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Found 409 results

  1. Somewhere in the South Prio Sea, February 620 The chessboard was ready, and the pieces had started to move. After months of planning in the shadows, of deception, of hidden preparations, everything was ready… Tristan and his Raiders would soon have been once again in the heart of fire. The Scamander rolled gently, while the bow sliced elegantly through the waves. Every inch of sails was hoisted to catch the wind: after the departure from Astrapi and the short stopping in Lavalette, wind had almost been in their favour… a good omen or, more likely, a confirmation that the Eastward winds blowing south of Prio Island are almost perennial. Suddenly, a shout broke the silence: "Sails! It seems a Corrish lugger!" Tristan made a quick calculation, then ordered the helmsman to turn 30 degrees South. The mast of the other ship was lower, so they couldn't see the Scamander yet… better to slip unnoticed towards the destination, the mission was too important to waste secrecy so early. Huge forces were moving and, when the interest of the empires collide, it's far too easy to be grinded between them. Tristan Rimbaud was informed about the plan only a few months before, when in Charlatan Bay he was approached for the first time by a member of the secret service. The man approached Tristan in an alley of the port, when his escort soldiers were still behind the corner. He only showed Tristan a letter with a seal that any Oleander officer knew, and whispered an address before disappearing in a side street. Tristan's guards didn't even see him… nothing to say, that man surely knew well his job! Credit to @Bodi for this build The whole build; again, all credit to @Bodi --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A new storyline has just started, this time in a joint storyline with other members of my faction. The next build is ready, and will serve also as my Cat A entry… I just need to wait tomorrow to have a better light!
  2. île de Zeus, Astrapi Royal Arsenal, January 620 Name: Rimbaud's Raiders Unit size: Company Type: Light infantry / Chasseurs Motto: On the frontline and beyond A month had barely passed after the end of Infero Pordejon campaign, but winds of war were blowing again on the Brick Seas: two foreign nations were sharpening their claws in the East, ready to jump at each other's throat, and the interests of Oleon could be in danger. Under a cloudy winter sky, the First Light Infantry Company of Astrapi left its barracks and started loading the supplies for the next months on rowboats: weapons, ammunitions, artillery, cannonballs and, even more importantly, preserved food supplies… any good commander should always remember that an army, first of all, marches on his stomach. When a military unit leaves, infinite details must be taken into account: little things, such as a field kitchen (and so edible food rations) or a few bottles of liquors may drastically raise the moral of soldiers during the difficult days of a military expedition. For the same reason hardtacks, bought from civilian suppliers, are carefully checked by the company clerk… in many cases they can be infested by weevils, especially if the cheapest providers are chosen. In Rimbaud's Raiders, however, things are very different: everyone, from the private to the commander, eats exactly the same food, like in pirate crews. Only one of the many peculiarity of this company. The First Light Infantry Company of Astrapi, in fact, is a very peculiar unit. Rimbaud's Raiders were trained and equipped in early 618 at the expense of Tristan Rimbaud, at the time only a retired captain, and only recently they were integrated in regular Oleander Army. These soldiers have been deployed in all the last crises in Fatu Hiva and Infero Pordejon, achieving successes that would have been impossible for a regular unit: tight infantry formations and ordered lines of soldiers are useless in colonial scenarios, where irregular tactics, guerrilla and cooperation with local militias are far more effective. The Raiders have fought hard for Oleon wherever they were needed, becoming an elite unit: in the jungle or on the shore, in the wasteland outside Charlatan Bay or in its alleys, those men were always on the frontline during the most dangerous campaigns, loyal to their commander even when all the odds seemed against them. This was possible only due to a peculiar choice of the commander: the First Company represented in fact a second chance, sometimes the last possible one, for brave and though men without a place in society… the scum of the nation, the undesired, received a second possibility, at the price of a great danger. There were veterans who couldn't return to civil life, trying to drown in alcool their past... ...but also men with a turbulent life, smugglers or even pirates. Once a problem for the nation, the type of problems usually solved with a squalid cell or a canvas rope. Now, part of one of the arrowheads of the Royal Army. With flexible discipline, acceptable food and distribution of loot, the Rimbaud's Raiders are not so different from a pirate crew… their recruitment was quite a gamble, but they are exactly what is needed for the wars in the New World: not ordered lines of toy soldiers to face the enemy, but daring scoundrels to flank him and hit him hard. Tristan and another officer inspecting new muskets A mysterious officer, met by Tristan few weeks before. He gave him new orders from the High Command, determining the departure of the Raiders. Native scouts, a constant element of the campaigns in the New World. Overall view of the scene. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Something I wanted to build long time ago! I used the Rimbaud's Raiders in all my operations, from Fatu Hiva to Charlatan Bay, but they didn't actually exist in EGS terms. I'll license them (better: I'll integrate them in the regular army) as a company, even if I still don't have any idea about where they will go. Not in Charlatan Bay, at least up to now; more probably in the East, to face the Lotii, or in an AMRCA. Anyways, I felt I needed them to exist to continue using them!
  3. Hello there, fellow BoBS'ers, after a long time some content again from my side. All in good Order! - Prelude Previously: -- Next: Pagoda by the Lake Dramatis Personae: Having His eyes and ears in virtually all parts of the world provide Him with information and reports on all matters fathomable, it's needless to say the increasing hostilities in the East haven't gone unnoticed by His Excellence the Lord Chancellor himself. Usually, the conflict between Carno and the Kingdom of the Lotus would be of very little interest to Calida as it didn't bother His interests or that of Oleon - of course in that order. However, some new development seems to have gotten His attention: 'So you are sure it has been found on that island?' 'Yes, Your Excellence.' 'Has it been opened yet?' 'Not according to my sources, no, Your Excellence.' 'It must be destroyed with no trace of its existence left behind!' 'Yes, Your Excellence. Undoubtedly, the Follower of Hades would dominate the Order if they learnt that we have discovered the Gate to the...' 'Not one word more! Even this place here has ears. You have your orders - make sure to see them through!' 'Yes, Your Excellence.' 'In the meantime, I will make sure you will have a war to cover your tracks.' ----- Just a little scene to kick-off a Calida focused story-line that will hopefully continue throughout my Challenge III entries. What's to say about it? I reused an older MOC I made in LDD, and put some of's brick handling and rendering capabilities to use - cannot say I'm all a fan of, but it has it some advantages over LDD... Thanks for watching, C&C welcome Vive le Roi!
