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Found 55 results

  1. Close up shots of the bar: Menu, cash register, and salad: Food, napkins, ketchup, and mustard: Pick up your trays and utensils at the end. Front: Other facts: Length: 150 studs Width: 16 studs Build time: 13 days but, like Kai's, most of it was built during the last three! My entry for SHIPtember 2015 and my second SHIP, but the first that I have built all by myself. Although it was a tad rushed (the last day, anyways :P), I had quite some fun with it! Thanks for viewing, comments and constructive criticism are welcome as always!
  2. Astra Luminaria by Alysa Kirkpatrick, on Flickr Astra Luminaria is the biggest spaceship ever created by man. Built around Sirius B, the star, Astra Luminaria is the next technological advancement for humans to colonize other stars, and utilizing the star's energy to create long term survival in the ever increasing demand for more energy and space. Two rings orbit Astra Luminaria, built for the ever growing demand of space travel and life beyond the colonized ship. The rings allow for people look at the galaxies yet to be explored. Tech Specs: - diameter with other rings: 123 studs - diameter to outer shell: 101 studs - height: 131 studs - weight: 17 lb 11 oz - parts: 20,012 --------- I had a ton of fun building Astra Luminaria, my first SHIP. It is a hollow core SHIP with no technic. Both were something I really wanted to try out. The design is based on 4 nested spheres, which I then modified for better aesthetics. There is a light bulb in the center of it, giving it a really cool effect in the dark, (and makes photos looks a lot better). Let me know what you think Alysa
  3. The Decadence - Class IV Fleet Carrier by rolli The Decadence is a Class IV Fleet Carrier and the home to hundreds of small star fighters, ten MK6 troop carriers and one SX Destroyer. Its unique shape allows for a big turbine on the side that, together with the array of thrusters on the back, provide the propelling power that make The Decadence one of the fastest fleet carriers out there. ----- A ton of saxophones, dark blue and orange and small star fighters and bombers entertained me throughout the last weeks. And yes, this SHIP is "sideways" - I wanted to break with the usual conventions. I had a blast building this and showing it in Skaerbaek last weekend. Hope you like it, let me know what you think! Best Markus
  4. Slightly bigger but similar in function to the Consular-class space cruiser, commonly referred to as Republic cruiser, was also a Corellian Engineering Corporation starship used by the Galactic Republic to transport Jedi and diplomats to troubled spots across the galaxy. Type:Diplomatic Class Length:110 Studs Crew:1 Captain, 4 Co-pilots, 5 Communications Officers, and 6 Engineers Top Speed: Unknown
  5. Presenting my SHIP for SHIPtember 2015 Warning: Contains adult innuendos like Mel Brook's Space Balls. Viewer discretion is advised. SHIPtember 2015 HMS Penetrator by dr_spock_888, on Flickr SHIP name: HMS Penetrator Final SHIP length: 100 studs HMS Penetrator is the first of the Dick class of "stick it into the enemy" ships. It is designed to penetrate the hull of capital ships and inject an elite force of sea men deep inside the enemy vessel. Once inside, they will wreck havoc and seize the vessel. The hull is cladded with a superstrong slippery smooth tile material for ease of entry. The dual head drill units are low maintainence and self-lubricating. They are able to screw over the hardest of capital ships. The SHIP is built mostly out of cups of Pick A Brick wall pieces: 1x8 tiles, 2x4 brackets, 1x4 plates, 1x2 plates. It has a Power Functions M-motor that drives the drill heads plus Power Function LED lights. Motors and LEDs are connected to a PF IR Reciever. Drill speed and light intensity can be controlled by a PF IR Train/Speed remote. Video of the heads in action: This is my most stiff SHIP to date. It doesn't droop like my previous SHIPs. I swooshed it with the battery box banging around inside and it stayed intact. The evil Galatic Empire borrowed it for testing before signing a letter of intent. Day 272 of 365: Hull Breached by dr_spock_888, on Flickr It was a good SHIPtember month. I learned to use the Path Tool and replace background in GIMP and make a stronger internal frame.
  6. Ecclesiastes

