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Found 67 results

  1. I saw a video clip from an old 80s TV show, where there was a scene similiar to this one. I thought that scene represented a kitchen from the 70/80s very well, and I got very inspired to build it in LEGO! I thought it was interesting to build in a larger scale, because some LEGO parts can then resemble new things (such as the lamp and the blinds) that they normally would not in minifig scale.
  2. Mark of Falworth

    The Battle of St. Lucia.

    [pid][/pid] 256D The Battle of St. Lucia by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr Really enjoyed this one. Landscapes are my favorite. Thanks for viewing and have a great day! More on Flickr.
  3. DasMatze

    MOC Garden Railroad

    Here's my newest creation - a mini railroad diorama! Since this is a diorama of a house and since there is a train in the forum banner, I hope this is the right place (and not train tech). A render of the concept: The finished scene: Without the train: The train in detail: The carriages can hold up to three minifigs each if the hair piece doesn't need too much space. The train is pretty unstable but it is not meant to be played with. The whole train is connected to the scene at two spots. I hope you like it!
  4. Mark of Falworth

    Battle in Buccaneer Bay

    [pid][/pid] 256B An entry to the JRC3.5 on Forbidden Cove. Battle in Buccaneer Bay. by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr Battle in Buccaneer Bay. by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr More pictures in the Flickr Album. C & C appreciated.
  5. Hi. My daughter and I created this scene from the Disney Princess set 41052 'Ariels Magical Kiss'. Hope you like it. Mike
  6. Mark of Falworth

    The 2nd Battle of Devil's pass.

    My latest build for what was formerly known as LCC. (Now LoR) Full story (And eventually more pictures) on Flickr. Or, if you're lazy and don't want to follow the link, here's the full story. The horde of loathsome Outlaws had gained even greater numbers than before! The evil baron of the queen, Mathieux Deschamps, deemed the extra reinforcements necessary if he was to fully subjugate the unruly, rebellious Loreesi to their ever-patient sovereign. They had just crossed into the area traditionally claimed as the border of Loreos, when they heard a low rumble, not from their own feet. The entire force stopped in consternation. Then suddenly, the banner of the old King appeared over the next rise of sand dunes! Then a rider on horseback... No, a knight! The gleam of armor could be seen! Then more and more knights! Hundreds! Thousands! The horde of Outlaws was utterly shocked to see a enormous army of the terrible armored knights of Loreos arrayed before them! It was then the Outlaws began to seriously question their leader's leadership abilities... "Baron! You said the Loreesi armies were disbanded!!" The Baron's eyes widened in terror. "They are!! Or they should be!!" "Well I see a big un-disbanded army there! What are we going to do!?" "We'll fight them, you cowards! They are the rebels now!" "Wait a minute there! We didn't sign up for an even battle with armored lancers! You promised us lots of plunder and booty with little or no danger!" As the arguments of the Outlaw soldiers and their leader escalated, the Loreesi leader strode forward. "I DEMAND PARLEY!" One of the Outlaws recognized the man whose voice had just echoed over the battlefield. The perfect hair! The ever-present grin! The famous emblem on his shield! It could be none other than the "Bane of all Outlaws"! "IT'S MARK OF FALWORTH!!!" Stunned silence hung in the air. Then the Outlaws all simultaneously cried- "WHHAAAT!?!?!?!?" "B-But, we killed him!" "No, the dragon got 'em!" The Baron was just as confused as his men. "No! No! I killed him with a boulder!" The Loreesi knight called out again. I AM MARK OF FALWORTH!! AND I DEMAND PARLEY!! One of the Outlaws nudged the Baron. "Well Mathieux? Aren't you goin to talk to em?" "NO I'm not going to talk to him! It's probably a trap!" One of the biggest outlaw warriors rebuked the baron. Oh, you're going to talk to him! Unless you want us to hand you over to the Loreesi as a plea bargain! A chorus of assent ran through the Outlaw army. Mathieux had no other choice. The evil baron rode out to meet the Loreesi leader. Mathieux Deschamps had seen Mark of Falworth several times before, and there was no question in his mind that this was the real Mark of Falworth. The happy grin was a dozen times more terrifying than usual. Mathieux, despite being almost lost for words, was the first to speak. "How?..... How could you be?..." "Alive? Haha!" "The dragon they speak of....?" "He mussed up my hair. So I had to kill him." The baron swallowed hard. "You can never win, Mathieux. You're doomed to failure!" "Is that so?" "It's an absolute certainty, I'm afraid." "And why is that, Mark?" "You've made me your enemy! and now I've come for you and all who would stand by you!" "Well I hate to disappoint you. But my army is still larger then yours! You won't be able to stop us!" "Your ugly rabble could hardly stand a good strong breeze, let alone the mightiest warriors in the world! These knights have marched to the gates of Stonewald and back! They've trained all their lives for war, and have been battling ever since! You have no chance whatsoever!" "A fine speech! But it will do you no good! In the name of the gracious queen I demand you to surrender! Or I declare you a Rebel and an Outlaw!" "In the name of justice I demand you to surrender!" "Bah! You and your "Justice" are the scourge of the land!" "Likewise. Now, surrender unconditionally or suffer the consequences!" "Never! You'll have to kill me before I surrender to you dogs!" "Good! Now I shall have the distinct pleasure of destroying you utterly, you beslubbering beef-witted coxcomb!" And with that, each went back to his force. The charge was sounded and the battle began! ------------------------------------ To be continued!
  7. Mark of Falworth

