trees for a sneak account to have worked successfully. This time Beltar’s squad took the fight to them, or at least TK-1702 did. An arrow whizzed by them and hit the Acting-Colonel in the arm, and the singular Rebel beside the Native took a potshot which hit the Acting-Colonel in the head, what a load of luck he struck. Beltar ducked behind the slight ditch in the ground to help Acting-Colonel Faist with his Med’ supplies. TK-1702 took it upon himself, and in a moment of pure adrenaline, dropped his load of blasters and gear and drew his knife and sprinted at the attackers, he dodged the Native’s spear and the knife found its way right into the creatures face. He then rushed over to the Rebel, and killed him with a bit of a struggle. It seemed like he had rehearsed this event in his dreams, perhaps the last time he was on Endor he had a really bad experience, more than he cared to admit, and coming back to Endor must have triggered something. After patching up acting-colonel Faist, he demanded that we take a rest before moving. TK-1702 kept pacing around the bodies he killed, still eyeing the surrounding brush for anything that moved, he had already killed a squirrel after diving into a bush, as his paranoia hit a new level. Beltar and TK-9873 took a perimeter walk and where just returning to the location where the skirmish had just taken place. Beltar: We’re back hotshot, you good now? TK-1702: While you were gone, I’ve already seen movement about 5 clicks out. We need to get going. TK-9873: We’ll be fine! It seems like you need a bit of a rest yourself. TK-1702: Rest… I don’t need rest. Not when those barbarians are closing in. Beltar: Look- I don’t know what you saw when you were setting up the shield generator before- or if this has reminded you of some- TK-1702: They came in waves. It’s what they’re doing now. I don’t like it. TK-9873: Alright, well ease up a bit! Acting-Colonel Faist: Just, let him be. Beltar, Peterson- perimeter report? Beltar: Nothing around within 3 clicks from what we saw. Not sure what crazy over there was talking about. But it is entirely possible there are more of them coming. But I am not sure why they would direct so much attention at us, when the have bigger fish to fry. Acting-Colonel Faist: Yes, especially with that shield generator. Whoever failed to log Endor’s map in the Consolation’s database, and in the other Imperial Destroyers should be punished severely. At least the enemy doesn’t know where to look as well…. I’d reckon I have a few ideas where to look though. Anything else? TK-9873: We may be able to meet up with reinforcements if we get moving. I’ve picked up on comm chatter that there maybe be something around sector O19. I recommend we move there as soon as possible. Acting-Colonel Faist: Alright then, let’s get moving if we have that kind of window available. Beltar: With all due respect sir, you need rest. Give it a couple hours before we get moving. Acting-Colonel Faist: Fine. In 2 hours we move. Beltar: That’s fine by me. All we need to do now is round this gear up and get that lunatic to move. TK-9873: I’ll get the gear, well some of it. We can probably ditch some of it. Maybe make a makeshift crutch or something with one of the blasters for the Colonel. Acting-Colonel Faist: No no, I’ll be quite alright walking. Beltar: Alright. Well, we might as well enjoy these couple hours of rest. Beltar looked up to the stars where the Death Star II sat, he could almost see the explosions of the fighters on both sides becoming pulverized to ashes and dust, and the capital ships fire leaving burn marks on hulls. He was surprised the Empire didn’t divert more forces to Endor, twenty-five thousand destroyers and they only brought a couple dozen destroyers and light cruisers plus a Super, but he was informed there would be a ‘special show’ sometime in the battle. He had no idea what that meant. Beltar hoped that Alyin and the dozen or so other pilots he knew where having better luck and more fun than he was having down here on this mud-ball. ==== Well that’s it for this weeks build, hopefully you enjoyed! It was quite nice to write a lot of text, haven’t done that in a while, hopefully it was effective at getting the point across. I took a little bit of liberty of making the plains biome very lush, as even though we saw the dry planes in the Ewok movies, I’d like to think the entire planet is practically green (save for the deserts). Oh yeah- still a lot of terrain. I’d like to try something like Gubi’s build two weeks ago which a whole lotta mixtures between bricks and plates and tiles, but that is a whole new level of terrain, and I have no idea where to begin with that with my poorly sorted parts- oh well. Oh, and sorry for the wonky lighting which changed a couple times. (my bad!) Anyways, thanks for reading, C & C welcome! ~Beltar
  6. We have been traveling for days. We are out of food, amo, and troops. Then I see a bunker not in the best condition but it will have to do. DSCF0361[1] by IMG_6747 by Identify yourself!!! I reply IMG_6747 by Carlos Apodaca, on Flickr I am CM-4603. Me and my squad are heading to the shield generator. He says IMG_6747 by [url= Ok, we can take that prisoner off your hands, if it helps? I reply IMG_6747 by Thank you. He says IMG_6747 by You and your squad are welcome to stay here and get some rest. Movement is up to I-18, right to collect bonus, then straight down.
