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Found 522 results

  1. Comrade Commander

    [O: H05] Remote Sensor Research

    Corporation: Octan Planet: H05 - Livgorn Job: Science Research ------ Start Transmission #001 ------ - Remote scanners detected deposit of interest in the northern quadrant of planet H05 - My research indicates it matches levels comprable to the mineral Awesomnium - Corporate has been notified - Request for Science Outpost submitted, temporary duty planet side being routed to allow closer study of environment - All this science, I don't understand... it's just my job five days a week... ------ End Transmission #001 ------
  2. Space Terrapin

    [O - H07] Prospecting on Quantus III

    Spencer's Diary, Maian 21, 3815 There's no excitement to match the feeling of being among the first to set foot on a new planet. Hooray for pastures new! Although, around here the pastures seem pretty barren. Still, the orbital scans suggested that this should be a good region to prospect for Awesomnium - that's why I'm here with my trusty drilling rig, Edwina. Hmm, that rocky outcropping looks like a good place to start. Sure enough, a few minutes' drilling reveals an Awesomnium node! Time to try out the portable sample collector and ore analyzer the Octan tech guys fitted Edwina with, and find out what sort of a deposit we're looking at. Looks like I'll be pretty busy for the next few days...
  3. JesseCarley

    [O - H05] Livgorn: First Contact

    H05 - Livgorn: First Contact by Jesse Carley, on Flickr Trekking through the Livgorn jungle to investigate a potential water source, Octan Explorer Hernan Alvaro is surprised to come face to face with a native, clutching a crude trident and smelling strongly like a poorly tended aquarium. Remembering his training, he quickly reaches for an Octan Corporation pamphlet. Inside, the native will find all sorts of useful information, including how best to serve the new rulers of their planet, the benevolent Octan Corporation. H05 - Livgorn:First Contact by Jesse Carley, on Flickr
  4. Location: Livgorn Tags: Building ***START TRANSMISSION to AXLE RESEARCH SHIP*** On the directions of Jebediah O'Reilly I put up a mining station a little up north from the blown up station of the grays. The station is being finished as we speak. FE8-5E is applying the last plating to the roof. I have equipped the station with all kinds of tools to collect air, ground and flora samples. So this station will not only provide huge amounts of Awsomnium, but will also be of great value to Dr. Long and the other scientists on the Axle. At least I hope. Big Z out. ***END TRANSMISSION to AXLE RESEARCH SHIP***
  5. "Log date 316, This is Dr. Danielle Long, recording from the surface of planet H05, or Livgorn. My Sc106 probe drone and I successfully landed at 1200 hours Farmolis time... which translates to roughly mid-morning here, although the days are faster. Sc106 and I are scouting the immediate vicinity of my landing point for signs of hostile life and to collect samples. Supposedly there are deposits of Awesomnium beneath the ground not too far from here. I will look into this. First observation: This place reeks of urine. Likely this is due to abnormally high concentrations of urea in the atmosphere. I suspect this has to do with the wildlife. To confirm my suspicions, I have tasked Sc106 with the collection of multiple samples of the native "Flora" and "Fauna." The air is breathable. I imagine that means these "xeno-plants" are conventionally photosynthetic. I cannot wait to perform experiments on these xenobiological organisms in my lab... and get out of this fetid fen. Second observation: I should have worn a heavier jacket. It's positively frigid, and I'm currently within the tropical zone. Status update complete. Dr. Long, signing off." //Survey// //Specimen Acquisition// ~Dr. Long
  6. goatman461

    [O - H05] Getting a Closer Look

    Location: H05 - Livgorn Tags: Civil, Vehicle, Spaceship / Airplane, Exploration H05-1-A by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr H05 - Livgorn - Octan Pilot John Hannibal recons the area surrounding his ship's landing site. Hiding below the short but dense foliage, vast amounts of awesomnium and some sinister beasts intertwine. Edit: tags
  7. WickNole

    [O - H05] First Encampment

    Location: H05 - Livgorn Tags: civil, building, exploration Terrain: Swamp Start of transmission #01. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- "Finally arrived at Livgorn. Truly, a forsaken place. It was almost impossible to find a proper landing spot on the sites marked as "interesting" on satellite images... either wild jungles or frozen marshes there, both biomes allowing no possibilities to safely land. I'll better let our explorers deal with there places. Deployed surface sensors and analyzers as soon as the spot was more or less cleared. Awesomnium confirmed, extraction possible. However, the proper on-site analysis requires 6 days more. And I'll have to stay here all this time. Need to finish the cupola now - it will provide at least some safety both from environment and who-knows-what living here. I've already heard some strange noises... so I'd better finish before nightfall." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of transmission #01. The build:
  8. Boxerlego

