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Found 409 results

  1. Seawatch, El Oleonda, February 622 After days of heavy tropical rain, the sun was finally high in the sky. With the warm weather, the luxuriant vegetation, and the parrots singing, the day seemed perfect for a picnic outside the town, apart from a little detail... the Lotii army besieging Seawatch! The enemies were less than a mile far, but everything was weirdly calm. The attack, however, could begin at any moment... in an hour or in a week, the enemy troops could have been right there, trying to storm the outer defenses of Seawatch. The defenders of Seawatch were ready to face them, musket in hand. They would have held that advanced position as long as they could, then they would have retreated to the second defensive line: those positions outside the city were precarious, but still allowed to keep the enemy cannons far enough from the city. Carnite soldiers and civilian volunteers were fortifying a small abandoned farm outside Seawatch: placing a few wooden spikes in a choke point required minutes, but could stop the charge of a whole cavalry company. Reinforcing the small garrison with conscripted civilians, however, had some downsides: some were undisciplined but brave, while others had clearly never held a musket before. A small group of Oleonese "merchants", coming from Fort Arltrees, had reached Seawatch right before the siege and was coordinating the defenders in the outer positions. Curiously, their leader seemed strangely expert about urban fights and irregular warfare. When asked, he always mumbled something about having fought in Charlatan Bay and quickly changed the topic. This was likely false, but the Carnite officers didn't actually care, since his suggestions were helping to keep the Lotii out of Seawatch. At that very moment, the "leader of the merchants" was discussing with a Carnite officer where to bury some gunpowder barrels to create a fougasse, using those very barrels as an improvised tactical table. His real name was Emmanuel Perrault, and he was an officer of the Oleonese military intelligence... but, there in Seawatch, he was Luc Delacroix, an Oleonese merchant trapped with his partners by the Lotii siege. He had had worse aliases, but it was still strange thinking that he would have received a medal -or he would have been buried- with a false name. He rolled the map and walked to another position, yelling orders to the militiamen... there was no time for sentimentalisms, as Emmanuel Perrault or as Luc Delacroix, he still had a siege to win! Overall view I hope you like my build! As a side note, I'm using it to introduce a secondary character, Emmanuel Perrault... I don't know when I'll use him again, but I wanted to have someone (more sacrificable than my main characters) in the besieged Carnite city. PS: After taking the photos and dismantling the build I realized that one of the muskets was chewed by one of my cats... nice!
  2. In Fort Arltrees, around a year ago, the fearfully idle mind of Gerard DuQuesne formulated a revolutionary new way of waging war upon Oleon's enemies... In practice however it had some issues... DuQuesne; "By the gods, man! I was wrong alright!?! Just reorganize them as infantry and get them far away from here. FAST!" After several shifting months of land and sea travel these weary troopers lurch into a barracks in Lavellete just as the army musters for war with the Lotii. Troop raising to be raised directly for the crown in Lavellete. Sorry for the last second post. Busy week.
  3. "Jan 15th, 622AE; Our arrival at the bluecoat hub of Fort Arltrees recieved a warmer reception than any of our men dared hope for. During the journey, rumors abounded as to the loyalties of our hithertofore enemies within the enlisted ranks. Fears of marching out to do battle with the Lotii, only to find our traditional enemies in our rear, were serious concerns right up until the day we landed. As our battalion moved through the city to our bivouacs, we encounted one of the largest markets I have ever seen and a crowd of smiling locals filled the streets to greet us. Some even trying to foist bottles of wine and loaves of fresh bread upon us as we marched. The lieutenant politely declined these advances and became cross with a couple men who had accepted a kask of rum from a local suttler." "With only a few exceptions, our welcome to Fort Arltrees was a warm affair." "I must make a note to visit that market while we are still here. I have no doubt there could be something perfect for everyone in the family. Even grandpa!" -Excerpt from the journal of Willian 'Bill' Morley, Private, Corrington's 26th Regiment of Foot Thanks! As always, C and C welcome and if there is a lore issue, I'll edit accordingly. To be licensed as a small residence in Fort Arltrees. This is an attempt to duplicate some of the building styles I've seen in the lovely MOCs you all have posted lately. A special thanks to Ayrlego and Evancelt for their excellent tutorials on base building.
  4. Jeff of Clubs

    [OL-FB] Pickets

    Some quick moc-ups for some Oleon activity in the New Haven Sea. Preperations and the like. Fusiliers of the fabled Essener's Death's Heads, join in patrols and picket duties alongside our own infantry on the outskirts of Fort Arltrees. A company of these stout Carnite line-infantry have been garrisoned at Fort Arltrees since the previous Battle of El Oleonda. ... Meanwhile, in Nouveau Oleandia, a newly arrived "one-man-army" assumes picket duties around the settlement. Banging drums, firing off rigged muskets in volleys and brutalizing an old sheet of tin with his sword, the lout attempts to conflate the size of the garrison for any distant observers. Thanks! Just some scenes to convey activity in these settlements as the issue looms. Bit busy for a week or two but squeezed these in this week. Stumbled on @Khornes boys in the archives. I am hoping they are actually still in Ft Arltrees. If not, lemme know and I'll rework it.