  7. Ep1 Ep2 Ep3 Ep4 Most of the Imperial troops are near the Generator, as well the rebels. Our squad just reached the sector with a little difficulty. Shock Trooper - We need to find a way bypass this lake. The good news, we can see the shield generator from here. TG-0222 - Yes finally we're so close to the objective. BN-0303 - Sir, I receive an incoming message. the enemy has reached the generator and it activated the security systems. So our troops need to find a base and switch off the force field.
  8. In the night before the fateful Battle of Endor, in the woods surrounding a certain Ewok village on the Sanctuary Moon of Endor... *crack* Luke Skywalker: Huh? Luke Skywalker: Hmm. *smile* ???: Going somewhere? Alia: ?! Cody: What are you doing? Shouldn't you be with the troops and prepare for tomorrow's battle? Alia: I overheard that guy talking to the princess! He's going after Vader! Alia: And so am I! Cody: What's gotten into you? That is suicide! What is it with you and that Darth Vader, anyway? Alia: That's none of your business! Cody: I'm... I'm afraid it is. *click* Alia: Are you for real, rookie? You are threatening me into staying? Do you really want to do this? Cody: If it means to stop you and save your life... then yes. I do. I'm not letting you go like this. Not without an explanation. Alia: ... fine. I'll tell you. To be concluded! Behind the scenes: C&C appreciated!
  9. Movements: We would like to move 4 left to H13, if that is not possible, then as far Left and Down. The fierce battle above Endor was just getting started, as Beltar and the forces of the Consolation had been deployed to the surface of the Forest Moon to reinforce the shield generator in case there were any injured men in the battle. Beltar’s team was deployed north of the Shield Generator, and the team has been traveling checkpoint to checkpoint on their way. These checkpoints are of note, as they were set up by the Empire as possible construction sites many months ago. Due to the discovery of a better location, often these sites would yield left over supplies that could come in handy as Imperials arrive and march through the thick forests of Endor. Beltar’s squad has been nothing but tense the last few hours. They seem to sense that something bad will happen. . TK-1702: Sir, we’ve checked all the crates. Not too much of note here. Grabbed a couple extra blasters and their charge packs. There’s also some general equipment that isn’t essential. But it looks as if someone rummaged through here recently… We should get moving. Colonel Oppenheimer: Hm… Alright Major Diaz. I’ll- Beltar: Colonel! Colonel Oppenheimer: Yes Commander? Beltar: I’ve just received word from the Consolation. The battle is turning messy. We are probably going to be needed ASAP back in the medbay as soon as we are done down here. Colonel Oppenheimer: Well then. We better get moving. We need to make good time… Less rest then.. *sigh* As the Colonel went to address the rest of the men, Beltar and Major Diaz were left do themselves. TK-1702: Betlar- between you and me. I don’t like this. I’ve seen eyes in the trees. We’re being watched. Beltar: I’ve gotten that feeling too. It’s not the rebels though. Perhaps the natives, I’ve heard some strange stories from you and men that where here before. TK-1702: Perhaps… I didn’t get to much contact with them when I was here though. I’ve been told the natives like to get up close since they don’t have effective ranged weapons…I just hope we reach the shield generator before the Rebels. And get out of here even faster. Beltar: Agreed. Colonel Oppenheimer: Let’s get going! We are only 9 Clicks from the Generator according to command. With a little luck we’ll be able to avoid Rebel entanglements and perhaps meet up with other forces. TK-1702: And if we don’t reach the generator in time or get jumped by Rebels or Emperor knows what else? Beltar: The Evac point is to the 7 Clicks west of the Generator. It’s a