  4. île de Zeus, Astrapi Hotel de Ville, January 620 "For the will of our blessed King, under the eyes of the Almighty Gods and of our whole Nation; for your service to the Homeland in peace and in war and for the ancient name of your family; for your bravery, virtue and devotion; you, Tristan of the House of Rimbaud, are awarded the title of Count of Astrapi. You receive all the honours and the duties of your new rank alongside, with all the presents as witnesses. May you bring glory to our Nation, and may the Gods enlighten your path!" Tristan remained unmoved and impassive, as required by the protocol. Anyways, he could almost see the faces of the few noblemen attending the ceremony. He had received the title months before, via letter, for his actions during the dark happenings on Fatu Hiva… a little, but scorching victory against the members of the old aristocracy who always despised him for his low social standing: men with more titles than merits, useless cowards with brave ancestors, who never moved an inch in their life. Tristan knew that many of those men wanted him to be hanged as a traitor for his long permanence in Charlatan Bay: those idiots would have preferred the complete massacre of the Oleander contingent to a victory of a man coming from the ranks of low nobility. Now they would have been forced to greet him with respect, a bitter pill to swallow… Tristan wouldn't have let them forget about that too easily! Fortunately, however, most of Oleander noblemen, and almost all the ones in a relevant position, were different from the inflated balloons behind him. So, instead of facing a firing squad, Tristan was receiving a high decoration in front of the garrison and of a couple of people consumed by rage. "Moreover, for your acts of valour in our colonies and in foreign land, you are awarded the Medal of the Two Swords of class 1 for bravery on the fields of battle and you are promoted to the rank of Regiment General of Oleander army. Bring glory to our Nation, and lead our soldiers to victory!" In foreign land… nobody openly admitted that Tristan had fought for almost two years in a pirate settlement, to restore a pirate government on a pirate island! Tristan sometimes had doubts about his campaign in Charlatan Bay, but he was quite sure that any alternative would have been worse. At least, Acropolis and Astrapi were still standing, and his friend firmly ruled Infero Pordejon. After the ceremony, Tristan was approached by a man in a black uniform, who had remained on the sidelines up to that moment. "Monsieur Rimbaud, strongly felt congratulations for your promotion. Titles, however, are just a mere facade… the real congratulations are for the way you ran a military campaign in hostile territory, against superior forces and with very little support. You could turn foes into friends, destroy the support of the population for the rebels, take the strategic points… my superiors want to talk you about this. We foresee winds of war in the East, with the increased hostility between Corlanders and Lotii. We fear that things will be dirty and irregular, and we think that you and your men could be useful." Tristan followed the man towards the garrison headquarters. So soon… he had arrived in Astrapi only two weeks before, and he already had to leave. It was time to unsheathe the sword again. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My character had received the promotion to Count months ago, but I could never build a proper response. With this build, I want to make that (and the new promotion to Regiment General) official.
  5. My dear Emile, Since you've been in Terraversa with the trading company, our business has been flourishing. While we have not expanded much recently, we've been gaining good capital. As a celebration for your return home (which I do pray is imminent), I've used some of our money to purchase a new ship, Le Fleur, for you and your crew to use. She has twenty cannons and is ready to sail the seas and bring prosperity to our great nation. All my love, Elise
  6. Fort in Astrapi, Île de Zeus This is my entry for Challenge II - Defending Yer Claims, category A. On Île de Zeus, which has recently been incorporated into the empire of Oleon, Oleander military engineers have been busy erecting defensive structures. They are designed to be suitable both against any hostile natives and to defend the island from other nations if the political tensions should turn into open war. This small fort is built using resources which can be found in great abundance on the island, namely wood and sand. The slope of the walls increase their effective cross-section to provide additional protection of the rooms inside and the sand provides excellent ballistic protection (compare with modern-day sand bags). The fort is of course not built to withstand a prolonged siege, but it’s heavy cannons and high elevation should be able to put up a good resistance against any of the smaller vessels still predominant in the waters of New Terra. The three cannons can be directed in all directions from the fort, and a soldier in the high lookout tower can spot approaching ships better than lookouts on higher ground on the island, since the peaks are most often shrouded in clouds while the land closer to the beaches is more likely to have good sight of the seas. A lot of weird angles in this build and quite a few iterations to get things the way I wanted, but I'm fairly happy with the end result. The gate is on the other side if someone wonders, but in the rush to complete this it didn’t turn out well enough to merit a picture... I tried a new black background for this photo session, which I think worked ok except for that the contrast to the black roof wasn't very good... I also tried some different lighting with another flash from above, to simulate sunlight. What do you think of that?