  5. This is where I'm putting all my ongoing stories about Padre François. They will go in chronological order of his timeline, rather than IRL. The four surviving François siblings, from eldest to youngest, and from left to right: Hercule François, the Vicomte Guemain, is the head of the family, and holds the sole hereditary title. He is largely concerned with the running of the estate. In his spare time he is a connoisseur of wines, and has built up an impressive cellar in the Chateaux Guemain. Celeste Dupré (neè François) is both an accomplished mother (with two sons and three daughters) but also a renowned beauty and sharp wit. Invitations to her private salon are highly prized, and her book on etiquette and realpolitik in the Royal court has been reprinted a dozen times Padre Jules François you will come to know. Pierre François, the "Chevalier de la chasse", Lieutenant in the Royal Musketeers, and a favourite of the king's back in his days as a carousing young prince. These days he has lost favour, his career has stalled, and his fondness for wine, women and horses is catching up with him. The Dupré Family; François' Sister, Brother-in-law, and his nieces and nephews. From left to right: Celeste, the Duchess Dupré. Monique Dupré; her youngest daughter. Amand, the Duc Dupré. Eldest son Emile Dupré, the Marquis de Guenin. Young Hercule Dupré, the Baron de Boudenelles. Eldest daughter, the recently betrothed Lucille Dupré. Middle daughter Diana Dupré. Blessing the 'Irregulars of the Faith' by Ross Fisher, on Flickr
  6. December 621, El Oleonda, Somewhere near Fort Arltrees After weeks of digging, the new gold mine of Fort Arltrees was now operating at full regime. As he walked by dozens of miners busy with their hard job, Marcel Dubois couldn't help but notice how close the place resembled an anthill... an appropriate comparison, since at least as many miners were working right below his feet, digging narrow tunnels in the rocky ground of El Oleonda. At the last corner of the known world, at the very border of the map, citizens of Oleon were doing what they had always done: they were working hard and they were defending what they had earned, weapons in hand if necessary! The director of the mine was already waiting for him, a case of gold ingots at his side, an armed man behind him. Marcel could have easily guessed the point even without that staging: the mine was important for the wealth of the Empire, but the military instability of El Oleonda still dampened investments from the motherland, and productive activities had to hire armed guards for safety. He had heard the same complaint at least a dozen of time, since civilian merchants had appeared on the island. Marcel took a deep breath and greeted the director... in these moments he almost missed the first days of the settlement, when he only had to deal with undisciplined soldiers or drunk trappers! As the director complained about the situation, Marcel tried with all his forces not to punch his face... how the hell could he "grant peace and stability, so that Fort Arltrees could finally flourish", if the surrounding joungle literally crawled with military units, bandits, stragglers and deserters? ------------------------- A several metres below, a team of miners were struggling against the hard quartz of El Oleonda, advancing inch after inch into the rich gold vein. Meanwhile, other miners carried to the surface the rock fragments, a monotonous, exhausting job. Until carts and rails are built, this difficult task will be done by dint of arms! At ground level, the mineral is transported along wooden rails by heavy oxen carts... a small furnace, where gold is smelted out the rock fragments. -------------- Overall view: ------------------- A gold mine for fort Arltrees, to complete the prospecting build I made months ago. I hope you like it!
  7. Name: Kojima Ownership: Crown Location: Ile sous le Vent Mayor: Vacant Trade Value: Unknown Who can own property in Kojima: Anyone Who can freebuild in Kojima: Anyone Map: Unavailable About the settlement of Kojima Kojima is located on the island of Ile sous le Vent, a remote place that no one wants to adventure there, it would remained in its natural, un-disturbed status, if there wasn't that un-solicitated visit from a certain trade company. Two medium properties exist on that island for the moment.
  8. Aurelia, Blueton, April 621 The defenders of Aurelia were ready to fight to their last final breath, the muskets clenched in their fists. Apart from some strong artillery positions, only a few improvised barricades divided them from the redcoats and the horde of screaming natives. The first houses of Aurelia were immediately behind them: if they failed, the enemies would have burnt the settlement to the ground and slaughtered whoever attempted to resist, or maybe slaughtered everyone, with no distinction. With the muskets loaded with buckshot, the soldiers were waiting to see the white of enemies' eyes. They probably had no real chance, outnumbered by more than two to one, but they were ready to sell their skin dearly. When the enemy soldiers and the Ténotclaxcans war band disappeared back into the jungle, nobody could really believe their eyes: diplomacy had ended the war just a day before the disaster! The very next day, as civilians were still drinking and celebrating, the heads of Aurelia garrison gathered to understand what had gone wrong. The main problems were quite obvious: the "neighbors" of Aurelia were stronger than expected, especially if they joined their forces; and the fortifications were absolutely inadequate for the size of the settlement, especially if the attackers came from the interior of the island. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- November 621 After months of hard work, the Bouclier ("the Shield", as the Aurelians called their new fortifications) was finally completed. With several forts and smaller batteries ready to support one another, a strong garrison and an impressive number of heavy artillery pieces, the new system of fortifications has turned Aurelia into an incredibly hard nut to crack, may the enemy come from the sea or from the land! Coastal batteries Aurelia had already some old batteries defending the entrance of the port, that to date had been sufficient to repel pirates and small raiding parties. As a part of the Shield, the existing batteries were reinforced, and new ones were built. Positioned on strategic points of Aurelia cliffs, the coastal batteries would now represent a real menace also for large attacking forces. A simple but effective flag system allows fast communication among distant batteries, so that fire can be concentrated against chosen targets. The batteries represent small and difficult targets, scattered along the coastline and low above the water. At the same time, with their heavy 32-pounder cannons, they could start a deadly crossfire against an enemy fleet, hitting the ships hard right at the waterline and sending them to the Halls of Poseidon. Even if the batteries are not strongly fortified, the sturdy brick wall offers good protection to the artillerymen. Each battery is manned by a detachment of the Artillerie de Marine Coloniale (Naval Artillery of the Colonies), formed with recruits coming from the Nouveau Monde colonies and trained in the Royal Artillery Academy of Breshaun. Forward blockhouses During the attack of April 621, enemy forces arrived unspotted almost to the outskirts of Aurelia, likely with the help of native guides and warriors. To prevent something similar from happening again, a series of small brick blockhouses was built on the edge of the jungle, near to the faded border with Ténotclaxcan lands. Each blockhouse is a small bastion fort, protected by a dry ditch and equipped with a few cannons. The low, angled walls offer a bad target to enemy artillery, while the ditch and other obstacles make them still difficult to climb for an attacker. The small garrison of each blockhouse is strong enough to repel without problem enemy patrols and to deter warbands of hot-headed warriors from raiding the lands of Oleon. In case of stronger attacks, this first line of defence would likely be overthrown, but this would inevitably cost heavy casualties and precious time to the enemies, allowing Aurelia garrison to organize a counterstrike. Although small, the blockhouses include some solutions typical of modern-style fortifications: for instance the low, thick walls are made of bricks, that shatter less than stone when hit by cannonballs; moreover, the height and the angle of each element is calculated to create no blind spots for defenders' musket fire. Moreover, a low gallery runs behind the scarp wall (that is, the inner wall of the ditch). Shooting through small loopholes, the defenders can shoot the enemies climbing down the ditch with almost no risk of being hit... another unpleasant surprise for the attackers! Light mortar batteries Small batteries of light mortars are scattered on low heights behind the first line of defenses, their short bores ready to send death upon the enemies of Oleon. With their arched trajectories, mortar projectiles can fly over the forward blockhouses and fall over the attacking forces, sending them into chaos. Differently from cannons, mortars can fire small fragmentation shells, that explode a few meters before impact. For an attacking force, slowed down by ditches and barricades, this would mean a hellish rain of fire and iron splinters falling on amassed soldiers, a horribly effective way to stop them. Here, the head of Aurelia garrison is inspecting one of the forward batteries, proudly manned by a crew of Aurelia Artillery Militiamen. Main fort The chain of defenses built around Aurelia is likely sufficient to repel most of the menaces to the city. An enemy sufficiently strong and motivated to overcome them, however, would still have to face the Jewel of the Shield, the main fort protecting Aurelia. The fort is built according to the "Modern Style of fortification": this means that the position and the size of each element are carefully calculated with precise geometries to block and deflect artillery fire, and at the same to make the advance of enemy infantry as hard as possible. In "Modern Style", the fort begins hundreds of meters far from the wall, with the glacis, an artificial slope shielding the fort from enemy artillery: while the defenders have a clear sight (and fireline), the attackers can only see (and aim at) the very top of the wall, unless they conquer the external earthworks before. The covered way runs right behind the glacis. This long trench represents the first line of defense, and can also be used to move soldiers to any point of the outer perimeter for a counter-attack. The fort is surrounded by a dry ditch, wider and deeper than the one of the blockhouses. Also here, the scarp wall and the caponiers (tiny blockhouses traversing the ditch) are equipped with musket ports, that would turn the ditch into a deadly trap for the attackers. Mortar batteries are scattered behind the outworks. In this position, they can provide close fire support to the defenders, but they can also be abandoned quickly if the enemy tries to storm them. The fort itself is nothing more than a low, sturdy, embankment lined by a brick wall. Completely different from the elegant castles of the past centuries, it is basically a platform for cannons and soldiers. With its new Shield, Aurelia has definitely more chances to grow in peace and prosperity on the Northern tip of Blueton, one of the more disputed islands of the archipelago... people sleep better (and merchants invest more) when the enemy is beyond a thick wall, with a lot of big, big cannons pointing at him! OOC: During the last "diplomatic crisis" I started building a series of fortifications for Aurelia (formerly Dragonstone). I delayed the publication of the original fort due to the new war rules but, in the meantime, I built a series of additional defenses, making the project larger than I originally planned... and a lot slower to complete! I hope you like the result! I will license it as a Large Fort, with a footprint of some hundred studs above the 4096 required.
  9. Meanwhile, at the Hephaestus Artillery Depot, near Fort Arltrees; Pepin the Mule-skinner; "Ahoy there! Here is the last field gun up from the harbor. I trust you have a fine crew selected for these beauties?" Marshal DuQuesne:"Oh I'm sure I have just the men they need..." Pepin the Artillerist!!!:"@$&%#!!?!" Sergeant Hobbes:"Cadets! Prepare to service the gun!" ... ... ... The End A company raising at Fort Arltrees to be licensed and maintained directly to the Crown of Oleon. This is my first whack at a troop raising. Let me know if I bungled something. Thank you! @CapOnBOBS
