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Found 60 results

  1. Are there lego sets with both system and duplo bricks? I ask because I think the Lego Movie 2 will have System and Duplo because it is about Duplo attacking a System town
  2. Long story short. One of my kids is now 4 years old and we have started to build some new Lego sets together. I have all my Lego saved from my own childhood, and I got a sudden urge to try and find and build some of the sets. Unfortunately they are all mixed in plastic bags. I hope to find help identifying some sets, and then use or other resource to piece them together. Link to images below, thanks in advance.
  3. With several recent sets, like 42070 and 42077, there has been a lot of controversy over looks versus functions. On the one side, are the people who think that Technic sets should have more emphasis on functions, and deride sets like 42077 for looking good, and doing little else. On the other side, there are the people who think that simple sets that look good are just fine, and "what the kids want". With that in mind, I think Lego should actually split off simple Technic sets into a reborn Racers theme. This would provide both groups of fans with what they want, and provide more options for consumers. However, can you even make a business case for a new Racers theme? I don't actually think so. But first, I'll make a case for a new theme, and then provide all of the reasons I don't think it will work. Lego has had, for the longest time, a Juniors theme by some name or other. Now, some people, myself included, might think that it would be unneeded to have a theme between Duplo and regular System, but Lego did their research, and Juniors exists, and sells enough to justify keeping around. Now, you could make the argument that the same could apply between System and Technic, but I say otherwise. I say that Technic should not focus on simpler models at all, and there is no need for a new Racers theme. Why? I don't know if I have the answer, but I have something. What is the point of Technic? What niche does the Technic line fill? I say the point of Technic is for authentic, technical models. That's not opinion. Lego themselves say that's what Technic is about. Not only do simpler models undermine the entire reason for being of Technic, they do no provide any meaningful step up from System sets, if they don't have any sort of draw. If you want a set that is playable, you get a City or Star Wars or other of those themes, and if you want a good looking model, you go with Expert Creator, or UCS Star Wars, or Architecture. So, where does that leave Technic? That leaves Technic as the line of models for machinery fans. Making Technic appeal to younger kids, in my opinion, is a mistake from a business standpoint. Lego already has plenty of themes to appeal to children, so I don't understand this mentality of "Every them has to appeal to everybody." So, that's what I think. But, you might say, wouldn't Lego do research on this? I say focus groups only go so far, and they can be done wrong. But, I say that there is no need for simpler Technic sets, as a large number of System sets are quite complex on their own, and moving Technic down would only cannibalize sales, as then they'd be competing directly with other System sets. I think that Lego needs to keep Technic more complex, and do more to keep people interested, rather than try to capture a market that is already well handled by their other themes. So then, why did i propose this question if I already think it's a bad idea? Because I am but one data point. I want to see what you guys think.
  4. RazerTDI

    Winter Village 2017

    This is my first Moc after coming out of the Dark Age. I have always loved winter and Christmas and I am very happy to have spent two years building this village; unfortunately the time available is always little and I can put some bricks only a couple of times a month. The photos are a bit old and a new version of this village is already under construction _DSC2659 by Alessio Stebel, su Flickr _DSC2611 by Alessio Stebel, su Flickr Link to the complete gallery:
  5. JamesArts Bricks UK

    STAR WARS mini MicroMOCs

    DEAR LEGO STAR WARS FANS!!!! If you have found your way to this account, you are either interested in the world of LEGO Micro-building... or you just clicked on a wrong link somewhere and are now very surprised to be surrounded by these tiny marvels of creations... or not. If the former is true then, welcome. In 2011 I received my first STAR WARS Advent Calendar for Christmas, and was blown away by the sheer ingenuity and accuracy capturing the looks of iconic ships in truly micro form. Naturally, I had to have a go myself! I built a few... I was pleased... I built some more... and here we are nearly 6 years later, and I am still building them. I began by reading my first LEGO STAR WARS Visual Dictionary (DK) and building a micro of EVERY SINGLE SET IN THE BOOK! With that now exhausted, I moved onto the 2014 edition with more sets... I built all of those too. So now I just build a micro of every new star wars set that has, is, or will come out since 2014, amongst other iconic and less well-known ships from STAR WARS 'non-canon' such as the Old Republic, Freemaker Adventures, Yoda chronicles to name but a few. With a back catalogue of over 270 mini micros and counting, this truly is the World's largest Encyclopaedia of STAR WARS micro kits. Enjoy! -- JamesArts It would mean a lot to me as a budding MOC builder if you checked out my flickr: and my YouTube Channel (JamesArts Bricks UK):
  6. JamesArts2172

