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Found 144 results

  1. My Phase 1 build for the Inn category in AoM. I hadn't done a snow scene in a while, so I built this quick build for fun. The icy water technique was inspired by Simon S. Mulled cider is a popular drink in Mitgardia, and it is often delivered in barrels via horse drawn carts or wagons. There are a few more pictures here: link C&C welcome
  2. I built a Lunar Explorer recently to test Lego tires in snow: Here is a video of the test: More pictures:
  3. I can hear them. In the distance, the group of Rebels that shot us out of the sky and forced us into this gorge. It’s quite beautiful here, but something gruesome is about to happen. We don’t have a lot of time. “They have a laser cannon with them. I bet that was what shot us out of the sky. It slows them down though. They won’t attack until they have its support here.” [soNE Ep. VII] What you can't do by Bert.VR, on Flickr “I can take out those troops, but I won’t stand a chance with that cannon here. They will just shoot and make us an icy grave. Someone needs to take it out. Someone needs to find a way around that armour.” I already feel what’s coming. I’m the only one with a precision blaster. I’m the only one who knows how to handle it. “Tyrus and I will stay here. I’ll try to get those troops to leave the safety of the cannon. The bends in this gorge will prevent that cannon from shooting from a distance, so they’ll be without cover. Even though they’re Rebels, they’re not stupid, I guess. So they won’t go too far ahead. It only spreads their attack out, and what’s more, it will draw their attention. But whatever you do, officer VeR, stay low when you hide in the top floor of that building there. Wait until you get a clear shot at the gunner. You won’t get a second chance. And shoot before they do. That’s our only chance of survival. Now quickly, take your position. Tyrus, you stay here with me. Let’s give them a surprise.” It’s clear how agent An rose through the ranks so quickly. I can’t see a better way to save ourselves. But I have to do it. I have to pull the trigger. If I don’t, we’re dead. I have to do it. No time for compassion, no time for reason. What a beautiful building. I can see a haunting glow coming through the hallway, but that’s not the way I have to take. The ancient stairs take me to the place where it’ll have to become thirteen. Just as I squeeze myself into a dark corner with a good view of the bridge, agent An makes eye contact and starts shouting, starts shooting. And hides. [soNE Ep. VII] No time for architecture by Bert.VR, on Flickr The shouting grows louder, and a Rebel appears from around the corner. It’s the first time I actually see a Rebel trooper. I only took out fighters. He could be one of my comrades. But he isn’t. He wants to kil lus, and so do the other Rebels that start crossing the gap to examine the shouting. Soon, they will be no more. Agent An prepares to take them out. I can just wait, watch and shiver. There’s nothing I can do. Nothing I can do to avoid the killing. Nothing I can do to stop this war. Now, I can only do what I need to do to survive. The cannon is here. [soNE Ep. VII] It's what I can't do that makes me who I am by Bert.VR, on Flickr I have to do it. But can I do it? The shot is possible, especially with this particular blaster… A blaster that once was thrown away to save a life. A blaster that was used to talk about bravery in battle. A blaster that was given to me to be brave. To take this one shot. It was an object of battle, but the acts of a very special person made it an object of love. But that’s not how people saw it. That’s not how my parents saw it. That’s as I can’t see it right now. It has to become an object of horror once again. My finger is around the trigger. If I shoot, my shot will only make two victims. The Rebel will die, a part of me will die, for the thirteenth time. If I don’t shoot, my comrades will be killed. I will, eventually, be killed. One against three. It can’t be clearer. Do it. Make it thirteen. It won’t stay with one dead Rebel. The thought resonates through my head. If I shoot, not only the one Rebel I hit will be killed. Not only the others will be killed by my comrades. Hundreds, thousands, millions will die. If I kill, it will be yet another death in the long, interrupted chain of killings in this terrible war. It will hit the next homino and war will keep raging, the horrible killing will continue. Who knows where it’ll end. Don’t do it. Don’t make it yet another million. If I shoot, I’ll lose all hope of ever defeating war. It can’t be vanquished by always more killing and killing. It can only be vanquished by throwing away this blaster. If I shoot, no matter what someone will get killed and war will have yet another victory. And if I don’t… There’s an overwhelming chance I might die and war will have yet another victory. But if those Rebels decide not to shoot as well… If we, by some kind of beautiful Force, would now decide to throw our weapons down, war would be defeated. It can’t be clearer. If I shoot, I will lose all hope. If I don’t, I might lose my life. If I do, I will lose all hope. I’ll destroy everyone else’s hope that this war might come to a peaceful end, that all wars might come to an end right here, right now. It has never been so clear. It’s what I can’t do that makes me who I am. I can’t pull this trigger. But that gives me so much more power than someone who can. Finally, after months of ‘training’, of dedicating myself to this cause, I can’t kill. It’s something that a lot of people never learn. Everyone’s always busy to learn to do new things. No one ever wonders what they have to learn not to do. But I did. And there’s a minuscule chance it might stop this war. With what we can’t do, we can change the world. My thoughts