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Found 136 results

  1. WickNole

    [O - H04] Remote outpost

    Location: H04 - Crofter's Ridge Tags: civil, building, exploration Terrain: Mountains Start of transmission #03. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- While most of Octan explorers were traveling to Xerillian, I've spend the week establishing small supply platform on Crofter's Ridge... “It’s a calm and safe place” – they told me. “Just be sure that you don’t touch anything on the ground, or don’t travel away from the platform, or don’t forget to carry a proper weapon…” and lots of other “don’t’s”. If course I did it all wrong. Just as the platform was installed, I've climbed down to check the nearby territory. And to make the usual picture, of course, (hopefully, I'll be able to do these in color soon, but for now b/w is a sole option). All in all, I've barely managed back alive and in one piece. No questions now, why the alien live status is stated as "intense" here. I can surely confirm that... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of transmission #03. The build:
  2. Dannylonglegs

    [O - G08] Stigmergy

    Note: Chronologically this occurs before most of the other G08 builds. Location: G08 Tags: science, exploration //"Log date 319, this is Dr. Danielle Long, recording from the sink-hole riddled dune seas of Planet G08, or, Xerillian. Orbital sensors detected massive biomass readings, however, our efforts to uncover the source of these readings have been futile up until now. Tomorrow we will begin testing our new hand-held Biomass detectors, in effort to figure out where these readings are coming from... Dr. Long Signing off."// //Log date 320, this is Dr. Danielle Long. I am accompanying a pair of Octancorp brand troops, who will be testing our corporation's latest invention: The handheld Biomass detector. Signing off for now."// //"This is Dr. Long with a status update. It's coming from underground. I've tasked the troopers to investigate one of these sinkholes, and the readings are getting stronger. I suspect that the life on this planet is hidden beneath the dune seas.... Wait... Something's moving! The creature seems arthropod-like in form... resembling an earth lobster or scorpion." "Trooper, grab that specimen for me! I wish to inspect it's xenophysiology in my lab!" "Log note: There are more of them now... crawling out of the sinkhole... wow. They just keep coming..." "Trooper! Grab that specimen quickly! Let's observe this from a safe distance!" Trooper1: "Ah! What the Yetornius! They're everywhere! Shit! it bit me!" "....How does it feel?" Trooper1: "I... I can't feel anything! My whole leg's numb! Ah! There's more! make it stop! Make it stop!" "Fascinating... Log note: These creatures seem to induce a numbing effect upon biting would-be-prey." Trooper2: "..." "I need to attend to this matter. Dr. Long signing off."// "Grab me a sample you blithering fools!" Swarm Behavior The desert without the SPET or Dr. Long. (Those Trooper's are toast!) So, I didn't have time this week to build a new ship, but luckily the SPET (Scientific Personnel and Equipment Transport was still kicking around from last week. Those "dunes" were a pain in the rear to figure out, and I think in the future I'll use a different technique than the interwoven round snot you see here, but hey, I'm a scientist, and science is about throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks! Also, this gives me a chance to show off one of the SPET's unseen features: Opening cockpit: So, remember kids! Science is written by the survivors: Yes this was all just a sneaky way to brag about my sexy scorpion collection. My babies... This isn't even all of them either... ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  3. DarkDruid

    [O-G08] Nightly Stroll

    +++++ BEGIN TRANSMISSION. While the Bident is in orbit, I decided to track down some rare biomass on G-08. These desert may be hot in the daytime, but at night the cutting cold wind embraces you. It's vast. And I discovered night sets in at an alarmingly fast pace. It caught me off guard. Luckily my sensors managed to spot something in the middle of nowhere. I'll get back to you once I'm back in orbit. END TRANSMISSION. +++++ (Another viewpoint of the Transporter.) [/url]
  4. goatman461

    [O - G08] Live Bait

    Location: G08 - Xerillian Tags: Vehicle, Spaceship / Airplane, Exploration, Science Pilot and interim CEO John Hannibal barely escapes the "jaws" of one of the most dangerous denizens of Xerillian, G08. [G - 08] LIVE BAIT by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr The pressure is on the would-be executive as he struggles to keep his corporation afloat. Where will he steer the Octan's scientists, chomping at the bit for more challenging pursuits, trusting Octan leadership to deliver a path to success? Hannibal has made his decision. Now he gathers a supply of the most ruthless, hungry beasts that Octan has faced thus far, risking his own life to lure this particular creature. As he flies low among the dunes, the giant worm is close behind him. Hannibal brings his speeder closer to the sand, sacrificing his speed and kicking up a large wake of sand. The worm speeds up and closes in. He's almost there. Almost there... The worm lunges at Hannibal as the speeder dives into LaRose's newly discovered cave. It is uncertain what stuns the giant worm more, bursting through the rock at full speed, or the disappearance of its would-be meal. An Octan cargo ship quickly pulls the beast out of the hole and into a secured container. Soon Hannibal will deliver his bounty of death to I06, the future home of a new training facility unsurpassed in its rigorous curriculum and exceptional faculty. The future of Octan is bright. Nothing can stand in its way.
  5. Octan Training Facility: Yetornius, southern pole Carved out of the super-heated rock of Yetornius, Octan's new training facility houses two contained habitats and access to flora and fauna of I06's own inhabitants. Each enclosure provides new hires with limitless dangers and trials at the hands of the galaxies most feared inhabitants. While nobody is quite sure what interim CEO John Hannibal deposited inside of the damp, jungle bioshere of Containment 1, the student's can't help but see the hungry sand worm slithering beneath the surface of Containment 3. The campus is powered by an adjacent river of lava, houses thousands of new applicants (graduates few), has personal quarters and landing platform for the company CEO, and room for the comings and goings of the companies starship fleet, their pilots, scientists, explorers, drivers, and military personnel.
  6. WickNole

