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Found 522 results

  1. Location: H-06 Farmolis, in a suburb of Farmolis City What´s going on here? I caught this Mantis spy sneaking around my house. Mantis rulez! Mantis rulez! Mantis-THUNK- Police Brutality! I have rights! This is an Octan planet. Mantis scum has no rights here. Absolutely-THUNK-No-THUNK-Rights-THUNK! On a day like this I love my job. Everything is awesome! Everything is awesomnium.
  2. Kodan Black

    [Challenge 4][Cat B] Goldie

    One of the most frequently visited and photographed places on Farmolis is the main park downtown. It is mostly known as "The Park", but the official name is Octan's Spirit of Exploration Park. The park itself is lovely and the grounds meticulously maintained, but the attraction most people come for is Goldie. At least that is what the locals call him, he is an embodiment of Octan's vision to explore the universe and with his stern expression is ever looking forward. His spear points to where he is going, with his shield ever at the ready. The beautifully polished black lava rock provides a stark contrast to the gold. Below the base are windows into the water that provides life for the flowers that give a natural version of Octan's colors. Lit up at night it is visible from quite a ways off. The soothing sounds of nature surrounding Goldie provide for a nice environment to contemplate Octan's mission. Some have complained that the status is ostentatious and not a good representation of Octan's values, but I prefer to think of it as a shining beacon drawing ever more explorers forth to wonder what is out there. Our winged champion is on constant vigil for what is next.
  3. pombe

    [Challenge 4][Cat A] Hombre

    Comments and criticisms welcome!
  4. Location: E01 - Donwarr Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=129901 Currently, on Donwarr... So let me get this straight: you're asking me to beat another pilot in an illegal spaceship race? When you put it like that, it doesn't sound so great. But you have to understand she's been ruining racer participation and our profits! And as the coordinator for the Kawashita Underground Racing Circuit, or KURC for short, I needed a way to resolve this situation. I was desperate, Sue. So what exactly happened? She just showed up one day and beat everyone. No one can beat her, and she's claimed that she won't leave until she loses. All of the other racers are too afraid to take her on. You're the only pilot I know who has what it takes to beat her. Sigh. It's not like I can turn you down when you ask for help, Shaniqua. I owe you so much for this. You did have it shipped over, right? Yep, she should be there waiting for me. How much further are we? Note the road is recycled and should not be judged. Note the road is recycled and should not be judged. It's just up ahead. There! There she is. And she's stolen all the hot guys, too! Note the road is recycled and should not be judged. Ishmael? You know her? Yeah, she's my wingman at Octan. It figures. Hold on. Ishmael? What are you doing here? Note the road is recycled and should not be judged. Sir? I should be asking you the same thing. I hear you've been tearing it up on the KURC. I've always been into underground spaceship racing, sir. It was what I did before I joined the Merchant Confederacy. When I got wind of this Kawashita circuit, I couldn't help myself. I even pulled my old racer out of mothballs and fixed her up even more with my Octan salary. Well, I've been asked to take you down, and I'll admit, now that I know it's you, I'm getting a bit excited. I even brought my own ride. Then let's do it. First one to go around the second moon and back wins. Winner gets the loser's ride. I hope you're ready to lose, Ishmael. That's my line, sir. I've always wanted to take you on. Then line them up, ladies. READY? GO!!! <ENGINES ROAR> Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  5. StarHawk3

    [M-H03] Working in the Mines

    Location: H03 Kaalin Tags: Spying, Land vehicle Hawk had been reassigned by M.A.N.T.I.S to Kaalin to spy on and sabotage Octan awesomnium mining operations on the planet. Octan made sneaking into the mine easy. It seemed like most of their employees went to Donwarr and left the automated systems do all the work. - - - Hawk: With a well placed charge, this mining drill will fly. - pop!!! Hawk: Well that explosion was pathetic. At least it did the job. a few more pictures under the spoiler tag Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated.
  6. Ragnos