  10. Jeff of Clubs

    [OL-FB] Among Thieves

    That very evening. Fort Arltrees Waterfront Warehouse. LT Gabbi: "At Ease, Private. Well, Peter. Karl. How is your jail-break coming along?" Peter the Hat: "I can't believe it! Hey, whaddya say you get us some of that there amnesty too?" LT Gabbi: "You must be having a laugh, sir. You have robbed me in the past and I've witnessed this bald old-boy here, eat another man with a smile on his face!" LT Gabbi: "I mean, just look at him. Besides, I'm a man of the gentry now...and again. It wouldn't be appropriate for me to rub shoulders with the likes of ye. Now. If you 'gentlemen' will excuse me..." "...I have duties to attend to. As you were, private." Private: "MOVE IT, YOU CURS!!!" (((THWACK!))) -Thanks! To be licensed as a small commerce in Fort Arltrees:
  11. Name: Dragonstone Ownership: Crown of Oleon Location: Blueton Coat-of-Arms: Map: Mayor: Brandon Stark Trade Value: 18 Town Bank: Description: to be written Who can own property in Dragonstone: TBD Who can freebuild in Dragonstone: TBD Properties: 10/11 Size for EGS purposes - Level 1 'Hamlet' Required for Level 2 'Town': 1 Residences: Hotel de Ville, Dragonstone | Medium Residence | Brandon Stark (+2 Settlement Size) The Mayor's House | Small Residence | Brandon Stark (+1 Settlement Size) House 1 | Small Residence | Brandon Stark (+1 Settlement Size) House 2 | Small Residence | Brandon Stark (+1 Settlement Size) Factories: Artisans: Inn | Medium Artisan | Brandon Stark (+2 Settlement Size) Commerce: Mayor's Office | Small Commerce | Brandon Stark (+1 Settlement Size) Art and Culture: Statue of Brandon Stark | Small Art and Culture | Brandon Stark (+1 Settlement Size) Educational: Plantations: Mines: Forts: Batterie Royale | Small Fort | Brandon Stark (+1 Settlement Size) Troops: 1 Company | Dragonstone | 30 Men Other Buildings: Vessels stationed here: Other related builds:
  12. This thread encompasses all builds within Lavalette on the island of Stéphanique. Name: Lavalette Ownership: The Royal New Terra Company (RNTC) Location: Stéphanique Mayor: Henri Hollande (Captain Genaro) Who can own property in Lavalette: Holders of Preferred Stock of the RNTC, holders of a Royal Charter or a decree from the Directeur. Violators may see their property seized. Who can freebuild in Lavalette: Anyone Who can dock a vessel in Lavalette: Holders of Preferred Stock of the RNTC, all royal ships of Oleon, any ships with a Royal Charter or a decree from the Directeur. Violators may see their ships seized. Coat-of-Arms: Maps: Map of Stéphanique Current Lavalette Development Plan Background: Safely nestled in a natural harbor, Lavalette is the first settlement built by the Royal New Terra Company (RNTC). Situated with an enclosed harbor to the north, steep mountains to the east, and a large lake to the south, Lavalette is surrounded by natural defenses. Lavalette is named after the Intendant General des Finances d'Oleon, Pierre Lavalette Genaro, Duc de Vele. Most of the population is Oleanders, but foreigners are not uncommon. Relatively undeveloped, many experts believe the settlement can boast large shipyards as well as huge plantations for the recently discovered peppercorn plant. Despite the rumors, the RNTC has remained relatively quiet regarding the settlement's potential and long-term plans. Current Plans: As of now, only the plans to make Lavalette a town have been released to the public. The town is small, mostly divided into a grid pattern, and surrounded by basic fortifications. On a small peninsula overlooking the bay, a fort is planned. Most of the initial buildings are expected to be very simple. Nothing too ornate, with many buildings built out of local materials in a quick manner. Most initial structures will be residences and commerce and artisan properties designed to help support initial settlers as well as pave the way for large expansion in the future. Examples would likely include lumber yards, quarries and stone masons, brick factories, stucco and plaster producers, to support construction as well as bakers, blacksmiths, and merchants selling basic necessities to keep the settlement well fed and functioning. Incentive Programs: All tax revenue for licensed builds in Lavalette will be refunded in full. Please PM Captain Genaro at the end of each quarter to receive a refund for said quarter. All licensed artisan, commerce, and factory builds will be reimbursed 50% of their license cost until further notice. Any build prominently featuring peppercorn will be reimbursed 50% of its license cost until further notice. The RNTC will purchase any build in Lavalette for 200% of the license cost. Builders who build and license 7 properties in Lavalette will get the chance to purchase a share of Preferred Stock in the RNTC. Of the 7 builds, at least 3 must be medium or 1 large and 1 medium. All incentives are cumulative. Properties:
  13. "Enough is enough, Brother Phillipe!" "When you joined our order you agreed to shave your head." "I don't know what Bishop François had you doing in Terraversa, but you've been back in Breshaun for 3 weeks and it's time to cut your hair!" ----------------------- Submitted as a Oleon entry in the Faction Flavours Mini Challenge. Though a bit of a rush job, it was fun to discover goblets have a pin hole in the bottom, fit a round plate base in the top, and can be tesslated together! Can you spot the 9 uses of the element? Some are pretty hard to see. Isn't it interesting these simple monastic brothers have so much gold? Licensed as a small cultural building in Breshaun
