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Found 522 results

  1. LucasLaughing

    [O - TECH] Metallurgy

    " the hot rolling mill, metal is stretched and compressed into different shapes and sizes. A train carries molten slag from the blast furnace to the slag pit. Once it cools, it will be repurposed into everything from construction filler to diet pills. Workers in heat resistant suits help to oversee the process." "Next week on How It's Made: apples, earthquakes and babies!"
  2. StarHawk3

    [M-F02] The MCS Trade Winds

    Location: F02 Lesser Drigo Tags: Spying, Spaceship With the MANTIS and Octan fleets both in orbit around Lesser Drigo, it was only a matter of time before MANTIS would capture an Octan vessel. The MCS Trade Winds, a Merchant Confederacy ship, was on a supply run to the surface when it was intercepted by MANTIS. The crew was kept for questioning and MANTIS command saw an opportunity to use the vessel to infiltrate the Octan spaceport. They put together a group to pose as the Merchant Confederacy crew in hopes to gain information on Octan's fleet movements. Note to judges. The Octan truck is reused and should not be judged. Hawk: You three stay here. I will go and scout the area and see if I can get into the control tower while they unload the ship. You guy wait for my signal. - Spec Ops1- Hold it there pilot. The base is on lock down. There are MANTIS spys everywhere and you need special clearance to get past this point. Hawk: Sorry sir. I hear those MANTIS guys are vicious thugs. Keep up the goo…. Spec Ops1- That's enough small talk. Please return to your ship. We will be performing inspections soon. Hawk: Yes sir. - Hawk: This is bad. They will be around soon to inspect the ship. They will find out that we are MANTIS for sure. Snake: I say we go in and blast them with our death ray blasters! Sue: Yeah! Hawk: Are you two crazy? Do you know how many of them there are out there? Chogg: Chogg have an idea. Chogg is master of disguise. Chogg: Mister robot man! Could you help me here. Robot: Affirmative. Chogg: Robot is needed in the control tower. Spec Ops2: Sure go right through. Hawk: Wow Chogg, I can't believe that actually worked. Chogg: Chogg given top secret spy gear from CEO - Spec Ops3: Don't move MANTIS scum. You may have been able to fool my partner some how but your not fooling me. Chogg: Chogg has good news and bad news. Hawk: What is it. Did you get the data? Chogg: Chogg got data but Octan got Chogg. Hawk: Don't worry Chogg, we will come to you. Sue jettison the remaining containers. Snake get on the boarding ramp. Chogg Jump now. - More pictures under the spoiler tag Thanks for looking. This is my first attempt at a large ship and I underestimated how hard it would be to photograph. I might still add some more pictures tomorrow. C&C appreciated.
  3. pombe

    [O - E01] Babe Watch

    Location: E01 - Donwarr Tags: Exploration, Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Strip Club...I mean, Civil Building Dramatis Personae: Previously: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=121965 Currently, aboard the Axle above Donwarr.... If I understand this correctly, your assignment requires me to kick all these buckets. Note: Above build is recycled. That's correct, brother. That makes a lot of sense. However, may I ask a for a favor before kicking these buckets? Of course. I've just received a lot of ice from one particularly industrious employee (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=122442). It would help me a lot to use these buckets to chill beverages for my new endeavor aboard the Axle. Afterwards, I'll kick them all for you. Not a problem, brother. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Meanwhile, on Donwarr.... Sir, all I see are angry frog like aliens. Are you sure there are M.A.N.T.I.S. survivors from the Zoid wreckage? Ishmael, are you flying a PeliCAN or a PeliCAN'T? I'm flying a PeliCAN, sir. Good. John Hannibal has told us that there are M.A.N.T.I.S. survivors from the Zoid wreckage (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=122456) and that rescuing them are a priority. Yes, sir. Anyways, let's ask these angry frog like aliens if they've seen anything. Suuusususuus. Suususususuussssssusuusus. Sususus. Suususususu. What? You aren't actually angry? You are just frog like aliens? Ussusususu. Ssssususuususuususuus. Sususssu. Ususususssssssusuususus. Suususuusus. Oh, you just have "resting angry face"? And you've seen a minifigure recently that also has "resting angry face"? Ssuusuusuusuuuuususu. Suususuususuus. Usususuuususu. Usssssususuususuus. Susuusususssusuuuusuusu. I see, he's just over there. Thanks for the help! I'll go see if he needs assistance then. Hello, I am Beautiful Man from Octan. I'm here to rescue Zoid captives. Are you a crash survivor? Do you need help? My name is Gregory. Sorry if I seem angry, I suffer from "resting angry face". I'm actually quite overjoyed right now at being rescued. I'm transmitting coordinates to a rescue transport right now. I'll stay here with you until it arrives. Thanks! Let me tell you: those Zoid did some crazy experiments on us M.A.N.T.I.S. captives. I thought Big Sal's employee weaponization experiments were brutal, but these Zoid...let me tell you: I actually developed a superpower this time from their experiments. Superpowers? Yeah. Some of us got powers to start fires, or to freeze objects, or to create explosions. Wow. What's yours? Mine is the ability to fold paper really, really, really fast. Here, let me show you. Here's a piece of origami paper. Watch. And now it's a paper rat! Amazing! I didn't even see you fold it! Right? I'm thinking of using the superhero name "Origameister". I like it! You totally should! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Meanwhile, back aboard the Axle, a recently recuperated Dr. Long (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=122466) steps out into a corridor.... <music bass reverberates through the walls> My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, And they're like It's better than yours, Damn right it's better than yours, I can teach you, But I have to charge Note: Above build is recycled. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, And they're like It's better than yours, Damn right it's better than yours, I can teach you, But I have to charge Note: Above build is recycled. I know you want it, The thing that makes me, What the guys go crazy for. They lose their minds, The way I wind, I think its time Note: Above build is recycled. La la-la la la, Warm it up. Lala-lalala, The boys are waiting Note: Above build is recycled. La la-la la la, Warm it up. Lala-lalala, The boys are waiting Note: Above build is recycled. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, And they're like It's better than yours, Damn right it's better than yours, I can teach you, But I have to charge Note: Above build is recycled. I can see you're on it, You want me to teach thee Techniques that freaks these boys, It can't be bought, Just know, thieves get caught, Watch if your smart Note: Above build is recycled. La la-la la la, Warm it up, La la-la la la, The boys are waiting, La la-la la la, Warm it up, La la-la la la, The boys are waiting, My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, And they're like It's better than yours, Damn right it's better than yours, I can teach you, But I have to charge Oh, once you get involved, Everyone will look this way-so, You must maintain your charm, Same time maintain your halo, Just get the perfect blend, Plus what you have within, Then next his eyes are squint, Then he's picked up your scent, Note: the disco ball is recycled from this build: Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  4. Jody Meyer

