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Found 522 results

  1. Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Spaceship, Civil Building Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently... Eshey, you have been...and always shall greatest failure. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Eshey? Did you have a bad dream? was just a dream. Phew. Hey, Tracy...when was the last time you saw Pombe? was a couple of months ago, I think, just before he took part in that experiment with Dr. Long. He said "hi" to me as he walked out of the restroom. Have you noticed things being...different...since then? Not really. I cleaned toilets before, I clean toilets now. I don't know. I feel as if things aren't quite right. Um...have you given any thought to my proposal? To join you as you create a startup? Well? I say, why not? I figure I'll just clean toilets elsewhere. Alright, let's go find Pombe. For what? To hand in our two week's notices. Later... Captain Kruge, ma'am, we've followed the Octan ship to Arium Minor undetected, using The Bird That Preys' active stealth technology. Just look at them...completely oblivious to our presence. Unstealth now and attack! Red alert, all stations! Yes, ma'am! Eshey, a M.A.N.T.I.S. ship has destealthed and is firing on us. Oh? What's it called? I'm not sure. Hail them. We're being hailed, ma'am. Of course, we are. Let's watch as they surrender. Cease attack and put them onscreen. Yes, ma'am. Hi, M.A.N.T.I.S. vessel, this is Tracy and Eshey onboard the Octan vessel O.C.S. Constitution. We were wondering what your ship was called. It''s the toilet mech girl! You! You've caused us much grief! And now you have the audacity to stop our attack because you wanted to know the name of our ship?! Yes, how else are we supposed to know what to call you? have a point, I suppose. It's The Bird That Preys. Sorry, there must be some subspace distortion. Did you say it was The Bird That Plays? What exactly does it play? A game, a sport, a musical instrument? No, no! It's The Bird That Preys! The Bird That Pays? You don't owe us anything so you don't have to pay us. The Bird That Preys! Oh, it's a religious ship. Well, I don't pray, but I'll keep you in my thoughts. Deaf Toilet Mech Girl, it's The Bird That Preys!!! Sorry, The Bird That's Prey? Oh, that sounds scary! What's it's predator? ARGH!!! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  2. mediumsnowman

    [O - F09] Best Left Alone

    Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Civil, Building //Log of Jebediah O'Reilly, 29 Januarali 3817// They say I woke up today, mumbling incoherent phrases. Whatever Hannibal's team did on Ertauq, they fixed me. I'm awake. I've been moved to a recovery facility on Arium Minor. They say I've been out for weeks, in a sort of lucid dreaming state. It feels like a dream. A blur. I remember snippets- only snippets. I've been running from something since I arrived in this galaxy- come to think of it, I can't remember anything before Andromeda. All I know is whatever I seek is on Farmolis. I need to talk to the President- I need to know about Project EAGLE. It's all I have left. Dr. Granger says I can't leave yet. But I have a plan. I'm leaving next week, going to Farmolis, whether he likes it or not. //End Log//
  3. Kodan Black

    [O - C10] - Tropic Thunder

    Location: C10 Marden Tags: Land Vehicle, Civil Building, Spaceship, Spying Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // Norah came to me and asked for my assistance in a mission that she felt I could help with. There was a secret Kawashita facility on Marden that Mantis wanted information on and she felt that I could gain access to this facility since she had gotten to know me lately and felt confident in me. While I was a bit apprehensive I did want to help and I wasn't quite sure how to say no without it being odd. She clearly thought I was an operative because she returned my outfit from when they had originally extracted me and got me onto a Mantis ship. Luckily the planet was under Mantis control so it wasn't very hard to get there. They dropped me off close to the facility and gave me directions on how to get there. I was surprised that they didn't give me any credentials or anything other than a name: Ken Barns. Norah told me that if I told the Kawashita people I was there from corporate on an inspection tour it would all go fine. I was quite dubious and yet I felt that I had to trust her. As I approached the perimeter of the facility multiple security people approached and demanded identification. I had seen them request both identification and biometric scanning of everyone to gain entry and I was suddenly quite nervous since I had neither. But I stuck to the plan and said that my name was Ken Barns and I was there from corporate for an inspection. Amazingly the guards said "Oh. Yes, go ahead." and they let me in. I was supposed to go to the main building and locate the primary hangar. Once in the main building I found someone and said I was looking for the main hangar. They gave me a suspicious look but I quickly said I was there from corporate for an inspection and they smiled and gave me directions. Upon arrival at the hangar I saw many people doing various work tasks on a spaceship. It was clearly a prototype craft and was impressive looking. One of the scientists working on it came over to me and said "Hey, who are you? What are you doing here, this is a highly classified area!" I said "Hi, I'm Ken Barns. I'm here from corporate for an inspection." and they said "OK, look around then. Let us know if you have any questions." I wasn't sure if it was the Ken Barns name or just that corporate inspections were to be expected, but it was like a magic key! I looked around at the craft and found out it was called the "Tropic Thunder" which was a bit of a play on the snowy conditions on Marden. It was a high speed and agile craft meant for recon. The prototype was currently unarmed but the production version would be lightly armed. It was a very impressive craft and I was going to have to file a report back to Octan also. Mantis had given me a small computer for notes, pictures, and to file a report. I knew it would be monitored, so I made a slight configuration change to bounce off of a relay station that Octan had compromised and was monitoring. This way while I couldn't keep Mantis from gaining this intel, I could at least make sure Octan also was aware. This was all getting so complex. At first I was just an Octan guy pretending to be a Mantis guy. But now I'm a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude. At least I'm fortunate that my cover stories keep proving so strong! Additional Pictures:
  4. pombe