    Location: F08 - Raduon Tags:Civil, Building, Vehicle, ------------------------------------ "Chief Engineer's Log: After a recent raid on one of our colonies, Command has send us in to evacuate the people there. A reactor leak means that It won't be long before that town blows. While the crew above attempt to find and beam up any stragglers, Captain Duponte has sent me and Ensign Tom to the surface and help anyone we can find. He also wants us to try and determine who attacked the colony. So far there are no signs pointing to any of the main corporations." Get to the shuttle, It will take you to the Diligence, You will be safe there." For the Burning Dragons! Pew! Pew!(Feel free to use your own sound effects.) Tom, Can you hear me? Chief to the Diligence, medical emergency! Send down a medical team right now! "Log, continued: And just like that, the assassin was gone. The Burning Dragons, Who are they? They certainly aren't anyone familiar. Before I give my full report to that captain I will have to look in the memory banks to see if we have anything on these elusive devils. I'll make them pay for what they did." ------------------------------------ I am quite happy with this build. The only issue is that I meant to build on Donwarr but I forgot and built this instead . Also, only now do I realize that grass shouldn't be that flat, guess all this building inside has programmed me to build flat floors. Next up, "My house"! Might be a bit of a squeeze to fit in but I'll try my best.
  7. pombe

    [O - H03] Call of Booty

    Location: H03 - Kaalin Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=128910 Currently, on Kaalin... Hombre, you're here, too? Do you know why he asked us to gather here? And do you know what the deal is with the pirate hats? You know what...nevermind. I don't even know why I bothered asking. It's not like you've ever spoken to me, anyway. <VRROOOOOOOM VRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!> What in the avocado? Is that a giant rollerskate? Avast, me blind four-eyed wench! This be me precious pirate booty! Come! Touch the booty! FEEL THE BOOTY!!! RIDE THE BOOTY!!! ARRRRRR! WE BE SEEIN' YE LATERS, WENCH! <VRROOOOOOOM VRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Meanwhile, somewhere in space... It's too bad you didn't join me at Kawashita after we left Galaxy Squad, Sue. Kawashita wouldn't promise me the freedom I need. That, and I couldn't find a manager there who didn't have a personal agenda. You always needed your freedom, Sue. I guess that's why everyone followed you the way they did. But some followed me to their deaths. Sue... Anyways, enough about the past. What was so important that you needed my help? Well... Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  8. pombe

    [O - E01] Comrades

    Location: E01 - Donwarr Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Civil Building Dramatis Personae: Previously: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=127982 Currently, above Donwarr... Thank you again, Pombe, for being a reference for Lois for her job application to M.A.N.T.I.S.! She just accepted their offer! We're so happy! Chaaachaaaaaaacha! Chaaaaaaaaachachaaaachaaaaaachaaaaa! Note the above build is recycled. No problem! It's been an absolute pleasure working with the both of you! In fact, I'm sad that you have to leave to go back to M.A.N.T.I.S.. We sure could use your help here at Octan. Those are such kind words, I'm so happy, I'm crying! Lois and I won't forget what you've done for us! This is all very touching, but what's this alien doing here?! Our analysis showed that we could save a lot of money on waste management at Octan if we hired Tracy to be director of custodial services. Hyer hyer hyer hyer. Hyer hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer. Indeed, Tracy. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Currently, also above Donwarr... Note the planet is recycled. Note the Octan speeder is recycled. Captain Damoness, I've finally found you! Shaniqua Yamamoto! Long time no see! Here, have a drink! And please, don't call me Captain. We're not in Galaxy Squad anymore. I'm just Sue now. It's so good to see you again, Captain. Just Sue, please. Uh, sure, Ca...Sue. I'm here because I need your help. My help? Yes! Come with me, we have to hurry! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  9. Kodan Black

    [O - E01] Mystery Deepens

    Location: E01 Donwarr Tags: Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // Dr. Allison and I spent our time in one of the underground water research facilities this week, so we weren't able to do much in person investigation of the mystery ships. But we did do some data analysis and still weren't able to identify who they were. I would hope that they were just random drop ins that were scared off and that they won't be seen anymore... Extra Pics: So I wanted to make a kinda modern sci-fi recreation of the classic Lego style city cars turned into a spaceship, but I think it ended up looking like a boat. Sadly I ran out of time this week and couldn't make it better. Hopefully this week coming up is more productive.
  10. Ragnos