never rushed so quickly as in this moment. And yet, I’ve never felt more enlightened. In these buildings, made by a civilization I believe was captured by that same light. Yes, that’s what these buildings were made for. But now, they’re going to be destroyed. The cannon still hasn’t fired. I wonder… But the gunner has his finger around the trigger. But I have hope. I’m prepared to die, because if I don’t, the world will be a very different place. [soNE Ep. VII] How to survive by Bert.VR, on Flickr __________________________ This blaster has become a symbol of love and hope once again. I called Alderaan my home. It’s where I was raised. It’s where my parents were raised. It’s where my great-granduncle threw this blaster away. To many people, Alderaan is the most peaceful planet possible. But not entirely. People of my planet always had that sense for opposition somewhere inside them. It’s one of the reasons they were the only ones to stand against this Empire, to no avail. That opposition was especially strong in my family. For generations, we stood against the rule of Alderaan. The reason why didn’t matter much. There’s always a fault to be found. There’s always the need for someone going in against the tide. That’s what my family stood for. That’s what they took up the weapons. Almost exactly a hundred years ago, the conflict culminated, and there were several coordinated attacks on the existing rule. They might have had their reasons, but that’s not of importance. Two brothers, my great-granduncles, fought in the army the opposition formed at the time. The resistance against the cruel acts of the opposition grew and grew, and a civil war broke out. The attacks grew more and more violent, more and more people died, and conflict without near end began. Both camps dug their selves in, with the occasional raid boosting the number of casualties. And in this conflict, the two brothers remained as close as two brothers can be. They looked after each other. When the oldest returned after a raid, only to found his brother hadn’t, it became apparent that they loved each other more than they hated the enemy. Ignoring the orders of his superiors, he threw his blaster away and ran back to the battlefield, to find his dear brother. War didn’t bother him, he only cared about his brother. He was killed, and found with the dead body of his brother in his arms. [soNE Ep. VII] Past - No blaster, no bravery by Bert.VR, on Flickr This story has been told countless times in my family, but not quite in this version. The only thing that mattered, was the bravery of the brother. Without fear of the enemy, he returned to the battlefield, even when it was not his to fight on. His blaster became the ultimate symbol of his bravery. It was passed on in my family. Until was passed on to me. The brother had no fear of the enemy. My family said because of his total hate for his enemy. I say because of the total love for his brother. I always opposed my family. But they only encouraged it. Opposition is key, they said. They didn’t see I wasn’t opposing what they stood for. I was defending what I think was right. The blaster came to me, and they got me a post in the Imperial army. It would give me the opportunity to oppose the opposition to the established order, what I liked to do according to them. I had nothing to say in it. And since everyone on Alderaan is gone, I had no place to go to, nothing else to do. But now I do, no longer armed with this blaster. It has become a symbol of love and hope once again. _______________________ Well, take a deep breath, that was it. I hope you enjoyed the story and please spare it some thoughts. Let me know what you think. This was built in quite a hurry, with the festivities and the exams. Because of that, the past scene isn't nearly finished. There should be more buildings in the background, and a more elaborate dropship. I hope you can see beyond those failures though, and enjoy what's there. This build and this story is a collaboration with fellow Imperials Lord Tyrus and goatman461. Thank you guys for all the inspiration! I hope there is still a lot to come. If you still can read, check out their topics here: Stranded, by Lord Tyrus (prequel to this story) War Hammer, by goatman461 (happening simultaneously with this story) Rescue Mission, by Commander Beltar (giving a glimpse how this story continues...) And to finish, as always, the LXF file is availble through this link. PS: the story of the two brothers is based on actual events. A hundred years ago, in the First World War, mygreat-granduncles, the Van Raemdonck brothers, went through a simular tragedy. Their act of love is used as a symbol of the Flemish movement to this day. So you see: my stories don't just belong to a galaxy far far away. I hope this is a proper tribute to them. Learn more about them on Wikipedia, and this page has a nice picture, and if you translate it, the whole story. PPS: here is a short version for everyone who has little time or trouble with English:
  4. Hi all, This is my entry for this marvellous end of year contest. I made a little house for elves which is on a side of a big rock. This rock was modified by the elves to add a bread oven in a part of it. After that, they constructed a small house to be just aside the oven. I was inspired by old farm here (in east of France) because many ot them had a bread oven 50 years ago. Unfortunatelly today a lot of them has disappeared. I worked hard on the snow because I would like to give it a real shape with curves and some snowslides on the second part of the roof because of the wind. I also add a light brick in the oven, with a "key" to turn it on or off. The key is hidden in the rock. Have a great end of year, thanks for reading. link to the album on photobucket : http://s204.photobuc...village contest
  5. 3BrickFriends