  14. (build above from earlier post Unto The Breach!) -------------------------------- The 12-pounder had blown the gate doors right off their hinges, sending them flying inward toward the town of Aurelia. As the roar of the cannon blast faded and the smoke began to clear, Captain Hunter heard shouts of "Arrêtez ! Attendez !" from the far side of the town wall. Hunter, a Naval Intelligence Officer, traded in intelligence and was well-versed in Oleonese. When he next heard an Olander yell "Paix!" he took pause and ordered the Red Sons and Ténotclaxcan warriors to hold back. Clearing his throat, Hunter shouted out, "I say old chap, did you say peace?". He followed up in Oleonese, conscious of his Corlander accent: "Je dis mon vieux, tu as dit paix?" "Yes, monsieur, word has reached us this morning that there is peace between Oleon and Corrington. A ship has arrived with news from Terraversa. We have a copy of the treaty." Taking stock of the situation, Captain Hunter reasoned he and his men had been traveling across the interior of Annetta and could very well be in the dark when it came to news of current events. "You say you have a copy of the treaty - well bring it here man!". Once the Oleander complied, Hunter reviewed the document and noted the spot on Royal Seal of Corrington next to the signature of one Montoya. "This my fine sirs does look to be the genuine article. It seems we've caused a bit of mess with your gate here. May I propose we lend a hand and help you re-door this here gate?" As the redcoats went about helping the bluecoats re-door the gate, the Ténotclaxcan warriors looked on in disgust. Soon, the natives had melted back into the jungle. ( @Faladrin ) Captain Hunter negotiated with the Oleander captain for the night's lodging before they would begin the trek back to Port Raleigh in the morning. OOC: Corrington hereby calls off the attack on Aurelia and troops are returned to their points of origin
  15. Fort Arltrees, El Oleonda, March 621 After the end of the war between Carno and the Lotii Empire, the small outpost of Fort Arltrees experienced an unexpected phase of economic growth. The soldiers were followed by hunters and adventurers, and then by merchants and colonists. So far from the rest of the civilized world, the settlement had to rely on its own forces for everything, from building materials to food supplies. Therefore, a little smokehouse was built on the outskirts of the city. Smoked meat becomes hard as wood and loses most of its taste, but lasts for long and doesn't rot: if fresh food is not available, and you want to be relatively sure not to die of food poisoning, smoked meat is one of the few things you can rely on! Alone or in small groups, accompanied by their large dogs, the boucaniers -as Oleander hunters of the New World are often called- leave Fort Arltrees with their long muskets, hunting mainly for feral pigs and cattle. It is often said that these hunters can hit targets up to 300 metres far, about three times the range of a common infantry musket... true or false, thee boucaniers are for sure excellent marksmen, a skill they also demonstrated in the occasional skirmishes with bands of Lotii deserters. The boucaniers take their name from the boucan, a wooden frame over which meat is slowly roasted and smoked: exactly as hammocks and pirogues, boucans were seen during the earliest contacts with the Atwi natives and copied by the first colonists. As an alternative, meat is smoked for a couple of days in a small stone builfing So near to the sea, fish represents an obvious alternative to meat. Caught along the coast, in one of the several rivers or in the ancient artificial canals surrounding Fort Arltrees, fish are usually salted and dried under the tropical sun on wooden racks. This smokehouse would just be a little business in a larger settlement, but represents a fundamental step for the development of Fort Arltrees. It may be seem trivial, but having a reliable source of preserved food will allow longer explorations of the interior and of the nearby sea: if new lands will be discovered, or if rich mining fields will be discovered in the interior, it will be also thanks to boucaniers' smoked meat. To be licensed as a small factory (32x32 footprint, but smaller built area).
  16. After returning to Port Raleigh from his reconnaissance mission to observe Aurelia's defenses, Captain Hunter exchanged his plainclothes for an officer's uniform. He met with the commanding officers of the 33rd Regiment "Red Sons" and Port Raleigh Militia at Flynn Blockhouse to describe the mission they were about to embark on. The following morning, a large contingent of 210 soldiers sailed upriver to the headwaters of Queen's River. There they were joined by 40 Ténotclaxcan warriors raised in Elisabethtown. The Ténotclaxcans had a good relationship with the Corlanders, having traded with them successfully for many years. The native warriors led the group overland along ancient interior paths toward the northeast corner of the island. The group approached Aurelia from the west. Aurelia had only one small fort which was positioned offshore on a small island. By keeping Batterie Royale directly on the opposite side of the city from their approach, the joint Corlander / Eslandolan force hoped the fort would be unable to fire on them for fear of hitting the settlement. As they slowly inched closer to the edge of the jungle, Captain Hunter had the 33rd deploy a 12-pounder to the side of the path. A prickly canpear fell from the tree canopy overhead, causing the soldiers to momentarily freeze in their tracks. Finally in position, the troops crouched low, ready to spring into action once their presence was known. Taking sight of Aurelia's western gate, the artillerymen let loose the field gun with a mighty roar. The shot collided heavily with the gate, blowing it off its hinges. The combined force rushed toward the now open entryway. Unto the breach! @Bodi, @KotZ, @CapOnBOBS, @Keymonus, @Bregir, @Capt Wolf, @Faladrin More Pictures:
  17. King's Port, Terraversa, 20th February 621 They had done it! After the fierce battle for the shore and the coastal batteries, after the long siege and the battles in the streets, after two full days of brutal room-to-room fighting in the Palace of the Archduke, King's Port had finally fallen! On the other side of the monumental square, now a labyrinth of trenches, moats and barricades, they could see the Council Hall, where the Archduke Guards and a company of Altonian mercenaries had made their last stand. With their surrender, just a couple of hours before, the Battle for King's Port was definitively over. Philip climbed one of the pinnacles of Oldis' Palace and started waving the blue flag of Oleon. Down in the streets, dozens of soldiers were watching, cheering and throwing their hats in the air. Just a few years before, the Raiders were considered the scum of the Empire, a discipline unit to be sacrificed as far as possible from the motherland. Now they were hoisting the colors of the Nation, celebrating the victory of Oleon over its enemies! ------------ My first attempt with forced perspective, I hope you like it... the inspiration is the famous picture of the Red Flag over the Reichstag.