  7. Keymonus

    Time to go home

    December 619, Infero Pordejon, Charlatan Bay More than two months had passed since the victorious assault on Fort Saint Millar. The local militia, that only a year before was nothing but a small group of tattered and hopeless highwaymen, controlled firmly the whole island: despite the fierce resistance of the last rebels and sporadic tumults in the streets, the inhabitants of Charlatan Bay could finally have some peace. The final victory had also brought back part of the previous wealth: after years of starvation and food rationing, supplies filled again stores and warehouses, while the plantations outside Charlatan Bay, abandoned for years, were now being planted again. In the bright morning, under the tropical sun, the Oleander volunteers started their return trip. The contingent, during the civil war increased to three full companies, started loading supplies and equipment on rowboats; the veterans of Fatu Hiva and the crew of Le Phénix helped them with chests and crates: nobody wanted to remain in the pirate settlement any more time than necessary. Fifteen soldiers, sadly, would have never left Charlatan Bay… each victory has its terrible price to pay. That day it was also time to part for two old friends. Tristan had definitely been away from his motherland for too long, and the situation was getting more and more dangerous every day: he had friends and allies in the Colonial Administration, but his fast rise from low nobility also created envies and discontent… remaining for too long on that damned island could mean a charge of treason, maybe even facing an execution squad. About one third of the Oleander expeditionary force, however, would have remained in the settlement for some more months: twenty-five soldiers with two six-pounders, led by the loyal Captain Charles De Maure. Stationed in Fort Saint Millar, they had to be deployed only in case of absolute need… a little precaution against further troubles with the gangs. Despite the success of the campaign, the undoubted victories, the limited losses among his soldiers, Tristan was very uneasy. Had he done the right choices? Had he saved civilians or offered a helping hand to the scourge of the sea? Had he saved Acropolis from a flood of pirates with nothing left to lose or had he only made them stronger? Only the Gods could know the answer. By sure, he had saved his friend, and a number of innocent people along with him. He had also accepted to repatriate without clamour the few survivors of the unfortunate Marderian Marine Corps, even if he couldn't find out anything about Admiral Cadiz… probably better in this way, considering his hateful treason and his cruelty. Another thought tormented Tristan during his last days on the island: the enemies had been defeated and the city was growing rich again, this was true… But the defences were still a paper tiger, clearly insufficient against an organized assault. The forts had been heavily bombed, and the city could barely afford the repairs; the militia was motivated and decently equipped, but discipline and training were extremely superficial: still far from the old Ashen Guard, or from the soldiers of the colonial Empires. And, by sure, Tristan had not saved Charlatan Bay just to let it be invaded by the rivals of Oleon… He was leaving the island, not abandoning it to it's fate. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The owner of the Honest Bob's Warehousing, an Altonian merchant named Robert (nobody knows where the "honest" part came from) is quite enthusiast for the new government. He doesn't care at all about who rules the settlement, but during the previous anarchy he was racketed by the gangs and his warehouses were empty, while now is business was going well again. Captains started appearing again in his office, making deals about their cargo, selling information about prices in different settlement or looking for escorting ships. In the bigger room, common goods are bought or sold: fresh or salted fish, fruit or vegetables, sea biscuits and meat, ale and rum, wood and carpenter tools… whatever is needed to keep a ship or a city alive. The upper floor accommodates expensive goods, such as refined wines, gold or exotic spices. These wares, always source of a huge profit, had almost disappeared from Charlatan Bay… another reason to celebrate the recovery of sea trades. Upstairs, as usual, negotiations were ongoing: in front of a lawyer, a Lotii captain is trying to exchange a cargo of Carnovian goods with two chests of gems. The Lotii and the Garvian smugglers don't trust each other at all, but the neutral mediator usually allows smooth transactions. In the shelf, navigation instruments are kept too: for a mariner, a good compass, a chronometer or a book with the coordinates of the main settlements may make the difference between reaching the destination or dying lost in the ocean… therefore they are more valuable than gold! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With this build, I officially conclude the permanence of my main character in Charlatan Bay. It was a nice storyline, surely my best one since my inscription to BoBS. I have to thank again the ones who made it possible: Roadmonkeytj, the major of the city and the other main "player"; Kwatchi and Gulagurag, who created Charlatan Bay and its atmosphere; and all the people who commented and brought the storyline into BoBS world, for example with the KPA or the WTCM... Thank you all, guys! This build changes very little in Charlatan Bay storyline: the war is won, but the peace is still far. Oleander soldiers will remain there unofficially for a while, ready to help if the situation will require. Tristan leaves the island, but will keep an eye on the situation; a new secondary character, Charles De Maure, is the new leader of the Oleander contingent. The Lotii and Garvians are just a little addition I did after the KPA... with this I'm not involving Charlatan Bay, Garvey or Sea Rats in anything, I only liked the idea of answering somehow to the last news! Notes: Licensed as medium commerce in Charlatan Bay Lowtown
  8. Robert Perrault, II, Duke of Vitoria His grandfather Bernard had three children, Robert, Sophie, and Camille. Being the first child, and male, of his family, Robert, I, went on great expeditions and acquired a great amount of wealth. His sister Sophie died in childbirth, but his youngest sister Camille had a child, Emile, who now is married to Elise and runs a successful alcohol business. Robert, I, after one expedition led to him needing to amputate a leg, retired from the life of the sea and turned his sights on moving up in the world. Robert, I became the leader of a trading company, getting friends in high circles. Unfortunately, Robert I died before he reached his dream of being granted a duchy. His only child Robert Perrault, II completed that goal. He continued his trading through the homeland of Oleon, expanding it as he could. But his true test of valor came on the field of battle, by wiping out a small uprising with only himself, a maid, and the gods he prayed too. It was the two (or three, depending on the stories if you believe in the gods) of them against ten. Here, you can see Robert, II, in his library, just before he gets his duchy granted. The build
  9. One may remember that Oleon has sent a squad of legionnaires to attend the P.A.Cup, they've proven their sailing skills in the race and our green ninja, green legionnaire, blue legionnaire! got a well deserved rest, now it's time to train one's combat skill again. The Legionnaires usually wear the same uniform as other soldiers but they have certain liberty in the choice of weapons. This is to license a company of legionnaires (light infantry) in Eltina. Vive le Roi!