    [O-H06] Welcome back Triple H...

    Title: Welcome back Hans Tags: Civil building,Land vehicle, Engineering Bay (for tech bonus.) Planet: H06 Farmolis JS Smith has been sent back to Farmolois before heading out for the next mission to meet the new head of his engineering bay on Farmolis.... Cheers, thanks for looking, comments are always welcome. Jody
  5. Brickwolf

    [O - E01] Working on the Railroad

    Location: E01 Donwarr Tags: Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Spying, civilian Building Hodson, is the team ready? Yes, I got the men we need for the mission: The Alpaslan brothers, Mehmet and Ali. They have experience in railroad construction and are certified heavy equipment operators. Additionally they participated in the security training a few weeks ago. Corwin Mckenzie, our explosives expert. Octan hired him from the Merchant Confederacy. Swede Henderson, the bodily strongest employee of Octan. They all have seen the This is our objective. Get to work. Mantis Railroad signal tower I have a report, that a track gang is working in sector 6. There is no track work scheduled for sector 6. Alert Security, they will send a drone to check it out and take care of it. DRONE INCOMING! TAKE COVER! Later that week: (Beach is not to be judged,it was built for Brethren of the Brick Seas, the tracked vehicle/rover is to be judged) Wolf Rover this is OCS Axle, Over. This is Wolf Rover. Sector 13 clear. Now searching sector 14, Over. Wolf Rover, when you finish you can come up to the Axle. We have a party tonight, Axle Out. Additional pics of the excavator and the tracked rover vehicle:
  6. Kodan Black

    [O - E01] Stealthy Supply Run

    Location: E01 Donwarr Tags: Science, Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Civil Building Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // I had been called back to the Axle by our CEO pombe. He informed me that he was starting an executive club on the Axle with Bruce Vayne and that he needed me to acquire some very particular supplies. He needed pure, untainted ice from a comet for the drinks and he said that he needed me to also get him some drinks. His exact words were: "Some really good stuff!" As a scientist I know how important being healthy is so I made sure to get a large container of orange juice. Plenty of vitamin C which is really good for you! Pombe had said that this was a vital mission and that he was providing me with the latest stealth ship -- though on my inspection it looked more like a cargo tender that had been painted black. However, stealth isn't my area of expertise so I'm sure I simply wasn't aware of some of the Top Secret parts of the ship. The ship itself was pretty fun to pilot and I got the ice for pombe's new exclusive executive club, so I was sure he would be excited! ED-208 had been sent down to Donwarr to ferry around some Octan employees on one of our rovers. He was annoyed that the rover wasn't armed, but he seemed to enjoy being able to race it around. I told him that it was inspired by a very old lunar rover that wasn't armed and that he should be fine anyway as the area he was in hadn't seen any Mantis activity in weeks. There was a lot of activity on Donwarr actually as Dr. Allison was on assignment to investigate how Awesomnium responded to being tempered at different temperatures. She was working with several engineers and safety folks at an underground lab and said that it was proving to be very interesting work. She enjoyed doing things and not just being stuck in a lab waiting for mice to contract a disease or injecting them with Awesomnium. I was glad that my team was able to contribute to our corporation's success so much! Extra Pics: I know there are a lot of my "stealth ship", but for some reason I overall like the way it turned out.
  7. VK-318