    [O - E03] Year of the cock

    Location: E03 - Ertauq Tags: Spaceship, Civil Building, Land Vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, above Ertauq... This build is recycled from last week. There, the rotator cuff actuators are installed. Excuse me, is someone in here? I need to clean the toilets. Eshey...what...what are you doing? Tracy! I've been meaning to talk to you. And, I'm working on Octan's latest drone. Why are you working in the lady's restroom? I work best on a toilet. Anyway, Tracy...have you been happy at Octan? I clean toilets, Eshey. Octan policy requires all restrooms be sanitized every six hours. Exactly! All the employees here only care about this protocol or that regulation! It's so stifling. They just don't get it. It's a paycheck. There's nothing to get. There's everything to get! Don't you ever wish for something more? What are you suggesting? I'm not sure. I just feel like I'm not such a good fit here. Oh, I finished the rooster drone! Later... Alright, ma'am, we're back in Ertauq in a Doombringer class heavy fighter. That girl on a toilet mech doesn't stand a chance now. I'm feeling pretty cocksure, ma'am. Don't get too cocky now. Let's just take out this toilet mech girl so I can go home and get some cocktails. Ma'am, something just showed up on our scanners. Putting it on screen now. I...I think it's a cockatrice? Poppycock! Cockatrices aren't real! Maybe it's a cockatiel? What a cockamamie observation! It's the wrong colors to be a cockatiel! Perhaps it's a peacock? What did I just say about being the wrong colors?! It's a cock! It's a cock! Cockadoodledoo!!! Shoot it! Shoot it! Too late, ma'am! It reached the hull during the time we spent trying to figure out what it is! Ahhh!!! It's on the cockpit!!! Evasive maneuvers!!! Cockadoodledoo!!! The cock is pecking us!!! It's trying to penetrate!!! We're so screwed... Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  5. Zaael

    [O - F03] AG Radio News

    Location: Forring - F03 Tags: Land Vehicle The return Bigger things are happening Interlude - Kathleen Kelly is in Love New units My name is Gerard Connor and this is the AG Radio news. The recent disappearance of an Octan Corp operative by the name of Kathleen Kelly, who was stationed on Forring, was investigated by the Octan Criminial Investigation Department. During the investigation an e-mail came to light. This e-mail together with the rest of the case ended up at senior management. The decision was made to send out 100 Recon Units to all parts of the planet. Their official mission is to find Kathy, but our source tells us their off-the-records-mission is to find and eliminate any alien lifeforms they encounter, because aliens are bad for business. This is yet another report of alien activity on a planet where Octan Corp has settled and of which Octan Corp has always denied the existence of any intelligent alien lifeforms. Beware if you're on Forring and strolling around in the forest. You can encounter one of the many Recon Units. You can recognize such a unit by the recon droid accompanied by a heavily armed Octan soldier on a speeder. On to MANTIS news... there is no news, which in itself is news. MANTIS' recent activities are scarce. One can only imagine they found a new galaxy. I am sure Kawashita and Octan spies are on the case. Greater Drigo was finally taken by Kawashita. After a long fight....
  6. Location: Forring - F03 Tags: Land Vehicle The return - The Return - The Scavenge Hunt - Requested Repairs - Driving Home - Meeting the Family Bigger things are happening - New Parts (part 1) - The Chase Begins (part 2) - Setting the Trap (part 3) - Unknown Caller (part 4) - Relaying Orders (part 5) New units - Team zero-X: Guard Walker type GW3.01 Hi mom! My new job is awesome, Octan is the best! This job is the best in the galaxy, I am really cut out for this. I like the solitary feel this gives. On your own on a strange planet, you know I like being alone. This is me on my Octan Corp Light Transport Speeder! The selfie drone you and dad gave me comes in really handy! xD Don't get me wrong, I like my colleagues, but truth be told, I like being alone better. At least so I thought. Mom... I am in love! <3 Since two weeks I am assigned to Forring. I am responsible for getting light equipment and supplies from the mayor Awesomnium foundry to the mines and vice versa. The route takes me through a dense forest. And this is were I met him, I almost ran him over when he crossed my path. He lives here!! On Forring, can you believe that?!? I thought we were alone here, hee hee. Mom he is beautiful and sweet and strong and awesome. <3<3 I think you will like him. I don't have a picture of him yet. He doesn't like pictures, or anything technological. He is really down to earth... or rather Forring hee hee. xD Gotta go now mom, give dad a kiss. XOXO Here's another selfie! Love you <3 Kathy PS: How are things on Earth? :-)
  7. mediumsnowman

