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Found 522 results

  1. mediumsnowman

    [O - G10] Skeletons in the Closet

    Location: G10 - Onix Tags: Civil, Building, Vehicle, Spaceship CLAPPIE: Sir, the odds of successfully navigating this asteroid field are approximately 2 in 3. JEB: Never tell me the odds! CLAPPIE: Updating algorithm... the odds are approximately 2 in 5. JEB: What did I just sa- *BAAAANNNNG* *CRAAAASSHHHHH* JEB: What was that?! CLAPPIE: It would appear that you did not heed my warnings and we have been struck by one (1) rogue asteroid. Systems critical, operating at 56%. We can't take another hit like that. JEB: Get us out of the belt. CLAPPIE: Attempting a GATE jump in this state is likely to rip the ship in two. JEB: Well... don't do that then. Just get us out of here, I'm flying blind. CLAPPIE: I am putting you into hypersleep to conserve oxygen and setting an autopilot to the nearest Octan settlement in the adjacent system. Be warned, clinical trials under Dr. Black reported some cases of negat- JEB: Just put me under. CLAPPIE: Very well. 3... 2... 1... An abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of Aketi Outpost, AD 3800 GOON: Is he coming? LEADER: It would be most unwise for him to not show up. MASKED ASSAILANT: Forgive me master, for I am late. There was an... unexpected development. LEADER: Is he dead? Is President Business dead? MASKED ASSAILANT: (flinches as he remembers his lie) Yes, of course. He will not bother us any longer. LEADER: You have done well, very well indeed. With President Business and Mrs. Long deceased, the Senate will have no choice but to block the Octan-Explorien merger, pending an investigation. MASKED ASSAILANT: Sir... these deaths... surely there could have been another way? Won't we be caught? President Business is a lot higher-profile than some of our previous targ- LEADER: (flares in anger) Do you dare question me? They have defied our warnings and defied our galaxy and have paid the ultimate price for their transgression, as they should! The Serpent's Head takes no prisoners. We operate when the law will not... and sometimes we just have to give it a little push. We leave no tracks- and besides, the "evidence" has been arranged to point towards the startup MANTIS firm. They already have a nasty reputation- and we're not the only ones who don't want the Octan-Explorien deal to become final. MASKED ASSAILANT: Of course. Forgive me. By now I should know better than to question. LEADER: I have raised you from birth to serve the Head and never once have had cause to question your loyalty. Don't break that streak now. Cease to question and your future is bright. Consider yourself forgiven. MASKED ASSAILANT: Thank you, master. What does the Head command next? LEADER: For now... we wait. If the merger passes, we may need to create a few vacant seats by next election cycle. We wish for the Andromeda galaxy to remain untainted- never forget that. MASKED ASSAILANT: Your wish is my command. I must now depart. LEADER: I concur. Before you go, bow to your father. Bow to the Head. Bow to me... Jebediah. Extra shots of the ship in spoiler... I forgot to take some of the warehouse. Comments, criticisms, and speculations on the story are all welcome! DLL is probably more qualified to handle most questions than I am, as I just stole his ideas and intertwined Jeb's past into it.
  2. StarHawk3

    [M-H03] New Business Ventures

    Location: H03 Kallin Tags: Military Building, Spaceship - Guard: Maxximus will see you now. - Maxximus: Welcome Henry, I have someone I want to introduce you to. This here is my guest from the Octan corporation, Stuart Smith. Hawk: It's Hawk actually, and it's nice to meet you Stuart. Stuart: It's a ple........ Captain: Great I will bring him to the brig for interrogation. I will have him singing his secrets like a bird in no tim...... - Guard: Get your hands off of him! Captain: What's going on here? Hawk: Echo team, stand down! - Maximus: Captain I like your teams spirit. That's why your teams one of the best in MANTIS. Like I said before, Stuart here is my guest. There is no need for an interrogation. Captain, Hank has a mission for you on the surface of Kaalin. I have a ship waiting for you so if you could take your team Captain, and prepare for your mission. Captain: Yes sir.... Stuart: Your troops certainly live up to their reputations. Hawk: My apologies, So what was it you wanted to tell me. Maxximus: You know how our profits have been down over the last few months. With the CEO missing now, the council of five is demanding a solution to get our revenues back up. I want to sell MANTIS's Military expertise. I call it MANTIS Security Solutions. We will do anything from offering advice on how to improve base defenses to providing full MANTIS Spec Ops protection in exchange for resources. Stuart here was the first one to take up my offer. So what do you think? Hawk: Um.... I don't know. What do you think the soldiers will think of....... Maxximus: Great I'm glad you like it. Now if you could, go with Stuart to the planning room. He will fill you in on what they need done. - Guard: Sir Maxximus: What is it? Guard: We just got an urgent message from Maxxene. They found him. Maxximus: Great ready my ship. - Hawk: So what is it you needed. Stuart: Well one of our drilling outposts stopped communicating with us last Oktobrinali. Any attempt to restore communications has failed. Our Satellites have not seen any damage to the base. With our fleet leaving the system our special forces are stretched to thin for any further investigation on our part, so that where you come in. Hawk: I will see what my team can do. Stuart: Great. I hope you guys can do the job because what you charge could be considered piracy.
  3. Location: F09 Tags: Vehicle Special Delivery Week72 by boxerlego, on Flickr
  4. Zaael