    [K-G10] Package Retrieved

    Location: G10 Onix Tags: Building (Spaceship interior), Piracy Note that both micro spaceships have appeared in previous builds and are therefore not to be judged. They are presented here for narrative purposes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When our probe reported the detection of the Octan courier, we moved in. We accelerated to a high speed, then cut engines as we approached thermal imaging range of the target. We would have to be very close before they could pick us up if our thrusters were not burning, and by that time it was too late. I fired the harpoons and made our ship fast to theirs, and, after a few moments of chaos as the two ships, moving in very different directions, adjusted to a single trajectory, we began the docking procedure. Naturally, the Octan ship did not open its airlock for us, but any good pirate ship is equipped with special mating collars on its airlocks that can make an airtight seal against the hull of another ship while the airlock itself is forced. While our two new crewmates and RT3-KU boarded and subdued the small enemy crew, Silvia and I waited at the controls, in case we had to make a hasty exit. No one has ever credibly accused Octan employees of cowardice, but the skeleton crew aboard this courier were far outmatched. It was only a few minutes before the crew was rounded up and disarmed. Silvia and I boarded at once. "Captain, we've captured the captain, the pilot, and a security guard," Zakec, the Red Zoid told me. " 'Er Ladyship is looking for the scientist." "Check the main hold for a cargo crate marked CTK401," I told him. "Get it aboard the Variga." "Aye, aye, Captain." "How did you know we had a scientist aboard? And why do you want him," the pilot demanded. "Are you slavers?" The ship's captain stared straight ahead, the very picture of discipline. I hoped that this incident wouldn't hurt his career too badly -- he seemed a decent man. So too for the young, red-haired pilot, who was trembling with what was probably equal parts fear and rage. I hoped Zakec had not been too rough with her. He did have a reputation. "No." I shook my head sternly. "I've killed more of those scum than you'll ever meet, unless you're very unlucky. Dr. Gregorovich will be returned to his family alive and unharmed as soon as possible." The soldier on her left wasn't buying it. His scowl was probably intended to be unsettling, but it just came off as annoying. "I've found our scientist," Silenia, the alien mystic, said. "NO!" It was the soldier. "You're not getting away with this!" *ZOW!* *thud* "Is he all right?" Silvia asked. "He's still alive, but bleeding badly," the pilot gasped. She was in shock. The captain remained where he stood, his expression unchanged, but his face had paled a little. I nodded. "He'll make it. As soon as we're off your ship, activate your emergency distress beacon. I expect rescue vessels are on high alert, with the Kawashita fleet so close by. The stimpacks in his armor should keep him all right until them. Keep him warm and comfortable until a doctor arrives." "What is the meaning of this?" Dr. Gregorovich had found his voice at last. "Is this some sort of abduction?" I looked him dead in the eye. "Depends on how hard you make it, Doctor. If you come quietly, you can remain conscious. Otherwise, we can knock you out and drag you with us. You will not be asked to take up arms against Octan, or against anyone for that matter. We want some information, and you can provide us with it. In return, you will be well compensated, as will your wife and children in your absence. I didn't want the first casualty, and I don't want any more." "This will be much easier and more painless if you cooperate with us rather than fight us." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  8. Zaael

    [O - F03] Requested Repairs

    Location: Forrin - F03 Tags: Land Vehicle, Civil, Building Previously: - The Return - The Scavenge Hunt An afternoon on Forring. Z is finishing up a new Mech as a transmission comes in. It's from Wick, WICK! Is he back? Z answers the call and after some welcome backs and some chatting Wick tells him he found a beacon which needs fixing and new programming. Wick thinks it's just the task for Zaael. Having accepted this task Z sets out to the coordinates Wick gave him. Skimming over the beautiful grass lands of Forring on his OC.MQ2 Zaael closes in on his target. Extra pics:
  9. Mr Greeble

    [M-F02] Unwanted Guest

    Location: F02, Lesser Drigo Tags: Spying Log of Agent G: I can't believe this. I get back from my vacation, and they send me on a spying mission. On Pombe, no less. M.A.N.T.I.S. always has at least one spy on Pombe at all times. We would just bug him, like we usually do, but he doesn't wear any clothes. Oddly enough, this is not the strangest situation one of our Pombe spies has gotten into. But what could he be doing out on this abandoned walkway with a figure dressed in red...? I'M BACK! yay! Sorry for the bad picture quality, camera is not working. C&C welcome, hope it's okay that I used you, Pombe.
  10. StarHawk3

    [M-F02] New Friends

    Location: F02 Lesser Drigo Tags: Spying, Spaceship, Land Vehicle For being a desert planet covered in lava flows, it was amazing to Hawk that water was the number one resource on the planet. Mantis Command wanted info on how Octan gathered water on the planet and where it was located. A number of Octan moisture evaporators had been found with the information gained from the mining satellite on F03. Hawk was given a semi-autonomous Hazardous Environment Mining Drone from MANTIS command to help him hack into the Moisture evaporator. The drone had been developed for operations on the surface of Torresta, so not even a lava flow would slow it down. - Hawk in his Hornet Gunship lower the Hazardous Enviroment Mining Drone, or H.E.M.D for short into position. - H.E.M.D: Unit is ready to serve. Input Command. Hawk: Alright, cross the lava flow to the evaporator, and hack the controls. You also need to extract a data chip for HQ. - H.E.M.D.: Unit has received commands. Begin Execution? Hawk: Yes, begin - H.E.M.D.: Objective reached. Hawk: Good jod H.E.M.D. H.E.M.D.: Commencing Hacking. Activating laser saw. Hawk: Wait what? H.E.M.D.: Retrieving Data chip. - Hawk: Stupid drone. H.E.M.D.: This unit performed all of it's tasks given. Any error is in the controlling unit. Hawk: I suppose you did do everything I asked of you. H.E.M.D.: I detect two lifeforms approaching. Activating laser saw. Hawk: No wait. - Myserious Native1: Greeting MANTIS warrior. We represent the Flamosian Resistance. Ever since the ones you call Oktann arrived on this planet, they have been setting up their poison machines and driving us from the surface of the planet. Hawk: You mean the moisture extractors? Mysterious Native2: Yes. What you call water is a deadly poison to our kind. Thousands of our kind have perished. Ever since MANTIS has arrived, we have observed that your kind is dedicated to the destruction of the Oktann. We would like to aid your warriors in this effort. Hawk: I wouldn't say dedicated. They just get in our way. I will talk to my superiors. I'm sure they would even help you clean up the deadly poison to. Myserious Native: That is news most welcomed. More pics under the spoiler tag. Thanks for looking. C&C welcomed as always
  11. Kodan Black