beach point. TK-1702: Well. Good to know. I got a bad feeling about this. Colonel Oppenheimer: Cut the chatter- let’s get moving. I don’t like this either but we need to go. ==== More Pics: ==== Well that wraps it up for this episode build! This was a fun build, lots of terrain for me to mess around with. And a LOT of foliage. (Nearly every loose foliage part that I have went to this!) Inching towards when the Death Star II blows… It’s going to be a fun storytelling moment. (Like in the new Battlefront II) My excitement toward SoNE 2.0 is also growing! I think it’ll be great to show our characters in the aftermath of Endor and what happens afterwards. Oh yeah- Beltar has a new head. Finally! Less generic-ness! Also, comments and criticism welcome! ~Beltar
  10. Cody: You're sure that beacon is someone friendly? Alia: I told you, it's Josh's personal code! It's gotta be his signal, so let's keep moving! Cody: ... you better be right about this... Alia: Trust me for once, alright? We're gonna run into Alliance troops sooner or later... I hope.
  11. Moving: We want to use our 2 points to move 1 square down and 1 left to end up on E20, if its npt possible, than 2 down to F21. Ep1 Ep2 Ep3 The operation on the forest moon of Endor has begun. As all or the available troops on the plane, we got the order to reach the shield generator and protect it from rebellious terrorist. After rushing through the forest our squad reached a river and now we are following it as long as possible.
  12. Rebel Troops made camp along a shore, they hoped that they choose a spot the Empire wouldn't find them at. But they accidentally choose the exact spot where me and my squad were heading. Our troop transport opened up and the first of us went out. They ran as fast as they could shooting down as many troops as they could, but with little success. Thankfully by time I was up to get out of the transport the Death Troopers who were assigned to help us finish off the Rebels had arrived. Charging on both sides they quickly killed off the Rebels. Thanks to the help of the Death Troopers we killed the Rebels and those who lived became prisoners. . For movement we choose to go as close to D19 as possible, or to left left as most as possible.
  13. MISSION REPORT: Brickmasterben11, reporting to rebels head command from the moon of Endor. ~MOVEMENT: 2 SQUARES STRAIGHT UP Nothing much to report on our third week on this moon. So far we have seen not a single Imperial. This morning we stumbled across an abandoned weapons crate while on patrol, so maybe a run-in will be occurring soon. At least we haven't run into any of the native species. Another squad made contact and said the furry beasts ransacked their camp, stealing rations. END OF BROADCAST ~Bonus Pictures:
  14. Marching orders: we move 3 squares up, please. Our preferred movement keeps going right and up. My first digital-only entry in this game. Don't worry, I'll go physical and comic book-style again the next time! Cody Startale and his Rebel comrade Lt. Alia Brynna have crash-landed on Endor. How they ended up on the planet's surface will be told in the near future in another free-build... for now, all we know is that our heroes are stranded on the Sanctuary Moon, cut off from their Rebel allies and fearing the detection by the Imperial forces crawling all over the moon. However, as they leave the crash side, Alia detects a near-field comm signal that is familiar to her from the days of her recruitment: @MKJoshA seems to be on the moon as well, and as Cody and Alia have spotted the shield generator when going down on Endor, they figure that a Rebel attack on the base is imminent. Not daring to signal their friends out of fear of being detected by the Imperials, they cross the plains of Endor, heading for the forest in which the shield generator is located. There, they hope to meet up with the other Rebel forces and aid them in their important mission before it is too late...