    [O - H08] O.C.S. Diligence

    Location: H08 Tags: Military, Spaceship Previously on The Ragnos Saga ------------------------------------------- The O.C.S. Diligence, a beauty of a vessel, First and hopefully not the last of her class. With it's Prototype Energy Core and advanced capabilities, there isn't much this 150-man vessel cannot do. This is one beauty of a ship. I can't wait to get onboard and explore it. Captain: I am Captain Thomas Duponte of the O.C.S. Diligence and you are late. Ragnos: my apologies, nobody told me I was even assigned to this vessel until 15 minutes ago. Captain: well, Chief, at least you are here now. Meet your fellow Bridge Crew, Lieutenant Cody Meirs and Lead Science Officer Frazz. Frazz: Can't talk... ...Theory needs solving. Running algorithms. Cody: Hey Chief, nice to meet you. When you've gotten settled, could you come look at my Food Dispencer. Only creates Bacon for some reason, not that that's entirely a bad thing. Captain: Now that the pleasantries are over, we should go to the bridge. Captain Duponte to the Dilligence, beam us up. 2 minutes later. Captain: Set target coordinates to 843,421 and take us out of here. ------------------------------------------- Additional pictures and the new sigfig can be found here: My first Micro-Moc, think it turned out relatively well. I'm experimenting with different ways to tell the story and I'm not entirely sure this method is any good but alas, I can't get on my computer for a while and upload pictures for each character so I will leave it like this for now. My next project will be for the challenge but I'm not sure what I will build. Can't decide between a farm, a ship converted into a home or an apartment. How built up is Farmolis? Is it like a second earth or is it closer to a colony?
  11. Kodan Black

    [O - E01] Donwarr Springs

    Location: E01 Donwarr Tags: Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // One of the great things about Octan is that they attempt to be more efficient. For instance we have giant mechs that we have ground penetrating radar and seismic analysis devices in order to more efficiently find things like water on Donwarr. We had established a water extraction site and shipped several mining and research vehicles out to it. We had even set up a monorail to aid the workers in moving about between the various sites. Aboard one of our light carriers, the OCS Artemas Ward, several of our heavy cargo ships were ferrying water from the planet's surface up to the various fleet ships. Most of the water would be consumed, but we also had some marked for scientific analysis. The Ward was very lightly armed, mostly it has enough firepower to scare off smaller pirates. It is used as an escort carrier for the fleet helping to move supplies around with her cargo vessels. Oddly this week we didn't deal with the mystery ships that had appeared the past 2 weeks. But that was probably because I was so busy at work. I bet that next week we see them make a return. Extra Pics: All the various smaller ships and vehicles I made:
  12. pombe

    [O - E01] Bursting trousers

    Location: E01 - Donwarr Tags: Exploration, Spaceship, Land Vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=126602 Currently, on Donwarr... Thanks for the lift, Lois! Chaaachachaaaachaaa. Chaachaachaaachaaaaaaaachaaaaaa. Chaaa. <faaaaaaaaart> What was that?! <wet faaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrt> It would seem that the sausages I ate earlier are not agreeing with me. Oooooh...I'm not feeling so well... <wet sloppy ffffffaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttt> Chaaacha! Chaachaachaaachaaaa! Chaaachaachaaaaaaaaa! Chaaaaaachaachaachaachaaaaaachaaaaachaaaa! I'm on it, dear! Scanning the ground! There! I found one! It's half a kilometer east of you! Transmitting coordinates, now! I don't think I'm going to make it! <super wet sloppy ffffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttttttttttttttttt> Chaaachachaaaaaaaachaaachaaa! Chaachaacha! Chaaaaaa! Chaaaaaachaaaaachaaaa! <super slippery wet sloppy fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttttttttttttttttttt> Whew! <fart> <sploosh> <fart> <sploosh> <sploosh> <fffffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttttttttttttt> <sploosh> <splooooooooooooooosh> much better. Why is there a toilet out here in the middle of nowhere?!?! And why are we watching this?!?! Hmm...the toilet won't flush. Holy avocados!!! There's an alien! Hyer hyer hyer. Hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer. Hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer. Your name is Tracy and you built this toilet? It seems to be broken. It's not flushing. Hyer hyer. Hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer. Hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer. Oh, the handle is just for show. I see. I DON'T!!! Hyer hyer hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer. Hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer. I understand. Your alien species feeds on the fecal matter of others. So you build toilets all over to collect food so that you can feed. That makes total sense. HOW DOES THAT MAKE TOTAL SENSE?!?!?! Hyer hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer. Hyer hyer. Hyer. Hyer. Oh, you're hungry? No, go right ahead. Alright, let's leave Tracy to eat in peace. YOU NEVER WASHED YOUR HANDS!!! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  13. Ragnos