    [O - F03] Speedy Speeder

    Location: F03 Forring Tags: Science, Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Civil Building Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // I found myself utilizing the data we gathered last week to try and put our theories into practice. It seemed a little weird that as the currently highest ranking scientist in Octan that I would have to do so much field work myself, but our CEO pombe said that we all needed to contribute. He was also excited to have me use one of Bruce Vayne's new space ship designs. I said it looked more like an old Earth railway car but he insisted it was a highly sophisticated piece of machinery. Though I wasn't filled with confidence when pombe said: "After about 7 Alien Annihilators Bruce came up with the idea for this thing!" Surprisingly it seemed to work though and I was able to find some concentrated pockets of Awesomnium. ED-208 was sent ahead to secure a Mantis lab we had discovered while Dr. Allison was utilizing a new speeder design. Given the state of war between Octan and Mantis she was using a more subtle design on the speeder than was typical. It was a very fast and nimble layout, so I told her since ED-208 was not with her and the speeder being unarmed that she should keep the throttle open just in case. I guess she likes going fast because she said the vibrations from the speed were exhilirating. The Mantis lab seemed to be an experimental lab designed to enhance plant life with various Awesomnium soil and water. They also appeared to be using various lighting sources to try and maximize growth. CEO pombe instructed me that he had numerous uses for this technology and that he hoped we could acquire any scientific advancements and that any gains that had been discovered should be reported to him personally. Immediately. I'm not sure why, but he said Bruce Vayne would be very interested also and that he and Bruce would need a lot of Oreos and Doritos. I guess they were going to be trying some new recipe because he said there would be a lot of baking happening. Extra Pics:
  12. Brickwolf

    [O - F03] Supply Chain Management

    Location: F03 Forring Tags: Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Spying, civilian Building An Octan stealth shuttle is entering the airspace over Mantis controlled territory: After being inserted by the Stealth Shuttle, Brickwolf marches to his objective, a Mantis communication tower: (Tower is not to be judged, was recycled from last week.) UPLOADING INTO LOGISTIC SYSTEM: Finished, exfiltrate and get home to a cold beer! Later: The Mantis Logistic Center and warehouse on Forring: Hello, I ´m here to pick up a shipment. Show me the documents! ... A crate of medical-grade refined Awesonium, the best of the best! Priority Shipment too! Octan must have paid dearly for this. I dunno, I´m just driving the truck. How is it, working for Octan? It´s okay, I guess it´s like everywhere, management always finds a way to xxxx you. So true man, so true. We load the crate on your truck right away, so you can be back on the road in no time.
  13. pombe

    [O - F03] Well Built

    Location: F03 - Forring Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Civil Building Dramatis Personae: Previously: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=121694 Currently, on Forring.... Sir, I just dropped off the last of the supplies we have to help the people of New Fredericksburg rebuild after the Zoid attack. Note to judges: the ruined city is recycled and should not be judged. How's the resupply going? Eshey and I are on our way to a hardware supplier in New New York, the next Merchant Confederate settlement over. We should be able to purchase tools and building supplies from them to tie us over while we wait for the Octan resupply freighter. Copy that, sir. I'll be heading back to the Shaft then. How much further, sir? It's just up ahead. There it is. Alright, let's see what they've got. Are you sure this is a hardware supplier? Of course, I found them on the OcWeb. Besides, the sign says right there: "HARD WARES". Stop wasting time, Eshey. Let's go. Greetings, I'm Pombe and this is Eshey. We're looking to buy some supplies to help the people of New Fredericksburg rebuild. Hi there! I'm Chastity. Welcome to my hard wares store. Terrible thing what happened to New Fredericksburg. By the way, I like the way you dress. I like the way you dress, as well. What exactly were you looking for? Let me check my list here. Alright, first, I need to pick up some hose. We have plenty of hose: in all shapes and sizes, in fact. Our hose are guaranteed to be the best you've ever had. If you aren't satisfied, we'll refund your money. Excellent. We'll take all the hose you have. Next, I need some flexible tubes. What length and stiffness did you have in mind? They need to be very long and rigid. We'll be inserting them into some tight spaces. Not a problem. We have several long and stiff tubes. Let's see. I need bigger nuts. The nuts I have are too small. Indeed, small nuts are a big problem, but no need to fear. We have nuts in all sizes. I'm sure you can find nuts large enough for your needs. Great! I also need 350 lb screws with long shanks and socket heads. Also not a problem. I can give you all the screws you want, however you want them. Perfect. I also have a lot of cracks to fill with caulk, but my current caulk has dried up. Yeah, I've had dried caulk before and it's not pretty. I can give you all the caulk you need. What else is on your list? A really good stud finder. Finding studs can be challenging, especially the ones that go deep. But I've got a few that will fit your needs. And finally, I need a good stripper, preferably large jugs. Sir! I think this conversation is inappropriate! Eshey? What are you going on about? can find the paint stripper on the top shelf of aisle 1. Great. I think that covers it. Don't mind my colleague here. She's not very smart. Comments and criticisms are all welcome! Note to judges: The above build is recycled and should not be judged. Sir, there're too many buckets. They're overflowing. If we got a big enough bucket to hold these buckets, would the chief accountant want my brother to kick that one, too? That might be a wise thing to do, just to cover our bases.
  14. mediumsnowman

    [O - F03] She's back!

