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Found 56 results

  1. Finally, after a long hiatus there's a new official LDraw parts update. Here's the full 'press release':
  2. hi everyone in this topic I'll show my collection of trains to start, a moc I made using pieces I had laying around
  3. Hi, I've been looking to buy parts for the 2015 SDCC Action Comics #1 set. Upon my research I've noticed that the part with Design Number 98281 (Green Wedge 6 x 4 x 2/3 Quad Curved) only appears in this set. How is it possible that a part is a convention exclusive? And will it ever be released in a widely available set? It's baffling to me that TLG would do this.
  4. Darth_Brick360

    Rare Parts Shop?

    Does anyone know of a good brick link store that sells rare pieces? Like anything that is not common, even prototypes and pre production parts. Thanks
  5. Hello, Having played extensively with LEGO Technic as a youth (I still have the original 853 Car Chassis Technical set), I now find myself playing with LEGO Technic with my son! I am a vehicle design engineer by trade and this combined with the time spent playing with LEGO Technic resulted in an idea for a new Technic compatible part. After this idea had knocked around in my mind for some time and refused to go away, I decided to design in properly using 3D CAD and present it to the Lego Group to see what they thought. I put together the following video and sent it by e-mail to the LEGO Group several months ago, but I have had no success in getting them to take an interest in the proposal: My design cannot be submitted through the LEGO Ideas web site, because new part designs are specifically excluded. However if I can get to at least 10,000 views on YouTube (the LEGO Ideas review threshold), I think LEGO Group may be prepared to give serious consideration to producing these new parts. If you like the idea please help by sharing this video on social media, in forums and with friends. Thank you for your help.
  6. bjorkan

