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Found 325 results

  1. Th3_Br1ck_Kid

    Troubleshooting for Helicarrier

    Hello, Eurobricks. I wanted to post this page because a few days back, I FINALLY managed to get a 4x8 train motor, so I could motorize the engines on my Lego Helicarrier. But when I put in all the power function accessories, the lights came on, but the rotors barely spun for a second. I was wondering if anyone else had motorized their helicarrier, and experienced a similar problem. If so, do you have any solutions to how on fix the problem? Thank you, Th3_Br1ck_Kid
  2. My LEGO version of the Baldwin DR-12-8-1500/2 "Centipede". The Centipede was Baldwin Locomotive Work's first attempt at a road diesel locomotive. Its unique feature was 12 axles which made the locomotive looked like a centipede. Unfortunately, it was not reliable and none was saved from the scrap yard. My MOC is powered by LEGO Power Functions. It follows LEGO 6 wide train toy style. It is approx. 60 studs long. Baldwin DR-12-8-1500/2 Centipede by dr_spock_888, on Flickr View from back. The Centipede was original built for passenger service but engine failures left it relegated to freight service. Access to Power Functions AAA battery box. The batteries also adds weight on top of the PF Train motor. Access to engineer in cab for playability (and changing Infrared Receiver channel): It can negiotiate LEGO R40 curves and switches. Although it looks like it is going to take out anything next to the curves. I had to add a lot of articulation to the wheel arrangement. It would look best on the largest ME curved track. I think it is a suitable MOC for all those metal axles I have been making for bogies. There is something interesting about having lots of wheels on equipment.
  3. Hi, I have recently started a tracked vehicle project. I have made a few other topics about it, building it etc. I was wondering if anyone has made a vehicle then turned around and made it articulated. (Especially tracked) I also need tips on how to do this. Thanks
  4. Hi, I am building a tracked all terrain vehicle, wondering if anyone knows about suspension for tracked vehicles. I also need to know how to upload pictures.
  5. Hi, I am working on a new project which is a tracked vehicle, I have started on it and remodeled it 3 times already. I am new to tracked suspension and wanted to incorporate hard shocks. The motor I will be using is the Lego XL motor.
  6. RC driving and steering. All wheel drive and Live axle suspension Lifted with Mickey Thompson tires: Internals More on my Flickr Youtube video (I know doesn't work in some countries, you can find it on flickr too)
  7. I am looking to build a MOC and want to use drivers either equal in scale the PRR's T1 or larger in scale. I believe BBB XL drivers are still too small, so what is the next best option? Here are a few I was thinking of: 1) Contacting BBB and trying to get a custom set of deivers made. 2) Contacting the custom siderods guy and getting a custom,set of drivers made. 3) Purchasing Lionel T1 wheels and modifying a few bricks to use them. 1 and 2 will be pricey, but it will be closer to true lego. 3 will add weight, improve traction, and reduce derails at high speed, but will need to modify lego brick. Other suggestions welcome!
  8. Here comes something powerful, duel motor, 4x4... IMG_0374 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr Video and description coming soon... Look at post #10
  9. Hello, I'm happy to introduce you to my modular garage with power functions and pneumatics: This modular has the following components: 1x Rechargeable battery box (8878) 1x M motor 1x air tank 1x manometer 2x small pumps (6L) 2x small pneumatic cylinders 2x medium pneumatic cylinders with square base Approximately 1,5m of pneumatic tubes (I didn't count, maybe there's more) I always wanted to mix technic and regular system bricks and I already did so with my Ice Cream Parlor (http://www.eurobrick...opic=111129&hl=). Now, with my third modular, it was time to introduce pneumatics! :D This is the coolest part of LEGO for me and to increase the cool factor I have used manometer as well :D This building's purpose is mostly to have fun, so I didn't care that much for the fact that gigantic manometer on top of the building is rather rare sight in real life ;) I simply always wanted to have one and observe the changing pressure as I play around with my model and here it is! Anyway, we have here compressor that powers cylinders that open the doors (2 small cylinders) and rise and lower the car lift (2 medium w/ square base). The list accepts cars up to 7 wide and has a lot of lifting power. You can remove all three sections of the roof for easy access. Here is full gallery on Bricksafe: And here is movie on youtube: Enjoy!
  10. Taking a break from my High Speed Train Project, I decided to once again attempt an Amfleet car, easier said than done due to the curved design of the car, I also plan on building a AEM-7 to go with it and upload the locomotive and passenger car to Lego Ideas. The carriage is 8 studs wide, I attempted to make it 6 studs wide since it's going on Lego Ideas, but because of the way the body of the passenger car curves inwards on the bottom (and top), it looked horrible being 6 studs wide. The car contains 22 seats and a bathroom (inspired by the Horizon Express bathroom), opening external doors, I have not built internal doors (yet), the real train has sliding doors, but that is not possible (at least for me, I'm sure someone else could do it) with LEGO, currently the passenger car contains 662 pieces, but that number will be increased when I add opening internal doors. The bogies are able to swivel 360 degrees which will allow them to turn with ease on the tight turns of standard LEGO track. Please also check out Shupp's Amtrak AEM-7 and Amfleet Coach from 2011. Thanks for reading, God Bless Christ be with you all .lxf file: http://www.mediafire...mp15/amtrak.lxf
