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Found 146 results

  1. Here's my entry into the Expand the Winter Village contest. I chose to build a sporting goods store selling everything from winter apparel, to snowboards and skis. The shop has a light brick that lights up the showcase window, and the car features opening doors and trunk. I tried to keep it very similar in size, and complexity to an official Winter Village set. Brick's Sporting Goods is a very popular store year round, but especially in the winter. Come inside and buy a new snowboard, visit the hot chocolate and cookie vendor's stall outside, and then enjoy a day of fun in the snow. See more pictures here: link Thanks for looking
  2. Decorating christmas tree with dad (& Bobby)
  3. Here's my entry to Category B of the Frozen Beyond contest: The Wild Yxen is typically only found in the northernmost parts of Mitgardia, but the unusual cold of the current winter, has seen many migrating well south of their general habitat.They're known for their bulky, furry build, and while not usually an aggressive animal, their brute strength and sharp tusks can be quite dangerous: C&C welcome, I do have more GoH builds coming within the next month, including one that may be my best build yet
  4. Legopard

    The Obligatory Winter Creation

    Hello, It's that time of the year again when the snowflakes fall and everyone is looking forward to christmas. Maybe somewhere else, but in Germany we had 16,5°C / 61,7°F today. Feels like summer. To compensate for the Christmas stress and the inappropriate weather I built this "dream winter scene". If you like it, you can find more pictures here. Jonas
  5. SilentWolf

    Western Christmas Village

    For the last three years, I have constructed a yearly Christmas village that has made use of Lego's Winter Village sets. This year I added the new Toy Shop but decided to go back in time and create a Western Christmas Village. Thank you for any comments and advice. Have a Merry Christmas everyone. SAM_6739 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr SAM_6643 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr SAM_6667 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr SAM_6691 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr SAM_6660 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr SAM_6728 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr SAM_6717 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr SAM_6684 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr SAM_6686 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr For additional photos see:
  6. In the far north of Mitgardia there exist a species of ice dragon, they originally helped keep the Algus at bay but the tables have now been turned and they are now being hunted by the Algus.
  7. EDIT: The title should be: AoM: Store Phase 2: Danyel's Smithy. If a mod could fix that, it'd be great. An entry into the Castle Goes to Space contest on classic-castle. I chose to redesign the set 5890, Squidman's Pitstop, into a medieval blacksmith shop. I'm really pleased with how this turned out, and it was very fun transforming the space details in the set into medieval features. Danyel is a capable blacksmith that never lacks for work at his smithy, and his wares are often sold by his wife in the market at Daydelon. Space set it's based off of: More pictures here: link. C&C welcome
  8. soccerkid6

    Mitgardian Lookout Post

    An entry into the Castle Goes to Space contest on classic-castle. Check it out here: link, I chose to redesign the set 6899, Nebula Outpost, into a castle watchtower. Credit for the ballista design goes to Jacob Nion Small wooden watchtowers are often found slightly outside of Mitgardian villages and towns, situated on a high point in the landscape to give early warning of any sort of threat: Set it's based off of: Thanks for looking, I plan on focusing more on GoH builds in the next few months
  9. Graham Gidman

    [MOC] Revenge

    And he had his revenge...
  10. LittleJohn

    [M - C10] Exploring Marden

    Location: C10-Marden Tags: Land vehicle, Exploration Job: Explorer Still exploring on Marden this week, MANTIS gave me a new vehicle to test and boy is it fun! C&C welcome
  11. mrcp6d

    [O-G02] A Shiny Discovery

    Location: G02 - Freegate Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle --Weekly Explorer's Transmission-- --Log of Eagle-Eye Silver-- --13 Septembrinali 3815-- I was sent to Freegate to scout out locations of mithril for the Octan miners—though they sent me with an empty crate along with the locator beacons. Since I’m an explorer and clearly not suited for mining (doesn’t Octan Corp. have robots for that?), I decided I’d keep an eye out for easy ore to gather as I monitored the sensors of the MPEV Mk.3 for mithril veins. MPEV apparently stands for Multi-Purpose Exploration Vehicle and I suppose it probably serves its purpose pretty well. It’s not all that comfortable, but it does have a great built in coffee maker! After marking a couple ore veins, I did find some mithril effectively laying on the ground; so of course I scooped it up into the “sample crate”. --End-- C&C appreciated!
  12. David FNJ

    [M - C10] More Zooming

    Location: C10 Marden Tags: Land Vehicle Double D's Log 16: Well, the Kawashitan Commander got away because I didn't realize we were so close to a Kawashitan military base. I narrowly escaped on the X-P1 speeder. In fact, the entire last week was a close one as MANTIS barely got the upper hand. The good news though is that A08 was in MANTIS hands. I guess I'll have to find that commander some other time, though we did find out why Kawashita was trying to go through D04. Anyway, I am now on Marden - a cold, snowy, rocky planet. It's just me and a prototype speeder that's supposed to be able to hover very close to the ground when needed and skip across the ice and snow. It even has a transformation function if I ever feel like going really fast...which is most of the time for me. Though while recording this log I'm in the default mode. My mission this week is pretty much cover as much ground as I can. MANTIS installed some M.A.P. device that basically draws a map on where I've been and does a rough scan for non-natural materials within 100 meters. Basically, I drive and it creates a map and locates things like Kawashita bases, drones, and the like. Since I can go so fast, even if Kawashita spots me, they won't be able to catch me (or track me). It is quite the fun ride. Even though the speeder reaches high speeds, it is equipped with a auto-stabilizer system that keeps the driver balanced even if doing a steep banking turn. It's awesome! I'm also supposed to be reading this domination for dummies book. I don't get how it is supposed to help me, because the first chapter is all about taking vacations, drinking milkshakes, and having supposedly reliable robots do all the work! How could any corporation gain an advantage by doing that! Perhaps driving around counts as a "vacation?" I guess I'll see. ~ DD out ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm really pleased with how the speeder turned out! I think it's neat that it slightly resembles a dogsled in its second mode since it's designed for snow. It is fun to swoosh too!
  13. Anders T

    HMS Ontario

    This is my first posting on a Eurobricks forum HMS Ontario LDD by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr Two Masts - Snow - 22A And to start me off I will post my first LDD-design. Back in 2010 It was my first attempt designing an accurate ship using LDD. It was supposed to look like the British Snow "HMS Ontario"
  14. LittleJohn

    [M-C10] Fun Explore

    Location: C10, Marden Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Exploration Job: Explorer Start Log: Fun exploring the wintry wonderland of Marden this week, using one of MANTIS' sweet trikes: C&C appreciated
  15. Captain Nemo

    MOC: クズリ

    クズリ "The Wolverine" Built for and to be displayed at Brickworld Chicago 2015, this vignette depicts the mutant Wolverine fighting for not only his life, but the life of Mariko, his lover, against the dangerous and deadly Silver Samurai. This was a creation that I had in mind for a year now, so it's satisfying to finally see it completed. I managed to pick up one of the few remaining (and rare) custom Silver Samurai minifigures, created and chromed by, about six months ago--so it's been a long wait to finally build and show off my initial idea. The vignette consists of fourteen minifigures: Wolverine, Mariko, Silver Samurai, the Ninja Master, and ten generic ninjas. Additionally, because this is a large Marvel creation, Deadpool makes a cameo as ninja #7--who apparently only wants to join in, take specific aim, and hurt Wolverine in the most painful area possible! The creation heavily utilizes the Lego flower petal piece, somewhere around 2000 of them. They are used to add snow to the landscape, a technique I've never seen before, but one that seems to work very well. I was inspired to use them by the simple contrast of white and red petals, where the latter could then be used to indicate blood soaked snow. Initially I had intended to include a streak of red petals forming some symbol, syllable, or word in Japanese, which would have been flung from Silver Samurai's sword--this idea was eventually given up, largely due to space issues, but it was in large part the main push to build the creation in the first place. The elegant cherry tree was another thing I was really excited about building. It utilizes fifty of the leaf pieces in the new lavender shade. A large inspiration for the creation was the 2013 film The Wolverine, which includes a similar scene. I combined a few scenes from the film (such as Wolverine being chased by the ninjas in the snow, and the end Duel with the Silver Samurai) into one scene to create a more interesting vignette. Additionally, I kept the film's modern tone. I added in the electrical post to not only add light (which is powered by the way by LifeLites products), but indicate that the creation was from the modern period, rather than feudal Japan. The buildings are feudalistic however, and utilize the colors black and sand blue to create a mysterious vibe. The ninjas of the creation wear identical garb, with the exception of their leader, who is holding Mariko hostage. They were a big part of the inspiration to recreate the scene, and I'm happy that they add a huge feeling of foreboding danger to the overall creation. For my initial build idea, I intended to include far more ninjas than what is shown here--I wanted some twenty-five or more, to cover the show rooftops in black. Still, this is just as successful. Also notable about this creation is the unique base structure I built for it, which mimics the curved rooftops of Buddhist temples. It was a fun piece of construction, and one that adds a lot to the overall feel of the creation. It's also the first raised base I've constructed, as in the entire build stands a brick above the table it rests on, supported by four small corner pedestals. Enjoy! ~Nemo
  16. This is my build for Tower Phase 2 in Age of Mitgardia. Battles occured throughout the North, as the Algus continued their relentless push into Mitgardia. A Nordheim watchtower had spotted a group of Algus for the village itself, and what warriors the town had left were quickly gathered to try and hold off the icy foes. The men were led by Anar, a veteran warrior famous for his dragon forged spear. Much to the men's relief, the Algus didn't seem capable of freezing the Mitgardians as they charged into battle: In fact, Anar even managed to slay one of the fearsome beasts: Upon which the other Algus made an organized retreat This gave the warriors new hope, as it seemed that the Algus weren't invincible after all. I tried a new wooden wall design utilizing sideways plates and tiles to give a planking effect. And credit for the roof design goes to Siercon and Coral.
  17. This is my build for Tower Phase 1 in Age of Mitgardia. Many small hunting cabins lie in the wilderness of Mitgardia's clan lands. Clan hunters use the cabins as refuges from surprise blizzards, or as rest stops during long hunts. Some of these cabins have been built on top of the ruins of old fortresses: Nothing real fancy this time, just a quick build to get me going in AoM again
  18. Many sinister rumors had been heard throughout Mitgardia, concerning a new foe from the North, but there were few reliable reports of what exactly was happening. Official messengers had been dispatched to various cities and villages across Mitgardia to inform them of the little that was known for sure: strange white warriors were attacking, and Mitgardia would need to stand united to withstand them. A new fortress, Rekkrfell, was being constructed as a bastion against the frozen folk, and all able Mitgardian warriors were called to rally to it. A messenger warns the watchmen at Nordheim's gate: Video showing construction: C&C welcome, it was good to build in Mitgardia again
  19. Erak had been replenishing the firewood supply of the little cabin near Daydelon's beacon, when he was surprised to see a bright flare in the distance. He quickly realized it was the Beacon of the Bay of Storms, and dropping the firewood, he hastily grabbed his torch and ran for the beacon. Once it was lit, he realized the significance of what must be happening, for even during the threat of civil war in Mitgardia, the beacons had not been lit... I used my new rockwork technique again here, with much more noticeable results. If you're interested in seeing how it's built, check out this album on Flickr: link I hope you guys like this one, it was a super fun build
  20. LegoPercyJ

    (MOC) Hoth Wanderings

    This is my MOC of Luke wandering on Hoth I wanted to try out the footprint effect in a test trial while also making a MOC I think it looks great, and if you do too, be sure to comment!
  21. Captain Becker

    LDD MOC HMS Royal Oak

    LDD 16D Hello all, I`ve been working on a LDD ship a long long time, but they all have just grinded to a halt. Whit LoneBrickersSG`s topic and his first ship in LDD did really give me the spark. (A big thanks to him and the credits) So, I did copy the basic of the hull, and then modified it here and there till I was happy whit the result. The look has been heavily inspired by HMS Ontario which was 22 gun snow, serving in Lake Ontario during American Revolutionary War and did sank in a storm 1780, and was discovered again in 2008. Now, this ship does not have as many guns as HMS Ontario, one reason being that there's just not enough space, and that the bow is just one big piece. But it only lacks 2 cannons less that Ontario did. Im planning on coming back to this ship. Maby, perhaps building it in real bricks some distant future as i am becoming a father this June. So no time for Lego's really. I will try and work on the stern, as its too low and doesn't really please me at this moment, Also the bow will be made again, adding some guns, making Her just a bit longer and bigger perhaps. My goal on making ships is not to look extremely polished and pretty on the outside, but to make sure I would be able to do it in real bricks, and that it would be sturdy, so forgive the rather "Gruesome" look as im not a professional ship builder or anything. Pictures in my Brickshelf http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=554614 Captain Becker PS: I did ask his permission to use his model, but he hasnt read it, or replied. Im sorry if it was not OK for you
  22. soccerkid6

    An Icy Attack

    I tried a new rockwork technique (for me anyways), that uses technic bricks and pins to tilt each column of rock. And I did a hinging wall again, for the first time in a while, on the tower. It had been another uneventful morning for the two guards stationed at the Noror Watchtower, besides an unusually cold wind, everything seemed normal. The guards were on edge however, for there were many rumours of strange happenings in the north of Mitgardia. It was Kapp, the archer, who first noticed a group of figures approaching the tower. "Look there," Kapp said, "can you see if they're friends or foes?" "They seem to blend into the snow, but they could be clansmen on their way to the village," Svigi replied. As the group advanced toward the tower, it quickly became apparent that they were not clansmen. The odd figures were clad in white, and there seemed something unnerving about them. Kapp and Svigi readied their weapons, and eyed the oncoming band with apprehension. When they were within earshot, Svigi called out: "Halt in the name of Mitgardia! What is your business in these lands?" They offered no reply but kept on towards the tower, Kapp fired a warning arrow in front of the group, but they paid no attention to it, and continued their relentless march towards the tower. By now the two guards were quite sure the menacing squad meant only harm, so Kapp and Svigi prepared to hold the tower. But instead of storming the tower door, one of the party lowered his strange looking axe toward the tower and began making odd noises. The Mitgardians looked on in disbelief as what seemed to be a stream of ice began flowing toward the tower and then surrounding the walls. Kapp realized in a moment that the spectre meant to trap them inside the tower, and quickly headed for the door, calling to Svigi to do the same. They burst outside, knowing only too well that they had no chance of overpowering these new enemies, but determined to give their all defending Mitgardia. More pictures: link C&C welcome
  23. ThePlasticWerks

    [LDD/MOC] Boston Blizzard Blues

    I have shoveled my truck out of massive snow banks about once every three days for the last month and watched other cars get completely buried to the point of no return. People are cross-country skiing to work. On days where there isn't a citywide parking ban for snow removal, the sheer amount of snow piled up has basically eliminated street parking. Local mass transit has been down so long, they're literally paying anybody who shows up to shovel snow off the aboveground tracks. Of the literally six days I've been able to get to work this month, my half-hour rail commute has stretched to as many as three hours (and yes, I simply walked at some points). I think this quick little ditty sums up how we all feel at the moment. (By the way, this is my first-ever vig) Aiming to build this IRL some day (if the Post Office ever shovels themselves out). .lxf attached for those who want to explore a bit (I have to say, those new Mixel "teeth" bits are great for snow detailing! Stay warm out there. SNOWVIG.lxf
  24. goatman461

    [SoNE Ep. 7] War Hammer

    When all seems to be lost, ISB Agent Goatm An 46-1 dives into action. Lord Tyrus fires furiously into the overwhelming Rebel forces to provide cover fire. Officer VeR is in position to take out the Rebel's main weapon. As he blindly leaps over the edge of the icy gorge, Goatm quickly assesses the situation below... A Rebel officer presents an obvious target, but Goatm will need to save his blaster for the Rebels outside of his hammer's reach. The taun taun mounted Rebel will need to be removed from a distance, the gorge is too tight to outmaneuver the beast. Officer VeR still hasn't taken out the cannon; this could be a problem... Past scene... Goatm's favorite blood-stained hammer has been with him from the very beginning on Naboo, his families adopted planet. Goatm's father, Kalib Ritter von An had fled to Naboo with Goatm's mother when her father refused their marriage. She was royalty and he a lowly knight with a dubious past. On Naboo, Kalib joined the Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps and worked as a carpenter. He regularly grumbled about the royalist system, managed economy, and interventionist politics of the Naboo elites. As Goatm grew older, he apprenticed under his father and was soon trusted with the sale and delivery of his father's creations. Goatm's father was too hard-nosed to politely deal with the entitled customers who desired his products, but Goatm had a humble tact with the clients that proved very useful to the family's prosperity. This continued on into Goatm's teenage years, until the Separatist invasion in 32 BBY. Kalib was quite sympathetic to the Separatist cause until the Trade Federation blockade. Despite being a former knight and volunteer pilot, Kalib An was a stanch believer in the non-aggression principle. While these Separatists should be free to leave the Republic, they had no right to enforce a blockade. Kalib prepared his family for the worse. Their home was already on the edge of a large conservation zone and Kalib had secured a tunnel exiting there. This was done early on in case the family had been found by Goatm's vengeful grandfather. On the day of the invasion, Goatm was sent into town to purchase more supplies with the remaining currency and wares the family had. Few on Naboo took the blockade seriously and Kalib's furniture sold at a premium because of the lack of off-world competition. Goatm hurried home as the invasion began. His mother and sister would already be into the tunnel and Kalib would be heading for his N-1 to fight back the invaders. Kalib didn't make it to his starfighter. Their home was swarming with droids. Apparently the Naboo government had been collecting records on its citizens for a long time and the data was not as secure as the bureaucrats thought. Kalib was quickly identified and targeted as a possible threat to the droid occupation. Goatm rushed in to see Kalib dying in front of their home; hammer in one hand. His father couldn't speak. He just bled out and died. Goatm would go on to lead a cell in the Naboo Resistance, tracking down collaborators and dispatching them with extreme brutality, often with his father's hammer. Goatm's mother and sister shunned Goatm for what he had become and once the occupation was over, they returned to his grandfather's court and Goatm embarked for new adventures in the Outer Rim. The story continues... Rescue Mission by Commander Beltar Med Evac by goatman461 1/5/15 Edited to include links and bonus pic showing the collaboration with BEAVeR.
  25. braker23

    [TC6] Ice Mole

    Howdy folks :) With the help of my children, I got back to Lego about a year ago, started to buy massively and then found my true purpose in life, Technic! ROLUG was a great help to me and I began to build various cars for local TT contests, then I found Eurobricks and I participated in the Bionicle contest, as well. Now, I consider myself a newbie in Technic and I mostly adapt existing models to my liking, but since recently I started to build my own MOCs from scratch. What I want to show you guys is my latest creation, an arctic exploration vehicle based on the famous Thunderbirds show, namely The Mole, in my own interpretation. This is my 2nd attempt at this, my first was ok for showing-off but could not actually move well on snow (lol), so now I am rebuilding it, with performance in mind. I am basically building a high-profile tank with a huge drill in the front and another cool function which I prefer to keep secret, until it's working as I want. My personal goal is to drive it head on into a snow bank and to pass through it like butter! (we can all dream, no?) See the photos below and let me know what you think. Any suggestion or comment is welcomed, thank you all for watching. If you are curious to see more photos and also what I have built so far, feel free to head over to my Flickr page. Enjoy :)