  18. King's Port, Terraversa, 15 February 621 "Disregarding losses, the city is ours to take!" That yellow flag was ugly, nothing more than an old piece of cloth put on a bent pole. And it could be the last thing Tristan would have ever seen... people definitely think strange things when they might be only a few seconds far from their own death. It was time to go. "Soldiers of Oleon, for King and Country... Charge!" The men launched a battle cry and turned the corner, leaving the protection of the stone wall. The enemies were waiting for them behind a barricade, just twenty meters forward... The sharp sound of shots immediately filled the air, and bullets started flying in every direction. The man right at his side fell with a yell, wounded or dying... but they had managed to close the gap, and the enemies had no more time to reload! Tristan raised his gun, aiming for the man in front of him, a veteran of Oldis' heavy cavalry... it would have been a fair game. The man did the same with his long wheellock pistol... they both knew that one of them would have dined in the Hades, together with many others. --------- Miguel Sanchez pushed with rage the ramrod in his musket as if he was stabbing an enemy. He had enough gunpowder for five shots, six at most, then he only had his knife. They couldn't resist for long, he knew, but he was ready to fight for his country until his last dying breath! Miguel had already fought for the independence of his nation... he was in Van Dhorne's militia during the civil war. Some called them fanatics, and some accused them of war crimes, but they did what they had to: they hit hard the Mardierians and their sympathizers, killing the enemies and leaving behind the fallen brothers. People of Terreversa had gained independence, and now Archduke Oldis was losing it, entering a power game too big for their young nation. But the people of Terraversa were not defeated yet and would have resisted, with or without the Archduke! "Stand up, coward! Take your musket, or I'll shoot you myself!" The man nodded, frightened, but remained where he was. The militias had recruited all the able men to fight against the invaders, sometimes even forcibly... if they weren't ready to die for freedom, they didn't deserve it! Some of the new recruits, however, completely lacked motivation... damned cowards! "Oleander dogs are arriving! They are the renegades of the Legion!" Miguel spat on the ground, disgusted. The Legion, traitors of their own country! The men ran to their battle positions, ready to open fire. Everyone hated those sellswords, who had sold themselves to a new master. The bluecoat officer started speaking in Mardierian, asking the defenders to drop their weapons... well, they would have dropped something! "Augusto, send them a cocktail!" ---------- "One last attempt, their last chance." Thought Captain Alvaro Ferrer. King's Port had almost fallen, only a few blocks of buildings stood between them and the palace of the tyrant: the impregnable Citadel only existed in Oldis' propaganda. Selfish and greedy as usual, Archduke Oldis was still sending his soldiers to die for him, even if the battle was clearly lost... probably he had to feed his self-esteem as a great general, resisting against superior forces -clearly from his own palace. Or more likely he was just gaining time to gather more gold, paintings, and Lotii porcelains in his coach before running away... maybe even something stolen from the Ferrer Manor, sacked by the militias during the civil war. "Drop your weapons! Oldis has already fled with your treasures! Do you want to die for a coward?" Yelled Alvaro in a megaphone. He used the Mardierian of Terraversa, his native language. "You fought well, but it is over!" Two men appeared on the upper floor of the building. One held an explosive bottle, the other, in civilian clothes, had a gun. They had wasted their opportunity. "Fire at will! Take the drunk down!" As usual, the one with the explosive bottle -the drunk- was the priority... even if sometimes those devices exploded before the Terraversans could throw them. The soldiers of the Mardierian Legion started a violent musket fire towards the windows, trying to take cover behind the low wall of a garden. On the nearby road, a company of soldiers launched an assault against a barricade. This was happening on his right, so they likely were General Rimbaud and his guys, the Astrapi Raiders, and the tirailleurs of the 5eme. ----------- On the other side of the road, Francisco Mendoza was waiting for the enemies behind a barricaded door. That build must have been a tavern, just a few months ago, but now it was their fort. He peeked across the planks blocking the windows. The enemies were advancing again, crossing what remained of the park of the Cordobas' Mansion. Those bluecoats were the traitors of the Mardierian Legion, mostly Terraversans exiled during the Glorious Revolution. But, apart from the official words, he knew that some of those men had their reasons... rumors said that some of the men who ended up on proscription lists were simply political rivals of Oldis or L'Olius, or were victims of personal revenge. However, Francisco Mendoza was a soldier, not a politician. Soldiers follow the orders, do not discuss political intrigues, and the orders he had received were quite simple: defend the Citadel, hold the line, if necessary die where you stand but do not retreat! For sure the Archduke had a plan to break the siege... soon he would have personally led the counterattack, but he needed time to reorganize the army. Or at least, this is what soldiers told each other, sharing a bottle of brandy in the pauses between the fights. The truth was that nobody really knew what was happening in the city... for what he knew, the things yelled by the damned traitors on the other side of the road could even be true. But Francisco Mendoza was a soldier, and he followed orders. He would have fought there with his comrades -soldiers from different units, militiamen, even some civilians- he would have held the position! Orders were shouted on the other side of the street, and muskets started firing again... soon the hellish concert of shots and yells seemed to arrive from every direction, oddly even from below... --------- The road to victory is always difficult and scattered with obstacles... nobody ever mentioned that it could also pass right through the sewers. Captain Antoine Dupont crawled through the breach, entering what seemed the cellar of a tavern. If he was right, the enemy stronghold was just a couple of meters above them... otherwise, they would have found a way, as usual. Antoine waved his torch twice: it was the right way, or at least he hoped so. With a few hits of pickaxe, the little breach became a real passage: it would have been their only way out, in case of troubles, so it was worth spending a little more time to widen it. He didn't have to explain that: his men knew perfectly what to do... it was their tenth mission together, and he trusted each of them as himself. However, it was their first time in a unenviable task, the dandies of the infantry would have got lost in five minutes. But they were the Engineers of the 2eme, thought Antoine with pride, and they were the only ones who could complete the job! "Enemy patrol!" The yell reverberated in the tunnels, truncating Antoine's thoughts. He didn't expect to find enemies down in the sewers, but they were more than ready. Barely lighted by a dark lantern, the soldiers started shooting at the enemies... the torches of those idiots turned them into perfect targets! --------- Sergeant Guillermo Cortina was nervous. He had seen enough battles to know that they were losing... the Citadel could hold for a week at most, no matter how hard they fought. What he also knew was that someone was going to be left behind, to cover the retreat of the others... and, of course, the escape of the politicians: they were still continuing useless talk about the best defence strategies, even if the fights were now just a few blocks far from the Council Hall! Guillermo and his platoon were patrolling one of the many tunnels running below King’s Port... a labyrinth of catacombs, sewers, cellars and smugglers’ galleries. It was quite unlikely to find enemies down there, and at least they were safe from enemy cannons, but everybody knew that they could re-emerge in an area controlled by the enemies... not a great perspective! They crossed the umpteenth arch, stopping just a step before the slippery bank of a sewer canal. Guillermo raised its torch with a sigh of relief... then he noticed the figures forward in the tunnel. He had barely the time to realise his mistake, then he was hit by two musket shots. --------- Overall view: the whole build is 32x32 on three levels (in the evening I'll show you the third one). Back view: Front view: I completed this build in a very long time, and even more time passed before I could publish it (because I waited for the result of King's Port Battle, but also due to real-life stuff). I tried to depict different points of view, from my main character to a Mardierian expatriate personally hating Oldis, from a common Terraversan soldier to a fanatic of the militias. I hope you enjoy the build and the stories- I liked building and writing them!