    Inept Interrogation...

    Inept Interrogation! by Brother Steven, on Flickr Mark of Orion, the intrepid spaceship captain has been taken prisoner by the Empire of Capella, and the imperial officers are seeking information from their newest captive. "Who are you with, and what was your mission on the forbidden planet!?!?" The Imperial captain cracked his knuckles menacingly. Mark's mind raced furiously. if he couldn't convince them, he wasn't a pirate, his chair would be set to five ga-zillion tetrawatts! "My name is, uh..... Stanley. Yeah, Stanley. I don't have any so-called mission! You shot me down without the slightest provocation!" " "Oh, ho ho! So it was you flying around in a forbidden zone, huh "Stanley"." ? "Umm, yeah, I didn't realize that area was off limits... You could have sent me a text or something instead of assaulting my craft!" The Captain chuckled, completely undaunted ,and adjusted his sunglasses while he pretended to listen to the pathetic excuses. "You're not the one asking questions here, bud. Why exactly were you flying a craft through illegal space?" "Well, that's easy to explain! I'm uh, I'm a... Surveyor! Yup, I'm a surveyor. That's it." one of the hulking imperial soldiers snarled. "I say he's lying! Let's zap 'im right now!" "Hold on Private, I'm about to give him the works... Well, "Stanley," I have news for you... We did a forensic identity check up, and your DNA, your facial features, your vocal patterns and your location all match PERFECTLY to the well-known space pirate and wanted criminal "Mark of Orion"! What have you to say to that?" Mark was flabbergasted by the barrage of guilt-proving facts. "Ooh, that was a pretty good move there, Captain. But I'm innocent! You can't prove anything!" Captain Lockjaw wasn't convinced. "You're lying! We've got you cold, Orion!" Mark smiled. "Prove it, Lockjaw!" The Imperial captain saw an opportunity to crack this nut once and for all. "I'll do just that! Bring in the "LDD"!" "What!? LDD!? What's that!? What does it do? Is it up to interplanetary peace convention codes?" Inept Interrogation (part2) by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr The Captain cracked his knuckles. *Crackle-pop-snap* "LDD Stands for Lie Detecting Device!" "What a lame name... What about Deceit Destroyer, or Dishonesty Dishoner or maybe even the Treachery and Trickery Terminator? Captain Lockjaw growled. "Silence fool! You will now answer our questions truthfully or we will surely know about it!" "Oh, I'm shaking in fear." The machine responded. *Bleep Bleep - Lie.* The machine's reaction gave Mark an idea! "Ha! You guys have this all planned out don't you?" *Bleep Bleep - Lie.* "AAUGH! Shut him up!" Mark didn't stop. he was enjoying this and he was on a roll. "Wow, you guys are so smart! Truly an example to the whole empire!" *Bleep Bleep - Lie.* "Haha! I love this thing!" *Bleep Bleep - Truth.* "RRRGGHHH! Turn that thing OFF!" _______________________________________________ To be continued! MOC made by my brother, Brother Steven. Story by me. Thanks for viewing and have a great day!
  8. Mark of Falworth