    [O-H06] Setting the Trap

    Location: Farmolis - H06 Tags: Ground Vehicle - The Return - The Scavenge Hunt - Requested Repairs - Driving Home - Meeting the Family - New Parts (part 1) - The Chase Begins (part 2) Pursuing guy: "Sir, the shipment is approaching the coordinates you gave me." "Sir": "Alright comrade. Victor, are you at the coordinates?" Victor: "Almost sir." "Sir": "Hurry up will you!?!" Victor: "We are goi...." "Sir": "HURRY UP!!! I said!" Victor: "B... Bu... Yes sir!" Note: the builds in the first picture and the mountain thingy have already been judged.
  5. mediumsnowman

    [O - F04] Drone Testing

    Location: F04 - Illustria Tags: Vehicle, Spying Jebediah tests out a new spying drone on the rocky planet of Illustria. Bit of a throwaway build this week as I ran out of time, but the drone turned out nice. A bigger, better entry into Jebediah's murky past hopefully coming next week! C&C welcome!
  6. Professor Thaum

    [ O - G02 ] Wonderbox

    LOCATION : FREEGATE G02 Tags : Civilian building, Spaceship, Land vehicle, Octan, science. Octan remote scientific prospecting Outpost, North pole of Freegate : Under the command of the Kharkovshanka, some prospecting, mining and drilling vehicles waiting for departure to harvest Mithril. Few times ago, the Professor Thaum landed his shuttle, arriving on the request of the head scientist of the station... the last ice boulder retrieved just arrived and according to all the sensors there's something else than mithril inside. The time has come, the harvesting procession start the engines and are going to leave the base. It's also time to rerun all the sensors actives devices, the ionisation of the northern Freegate's atmosphere, following daybreak and issuing with polar aurora will blind all MANTIS scanning possbility for 7h 58m 13s . So the base will remain hidden. <chainsaw : gzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzrrrrrrrrrrraing> Hadvice : the first boulder is crushed professor, and here comes the first cristal Hadvice : it's raw mithril professor, and not the best sample I've seen. <chainsaw : gzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzrrrrrrrrrrraing> Pr Thaum : I don't give any shit of this raw mithril Hadvice... you can dump it. Hadvice : Others pieces of raw mithril professor <chainsaw : gzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzrrrrrrrrrrraing> Pr Thaum : Grrrrmbblll <chainsaw : gzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzrrrrrrrrrrrKKKRRRKRRRRKRRRRKRRRRR AAAAIIIIIIINKKK> Hadvice : Uh Oh ! A sealed metal box as it seems ! Pr Thaum : youhouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... Pr Thaum : My preciiiiiiious !! This is it !!! <cuddling the box> Youhou my baby, this is Berthold, your daddy !!!! Quick Hadvice, load it in the shuttle we are leaving !! Pr Thaum : Gnerk gnerk gnerk !! I will soon became the master of the universe... hin hin hin !! All vehicles are already judged MOC or modified official LEGO sets, so no need to judge them. You only have to take a look at the base. C&C welcome ! bonus pics soon
  7. Location: H04 - Crofter's Ridge Tags: Land Vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, on Crofter's Ridge... Bruce, are you taking your new spaceship for a test flight? My what? Miss Kolai, this is a mining drill. Are you sure you're alri...MY WORD, what in the blazes are you wearing?!?! What? You mean you're driving a land vehicle and not plioting a spaceship? Of course, this is a land vehicle! Miss Kolai, your attire is entirely inappropriate as an employee of Octan! I'll have to report you at once! Please adhere to our regulations and protocols; they exist for your safety! Are you well enough to make it back on your own, Miss Kolai? Do you need an escort back to base? Are drinks still on you? Miss Kolai, I'll have you know that I find your advances highly offensive and will be reporting that as well to HR! Now, if you're done making a mockery of our jobs, I bid you good day! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  8. Octan has started the art of Transmutation great things...but needs to start small.. O-TECH 1 by Meyerj, on Flickr O-TECH 2 by Meyerj, on Flickr Please note...nothing to be judged just to be be stated by the higher up's... Cheers Jody
  9. mediumsnowman