  19. While the Captain Hunter was obeserving the garrison, hiding in the bushes, having faith in his camouflage skill, an Olean captain was having a conversation with one of the guards. "Luckily you've sharp eyes." Said the captain. "Thank you, sir! They've been wandering around since a week, spying our defense with their spyglass." "Good, these men must be Corrie spies, continue to act like nothing happened, and don't do anything that could awake their suspicion. They'll well surprised If the redcoats want to exploit that 15 minutes gap." Said the captain with a smile. Edited "Good, they must be plotting something, continue to act like nothing happened, you know something is happening, but you should pretend you don't know." Said the expressionless captain. A reaction to Evancelt's excellent build, "Taking notes".
  20. Dear Elise, While I am stuck in Terraversa, I learned I have been promoted and now am the mayor of our new settlement Nouveau Oleandia on île Dionysus. Sadly I cannot be there, but I wish you keep the place running while I am gone. I hope to be back soon. I don't know when I will, but hopefully soon. I miss you. I need you in my arms. I send Henri back to you from the front with this letter. Please keep him fed. He's been eating into our reserves, I fear. I jest, of course. Sending all my love, Emile My darling Emile, I pray you are still safe during this war. I have just moved in to our new residence here in Nouveau Oleandia. It is certainly different from the rest of the colonies! Music is everywhere! The colors are beautiful. You will surely love it when you return to my arms. We had a party to celebrate your promotion. Gilbert and William returned from their expedition, thankfully healthy and safe. Gilbert is quieter than normal, but I believe it will pass soon. And you sent Henri back! He's grown up so much over the past few years! I must ask, did you give him any alcohol? He doesn't seem to be able to handle his liquor. Henri ended up sleeping in our bed! Do not worry, not with me. He drank so much, he fell asleep on the nearest bed. I did not get to sleep in our bed on the first night in this new town! The party went well, otherwise. A priest even came by to check on us. Do you remember the opera we saw before you left? It was about a sailor leaving his wife for an adventure, becoming trapped by the sea and eventually returning rich. Sadko. I hired the main actor to come sing and entertain for the night. I wish you were here to see it. You would love it. Counting down the days until you're back, Elise Here we see Gilbert contemplating life. Henri getting "lit" as the 2010s kids would say. William is watching him, judging. Elise and a man hired for serving food for the party. A guest and a priest outside the in-house office of the mayor. The mayor's bedroom.
  21. The ruins of Jiangkai, December 620, El Oleonda Wisps of smoke rose slowly in the sky, from right beyond the hill... they had almost arrived. The small party, led by the "governor" of Fort Arltrees Marcel Dubois, spurred the horses, and a desolate landscape appeared in front of them. It was even worse than they had imagined: the crops in front of them were a stretch of mud and ashes, turned into a marsh by the recent rains. Further beyond lay the ruins of the city: blackened walls, piles of rocks and burned beams, nothing more... the Corrish sacking had damaged the city, but the retreating Lotii army was far more scrupulous, blowing up the city fortifications and setting all the other buildings on fire. In spite of the devastation, several people had remained among the ruins, building a series of miserable shacks. Civilians frightened by the long march towards Luyang, stragglers who returned from the jungle just to find their barracks devastated, some deserters... all the people left behind by the Kingdom of the Lotus, now struggling to survive with the scarce food available. Technically they were still enemies of Oleon, but most of them would've not arrived to the following summer without help. This was the reason why Lieutenant Dubois was there, with a dozen of mules loaded with food and a small bodyguard. The organization of the rescue expedition was the last order left by Tristan Rimbaud before leaving for Terraversa. Marcel personally approved the plan, but he also knew that it could end very, very bad for himself: scared people can be dangerous, especially when they have weapons and poor discipline. As expected, the sight of armed horsemen set the nearest encampment into complete caos: some people started running towards the ruins, others grabbed weapons, tools and sticks to repel the "attackers". In spite of the immediate reaction, the signs of scurvy and denutrition were already clear on those men. Calming down the spirits required a lot of time, diplomacy and all the limited knowledge of the Lotii language Marcel had. Then, the distribution of food could finally begin. Lieutenant Marcel Dubois spent two of the following areas trying to understand who could represent the local heterogeneous community, and several more discussing the terms of a treaty: Jiangkai would have become part of the glorious Empire of Light, although with a certain degree of autonomy. In exchange, Oleon would have helped with the reconstruction, and would have provided military protection in the future, especially against Carno and the hated redcoats, but also against the Lotus Empire, which considered deserters and traitors the ones who had remained behind the retreat. Marcel didn't know if he, or -for what mattered- even Tristan Rimbaud actually had the authority to stipulate such an agreement, but it was the best thing to do. He signed the paper, frankly hoping that the Crown would have agreed. At least, this time he only risked a degradation, not his own head... following Tristan's orders, for sure, was quite far from a boring job in the colonial administration!