    Location: F03 - Forring Tags: Spaceship Sector F03, onboard the OCS Variate, in orbit over Forring: Director Fields: Are you sure he's coming, Bob? In my experience, these Special Forces guys don't have much regard for scheduling. Bob: He'll be here. He always is. Hasn't missed a week of work since we began our operations in the Andromeda galaxy. Director Fields: Impressive... most impressive. Jebediah: My apologies for being late. I got hung up with some idiot in IT who couldn't figure out how to transfer my credits from last weeks training exercise. Bob: Don't worry abou- Director Fields: *clears his throat* Let's get down to business. Mr. O'Reilly, I am Director Fields and I am the head of Octans Internal Affairs division. Are you familiar with Dr. Danielle Long and Project Icarus? Jebediah: *thinks for a moment* No... I know Dr. Long, but I've never heard of Project Icarus. Director Fields: Allow me to enlighten you. Director Fields: Several moths ago, she recovered a peculiar device within an ancient facility on Greater Drigo. After her first round of testing was approved, we heard nothing out of her. She didn't submit any lab reports and corporate was left completely in the dark as to the state of Project Icarus. There were rumors that an employee was killed, but nobody could ever prove it. Somehow she managed to disconnect almost all surveillance systems to the ejectable labs on the Axle. The snapshot on the screen is all we were able to get, and its rather puzzling. The board of directors considered cutting her funding, but we decided to instead send a team to the Axle to find out what she was up to and what Project Icarus entailed. When we got there, Dr. Long, the device, and her lab team had vanished, leaving no trace of her activities. Quite frankly, we're pissed. And that's where you come in. Jebediah: I see. You want to find Dr. Long. Director Fields: Yes. Here's everything we have on her and Project Icarus. Admittedly its not much. She's covered her tracks and history well. Jebediah: Don't worry Director. I'll find her. Director Fields: Good luck. *later, when Jebediah has left* Director Fields: Do you think this will work? Bob: I hope so. Disclaimer: I haven't been in contact with DLL and I have no idea where he is or what happened to him. I just hope he's OK. This story arc should offer some sort of in-universe explanation for his mysterious disappearance. If you have any questions about the story, just ask, it could be a bit confusing if you haven't read all the builds before this. C&C welcome.
  15. pombe

    [O - F03] Mortal Kombat

    Location: F03 - Forring Tags: Exploration, Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Civil Building Dramatis Personae: Previously: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=121059 Currently, on Forring.... Alright! Ethyl and Beautiful Man have taken out the Zoid artillery. Ishmael, Bruce, now that the shelling's stopped, let's go see if we can find any survivors in New Fredericksburg. With you, sir! I have friends who live there! They better be okay, or the Zoid are going to pay! Blasted machine's malfunctioned! You go ahead, I'll try to land her somewhere safe and catch up. Copy that, see you there, Bruce. Sir, I'm approaching New Fredericksburg now...YOU DAMNED ZOID! WHY CAN'T YOU LEAVE THE MERCHANT CONFEDERACY ALONE!!! WE NEVER DID ANYTHING TO YOU!!! Ishmael...I'm so sorry. My scans aren't picking up any life signs. Let's hope they evacuated the city before the shelling started. I'm visually inspecting for anything that the scanners might have missed. DAMN YOU, ZOID!!! YOU'RE GONNA PAY!!! Wha...what is that?!?! Contact! We have a hostile contact! Hombre, where are you?! Ishmael, we have to bug out, our VTOLs aren't equipped to deal with that! BUT, SIR! WE CAN'T JUST.... There's nothing we can do against that! You'll just die, too! Wait! Hombre's here with the Fister mech! KILL IT, HOMBRE!!! YOU KILL THAT SONOFABEOTCH!!! PUNCH IT!!! PUNCH THE CRAP OUT OF IT!!! KICK IT!!! KICK IT IN THE MANDIBLES!!! IT'S DOWN!!! IT'S DOWN!!! RIDE IT, HOMBRE!!! RIDE IT LIKE A BOSS!!! It looks like Hombre took it down! Wait, there's something down there...let me zoom's one of the Zoid mafia guys! Youse lousy Octan types have spoiled our plans too many times! Why donts youse come down from your big mech and fight me mano a mano like a real man?! JUST SQUISH HIM, HOMBRE!!! SQUISH...wait, what are you doing? You're not seriously getting out of the mech? Why did you get out of the mech?! Looks like youse Octan types have at least one guy with balls. What?! You'll pay for those words! EAT THIS!!! <SWOOSH> Why don't youse stay still?! OOOF!!! Urk.... <SNAP> Wait. Youse can't do that! Hold on! Hold on! Let's talk about this! HURK! Oooo.... Comments and criticisms are all welcome! Hey, we didn't make an appearance this week, sir. Hmm? We're making an appearance now, aren't we? That's not what I meant, sir. Well, that just means we need to make more of an effort next week, right, Scooter? Yes, sir.
  16. StarHawk3