    [K - B06] The Palinurus

    I hoped to do a lot more building for AG, unfortunately I just don't have the time to do so. But when SHIPtember came up, I thought let's give it a try and build a spaceship. And what's a space if it's not build by the Kawashita Group So keep this up, with all the awesome mocs all you guys are building here. I'm still lurking in the shades to pop up now and than... The Palinurus Scouting Frigate; Narwhal Class Length: 114 studs Width: 20 studs Armament: 2 Gepard Plasma Turret Stations(GPTS) 2 Long distance Rail Mortars 2 Close Range Pulsar Blasters 1 GBU-43/B Ordinance Cannon Crew: 1 Commander(Maroc) 2 Technicians 3 Commandos Details: And of course it has an interior as well Scout bikes. Sentry and flight mode: Mech assembly bot. Mech, normal mode. Mech flight mode. Mech destructor mode And although most of us won't admit playing with LEGO. Ofcourse we only build with it. It's hard to not go nuts swooshing with all of this
  7. Spirit

    [MOC] M:Tron Barge

    For my first Shiptember experiment, I wanted to make a barge for my (neo) M:Tron fleet. Length: 134 studs Weight: ~3.7kg full, ~3.4kg empty (Click pics, see bigger pics, but you know that) The barge is a cargo able to fly in and out of atmosphere. It can transport all kinds of ore and raw material. It's especially useful to bring the ice extracted from the asteroid fields to the colony. Each compartment can be sealed with a small pressure on its top, which proved to be a life saver several times. Reactors are convenient to move the barge, but it's really hard to find anything interesting to tell about them. Anyway, it can also transport standard M:Tron containers... And has a landing surface for small vehicles similar to the ones found in Mega Core Magnetizers. It has a toolbox. Toolbox aren't really funny but that area was so empty it was depressing. But the most important is the cabin... Because it has a sofa. And nobody knows how the sofa, which is the only sofa from Earth on this side of the galaxy, got in there. Penelope, the pilot, says the barge was built around it. It also has toilets, a water fountain, a small refrigerator and a cute bed hidden in a corner, which is unfortunate because it's really cute. Finally, the seat of the deck can move in front of the control panels. It doesn't sound like much... and well, it isn't, haha. There, I don't think it's impressive in any way, but I've had fun building this and I like it, it's a fine addition to my fleet. I realized 100 studs isn't as hard to reach as I first thought, so I'll probably try bigger next time.
  8. After the original fell off a table, I rebuilt it into this version that I infinitely prefer. Bio: Orion class deep space cruiser have been used for years as a reliable way to transfer goods, passenger and other cargo on long haul space flights. Most versions of the cruiser carry two small shuttles to be used as an escape route for the crew in emergencies and as a way to unload cargo Length: 110 studs Parts: 1000+ Time To Build: One Month (off and on) Built for SHIPtember 2015.
  9. BrickCurve