  10. Keymonus

    Le Phénix

    La Phénix, belonging to Tristan Rimbaud since its very arrival in the archipelago, is a fast and versatile ship that played a role in some of the most relevant happenings of the last years: Tristan used it to move to different islands, to send emissaries or dispatches and to reach important social events, but also to bring a new platoon of soldiers to Astrapi, to reach Fatu Hiva and to support his secret campaign in Charlatan Bay. It is not a very elegant ship, but it's robust and has a capacious hold, useful both to host soldiers or to load goods. Armed with ten 12lbs cannons, Le Phénix can also face enemies at sea, even if it gives its best as a support ship. The ship owes its name to the wooden figurehead, depicting the mythical phoenix, phénix in Oleander. The glorious Oleander flag waves on the stern, near to the ship bell. Every man on board, from the captain to the last of the sailors, would give his life rather than furl the flag in surrender. The Captain, Tristan Rimbaud: recently appointed Count of Astrapi, re-integrated in the army with the rank of Major, he is quite an unusual officer. Not so concerned about uniforms or strict discipline, he refuses most of the privileges of the rank, such as the better food. He has personally chosen all the crew members, and his men would follow him blindfolded to Hades' Reign. "Captain on deck!" Captain Rimbaud is not so concerned about being saluted, but La Royale has it's conventions. The navigator defines the best route, while a sailor calculates latitude and longitude with sextant and chronometer. When your ship completely depends on sails, a storm or a long period of dead calm could kill the whole crew. The so-called "stormglass" could be used to forecast storms, rain, fog or good weather, with an accuracy of about 3/4. The mechanism of functioning is unknown, but a long list of captains that trusted flakes or "clouds" in the liquid and survived to the worst storm seasons is a very strong argument for the stormglass. "Keep the deck clean, make it shine!". This is not only aesthetics, this is a paramount: a dirty deck becomes slippery, and you don't want a slippery deck during a storm or a battle. Below the deck a sailor takes rest, eating a part of his daily rations. Most sailors don't like sauerkrauts a lot but, after this food was introduced by doctor Marcel Laurent, nobody has developed scurvy. A sailor peeling potatoes, during one of the daily corves. Kitchen is a simple brick structure, with fire lit in a sandbox, as far as possible from the ammunition store. The pot is suspended to prevent dangerous spills of boiling water: a capsized pot could cause horrible wounds to the cook. Doctor Laurent medicates the survivor of a shipwreck, while Master Sergeant Dubois, the officer commanding the embarked soldiers, listens his story: an Eslandolan trade ship was sank by a storm in Eastern Prio Sea, with no other survivors. The surgeon's chest, containing medicines and tools that every sailor prays never to see in his hands. The ship kitchen The cook and some sailors in fatigue uniform. Soldiers and sailors in battle uniform. Captain and officers. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I built this ship even before entering BoBS, but for some reason I never published it… I continuously changed details and minifigs, waiting for the right occasion. I'm quite satisfied by the result, even if sails and masts are quite rudimentary and helm wheel is in a weird position… probably I could do something about that, but since it is my very first "creature" I prefer to let it in this way.
  11. Lavalette, the young postman woke at the early hours as usual, when other inhabitants of the city were still sleeping. He took a simple meal composed of plain bread and coffee, put his uniform on and shut the door behind him. But today, he looked in a hurry, because in his parcel there was an urgent letter to the RNTC office, stating that a sistership is ready to sail to replace the Licorne they lost a few months ago. This post is intended to sistership the Licorne of RNTC.
  12. Keymonus

    Fire and blood!

    28 September 619, Infero Pordejon, Fort San Millar The black flag of the rebels was still waving in the wind, but it was not going to last: the tides had turned. The tides had turned. After a long shelling with the few cannons available, the strong walls of Fort San Millar were finally breached, and the final assault began. The fort, once the pride of the Ashen Guard, had been occupied since the first days of disorders by a cruel group of smugglers: they made huge profits closing the port and profiting on the provisions, even if this caused a terrible famine and made violence explode in the streets. But finally the tides had turned, and the fort represented the last stronghold of the rebel pirates. By sure, the fort was intimidating, with 32 pounders towards the bay, sturdy walls and two of the sides right above vertical cliffs. However, as Tristan had realised studying the maps, the fort had not been projected to withstand a strong assault by land: some of the walls were too low and too exposed to artillery. He doubted that it was an error in the project: since a land attack could start only from Charlatan Bay itself, more probably, the Dark Bishop didn't want to transform the fort in an impregnable fortress for a rebel garrison… whatever the cause, Tristan was more than grateful for that. In that moment, Tristan heard the first musket salvos and the screams of the wounded men. It was time to move. He incited his men, an heterogeneous group of Oleander volunteers and local militiamen, and jumped on his boat. The battle plan was simple but, hopefully, effective: a frontal assault against the lowest wall, followed by a flanking attack from the cliffs, with boats and grappling hooks, to neutralize the cannons before they could be turned towards the parade ground. The hooks were thrown towards the parapet. There was no more time to think now: thirty minutes of fire and blood and everything would have been over, in a way or in the other. Tristan unsheathed the sword and shouted a war cry, followed by his men. That day, if Ares was with them, they would have seen the end of battle for Charlatan Bay. The battle for the external walls: To the breach! A barrel of gunpowder thrown by the defenders: In the parade ground: Counterattack of the defenders: A cannon and ammunitions: A bird's eye view: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fort San Millar was finally assaulted. This is probably my last build for this storyline, but the future of Charlatan Bay is still uncertain, and peace will be frail for a long time, so... who knows? Probably Tristan will leave for the North, the Great Alliance States, the ice and the steppes, for the desert of New Oleon, the woods of Varcoast or the Southern Seas. I hope you enjoyed my builds in this storyline, and the story itself. I did. Again, I have to thank @Kwatchi and @Gulagurag, even if probably they won't read this, for the great storyline of the Dark Bishop and Charlatan Bay. In many cases, my builds retrace theirs (Fort San Millar itself, for example), or things they wrote about the settlement.