    LEGO Star Wars micro calendar sets

    I just found the new image online showcasing the line-up for LEGO's new 2017 Advent Calendar. I am very surprised to see some familiar mini kits! I am JamesArts. I have been building micro sets since the debut of the first LEGO Star Wars Calendar in 2011 and have built over 270 micro sets in total these past 6 years, so of course it comes as no surprise that some of my ideas have been echoed by LEGO themselves. However recently I uploaded all my builds to flickr and have started up my own YouTube channel with instructions on how to build them. Now I'm not accusing LEGO of plagiarism... but... some of their most recent sets (In particular the Hover Tank from Rogue One) look very very similar to some of my builds. Others that seem to be appearing 1-2 years after I first designed them are the Ghost, Phantom, Krennick's Shuttle, Luggabeast and AT-DP to name but a few in this calendar alone. Bare in mind that almost all of the sets on my flickr were added before March 2017, with most being designed and built long before then some up to 6 years prior. I have been praised on Eurobricks and YouTube for my designs of many of my builds such as my Hover tank, with a few YouTubers even asking if they can feature my builds in their videos (as long as they give me the credit for the design of course). what I do not want is (IF... IF!... Lego are plagiarising these designs) for them to take full credit; if they are not copying them then there is too much coincidence and similarity of design) Others here are similar, and all of my builds are free to be viewed on my flickr profile. Please take some time to check out some of my builds, and more will be uploaded soon. :) My YT Channel: My flickr photos: Here is MY design for the hover tank from Rogue One that I first built back in 2016: Any similarities?
  7. If anyone has been following my forum posts then you know that I don't make my mocs symmetrical because I don't have enough parts too. I make one side how I want to and then either don't make the other side or just very plain. This is extremely frustrating but I've learned to deal with it. I really want to see the size and layout of peoples Lego setups and displays so I can get inspired and maybe others too. Here's what my display and setup looks like: If you haven't noticed, those beads are stored in an ice cube container...that's how desperate I am :)
  8. Discuss rumours regarding 2018 Speed Champions sets in this topic. No wish lists or "what I would like to see" please.
  9. Discuss rumours regarding 2018 Friends sets in this topic. No wish lists or "what I would like to see" please. Edit by Pandora to add High-Res pictures. 2018 LEGO Friends Sets 41327 Mia's Bedroom 41328 Stephanie's Bedroom 41329 Olivia's Deluxe Bedroom 41330 Stephanie's Soccer Practice 41332 Emma's Art Stand 41333 Olivia's Mission Vehicle 41334 Andrea's Park Performance 41335 Mia's Tree House 41336 Emma's Art Café 41338 Stephanie's Sports Arena 41339 Mia's Campervan 41340 Friendship House 41341 Andrea's Bedroom 41342 Emma's Deluxe Bedroom 41343 Heartlake City Airplane Tour 41344 Andrea's Accessories Store 41345 Heartlake City Pet Centre 41347 Heartlake City Resort 41348 Service and Care Truck 41349 Drifting Diner 41350 Spinning Brushes Car Wash 41351 Creative Tuning Shop 41352 The Big Race Day 41353 Friends Advent Calendar No pictures yet. 41346 Friendship Box Friends Juniors Sets 10748 Emma's Pet Party 10749 Mia's Organic Food Market 10763 Stephanie's Lakeside House Polybags 30403 Olivia's Remote Control Boat No pictures yet 30404 Friendship Flower 30405 Stephanie's Hockey Practice No pictures yet Pods 853774 Olivia's Satellite Pod 853775 Andrea's DJ Pod 853776 Emma's Photo Studio Pod 853777 Mia's Exploration Pod 853778 Stephanie's Pool Pod 5005236 Friends Clubhouse
  10. Discuss rumours regarding 2018 City sets in this topic. No wish lists or "what I would like to see" please.
  11. I am wondering what the title says, how long before deconstruction happens on mocs? I usually keep sets together the most, spread between display and use. Usually 4-5 months, then I make a c model, then it stays like that. You probably keep your mocs together longer (I have only 3000 moc parts) and display them on a shelf like they are. Or you are like me, and disassemble a few days later. Share your thoughts.
  12. I saw a topic like this on a Transformers forum I frequent, and I think it might be a good thing to have here as discussion. The question is what are your grail, dream, and regret sets and/or parts. Here's what each thing means. Holy Grail: A set that exists, and that you want to add to your collection, but have not been able to acquire due to rarity or other reasons. Or, a set you desired for a long time, but have since acquired. For example, mint in box 8880, a particular variant of a set, etc. Dream set/part: This is a thing that does not exist, but you would very much want. Example: a particular replica set, a machine/vehicle that has not been made in Technic, parts that have not been produced in a particular color,etc. Regret: Can be any regret, be it buying a set, not buying a set, selling it, passing up on it in stores, anything. I'll start with mine. Holy Grail: At this stage in my life, I am more interested in parts rather than sets, although I have found that for certain parts, it is better to buy a used set then buy the parts individually. For the longest time, I wanted to get one of the RC sets that include the buggy motors, and still kicked myself for not buying one when they were on shelves. But, I persevered, and finally got the sets. One of my big things was not following up on somebody local who had them for sale, and that bugged me for so long. Then, it was some particular pneumatics parts, but I got lucky there to. Dream Set/Part: I could fill literal pages with this stuff, as there is so much I want that does not exist. As a short answer, I'd really like gray or black pneumatic cylinders, and an 8x8 Mercedes Zetros with a crane, and full suspension. There is certainly more, but this is what I'm putting in for now. Oh, and how about a 9 axle crane set with x outriggers, at 42009 scale? Regret: I have a few. Not getting the RC sets when new. Not following up on somebody local who had some. Not getting 8275. Not getting 8455, even though I did get 8454. I'm sure there are others, these are just the ones I remember most. I haven't ever sold any Technic set, or regretted buying one. So, those are mine. What are yours?