    Captured! by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr Mark of Orion, the fearless spaceship captain, has crash-landed on an inhospitable uncharted planet! "Zounds! When I find the sucker who hit us from behind, they've had it!" Mark wandered across the rugged terrain, the gaseous atmosphere swirled thickly around him. The poisonous fog rapidly cleared and, suddenly, Mark found himself in the center of a imperial squadron! Instantly, every enemy weapon was locked on the lone pirate. "Uh... Greetings! I come in peace!" "Enough with that, rebel scum! Surrender or die!" The Imperial captain snarled. Mark wanted to appear innocent, and it was often possible to fool the not-so-brilliant Imperial troops. "Hold on! I'm not a rebellious intruder! My ship was shot down just outside this atmosphere! If you hurry you can catch the fiends!" The captain grinned maliciously. "We took down a pirate craft just seconds ago!" "Uh, that's well, that great! You've already got them! Bravo! I'll see you gents later!" "Wait just a second, what are you doing with such a powerful handgun, and a sword?" Mark looked down at his automatic laser pistol and razor-sharp sword. "One can never be too careful out here." Undaunted by the innocent act, the captain continued. "Our scanners indicate that the crew escaped to the surface before the destruction of the ship!..." Mark of Orion wasn't about to give up. "See what I mean? There could be bad guys anywhere!" "Okay, that's enough! Take him men! ICV Scimitar, nine to beam up." ___________________ To be continued! Captured! by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr So I needed a break from castle... To boldly go where no man has gone before! Thanks for viewing and have a great day!
  9. Mark of Falworth

    The Grand Joust of Gisellicburg

    This is a collaborative build by myself and my real-life Brother Steven. Twas built as the final scene in our first book in our series, THE ANSELM SAGA, part 1 "The Envoy" Learn more about it here! Well, we were both very happy with how this one turned out! At 128 x 80 studs it the biggest build we've ever made! (In total area.) We hope you guys like it! The Grand Joust of Gisellicburg by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr The Grand Joust of Gisellicburg by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr The Grand Joust of Gisellicburg by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr
  10. Kai NRG

    The Pretzel Man

    We've been making pretzels lately... And I wrote about scenes recently, so I felt like doing one! Here you can get a better look at the plunger strip of dough... Comments are welcome! This was a bit of an easy build, mainly to give me a break between all that hard castle stuff. Thanks for looking!
  11. Mark of Falworth

    Pirate Paradise.

    [pid][/pid]237C Ahoy mates! It's been to long! I thought I would share our latest pirate MOC. Me and my Brother Steven are competing against Seircon and Coral in an Iron Builder match up. The seed part being the green flexible spike. Pirate Paradise by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr Pirate Paradise by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr Pirate Paradise by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr Thanks for viewing and have a great day!
  12. Wellesley


    Heyho, the forums are full of beautiful Lego ship pictures, but mostly just the ship out of different views or details like rigging or the interior. What I miss a little bit is scenery, like just marine life, like reading of the Articles of War, midshipmen learning how to use the sextant. There are wonderful frigates yet; a few even called the H.M.S Surprise, so why not rebuild some scenes from Master and Commander. I would appreciate some pictures. Wellesley
  13. Mark of Falworth