    [O-H08] Coffee Break

    Location: H08 Tags: Civil, Building Meanwhile, on Sinden Station...... Computer, Supplement C0ff3 please. Hey Rag, Have you heard the news? I'm jealous, to be honest. What do you mean? What is going on? You've been chosen to work on the OCS Dilligence. Off this pit and into the furthest reaches of the galaxy, isn't it great. I bet my grandkids will be learning of the man who repaired the Warp Engines of the Dilligence! You being serious? Why would anyone want me on board their ship? John Ragnos O'Conner, Report to Docking Bay 76 Immediately. Your shuttle leaves in 10 minutes. If this is a joke I will have your hides! Footnote: I think I will need to update my sigfig, give him some hair and maybe render him a little bit. I decided I would string this MOC together because I haven't exactly got much time anytime soon and I want to move the story along a bit. It will be fun for the next mocs because I get to experiment with micro-builds and building spaceships which is something I've never really done much of. Although being a pilot would make more sense for the bonuses, it fits more in the story so I will stay as an engineer for now . The Whole Moc:
  14. pombe

    [O - E01] Unmechwarrior

    Location: E01 - Donwarr Tags: Exploration, Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Civil Building Dramatis Personae: Previously: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=125357 Currently, on Donwarr... Thank you, Lois and Gregory, for coming all the way to Donwarr to help Eshey and me test Octan's new unbattlemech. Chaaaaaachachaaaaa. Chaaachaaachaaaaaaaaaa. Thank you for inviting us! I'm so happy to be here helping you guys! I'm smiling so hard it hurts! So, where is it? What's an unbattlemech? Here it is. Sir, I think I've seen that design before from another corporation. Maybe even from two. It looks like either the Ostall or the Locust mechs I've read about. Shhhhh! Eshey, I would like to you unsee that design, unread what you've read, and unknow that you ever knew that information. Anyways, we call it the Unlocust. Also, Gregory, I wanted to thank you for making this very nice paper house for us to stay in during this test. No problem! I figured the field test might take a few days, and we needed a place to stay and relax. You're always thinking ahead, Gregory. And finally, thanks for observing the test from above. I'm always happy to help! I know I can count on you, Gregory. Eshey, are you ready for the field test? Sir? Why are there hexagons on the ground? That's the hex grid. It's always been there. In fact, every map we've ever been on has a hex grid. You've seen the dynamic galaxy map for Andromeda, correct? Are you alright, Eshey? Now, Eshey, push the movement throttle forward and start moving. Uh...nothing is happening, sir. That's because you aren't facing a hex side. You can't move between hex sides like least not with the basic rules. What basic rules?! What are you talking about?! Chaaachaachaaaachaachaaaaaa. Chaaachaaaaaaacha. Chaaaaaaa. Yeah...Eshey's not the most astute employee at Octan. Holy avocados! An alien just showed up! Eshey, no! Firing weapons! <pew pew> I hit it! Wait...why is it still alive? You did five damage to its front left leg armor with your medium laser. Your two machine guns missed, which was expected, since they were fired at long range. What? What are you talking about? I'm saying that you didn't do all that much damage, Eshey. In fact, you didn't even do any damage to its internal structure or generate a critical hit. And even for someone with a gunnery skill as high as yours, hitting something at long range is always tough. That doesn't make any sense! And what are you talking about? Why did you say I only have two machine guns when I count six barrels? Chaaaaaaaaaaa... Tell me about it, Lois. At least you're not her supervisor. Anyway, you need to penetrate the armor to inflict damage to its internal structure for a chance at a critical hit. And three hexes is long range for the machine guns. Oh, now you've made it mad. It looks like it's approaching you. It's too late now, I guess you have to take it down. Try to get behind it so you can expose its rear armor.'re going to have to work on your piloting skills. You're not even close to getting behind it. I'm going to kick it! Eshey, wait! Your piloting ski... URK!!! ...ll sucks... Chaaacha. Chaaachaaaachaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Chaaachachachaaaaaaaaaaachaaa. Your flowers aren't doing so well? Maybe they need more water. You can't water paper flowers! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  15. Kodan Black