    [MOC] Christmas Winter Village

    Hi everyone. My daughter and I have been working on a Christmas Winter Village MOC. Its based around the Santa's Workshop and the other Winter Village sets. We've also built a large Christmas Tree, a custom Lego Church and a number of smaller features. I hope you like the MOC. If you want to watch the previous 5 updates showing it being built from basic structure, to the working tree lights, to where it is today, click on our Youtube channel link. I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to leave any comments. Thanks, Mike
  6. A small free-build to celebrate the new season. During the long winter, an important source of protein for the Mitgardians is fish caught underneath the ice of the lakes. This fisherman is both lucky and unlucky, he has found some big fishes but should have made a bigger hole in the ice... I'd like to claim the following UoP credits: Underwater [Hydrology] Fishing [Agriculture and Zoology] (I know that it's a small scene, but together with this build and this build maybe I've shown enough underwater skills to merit the "Underwater" credit? I thought about asking for "life in Mitgardia" as well, but since I've been trying to tell people not to claim too many credits for too small builds I'll save that for another build)
  7. Everybody knows the best vacationing spot isn't on one of the beaches of Loreos or in the forests of Lenfald. No, it's the beautiful, snow-covered mountains of Garheim. And that's where you'll find Gräehm Kendraic spending his time during the recovery period. Until he gets bored, that is. My entry for the Restricted category of the current Global Challenge for the Lands of Roawia game taking place on Merlin's Beard and for Miscellaneous in CCCXII.
  8. This is my christmas display 2014. A lot of inspiration from David Hensel, Luke Watkins Hutchinson, César Soares and Gideon_83, a special thanks for the inspiring MOC´s you share with the rest of us! The santas sleigh with the reindeers are from set 10245 and the dragons head is from set 4507. Feedback, criticism and cheers are most welcome ;) Christmas2014_pic1 by _Majkel_, on Flickr Christmas2014_pic11 by _Majkel_, on Flickr Christmas2014_pic14 by _Majkel_, on Flickr Christmas2014_pic21 by _Majkel_, on Flickr Christmas2014_pic23 by _Majkel_, on Flickr Christmas2014pic20 by _Majkel_, on Flickr
  9. Hi everyone. This is probably my first successful MOC created after dark ages (couple of others are unsuccessful in progress). We had a small contest for members of our BalticLUG living its early days, the main idea was to create a MOC related to winter, snow and ice. No strict rules, except splitting for active and static MOCs. Since joining EB and looking all those awesome crawlers and TT I wanted to create something you can drive outside. So winter is a perfect time for this as there are no mud or sand, just frozen water. I have created a sporty looking tracker. It is almost a C-model of 42006 set, with just like 4 extra parts and PF stuff. C-model idea comes quickly, once you disassemlbe 42006 set and observe the variety of parts it offers, however it limits the number of functions. Build process was fun and a bit challenging, as a space is a bit of an issue. The final result isn't as much as I expected. While model drives quickly on a carpet and flat surface it didn't perform as good on hard snow (slipping) or a softer one (not much of a torque). Anyway it was fun and no damage has been made, even the baterry box on the bottom didn't have a scratch. Specs: 30 studs in length (including spoiler ) and 20 studs in width 2 PF L-motors, one motor per tracks side PF IR-receiver V2 Standart BB Some more photos Instructions (photo sequence) available for download
  10. Hello everyone! As promised to many of you who have followed me over the last few months there are some pictures of my full Winter Village version 2014. The village consists of 24 baseplates, various buildings, over 28.500 pieces and over 120 minifigs. A lot of hard work but that led me in the recent exhibition of Lecco (19-20 July in Italy) a great satisfaction. Thanks for watching and for your comments! The complete gallery and other HD images:
  11. dr_spock