    [O - G10] 'Twas Not But A Dream

    Location: G10 - Onix Tags: Building, Civil Onboard the OCS Axle in orbit around Onix, within Jebediah's quarters... Our favorite special agent sleeps soundly... or does he? "Oh my god... what are you doing..." *SCREEEEEECHHHHHH* "Stop... STOP... I'll give you anything... ANYTHING...." "The Head takes no prisoners." *BANG* "AAAHHHHHH... oh my god... it was just a dream... you're okay... it was just a dream." C&C welcome.
  10. pombe

    [O - H04] Warped

    Location: H04 - Crofter's Ridge Tags: Civil Building Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, on Crofter's Ridge... Bqllr! With Ethel here, we can't lose! Hee hee! The Intergalactic Space Turkeys don't stand a chance now! Hmm...where's the boss? He's with Dr. Long doing some super top secret experiment? Hee hee! Nothing could possibly go wrong with that! Alright, let's head out. Wait. Whoa...what's going on?! What?! Why are we flesh toned?! WHOOOAAAAAAA!!! Eshey?! What in the testicles are you wearing?! We're about to disembark on an assignment!! Oh for $@$%%&^#@$%^&^#*^#$%^, not this again!!! Hombre? Ethel? For the last time, Eshey, my name is Herman! Why in God's nipple do you keep calling me Hombre?! That's racist and if you do it one more time I'm reporting you to HR!! Why aren't you wearing your Octan regulation approved environmental suit?! Is that a bikini?! !#$%$^%#@%$#%^%^@#$^#@!! And where's your helment?! Are you trying to sabotage the mission?! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  11. Professor Thaum