    [O - E01] Hydroxic Acid Analysis

    Location: E01 Donwarr Tags: Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Civil Building, Science Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // Dr. Allison had managed to predict the mystery ship's path as Donwarr. Fortunately our Octan fleet was arriving there by coincidence! While we were in the system we decided to do some analysis of the local water supply. Dr. Allison went ahead with ED-208 to one of our water pumping stations and began her work. I was glad that we were all back together and it was re-assuring having ED-208 to keep an eye on Dr. Allison. Though she had gained some field experience she was still a bit of a rookie and I wanted to make sure she was safe. Once we had collected some samples I filled a few containers and loaded them into one of our work trucks to haul back to a shuttle. I wanted to send the samples up to the Axle both for storage but also further analysis. While Dr. Allison is a talented scientist and our water pumping station had the ability to do some preliminary scientific analysis we would be best served doing a proper analysis up on the full labs of the Axle. As I was driving to the shuttle one of our fleet commanders informed me that another mystery ship had been spotted. This one seemed less like a dropship and more offensive in nature. They suspected the large circular thing at the front was some form of weapon. And it also appeared to have significant electronic data gathering capability. We'd have to be careful and figure out who these mystery ships belonged to! Extra Pics: I wanted to do one bigger cohesive scene this week. Usually I would do this as 2 separate builds but I wanted to try and make it all one scene. Part of what I like about AG is it gives me a chance to work outside my usual build style and try new stuff!
  16. Kai NRG

    [O - F09] Collecting Eyeballs

    Location: F09 Tags: Exploration So here we are, on the planet. Any further instructions? Yes, of course. Follow the river you're next to until you come to the next clump of trees, then take a left, *vzz*SNAP* That'll be about enough of that stuff. Mrs. Galash! Mrs. Galash! We've lost our communication signal! I know that, whippersnapper. And you can call me Granny. Oh... um... then, Granny - how on earth are we going to get to our destination?!? Look here whipper, I've been a-travelling the Gates longer than you've been alive! I think I know how to get where I wanna go. Okay! Just follow me! This has got to be the ugliest planet I've ever been on. What?!? This is the height of beautifulness! I'm not sure that's a word, Granny. It is now! Oh, look! What. on F09. are. those. things?!?! Scientific name: Ophthamospidiphora. I call 'em oogliaymophs. They're ugly, all right. But sooo delicious! You got your gun? They wouldn't let me bring one. You're kidding me. Sent on a secret mission without a gun? I know! That's what I tried to tell them. Well, never fear - Granny's here! I got me enough guns to stock an army. Here - do you prefer blue or orange? They're both black, but... That's what you think! You still ain't used to be'en 'round me, whipper! Well, I prefer blue. There you go then. Now - fire away! Hmm. It is blue. Of course! Now let 'em have it! You know, there really doesn't seem to be much meat on these things. How can you eat them? Oh, there might not be much meat - but you see them there eyeballs? So juicy! I'm tellin' ya, nothin' beats an oogliaymoph soup! --30 minutes later-- Come on, help me stir! ...To be continued!
  17. pombe