  13. So I was talking to some friends about minifigures or sets where the original or an older variant looks better than the new ones. For example we came up with the original Maul (The new mauls smile ruins it), the Spiderman 2 Spiderman fig, and the original Destroyer Droids. What do you guys think?
  14. n some countries, your lego sets have a local label to tell you where did your set come from. (e.g. Lego sets bought from Shanghai lego store has a label indicating they are from the new jiaxing factory). However, in New Zealand we don't have such labels. Is there anyway to tell which distribution centre/factory did the set come from? On the lego website, I saw this about the code to identify your set's origin but it doesn't tell you how to identify the origin.
  15. @Delta.Customs on Instagram, said that there were two SpiderMan Homecoming sets he knew. The sets were described as so: Set #1: A Bank robbery, Spidey and two robbers, The robbers had Avengers in their names. Set #2: Has a car, Includes Spidey, Vulture with brick built wings, Shocker, and Iron Man. If you saw the trailer, this should all now sound familiar. Remember that @Delta.Customs' post was done two weeks ago. One scene from the trailer showed some men in Avengers masks robbing a bank, which adds up well to set one. We didn't see a specific set two scene in the trailer, but it's most likely a final battle anyway. We did see Vulture, with large wings, as well as a man many suspect to be the Shocker. We also saw Spidey swinging around by Iron Man. So in general, I'm pretty sure this guy's info is reliable. If you want to see an article, as well as the post, use this link. Tell me what you think? Merry Christmas!
  16. Hi All, I've recently just come out of a "dark-age", and am only looking to acquire my 4th set now. I'm quite keen to build 2 MOCs that I've taken a liking to, Brunojj1's F458 and Madoca 1977's Icarus Supercars. I know I can add the bricklist for both models and try to find where I can buy in lots on sites like brickowl and bricklink. Now what would be helpful is an alternative way to collect by buying other complete sets. So some smart way of showing % of your bricklist can be obtained by acquiring LEGO set # (sets listed and ordered by % complete of bricklist). Then I could hunt down a good deal on these sets and enjoy expanding my collection, building bought complete sets, and re-using the parts to build an awesome MOC. I don't suppose there are any tools currently available to do this?
  17. In American culture it's a faux pas to ask somebody how much they make, but this is EURObricks, so I figure it's fair game. For those of you selling PDF instructions of Technic models (and only Technic models because I don't build with any other systems) about how much money are you making from it? Is preventing piracy difficult? Have you all considered selling the instructions as a "book" through an online retailer (to help prevent piracy) or is it cheaper to just sell them yourself, keep all the profits and take the hit on piracy when it happens? For the record I've only spent about $35 on online instructions and I haven't even built the models of the instructions I purchased (despite having the parts). I will eventually. I was more interested in the content of the instructions than actually building the model though. I'm also wondering how big the market is. Have any of you sold the instructions AND all the parts to build the model as a "kit"? The reason I ask this is because I might pursue this as a side gig in the winters. I coach triathletes for a living and summers are extremely busy, but winters are extremely slow. I'm also about to have a kid (in November) and I'm looking for more work that I can do from home to fill in the slow season. Even if I did nothing, I still have enough money, so don't worry. I've been building with lego my whole life and I know I have enough talent to make things that most people can't, and I have the ability to master lego CAD software (I used to be amazing at building stuff in AutoCAD). A few years ago I made a thread about a big crane I was planning to build. I STILL PLAN TO BUILD IT, but the past 2.5 years have been spent acquiring even more legos (I sorted legos in exchange for legos) and working on my coaching business. So what I'm most curious to know is what was your most profitable instructions ever sold, and which instructions have sold the MOST (even if they were cheaper and didn't result in the most profit). Lastly, let's say you build something really awesome and you throw it up on your popular youtube channel. Let's say you have ~ 30 people asking you "wow, that's cool, can you build me one? How much?" Have you ever followed up with those people? Once you tell them the actual price it would cost to procure all the parts, assemble it, ship it, and make a margin on it, are they never heard from again, or have you followed through with a sale?
  18. Melvin7s