    Help for yellow bar #6139483

    Help in the Lego set 60110 Fire station there is a long yellow bar, like auger, designated in the building instructions as #6139483, but it does not exist in any database as official part, or I am missing something? If someone has some more information, please :) Thanks.
  7. A new parts update (2015-02) just has been released: Happy New Year 2016! Steffen
  8. Hi there fellow LEGO fans! I've been procrastinating this for months but I finally started updating my BrickLink store and I have a few items for sale here. An assortment of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and other themed minifigure heads, torso assemblies, and accessories are all up for sale. I would prefer to sell this as a lot for around $40-$50, which would price each item at a bit less than $1 while many of these parts belong to rare figures priced much higher. If you are interested in particular items, I would also not mind breaking up this lot. If interested, contact me via private message or email. ( Additionally, stop by my BrickLink store! :)
  9. Can anybody tell me why it's not possible to order of some the parts from the 42043 mercedes truck. Tried early today to order some parts for a moc. The parts where : But according to the mail i recieved later today TLG says that those parts are not yet avaible. So why is it not possible to order them now ??? It seems that i cannot get the picture links to work The parts ere the new pneumatic cylinders 2x11 and 1X11.
  10. Hello, yesterday I encountered a strange problem when importing a .ldr file into LeoCad. It simply wouldn't show my 2 x 3 plate with hole, ldraw part 3176.dat. The part renders fine in MLCad, LDCad, LDView and the like, but it shows only the 4 studs in LIC (instruction creator) and LeoCad's part window, while not showing at all in the rendered models using the latter two. You can see the difference in the two images attached. My question is - is this a known phenomenon? Are more parts affected than just this one? How can a part like this be used in LeoCad or LIC? Thx m.
  11. Hey, A new LDraw parts update is published on the LDraw website. I received the following message regarding the new update: So, it was a long wait (2015 is almost over already ), but it's a relatively big update. A quick look at the new parts shows that there are especially a lot of new minifig parts and printed parts. Have fun!
  12. So, a lot of builders aren't really very keen with using G1 Bionicle parts with the CCBS. While that's fine and dandy, I just want to tease you with a little something I discovered the other week... Yep, Vorox armour works perfectly with CCBS bones with Technic holes! Connected with just one Technic pin, and kept stationary via it's own axle connector slotting into the bottom of the socket area of the bone, it's almost as if you have a brand spanking new CCBS shell! This Vorox can't believe his newly-revamped optics! Even if you're largely CCBS purist (like myself), I still think you should invest in some of these. They come in tan and brown like you see here, but also black and purple, and a 5 year money back guarantee! Lewis god dammit this isn't an infommercial please stop Give it a try!
  13. Hello Someone know how to import to excel a set inventory with parts weight? I know its shown in Brickstock, but I'd like to manage the weight in excel. Thanks, Eli
  14. Hi< I was just wondering if anyone knows any places to buy specific minifig parts? such as hair pieces or torsos?
  15. This topic is a little bit odd, and maybe not that generally applicable, but I am building a model on commission, and they want a price estimate. Trouble is, the model has not been built yet, so I sort of have no way of knowing how much it will cost. I was thinking about just applying the 10 cents per part cost to it, but I am kind of worried that that approach is too simplistic. I have tried looking at comparable MOCs on Rebrickable, and then using the Bricklink price checker, among other things, but my Google-Fu has failed me, which makes me think that this is something that has not been done before. A similar issue is if one desires to purchase all the parts for a MOC that has instructions, as discussed in the thread about Gerger's GMK 2400 crane. Effectively, is there any good to estimate the price of a MOC, or is it really just a crap shoot?
  16. I plan to display some creations at Brick 2015 in the UK. This will probably be the first display at a LEGO convention as well as purchasing specific parts for MOC's. I normally build on LEGO Digital Designer and occasionally build with actual bricks, examples can be seen here: Now for your help! I need to know what is the best way to purchase parts for LEGO MOC's, I plan to display some of my best creations that you guys have already seen as well as some new secret projects. What is the best option or cheapest way to build LEGO MOC's? Pick-A-Brick, buying multiple sets, Bricklink/Brickowl etc. One big problem I've come across is budget. I have acsses to just over £1100 from now until October. Should I spend all of it on creating MOC's for Brick2015 or should I mix it up and buy a few sets? Is it worth taking apart sets for specific parts, I own many LEGO Super Heroes sets as well as LEGO Ideas and D2C sets? I've been to Brick last year and saw many large layouts. What is the best size to build at? I would like to build some of my best MOC's I have already shown on Flickr. Any tips for smaller builds in similar sizes to official LEGO sets? I'm currently thinking of doing a large layout as the center piece to attract attention and have smaller builds on the side. What do you think? How do you guys plan in advance? Any other tips and ideas you guys have to help me with your past experiences of LEGO conventions and building MOC's? Any feedback and suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Adeel
  17. Do you know what your looking at? Can you guess what this part is and also what it does? I give you one hint this hint might revel everything or it might reveal nothing depends on how you perceive things but here it is. There is at least a 100+ of them in front of you at any given time of the day.
  18. I recently went to Bricks and Pieces to order some parts. I accidentally hit the "element design number" button without entering the part I wanted, but I still got results! A few Sand Blue and Md. Blue pieces popped up as well as a window pane and a pile of Duplo gold! Does anyone know why LEGO has this in their system? It's so random...
  19. Wodanis

    PAB and BnP prices

    Hi everyone, It has been a few weeks since the BnP service has been back online. I've been keeping track of the pricing for PAB and BnP. Currently there have been price increases. Normally we receive price increases yearly some are reasonable and few; other times a baffling increase in price. It's rare I see a part decrease in price. I try to abstain from Bricklink as the prices listed are secondary market and flucuate significantly. This thread is just to comment on PAB and BnP services. BnP prices are up, but what shocked me today was PAB prices increasing. Most base pieces are about .10 cents such as 1x1 tiles and bricks. Most have increased by a cent. Now you may say that is nothing. However once you start adding up your order it adds up. In my comparison of part prices for projects there have been some really odd discrepancies. In some cases I've noticed differences of .20 cents or so. I will have to look up some examples to illustrate. One of things I've been wondering about is why are the prices increasing? A mix of popularity, production costs or just the fact that TLG can. 'More bang for money' What do others think?
  20. nerdsforprez