    [O - F09] Witness

    Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Spaceship, Civil Building Dramatis Personae: Previously: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=123436 Currently, on Arium Minor... Are the angry alien birds around, Sue? Nope, you're all clear, sir. Have fun with the operation! Well then, shall we proceed? Gregory's marrying the alien?!?! Is this even legal?!?! Of course, it is. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  18. Brickwolf

    [O-F09] Human Trafficking

    Location: Arium Minor - F09 Tags: piracy, spaceship (satellite), land vehicle (truck), civilian building (container) We received the information that a shipment of the Zoid´s human slaves is arriving on planet and will be sent to a Kawashita laboratory. We will track the shipment via satellite and ambush the transport at a convenient location and free the slaves! "This is Ali. The tracker was placed successfully. You can commence with satellite tracking." (The Octan truck is recycled and should not be judged.)
  19. Kodan Black

    [O - H03] Enhance!

    Location: H03 Kaalin Tags: Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Civil Building Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // Mr. Drax was quite impressed with our entire operation. We showed him one of our mobile drilling rigs that allowed us to find Awesomnium veins and extract it easier than digging tunnels. A couple of our dedicated Octan employees were on hand to make sure it all worked properly. We showed him the blast doors we used to keep the whole facility safe. In the case of unexpectedly hitting a gas pocket or other danger we could slam the doors shut and prevent any issues with our operation being put in jeopardy. With the fleet in orbit above the planet I was feeling quite safe and didn't figure I would have any issues with Mantis incursions. But we were alerted to an unknown ship jumping into the system. Before we could get any ships moved to intercept though it had vanished. Luckily one of our ships security cameras picked it up, but the picture that it got was almost useless in identifying the ship. But thanks to the Octansoft "Enhance!" button we were able to improve it: And pressing it again gave us a clear look at this mystery ship: It wasn't a vessel anyone recognized and we couldn't determine what it had even done in system. We would need to analyze what path it might have taken to see if we could follow it and figure out what it was up to! Extra Pics:
  20. pombe

    [O - F09] Alien Probe

    Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Exploration, Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Civil Building Dramatis Personae: Previously: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=122841 Currently, on Arium Minor... You're sure you don't need air support, sir? We're good, Sue. Gregory made us some awesome paper mechs. Alright, sir. Good hunting. Maybe having Sue cover us would have been a good idea, sir. Nonsense! Have you seen the mechs Gregory folded for us? Gregory? Where are you? He's right next to us! Apologies. I made my mech in M.A.N.T.I.S. colors, which is predominantly black, so it's naturally impossible to see. I understand. Corporate branding is an important lesson I keep trying to teach Eshey, but she never seems to understand. Thanks, though, for making ours in Octan colors. No problem! I'm so glad you like it! I can't stop smiling! Uh...sir...we seem to be approaching some sort of alien settlement. Who...who is that? She's so beautiful! Wow! I'll say! Chachaachaaaaaaa. Chaaaaachaachaaaaachaaaa. Chaaaaa. Chaaaaaaaaaa. Chaachaaachaachaa. Chaaaaaaaaaachaaachachachaachaaa. Your name is Lois and you're a regulatory compliance officer for an alien corporation? You live here by yourself? Chaachaachaachaaaachaachaachaaaaa. Chaachaaaachaachaaaaachachaaaaaa. Chachaaaaa. Chaaaaaachaaaaa. Chaachachaaachaachaa. Chaaaachaaaaaaachachaachachachaachachaaaaaaaa. Why thank you! I think you are very attractive also. I'm sorry that you are lonely. If it helps...I think I would like to stay here with you. Chaaachaaaaaaa. Chaaaaachaaaa. Chaa. Chaaaachaaaaaaa. Chaachaa. Chaachaaachaachaaa. You'd like that, too? Sir! Permission to stay here with the alien hottie. Permission granted. I'll inform Pombie that you have decided to stay behind in this alien settlement. Thank you, sir! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  21. Kodan Black