    [O - G02] Orbital Advertising

    LOCATION : G-02 Freegate TAGS : Spaceship (micro), Octan Hadvice : Professor, we are near Freegate orbit, I thought we were en route to the Axle... Pr Thaum : I had to figure something out before we reach the Axle, Hadvice... Hadvice: And why are we onboard another shuttle, we don't make even a second trip with the same shuttle... Pr Thaum : Hadvice, Octan is a plentyfull of dought corporation, how do we look like if we drive the same shuttle twice ??? We have to make the customers dreaming about Octan's magnifiscence. All these have-nots should want to join to reach the same way of life ! That's live advertising, Hadvice !! Hadvice : By the way, we have 2 radar blips on the screen, closing very fast Pr Thaum : You see Hadvice, 2 wanna be customers... MACAZAR CONTROL : Watchdog ! Watchdog ! We have a non-declared bogey entering orbit sector 33 - DR - 40 Watchdog leader : Watchdog 1 to macazar control, we are closing... seems to be an Octan cruising shuttle, no weapons, perhaps 3 to 4 crew capable... Hadvice : 4 radar blips, professor... Pr Thaum (checking something with his computer) : Good, good, let them closing in Hadvice and don't forget your text... Hadvice : OK, OK Watchdog leader : Octan shuttle from Watchdog one, you're on our scope, you don't have any ID and thus are not authorized to carry on your way You are now entering MANTIS controlled Freegate's orbit. You must transmit your ID or follow us, over. Pr Thaum (still checking his computer) : It's up to you Hadvice... Hadvice : Er... It's a MANTIS patrol professor... Pr Thaum : So what ? Cause they are MANTIS they are not allowed to dream ? Your text Hadvice !! Hadvice : "♫ Hey hey hey !! ♪ Greetings to you happy customer !!♫ Octan is glad to introduce yourself its new ♫ Tri Star class sedan shuttle,♪ featuring its well known KER syst..." <PIuuuuwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Piuwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww> Hadvice : gllllp ! Er... the customers aren't receptive at all Professor. Pr Thaum (always checking ) : dodge it outright Hadvice... off record : good grief, that's the Feluciade lowlands... just near the place I dumped the councellor's corpse remains... MACAZAR CONTROL : Watchdog leader, escort this shuttle to HEREFORD 27 spaceport. Watchdog leader : 5/5 control - watch dog 3 and 4 close escort for this shuttle, we're heading to HEREFORD 27 Watchdog 4 : Octan unidentified shuttle from Watchdog 4, you're ordered to follow us to HEREFORD 27, over. Pr Thaum (seeming to have finished his computer check) : Negative Watchdog 4, we have other happy customers to meet elsewhere in space, have a good day. Octan thanks you for your classy escort. Hadvice, you're authorized to press the KER button on your joystick. <klik> <BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO> Watchdog 3 and 4 : WTF !!! <Piuwwwwwwwwwww Piuwwwwwwwwwwwwww> Watchdog 3 : Look at that !!! Acceleration 120 KTU ! 200... 300... more than 500 KTU !!! Watchdog leader : MACAZAR control from watchdog one, target out of reach, impossible to keep close contact, watchdog 3 reporting an acceleration over 500 KTU output, my sensors still catching it but it is already more than 1 parsec away... requesting instruction, over. MACAZAR Control : Nothing to do, head back to the base, your onboard recorder will be enough to lodge complaint to the corporatist court. C&C welcome, bonus pics later on.
  12. Location: H04 - Crofter's Ridge Tags: None Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, on Crofter's Ridge... <pew> <pew> <pew> Hombre, look out! Don't do anything rash! Help is on the way! <pew> Why are the turkeys so well armed?!?! GOBBLE!!! <pew> Because they're interstellar space turkeys, Eshey! Remember, you and Hombre started this! <pew> <pew> Sir! Commander Conner from the 4th Reindeer Black Ops Division reporting, sir! Commander Conner who? I can't see you! <pew> My apologies, sir! We have to wear black because we're black ops! That's why you can't see us! <pew> In any case, thank goodness you're here! Grand Admiral Rudolph dispatched us as soon as he saw your distress call! My men are flanking the turkey's position right now, we'll have you out of here soon, sir! <pew> It looks like the North Pole is saving us again! Nonsense, sir! Without you, there wouldn't be a North Pole! We owe you everything, sir! <pew> <pew> Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  13. NB : the boat qualify easily for a SHIP built (about 2800 pieces, more than 110 studs long, about 50 high) LOCATION : F04 - Illustria TAGS : SHIP, submarine, spaceshift, exploration, Octan, civilian building Hadvice : Where shall we go professor ? Pr Thaum : We go to Illustria, Hadvice. I had great news from our research ship over there. Hadvice : Why is it a bunk only for you in this shuttle professor ? Pr Thaum : This shuttle don't need two pilots, so the other passenger don't need a seat... and why not a bunk... much more comfortable... And you're a great pilot Hadvice... Pr Thaum : ... Could you please shut off the com, I will have a small siesta... the whole path is recorded in the main computer. *** a restorative power nap later, over Illustria main ocean *** Hadvice : Professor, here we are... just over the SHIP. We are going to land. The sea is fully striped with green sargasso weeds ! Pr Thaum : Sargasso !! Yeah !! Luckily I have my special outfit !! Pr Thaum : an this outfit, is really what I need today for what is going to happen !!! That will be a great day Hadvice !!! All is already prepared, I just have to speak with professor GRANT and you could start the submarine... Hadvice : er... a submarine ? Pr Thaum : Yes Hadvice, a submarine ! *** just a few moment later *** Seaman : Hi Mr FOURFREE, your submarine will be ready to board as soon as we have dropped the pilot boat... : Glups... this... this si my submarine ? Seaman : Indeed, Sam will put it slowly on the plateform with the crane. Pr GRANT : I have prepared this lookout, as your request Berthold. And Selim will record the whole mission. Pr Thaum : Nice, Miles, I would like to see all by myself, the submarine, the sea, the sargasso, underwater... I'm very excited !! Seaman 2 : The submarine is ready Mr FOURFREE, and Youri will go with you until the submarine properly enter the water : Er... I feel ill professor, I have seasickness ! I'm not sure I can go underwater ! I'm nauseous ! : Don't forget to roll up your visor in this case ! It's OK Karl, let it go, Sam, you can lift ! Youri, ready ? deepsea diver : OK Professor ! : Have a nice trip Hadvice !! And don't worry I'd brought the freezer, Selim will protect you if it's needed. : Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!! PLAAAOUF ! Youri (deepsea diver) : Sub released, OK Sam, hook free. Pr GRANT : All the sensors are OK Berthold, sonar, radar, and the sub cams. Pr Thaum : I'm so excited !!! What a pity we don't have a rhum bottle !! Hadvice !! could you hear me ? We have locked some steel structure behind you... could you see it ? Hadvice : Yes professor, I can hear you, the fall is controlled, - 425 feet... and yes my sonar indicated that the ground is not far, and that something metallic lies just beneath I will start the flash lights. Hadvice : A ship wreck professor ! I'm just above a ship wreck ! Seems to be an old one ! : Good Hadvice !!! Good, quick, you have to stow on it and bring it back !!! I'm so excited !!! I'm so excited !!! Hadvice : Seems to be a LL 918 or a LL 924 old space classic cruiser... : We... We just received the image from your onboard cam !! That's it !! That's it !!! : Uh Oh ! : Er... professor ? : Yes ? : Seems that I'm not alone here... and I'm not sure that I'll catch your wreck safely... : Rhooo, Hadvice, what a tiny concern !! You're afraid with some littles fishes... The sonar dispalys some moving biological bugs... : The fishes seems to pilots underwater scooter and even a submarine professor, and they seems really unhappy... : Bring back the wreck up !!! I will figure the fishes problem out ! Hadvice : you're the boss, Boss... Hadvice : The wreck is fasten, I'm going up... with friends... Beware everybody... At least 4 friends going up with me ! Manta Alien : Fatghn fatghn !! sroooofff Fatghn !!! <piuuuuuuuuuuuuuwwwwwwwww> Pr Thaum (waving is lightsaber on) : <Fsssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh> Treasures everywhere !!! I'm so excited <SCHLAK - back piuuuuwwwwwwwww> Well done Hadvice !!! Selim, freeze me this one up ! Selim : Yes Professor <SHWWAAAAAP> Shark alien : Fatghn !! Gaaargllll ! Pr Thaum :♫ Here we are ♪ !!! Born to be kings ♫!!! Pr Thaum : ... ♫ We're the princes of the universe !!! ♪ Here we belong... !!! *** a one way carnage later *** Pr Thaum : Now, we can open the hold ! Quick Barney, quick, I'm so excited !!! Barney (starting the blowtorch) : Let the game begins ! Pr Thaum : Youri, take care of my new experiment living subject, please ! gnerk gnerk gnerk Otto : There's a container inside... sealed ! Pr Thaum : Please, Barney, will you... Barney : A child's play ! Barney : done... Pr Thaum : Youhouuuuuuuuuuu !!! Another one !!! That's another piece !!! hin hin hin hin bring it to my shuttle please, I will leave as soon as possible. I have to retrieve the second one from the treacherous Dr Long... Pr Thaum : Hadvice, you can load my 2 treasures into the shuttle Hadvice : sure professor... Pr Thaum : And have a particular care of the second piece.. We go back to the Axle quickly !!! *** the precious load carefully stowed into the shuttle *** Pr Thaum : I AM THE KING OF THE WORLD !!! WHOUUUU WHOUUUU WHOOOOUUUUUU !!!! Hadvice : Professor, be carefull !! I'm afraid you may have an unexpected dive ! C&C welcome... a throng of bonus pics coming soon
  14. Kodan Black