  11. Well, I've got a bunch of ideas and other random things, as I am building more often, so rather than make a dedicated thread for every off the cuff thing or proof of concept I turn out, I'm just going to compile it here. The first item is a proof of concept chassis for a Gottwald crane, which I meant to be an AK-912, but there are many different models that have a similar chassis, including the AMK-1000, and the AK-680. It's a WIP, but I have other projects I want to finish first, so I made this, and am currently working on an LDD file. Once that file is finished, this thing will be taken apart, so I can use the pieces for other projects, and once I am ready to give this my all, I will use the LDD file to rebuild it. Gottwald AK-912 chassis. by Saberwing007, on Flickr The model is meant to be like an official set, like 42043, meaning one motor, and no RC. The chassi has a V-12 engine, like the real thing, and 8 wheel drive, with a single middle differential. I found that given how far apart the axles are, a differential is required between the 2 sets of driven axles. The different angle between the steering axles is achieved by a diagonal beam, which is very effective. There is almost no backlash, and the axles are in sync automatically. Also, due to how it works, the axles are set to the correct angle relative to each other automatically, due to how it is built, without any calculations. Another picture of the front unit: Gottwald AK-912 chassis. by Saberwing007, on Flickr In addition, the chassis can be separated into three parts, like the real thing. Seperate by Saberwing007, on Flickr Although the steering on the front and rear units works well, it's connecting the two that has proven problematic. I blame lack of stiffness in the middle reversing linkage, and using friction pins for every steering connection. But, for now, this is finished. I will get back to it later, I don't know how much later, though.
  12. So I prefer to build small. I managed to miniaturize all the functionality of a standard forklift (driving, lifting, tilting) into a chassis only 11 studs wide. One of the advantages this offered me (among better strength, speed and maneuverability) is that I was able to build an entire warehouse to muck about in. This wasn't always the plan. I thought I'd just build two or three containers to show off its functionality, and that would be it. Then, the Android Sbrick app crashed and burned (or at least, it did on my phone) and it took two months for them to update the thing into relative functionality again. So I had plenty of time to build some scenery. For the enthusiasts; I've uploaded a LXF file to so you can tinker with it. (By the way, if you're a person who has built a forklift, could you link me to a picture of your forklift in this view? I'm very curious to see how it's scaled relative to other people's MOCs.)
  13. I've been lurking here for a while but have never been satisfied with any of my MOCs enough to post them here. The nearest I came was an MLRS that worked well but looked rubbish :P Anyway, I'm in the process of designing a Grave Digger monster truck replica (approx 1:15 ish scale). Features: - 4 wheel drive - 4 wheel steering - Steering modes: 2-wheel, 4-wheel, crab - 4-link, very long travel suspension - Suspension travel is also to scale. Almost. - All motors contained in the chassis (no servo-on-axle affairs) - SBrick control - Tyres from a Tamiya Lunchbox I'm designing this in Sketchup and rendering with the Twilight Render (free) plugin. Note that I've drawn all the pieces myself, and they're all drawn to have a low polygon count so that my machine doesn't croak to a halt. Some of the pieces aren't very accurate atm (e.g. the XL motors). So far, I think I've got the chassis designed: And here's a couple of closeups: Issues I can foresee so far: - Friction from so many knob wheels - Bump steer (but I don't want to sacrifice suspension travel by putting the servo on the axle) - Not sure whether having the steering upside down like that will have any negative effects. - Not sure if I can get all of the parts in green that I want Can anyone see any other potential issues with this design (before I start putting in BL orders)? Thanks
  14. Hi! This is my first (maybe second) post on this forum, but I've been following it for quite a long time now. I started building with Lego Technic about five years ago and now I would like to share with you the video of my latest creation which is this Motorized Bus. This model features: Drive, powered by two L-motors Steering, powered by a Servo Motor Opening front and back doors powered by two M-motors It also has a very detailed fake V6 engine in the back. I started building this model about a year ago. My spare time is rather limited since I'm a student, and I've been working on other projects as well, but there's still a lot of work behind this creation. The doors were the most challenging things to build and it took a very long time to get them right, I've rebuilt that mechanism at least five times. It was also very hard to make a mechanism that would fit under the roof of the bus and not be visible through the windows. Well, now it's finally finished and I'm quite happy with the end result so I hope you like it too and enjoy watching my video!
  15. sheo