    Ghostbusters 3

    I am a big fan of Ghostbusters, the old ones an the new one. I have one big question, that I have a long time. Is LEGO making 1 more set of the Ghostbusters 3 movie?
  19. hi everyone I bought lego 42037 and i got three extra sheets of the same stickers. Any one else have the same issue.??
  20. Hello, recently I built quite a few Ninjago sets that all have a large amount of Stickers. I was wondering what your take on stickers were. I personally do not mind small stickers but I wished they would at least print pieces that require large stickers. I think a good example of this is the most recent NInjago Samurai Cave X. It has two large panels that need stickers. I also think that especially Star Wars UCS should not have stickers. That is just my opinion though. Does anyone share it?
  21. Hello Eurobricks! My name is Isaac, I am a student living in England and have been playing with lego since I was 4, like many of you, i'm sure! I've been doing animations on Youtube sporadically for a good 6 years now, mostly related to the hit BBC show Doctor Who. However I don't like to feel limited to it. A lot of the lego creations that I share will be made as sets or props, like some train projects i am working on; but I will occasionally enjoy creating ideas for commercial sets. Who doesn't! I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and suggestions with everyone, and I hope I can be a help where I can! All the best, Isaac
  22. Hello! Since, like many other, I've been super hyped for the LEGO Captain America Civil War sets, I thought I may as well do a little bit more extensive photo reviews of each set, along with the normal short ones that'll be in the main discussion thread. Let's start off with the Airport Battle set. __________________________________________________________ Name: 76051 Super Hero Airport Battle Piece count: 807 Price: $80 USD Figures: 6 regular sized, 1 microfigure, 1 brickbuilt macrofigure Release: March 1st worldwide (I found this at my Walmart, however) Video review: The Super Hero Airport Battle is the biggest set for the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spring 2016 line of Captain America Civil War sets. It's garnered a lot of hype, and that's no surprise. Rarely do we get LEGO Marvel playsets, and the inclusion of characters like Giant Man and Agent 13 (both new) and updated version of Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, a micro Ant-Man, and War Machine will attract the collector fanbase that the theme has gained since its conception. But is it any good? Well, let's take a look at the sucker! First, I wanna take a look at the figures. The first six minifigures and the microfigure included are great for the most part. The microfigure Ant-Man is so cool! I love the little printing on him. I'm amazed there were able to put that much detail in such a small figure. The Iron Man is new, only because of the torso. War Machine is new because of all of his armor. The face is a bit disappointing. They could've easily used the Iron Man 3 War Machine face. It looks more like the actor than the choice they used- the Cyborg face from the DC line. I'm also REALLY happy with the new Scarlet Witch, who has a much more accurate hair piece (that only appeared in one other set in that color), a new torso, radar dishes to hold that represent her power (in the correct color this time, unlike her Age of Ultron set appearance), and a nice cloth coattail. She has the same face as last time and it's a good face that fits. Agent 13 looks good. I like the choice of hairpiece, which is a very uncommon mould. The torso print is new, and the face print is Leia's from the Imperial Shuttle of last year. Captain America is pretty disappointing, as he is the same version as last year, with no new printing. Not sure the smiling face fits, as all the other minifigures have at least one alternate angry face print. And, the Winter