    [O -- H03] Confederate Collaboration

    Location: H03 Kaalin Tags: Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Civil Building Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // After my successful assistance in providing ice for the new executive club that CEO pombe had opened aboard the Axle I had been sent to Kaalin to operate as a liaison for a Merchant Confederate member who would be touring one of our mining operations. Apparently the person coming for a visit was an associate of Bruce Vayne's and was interested in our methods and Awesomnium processing. Given that I had recently been promoted to the 3rd Branch Executive position I was deemed a suitable choice to handle the meeting. Our meeting place was one of our primary ore processing facilities and was near the site or a memorial that had been set up on the planet for the incident tha thad happened in the nearby mines that had destroyed 217 robots and killed 2 humans. The official story was that an unexpected biogas pocket had been encountered during drilling and that a failed safety switch had prevented the robo-drillers from shutting down. ED-208 had told me that from the data files he had been able to access from the robo-drillers before the incident, there was audio of one of the humans voices saying: "Of course it is safe, hell you can drop kick these explosives and nothing would happen! Watch..." I find it very fortunate that the humans were so jovial just before the robo-driller set off that biogas pocket, that way they weren't aware of what was going to happen and weren't terrified. Sometimes ignorance is bliss! The Merchant Confederate space car was small and unarmed, which I took as a sign of the trust our corporation has established with them. ED-208 said at least this thing wasn't some dumb land vehicle that had just been dropped out of a ship. I'm not sure what that meant, but I reminded him to be polite once our guest arrived. Dr. Allison was already down below making sure that everything was all set up for our upcoming tour. Extra Pics:
  22. pombe

    [O - F09] Angry Birds

    Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Exploration, Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Civil Building Dramatis Personae: Previously: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=122481 Currently, aboard the Axle... Alright, sir. I've collected the evidence. Excellent, Scooter. Note: the above build is recycled. Now we have proof that my brother kicked the buckets. Thank you, brother. Anytime, sister. Scooter, prep our ship. I can't wait to show the chief accountant the results of our latest success. Gregory, come, we'll give you a ride home. Thanks for the offer, sir. But I think I'll stay to help your brother out. Afterall, I do have a debt to repay for the rescue from the Zoid. As you wish. Let's go Scooter. Yes, sir. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Later... Sir, we're approaching Arium Minor. It'll feel good to do a good old fashion exploration mission again. What will we be looking for? If we knew what we were looking for, Eshey, it wouldn't be called exploration. I'm so happy that you let me join you to help out! I can't stop smiling! Anytime, Gregory. Oh, there! That's a good spot, just drop us off on top that clifftop, Sue. Roger that, sir. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Even later... So, let's take a look and see what we see. You chose a great spot! The view is excellent! Right? Crap in a hat! Sir! There are angry alien birds headed our way! Missiles are locked on. Firing! Fox one! Fox two! Eshey! No! Those aren't missiles! They're bombs! WHO PUTS BOMBS ON A LAND VEHICLE?!?!?! Bruce designed that bomber you're flying! Why did you drop bombs on us?! They're going to detonate any second! AHHHH!!! WE'RE GOING TO DIE!!! KICK THEM OFF!!! KICK THEM OFF!!! <distant explosions> Oh my avocados. We're still alive. Somehow. I think I peed myself. There's still the matter of the angry alien birds. They're approaching fast. We're in luck! We just happen to be right next to a pair of origami paper trees! Origami paper what? Quickly, Gregory! Build us a paper shelter to hide in from the birds! On it! Great job, Gregory! Are you sure you wouldn't rather work for Octan? I appreciate the offer, but I'm quite happy at M.A.N.T.I.S.. That's Octan's loss. Hey, let's relax on this paper sofa and watch the game on the paper big screen TV. Sounds good. Did you want a paper cold one? You read my mind, Gregory. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  23. mediumsnowman