    [O - H04] - So Many Questions

    Location: H04 Crofter's Ridge Tags: Land Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // I'd brought Dr. Hawkins up to the Axle my meeting with Dr. Long. It had been a chance meeting, but had left me quite perplexed. How did Dr. Long know about my robot dog and what ED-208 was up to with the dog? How did she know about the dog's programming? Why was she so concerned for a robot pet at all? I hadn't heard from ED-208 in a while and that was concerning. Despite having so many questions to ponder I knew that I couldn't keep Dr. Hawkins waiting, that would be impolite. I went down to one of the engineering spaces on the Axle where I had Dr. Hawkins looking over a prototype speeder. I felt it would be a good addition to the corporation as it was small, fast, and efficient. It would be an ideal choice for getting between points on a planet that were not far enough to warrant a ship. The speeder was unarmed, but it had speed and agility to keep the user safe. The power output was such that it could also be used to recharge equipment or run a small individual encampment. Eventually it would be painted to best match the needed use, but for now it was just primer gray. Dr. Hawkins had suggested increasing the size of the heat exchanger so that on hotter planets or ones with more dust there would be no degradation of performance. A wise insight. I was tempted to talk to him about some of the recent things that had been going on with the mysterious lab and most recently my run in with Dr. Long but I had to remind myself that he was from Mantis. Normally I'd talk to ED-208 but it seemed like there was something going on with him so that wouldn't be possible. I could try to seek some clarity from Dr. Long herself, but I know how busy she is. Overhead: Axle Bay: Speeder:
  15. pombe

