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Found 48 results

  1. Oky

    The Atomic Arrow

    This is my Nightline City entry for the Lego Speeder Bikes Racing League contest. The Atomic Arrow is an extremely fast speeder bike named after its dart-like shape and neon-green glow. Equipped with a gamma fusion engine, hard-light stabilizer wings, and powerful thrusters, this lean, mean, racing machine was built for speed! You can see it here racing down the Nightline City Raceway at breakneck speeds piloted by its rider Jade Lightning. Atomic Arrow by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Atomic Arrow 2 by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Atomic Arrow 3 by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr A birds eye view of the streamlined dart shape of the Atomic Arrow: Atomic Arrow top by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr The front and back of the bike feature sensor arrays that help the pilot make split-second maneuvers. Atomic Arrow front by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr In addition to the main thruster, the bike also features two smaller steering thrusters. Atomic Arrow back by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr The underside of the Atomic Arrow features a pair of hoverpads that keep it airborne. Atomic Arrow bottom by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr I hope you like it, and race on!
  2. Hi Friends, I created Lego Racing Wheel, that looks like Formula 1 cars wheel. Now it is much more convinient and easy to play racing games on my iPhone. Enjoy.
  3. First of all, for those who havent seen it allready: They claim it to be just for advertising and not to become an official set. Well, looking through the video, this is quite easy to build. So we dont mind^^ From what i could see, there are no new parts so this can be build with nowadays "standard" stuff. If you allready own some of the SC, this should be a piece of cake partwise. File is ready for LDD download via this link , though im not very sure on the inside structure. The shape however should be correct ;-) Enjoy Ford GT 40 Speed Champions LDD file by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  4. Lance's Dragster The second alternate build of LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Lance's Mecha Horse 70312. The VTOL plane can tilt and spin all four engines, features opening cockpit and cargo bay, folds the weapons for mid-air jousting. Flamethrower is riding a combat scooter and Lance's bot is flying the hovershield. The building tutorial can be again found in my Youtube channel.
  5. The Mugbearer

    [BlueRender] Extreme-G Inspired Bike

    (The image is clickable) So basically, this MOC is inspired by Nintendo 64 racing game Extreme-G where player races against the AI or other players on desolate expanses of the old Earth using remotely controlled super-speed motorbikes. Also have a low-res rotation GIF:
  6. May I present to you, my first MOC in this forum! (And I forgot to tag this as a MOC, whoops) A large-ish scale model of a 1970's Can-Am race car. The Can-Am Series was a hugely popular north American racing series that lasted from the mid 60's to the late 70's. It featured very lightweight innovative 2-seater open top race cars weighing only around 700-800kg with large V8-V12 engines that produced up to 1500hp. Whats not so widely known is that those cars were often faster than Formula 1 cars back in the day. My creation is a fantasy version, it combines features from several popular cars from that era. About 900 bricks, designed in the LDD. I hope you like it!
  7. More cars here: http://bricksetforum...custom-stickers McLAREN HONDA MP4/5 (1990) McLAREN HONDA MP4/31 (2016) Cheers by Jenson and "Magic"
  8. Roberto7g

    [MOC] Renault R26 & Ferrari 248 F1

    Inspired by the good old Ferrari Racers theme, I rearranged the design, created some stickers, and this was the result: Renault R26 Ferrari 248 F1 More cars here: http://bricksetforum...990-2006#latest
  9. Red Bull F1 RB12 from 2016 season. Speed Champions style. This is a beta version, stickers were created by me. More cars here http://bricksetforum...custom-stickers
  10. Offroadcreat1ons

    [WIP][PORSCHE] GT1 Racer

    Hello All, Today I present my entry to the Porsche contest on rebrick. I am waiting on a Bricklink order to improve this model's aesthetics and then I will post better images. The model has: Steering Front and rear spoilers An interior Roll bars Fake brake calipers, and a working mini V8 engine . NEW: The engine is now a flat 6 and the doors open. There is more coming soon... Thanks for reading, and have a great day!
  11. bruce1882