    [M-E02] Ominous Discovery Pt. 2

    Location: E02 Jurin II Tags: Land Vehicle, Civil Building, Spying Continued from part one here. - Hawk: HQ, the base seems to have seen some sort of fighting. There was no sign from out side. Whomever did this must have been good. HQ: Go to that terminal over there and override the security systems. - HQ: Alright Hawk, the upload is complete. We have basic door controls, but any data will take a bit longer to retrieve. While we do that, there is a room that is showing abnormally high energy consumption. We would like you to investigate further. Hawk: Sure thing. Point me in the right direction. - HQ: just follow the opening blast doors. - Hawk: Any idea what happened here? HQ: We're still working on it. Just focus on the mission. - Mysterious Scientist: Welcome MANTIS drone to my lab. Hawk: HQ what is going on here? He shouldn't be able to see me. Mysterious Scientist: What is going on here is I can see in many different spectrums that a normal human cannot due to the gifts they gave me. My hearing is also enhanced many times. Worker 1: Don't listen to him!!! Mysterious Scientist: Silence! There is no need for violence. Let me introduce myself, I am Sebastion Osmium. I have set this lab up with the goal of creating the perfect subjects. Hawk: I am beginning to see where this is going. What is with these two? Worker2: Don't let him turn us into one of them... Sebastion: Silence! These two will become my next subjects. Octan needed more troops for their war effort, but when they saw my plan, they cut all of my funding. Fortunately for me, the Zoids were more then willing to hear what I had to say…... HQ: High command has given the green light to eliminate the scientist. There will be a bomber wing incoming so I suggest you move fast. Hawk: Well that escalated quickly! - Sebastion: Gah!!! - Worker1: Thanks Worker2: Yeah thanks. I thought we were done for. HQ: Just got access to all security cams. You have a group of hostile contacts incoming. The route to your speeder is cut off. You need to find a new way out. Hawk: Are there any transports nearby? Worker1: My hover tanker is on the South Dock. if we could get to it I could drive us out of here. HQ: Cams are showing that the route is clear to the south dock. I will try to keep them off of you, but there isn't much time. - Sebastion: All Zoids, they are going to the south dock! I want them all alive! - Hawk: They are almost on us. Can't this thing go any faster?! Worker1: I'm pushing it as fast as I can!!! HQ: Bombers are incoming. A few extra picture under the tag Thanks for looking. Quite a bit of dialogue in this one and its a lot longer then i normally do. C&C welcomed.
  17. LittleJohn

    [M - E02] A Daring Heist

    Location: E02-Jurin II Tags: Building, Vehicle, Piracy, Spying Job: Explorer After a long vacation, MANTIS had another mission for me. Un-like most of my previous missions, this one involved infiltrating an Octan base and gathering information about a chemical that accelerated plant growth. I was thrilled to find that two of my good friends, Isaac Redsyn and Massi Editoro, were also on the same mission, as well as a MANTIS commo. Isaac was of course assigned to be the driver, which was to be expected. What wasn't expected was the vehicle he would be piloting... An Octan hoverplane. So, you're sure you know how to drive one of these things? Of course I do! I've driven tons of rigs! ... Apparently not enough though. Could you get this thing right side up for once?! I'm trying, I'm trying, but it keeps going every which way! Where are the brakes on this anyways? Hoverplanes don't have br- Massi to helicopter, are you guys ready up there? We might be, if Isaac knew how to drive this... Almost, we're getting into position. Stand by for signal. Roger. In position, proceed with distraction. Yes sir! Here you go little plants, drink up! Go, go go! What was that?! I've got it! Go up, go up! Mission accomplished, good job everyone. Now to take it back to the lab for the scientists to test and analyze. A few more shots of the build: More pictures here: Link It was good to do another AG build, after so many castle builds. C&C welcome!
  18. Tags: Octan, Land Vehicle, Spying, Military I was assigned a mission behind enemy lines on Forring: Disrupt Mantis communications for the coming Octan Assault. But instead of a BattleMech, they gave me a modified WorkMech: I was just starting to destroy a Mantis satellite communication tower: The enemy arrived: guess what, Mantis also uses modified WorkMechs:
  19. Location: F03 - Forring Tags: civil, building, land vehicle Terrain: Grass Plains Start of transmission #14. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- There is an old science and navigation beacon found on Forring, put there during the first wave of colonization, which Octan now could re-program and use in the upcoming conflict. But the technology is outdated, and an engineer with some specific knowledge is needed to update the software and re-purpose some machinery within...
  20. Kodan Black