    MOC: Catwoman's Snow Cat

    We're getting some crazy snow weather. What is a Catwoman to do to keep her paws dry and warm? Ride her motorcycle or convertible sports car? Catwoman's rides by dr_spock_888, on Flickr No way. She needs something with more traction that can get her through deep snow and take care of that pesky Batman. Presenting the Catwoman's Snow Cat. Catwoman's Snow Cat by dr_spock_888, on Flickr Batman doesn't stand a chance against the tail claws. Catwoman's Snow Cat by dr_spock_888, on Flickr It has a powerful engine and winch to pull out of deep sticky situations. Catwoman's Snow Cat by dr_spock_888, on Flickr It has independent suspension on each of the track to crawl over uneven terrain or 2x4 ice blocks. Off to Mr. Freeze's dinner party with the catch of the day.
  12. Hi All! You could figure it out from the title, i would like to build an artic truck. The idea came from the model of 2015: I will use 2 small sets: 9391 Mini Crane (218 parts) and 8259 Mini Bulldozer (165 parts). It is far from the 600 parts, but sometimes fewer parts is bigger challenge. UPDATE!!!! Sorry for late, I'm glad to introduce my C model of 9391 + 8259 an ARTIC TRUCK! It counts 342 pieces (80 pieces of track) from 383 pieces(118 pieces of track)(+extra parts). I used some of the extra parts. The truck has a lot of geared and non-geared funtions: Geared functions: Articulated steering front blade up/down boom up/down Non-gear funtion: boom rotating winch bed tipper openable bed tipper rear door Other attributes and details: seats imitation exhaust tips headlights on top and a small taillight the bed is covered, it doesn't loose the cargo Leftover parts: More pics soon! Thank you!
  13. DisneyinLEGO

    [MOC] Snow White's wishing well

    This is my first creation after aproximately 5 years of not doing anything with my LEGO bricks (I kept buying sets regularly though). I had to clean up a lot of pieces and as you may see, some pieces are still a bit dirty Anyhow, I present to you all the famous wishing well from Snow White. It's pretty simple but I liked how it turned out "Wanna know a secret...? Promise not to tell...? ...We are standing by a wishing well..." And if you're wondering... Snow White's bow is just standing still there on her hair. Visit my flickr page for upcoming Disney MOCs and custom minifigures.
  14. soccerkid6

    Daydelon's City Wall

    My phase 3 build for the Wall category in AoM. My main goals for this build were to experiment with making walls with batter (sloped sections), hoardings (the wooden addittions to the tower), and larger buildings than what I generally build. The apothecary hinges open and has a full interior, and I think the windows right under the gables are a new design. Daydelon continued to expand: new businesses such as apothecaries, blacksmith's, and coopers were popping up throughout the city. And eventually the small stone wall didn't provide enough space or protection. As such, a new much larger stone wall strengthened with towers was built. You can see more pictures here: link All C&C appreciated
  15. soccerkid6

    Daydelon Stockade

    Here is my Phase 1 build for the wall category in AoM. When Daydelon was first settled, a few houses and a log stockade were all the protected it from the weather and wild beasts: Phases 2 and 3 coming very soon All Comments/Criticism welcome
  16. soccerkid6

    Making Maple Syrup

    I'd like to receive one UoP credit for manufacturing [Trade and Law]. Mattiusxavier suggested that I build a MOC showing maple syrup being made, I thought it was a great idea (my family actually makes our own Maple Syrup every year) and after finishing some other builds was able to make this. The process of making Maple Syrup is pretty simple, in the later winter/early spring you tap Maple trees and hang buckets to collect their sap. Then that sap is gathered and heated to evaporate much of the water from the sap and make syrup. There is a full interior in the cabin. Sugaring season is always a pleasant time in Mitgardia: whole families work together to tap the Maple trees and then gather the sap and boil it to make the delicous syrup that is commonly used for flavoring. Any Comments/Criticism welcome
  17. A mini snow groomer. Based on the Tucker Terra Sno-Cat 200 series, and also on a much larger MOC that I created last year. It was a major challenge getting down to 201 parts with this tracked vehicle especially as the track links took up the first 60 parts! One more part to remove!! I think we should have a Top Gear type rule where every additional part over 200 count as a negative point!!! Some LDD pictures below, real pictures to follow. It has front/rear steering (HOG doubles as the exhaust) All four tracks pivot. The pull/push lever at the back raises and lowers the snow plough The Big Brother
  18. Thomas of Tortuga

    The Gates of Orfdor

    Despite its remote location in the far north, Ofdor has faced determined attacks in days of old. However, the city has resisted every attack since the first erection of its mighty fortifications. The walls are wood pilings, set around a thick core of crushed and compacted stone. Outside, a moat encircles the city, broken only at the gates. The putlogs set into the top of the wall and jutting outwards serve as mounting points for hoardings, temporary scaffoldings that improve the defenders’ field of fire. The stone layer measures over 5 feet thick, running through the entire wall. Although lightly guarded in peacetime, the gates are always manned by members of the city guard. They quickly stop any intruders from entering the city. “Hands up!” Two of the city guard stand watch outside the gate. I'm thinking about getting involved with GoH, so I thought I'd post a recent MOC to see how much feedback I get. Larger sizes of these images are available on Flickr. Thanks for viewing!
  19. Captain Braunsfeld