  22. Fort Arltrees, November 620, El Oleonda As the battle for El Oleonda arrived at a stalemate, the Oleander presence on the island could become more stable: the first wave of colonists arrived in Fort Arltrees, with small farms, houses and workshops sprouting near to the fort itself. This was for sure something absolutely positive, but also started turning the small settlement into an interesting prey for hostile natives, Lotii soldiers or deserters and, even worse, for Corrington. A small militia was therefore raised in the town: currently, a single platoon framed in the 1ere Compagnie Milice Coloniale de Fort Arltrees, together with a small unit of Essener mercenaries. The soldiers of this unit are nicknamed ragamuffins, due to their untidy and "customized" uniforms: the blue coat, ubiquitous in the Royal Army, is often torn and mended in several points, due to the long marches in the thick jungle; for the same reason, several parts of the uniform are replaced with robust and comfortable hunting clothes. These soldiers lack most of the formal training and discipline of the regular army. However, they know how to move and survive in the hostile jungle of El Oleonda, and how to fight in this unique environment. An attacking army must cross the jungle to reach Fort Arltrees, and there the ragamuffins would make their stand, shooting from the bushes and hunting the enemies, one after the other. These soldiers are expert trackers, who can find and follow the little clues that a group of people inevitably leaves. (Note: the color of the little piece of cloth, possibly ripped off a coat or a jacket, is not so casual) The whole figbarf The officer discussing with a native warrior. (Note: the credit for the warrior's design goes to @Khorne). ------ I'll use this small building to raise a platoon of soldiers in Fort Arltrees.
  23. Fort Arltrees, November 620, El Oleonda People called it "The Tavern", nothing more. The simple wooden building didn't have a real name or colorful signboard, but still everyone in the little settlement knew it... quite unsurprisingly, since it was the first real tavern on the island. The first wave of colonists had arrived on El Oleonda even before the end of the battle. Hunters and adventurers arrived first, though men looking for their fortune on the island, and ready to defend it weapons in hands. Soon, however, the ships started carrying also farmers and artisans, fishermen and priests... common people who decided to leave a miserable past behind, or who simple tried to improve their lives with a new start. Wooden houses replaced the first shacks, while the first shops and stores started opening their doors. And, among them, The Tavern. The owners, a young couple from Breshaun, had moved with a little money and a lot of enterprise. Currently the meals they serve are drastically influenced by what is hunted, fished or collected around Fort Arltrees every morning. However, the customers seemed to apreciate the sometimes strange stew served in The Tavern, especially if accompanied by a glass or two of Fatu Hiva booze... currently nothing was brewed in the settlement, even if a few guys down the main street were already trying something a boiler and an alembic. The settlement was growing at sight, with a certain satisfaction of the major, Lieutenant Marcel Dubois. With the new tavern, the settlement could already be considered a Town, and new colonists were arriving with every ship. After all, Fort Arltrees would have remained on the maps for longer then he had expected, and was quickly turning from a temporary camp into a real settlement. However, the political situation in the area was far from being calm... Carno was friendly, and had also provided the settlement some mercenaries, while the Lotii had signed a treaty and had withdrawn eastwards, at least for the moment. The Corrish declaration of war, however, concerned Marcel. For this reason, he had given order to raise a little militia, nicknamed "the Ragamuffins" from the untidy and customized uniforms of the soldiers. Corrish redcoats, however, were definitely far, and a real fight there in the East was quite unlikely. Life in the settlement continued exactly as before Corrish declaration of war, vibrant and colorful: a tiny market had started appearing along the main street, with new stalls sprouting each time. A fortune teller had also arrived into the settlement, a clear sign that money had started moving. However, she should probably make more favorable predictions, if she wants to keep her customers! The tiny colony established excellent relationships with the nearby villages, with Halosian and Tyree'De hunters and traders regularly visiting each other's neighbours. Quite unsurprisingly, some of the colonists took a local wife, while others left the settlement to live with the natives. An overall view of the scene: I will license it as a Large Artisan in Fort Arltrees, using the license awarded in the challenge. As usual, I preferred a downsized, minifig scale build to a microbuild, but please let me know if there is any problem. In this case the "excessive size" of the license compared to the build accounts for the overall growth of the settlement.
  24. Captain Genaro

    [OL FB] Wine Press

    No one knows the exact origins of the winepress. Many say it was Dionysus who, upon seeing how much of glorious juice was wasted by the traditional trampling of grapes, has Hephaestus create the first wine press, a machine which early Oleanders quickly reverse engineered and spread throughout the Empire. Others (heretics obviously) claim it was the inevitable result of scientific progress in a wine-obsessed nation. Regardless of how, the important thing is the winepress is here. To the untrained observer it seems simple enough. A basket is filled with grapes from nearby barrels. Once the basket is filled, a capstan is turned to lower a plate, slowly crushing the grapes. Juice flows out a hole in the bottom of the basket into a cask. until the cask is full and ready to be stored for fermentation. The cake, the remaining seeds, skin, and stems are then put aside and usually end up as food for swine. Despite being a very manual task, the work requires significant skill. The grapes must be properly harvested, for unripened or overripe fruit could contaminate an entire batch of wine. Lowering the capstan is no small task either. Too much pressure and the artisan risks crushing the seeds, a terrible disaster, while failing to press hard enough would result in juice stuck in the cake. But for the man who can master this craft, the rewards are rich. P1130821 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr
  25. Today Retired Admiral Girard Beauchamp and Master Shipwright Jean Benoit walked through the ship and have deemed her fit for launch. Of course, this particular ship has had the Retired Admiral's special attention since the announcement that his eldest son, Hector Beauchamp would be promoted into command of the Belle. In response to the to the sinking of the Pride of Oleon off the cost of Terraversa last month, the Empire has asked the Beauchamp Shipyard to rush through the final stages of construction on her Sistership the Belle of Breshaun. Crew, Cannon, Stores, and a brave and proven Commander in the form of Hector are all on hand and initial loading began weeks ago in the completed sections of the craft. She will be combat ready on the morrow and a full compliment to His Majesty's Navy in a matter of days. Build from the design of the Pride of Oleon, this 7CL Ship of the Line has "exactly" the same capabilities as the old Pride of Olean boasted. Fair winds and Following Seas to the good crew.