    [MOC] Orion Deep Space Cruiser

    Finally finished! I also managed to do my first edit job with Photoshop (I previously only used Lightroom). Bio: Orion class deep space cruiser have been used for years as a reliable way to transfer goods, passenger and other cargo on long haul space flights. Most versions of the cruiser carry two small shuttles to be used as an escape route for the crew in emergencies and as a way to unload cargo Length: 110 studs Parts: 1000+ Time To Build: One Month (off and on) Built for SHIPtember 2015. More photos in the Flickr album- .
  10. Started designing this thing 2 years ago but only got around starting to build it less than 2 weeks ago. This is my current progress of my U.S.S. Defiant: I'm hoping to be able to finish within the next 2 weeks to meet the SHIPtember deadline. The dimensions are as follows: Total length: 114 studs Total width: 80 studs
  11. Perfect future that our ancestors were waiting hasn’t come. High technologies couldn’t give happiness to everyone. Endless space was too cold and empty. Timid attempts of travelling to nearest stars have shown that there is no planet like Earth in the nearest space. And Earth was overpopulated. And even space colonies on Mars and Moon couldn’t help. There was giant lack of food and clean water. Nowadays it’s impossible to find the truth about those days. Anyway this truth will change nothing. The fact is billiards of people died. Some say the reasons were wars, famine and climate changes. Some say it was well planned genocide. New world order wasn’t perfect. Only few people could stay on Earth. All facilities were transported to space in order to clean the planet. Most of people had to go there too. Moreover progress in automation and robotechnologies made most of them unemployment. Argues between Earth and colonies turned into wars. That moment it has become obvious that humanity will disappear if it doesn’t find new home. Project “The Ark”. 30 giant space ships. There were 100 billions of cryocells on every ship. They had to start the journey to the far space in order to find a planet, where the colony could be set up. Those days navigation was too bad to find a way back. So it was one way ticket. Potential colonists were very different: there were enthusiasts, refugees, criminals, scientists, beggars, homeless, businessmen and politics. Some of them were looking for better life, some wanted to save the humanity and some searched new opportunities. And the project failed. After decades of quest only 8 ships have found a suitable planet. The others had to survive in severe conditions. And 10 ships were lost. However this poor steps become the base of true human expansion to space. SHIPtember 2015: The Ark by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  12. Hyler Talliwell

    [MOC] Delphina Leuca (SHIPtember)

    The Monodon Class transport ship is ideal for the migration of large groups of individuals across the solar system. With its massive fuel tank in the rear and large amount of cargo space along the spine, few ships are better for long star voyages. Though well equipped to detect and transfer information due to the sizeable frontal sensor array, the lack of armaments makes the addition of escort ships alongside these behemoths a common sight. My 20-odd hour entry to Simon's Sci-fi festival of SHIPtember. Based on this bit of <a href="" rel="nofollow">concept art</a> It falls in just over 110 studs in length. I had a lot of fun doing the front but began to run out of both bricks and time for the back. Still a better showing than glorified frame of last year. Apologies for the bad picture, I had to make do with a less than stellar camera and a sunny porch. Better pictures may be taken at a future post-September date. Delphina Leuca by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr Delphina Leuca by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr Delphina Leuca front by The Deathly Halliwell, on FlickrDelphina Leuca front by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr Thanks for looking, it's fun to be in the sci-fi forum. :)
  13. The Pride of Hiigara is the upgraded version of the original Mothership designed solely for warfare. It serves as the flagship for the Hiigaran fleet and is commanded by Karan Sjet. Its hull defense guns protect it from light strikecraft attacks. It contains construction arrays that are capable of building from scout ships to frigate sized ships. Classification : Mothership Purpose : Fleet command Mass : 3,000,000 tons Speed : 40 m/s Hyperdrive : Far jump Armaments: 12 Hull Defence Guns SHIPtember Stats: Height: 100 Studs (exactly!!!) Time: 5 Days (17/08 to 22/08) for LDD design, 4 Days (31/08 to 03/09) for real brick construction Pieces: Around 2760 SHIPtember Pride of Hiigara by dorian glacet, sur Flickr SHIPtember Pride of Hiigara by dorian glacet, sur Flickr Pride of Hiigara by dorian glacet, sur Flickr For those who wish to build it, here the .lxf file for LDD :
  14. Hi all! I present my work in progress spaceship for the SHIPtember challenge on Flickr. (More info: Everything on the frame by Péter Ittzés, on Flickr The new panels mounted by Péter Ittzés, on Flickr Engine pod greebles by Péter Ittzés, on Flickr Keep an eye out for updates! P.S. If you like big spaceships, you should definitely give this contest a try. EDIT: UPDATE on the bottom of the page
  15. TenorPenny