    [O - G05] Rough Landing

    Transmission 1 AD3851 Maian 16 Location: Jen's Star After a long trip in space I finally made it to Jen's Star. It was a rough landing along side of the mountains. Octan corp has Let me test out their new Model T Utility Bot. Its specialty is in construction but right now its has been good at uprooting plants and moving rocks. I've been searching along side this rocky mountain ridge for signs of water flow. Took me some time to find but I finally come across a mountain side minerals deposit and according to what I was taught only water can do that. Scanners are picking up loads of minerals in that deposit but it looks too dangerous for me to excavate intensively, Plus Night is falling upon me and I need to get some rest after the long hike today but lucky the Utility Bot never sleep. The Bot has also reported about picking up the sound of running water but that is way to far at the moment to journey to at this time of hour. I'm going to take shelter in the cave up ahead. End of Transmission Edit: Image was remade and new one was posted with more visibility
  9. niteangel

    Octan Audi R18 LMP (from 60025)

    The new 60025 excited me at first, but when it was out, I was so disappointed about the design. The 6-stud to 8-stud transition was awkward. I would say this is more like a starter set. However, the color scheme was good. At the same time, I was watching the news on the recent Le Mans 24-hour racing, and I was so fascinated by the champion Audi R18 car. Hey, that's exactly what Lego should have done, perhaps! It took me nearly 1 week to research on that car, and 3 days to create this Lego version of the R18. Let's get into the racing tracks and have a look! Overview of the car: The hardest part is the tail. I did 4 versions in total, and I finally adopted this. I used the 1x2x1 piece sideways as the side exhaust, and integrated the brake light into the bottom bumper line. Looks ready to dash, right? The crew is doing a fine tuning... Reference image of Audi R18: (Google R18 for more images!) Okay, after a week I finally completed the modification on the truck as well. And here you go, the transporter! I have been struggling for the whole week figuring out whether I should use 8-stud or 9-stud or 10-stud container. 8 is not enough as the R18 is actually a little more than 8.5 stud. 10 is too big and it is so difficult to make it look good with the 6-stud wide truck head. Finally I used the uncommon 9 stud, which is not bad at all. The R18 fits perfectly inside while the trailer can "grow" smoothly from the head using some tilting pieces. The tail. Come on quick quick quick! Unload it! So that's basically what it is like after the huge surgery. It doesn't take too many extra bricks, which are mostly used on the base for the trailer, top of the trailer (it is 2 bricks taller) and the racing car. I used the same amount of wheels from 60025 too! Well, the trailer can be detached, as usual. You can see the barrels of Octan petrol stored at the front of the trailer too! Maybe I will make a Shell LMP later to compete with this R18. Let me know what you think! :D
  10. rodiziorobs

    Help locating Stickers

    So I am putting together an Octan MOC and would like to get some official stickers from sets that have the logo or any other related designs, but searching for them on BrickLink is impossible without searching through every single page unless you know the set number. So my question: does anyone know some numbers for sets with Octan stickers? I would prefer stickers that came with clear backing, but any at all (any size, also) will do. Thanks!
  11. I have begun work on my first modular building. It is currently under construction next to the Palace Cinema. The ground floor is open for business. The front Octan_Ice_Cream_01 Sitting beside the Cinema Octan_Ice_Cream_02 Jo serving customers Octan_Ice_Cream_03 Cold drinks are available as well. Octan_Ice_Cream_04 There is a small office behind the shop, and there will be an apartment above with access from the rear laneway. Comments and crits welcome as this is my first building moc!
  12. Criga88

    MOC - Octan servo

    Hi all, for a while I had a baseplate with a few tiles slapped on it sitting next to my row of modulars with the intention of it one day becoming a service station. Over the weekend I sat down one arvo to make a bit of progress on it and in no time the basic building and walls were made. While I was on a roll I kept going and threw in whatever I felt was necessary for a typical servo and this is what I've come up with so far: The two pumps are quick mods of the one from the 3180 tank truck set, and it's nice to have a more permanent home for them now. The attendant's all smiles since he's nice and safe behind the top notch security bars For the late night customers there's a night pay window, there's also the usual junk chucked around the side. "Can you grab some ice on your way, oh, and some firewood, we're running pretty low." A basic interior does the trick since I leave the roof on the majority of the time anyway. Each lane allows for a 7-wide, but realistically, anything more than 4-wide is going to take up a lot of the available real estate. I'll be periodically updating this when I get more ideas but for now I'm happy with it (it sure beats the empty lot that it started out as ). Let me know what you think and feel free to leave any questions or constructive criticisms.
  13. woofmcmoose

