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Found 37 results

  1. Captain Nemo

    MOC(s): "Batman: Heart of Ice"

    Heart of Ice Batman Animated Series This is the second longer series of creations I’ve made based off an episode from Batman: The Animated Series, the award winning episode “Heart of Ice”. This took significantly longer then Almost Got ‘Im, though that’s totally due to my laziness. Anyways, enjoy the creations that depict the new origins of Mr. Freeze—which we all now can’t live without! 1) Title This is how I will always remember you. Surrounded by winter. Forever young. Forever beautiful. Rest well my love. The monster who took you from me will soon learn that revenge is a dish best served cold... 2) That's Mr. Freeze to You Load those canisters…hurry! Are you done? All set…uhh…ahhh! The Batman! Freeze! That’s Mr. Freeze to you! 3) Nora My God! Yes. It would move me to tears, if I still had tears to shed. 4) Warm Hand to Hold The snow is beautiful, don't you think? Clean, uncompromising... And Cold. Like the swift hand of vengeance. I saw what happened to your wife…I’m sorry. I'm beyond emotions. They've been frozen dead in me. That suit you wear, a result of the coolant? Very good, a detective to the last. I can no longer survive outside a sub-zero environment. Tonight, I mean to pay back the man who ruined my life... our lives. Even if you have to kill everyone in the building to do it? Think of it, Batman. To never again walk on a summer's day with the hot wind in your face and a warm hand to hold. Oh yes, I'd kill for that! 5) Icy Revenge Stop... Please... I beg you! You beg? In my nightmares I see my Nora behind the glass begging to me with frozen eyes. How I've longed to see that look frozen on you! 6) Warm Hand Awaits I failed you. I wish there were another way for me to say it. I cannot. I can only beg your forgiveness, and pray you hear me somehow, someplace... someplace where a warm hand waits for mine. --- Enjoy ~Nemo
  2. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Orthanc in Micro

    Just a quick, yet surprisingly complicated build. I’m rather happy with how it turned out; it’s simple but it works and I think it looks great. Really, I’m just using this as a test run before I eventually make a micro Barad-dûr; which I intend to use the cool Palantiri head for the eye once it’s released (See it here! I called it! No one can use it! ). Regardless, I’m happy with my Orthanc, especially with the spires which use Venom’s new back piece to hold them in place. Enjoy ~Nemo
  3. Wonders of Historica: Nocturnus Shrine of Immortality Located far to the East, over the highest of peaks, past the deepest and darkest swamps in Nocturnus, placed in the middle of an oil lake, sitting on top one of the oldest shrines of Historica, rests the single key to immortality---Green flames; not burning to the touch but magical, rest in a bowl under a blood red Cyprus tree…any person from the lowliest peasants to highest of kings may come to drink the flames, and gain their immortality…but it is not a journey free of peril… Devious souls. People who at heart are evil; and even those who may in the future do such evil deeds will be punished when attempting to drink the flames. The shrine cannot risk opening Historica to an eternity of evil men…and so…any monstrous person at heart would be burned by the flames; engulfed in emerald fire; thrown from the shrine of immortality, and into their oily tomb…the Goblet Graveyard. Miles and miles; hundreds of thousands of goblets all rest above the oil lake, with their master’s charred hands still holding on to them…their corpses trapped forever, and their souls destroyed. Then why, do you ask, why is this deadly temptress here? Do so many evil men risk their lives for the chance to live forever? Why was it constructed in the first place—to lure devious men to their deaths? And why was it built in a place of such evil as Nocturnus? Perhaps it was done because those who built it knew…while there would always be millions of evil men who wanted to abuse that power; it would only take one good soul to share that power...forever. Nocturnus Wonder of Historica Enjoy? ~Nemo
  4. Mark of Falworth

    (LCC) The Last Stand

    (LCC) The Last Stand. by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr A lone Areani knight faces off against a horde of outlaws! They may outnumber him 100 to 1, but they will never take him alive! He will fight to the bitter end! For the Glory of Loreos! _________________ This is my small addition to the Art of War contest over at the LCN. Be sure to check it out!
  5. Made this today: Not sure how to embed Youtube videos or if I even can, so help would be appreciated :). EDIT: Don't worry, it's automatic :P!
  6. Captain Nemo