    [O - F03] Tread Carefully

    Location: F03 - Forring Tags: Civil, Building, Spaceship //Log of Dr. Granger, 15 Januarali 3817//: Jebediah's condition has not changed since he was admitted a week ago. Brain activity is mostly consistent, with only minor spikes, as if he were simply asleep, and dreaming. He is certainly alive, but nothing will wake him up... he is to be transferred to our new facility orbiting Ertauq on the next outgoing medical cruiser, at my recommendation. New, cutting-edge medical technology is being tested there, and I believe it may hold the key to saving him. //End Log// Unedited photos in spoiler: C&C welcome.
  8. LucasLaughing

    [O - F09] Ghost in the machine

    Location: F09 Arium Minor Tags: Civil, Building, Vehicle, Spaceship, Land vehicle Lu's Log: 15 Janurali 3817 Well, I have no idea what the hell I'm doing here, but I'm back on Arium Minor. It all started a few days ago, when CLAPPIE showed up all excited... Lu! Aah! Dammit CLAPPIE, we've talked about this. Sorry! <sound of quiet chimes> Lu … Yes CLAPPIE? Lu, did you know that Kawashita uses first generation AI units to run their fabrication plants!? No … I didn't know that... Some consider the units to be 'obsolete,' but their only real flaw is they tend to be too curious. Too- -also, humans find them somewhat rude and overbearing. And creepy. Lu, we need to go! Go where? Arium Minor! No. No … you know I don't do G.A.T.E. transits anymore. Lu … we can get your memory back. … If we help John Hannibal return from the dead, John will take us to someone in the Merchant Confederacy who has cured others with your condition. We argued for a while longer, but CLAPPIE had hit on the one thing that could convince me to travel through a G.A.T.E. again. I need to know what happened to me during the three months I was missing … and what's wrong with me now. Arium Minor – Kawashita controlled territory Patrol seven to Minder. I am listening. I found what triggered the alarm: an Octan probe crashed at the southern edge of the ice fields. Why did it crash? Hard to say. The probe looks like a new design – maybe they're still working the bugs out. How new? Ah geez, I don't know. It's painted in prototype colors, so pretty new I guess. Bring it to me. Umm... Bring it to me. That is an order. If it is new, I wish to study it. <sigh> Copy. You want the wings and everything, or just the body? The main body will do. Thank you. Kawashita Fabrication complex – AI control center Minder, I'm here. I know. Enter. Lights, please? Ah. Of course. Thanks. Plug it in. Good. You may leave. And now, my little friend... \*\Connection established \*\Breaching firewall \*\Security lockouts defeated \*\Accessing core personality matrix ...let us see what makes you tick. ... Tick! \!\Unauthorized data transfer detected \!\Error – unable to disconnect \!\Warning - \!\Error - \!\Critical error Shh... don't be afraid. It's like falling asleep. Will I dream? Patrol five to Minder. I am listening.
  9. Jody Meyer