    [O - H04] Giving Thanks

    Location: H04 - Crofter's Ridge Tags: Exploration Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, on Crofter's Ridge... I guess we must need a lot of biomass, since we've been sent to look for some more. I guess preparations for that huge Octan Thanksgiving event will require a lot of food. Hee hee. I'll say, hee hee. Hmm...what's this? Are you a...turkey? Hee hee. I wasn't aware that turkeys existed on Crofter's Ridge. Gobble gobble gobble gobble. Gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble. Gobble gobble. Gobble. Your name is Cecile and you are part of a group of interstellar turkeys that escaped Thanksgiving persecution back on Earth by creating spaceships and fleeing to Andromeda? Hee hee. Gobble gobble. Gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble. Gobble. How interesting. Hee hee. That's nice...HOMBRE NOW!!! GOBBLE!!! Hee hee. No one messes with Thanksgiving. Hee hee. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  16. Boxerlego

    [O-F04] Technical Details

    Location: F04Tags: Spaceship Week 68 001 by boxerlego, on Flickr Boxerlego: Well look at that, Looks like this drone was from built from Octan parts. This is right here is proof this has been built of the works of Dr. Long Drones. Looks like Mantis made it bigger with some added function and armaments.
  17. Jody Meyer

    [O-H03] Crofter's ridge to Kaalin

    PANEL16 by Meyerj, on Flickr PANEL17 by Meyerj, on Flickr Title: Crofter's ridge to Kaalin Planet:H03 Tags: Land vehicle, exploration, Octan, fleet bonus Given no date on finishing I have to come up with a smaller story arc...DOH on photoshop on the spelling ...
  18. Boxerlego

    [O-F04] Under the Water

    Location: F04 Tag: Land Vehicle, Vehicle, Spaceship, Civil building (Boxerlego Testing out a Mantis Under Water/Space Construction Vehicle) Week 67 by boxerlego, on Flickr
  19. Dannylonglegs

    [O-H04] Double Blind

    Tags: Science, Land Vehicle, Civil Building Planet: Crofter's Ridge (in orbit) "Ah, Dr. Black. Funny how we coincidentally were walking down the same corridor of the Axle at the same time, considering how truly immense this vessel is. Why is it that you're all by yourself?" "Hello, Dr. Long! You mean why I'm not with Dr. Hawkins? He's on a tour, actually, with..." "No. I meant to ask where your defense drone and robot dog had gotten to?" "My robot dog? ED just took Gidget on a walk..." "Hmm. I was concerned, because, the last thing I saw was it being viciously attacked by your defense drone." "I'll have to look into that." "Please do." "That does seem odd, though..." "I thought so too. Your robot dog isn't programed to be confrontational, after all." Moments later... "Major Alcock. I'd like to thank you in person for all your hard work preparing the Lab for project Birthday Boy and Suburban Soccer Mom. I take it you have brought with you the machine I requested?" "Your thanks are unnecessary. Corporate pays me well." "I know." "Then you know I'm not your lab assistant. I serve Corporate." "I do too." "And you believe that Kodan doesn't know the nature of "the lab"? It is suspicious that his dog has gone offline." "I have the utmost faith in Dr. Black. He, in a way, is a model Octan employee. He asks appropriate questions... and accepts the answers he is given. Let's get going then." Several rooms over, in the health wing. "The Doctor will see you now..." "Oh boy! I hope they ask me to cough a few times! Hee hee hee!" "Hello Ms. Kolai." "Dr. Long? I thought this was just a well check!" "Well, in a way it is." "No offense, but I didn't think you were a medical doctor!" "I'm not. My father used to refer to me as 'the kind of doctor that doesn't help people.' he stood by that joke for years before I started paying his medical bills. That made him quiet. No, I'm not a medical doctor, but I am here to help. I want to ask you a few questions." "Okay! Gosh I can't even remember the last time we met, it's been so long!" "Interesting... doesn't remember last meeting. So, Ms. Kolai, you've served as our CEO's aid now for well over a year... and I have a few questions to ask regarding your... work relationship. "Alright! Ask away! I've had a lot of character development under his direction!" "I'd like to know if you've noticed anything... abnormal about Pombe or events that occur around him." "I'd be hardpressed to point out anything abnormal about my time with him! everything totally normal! infact, this scenario right here feels more abnormal than anything else! I mean... why does this room only have 2 walls?" "two walls? you mean you don't see the third and fourth wall? huh. are your glasses on straight? I will admit I did approve of your being hired personally, considering you displayed pragmatism and logical thought patterns during your probationary period... but you mean to tell me you haven't noticed anything... strange... about Pombe?" "Nope!" "Nothing... supernatural?" "Apart from his superhuman fashion sense?" "Hmm. So you are saying to me very clearly that you have not noticed him displaying... subconscious powers capable of warping the very fabric of reality and space to suit his his eccentric tastes?" "I can't seem to think of anything..." "huh. by the way, why are you wearing a helmet?" "because we're in space! duh!" "I see. Well... thank you for your testimony. We're going to run a few tests on you now." "!!!" "we're going to need you to remove your helmet and lay down on this slab please. Remove any metal you may be wearing, such as glasses, and hand them to my armoured assistant. We'll now conduct several minimally invasive test to analyze your mental health." "But you haven't even taken me out to dinner first!" "We don't have to. It's in your contract." "What if she doesn't survive? She's no use to Corporate dead." "She will be fine. I'd be more worried about permanent damage from her time enduring Pombe's psychic backlash. But we will see. We will see." ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  20. mediumsnowman