    [O - G07] Water Pump

    Location: G07 - Hennigan II Tags: civil, exploration Terrain: Forest Start of transmission #02. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Finally, I'm on Hennigan II. Although Livgorn mission was a success for Octan Corporation, and we were able to establish a permanent presence there, most of us had left sector H05 towards new explorations. First missions on G07 reported huge water deposits under this forest. Need to install these pumping machines now and then connect them all to central station. And I hope I won't see these butterflies Jacques LaRose mentioned in his report. Or even better, they won't see me... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of transmission #02. The build, main picture: Some additional pics with no background removal.
  7. Dannylonglegs

    [O - G07] Outstanding in her Field

    Location: G07 Tags: Science, Exploration, Vehicles Earlier, on H05. //"Log date 317, this is Dr. Danielle Long, Recording from the surface of Planet H05. My second day on this miserable planet has been much more eventful than the first. After receiving a transmission from one of our Engineers, Big Z, as the crew calls him, I was able to devise a method by which a prospector on this planet might reliably discover Awesomnium without the use of our advanced detector technology. The key to finding sub-surface deposits of Awesomnium is a very distinctive "bush." Found planet-wide, this bush only grows in Awesomnium rich soil. I've gathered several specimens for research aboard the O.C.S. Axle, and tested the surrounding soil with Sc119, or as the crew calls it: Hound. I'll be returning to Orbit shortly. Dr. Long signing off."// Conclusions Drawn --------------------------- Later, aboard the O.C.S. Axle. "Greetings, Comrade." "Greetings, Danielle. Have you gotten a chance to look over my Science Outpost request? I've detected very promising readings from a sector on the Northern Pole of H05." "I did review your work. Excellent adherence to protocol. We did send out a scouting mission lead by Horsleben, and work is underway for a permanent mining facility to be installed... however your request is being denied." "Wait... but why? I'm fully capable of working planet-side on this." "I know you are... but we're needed elsewhere. The Axle always follows the primary fleet... and the fleet is moving out." "You mean...?" "Yes. Domination has been achieved. H05 is ours. Now we begin firming our control over the nearby planets." "So... Where does this leave me?" "We will be needing a lab on G07 to test the water there for potability, in addition to performing routine environmental studies. This will be your new assignment. Go over the plans with Big Z. He's disembarking from the Axle shortly. I'm sure you'll have much to discuss." "So, Octan's reach is extending. Excellent." "You know what they say: Kawashita thinks red is the color of domination, and MANTIS thinks green is. They're both right!" --------------------------- Later still, on G07: //"Log date 322, this is Dr. Danielle Long. Preliminary reports from Hennigan II show bountiful water resources, but inedible biomass. This will have to be researched. Samples collected. Etc. I have my drones working on that now. There are more pressing matters, however. One of our explorers has reported an... "Unknown Artifact..." which is Octan code for a really interesting anomaly... Potentially produced by highly intelligent non-human lifeforms. That's why we send the explorers out first. They have a knack for picking up on interesting finds. Some say it's fate, or luck, but I don't believe in any of that. I will be inspecting this report, and employing the assistance of an explorer by the name of Jacques LaRose, one of my fellow executives. I've dispatched an Sc212 drone to locate him. Shouldn't be too hard. Dr. Long out."// Arial Observation and Personnel Location --------------------------- //"This is Dr. Danielle Long: Status update: In transit to location of G07 anomaly aboard one of our Scientific Personnel and Equipment Transporters. None of the hostile "butterfly"-like lifeforms have been observed, however I have noted several large arthropoidal creatures camouflaged in the grasses. They appear bovine and docile. We should be arriving at our destination soon."// Take Me to the River Take Me to the River Take Me to the River Out Standing in Her Field Sorry for the multiple Vigs. I got a bit carried away. Also sorry for the mediocre pictures of the centerpiece carrier craft. I didn't have much time, but I'll upload better ones later... probably too late for the judging, mais c'est la vie. Updated with some better pics. ~Dr. Long
  8. LucasLaughing