    [O - E01] Come with me now

    Location: E01 - Donwarr Tags: Science I followed up on the probe report from last week ( and lo and behold, I found Dr. Long! She was doing just what I expected her to be doing: science-y stuff. "Dr. Long?" "Oh, hi Jebediah. What are you doing here? My extraction isn't scheduled until tomorrow. There's still plenty of work to be done!" "You've been gone for 2 months! What more work needs to be done?!" "Two months? Interesting. That would accurately explain some of the more bizarre changes to my pod I noticed this morning, as well as the missing rations and the marks of previous excavation on the Artifact... that would mean that I've been performing the same tasks every day for two months with no recollection of having done so. Huh." ( And then she fainted. "Come on, let's get you back home. I'm sure they'll be eager to check you out in the med bay... ( or at least Kodan will... anyways, you're not going to like some of the changes that have occurred in your absence. For one, Pombe ditched the Speedo." C&C welcome.
  24. Location: H08 Tags: Civil, Building "Just my luck, I get sent to work in Sinden's Run. It's like he knew I had a fear of space. Why did the man I accidentally spill coffee on have to be my supervisor? I need to fix the bugs in this extractor quickly or the boss will have my hide!" "The previous engineer who worked here was terrible, look at this mess!" "Who in there right mind puts that there? Oxygen is running low, I'll call the colony and get transport." A little footnote: Hello! This is my first MOC since I left the dark age and it is probably not very good. I felt I'd post it anyway as it was fun trying to build in LDD, the controls were a bit awkward so it took quite a while ! At the time of writing this I am not in the player index so I hope I am not being an inconvenience by posting this now. Sorry for how the pictures turned out, I need to read some more documentation. Didn't want to flood the thread with pics so there are more here.
  25. Kai NRG

    [O - F03] New Surroundings

    Location: F03 Tags: Building, Military (at least I assume a beacon outpost would be considered military), Vehicle, Land Vehicle Please note that there are two elements in this collection of builds that have been reused for story purposes; the yellow speeder and the black and blue ship. So here I am, heading for the nearest Octan beacon as commanded. Great. I've got two guys here to walk you through the whole process. Meet Joe and Paul. Paul. ... ... ...Oh, um, Joe. Right. Paul, Joe - you guys got this. Of course! You seem to be taking advantage of the relaxed dress code, Joe. Naturally! Relaxed everything, if you ask me! Well, looks like you two got this. See ya! You too! - Psst, Paul... are we supposed to tell him that he's going to meet up with his partner at the beacon? I don't think so. I don't know how he'll take it. Okay. What's that? Oh, nothing much. I thought I heard the word partner. I abhor that word. Er... well... Looks like I'm here! Great! Umm - Paul? Right, so... your partner should be there waiting for you. What?!?! Relax! You'll like her. HER?!?! ... ... Well, hey, wha'dy'know! Here I am and I can't see anyone else, so - what do you two say we get on with this? I'm sure I can do just fine on my own! I'm getting her signal right above you. Above me?! ...oh. *sigh* Howdy! Well... that was definitely not what I was expecting. What's that, younker? My hearin' just ain't as good as she used ta be! I was just, er, talking to myself, Mrs. ... Galash. Mrs. Galash. Say! You've got a cool spaceship there! This baby ain't no spaceship, whipper snapper. This here's a 49X RayWing! Right! ... that's what I meant. Of course. Um... nice colorscheme! I know, right! You kinda lookin' like you could use a color update, too! Well, you know, I wouldn't mind a speeder in black, myself! You're in luck! I got just the thing! Um. That ... wasn't exactly what I had in mind. Hohoho! You ain't been around me long! Watch 'n' learn! I call it - the DeLUX! Wow! This is pretty swell! Tell me 'bout it! Only problem is, there's no place for my surf board on it... hmm... You brought a surf board, younker? Of course! You know, that ain't a bad idea! Lemme pull mine out. You have a surf board with you?!?! Be prepared! That's my motto! Whoa! Hold your horses! You two are supposed to head over to <classified>. Oh, right. Hey younker, got your Dom. for Dummies on ya? Domination for Dummies? What do you want that for? I need ta check out whether <classified> has water on it. If not, we might could go lava surfing. I got a lava surf board too, ya know. To be continued! An extra shot of the first build: And of the second! C&C welcome!