  15. MstrOfPppts

    SoNE feedback thread

    First of all, I'd like to thank the organizers for creating the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka RPG. It's been around for quite some time now, but the interest seems to be declining too fast. There's some things I've been thinking about for some time now and I decided to share them with everyone. Please don't take this thread to offensive though it might sound like that in some places so my apologies for that in advance, but this is only intended to make things better. I did some comparison with GoH which Brickdoctor already admitted SoNE is a rip-off and there's nothing wrong with that. Firstly - I've mentioned it a couple of times but can't help saying it again that placing SoNE into OT in my opinion was not such a great decision. The Rebel vs Troopers seems a bit chewed to me and especially our side has a big lack of possibilities for creating interesting characters. Which reminds me that could've been one of the first mini challenges so not so many generic avatars were present ... Though following the story canon is a nice challenge and making as little oddities as possible is quite fun I don't think it outweighs the fact that we could be creating our own story in TOR universe or in some CW or even OT parallel time happening somewhere far in the outer rim with interesting characters that could also be Sith or Jedi, joining different fractions with different interests later along the timeline. And already the biggest blooper was creating another planet in the so well defined part of the universe. But I do know it's too late to change this now. Secondly - I think that SoNE deserves it's own subforum. There's no problem in the junkyard at the moment but the freebuilds usually get to bottom quite fast because of people having more interest in discussing about future sets, wishful thinkings, their purchases and what not other stupidities instead of commenting creations (SoNE or not). I know I'm not much of commenter myself but I don't participate in other chit chat either. Another reason for that is now having the freebuilds separated from the episode builds and other SoNE related stuff for no particular reason. It'd also make it easier for someone in a hurry just checking if there's something new in SoNE ... The next thing is a bit more disturbing and that is the lack of staff. I can't get rid of the feeling that SoNE has been started and it's left on it's own on a "from us to us" basis. People are like sheep and they need leaders. Guilds of Historica has a leader for each guild and they are pretty active there and quite a leading horses of the project. Brickdoctor's very active in the Heroica at the moment and has not been around since the first episode's results, except for some rules and the moderating purposes. But hey, he's not the only one. Where's Erdbeeries, Piranha and Stash2Sixx?! Also there's a few other fellows that were thanked in the introduction topic and also haven't been seen around since! My apologies again for this part, but I'm just trying to explain why I feel the current state of SoNE is a bit empty and not many new recruits are joining the fun. And I think I'm not the only one feeling this way. However I do understand that there's quite some work done behind the scenes yet still coming around just to say hello from time to time wouldn't hurt, maybe even build something even if it's out of competition! The judging for the first episode took twice as long as it was stated but at least we were informed about the progress. This episode is taking ridiculously long despite having almost only half as many entries as the first one. I understand there's complications and real life is getting in the way sometimes but as long as we get some information on how much longer, what's happening or how things stand, the wait is so much easier. Otherwise it seems as if everyone would prefer to just forget about everything. The freebuilds judging is a bit behind too ... Another thing I really miss is the lack of any feedback (nothing to do with this topic). I know that the judges are supposed to remain anonymous but some feedback in about 2-3 sentences would be much appreciated and a reward for the participants of an episode! As already mentioned there's not much constructive commenting going on despite Star Wars being one of the most popular themes I think here on eurobricks in general the SW forum is getting less and less attention. It's almost like pirates with no LEGO theme around at the moment ... Also it's nice to get feedback from a MOC expert or someone who knows how things are done. If Darth Vader says that you're strong with the force it means a lot more than if a 5 year old Rodian does (I know that this is a bad metaphor but it's just that and was not aimed at any particular participant)! Also some mini challenges or quests would be nice. No rewards needed or maybe just a tag or a title, some people around here would kill to get one of those. I