    [O - G07] The Artifact

    Location: G07 - Hennigan II Tags: Exploration, Vehicle Explorer's Log - 28 Maian 3815 I arrived on my first alien planet today. Although Hennigan II initially sounded far less exciting than "the lava planet" the rest of my team went to, any disappointment was quickly forgotten as I piloted my Single Occupant Survey Vehicle through an alien ecosystem bursting with life. My task is to investigate a magnetic anomaly that one of our probes detected from orbit. It's almost certainly an iron deposit, or something similar, but there's always a tiny chance that it's Mithril. When I arrive at the coordinates, it takes my brain a few seconds to process what my eyes are seeing. Is that a ...? It is. It's a living tree, floating in the air, roots and all. I've heard rumors about alien artifacts being found in the vicinity of the anomalies - current scientific consensus seems to be that the anomalies themselves were engineered by some ancient, unknown race of aliens. Whatever this is, it doesn't seem to be bothering the local wildlife, although there is some slight gravitational lensing around the base. My suit doesn't pick up any radiation or energy emissions, but I'm not going to get any closer until Dr. Long or someone else from the science team gets here. This could be anything. It doesn't look like a weapon, but that doesn't mean it isn't. Of course, it could also be some kind of alien art installation, or shrine, or simply some malfunctioning tech. Almost unbidden, the rhyme from training pops into my head. In a strange situation, you can make Pres. Business happy. Instead of snappy judgements, just activate your CLAPPIE. Dammit. I reluctantly pull out my Explorer's Guide. "Hi, I'm CLAPPIE, your Corporate Law And Planetary Politics Incident Evaluator! In a few words, tell me how I can help!" "Unknown Artifact." CLAPPIE: "I think you said 'Undead Artichoke.' Are you having trouble with your Octan Hydroponic Vegetable Growth System?" Lu: "What?! No." CLAPPIE: "Oops, sorry! In a few words, tell me how I can help! Lu: "Alien Artifact." CLAPPIE: "I think you said 'Alien Artifact.' Is that right?" Lu: "Yes." CLAPPIE: "... Initiating Alien Artifact Protocols. I need a little more information. How many fatalities has the artifact caused. Please round to the nearest thousand." Lu: "Uh, zero." CLAPPIE: "Thank you. Please wait while CLAPPIE determines your location. ... ... CLAPPIE detects that you are not located within two-hundred miles of an Octan Regional Headquarters Building. Is that right?" Lu: "Yeah...." CLAPPIE: "Thank you! CLAPPIE recommends that you take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure. Shall CLAPPIE attempt to gain access to the nearest launch facility?" Lu: "No! Cancel program!" CLAPPIE: "Are you sure you want to exit? CLAPPIE remains very enthusiastic about this mission." Lu: "Exit!" CLAPPIE: "Goodbye." On second thought, I'll just type up a manual report and mark the location for the science team. Lu, out. --------------- Overall scene:
  9. goatman461

    [O - I06] Octan Barge

    Location: I06 - Yetomius Tags: Military, Vehicle, Spaceship / Airplane, Exploration [i - 06] OCTAN BARGE by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr I06 - Yetomius - Octan Pilot John Hannibal follows a modified drone to Explorer Pombe's location on I06. Forward artillery and mercenary guards protect the barge from the dangerous inhabitants of the planet below.
  10. "Log date 316, This is Dr. Danielle Long, recording from the surface of planet H05, or Livgorn. My Sc106 probe drone and I successfully landed at 1200 hours Farmolis time... which translates to roughly mid-morning here, although the days are faster. Sc106 and I are scouting the immediate vicinity of my landing point for signs of hostile life and to collect samples. Supposedly there are deposits of Awesomnium beneath the ground not too far from here. I will look into this. First observation: This place reeks of urine. Likely this is due to abnormally high concentrations of urea in the atmosphere. I suspect this has to do with the wildlife. To confirm my suspicions, I have tasked Sc106 with the collection of multiple samples of the native "Flora" and "Fauna." The air is breathable. I imagine that means these "xeno-plants" are conventionally photosynthetic. I cannot wait to perform experiments on these xenobiological organisms in my lab... and get out of this fetid fen. Second observation: I should have worn a heavier jacket. It's positively frigid, and I'm currently within the tropical zone. Status update complete. Dr. Long, signing off." //Survey// //Specimen Acquisition// ~Dr. Long
  11. goatman461

    [O - H05] Getting a Closer Look

    Location: H05 - Livgorn Tags: Civil, Vehicle, Spaceship / Airplane, Exploration H05-1-A by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr H05 - Livgorn - Octan Pilot John Hannibal recons the area surrounding his ship's landing site. Hiding below the short but dense foliage, vast amounts of awesomnium and some sinister beasts intertwine. Edit: tags