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Found 7 results

  1. Animation for the promotion of "THE CENTRAL PERK" lego ideas project on opening "I'll be there for you" :-) What do you think? Link removed by WhiteFang Thank you.
  2. Lego animation Opening F.R.I.E.N.D.S . Stop motion with LDD and bluerender. What do you think.
  3. soccerkid6

    Tea Box

    I made this as a Christmas gift for my mom. It was my first attempt making a functional LEGO model, and I'm quite pleased with it. See more pictures here: link Thanks for looking
  4. Dear eager eurobricks readers, After my Luctor adventure (see, I thought the story was all over and that it would dust away in a corner, yellowing faster than a ripening banana. However, the company that I sold it to asked me if it could open their 35-year business anniversary by driving through a polystyrene wall! They didn't prepare me for the terror that was coming.... Nearly crushed a one-year priceless Lego creation! But what a good use of a vehicle to give it one last appearance before it dusts away in the history books! Enjoy the video! (in Dutch, sorry...) More videos to get you informed about the Luctor: More about the Luctor itself (this video has already sometime ago been posted here) Can you think of a bigger reward for building a Lego MOC?
  5. soccerkid6

    Kaldrfell Castle

    Well here is what I've been working on for just a bit over a month: Kaldrfell Castle. I took inspiration from many different castle builders, but here are some that inspired specific sections or details in the castle: Ecclesiastes, Kayne, Eklund, peggyjdb, Buurli Burri, Andhe, and legonardo. There is a full interior in every building, and the keep lifts off and hinges open. Also every door/trapdoor, and the drawbridge and portcullis are all functional. Interior buildings inside the castle include: a smithy, servant's house, stable, and chicken coop. And I think I came up with a new archer slit design, it can be seen on all the buildings except the rounded tower. Basically you center a 1x3 arch so that it has a half stud offset on each side and the use brick modified with stud to hold tiles to fill the gaps. You could make pretty much the same windows with going to the bother of centering them, but I like the texture you get when you do. The pictures should explain the design much better than this description. Kaldrfell Castle looks out onto a small lake in the Heavenly Mountains and protects the city of Kaldrfell which is built around the lake. Lord Nordan and Lady Deonne, Glorfindel's parents, rule Kaldrfell. Here Glorfindel pays them a visit: There are tons of details so be sure to check out more pics here: link All C&C greatly appreciated
  6. The main focus of this build was the large waterfall, which features a new waterfall technique (more info on that later in this post). The small tower doesn't have an interior as there wasn't space for one with the SNOT design, but the larger towers do and the whole build opens up to reveal tunnels, rooms, and a stairway created by the dwarves. Credit for the snow on the bushes design goes to Brother Steven. Credit for the slope corners of the lower tower goes to Daniel Church. The Fossgard Falls are some of the most famous waterfalls in Historica. The dwarves of Fossgard have many tunnels and fortresses built around these falls, but are willing to allow sightseers from any of the guilds to come enjoy the falls' splendour: Left tower interior: Right tower interior: The waterfall design is quite simple, it uses mainly 3 pieces: clear 1x2 bricks, clear 1x2 plates, and clear 1x1 round plates. Using those pieces you build a wall 2 studs thick in front of white bricks. You use the white bricks to define the shape of the fall, for mine I used 6 studs as the width for the center of the fall, then stepped back a stud and did 4 studs wide on either side of the 6 studs, then stepped back another stud and did 2 studs wide on the outside edges of the 4 stud sections. While building the wall of clear, you attach 1x2 plates so that they stick out one stud from the rest of the wall every so often, and you put 1x1 round plates or cheese slopes on top of the protruding edge of the 1x2 plate. Also as you build the wall every three or four brick layers, you step the whole fall back a stud by moving the white bricks back one stud then keeping the clear wall in front only two studs thick. These two pictures should help show what I mean. This one shows the use of 1x2 plates and 1x1 round plates or cheese slopes in the waterfall: This picture shows how the fall steps back: Hopefully that long-winded description makes sense There are more pictures here: link Any Comments/Criticism greatly appreciated
  7. soccerkid6

    Manaor Castle

    Inspired by castles built by Karrde, 2 Much Caffeine, LL, vdubguy67, and de Gothia. There used to be a lot of castles built on only a 32x32 baseplate, but I haven't seen many lately. I also haven't seen many castles with hinged walls/opening interiors and this was built with those two main goals in mind. The castle lifts off of the baseplate then can hinge open. All the doors/trapdoors work and every building has a full interior. Some of the rooms include: a storage room, an armory, a dining room, a chapel, and a bedroom. This is my favorite castle yet. Manaor Castle is the Home of Drottin Manaor (my candidate for Prime Minister) and protects the city of Sveithaven which Drottin rules: Lifted off of the baseplate: Lots more detail pics here: link All C&C appreciated