    [O - F03] Finding on Forring

    Location: F03 Forring Tags: Science, Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Civil Building Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // After last week's efforts to better refine our abilities to find Awesomnium we received orders to head over to Forring to assist in the search for Awesomnium there. I obtained one of our "area defense" space drones and removed all of the missiles and other weaponry. I swapped in side scan radar, a front mounted ground penetrating radar and other scanning equipment. These drones typically operate just outside the atmosphere in space waiting for targets, so having it operate at that altitude and scanning for signs of Awesomnium wasn't going to be a problem. Dr. Allison and I headed out to a small Octan building on the planet where we could best analyze data and alter the flight path of the drone. She had some new mathematical models she wanted to try out to see if they would be more efficient in finding metals. I was certainly happy to have the assistance as the corporation can use all the help it can get in our current conflict with the warriors of MANTIS. Given our state of affairs with them and that Forring is a MANTIS controlled planet I was happy that ED-208 was available to accompany us to the planet's surface. I guess he had properly helped Sue with some sort of "back door adjustment" and she needed several days of rest. I'm not sure what they were adjusting the back door to, but it must have required a lot of work if Sue needed a few days to recover! ED-208 had found a MANTIS mech on Jurin II last week and we had brought it with us. He was in the process of getting it in proper working order and upgrading it when we had to ship out. It wasn't quite done, but it was fully functional and armed. I didn't expect we would encounter heavy resistance since we were going to a remote Octan base, but having some firepower was a relief. He had managed to remove a lot of the human controls and better integrate it with his own robotic form to make the responsiveness much better. It was a marvel to see it operate as an extension of his own body! Hopefully Dr. Allison's models prove beneficial and we are able to refine our capabilities to find Awesomnium. It was good to be back working with drones again as that is my primary speciality. I think that Dr. Allison is even becoming a bit more comfortable in the field now, though she did seem to want me to go into the Octan building with her while ED-208 maintained watch. She said she had something to show me, but I told her that we would lose the signal to the drone from inside the building and that she should bring it out to me and show me outside. I guess it wasn't anything that important as she said: "Ugh, never mind. I should just show ED-208 like Sue!" Extra Pics: ED-208's mech has legs that swing and the part below the knee can twist 360. My first real attempt at a minifig scale mech. Also the gun traverses and can point up and down. The whole thing managed to be pretty easy to balance despite making it up as I went.
  21. Zaael

    [O - F03] The Scavenge Hunt

    Location: Forrin - F03 Tags: Land Vehicle, Engineering Previously: - The Return Zaael found John Hannibal at the secret hideout of the Jurinians. The CEO was occupied trying on dresses, so John took the responsibility to welcome Zaael back. John and Z shook hands and John brought Z up to speed about the recent developments, strategic plans and other important, classified, information. John told Z Octan was planning something on Forring for which a lot of mechs are going to be needed. Zaael's most pressing task was to scavenge Jurin II for useful mech parts and take them to Forring to build mechs for the other Octan members. After their meeting John set course to Forring and Zaael made his way back to his shuttle where he had the perfect speeder for this scavenge hunt: The OC.tr0m, a heavy duty speeder. After collecting loads of useful parts and loading up the shuttle Zaael set course to Forring. Having arrived there Z took his speeder and made his way to the Octan base on F03. There he unloaded the speeder and started building the first mechs for the battle to come.
  22. Location: E02 Tags: Civil, Building, Vehicle, Land Vehicle Please note that the large speeder is reused, but the jungle foliage is new. When we last saw Guy, he was stuck in his entry way with a pimped speeder that didn't fit through the door. That would be the door to this house: Evidently Octan pays its executives a nice salary, if Guy can afford a town house in Farmolis. Now, let's see what Guy is busy doing! You know, I think I have a Shrink Ray around here somewhere... aha! So cute! Now, where's that UnShrink Ray? I guess I should have pulled out a little farther first... Well, I'm off! Finally, I'm back in buisness on E02! Now I wonder what that secret mission they had for me was... To be continued! Been wanting to build a house in this style for a long time - also been wanting to use that fence technique - so I killed two birds with one stone with this build!
  23. Zaael

    [O - E02] The Return

    Location: Jurin II - E02 Tags: Land vehicle Priorities changed, time slots changed and the space travelling became less interesting as other interests came to be. An 8-months pregnant wife, new house, a relative in a galaxy far far away, a different job. Life changed. Zaael was just settling in his new house, new life, when the distress signal came. John Hannibal reached out to the old Octan members. MANTIS has betrayed Octan, in the upper regions of the Gates, while Kawashita backstabbed them in the lower belt. Octan took an arrow to the knee, but won't give up and needs every help they can get to keep on fighting and defend what they have worked so hard for to get. Zaael knew what he had to do as soon as John's call came in. Leave the wife, the new life, for a while and pick up the screwdrivers and cogwrenches, for this is going to be a tough fight and Octan can use all the help they can get. He said his goodbyes and promised to return as soon as the little one is ready to come into our universe. Big Z set course to Jurin II to meet up with John, Pombe and the others and hear first hand what is to be expected of him. More pics:
  24. pombe