    Fortress in the Snow

    Hello, I have posted a few pirate ships but nothing in this forum yet. This has to change! So, here we go with my first wintery MOC: The Fortress in the Snow. The wind is supposed to come from the left side... There is the Monty Python It's Man trying to get to the entrance of the castle: And behind a secret door (based on an old Adventure set) you will find the Yeti: My younger son has built the tree: Have a nice weekend, yours Sir (Captain) Braunsfeld - edit December 2014 - I would like to claim UoP credits for: Architecture wall techniques Landscape Design snow and ice studs up rocks and cliffs Anthropology Life in Mitgardia
  20. I'd like to receive UoP credit for: trees [Landscape Design], flowing water [Hydrology], and river scene [Geography]= 3 credits Fossgard river is famous for its many waterfalls, the most prominent of which is simply called Fossgard Falls. Many bridges span the river, and Infernum and Glorfindel are now crossing on one of the smaller bridges... "What do you think we're up against?" Infernum asked Glorfindel. "No idea, but I imagine we'll find out within several days. The border isn't far now," Glorfindel replied. "And whatever it is, we'll make it wish it had never come into Mitgardia." This was my first time building a waterfall that splits, and I also tried a new tree technique. All C&C welcome
  21. Fast forward a year, the village has become a town, and with the extra people, and extra trade, the guard must expand the keep up. The newbie is now an excellent swordsman, and has even earned a cloak for himself, befitting his skill level. His old comrade is hard at work training the new recruits. A fresh recruit, learning the basics of swordsmanship A spearman practicing under the watchful eye of his mentor Some recruits advance faster than others, nowhere is this more apparent than in the sparring ring Arm strength is very important, and this recruit is working hard to keep it up Every good Mitgardian has a pile of dangerous weapons somewhere, these are no different! An arhitect and a quartermaster talk over the plans for the new barracks I would also like to claim UoP credits for the following subjects: Landscape Design: Snow and Ice General Building: Minifigure Posing Military Science: Military Camp
  22. soccerkid6

    Valdrfell Stables

    Here is my Phase III Stables build for AoM. I'd like to gain credit for the following UoP certifications: roofing [Architecture], wall techniques [Architecture] (for the log cabin), roof rakes [Architecture], and raising livestock [Agriculture and Zoology]= 4 credits This was my first try using tilted walls (for the foundation of the tower), and I think they worked pretty well. This was also my first time building a log cabin using SNOT 1x1 round bricks. All three buildings have a full interior and all the doors/trapdoor function. And I tried using a dark grey background rather than white in hopes of having the snow show up better. Any feedback on that? Trained Great Wolves are in high demand and fortified stables have become common in Mitgardia. Valdrfell Stables is a fortified stables located in the Clan Lands of Mitgardia. The fortress has a stable inside, and a corral just outside to train the great wolves in. More pictures can be found here: link All C&C welcome
  23. Here is my phase II Stables build for AoM. This was a fun quick build that let me try building some more viking-esque buildings, and try a pine tree design that I haven't used before (credit for which goes to Blake Baer). The stables has a full interior and all the doors work. Great wolves are common in the clan lands of Mitgardia and some have been captured and tamed. Great wolves are smaller than a horse, but are quite strong and almost as fast. A wolf stable is quite similar to a normal horse stable: There are some more pictures here: link Any comments/criticism welcome, phase III will be coming before long
  24. The Antarctic Snow Cruiser was a vehicle designed late 1930's, intended to facilitate transport in Antarctica. It has a very interesting and adventurous history. Cruiser (known as Turtle), a very innovative vehicle, designed to operate at extreme conditions. Plane (known as Eagle), a Beechcraft D17 Staggerwing type airplane mounted on the roof of the cruiser. (To get the airplane on or off the Cruiser, a ramp of snow was to be built-up to meet the sloping aft deck of the "Turtle".) This set presents the Arctic Snow Cruiser with a correct minifig scale. All the parts connects fine, the whole vehicle is very stable to grant great playability. With tons of features the set offer a very good playing for everyone. You can find it at: If you like it, please support it. Thank you. More to read about: or at the project's page:
  25. Louie le Brickvalier

    Winter Village