    Legion of Doom: Trophy Room

    Legion of Doom: Trophy Room Meanwhile in the Legion of Doom’s Trophy Room…nothing is happening. They’re closed on Sundays. I’ve been meaning to make this one for a long time, and finally, it’s been created. I needed more specific bricks then I have on hand in my dorm, but with it now being summer, I had the pieces necessary to make this baby! Oh do I love all the little details and especially all the reverences in here! First Floor The first floor is the largest section of the LOD’s Trophy Room, and features many objects used by the Legion members in their daily activities. These include things such as masks and ranged weapons to Yellow Lantern power batteries! Other notable objects included on the first floor are two missles, a frozen superhero, the last remaining piece of Brainiac, Vandal Savage’s meteorite, as well as Two-Face’s coin and a Freeze canister; and who could forget Joker’s crowbar, used to kill the second Robin! The first floor also features two large viewing boxes which contain classic suits and precious minerals such as Kryptonite. Raised First Floor Just behind the First Floor of the Trophy Room sits a raised section with more objects. This area features many more interesting things from a large Penguin statue to Ra’s al Ghul’s sword! Black Manta’s trident is present, as well as Amazo—the dangerous unbeatable android. A Yellow Lantern ring is also found here, along with an X-Ray image of Batman’s broken back. Finally, the Raised First Floor is home to a miniaturized replica of the miniaturized city of Kandor. Second Floor The Second Floor and final section of the LOD Trophy Room features some famous and not so famous artifacts! Here you can find one of Poison Ivy’s deadly plants as well as some of Scarecrow’s fear toxin—and let’s not forget about a Giant Joker Card! A Scarface dummy is here too—as well as Lex Luthor’s infamous wig collection! Grodd’s mind control helmet is here too, along with statues of a giant black dragon and a giant dime! Enjoy ~Nemo
  7. Captain Nemo

    Game of Feathers

    Game of Feathers It’s like Game of Thrones. You know the Iron Throne…but with Feathers. I recently, finally, acquired some Black Flacon minifigures (5). I love classic Lego pieces, and this is the first time I’ve gotten some nice old Castle figures. Anyways, I felt that the Black Flacons needed their own throne—but with their style of course! Hence the Feather Throne—in stark contrast to the Iron Throne—this is the most comfortable chair in the world. Enjoy! ~Nemo
  8. The Legion of Doom: Complete The Legion of Doom, from Challenge of the Super Friends created in Minifigure form. Gotta say this took months to put together; but it was well worth it! There’s a variety of Custom and Purist figures. Brainiac is a Custom Printed figure by Green Pea Toys. Names (From Left): Bottom: Solomon Grundy, Cheetah (Custom), Brainiac (Green Pea Toys), Lex Luthor, Scarecrow, Black Manta Middle: Giganta, Toyman, Riddler, Captain Cold (Custom) Top: Gorilla Grodd, Sinestro (Custom), Bizarro Custom Made Figures: Enjoy ~Nemo
  9. Balin

    Hello from Moria!

    Hello from Moria!I'm Balin son of Fundin. We are in the process of colonising Moria! Athough some people say we are all going to die!But I do not believe them.
  10. Captain Nemo

    MOC Series: The Legion of Doom

    MOC Series: The Legion of Doom I love the Legion of Doom! Personally I think they’re one of the coolest DC organizations and one of the most underrated and underused ones out there. While most notable for its appearance in Challenge of the Super Friends series, it also appeared (Though not in name the behest of DC comics themselves) in Justice League Unlimited series two—which my builds are mainly based off of. Anyways after that short history lesson we get to the important part—the Legion itself. I love the legion, and it’s many members, and the Darth Vader shaped building, but rarely seen are the actual rooms within their headquarters. That’s the point of this build series, to see where those villains actually live and hang out when not being (totally) villainous. I have a chunk of rooms done now, but will add more in this thread when they are built. So enjoy the progress and the Legion of Doom and its rooms grow! (Click on the picture to find out more information on said room) -------- "The Legion of Lunch Room" The Legion’s Lunchroom; where villainous villains come to feast during the hours of 12:00 to 1:00, and again at 6:00 to 8:00. Closed on Sundays. ----- "Meanwhile in the Men's Bathroom..." Ahem, are you going to wash your hands? …No, 'cause I'm evil. ----- "Grodd's Office" ----- "Luthor's Office" ----- "Archery Room" ----- Enjoy--and more to come! ~Nemo
  11. Captain Cold Custom Minifigure What you’re looking at is my first attempt at a custom minifigure (Ok, not first, but the best of the numerous failures over the years!) Anyways, I love the character of Captain Cold; and basically I’m sick of waiting to see if he’ll officially show up (In the unlikely event that he does) in a set with the equally (More so) anticipated Flash minifigure. This is made of a few pieces, and I kept to purist in areas of it whenever possible. I’ve painted the Eskimo hat to blue and white, and added some cheap sticky-paper decals on his chest and back. I’ve been trying to build a Legion of Doom for a long time, and Captain Cold is just another step in that long staircase. Anyways, enjoy! Enjoy ~Nemo
  12. The Hall of Justice from the Super Friends show, in Micro Scale. I've also built the Legion of Doom many months ago, as shown below, but that will be rebuilt new soon, so look for that too! Anyways, The Hall of Justice Super Friends! Legion of Doom (Old) Enjoy ~Nemo