    [MOC] Nuclear Building

    Nuclear Building is a round modular building whose shape resembles a mushroom cloud. Model characteristics: Building comprises 3 stories and has a height of 40 bricks. Fits into 32 x 32 modular standard and can be put near any other modular building not taller than 28 bricks. Building is equipped with a functional elevator. Model consists of over 4100 parts. Some of the architectural features: Model consists of 4 modules: The following picture shows how the modules are connected together: The building is equipped with a functional elevator: Despite its oversized top floor, the building can be put near any other modular building not taller than 28 bricks. The connection points are embedded in the fences. Additional links: Photo album on Flickr. Building instructions are available on Rebrickable.
  16. I am looking for some suggestions. My daughter is building the Mars Rover set (go here for the details: for a presentation at school and I told her I would help make it operate by remote control with one of the power function kits. Problem is that it is a lot more complex than I thought. (I have no experience at the expert LEGO building). I think I can maybe get it moving with a remote, receiver, and simple motor attached to one wheel, but I do not have any idea how to do the steering and don’t know how to move any of the other functions (camera, antenna, robotic arm). see It was not designed to be converted to power functions / motorized. Here is a photo of the underside: I am not sure the easiest / best way to add power for drive and steering. It just has to move a little bit in the classroom, not drive outdoors in all terrain. I posted in another forum and a member suggested that I post here. Any suggestions to help me figure out what I need to do and what to buy to easily make this work would be much appreciated. Thanks much!
  17. After skyping with a good friend of mine braker23 he gave me an idea to make A sherp 4x4. Here's the real deal: It took me an hour to make a first protoype in LDD, which you can see here: As you can see everything is built around the boat hull, so that the model can also float like the real thing. And here's the first rough build in the water: I used track elements wrapped around tumbler wheels to get the paddle shape. I will need 4 more track elements since 2 can fit with ease on each wheel: Underside you can see the reinforcments keeping the boat hull secured: So far there are soem problems with 36 tooth gears skipping under high torque which I belive I can fix by using 8L axles with stop instead of current 5,5 ones. If that doesnt help I can always use small turntables. I also need 4 more tracks, but currently I spent all my money on parts for silverfox and oshkosh 10x10, so these will ahve to wait a bit. I very surprised on how well this thing floats, but it cannot support much more weight, so the bodywork will have bo light and basic in order to keep it from sinking. Whats your opinion guys?
  18. Today, I found a video from our good friend Sariel about a new, Lego compatible motor system called RCBRICKS, from a startup of the same name. These motors look quite unlike PF motors, and seem to be based off of high torque hobby servo motors, and as such are quite capable. Watch the video for more information. (It's in Polish, but the subtitles are just fine, and in English.) Here are the Pros and Cons, as far as I can see: Pro: Lots of power Highly responsive Great range Should be relatively inexpensive. Compatible with any kind of RC gear. Con: Not compatible with Lego PF system in any way. RC receivers and transmitters are expensive. Questionable battery choice. Motors are entirely new shapes, and not readily compatible with the system, meaning that they are not drop in replacements Unproven startup. Receivers and batteries are not Lego compatible. I don't know, they sound okay, but the thing is, what most people have problems with is either the power supply, or receivers of the Lego PF system, and not the motors. While I think it is a valiant attempt to rectify the Lego systems short range, I don't think they are going about it the right way. I am also kind of dubious about the idea of using a USB batter pack for this, as it is not really Lego compatible, and has to be awkwardly rubber banded in place. It would be preferable if there were a way to go from RC standard to LPF standard, as having all new motors might alienate people who just want a drop in PF receiver replacement, like SBrick. What do you guys think?
  19. 42029 Lego Technic Customized Pickup Truck in highly modified form. Features include ultra-firm dual independent suspension. Motorized with Power Functions.
  20. Hello, I noticed that the performance of the original 9398 was not very good so I decided to do this mod including 5 motors. IMG_0086 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr I kept the body original and suspension except shock placement and drive and did extend the wheelbase but kept the original width. The suspension has about ~45* of flex and is responsibly soft and responsive to bumps. I used 2 XL motors in the back, 2 L motors in the front and replaced the servo motor with a M-motor for steering and added 1 pair of headlights. IMG_0116 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr IMG_0117 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr The front axle has a kingpin incline making the wheel pivot near the inside of the wheel making it easier to steer and makes it have less stress on the steering motor. You may be wondering about the use of 2 different motors in the dive chain causing problems in speed differences but your worries can be put to rest because a L motor geared 12/20 is almost the same as 1 XL. IMG_0121 by JJ2Sam, on Flickr Thank you for reading-watching! More pictures on my flickr
  21. I need suggestion with my car. I have images below of what I have so far. A few questions. What springs should I use. Hard or soft? What wheels or tires? And I need ideas on how to complete it. So far my axle has working steering and a driveshaft connected. I don't know what to do next as I am a new technic builder. If any more information or pictures are needed please tell me :) Images:
  22. Here's a Beach Buggy I made for an upcoming truck trial this weekend. This trial only has a few rules: Use 62.4 wheels, 2 motors for propulsion max and 1 for steering. It's based on Zblj's "Blue" suspension, drive and steering, modified to fit my beach buggy/trial needs. It features 4 wheel drive and steering. Was a little bit of work to work with the bright green from only 1 Le Mans set. Forgot to make a picture with the suspension pressed. Might make it tomorrow (bad lighting now). It looks pretty sweet with it compressed. The rear wheelarches look like they hug the wheels (a stud or so of space left between wheel and wheelarch). The car bottoms out with the suspension fully compressed. Here you can see how much I stole from Zblj. I only changed the type of suspension arms, slightly altered the steering mechanism and placed my motors differently for a lower look. (ignore my Lego tripod in the bottom right) Thank you for your time.
  23. Zerobricks