    Review: 6515 Stunt Copter

    Stunt Copter Set #: 6515 Year Released: 1994 Piece Count: 35 Minifigs: 1 RRP: $3.25 (I think this cost 1.49 or perhaps 1.99GBP of my pocket money). Continuing to sort through my childhood lego, I bring you another classic 90's set. The 6515 Octan Stunt Copter (Not to be confused with the much larger 6357 Stunt 'Copter and Truck). Impulse sets of this size/piece count seem to be less common these days and more usually reserved for promo polybags. The design of this set also has a clear lineage from the 26 piece 1630 helicopter of 1990, which didn't even come with a minifig! The Box Due to storage space at my parents, I don't have the box for this set, it was recycled long ago, however as usual the front print on the instructions matches the front box art, showing the helicopter at a nice angle flying over the sea with the shadow of an oil rig and some cliffs in the background. Perhaps rather than for stunt flying the Octan corporation are actually using it to inspect oil and gas pipelines, though admittedly that's a less exciting prospect for most children. The Minifig We get one classic 90's Octan guy (or girl; it's the 90's - without hair I can't tell, and Octan corp is an equal opportunities employer), with large printed logo on his white torso, green legs and a red helmet with trans light blue visor. Standard yellow hands, so (s)he may get cold frostbite in his fingers from the rotor downdraft: The Parts A standard mix of Octan colours, predominantly white and including all the standard bits you expect for a 90s helicopter (2x2 tile with pin, 4 bladed rotor hub, 2x2 plate with hole, etc). As a sign of things to come the set also had a small sticker sheet, with the two Octan legends for the 1x8 white tile rotor blades (stickers already applied in this pic): The Instructions Standard double sided fold out leaflet with 11 steps in total. The background varies from light blue sky at the top to green grass at the bottom but contrast and colouring is fine for piece identification. The Build and Model The fuselage comes first, then the tail boom. Its all very simple part stacking with no snot. The 1x2 plate with 1 stud serves to position the tail boom on the centreline of the copter rather than offset. Landing gear and rotors next and before you know it it's finished! From the front 1/4 it looks just as smart as on the box art. The levers in the pilot's hands give the sense of simple mechanical controls that you would expect in a basic helicopter and are vastly better than the alternative of a patterned tile. From the side, it looks compact, but the proportions seem right for the LEGO world, if not reality. The aerospace engineer in me is thinking about the noise and possible control issues the pilot will have with the tail rotor being constantly in the main rotor downwash. The open cockpit and having your head inches from bits travelling at a couple of hundred RPM might seem like issues too, but in reality many early helicopters put the pilot in similar conditions. From the rear quarter it still feels 'right', though the shortness of the tail boom is still obvious. I suspect if it was lengthened to even 8 studs though she would become a tail-sitter whenever the pilot got out! This model made enough of an impression on the young me, that during my dark ages, it continued to shine some light through: Whilst I should have been doing homework I was actually modelling this set for use in Microsoft Flight Sim 2002: The Verdict Build& Model: Very simple build, but this set does feel complete, unlike the 1630 from which it clearly owes it's design. Something about it the model just seems 'right' to me: 9 Parts: Has all the basic bits needed for any 90's helicopter: 7 Figure: Simple, yes, but good colour combinations, and can't have too may Octan employees can we?: 7 Playability: Everything that should spin, spins, its reasonably robust to 'wub wub wub wub wub' (helicopter 'swoosh') around, and should you wish to crash it, you won't need to break the instructions out to put it back together: 8 Overall: I may be overly fond of this set due to my own nostalgia, but I can't think of a better 30-40 piece pocket money set from the 90's town range. This is what LEGO should be: 9 But what do you think? Am I right/wrong?
  14. AyliffeMakit

    MOC: Octan Luxe - 50's car

    The Octan "Luxe" was launched in the late 50's as Octan Motors first official car to try and take a slice out of the growing market; it was met with lukewarm feedback but due to its luxurious interior its sales went through the roof. Unfortunately, not many of them have survived to this day and are extremely hard to get hold of nowadays. You can find more images on my Flickr photostream. Enjoy!
  15. AyliffeMakit