    [MOC] Star Wars Racing

    This is a Star Wars Racing diorama MOC based on "Mighty Micros" concept. I turned some of the popular Star Wars' ships and vehicles into micro racers. There are total 6 micro racers in this MOC (X-Wing, Y-Wing, Snowspeeder, Tie Fighter, AAT and Sandcrawler). I built the diorama based on a typical F1 track which has a racing track, pitstop and grandstand. On top of the pitstop, there is a VVIP area. Star Wars Racing by Bruce Lee, on Flickr Overview of the MOC by Bruce Lee, on Flickr Star Wars Racing by Bruce Lee, on Flickr Snowspeeder in pitstop by Bruce Lee, on Flickr Position board by Bruce Lee, on Flickr Grandstand by Bruce Lee, on Flickr AAT is on my tail... by Bruce Lee, on Flickr X-wing racer shooting at Tie fighter by Bruce Lee, on Flickr VVIP Area by Bruce Lee, on Flickr The pitstop and VVIP area by Bruce Lee, on Flickr Emergency tow truck by Bruce Lee, on Flickr Micro Snowspeeder Racer by Bruce Lee, on Flickr Micro Sandcrawler Racer by Bruce Lee, on Flickr Micro X-wing Racer by Bruce Lee, on Flickr Micro Y-Wing Racer by Bruce Lee, on Flickr Micro AAT Racer by Bruce Lee, on Flickr Micro Tie Fighter Racer by Bruce Lee, on Flickr More images can be viewed via
  12. V-Galactic Racing: Midnight Bolt X by rolli A couple of weeks ago I posted my Crimson Hornet 3000 and my Scarlet Hare 20x, part of my fictitious space racing game V-Galactic Racing: Now I 'unlocked' the third racer: Its delicate front wings make it easy to handle and the low shaping with its long tail provide perfect aerodynamics. The Midnight Bolt X is a great choice for the crater hopping tracks! This was my attempt at a Vic Viper, although I'm a bit late to the game. It wasn't easy sticking to all the VV regulations but I'm quite happy with the final result. Loooove the medium azure As I mentioned when posting the first racer: I will add more racers in the coming months, whenever I feel like I need to build one or need another break - after all I need to unlock them all This time I just felt like building something inorganic and angled. Looking forward to what you think - let me know! Best Markus
  13. V-Galactic Racing: Scarlet Hare 20X by rolli A couple of weeks ago I posted my Crimson Hornet 3000, part of the fictitious space racing game V-Galactic Racing: Now I 'unlocked' the second racer: Crazy angles and a ton of flaps make the Scarlet Hare 20X incredibly agile and a good choice for the difficult asteroid tracks! As I mentioned when posting the first racer: I will add more racers in the coming months, whenever I feel like I need to build one or need another break - after all I need to unlock them all This time I just felt like building something inorganic and angled. Looking forward to what you think - let me know! Best Markus
  14. legoman19892

    Should LEGO sponsor a racing team?

    Since Nickelodeon sponsored a NASCAR race in Kansas City, I think it wouldn't be as weird if LEGO sponsored either one race, or if they could work out a deal with Ferrari/Mercedes/Porche where for some races the car would have the Octan Logo. What do you think?
  15. HONDA REPSOL is one of the most famous MotoGP team, and its color scheme is also the most noticeable one. Few people have oppotunities to ride there racing bike RC212V, but everyone is able to ride HONDA’s flagship production superbike, CBR1000RR. This LEGO creation takes me 2 years to build it. It’s about the size of Technic 8420, but weight more 50% as it’s about 900 pcs. (8420 got only 506 pcs). This bike’s skeleton is made by Technic method, and I insist all the basic functions of Technic should be remained. Rear wheel is geared to its engine and pistons. The fork is able to turn. Both front and rear suspension works fine. There’s no room for me to add more functions in it, like clutch, transmission system, but all it got so far are complex enough for me. At the outside, I covered the skeleton with model-team technique, and that’s the hardest part of this creation. I’m glad that I succeeded, even at the hardest part, the head light. There’s still a difficult job need to be done after all the LEGO creation is completed, the stickers. The process making a set of custom stickers for REPSOL is complicate and annoying. I spent months dealing with things I never touch before, such as picture and logo retouching, aligning, printing stickers, cutting stickers. I even paint the wheel rims into LEGO orange since there’s no orange LEGO rim. All these stuffs make me almost forgot I’m creating a LEGO work during these months. Happily, I finally got what I want. Let’s take a look of its outfit. The clutch staff and pedal can really move. CBR1000rr during 2004 to 2007 has single tail pipe under the back seat, and later versions have bottom right short exhaust pipe. I personally prefer later version. There’s a small trunk under the back seat, like real CBR1000rr do. The side stand. Back seat footrest can actually flipped and stretch. It is how suspension system works. Now let’s take a look of skeleton. The head is really complicated that no parts are combined in 90 degrees as normal. The rear suspension system of CBR1000RR is exclusive unit pro-link technique. Here are two pictures showing how it works. And this is how my LEGO bike works. Sadly there is no room to put entire exhaust pipe in this bike, so I can only tuck its head section in. I made a stand for it, which makes it more “racing” and also very convenient when I am “repairing” it (the side stand is not very stable). I also made a U-bolt for it, in case anyone ride it away. … such like this. LOL (it’s another color scheme, HRC version, I might public it later if I got time.) (This mighty IRON MAN is not my creation) This is where I work. I should find some times to paint my wall after finishing this. This bike takes me 2 years to build it, hope my next program won’t take me that long. Do you like it? Please drop me comments! This is the CUUSOO page of this work , please give me a support if you like this! And whoever likes this bike, thank you!
  16. Rolli

    Crimson Hornet 3000

    V-Galactic Racing: Crimson Hornet 3000 by rolli One of these rare quick builds, an evening long, just there to distract me from other projects. I wanted to build some sci-fi for a change - think Formula 1 in space and in the far future. Obviously this needs to be a game so I came up with the whole screen design which - fun fact - took me longer than building. I will add more racers in the coming months, whenever I feel like I need to build one or need another break - after all I need to unlock them all Looking forward to what you think - let me know! Best Markus
  17. niteangel