  13. August 619, Infero Pordejon, a plantation house in Charlatan Bay outskirts "I think we have reached an agreement. Now my soldiers are at your orders, Sir. Let's write down the conditions." Said Ezekiel Keegan, dipping the pen in the ink. "I'm glad that you find our conditions reasonable. With your collaboration, I'm sure that this useless civil war will see its end." Replied Tristan Rimbaud. Despite his mildly satisfied expression and his measured words (diplomacy has is code, even when the negotiation is over), he felt incredibly relieved: these words, probably, represented the end of the battle for Lowtown. Just in time, considering that the involvement of Oleander forces had finally become public, and the risk to get unwanted attention from other empires or, even worse, to be considered a traitor from Oleander police secrète, was becoming higher and higher every day. Ezekiel Keegan… a rich plantation owner, who, at the beginning of the civil war, had raised a small but well trained militia, armed with the muskets of the defeated Ashen Guard. An astute man, according to many a former Corrish officer: his soldiers occupied several key areas of Charlatan Bay during the first weeks of disorders, outgunning even the Marderian garrisons. In those days, he was almost controlling Charlatan Bay, but his assault against Fort Saint Millar was a disaster: he lost twenty men and, even worse, he lost the control over the gangs he had subdued. The Oleander volunteers and Gustav's militiamen had to fight only a couple of times against Keegan's soldiers, and remembered very well those fierce battles. Now, with the Sugar plantation treaty, Keegan had just moved on their side, bringing along forty expert riflemen. "So, let's recapitulate the terms: 100 doubloons in silver ingots, private trade agreements with the Rimbaud family, and special consideration for a rank in Charlatan Bay forces after the war. I also keep the plantations I control in this moment. In exchange, I recognize Gustav von Bricktin as rightful ruler of Charlatan Bay, now and in the future, and I put my men at your orders." "Correct , monsieur Keegàn" replied Tristan, intentionally stressing his Oleander accent. "But don't forget that all the trade agreements are subordinated to your relations with my mother country. And, obviously, to the capture of Fort Saint Millar and the re-opening of the harbour, whenever it will be!" "It seems reasonable, obviously I have to wait until you capture the fort..." Keegan seemed a little confused… good sign: he had just smelled gold, but now the profit was stepping away, delayed to whenever it will be. It was time for the final jab. "You will do something better, monsieur Keegan. You will come with us against that damned fort!" Tristan left the plantations, followed by his guards. The agreement he had obtained with that greedy and ambitious man, with a bit of luck, would have represented the end of the Battle for Lowtown. That, notably, was nothing like a battle: no real uniforms, no ranks of soldiers, no artillery or cavalry charges, no trumpets or drums; on the contrary, an endless row of ambushes, skirmishes and raids, alternating with alliances, treasons, bribing and intimidation, distribution of food and propaganda among the common people. From the muddy alleys of the city to the most malfamate taverns, from the nearby jungle to the lairs of the gangs, Tristan and Gustav had lead their men again and again, fight after fight. Now, at last, this bloody war was going to end: a final assault against the intimidating bastions of Fort Saint Millar, then Charlatan Bay would be back in control… Soon Gustav would re-establish peace and order, as much as possible in a pirate settlement, and the Oleander contingent could finally make his way home; they had lost seven soldiers, and many others, including Tristan, had been wounded, but the campaign was almost over. The reconstruction would have been long and difficult, no doubt about that, and violence could rise again, but keeping foreign troops in a Sea Rat settlement for too much time would have done more harm than good… what was going to happen next was in his friend's hands, their roads had to part again. Another part of the Charlatan Bay storyline, nearing to its end. I apologize with all the Sea Rats for the permanence of Tristan and his men, by far too long, but real life issues complicated a little the original plan of a blitz campaign. Anyways, my soldiers will leave soon; as usual, I want to underline that I'm not trying to occupy Charlatan Bay, and the presence of my volunteers is only a part of a joined storyline. I hope nobody feels offended by the presence of my soldiers or by the storyline itself, but PM me if you want me to change something.
  14. Hi all, I have a new creation! Baron Nicolas visiting his close friend, madame Josephine at her orange plantation. P.S. Idea for this creation comes to me after watching "Stealing Beauty" with Liv Tyler, and beautiful Tuscany. Orange Plantation by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr Orange Plantation by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr Orange Plantation by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr Orange Plantation by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr Orange Plantation by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr
  15. Captain Genaro

    An Unexpected Reunion

    Previously: New Arrivals and Old Rivalries Lavalette Bakery The Beginning of the End I decided that I've neglected the dear captain long enough and I also wanted to try to build a RNTC building in the style of Kolonialbeamter's homes in Lavalette. Didn't quite turn out how I was hoping, but it was fun to build and I enjoyed creating the street paving scene in front (just a little something to show the young town under construction). Comments and criticism are most welcome. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "I've told you, sir, our orders are to allow no one in without the Major's permission" replied the private for what seemed like the hundredth time. An Unexpected Reunion by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr "And do you understand that I have a ship that needs refitting and I have no intention of wasting my afternoon because some mercenary refused to let me carry out my duties!" roared Captain Anthony Genaro. "And if you don't step aside this instant," but before Anthony could finish, the door swung inwards. After a brief pause, two RNTC soldiers exited through the door, closely followed by an officer who, despite his seemingly confident posture, was constantly eyeing everyone with a suspicious look and glancing into the shadows as if expecting something. The RNTC soldiers quickly passed through the street-pavers as Anthony, still fuming from his exchange with the sentry, entered the Hall of Science, his lieutenant following behind him. An Unexpected Reunion by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Upon entering, Anthony looked around, hoping to see a sign that could point him in the right direction when his lieutenant politely coughed. "First door on the left, sir." "Yes, yes, of course, thank you, Jean,' replied Anthony. "I fear I'm still heated from that exchange and my wits haven't quite returned," continued Anthony as he knocked on the door. A muffled voice replied, asking for a few moments which Anthony and Jean spent in the hallway, Genaro examining a globe while Jean seemingly stared into the abyss. An Unexpected Reunion by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr "Lieutenant? Lieutenant Anthony Genaro?" cried a voice from the door. "Why of course it's you!" Turning, Anthony's face lit up when he saw who it was. "Seamus Byron" Anthony exclaimed, butchering the pronunciation of the Corrish name. "Why, my friend, what ever are you doing here?" After a quick kiss on both cheeks, one of the Oleander customs that Seamus still found uncomfortable after many years, Genaro continued. "But I must correct you, it's Captain Genaro now. Has been ever since the year thirteen. Allow me to introduce my lieutenant, Jean Gascon," and, allowing a brief how do you do (fortunately for Seamus, no kissing this time), Genaro turned to Jean and said "Seamus here was once the finest schoolmaster in the fleet. Oh, yes, I remember the way he taught those mids back on Le Royale. Practically had them reciting sines and cosines for months on end." "Yes, but I warrant not one of those young gentlemen will ever have trouble navigating by the sun and stars," replied Seamus giving the Captain a friendly smile. "Come in, come in," he said guiding the pair into his office, a large room with shelves and tables filled with every conceivable rock and mineral you might find on the western half of Stephanique. An Unexpected Reunion by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr "I see you've given up the sea life" said Anthony as he looked at a pile of maps and geological charts strewn about "and apparently your sense of order and cleanliness." "You must excuse the mess," said Seamus. "I'm sure you saw the company's major on your way in. He just came in here demanding that I tell him if some flower is native to the island. As if I'd know, being a geologist in my youth" Seamus said to Jean. "I told him the botanists were examining the plantations and that he'd have better luck there, but he demanded that we go though every book and map as if Von Miller made reference to flora in Essential Minerals. I tell you, that man must be mad." Seamus briefly paused to put shuffle some papers before turning back to Anthony. "But you must forgive me, here I've been monopolizing the conversation and with nothing to offer to drink!" apologized Seamus. An Unexpected Reunion by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr "Not at all, my friend, think nothing of it," Anthony replied waving off the matter. "And though I'd love to catch up with you, I fear now is not the best time. I simply stopped by to pick up the geological report and any mail for Breshaun, but now I must be off to the blacksmith to see what he can do about our rudder." "Of course, of course, perhaps dinner then, if you're free this evening. And of course mister Gascon and your officers are all welcome" said Seamus. "I should like nothing less, but this evening I fear I have an engagement with the governor. Perhaps tomorrow though," suggested Anthony. "I shall hold you to it," replied Seamus, shaking Anthony and Jean's hands before seeing them to the door. An Unexpected Reunion by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Additional Pictures:
  16. Infero Pordejon, Headquarters of Charlatan Bay Militia, July 619 Tristan Rimbaud was sitting in an anonymous room of the Salty Shipworks, the shipbuilding facility that his friend Gustav had chosen as temporary headquarters of their "army". He looked again at one of the maps, scribbling a few notes about the areas still controlled by the enemies. He emptied his glass of wine, one of the few commodities provided by the Oleonese ships that, now and then, connected the island with the outer world. How easier would have been to solve everything with a pitched battle, where the disciplined lines of his bluecoat would have easily routed the rebels. The campaign, during the first weeks, was surprisingly smooth: the well trained Oleonese volunteers took by surprise the garrison of the hidden battery, opening a safe channel for supplies, far enough from Fort Saint Millar and its cannons. On the same day, the first cargo was unloaded in a secondary landing point: a small task force of soldiers secured the beach, while the local militia took control of the main street… better keeping soldiers and pirates a couple of miles apart. One after the other, the rowboats reached the shallow water, where, months after the volcanic eruption, pumices stones still floated. That day, Tristan received also a letter from the Royal Court: His Blessed Majesty appointed Tristan the Count of Astrapi, a honorary title rather than a real rule over a territory, but still a ladder towards the highest ranks of society. The Defender of Fatu Hiva, as the Court defined him in the letter, could now look in the eyes, as peers, the bloated noblemen who once made fun of the Rimbauds, ancient as Oleon itself but not very rich or powerful. That first cargo, delivered at the cost of enormous risks, represented the best hope of success for Tristan and his allies: food for the soldiers and the civilians, seeds and agricultural tools… but also the musket he needed to transform the local militia, well-meaning but disorganized, in an effective fighting force. A few days after the departure of the Phènix another ship, curiously called Valiant Phoenix, landed in the same point: the passengers, disciples of a weird but pacific cult, organized a field hospital, a fundamental help for the starting campaign. This had happened almost a year before, but Tristan remembered those days very well: with the main road secured and the supplies for the town, he and his friend were ready for their triumphal entry in Hightown… that was a great day, a day to be remembered, but they all knew that it was just the beginning of the long road towards peace and order. @gedren_y, I wasn't following BoBS a lot when you published your nice MOC… I included here a little nod.