    [pre-SHIPtember] Siege Cruiser

    [Thought I'd post my previous SHIPtember effort; I didn't play last year but plan to give this beast something to compete with] -- The Yaguchi-class Siege Cruiser The Yaguchi-class Siege Cruiser is the top-of-the-line warship of the Asian Coalition, packed with modern technologies and deadly firepower. The Coalition Navy was ill-prepared for the Pan-Eurasian War; it comprised vessels more suited to customs and excise duties than warfare. This meant the Coalition spent the majority of the conflict fighting their Union adversaries with hit and run tactics and were forced to avoid protracted engagements. Several Coalition locations were kept under unbreakable siege, leading to starvation and misery for thousands of their soldiers and civilians. Much like the EUN, the Coalition Navy embarked upon an ambitious programme of reform and modernisation following the War. The Yaguchi is the pinnacle of that development, a ship built as a symbol as to how the Coalition would never again suffer such tactics of siege and blockade. The ship is well-armed for ship-to-ship warfare, featuring an array of turreted weaponry able to damage shields and armour alike. The cornerstone of its armament is the Starscorn Siege Cannon, mounted on the lower aspect of the prow. This mammoth weapon is able to fire metal alloy slugs at astounding speeds over huge distances. This gives the Yaguchi the ability to prey on an enemy blockade without straying into their firing range. Although highly capable and well armoured against opposing capital ships, the Yaguchi is tempting target for formations of bomb-armed fightercraft and should be closely guarded against them. It is slow to accelerate and manouvre, meaning its main cannon can be easily avoided by a mobile force of opponents. Length: 404m Crew: 200, including marines Role: Siege, ship-to-ship, battleship escort. Armament: 2 x Dual STS Cannons 2 x Armour-Piercing Plasma Cannons 2 x ‘Longshot’ Frag Cannons. 2 x AA-Ion turrets 1 x ‘Starscorn’ Siege Cannon Shields/Armour: Medium/Medium
  16. Hello there, here is my latest moc, a more than 100 studs long spaceship, the cayman class battlecruiser. Cayman class name is due to his shape, looking like a cyaman's head. By visiting the flickr gallery, you'll be able to see WIP pictures of this moc, showing technics used to build it. IMG_9608 by dorian glacet, sur Flickr IMG_9607 by dorian glacet, sur Flickr IMG_9609 by dorian glacet, sur Flickr
  17. Okay, 2015 fast approacheth, and I'm trying to find as full a list as possible of LEGO theme months/build events. I'm aware of SHIPtember and Nnovvember, but what others are there in that vein? Also interested in the big yearly contests like FBTB's MOC Madness, Classic Castle's big end-of-year competition, and the like. All help appreciated.
  18. My modest entry to the SHIPtember 2014 challenge: the Common-class Modular Star Hauler Blackbee Length: 126 studs (101cm) Common-class Modular Star Hauler Blackbee by Veynom, on Flickr The Common-class Star Hauler vessels were designed as modular and easy to assemble ships able to transport a lot of different cargo across long distances. Their modular conception allowed for virtually unlimited capacity as modules can be added or removed upon needs. The Blackbee is a nice example carrying 3 container sections and two power rings. Common-class Modular Star Hauler Blackbee by Veynom, on Flickr [/url] Blackbee - Out of Nowhere by Veynom, on Flickr Blackbee in orbit by Veynom, on Flickr Blackbee near Saturn by Veynom, on Flickr [/url ]Blackbee orbiting Earth by Veynom, on Flickr Blackbee Power Ring by Veynom, on Flickr Blackbee Engine Final by Veynom, on Flickr Common-class Star Hauler Blackbee by Veynom, on Flickr
  19. Owned and operated by the private Philippines AeroSpace Corporation, the Angeles Mobile Orbital Station (honoring my birthplace Angeles City, Pampanga Philippines) is a multi-purpose space orbital station capable of maintenance, repair and launching of various satellites. Unlike most space stations, AMOS is equipped with major propulsion, landing and weapons systems that can have it deployed to different locations where its services are needed. Designed with the rotating multiple crews and with each crew member staying aboard the station for weeks or months, but rarely more than a year. Length: 130 studs Width: 48 studs Height: 42 studs Launch pad: Clark Air Base Launch date: September 30, 2014 Call sign: AMOS Crew: 12
  20. ACPin