    [O - F03] Transfer Station

    Location: F03 - Forring Tags: Civil, Spaceship, Vehicle, Building "Please provide security code for classified shipment LL249X34 on the Icarus Project, over." "Alpha Delta nine nine one eight six eight one, over." "Please proceed to the checkpoint, there's some fighters waiting to take you up to the Axle. I want proof of delivery received from Dr. Long, over." More photos in spoiler: C&C welcome.
  21. Norseman

    [O - F04] Ride the Comet

    Log Entry Begin user://AdenCorso Water is sometimes tricky. Shipped in liquid form, it sloshes around and can throw even the most finely-tuned set of compensators into chaos. It takes up more volume than when frozen as well, which means your profits will be marginal. Getting liquid water from a planet's surface also means burning a brick-ton of fuel, which means those marginal profits are now minimal (if you even manage to break even). This is why most ice-mining takes place in any particular system's asteroid belt. Every ship and every station needs water to function - either for its crew to drink, or separated into its constituent parts of O2 and H, the one for breathing, the other for reaction mass. walk by Norseman, on Flickr Given that those same asteroids are often well-patrolled to stem off illegal mining operations by the system's parent Corp explains why I am currently riding a comet headed out-system at more than 40 kilometers per second, more than 3 AUs from Illustria's star. You see, this far from a sun, any water on a comet has frozen and is no longer billowing out in its telltale plume. Comet tails are formed when rising heat from nearing a star causes ice to evaporate, the resultant ejecta always pointing away from the sun. I should be safe this far out from any surprise geysers under my feet. At least I hope so. Although... Flyby by Norseman, on Flickr Apparently I'm not far enough to avoid every MANTIS patrol... Luckily it's an older ship, a Lycidae-class corvette. I've flown against them before, in the Milky Way. They were outdated even back then. Now they are positively antiquated. Their sensors rely mostly upon line-of-sight LADAR, but their resolution is poor and my thermal signature is small enough to hopefully pass without notice. With my ship hidden away in cold sleep mode deep in a fissure, all I need to do is tuck myself against this wall and... hide by Norseman, on Flickr All clear. searching by Norseman, on Flickr I have nothing against MANTIS. I run across them here on the fringe all the time. They run Illustria now, after all. But just because they tolerate my being here as an Octan contractor doesn't mean that I won't come across some loose-cannon, fly-boy captain who would rather shoot than take a bribe. As it lies, every bribe I need to pay cuts into my profits even more, and my profits on this already won't be anything to brag about. The penny-pinching administrators of Port Farhome will see to that... ice by Norseman, on Flickr Here we are. cutting by Norseman, on Flickr Now all I've got to do is do some clever carving... Don't want to bury myself in ice after all, or my popsicle corpse could be part of the comet's tail the next time it swings back in-system in another four hundred years or so. I'd much rather avoid that. spoils by Norseman, on Flickr Alright, two blocks down, only about twenty to go. This is going to take a while, I think. Luckily, I've nowhere else to go, nowhere else to be. Log Entry End This is my first entry, so I'm still a bit unsure of what tags I should include. Can I get a bit of help? Also, pardon the cat hair. It gets everywhere!
  22. Professor Thaum

    [O - H04] Skate or Die

    LOCATION : Crofter's Ridge TAG : Land vehicle, Octan, Civilian building, Drone On board the Axle, orbiting Crofter's Ridge VRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM Prof : Youhouuuuuuuuuuuu !!! Quick Hadvice, we're going to deck 21 !! They've found it !!! Is the shuttle ready ? Hadvice : Yes it is Professor !! Hang on ! There's a corner !! Octan security drone : Infraction, infraction ! Octan corporate code 3720 ! No Skateboarding ! Infraction, infraction... Computer: Mr. O'Reilly, the system is detecting an anomaly in the Deck 2... Jeb : yeah, I still had the drone report... pfff I wish I had a bunch of Kawa or MANTIS spy onboard the Axle instead of a throng of Octan scientist... Control, you may cancel the alert deck 2 and call back the security drone. All is norm... er... all is usual. Bonus : The "tugkart" of Hadvice the Prof and his skateboard. C&C welcome The security control room is mediumsnowman pics and the corridor is the same as "trouble and disorder" so is not to be judged again.
  23. pombe