for one am that kind of person who finds it hard to just build something. If I have a goal then it's a lot easier. That would maybe fill the gap of freebuilds and add some more content to SoNE. Also tags are free advertisement for SoNE around the forums! The experience gained through time was a nice idea and I think it's a step forward from the GoH but misses more content. Currently there's no difference on what you can do apart from some little guidelines what you character is capable of doing. For example in episode II 1 extra part per 5XP gained would be a brilliant idea! Maybe in some episodes players with more XP could also gain a disadvantage for others to catch up and so on ... Further more I find the scoring rules a bit disturbing - seems that the organizers are not that good with numbers (just kidding). In the previous episode it was stated that the Empire was beaten in quantity and quality though the results don't show that. We were far superior in quality (10.5 : 10.4375). The final result rule is a bit odd here for first calculating the average and than adding the entries x 2 points. This means that even by having only one more entry the quality of the opposing team has to be superior by 2 to win, which is impossible. That results in that more entries = auto win. My suggestion would be to multiply the average scores by 10, meaning that 5 entries equals 1 point in average quality. Also it might be considered to lower the XP gained for each episode to max 15 points after the second round. This way the difference between the players would not be so big and the top 10 could simply be caught by 2 or 3 freebuilds. Considering that the XP had a bigger meaning and that people would be more interested in climbing the ranks. The current cap of 100 is also quite low compared to the points available per episode including freebuilds. It's been a bit steady at the moment, but some of us might reach that in an episode or two - and what then? Are there more ranks more possibilities? Just a thought: characters with no XP should be removed from the player index and readded after receiving XP. Else they're just making things less readable. This way anyone wanting to be part of SoNE would at least create one freebuild. Last but not least I think that the way SoNE is designed at the moment it misses some bigger purpose. For example there could be a big score screen in the first post of the player index Rebel : Empire. The score should include the sum of all the episodes + freebuilds + any possible mini challanges and so on. To make it more interesting maybe reset the score after a Chapter - let's say 5 episodes and reward the winning team with some virtual goods (tags, auto XP burst, rule changes, etc ). This is a sum of some of my ideas but there's still more. There's always ways of improving things further - maybe something like a hidden subforum for each fraction in the way that pirates TOR participants get for each the red and the blue team where secret plans are discussed and so on ... Sorry for this big wall of text but I think it was needed. I'd really like to help to improve this experience and anyone could help by stating their opinion in this thread. If that is not acceptable, mods feel free to remove this thread. I placed it here rather than in the SW forum so it gets more attention from whom it concerns. I've seen people participating in both SoNE and GoH. There's nothing wrong with that and I must admit that I've been holding back from joining a guild for SW is still my preferred theme and I doubt I'd have time for both. However if SoNE turns to get even less entertaining things might change and we might loose more participants instead of time warping some of them Historians to our universe! Everyone involved please take this as a constructive critic and not as an offense and keep up the good work maintaining the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka! :wub:
  16. See the rest of the story:Season 1Season 2Season 3Fleshing Out the ProblemBothan Data HubParting WaysSurrender Would Have Been An OptionTo Catch a Thief Imperial Detention Center Prison Life Jail Break Battle in the Skies of Coruscant Word was that the Rebel Alliance was on to something big. So the call went out to all sectors of the galaxy that any spare ships were needed right away. MKJoshA knew of an old Republic Cruiser whose crew he might be able to convince to join their cause...
  17. See the rest of the story:Season 1Season 2Season 3Fleshing Out the ProblemBothan Data HubParting WaysSurrender Would Have Been An OptionTo Catch a Thief Imperial Detention Center Prison Life Jail Break Battle in the Skies of Coruscant Republic Cruiser MKJoshA had asked if there were any ships he could borrow to go recruit the crew of the Republic Cruiser. What he was given wasn't fancy, but at least it flew. They called it The Blue Motley. Not very original, but with the fading paint job, it was accurate. His mission successful, they both headed to Endor!