    (LCC)[Moc] Restoring Justice

    This is my entry to the 4th Global Challenge of the Lands of Classic Castle Roleplay. Mark of Falworth and his mighty host laid siege to the equally mighty Lenfel fortress that barred the way to Stonewald. After five days of constant artillery bombardment, the walls were breached only slightly. Just enough for two men to pass through at a time. The Loreesi had a severe time pressure, for to delay even for a week would give the armies of Lenfald time to gather in such force that there would be no chance of escape. So, Mark of Falworth hatched a bold plan. As there was no time to build a battering ram or siege tower, Mark equipped his War Elephants with short ladders so that they became living armored siege towers! And dismounting his Heavy Knights and re-mounting them on the elephants placed his finest fighters within easy reach of the fifteen-foot high wall. The infantry charged towards the tiny hole in the wall, which was thickly filled with furious Lenfels. To clear this obstacle they shot Loreesi fire from a portable tube-pump. The surviving Lenfels hastily withdrew into the courtyard. And on top of all this, five Areani Knights suddenly appeared out of nowhere behind the walls and began cutting down the astonished Lenfels still trying to defend the breach. All these factors combined led to the remarkably speedy overthrow of a castle that was once deemed impenetrable. And Mark of Falworth continued on his quest... ...For the Glory of Loreos! Also check it out on Flickr! And be sure to check out the Video! Thanks for viewing and have a great day! :)
  14. Mark of Falworth

    The Siege of Troy

    Achilles chased the Trojans to their city. The gods, seeing that he had killed too many of their children, decided that it was his time to die. He was killed after Paris shot a poisoned arrow that was guided by Apollo. --------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah, never anger the gods kids... This scene is loosely based on the actual Siege of Troy. I don't really know much about the story, and I haven't read the whole thing yet so if it's not 100% accurate just enjoy the build. More pictures on Flickr! Thanks for viewing and have a great day!
  15. Mark of Falworth

    A Humble Crossing.

    Mark of Falworth returned from the Magic Isles with the infuriated Desert Prince, who promptly ordered his lords and vassals to fortify the province from any outside attack. Like many other Loreesi nobles, Mark traveled north to the border of Lenfald. Moving along the river that served as the dividing line between the nations, Mark and his companions found a small and overlooked bridge. One of the knights remarked, "We could destroy this bridge, but then our cavalry would have even fewer places to cross over. Yet if we leave it be, the Lenfels or Garhims could have a whole army over this bridge and into Loreos in a day. What shall we do?" Mark replied with a broad smile. "Change the bridge so that we may cross at any time yet prevent our neighbors from doing the same. " "But how shall we do that?" "I will show you, step by step." A freebuild intro to my LC IX entry. Thanks for viewing and have as great day!
  16. Blake Baer

    [MOC] WarScape Volume 4

    Hey all, Some of you may remember my previous WarScape creation ( In case you missed it, WarScape is a microscale castle adventure that is built in a modular form, and each module has a little substory attached to it that connects to an overall story. Its incredible fun. WarScape Series: Volume 1 by Sean and Steph Mayo Volume 2 by Blake Baer Volume 3 by LukeClarenceVan Anyhow, here is volume 4 (for the other volumes, look above)! Please enjoy. Thanks for all the support and encouragement over the years. God bless, -Blake WarScape Vol4; Chapter 1 of 5 by Blake's Baericks, on Flickr WarScape Vol4; Chapter 2 of 5 by Blake's Baericks, on Flickr WarScape Vol4; Chapter 3 of 5 by Blake's Baericks, on Flickr WarScape Vol4; Chapter 4 of 5 by Blake's Baericks, on Flickr WarScape Vol4; Chapter 5 of 5 by Blake's Baericks, on Flickr
  17. A Plastic Infinity

    Dinotopian Parade

    This is the largest, most impressive, expensive, detailed and amazing MOC I've ever made! I have been working on it for a while, and am extremely proud of it. There are larger images on my Flickr photostream, please come and take a look! Click here to see the helicoid geochronograph at work! As I already mentioned, there are a lot of small details, so look carefully. Please tell me what you think, it would mean a lot to me because I am super excited about this!