Soldier is the same as the Black Panther set. The new version has the face of Star Lord, but he has a new torso print for 2016. Here are some minifigure comparisons- comparing the new figures to their older counterparts! There's four builds of the set- including the big figure for Ant-Man. The Giant Man build looks good! I like how they captured the look of a minifigure. There's some parts I don't like, like the undersides of the legs (which show gray), the gaps in the sickers, and the backside which looks thing and bare. Of course, the latter two can't really be fixed because of the format of official LEGO sets (LEGO stopped stickers across multiple parts, and adding SNOT techniques to the back would bump up the price). The airport control tower build is satisfying. It's odd to have so many LEGO Airport sets in this year, but I'm glad we do. There's an exploding wall feature in the middle, and the bottom barrage of boxes has an exploding feature when you stick the microfigure Ant-Man in the mouse hole. I like the top build with the windows, where they use hinged plates to give it a nice curved look. Including a new Quinjet is pretty odd. We just got one last year, but this new one is smaller. About half the size of the last. It lacks the white the last one had, and the back space of the vehicle holds a string to eject a minifigure once the "door" is opened. The wings can be positioned as there's two hinged sessions, and there's three wheels as a part of the landing gear (I don't mind this that much, but people seemed bothered by it). There's a little luggage carrier as the final build. The wheels used and the dimensions of the vehicle remind me of a classic town vehicle. The boxes and suitcases have some really cool easter eggs on the stickers! See which ones you can spot. Overall, the Super Hero Airport Battle set has some really good parts, but there's also some annoying flaws. I think the airport tower is the best build. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Giant Man looks good, but there's those three flaws I stated before that bug me. The mini-Quinjet is an odd inclusion, and the execution is alright. It's smaller and sleeker, but I don't like a lot of the edges on the vehicle and I think the white contrast on the previous version gave it a better look. The minifigure selection is probably the best part, but even then, it's odd that the set is lacking a new Captain America and the choice to have a different headpiece for War Machine confuses me. Overall, I'd give this set a B. I think kids will love this set, as it has a lot of stuff going on for its price, but adult collectors will probably be annoyed by many of the complaints I've pointed out. Thanks for reading. I'll reserve this post, for if the other reviews can't fit on the first post. They'll have much less pictures, trust me.
  23. Hello, I have asked the LEGO community: Which has been your favorite set of the year 2015 – and why? So here are the answers of Jamie Berard (Design Specialist for LEGO Creator Expert), Jan Beyer (Community Manager LEGO Group), Huw Millington (Founder of, Justin (just2good) and many others. Thank you all so much! Part 1 is in English Part 2 is in German And what is your favorite set of the year? Mine: Jamies Ferris Wheel - what a fantastic build. Happy holidays! Best wishes Andres
  24. Hello everybody. This time I've decided to try and put my reviews in one separate thread for easy access. Let me know how it works for you. I would like to mention that your views and comments on the videos always matter because I actually send back a report to Lego on my reviews. There will be somebody at Billund taking look at your activity :) First off, here's the entire playlist with my reviews: And now the individual reviews: 42052 Heavy Lift Helicopter 42050 Drag Racer 42049 Mine Loader 42048 Race Kart 42047 Police Interceptor 42046 Getaway Racer 42045 Hydroplane Racer 42044 Display Team Jet