  18. Above the planet Sullust.... [-Accessing personal logs…….RYN……complete-] Only a few rotations after the fiasco with Prince Xizor on Coruscant, command assigned me to finish the mission over Sullust that had been so rudely interrupted before by the unfortunate kidnapping of Princess Leia. Already having gained access to the plans and access codes to one of the Star Destroyers being assembled above Sullust, my small team and I were assigned to sabotage it and bring it crashing down into the surrounding shipyards and hopefully put a small wrench in the Empire’s plans for the time being. A fighter squadron would be sent to harass the other Imperial forces surrounding the ship yard so we could slip unnoticed into the hangar bay of the Star Destroyer in a stolen Imperial medical ship, under the guise of bringing wounded men into the medical bay of the much larger Destroyer. From inside the medical frigate I could feel multiple explosions from the skirmish outside. Different alliance fighters, mostly Y-Wings and B-Wings, could be seen darting back and forth across the mostly empty expanse of space being chased by large amounts of Tie fighters. I cringed as one rebel ship exploded into a fireball and spiraled into the side of the Star Destroyer we were headed to, having been hit by a stray beam of anti aircraft fire from the Destroyers turbolasers. It seemed like an eternity to reach the open bay doors of the capital ship between the continuous fire of both factions, and the constant nagging worry that we would be shot on sight. We all collectively sighed in relief after our access codes worked and were allowed access into the hangar. Unsurprisingly, it was relatively empty due to the raging battle outside except for a few maintenance ships that looked old and out of use. Each of us pulled up a hollow map of the ship, where a red line directed us to the ship’s reactor. Command had directed us to place a few explosives inside the room and get out as fast as we could, to avoid getting caught in the explosion ourselves. Our pilot stayed with the ship while the rest of us began our journey towards the center of the ship. I hoped that most of the crew would be distracted with the ongoing battle and leave a relatively painless path to the reactor. We had made it to the reactor, after winding through the seemingly endless hallways. Suddenly I could see the shiny white armor of a stormtrooper from the reactor room adjacent to the hallway. I motioned for everyone to stop, and took it upon myself to take out the trooper alone. With his back facing me, I flipped out a small vibroblade from my hip and prepared myself to attack. The first step I took alerted him to my presence, causing him to turn around slowly. “Who’s ther-“ His speech was cut short by the vibroblade blade that was now stuck in his neck, causing him to fall over and bleed everywhere. I motioned for the rest of the squad to join me in the room, where they could plant the explosives while I stood watch. To my horror, I could hear the blast doors open and then the clink of armor on the metal floor. I quickly pressed myself to the wall closest to the computers, hoping to hide myself from the incoming troopers. The rest of my men were already hidden deeper in the room, but unfortunately the man I had just killed was still laying in plain sight. To my great surprise however, they did not bother to look in that direction and walked straight past the body of their dead comrade. I then readied my rifle, and prepared to pick off the two of them before they could advance further down the hallway…. [-Closing personal logs……RYN……complete-]
  19. Admiral Sharp the Emperor demands your presence at Endor immediately. Then set course for Endor! We shall not keep him waiting! Explosion happens, The ISD Terminator shakes Admiral, one ship known as Saber has emerged from Hyper-Space. Are we Blind?! Launch ranger squad! Now! This is CP-2517, CM-4603 and DH-0408 cover me. As we closed in I saw a Ion cannon come from the ship, Saber. Just barley dodging the two shot I turn and see the two ISD's are disabled. If we are to get to Endor to rendezvous with the Imperial fleet we have to take over that rebel ship. Us three ships left in the squad dock onto the rebel and make are way to the bridge. I then told the man. Hands up traitorous scum! Then the commander barks. Take us to Endor now! After we make it there safely you will only be punished to a life time in jail. A life time?! Do you prefer a death sentence? No. Then take us to Endor! How about you three die. Then suddenly DH-0408 lye shot dead and me and the commander are surrendered. Then the commanded hints that he as a smoke grenade, then he throws it. Then in the confusion we kill the traitorous murderers Well I guess we are flying ourselves to Endor then. After disposing the bodies we punched in the coordinates into the navacomputer and set off..