    MOC: Octan Motors Concept Store

    OCTAN MOTORS: CONCEPT STORE To further extend their sales (and profits), Octan Motors has recently been building more showrooms that are suitable for the next generation of customers. This latest store (located within Mayhead City) is apparently the first of many to be built across the country. On the ground floor, there are various laptops so that customers can browse through the complete collection of cars that Octan Motors currently offers to customers. A large screen behind the counter showcases tweets with the hashtag #OctanMotors attached to it. This generally works well, but occasionally this has been a problem as some people (and even competitors) have been tweeting abusive messages, which are then displayed on the screen. A dummy version of one of Octan Motors current sportscars is also mounted on the wall to make the store stand out on the high street. On the second floor, there is a full design studio where designers work around the clock to design new vehicles for Octan Motors (except on tuesdays) A design studio will be included in every new concept store to get an idea of the demand for certain products to streamline their new release schedule. Next door to the designer studio, Octan Motors Vice President Mr Business' office is located, with his personal computer and simple desk (since the Battle for Bricksburg, he's decided to downsize his role within Octan, along with returning the company to it's roots by scrapping all products except for Fuel and Motors). He specified his office to be located next to the designer studio so that he can make sure they're actually working instead of sleeping. More images from the opening of this new showroom can be found on my Flickr photostream. Thanks for looking!
  16. lightningtiger

    MOD - 60016 Tanker modified

    Doing a little bit of shopping at my local Woolworths this morning and on the clearance lonely 60016 and thought the tiger ah time for a modified tanker. Now I always wondered why Lego didn't design the truck like this, it's more realistic......what does everyone think ? Oh, and this is going in my Avalonia City layout in May.......the other original tanker is now a heavy vehicle/machinery refuelling tanker. Keep watching !
  17. lightningtiger

    Operation : Legoworld 2014 Octan

    I decided to take a short break from my Aussie country town and start work on some reverse is a w-i-p shot....of course there is more to come so keep watching !
  18. Wodanis

    Octan Gas Station Lego Madness!

    Hi everyone, Since there is Octan Gas station enthusiasm in the air, I thought I would share my lxf file for the Lego world Octan Gas Station. I, like Lightning Tiger who recently has been making one from scratch, reversed engineered the design from photos. See the link below for the LDD file. Octan Gas Station.lxf : Lightning Tiger's project : My modular Octan Gas Station I built a modular one and noticed I missed a few things from the early incarnations of my design. In the end the result was much better than I hoped. I took a few element styles from the original Lego world design and changed quite a bit. For instance, I didn't use the bricks on top of the overhead roof sign-age. Nor (at the time) did I have a similar gas pump. If you look closely at the photos from Lego World you will see that they didn't use a fireman's hose but rather a yellow nozzle which can be attachable to a string with two studs on the end like on my gas pump from my modular version. Anyhow, I hope you like what I've done and now everyone can build their own. Happy building!
  19. I've built up a layout to drive around my 3 meters long Octan train. The locomotive is based on the vintage 7755 shunter locomotive. In the 80's 7777 train idea book there's on some page an oil refinery. I've built that one in Octan colours! I've added a few lights to the loc: when the loc is driving forward, the yellow light is lit, when it drives backward, the red light is lit: And ofcourse, I've made a video!
  20. My collection of Octan tanker wagons is growing and I want to have a special locomotive for them. I have two kinds of tanker wagons: the ones that come with the 7939 Cargo Train: and some custom-from-the-internet-stolen-design: The locomotive doesn't have to be big or special so I was thinking about a classic 7755 design: But I'm stuck on the colour scheme. The lower horizontal grey layer on the 7755 will be green in my version. Above that will be a layer of red plates. And all the red you see on the original 7755 will be white. But I'm stuck with the roof! Should it be white, red, grey or green? Or do you have another cool idea?
  21. lightningtiger

    MOC - Octan Fuel & Tyre Outlet

    Yes, I must be mad.....another W-I-P to join my latest NM build......back to Lego City style now for an Octan outlet. Here is a tease shot of the prototype fuel pumps, there will be a very simple tyre workshop/fitting bay and basic pay point as well.....keep watching !
  22. LegoCityMann

    Servo Showdown: Calling all Gas Jockeys

    There was a discussion in this topic Es. Co 70's Gas Station about a Gas Station Showdown. Who would be interested in doing this? I would be willing to throw in a prize or two to the winner. ~LCM