  17. Infero Pordejon, Headquarters of Charlatan Bay Militia, July 619 Tristan watched again the map, with the ink of the last notes still drying… each one, just a little more than a date and a couple of words, represented a little step between the current situation, with most of the town under control and a partial restoration of the order, and what he had seen almost a year before: a starving city, the port closed; unprejudiced pirates making a huge profit over the scarce food supplies, the same scums still holding Fort Saint Millar; dozens of street gangs, pirate leagues, syndicates, self organized militias and private armies, controlling small areas of Charlatan Bay and battling for warehouses, food, weapons and supremacy; the helpless civilians, trapped in a nightmare of violence, abuses, extortions and retaliations; hundreds of disperate people, with nothing left to lose, ready to board on anything with a hull, hoping to plunder the nearest ship or colony. Those people, who admired and hated, worshipped and feared their Dark Bishop, had remained without a guide and, after the catastrophic eruption, had started a brutal fight to survive. Tristan read some of the older notes. He found the first one: "September 618, landing point" -and, written a little below -"May the Gods help us all!". Then, moving South, the location of the first camp, were he met Gustav and his militiamen; the first skirmishes, the first plantations and cottages they occupied, the bands that joined their cause, surrendered or were defeated. He found the note about the hidden battery, their first, true victory: "December 618, battery conquered without losses, enemies routed". These few words summarized the first turning point of the campaign: that very day, with new weapons and food supplies for the population, Tristan and Gustav entered Hightown after a violent skirmish against the Red Scorpions and the Hook Gang. Common people and wealthy citizens welcomed them as liberators… what a great day! Peace seemed only a step forward, even if they all knew that it was just the beginning. Volunteers from Oleon and Gustav's men marched together under the Sea Rats banner, following the newly appointed mayor… and giving a lot more authority to his title! That day, Tristan saw for the first time the famous cranes, connecting the two halves of Charlatan Bay. Nobody, even during the worst days of fights and violence, had ever damaged that vital infrastructure. Tristan couldn't avoid to feel a certain admiration for the man who had made them possible: Emil Meloche, the Dark Bishop… a pirate and a heretic, a cruel man who lived in violence and died accordingly but, in a certain way, a great man, who founded a city in the middle of nowhere, making it great and independent, despite the open war against the whole world. Those cranes represented one of the greatest example of the old grandeur of Charlatan Bay. The platform can be lifted using robust chains and, in this case, slides along wooden tracks, allowing the movement of people and goods up and down the cliffs. A few days later, Tristan himself used the crane to reach Lowtown for the first time… as reported by the next note: "December 618. First food distribution in Lowtown. Strong resistance of a local gang. The battle for Lowtown has begun." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another view off the build: Overall view: This is one of the last parts of this storyline, I hope you like that. The Dark Bishop is, obviously, Emil Meloche, @Kwatchi's great character and the founder of Charlatan Bay. Thank you for watching!
  18. Start point: Astrapi, Île Zeus Adventure Purpose: To find the weapon of the gods! Troops: 10 from @Phred, 10 from @Keymonus Coffers: 100 Dbs Characters: Padre François Monsieur Gallo "Juggernaught" Jones (@blackdeathgr) (This is a solo effort rather than a collab build, I'm just borrowing some resources from my countrymen). First meeting of the Astrapi Collective Diocesan Council by Ross Fisher, on Flickr Minutes, first meeting of the Astrapi Collective Diocesan Council, taken by Monsieur Gallo, a notary. Meeting held in the function room of the Astrapi Inn. In attendance: Padre François, priest of Hades, Renè Duchamp , on behalf of Tristan Ribaud, "Juggernaut" Jones, on behalf of Hugo d'Offren , Sergeant Carel, of the Astrapi guard, Brother Aquila, a monk of the Temple of Zeus, and agent of the Padre. Items of business: 1. Pact of Secrecy - queried by Monsieur Jones, but confirmed by Brother Aquila. If he is correct, the Temple of Zeus would be keen to thwart this venture. All parties agreed to the pact, ratified by signature, witnessed by Monsieur Gallo. 2. Main item. Padre François proposed to lead an expedition to recover the weapon of Zeus that is believed to have landed on the island. Brother Aquila confirmed fears about the Temple of Zeus. All other parties expressed interest. 3. Padre François invited all parties to join the venture on behalf of their masters, promising significant rewards both financial and spiritual. 4. Monsieur Jones volunteered his services as a pioneer and soldier of fortune. Monsieur Duchamp demurred, but volunteered a platoon of d'Offren troops to support the expedition. Sergeant Carel volunteered his own platoon of Astrapi guards. This was queried by Monsieur Duchamp - it would leave one fort unguarded. However, it was agreed that Padre François' personal bodyguard would remain at the fort to provide a semblance of a presence. Brother Aquila also demurred on the basis that his absence from the Temple would likely be noticed, and could not easily be explained. 5. In light of this, Monsieur Jones was appointed the military commander of the expedition, while Padre François would be it's spiritual guide and overall leader. Monsieur Duchamp would be the point-of-liaison in Astrapi, while Brother Aquila would keep an eye on events in the Temple, and pass any notable information on. Other responsibilities were divided up, and a start date was agreed. 6. The venture was launched with a toast. 7. Further oaths of secrecy were given before the meeting was adjourned. Aaaaand here's a video to get you in the mood:
  19. Chateau D'Ouennes is a medium fort just off the coast of Acropolis. It is inspired by the Chateau D'If from the Count of Monte Cristo, and the St Mary's Tower in Comino, which stood in for the real fort in the film. It will be functioning as a prison for heretics, criminals, political malcontents and debtors. If you'd like to imprison someone here, please let me know! I will be working this fort into the Padré's storyline, but only when his AMRCA is over. Interior: I am going to keep making changes to it, so comments are appreciated. @Kwatchi I've included Robin the cabin boy in that cage. It's only a small hop from Infero Pordejon, so it makes sense that he might end up here. Are you still ok with that?
  20. Ross Fisher

    [OL-S] The Grey Lilly

    The Grey Lilly - larboard stern quarter by Ross Fisher, on Flickr Padre, A quick note to say that we have noted your efforts on the Île d'Or with interest. Please find in the harbour of Fatu Hiva a small vessel, the Grey Lilly. It was recently captured in battle, and has been refitted for your use. We would be gratified if you would accept this gift and put it to immediate use. The concerned citizens of Fatu Hiva The Gray Grey Lilly was captured by Oleon a little while back. This is my completed build. She's a class 3, and I hope this does her justice. I realise I haven't really represented her three points of firepower here... I guess that's all below decks.