  20. Ep1 Ep2 As we came back from the battle of Coruscant, we had a few days spend in the "regular" ways. But we just got the order to send our troops to Endor. Our ship, which could serve both firepower and transport, is an LT 995. It's a prototype vehicle, named LT 995 Transport Cruiser. It's developed to bring troops to dangerous situations, so it has 2 pilot seats, 2 gunner seats and 8 passenger seats.
  21. I step into the hangar with captain Nik. "Well, here she is. The Sparrow. One of the fastest ships this side of Tatooine." I walk around to the front of the starfighter. "It's quite small." I remark. Nik smiles. "For what it lacks in size it make up for in speed." I walked around to the back of the ship, which housed a small engine. I climbed into the small cockpit to find a control array. "Here's the hyperdrive boost, the regulator, and the lasers." Nik went around showing different knobs and buttons. As I climbed back out, Nik looked off into the distance. "Make sure you take good care of her, Brick. I wish I could take here with me, but I'm being shipped out somewhere near Endor, and I can only take what I can put on my back." "Don't worry." I said. "She'll be waiting here for you when you get back. I promise." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This build was originally going to be a small freighter like my old ship, but I changed it up to the current model. BONUS PICS: Control Panel: Cockpit area without canopy: Hangar (I hastily threw this together in a few minutes to have somewhere to put the ship and figures) This should be counted as possible bonus points according to the rules. Please judge!
  22. Note - this build takes place immediately after my Episode XIV build. Saleucami Spaceport Too many people – way too many people here, I’m a sitting nuna, what the hell was Grace thinking, making me wait here in the open? Okay – calm down. If Grace thought the ISB was actively looking for me, she would have picked a better RV – she’s not stupid. Just need to relax, blend in, put a dumb smile on my face like I’m a normal civilian. That’s right, ignore me, I’m just your average ignorant yokel. What Galactic war? Huh? What’s for lunch? There, I make a great civilian. You make a lousy civilian. You need to slouch more. Tyria, what are you doing here? Same thing as you, obviously. Tyria and I had gotten off to a rough start. An ace TIE pilot, she'd been called in on her day off to fly me around Commenor, looking for fugitive ISB agent Goatm An. That flight came to an abrupt end when unknown Imperial forces tried to shoot us down, and after we'd escaped I had a flashback and tried to disarm her. We came to an understanding during our couple of days hiding out on Kuat, though. And by “understanding,” I mean that I apologized profusely and repeatedly, and she promised not to shoot me again unless it was absolutely necessary. Not sure why your friend picked such a crappy planet for the meet, though. Probably because this is my home planet, so I was already here for a visit. Oh. Oops. So, how was your visit? Ok, I guess. I mistook a thunderstorm for incoming – it got a little hectic. I hear that. I’ve been in lockup the past three days. What for? Got into a fight with a constable about whether traffic laws apply to me. Why wouldn’t they? <shrug> ‘Cause I’m really good at flying and – what wrong? I hear the distinctive march of stormtrooper boots a few seconds before they come around the corner. For an instant, I see the troopers the way others must see them. The way others must see me. Skull-like mask, empty eyes, unknowable and unstoppable. Then the moment passes, and I notice all the other details. Lazy formation. Dirty weapons. Half alert, at best. It’s a good thing they’re not here for me – I could draw my blaster and drop at least 2 of them before they got a shot off. They’re not here for me, though. Looks like an escort for some banking clan bigwig. Probably a good call; people here don’t have fond memories of the separatists. One of the first lessons I learned in SpecOps was not to look where everyone else is looking – if something is causing a scene, assume it’s an intentional distraction. The stormtroopers probably aren’t a staged scene but they’re a distraction all the same, so while all other eyes are on the troopers bullying their way down the hall I spot the real danger, gliding through the crowd behind them. It’s nothing a civilian would have spotted. Just two men dressed as mechanics with no visible weapons, but there’s something about them – the way they move, maybe, and the way they scan the hallway – that makes it clear what these men are. They’re killers. Just like me. They notice me at the same time I see them and I tense, waiting for a sign. A gesture from one to the other, or a casual drifting apart, something to indicate that they’re about to draw the weapons I’m sure they’re carrying. Instead, the one with long hair moves his hands away from his sides – just a few inches – and goes back to scanning the crowd. The other one, carrying what looks to be a tool case, nods once without looking at me. Heard you’ve got a mynock problem. I relax a bit more. It’s the recognition code Grace gave us. I’ve got three in the airlock – can you take a look? I can spare a minute. Ship's transponder? Zulu eight four kilo whiskey. Alright, let's go.