    Octan Audi R18 LMP (from 60025)

    The new 60025 excited me at first, but when it was out, I was so disappointed about the design. The 6-stud to 8-stud transition was awkward. I would say this is more like a starter set. However, the color scheme was good. At the same time, I was watching the news on the recent Le Mans 24-hour racing, and I was so fascinated by the champion Audi R18 car. Hey, that's exactly what Lego should have done, perhaps! It took me nearly 1 week to research on that car, and 3 days to create this Lego version of the R18. Let's get into the racing tracks and have a look! Overview of the car: The hardest part is the tail. I did 4 versions in total, and I finally adopted this. I used the 1x2x1 piece sideways as the side exhaust, and integrated the brake light into the bottom bumper line. Looks ready to dash, right? The crew is doing a fine tuning... Reference image of Audi R18: (Google R18 for more images!) Okay, after a week I finally completed the modification on the truck as well. And here you go, the transporter! I have been struggling for the whole week figuring out whether I should use 8-stud or 9-stud or 10-stud container. 8 is not enough as the R18 is actually a little more than 8.5 stud. 10 is too big and it is so difficult to make it look good with the 6-stud wide truck head. Finally I used the uncommon 9 stud, which is not bad at all. The R18 fits perfectly inside while the trailer can "grow" smoothly from the head using some tilting pieces. The tail. Come on quick quick quick! Unload it! So that's basically what it is like after the huge surgery. It doesn't take too many extra bricks, which are mostly used on the base for the trailer, top of the trailer (it is 2 bricks taller) and the racing car. I used the same amount of wheels from 60025 too! Well, the trailer can be detached, as usual. You can see the barrels of Octan petrol stored at the front of the trailer too! Maybe I will make a Shell LMP later to compete with this R18. Let me know what you think! :D
  18. Chapachuk

    MOC cart

    Small and simple. Flickr:
  19. Ok, I don't expect to win the competition with this as it is, but I've only just started. I added a pullback motor because it makes it much more fun to play with if it drives by itself. The steering is good, and connected to an easy access gear. I didn't gear up the pull back for longer drive time because it's a racer, and it needs speed, but offroad so it needs torque Please give me some suggestions, because I need some extra features to put in this.
  20. niteangel

    Porsche GT3 RS

    Taking me nearly two weeks, I finally got the time to find the needed parts and build this super car. I did a Mustang some time ago, and I thought I should make and complete a super sports car series (so that they can really race in my city, haha). Now, here you go! I just parked my new Porsche GT3 RS! (oops, I just found that a light is tilted in front of the restaurant!) I tried very hard to make the car profile as close to the real one as possible, and here are some photos for comparison... I think the rear part is the best, and I even keep the center red tail light! I like the mix of 4-stud and 5-stud to achieve the tail profile... I can use white for the spoiler, but I guess it is more exaggerating to have it in red. Just a little test. Now it is placed next to the Mustang, and you can see the two different styles... I tried so many different windshields but none of them looks nice since I have a 6-to-4 car profile (bottom to top). I guess I will just leave the glass issue aside, as the car profile is more important than glass problem! Time for pedal to the metal! C'mon and start drifting and dragging!
  21. imvanya

    [LDD MOC] Octan racing 4x4

    It's been a while since I last posted, but here's something I built some time ago. It's a 4x4 for desert races like Dakar, to me it reminds a Schlesser-Renault buggy. It is painted in traditional Octan colors and fits (just barely - no hairpieces or hats) a minifig. Here's an .lxf and here are the pictures:
  22. imvanya

    [LDD MOC] Race car

    I'm back with another MOC, but it's quite different from most of the previous ones. The main difference is that I finally figured out how to render my LDD MOCs in POV-Ray, so now it's a render rather than a screenshot. When it comes to the build itself it also stands out. Being 8 studs wide, this car has very peculiar proportions as It's two times wider but still lower than most of City cars I usually build. Other than that it's quite standard, there were quite a few similar official sets like Speed Racer ones. And once again the MOC started as just a test of one of my ideas. I decided to use the snowboard as a front splitter, which turned out pretty well. So here's the render of the result: Of course, the snowboard doesn't exist in black. However, looking at the prototypes - real race cars like NASCAR ones, it would be quite possible to build this model IRL using an existing version of the snowboard and still be able to create a good-looking and still believable colour scheme as real race cars are often very colourful Anyway, comments are welcome, here's a link to the .lxf file if you happen to need it
  23. V-LC-21C Hi everibody, I'd like to show you my latest MOC. I build it after I bought the old model 6335 ( http://www.brickset....ail/?set=6335-1 ) So I decided to build up a modern version of it, making it wider (6-7 studs) and replacing the three F1 cars with 5 go-karts. What you think about it? Other pictures here: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=516732 Any comment or suggestion is welcome! Bye Teazza