    WIP Silverfox

    After the realtive succesfull black wolf I think its time to make a new, better and cuter Technic animal. I decided to make a silverfox, since I have some 1000+ of antennas with the gray base. Compared to the black wolf, this model will have many improvments starting with total rebuild of joints. Back in 'ol 2011 the ball joints just came out and were rather a novelity. Now I have enough ball joints, and linear actuators to make a mechanical analougous of hips, shoulder and muscles. Total amount of LA's used in this model will be 10 or more, having 6 large and 4 small LAs. The number of ball joints will be 6, four for legs and 2 for head and tail. I already built a mockup both in LDD and real life. Notice that the body is quite compact even though there are 6M motors, 6LA's and some 30 gears in there. So far it may seem like a unrecognisable shape of bits, but if you looks closer you can see where the legs will attach to the body. The whole body is also double articulated in front and rear. And its articulated to the front and rear can swing not only sideways, but also up and down, so the fox will be able to bend spine in all directions.
  24. BrickController2 is an Android and iOS application that allows you to control your Lego models using a compatible gamepad. It supports the following devices: - SBrick - BuWizz 1-2 - Lego Powered-Up devices: Boost, PUP HUB and Technic HUB (or Control+) - PF infrared (on Android devices having infrared emitter). Features: - Multiple profiles for a single creation - Multiple motor (or output) assignment to a single controller event - Different types of devices can be used at the same time - The same motor (or output) can be assigned to multiple controller events - Different joystick characteristic settings - Different button modes: normal button, simple toggle, ping-pong toggle, carousel toggle, ... - Train mode on joysticks - Normal and servo mode for the new Control+ motors BrickController 2 on the Google Play Store: BrickController2 android BrickController 2 is also available on the Apple App Store. BrickController2 iOS Video tutorial created by @kbalage (many thanks for this): And another great video by @kbalage: Older versions: BrickController Android application. It lets you to control Lego creations via Lego infra-red, SBrick and BuWizz V1 and V2 using any Android compatible game controller: Current version: BrickController 0.6 User guide: BrickController User Guide Minimum system requirement: Android 4.4 and bluetooth low energy support on the phone (or tablet) Video on the older SBrickController application:
  25. andrewganschow

    Power Functions Wiring

    I just bought a mini air pump today and an extension wire with the intention of splicing the pump to the wire. I wanted to know which wires on a PF cable carry current, and which carry signal for RC controls. I know there are two wires to carry current and two to carry signal, I’m just not sure which wires do what. Thank you in advance for the help.