  21. Returning to civilisation had at first been pleasant. The good food, enjoyable company, and comforts of modern life was a nice change from living it rough in the jungles of Celestia. However, just as he had arrived in Jameston, he had been informed of a diplomatic crisis brewing. It had been sparked by piratical attacks by some crews connected to the Wayfarer Trading Company, apparently founded by the insufferable count Mesabi, who had so angered Montoya during the Malto peace talks. So informed, Montoya had made his way to the Olean consulate in Jameston with the utmost haste, but found the consul unavailable - or at least so he was told by the clerk. Hence, he was now making his way towards the residence of the consul, a small but stately house nearby. At the door, again he was dismissed, told by the guards that the consul was not available. He was starting to wonder if this was really true, or if he was being avoided. Not to be deterred, he had the guard swear upon his honour that he would deliver a letter to the consul at the utmost despatch. The letter: My last build (almost) in Jameston before Montoya heads back west. I wish to offer this little art and culture or residence for Oleon to license, with the stipulation that it counts towards my December build count. @Bodi @Captain Genaro - anyone of you are welcome to license it. :) The secret juniper treaty mentioned above was to have been the main focus of Montoya contacting Oleon upon his return, but something *cough cough* WTC ;) came in the way. C&C welcome, as always.
  22. If there is one tradition that all four François siblings enjoy, it is the Merrymorn fox hunt, the day after Merrynight. The Guemain hunt is not as well established as some of the others in their corner of Oleon, but with the François family behind it, it has proved quite popular with nobles looking to work off that morning-after paunch.
  23. Infero Pordejon, Northern Coast of the Charlatan Bay, 618 A couple of cannons in a strategic position, concealed in the thick jungle of Infero Pordejon… at first, the hidden battery was nothing more than that. Today, only two years later, things have changed a lot: the Bishop before, and the Marderian occupants later, progressively strengthened the little fort with heavier cannons, trenches and embankments, making it almost impregnable from sea. Together with Fort Saint Millar, this battery overlooks the bay… who controls them both, controls the port and all the naval trades of the settlement. "Five thousands doubloons for a load of hardtack and salted cod! What else do you want? And if we doubled the price, the inhabitants of Charlatan Bay would pay all the same! And we just have to sit here, drinking rum, playing dice and sending to hell any ship trying to sneak below our nose! We take no risk, and make a lot of money! Why the hell do you think we should take sea?" "Well, you are perfectly right, but… how long can it last? We have completely squeezed the lemon, and now Charlatan Bay is starving. Only the rich can afford the imported food, and now they are to the limit too. We are as rich as Mokolei satraps… why not to leave now, before one of the gangs, or one of the troublemakers of Hightown decides to cut our throats?" "Don't talk nonsense, my friend! The citizens may be starving, but some of them can still pay nice doubloons. The gangs fight one another in the streets for the control of warehouses and control zones, but all the goods they divvy up come from the port, and they know that no merchant would trust them… without our mediation the commercial routes would drain completely. Moreover, they are not strong enough to assault the forts. And that old captain, Von Bricktin, left the city several days ago... if we are lucky the indians are already using his skull as a mug, and may Hades damn his soul!" "You are right, as usual. Nevertheless I feel not quiet, our position is not so strong from land… I think we should hire more men, maybe build a palisade towards the jungle. And I think we should leave this damned island and enjoy our money in Mesabi Landing, Tortuga or another joyful city." "Mmh, taverns, alcool and high life… what a nice thought! One more month and we'll leave with all the gold of Hightown, I'm sure that some of those fatty pigs still hide money somewhere… let them starve for a while, and we'll take their gold for a piece of bread!" "Sir, the Oleander cargo ship we spotted has let down the sails… it has stopped right outside the bay! Hades knows what those drunkards are waiting for!" Meanwhile, a figure was crawling in the bushes behind the turret, a tomahawk in his hand. The man climbed the turret. The sentinel was staring the sea, as he had done for the last hour. Easier than expected… this sentinel was the last one. A quick hit with the handle of the axe, a dull thud, and all clear for his comrades. Everything seemed moving faster: a musket fired… ...sharply interrupting the conversation of the pirates. There wasn't even a real battle: it wasn't matter of bravery or cowardice, since the pirates were completely surrounded and no resistance was possible… could they fight with a gun already pointed against their face? Things were going well, thought Tristan, even better than expected… now everything was in his friend's hands, since the incoming ships loaded with supplies needed a safe landing point in the bay, far enough from Fort Saint Millar cannons. Using a little mirror, his men sent a light signal to Le Phénix, the ship waiting outside. The timing had been incredibly good, thought Tristan, thanking Poseidon for His help… with a bit of luck, that evening all the inhabitants of Charlatan Bay would have had something to eat, and Gustaf would have received all the guns he needed for his men. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This build was strongly inspired to Kwatchi's hidden battery (I referred with a link to his build), that I considered a crucial element in the joined storyline about Charlatan Bay
  24. Capn Frank

    Basilica of the Faith

    Bart has created a Basilica of the Faith for the Bluecoats in the Brethren of the Brick Seas. Come check out this big miniature and other great MOCs in the Brethren of the Brick Seas in the Pirate Forum.
  25. I finally got around to photographing the results from my prospecting build. I've tried to continue working with ball joints with the rockwork, with some success I think, and decided to try a black background instead of my typical white. Comments and criticism is welcome. While not the valuable metals and gems the Company had hoped for, the discovery of mercury on Stéphanique was still an important resource, perhaps one that was even better than gold and rubies. The current mercury mines in Halos were already operating at their limits forcing the new gold and silver producers in New Terra to pay outrageous sums to the sultans of Mokolei and the Middle Kingdoms in order to ensure that production could continue. But this discovery could change that; the first new source of quicksilver in over two hundred years and right in the middle of the colonies. Right where it was most needed. Mercury Mine by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr The Company wasted no time in sinking a shaft and bringing in workers to begin extracting the valuable ore. A small garrison ensured that the secretive natives would be dissuaded from causing any trouble that could halt production while Company officials regularly visited to ensure that the foremen were doing everything possible to maximize the amount of ore being brought to the surface. Mercury Mine by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr