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Found 144 results

  1. MichalPL

    [MOC] Winter Christmas

    Hi Everyone! This is my first MOC here. Winter Christmas This in MOC Christmas with Power Functions. Technical: -Dimensions: Length: 112s Width: 48s -Extract 2x M motor 1x IR Receiver 1x Battery Box -Lamps 1x M motor 5x PF lights 1x IR Receiver 1x Battery Box Flickr Brickshelf Unusual situation Here I had some unpleasant situation, the transfer of work (unfortunately before the photo shoot). Movie: I invite you to comment :)
  2. My entry for the Winter Village IV Contest: "Theatre in the Park!" While shopping at the winter village, why not stay and watch a bit of legitimate theatre? UPDATED 12/16: Added more pictures of the vignette. Main View Stage Park/Bench Area Thanks for viewing my entry! LegoWookie, on Flickr
  3. I am in the finishing stages of aking a snowmobile MOC, and thought I'd show the current state of things before I go on holiday, and won't be able to build. I will however bring the model with me, to hopefully shoot a video of it performing on snow It is powered by two RC Buggy motors, through the standard RC Receiver Unit (Gives some range, compared to IR PF RC). It features double wishbone suspension on the skis, and they are steered through the RC Steering Unit. The entire belt/track has a BIG spring for suspension. The belt is driven by the two RC motors directly onto a large sprocket wheel. In it's current configuration it is set on the innermost (fastest) output of the motors, but it is built so that it can be changed fairly easily. I haven't tried this configuration yet, but the "slow" output propelled it nicely along the carpet, and given that the coefficient of friction between smoth plastic and snow is close to zero, I'm not worried. The skis are three studs wide, and made with an upside-down technic brick with tiles on top (bottom), to provide better steering. The skis are also sprung to keep them from digging into the snow, as well as give some flex when driving over obstacles. The steering features ackerman geometry, but that is more du to the available pieces used for suspension/steering, than an actual necessity The steering hadlebars are moved from the front output/input of the RC steering unit, through a lot of U-joints Hey, it works I fitted two 5x11 panels directly under the Receiver Unit, to prevent snow from entering the battery compartment.. (I might have to do something about the motors themselves as well...) There are some more pictures, as well as some VERY high resolution (finally got myself to buying a (cheap) lens for my EOS 50D) versions of the ones I've shown here at my Bricksafe for those interested. Now, I just hope there is some snow in my parents' garden when I get home for Christmas holiday!
  4. I don't know how many of you are fans of A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones, but here's a MOC inspired by A Storm of Swords and the third season of the show. An edited shot: Enjoy!
  5. soccerkid6

    Kaldrfell Castle

    Well here is what I've been working on for just a bit over a month: Kaldrfell Castle. I took inspiration from many different castle builders, but here are some that inspired specific sections or details in the castle: Ecclesiastes, Kayne, Eklund, peggyjdb, Buurli Burri, Andhe, and legonardo. There is a full interior in every building, and the keep lifts off and hinges open. Also every door/trapdoor, and the drawbridge and portcullis are all functional. Interior buildings inside the castle include: a smithy, servant's house, stable, and chicken coop. And I think I came up with a new archer slit design, it can be seen on all the buildings except the rounded tower. Basically you center a 1x3 arch so that it has a half stud offset on each side and the use brick modified with stud to hold tiles to fill the gaps. You could make pretty much the same windows with going to the bother of centering them, but I like the texture you get when you do. The pictures should explain the design much better than this description. Kaldrfell Castle looks out onto a small lake in the Heavenly Mountains and protects the city of Kaldrfell which is built around the lake. Lord Nordan and Lady Deonne, Glorfindel's parents, rule Kaldrfell. Here Glorfindel pays them a visit: There are tons of details so be sure to check out more pics here: link All C&C greatly appreciated
  6. soccerkid6

    Nordheim Village

    Legonardo inspired the roofs of the houses and Eklund inspired the roof on the well. I researched vikings a bit for this build and tried to make the houses historically accurate. There is only one room in each house and the deep benches serve both as seats and beds. Each house has a fire and a hole in the roof to let the smoke out. The children in the build are doing some of things most common for viking children: the boys haul water, learn carpentry, and practice fighting, while the girls help cook and weave wool. The village of Nordheim lies in the Clan Lands of Mitgardia: There are more pictures here: link All comments/criticism appreciated Also I'd like to receive UoP credits for: wall techniques (wooden walls) [architecture], village life [anthropology] = 2 credits
  7. UrbanErwin

    Medieval Winterscene

    Hello, I don't post often in the historic section (almost none at all), but I do love the creations that are posted here. So I thought I should give it a try on a medieval scene. Winterscene: Main by UrbanErwin(EPJL), on Flickr Winterscene: Detail by UrbanErwin(EPJL), on Flickr Winterscene: Detail by UrbanErwin(EPJL), on Flickr Winterscene: Detail by UrbanErwin(EPJL), on Flickr I hope you liked it
  8. I experimented with some new techniques in this build: the water, the snow, and the trees. The water and trees original designs are by Buurli_Burri and Brother Steven. The snow design is new as far as I know, basically you use white tiles set on top of dark bley slopes. To keep the tiles from falling off you build around them a bit with other slopes/bricks etc. The pictures should show what I mean. A Mitgardian Clansmen goes spear fishing in the snowy Clanlands. Any C&C appreciated
  9. Finally my first MOC-post here in this forum! Since some days we've got some snow again and that calls for some LEGO outdoor activities. As my snow-groomer is in a state that would require serious work, I decided to go on something simpler, a snow-mobile. Problem with LEGO motors is that they are a bit slow. But hey, there was the RC-Buggy in the corner! So the RC motors and the unite became the base of the snowmobile. Dry tests proved it to be quite powerful and drive the track very fast! The RC motors are mechanically coupled and interestingly I had first issue with this coupling. Putting the speedometer on them I discovered that some RC Motors have less RPM than others, but those two "flavors" of 5292 have among them pretty stable RPMs so after swapping them to two of the same, it drove perfect. So here's the first result of the outdoor capable Snowmobile. Working right now on the steering which is a bit tricky. Due to the slanted steering column the skis cut into the snow aleady, which is good. But to have it turn properly it should shift the weight a bit, i.e. lean into the turn. In real life the human on top help to perform this feat, here, something simple needs to be developed. The first tries nearly achieved this as due to a short rod, it pulld the legs up when turning too far! Here are some pictures and a video:
  10. LegoJalex


    For those of you who do not know, Pingu is a clay-animated TV series created by Otmar Gutmann in 1986. It is about a little penguin named Pingu and his family and friends, that all work and live in igloos on the South Pole. Pingu often goes on adventure with his little sister Pinga and his seal friend Robby. As a kid Pingu was one of my favourite shows on TV, and still today I love the humour and the unique style of it. In the scene below you see Pingu's father, mother and little sister Pinga, and Pingu himself. Pingu is sitting on his fathers "mail snowscooter". I have created custom stickers for their chests and their eyes. I have also created a Cuusoo project out of it, which you can check out here. Larger image can be seen on my flickr.
  11. Garmadon

    snow, Snow, SNOW!

    Some have suggested that Mich Maxersine is not a true Mitgardian. How wrong these people are! Some have suggested that Mich really doesn't like snow. Watch him take his opponents down! Manaor thought he was cool Mich pelting his opponents: Larsson: Don't vote Larsson (unless you love taxes) and don't vote Manaor! All true freedom loving Historicans Vote Mich Maxersine! C&C are welcome!
  12. soccerkid6

    To Valholl!

    Glorfindel has gathered as many Mitgardian soldiers as possible and is headed to Valholl, on the way he comes across a Hand of Corruption raiding party: Without figs: All C&C welcome
  13. Commander Turtle

    Winter Village: The Brick Arms

    My winter village pub! Do you remember how terrifying it was being pulled about on a sled by a motorbike? I do... I always see great entries, and think, "I don't have enough bricks for that." My collection at university is only about 4000 bricks, but I figured it was about time to just dive in. So what if I don't have so many options, it means I have to use what I have better! I'm chuffed with how the lorry came out. It easily seats a minifig, and with a simple parts change (for a couple of pieces I don't have) it'd fit 2 side-by-side! And there's the delivery lady hefting a package from Santa. This is an exceptionally well-armed pub. The chimney is a cannon, and the mistletoe is actually missile-toe - mounted on flick fires! It's a pub worthy of calling itself the Brick Arms! For my accessory, I wanted to do a feed the homeless type thing. That's what Christmas means to me :) I'll try get some indoors shots up on my Flickr soon. I didn't have access to the camera for long, I'll keep you posted! Roughly 900-1000 pieces. 5 minifigs + 2 more inside who you haven't seen yet!
  14. Sid Sidious

    Winter Village Florist's Shop

    Do you ever get tired of the whiteness of winter? Come see some green inside the florist's shop! This entrepreneur provides flowers for every anniversary, wedding, prom, funeral, and holiday in Lego Town. The trusty delivery man sends out gifts to everyone in the town, while the roasted chestnut vendor sells his wares. Here you can see the entire layout, featuring the florist's shop, the delivery truck, and the roasted chestnut vendor. It looks like the florist has gotten in the holiday spirit with his wreath! Above the shop window, you can see the nursery where his seedlings are grown. This is where the magic happens. It looks like the man in yellow is buying mistletoe with his special someone in mind! When packages need to be delivered across town, the trusty delivery truck is always ready. With room in the back for large packages and space in the front seat for delicate parcels, the truck is ready for any delivery. What's in the package? The boy doesn't care, he just wants chestnuts. Thanks for viewing my MOC. For additional hi-res pictures, check out my Flickr gallery. I had fun building this, and C&C is welcome.
  15. niteangel

    MOC - Snow Tumbler!

    Obviously, the beautiful white Batman minifigure needs something more. The black Batboat from 76000 (which I "goldified" too) does not suit him. Well, his white equipment should start with... ...a Tumbler first! And yes, it comes in white too! The whole build is based on my previous black version, with some parts modified but they are just tiny details. I also have a snap of the interior... So there is a black Tumbler, and also a white Tumbler! I guess Mr. Freeze has to be very alerted again as this white Tumbler will camouflaged in the snowy landscape and hit him badly! I still think the black one looks more sleek. What do you think?
  16. Please see my Hot Sausage Shop for the 'Expand the Winter Village' Contest. This MOC has been playtested by a 10 year old girl, who absolutely loves all the features! (and keeps eyeing off the prizes too!!) Winter Village Expansion - Hot Sausage Shop with Xmas Hamper Delivery Van, Roast Chestnut Seller & Snowball Fighters by mjfirefly, on Flickr The sausage shop is a two storey affair, complete with attached pig sty, just right for making fresh sausages... There is a total of 8 minifigures, including Sausage Sellers (2), Children throwing snowballs (2), Roast Chestnut Seller, Delivery Man, Business Man and Santa. The Sausage Shop roof can be lifted (using the Xmas Tree decoration) for play access. We use a proper log fire to cook our sausages by mjfirefly, on Flickr The interior of the Sausage Shop, a light brick provides the 'log fire' look. Xmas Hamper Delivery by mjfirefly, on Flickr Xmas Hamper Delivery, the hamper includes two bottles of Christmas drink, a carrot, parsnip, and cherries. The trolley can be placed inside the delivery van for ease of transportation, as of course can the hamper. Roast Chestnut Seller by mjfirefly, on Flickr Roast Chestnut Seller, the cart can be pushed along by the seller. Snowball Fight by mjfirefly, on Flickr Children throwing snowballs under a holiday decorated lamppost, this piece can be slotted onto the corner of the Sausage Shop so as it appears as if the children are peeping around the corner of the building to throw snowballs. More pictures of this MOC, showing the lifting roof, upstairs fireplace and other details can be found on the Flickr set by clicking any of the pictures.
  17. Hello, everyone! Not so long ago there was a Lego event in the Netherlands (Lego World in october). I always make a layout there, this year I also had a Hoth display. Because I wanted this year to also put some MOCs in my layout, I started at some. I hadn't initially planned to make this one, but when I took my Death Star planet set to move it, I just knew in a moment it would be perfect for an Ion Cannon. Because everyone was complaining they needed an Ion Cannon in this year's new Battle of Hoth set, I thought I would share it. It is very easy for everyone to make one, because besides some white stones you only need a cheap Tie Interceptor & Death Star planet set. I did this model very quick, using most pieces from the Home One Mon Calamari Cruiser set and the T-6 Jedi Shuttle. I am sure myself and many others can make this much better and accurate. so, enough talk, let's show some pictures: The fire flame was an idea of someone I know. Image without flame real ion cannon. it looks a bit whiter, though. Back: As you can see, it could be lowered very much. from above, with planet removed. Next: Micro Battle of the Shield Generator I built this today & yesterday to go with the Ion Cannon, because I thougt the Ion Cannon looked so alone, but actually I think it is more a separate MOC. anyways, here are some pictures: Complete battle, including shield generator, snowtroopers, Hoth rebel troopers, Darth Vader, Han Solo, tauntaun (from Battle of Hoth Lego game), Anti-trooper turret, Anti-vehicle turret, AT-AT (modded from Battle of Hoth Lego game), snowspeeder (recolored version of 4486 AT-ST and Snowspeeder). The shield generator without all the troops. the real one from ESB The two turrets. Personally, I really like the The modded vehicles. I think the AT-AT might have Anti-vehicle. looked better without the 1x4 trans-clear tile. The micro shield generator and Ion Cannon together. for a few more images and images of how they are built see my Flickr account. I hope you all like it! C & C welcome.
  18. Legonardo

    Watching the border

    the border between Avalonia and the surrounding guilds is well guarded. here is one of the smaller entries to the western grasslands from mitagardia going though lindinis. enjoy!
  19. Pyrovisionary

    Mitgardia in a nutshell

    I have been toying over techniques for a fort... And I have a small "Extract" like vignette. This is the basic technique that I will use if I build a fort at all. The slight problem is that it is slightly to complex for my collection to satisfy. Here are the fruit of my labour though. A small vig showing the average landscaping of Mitgardia. "But we fought back... and within no time, we were patrolling our own walls again. Summer has come and gone... And winter will come"