    [O - E02] Rumors

    Location: E02 - Jurin II Tags: Exploration, Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Civil Building Dramatis Personae: Previously: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=120692 Currently, on Jurin II.... Why are we in this jungle again? And why didn't we bring any weapons? HOLY AVOCADO, THERE'S AN ALIEN RIGHT THERE AND WE HAVE NO WEAPONS!!! Calm down, Eshey. First, that alien is harmless. Second, I agreed to meet him unarmed. Anyways, this is the location, he should be here soon. Who will be here soon? Sir! A M.A.N.T.I.S. ground vehicle is approaching your location! Should I waste it? No, Sue, stand down. That's our contact. Return to the Shaft, Eshey and I'll be fine. Copy that, sir. See you back aboard. This must be him now. Greetings, Pombe. We've communicated through secret channels, but let me introduce myself in person. I'm Balthazar von Habibi, vice president of M.A.N.T.I.S. ultra-super-secret operations. Nice to finally meet you in person, Balthazar. Of course, I'm Pombe, and this is my associate, Eshey Reeshia Kolai. Nice to meet you, Mr. von Habibi. did you get out of your vehicle? It has no visible means of entry or exit. You'll have to excuse my associate, Balthazar. She's Octan's lowest performing employee. Not at all, Pombe. In fact, I commend you for bringing her along to expose her to some real company work. Most corporate higher ups only spend time and effort on their superstars. I think only excellent leaders bother with the hopelessly useless. Anyways, let's get down to business. I need to confirm things that I've heard about your employees. Interesting things...about how they treat the local peoples here in Andromeda...this is the type of thing that could change how Octan does business with M.A.N.T.I.S.. Because of the veracity of these rumors, I needed to keep this communication traceless, which is why I wanted to meet here like this. Well...everyone knows that M.A.N.T.I.S. has a rather unsavory reputation. It's something of a public relations and marketing failure, unfortunately. Our employees behave no differently than yours or Kawashita's. We are actively working to present a kinder, friendlier M.A.N.T.I.S. to the public. I'm sure these rumors you've heard are a result of a false perception of us and are probably overblown. No, Balthazar. I've heard firsthand from trusted Octan employees that...M.A.N.T.I.S. employees are...drapers. Wait, that's not what.... Sigh...I guess the secret's out. What?! Yes, it's a closely guarded M.A.N.T.I.S. secret. Our corporate culture promotes a love of drapery, and all M.A.N.T.I.S. employees are required to undergo a drapery short course at the beginning of their employment. In fact, our drapes are the most beautiful and the highest quality anywhere, and we take great pride in them. I see, the rumor is true then. It is. Then I want to place a very large order for drapes. Octan has a lot of windows. I'm lost. You're right, she's a lousy employee. However, I am happy to fulfill your order for drapes. Come, climb in. I'll take you somewhere I think you'll like. How did we get in here? There are no doors! See, we have a hidden drape factory here on Jurin II. It's hidden inside this cave up ahead. Clever. No one would think to look in a cave for a drape factory. Then I trust that you will not reveal our secret location here. Of course. Welcome to the show room. You can see for yourself our latest line of drapes. What beautiful dresses! Yes, Ms. Kolai. We drape women as well as windows. Perfect, then I would like to make a large order of dresses, as well. This will be a personal purchase, however, unlike the drapes for windows. As for the drapes, it is vital that the drapes match the carpet. Of course! The drapes must always match the carpet. But...your hair is green.... And yes, my drapes do match my carpet. You must show me sometime. It would be my pleasure. can I see the sky and the clouds through the windows? Aren't we in a cave? Your failure to observe astounds, Ms. Kolai. These are just projected images to best present the drapes to potential customers. I'll be sure to put your name on M.A.N.T.I.S.'s do not hire list. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Meanwhile.... There are too many buckets to choose from! Which one should my brother kick? NOTE TO JUDGES: The above build is recycled. Maybe just to cover our bases, we should just have him kick all of them. That's a good idea, Scooter. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  25. Kodan Black

    [O - E02] All The Live Long Day

    Location: E02 Jurin II Tags: Science, Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Civil Building Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // As the corporation continues to try and protect itself I was transferred from the OCS Belle Homme over to our newest battleship the OCS Excelsior. Most people seem to refer to it as the OCS Excessive. I guess when CEO pombe decided to have it built his explanation was: "Everyone knows that bigger is better. Therefore biggest is best." It produces enough electricity to power the main cities on Farmolis. It produces enough thrust to actually impact planetary rotation. And it has enough weaponry to bombard a planet into being devoid of life. Fortunately with typical Octan efficiency we've automated most functions and have robots do the majority of the work, so despite being the size of a small moon it can be crewed by as few as 10 Octan employees! One of the Weapons Engineers told me they had to upgrade the armor and anchor points of the main triple turret as it initially fired with enough power to actually buckle the plating around it and they had a pressure leak. He said it was lucky our corporation is so invested in robots as they lost a couple robots but no human lives! Once again CEO pombe tasked ED-208 with our protection on Jurin II. He needed Dr. Allison and myself to head down to the planet for some analysis of some rock chunks to help refine the search for Awesomnium. On the shuttle down to the planet I was temporarily lulled into seeing a dump truck without realizing the scale. It was only once I had figured out that the things next to the dump truck were buildings I recognized the sheer scale of the vehicle! It was absolutely enormous. One of Octan's subsidiary companies apparently made it and it was so massive that they end up breaking it down into many components just to transport it from planet to planet. Once on the surface we made our way to the mining outpost and got to work. ED-208 was ever vigilant on guard while Dr. Allison started her analysis. I decided to get my hands a bit dirty and do a more personal review. I noticed there were different deposits within the sample and even differing qualities of the Awesomnium present. While I'm not a geologist by training, I did find it interesting work. The mining robots we saw were brand new, clearly the corporation values the resources here. I will admit the robots are kind of annoying as every time you talk to them they say "Roger, Roger". ED-208 was clearly amusing himself with his less advanced cousins because he kept asking them things so they would say "Roger, Roger" over and over. The mining outpost buildings were new and very clean. I was actually surprised to find them so sterile given the nature of the job, but one of the workers explained that mining involves a lot of science (like we were doing) and that you wouldn't want contamination causing the corporation to pursue Awesomnium at the wrong place which would be very expensive. Extra Pics: Had to remove one side to get it to balance on end...