  23. Hello there! As the 15th episode's deadline is quickly approaching, I still have to set a few things up, story-wise, so let me please present a little freebuild today before moving on to bigger things later this week! I stay true to my tradition and tell my build's story comic-style – there's speech bubbles and lots of shots, detailing actions and characters, so please give it a look. If you have missed the previous chapters, feel free to give them a shot (they're a quick read, I promise): Episode 0 – The Introduction Episode XII – Den Of The Dragon XII-I – Sowing The Seed Episode XIII – Quantum Of Sunrise XIII-I - Quite A Mercenary Episode XIV - Day Of The Spectacle And here, the new chapter: XIV-I – Welcome to the Rebellion Behind the scenes: Feedback and c&c is always welcome! Also, please judge this freebuild.
  24. Dear all, We know (and hope ) that you are all busy with some awesome entries for the last chapter of challenge V. And while we do not want to take your attention away from that, we still have a little something extra to offer. As some of you may know, Eurobricks is the home of several RPGs, and one of them, the Star Wars themed Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka, has proposed a collaboration. In short, we (and other Eurobricks RPG's) build for the NPC faction in their challenge, and they will offer their builders for some of our challenges in the future. But what is our role in this? We are building for the Black Sun in this challenge (Operation Eclipse) together with volunteers from other eurobricks RPGs. As such, our builds will compete against the two player factions in SoNE, comparable to if we had someone building for Mardier in a future challenge. A few words about the Black Sun from Nar Eurbrikka staff member LucasLaughing: The deadline is the 3rd of June, well after our own challenge V ends. Each builder can build one build, placed in one of three locations: The Sewers Imperial and Rebel builders must show their sigfig sneaking through the sewers of Coruscant to infiltrate Xizor's palace Black Sun builders must show Black Sun gangsters protecting the entrance to the palace Xizor's Palace Rebel builders must show their sigfig fighting through the palace to rescue Leia Imperial builders must show their sigfig fighting through the palace to capture Xizor Black Sun builders must show Black Sun gangsters fighting off the intruders Xizor's Skyhook Builders must show a chaotic space battle as Imperial, Rebel, and Black Sun forces fight around the skyhook Our builds will be scored similarly to the player builds, and if the Black Sun (us) wins, the player factions will lose territory. If you are interested, or want more information, go to the Black Sun sign-up thread and state your business. The Brethren Court would like to encourage you to participate, to spur cross-theme collaboration and to gain the assistance of other themes in some of our future challenges. Therefore, participation will be awarded as follows: BOBS prizes: All participants are awarded the right to license a small property based on a microbuild. Best (BoBS) entry instead gets a large property. 2nd best gets a medium. These licenses must still be paid for, but only requires microbuilds for activation. We hope you like this offer - and should you have any questions, feel free to ask them here, or over in the Nar Eurbrikka forum. May the force be with you!
  25. Hello everyone! I don't know if I'm allowed to make a topic that's not about a SoNE build. If I am not supposed to I'm sorry. But… I created the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka Wiki! Could everyone go and help fill in some SoNE stuff? Thanks in advance! VaderFan2187