    [O - H04] Gluteus Maximus

    Location: H04 - Crofter's Ridge Tags: Land Vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, on Crofter's Ridge... Sir, is everything alright? Hello Ishmael, everything is fine. In fact, I was about to watch Hombre field test a new mech design. Why don't you join me? I'd love to, sir. Hmm. It doesn't seem that he has any sort of control interface for the mech. Is he controlling with telepathy? Is such a thing possible? No no, Ishmael. I wish. Hombre's actually controlling the mech with his gluteal muscles using an interface on the seat. The seat can detect when he contracts and relaxes his gluts. Well, I do know from experience that Hombre has fine control over those muscles. As do I, Ishmael. As do I. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  24. Dramatis Personae: What are you guys watching? You're kidding, right? The zero-g one on one basketball match between Gregory and Hombre is on! Zero gravity basketball?! How does that even work?! it me or are the basket and backboard floating, too? Sigh... Chaaa... Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  25. Professor Thaum

    [O - G04] Freezing

    LOCATION : G04 - Fractor V Tags : Science, Airplane, Spaceship (micro), Land vehicle, Civilian building, Alien, Octan A shuttle is leaving the Axle heading to Fractor V Pr. Thaum : That will be some cool days off, Hadvice, you will be surprised... Fractor V is a nice planet Hadvice: Sure professor, sure... ***** On Fractor V, secret lair of Professor Thaum : Pr Thaum : What do you think about it, Hadvice, my Gotha IV looks great, isn't it !! Hadvice : It's ugly ! GZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZTSHHHHHHHHHHHH Pr Thaum : Well, let me see, put it bluntly... : errr... it's wonderfull Professor, but this is a... a plane ? Pr Thaum : Yes Hadvice, a plane, what else ? A german Gotha IV bomber from world war one ! Hadvice : World War one ? Pr Thaum : you're a tyke Hadvice !!! Oh ! Aglae !!! How do you do !! Your a good little girl... I was far away for too long. Hadvice : Hi Aglae... Pr Thaum : Ah ! This is Nestor GANT, our pilot... : Welcome professor, we are almost ready, just change the plane's load. Hadvice: Professor ! My godness ! these are heavy bombs ! Just under the hull ! It's terribly dangerous Pr Thaum : You're a bonehead Hadvice, the Gotha IV is a bomber, sure it has bombs ! But you can feel reassured... these "bombs" are not actually bombs... : Pffiuuuwwwww... Pr Thaum : These are just Sarin gaz tank... <boonk> : Here are the new load, Professor, with your 3 mixtures. : Indeed, Hadvice, when your power nap will be over, could you please wear your flying suit... **** Few minuts later Pr Thaum : OK, all seems to go well... Mechanics : The twin motors are OK professor, they seems frighteningly old... prehistoric, but they are still in function. Pr Thaum : Take care of my babies, Barney. I want them as much. Pr Thaum : OK cole, you can lift the pod, we're ready to hitch it up Hadvice : The gaz valve is OK professor. Pr Thaum : Just to set up the hoover and we're ready for the test. : Everybody is OK ? : Yes, I am ! : Let's go. Gentlemen start the engine ! <flon flon flon> <roll roll rol roll roll roll roll> : Hop, that's a nice takeoff... <VraaaoooonnnnnnWAAAAOOOOOONwaaaaaooooonnnnnnWAAAAAOOOON> : Make a path just over the crew Nestor, we have to say good bye. <vraaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA> : Youhouuuuuuuu ! Bye everybody, see you later ! Aglae, be a good little Snuffling : Grooo Grooo Grooo !!! **** Later, high in Fractor V atmosphere Pr Thaum : Hadvice, you can open the valve and release the gazes !! Hadvice: Done !! Pr Thaum : I'll start the hoover <SHHHHHLLLOOOOOOOOOOORRRRP> Pr Thaum : Yes !!! the pod is full !! It tooks only a few seconds and we have a good sample of frozen bugs and atmosphere right in it !!! Ready to study !! Pr Thaum : I like that plane !!! : However, it is very noisy.... C&C welcome, bonus pics later