    [MOC] SHIPtember WIP

    Into the final stretch! Call sign: AMOS Length : 130 studs Width : 48 studs Height : 42 studs Day Eleven Day Ten Day Nine Day Eight Day Seven And it continues! Day Six Day Five Day Four And it has begun! AC Day Three Day Two Day One
  21. Lind Whisperer

    BioSHIPtember Discussion Topic

    Disclaimer: This is not an official Eurobricks Community Build, nor is it an unofficial contest. It is a group Flickr project, inspired by the larger Shiptember Flickr group. Here's the basic idea for BioSHIPtember: All entrants build a spaceship in LDD at least 100 studs long, and complete it by October 1st. *If you start a WIP topic, you can link it any time between now and October 1st. I will keep the page updated. The rules are simple: The theme is "Bionicle In Space". Interpretation is left up to the builder. Ships must be at least 100 studs long. Antenna do count. No ships longer than 250(The chances of anyone submitting a ship this long are small, but it'd save time for the renderer). All building must be finished by 12:00 UTC, October 1st, 2014. It must seat at least 1 Bionicle sized figurine. The choice of how to interpret that is up to the builder(Toa, minifig toa, Matoran - all are acceptable). You must post at least one picture in the main BioSHIPtember Group, and a link in your description to your .lfx. Still lacking: 1 person willing to take all of the final .lfxs, and compile them in one giant BioSHIPtember render. BioSHIPtember Group SHIPtember Group
  22. SHIPtember entry at 125 studs length Built from the Yokosuka naval shipyard in the early part of the the 19th century and successor to the Katsuragi-class corvette, the Ashigaru was a combined wind & steam propelled warship whose bronze-steel hull protected its undersides and was manned by a small platoon of experienced battle-hardened samurai. The ship was designed for fast rapid deployment, reconnaisance, raid missions and was equipped with ten medium range cannons for main firepower. During bombing raids it used two depth charge ramps near the bow on both sides of the ship that can deliver explosive barrel charges as well as rock battery at the stern that can inflict severe damage to anything that's underneath it. Wing flyers are deployed for short recon around the ship and at random times to watch for enemies that might try a sneak attack.
  23. Louie le Brickvalier


  24. For SHIPtember, I decided to pay homage to the unfortunately canceled Star Wars 1313 game. The game looked awesome from , but unfortunately that may be all we ever see of it. The Imp class of light cargo freighters was produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation. The base freighter design, like many CEC ships, was modular and came with many options. The 'Besther' model, named for the project lead, featured individualized cargo pods which could be customized to accommodate specific needs. The Besther Imp XIV was made in the first production run and has faired decently in its 34 years of service. Many non-essential systems no longer function well or at all, and it's space-worthiness is in doubt, but it works well as a planetside-only cargo transport. I got started a little late, but fortunately was able to build this ship within two weeks. It is 131.3 studs long, 42 wide and 19 bricks tall. Each of the 10 cargo pods along the sides is easily detachable. Lastly, for anyone who couldn't view the video, here's a comparison shot between my model and the 'actual' ship: Enjoy! -Matt
  25. dr_spock

    SHIPtember: Lucky 8 Cruise SHIP

    SHIP name: Lucky 8 Final SHIP length: 122 studs Short SHIP Bio: Cruise the galaxy in comfort and luxury in the Lucky Line's Lucky 8 cruise SHIP. Lucky 8 was built in the Lucky Line's China's space SHIP yard. She was designed for good fortune vacation cruises. She has many windows for viewing the galaxy. On board are theaters, casino, all the Dim Sum you can eat, swimming pools in the artifical gravity center section and Mickey Mouse for the kids. Lucky Line Ltd. acquired Disney Corp. in 2052AD. Lucky 8 Cruise SHIP by dr_spock_888, on Flickr Lucky 8 Profile by dr_spock_888, on Flickr Rotating. Swooshing. swoosh by dr_spock_888, on Flickr