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Found 39 results

  1. MstrOfPppts

    RvB part IV: Marksmanship

    Here's my next comic just to warm up for my official entry. Another true story everyone can see I was a witness of! In case you missed: part I: Fencing part II: Artillery part III: Navigation
  2. [pid][/pid] Just before the year ended I managed to complete my official ToR III round 1 entry. Happy reading ladies and gentlemen from either side!
  3. MstrOfPppts

    RvB part V: Drinking

    Ok, I really liked how my campfire shot turned out, so I experimented with the lightbricks a bit more. This time I was a bit late to take pictures since it was dark outside already. I then used another light which was too strong for the bricklights (all the yellow was not seen) so I directed it the other way. The photos are just ok, but a bit grainy for the lack of lighting in some places. Nevertheless the message is important and I managed to post this before I'm off to skiing. Seeya next week! In case you missed: part I: Fencing part II: Artillery part III: Navigation part IV: Marksmanship
  4. Frank Brick Wright

    ToR III Official Entry I — Metamorphosis

    [pid][/pid] You can check the small prologue, called Sabre Island, here. I know my entry is a bit different both in stile and in theme from the others excellent ones we have seen in this forum. Nevertheless, I hope it will be appreciated by the community. This round theme was: Islanders. In order to justify my entry, I would like to add that an islander is, by definition, a native or inhabitant of an island. This is because I had this idea that using "traditional" islanders in an entry about islanders was a bit too mainstream Criticism/comments are very welcome as always. Go bluecoats!
  5. Dinner is served!! That was one tasty croissant!!!
  6. Frank Brick Wright

    ToR III — Teaser: Metamorphosis

    This is *not* my entry, just a really small prologue to it but you can count with the official one in the next days…
  7. Bluecoats, ye be warned - A typical Bluecoat wedding Here you see a typical Bluecoat wedding. As usual there is an ape involved... And guess who is the bride?
  8. dr_spock

    Bluecoats, ye be warned - JAWS

    This is my entry to our Red Coats community build. Bluecoats make good shark bait.
  9. This is my entry to our redcoat community build. Anything will do get rid of some more pescy bluecoats and saving on amunition is also a plus of this method!
  10. Here's my entry for the Redcoats Community Build: Bluecoats, ye be warned. This 8x8 vignette is about a redcoat santa giving a good beating to a naughty bluecoat. Sorry for the bad images, but a camera is right now all wrapped up and under a beautiful tree right now. Looks like somebody's been a bad boy this year! Click the spoiler to get an image of Santa!
  11. For my Redcoats Community Build, I decided to answer one of the ancient questions that has haunted the minds of wordsmith and genius alike! With a little help from my good friend, Commander Law. Colonel Brickington was invited by Captain Scorpiox himself to witness the construction of HMS Bedivere's new figurehead, and a possible answer to the agelong question: 'Is there actually a use for Bluecoats?'. They're cheap, expendable, durable and of course, nobody will miss them!
  12. MstrOfPppts

    RvB part III: Navigation

    Another fine example why redcoats are superior is their navigation skills. We have the finest map makers around who know every corner of the world in detail and are even able to understand such sophisticated things as the notorious turning circle map! In case you missed: part I: Fencing part II: Artillery
  13. MstrOfPppts

    RvB part I: Fencing

    Well our little friend Admiral pastry sure was busy the last few days, sneaking in our profiles and changing our signatures using a few special powers he has. But let me tell you a story about his fencing skills in times when I was still a rookie. I already wanted to post it yesterday, but evidently he sabotaged the whole forum ... here it goes:
  14. As the Bluecoats prisoners would rather die than hang by their hair and suffer. Cowards with no tolerance for pain and a kinky desired to be tickled by feather. See reference: http://www.eurobrick...pic=76689&st=25 The new procedure for processing Bluecoat prisoners will be as follows: 1. Hang'em up by the neck. 2. Tickle them with a feather duster until they turned blue. 3. Turn the body over to monkey for recycling.