    Building others' MOCs

    I am wondering if there should be a post dedicated to people who are building MOCs out there produced by others specifically dedicated towards part selection. Recently there was a thread that discussed buidling other's MOCs, like Sheepo's mustang (or other models) or Designer Hans' new crane. However, nothing to my knowledge exists specifically towards these models and the availability of parts selection. Why I bring this up is because I am working on the Sheepo's mustang. i am modifying it a bit, but as I am building it I am stumbling upon some things I did not know were an issue. For example, we all know flexible axles are rare and $$$$ pricey, and I knew there would be other parts that likewise would be pricey (like the damper) but other things arose that were a surprise for me. Like connecters #3 in red. Hardly any in the US. Building one mustang in the US, without paying overseas shipping, would completely deplete the US storage of all connector #3's. To go overseas for the parts would cost over 100$ USD! Just for those parts. Price is one thing, and I know that good builders will pay the costs to have their models done just right, but my whole country doesn't have enough of these parts even for one Mustang!! - alas, this would have been nice to know b/f i began the model. Yes, I can substitute for another color, but not at this point in the game. I have already built and bought pretty much everything else for the build. Not that this has to be that post.... it would be useful to have one for each and every major MOC that is in production. Starting one for Sheepo's mustang or other models might be a good idea. It looks like many are thinking about building Designer Han's new crane... so a post on that one would be helpful as well. Again, just discussing the build in terms of element selection and availability. Many parts are exchangeable in terms of colors. What colors are changeable and what are not? Does the builder want all functions? For the build I am doing, I don't care for the lego elements that power Sheepo's Mustang. I am powering it with something else. I don't care for the braking system (if my intent is to make it go fast, brakes just add more friction and slow it down) or the two L motors that power it. Therefore... I can do away with all those elements. These are all things people need to consider as they build others' work. Discussing them would be helpful.
  21. I'm sure most of you guys know of Vengit, the producers of the SBrick. I was thinking, since they already make the SBrick, a PF compatible element that Lego itself would never produce, maybe they could eventually expand their lineup to include more things? If they did so , what would you want them to make? I'd like to see some adapters, to connect various other batteries to the PF system, like a cable that would go from a common 7.2v RC batter to a PF plug, or a snap for a 9v battery, or even a system that plugs into the wall, like the old train speed regulator. Also good would be some small motors, and a proportional switch. Also along these lines, would it be a good thing if Lego endorsed this kind of thing, like they did for certain Mindstorms sensors?
  22. There's a new LDraw update, version 2014-02. For the people here that don't like to read, here's the page that sums up all the new parts. If you do like a little more information, the following text sums it up pretty well: Source It also includes my first parts
  23. Hi, I have sometimes found myself baffled by parts so I thought a topic for parts which have been "phased out" or "replaced" would be helpful Here are a couple examples of what I mean A completely changed design which upset a few fans of the older space themes. Old New A change to the base which no longer allows connection the old dragon/crocodiles mouth sized hole Old New There are more and I am currently researching and remembering the few I have noticed in the past few years. (If this topic is inappropriate or felt unneeded by any of the staff members feel free to contact me or take it down)
  24. I wonder if anyone has the same problem. I went to UK and bought several sets and went back to my country few days ago. Today, my son and I will building and found that 1 of the set has a missing piece. I went to lego customer service on the website. I have found that they have they have changed the missing part service. Now it was virtually impossible to contact LEGO. I could not drop them an email. I cannot even report that there was a missing part on the customer service site as I was not in one of the country. The ridiculous part is that they ask me to return to the local retailer... they do expect me to fly back to UK to return a set with a missing part. I always paid a high price in LEGO compared to other toys (as it is very expensive in Asia) as I found their post-sales service impeccable. Now... I think they are just another company that tried to save cost at the expense of the customer. Has anyone having similar issue?
  25. I know that many MOC builders buy large sets, such as the Unimog, 9398 Crawler, or Mobile Crane Mk II, just for the parts. Others use BL to get parts - many BL parts for sale seem to be parted out large sets current and recent. For BL, you pay a premium for someone doing the parting-out, but you only need to buy the parts needed. My question is whether one uses all of the parts or some significant fraction if you by a large set. For example, of the 2600 parts in the Mobile Crane, how many are useful for MOC creations - all, most, or half? Should I be buying large sets, or just BL the parts I think I need. thanks for replies and comments!