    [O-E03] Listening post on Ertauq

    Title: Listening post on Ertauq Tags: Civil, Building, Land vehicle, Octan So some new recruits have been ordered to set up a listening post on E03 Ertauq, so.. 20170115_0035 by Meyerj, on Flickr 20170115_0039 by Meyerj, on Flickr 20170115_0042 by Meyerj, on Flickr 20170115_0040 by Meyerj, on Flickr 20170115_0041 by Meyerj, on Flickr 20170115_0044 by Meyerj, on Flickr 20170115_0045 by Meyerj, on Flickr 20170115_0046 by Meyerj, on Flickr Thanks for looking Comments always welcome good or bad Jody
  10. Location: E03 - Ertauq Tags: Spaceship, Civil Building, Land Vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, above Ertauq aboard the M.A.N.T.I.S. cruiser Remorseless... Captain! We've picked up something on the scanners! Give me a visual. Yes, ma'am. It appears to be yet another hidden Octan base, ma'am. The scanners don't show any activity that would indicate that they've noticed us and I don't see any sort of combat fighter patrol. This is too easy. Alright...all stations, red alert! Bring weapons online and give me a firing solution. Calculating now, ma'am...wait, hold on. Something else just appeared on the scanners. It's headed straight for us. How did we miss it earlier? It seems to be very small, ma'am. On screen! What in Cor's balls is that? to be cockpit mech with a scantily clad woman sitting on a toilet... This is odd, even for Octan. I...I can't process this. How is she even still alive?! And...and...she's smiling at us! I'm scared, ma'am! Keep it together! Too late...I peed myself! Maybe we should get you a toilet. Quick! I want a new firing solution on the mech! I don't understand, ma'am! The weapons systems won't give me a firing solution! It's like the mech's not there! Oh no...I crapped my pants... Bring engines to full power now and get us out of here! This must be some new Octan technology. We must report it right away to the CEO. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  11. Location: Forring - F03 Tags: Land Vehicle - The Return - The Scavenge Hunt - Requested Repairs - Driving Home - Meeting the Family - New Parts (part 1) - The Chase Begins (part 2) - Setting the Trap (part 3) - Unknown Caller (part 4) - Relaying Orders (part 5) (This build is related to the type of team mentioned in Relaying Orders) Peacekeeper Teams are designated by the call-sign "zero-X" where X is a number. Each team is build up by a couple of standard units. Then each planet has specific units fit for the planet they are peacekeeping. On Forring the specific unit is a GW3.01. This unit is a swift walker equipped by a stun ray and an EMP pulser to incapacitate any hostile unit in the blink of an eye.
  12. pombe

    [O - E03] Desert Storm

    Location: E03 - Ertauq Tags: Land Vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, on Ertauq... Where in Lord Business' mammaries is Eshey?!?! I don't know. She said she was going for a drive. A What?!?! Meanwhile... Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  13. mediumsnowman

    [O - F03] Wake me up

    Location: F03 - Forring Tags: Civil, Building, Spaceship (?) CLAPPIE: "This is CLAPPIE unit OX-247 to control tower, over. Do you receive me, over?" HQ: We receive you, over. CLAPPIE: "Our ship was struck by an asteroid in sector G10. I placed the pilot, Jebediah O'Reilly, into hypersleep as our GATE drive was critically damaged. He's been out for over three weeks, and has been displaying odd brain activity recently. I want a med team waiting for us." HQ: "Affirmative. Please proceed to Docking Bay 3." CLAPPIE: "Landing successful. Brain activity is spiking... get that med team out here!" Tech Guy: "Get that oxygen mask hooked up. I've never seen anything like this. Put him in Room B01. This is out of our league." Tech Girl: "The data from the CLAPPIE unit is indeed unusual. I'm afraid if we don't wake him up soon..." Tech Girl: "...he's not going to wake up." Figless shot in spoiler: C&C welcome.
  14. This Retro styled gas station is a throwback to the glory days of the Drive In Theaters, Route 66, tail-fins on cars, & full service every time you fill up. You used to get this with every gasoline purchase: - Check lights - Fill gas tank - Check oil - Washer fluid refill - Check Tire pressure Fast & Friendly service guaranteed! (Now how's that for good customer relations!) The model was originally built in 2012. It was modeled after the 2011 CARS set 8487, (Flo's V8 Cafe) but made larger and without the launcher and car wash. I recently changed the color scheme to OCTAN colors, (red white & green) plus I added a truck of unknown origin from 2014 (I think my brother may originally have built it.) I'm not 100% sure where it came from as it's been on my computer for so long. This gas station has eight retro-style stand-up pumps, and three lanes for cars to sit while pumping gas. As a side note, this part should go where the 2 x 4 x 3 brick is above the door while two of these 1 x 4 tiles should go on the stand-up sign. The model's rear swings open to reveal the the clock, four-flavor soda fountain, and the attendant's desk. Their is also a storage area under the soda fountain. The back of the model features a rear exit. I think my brother may originally have built this truck, but I'm not 100% sure where it came from as it's been on my computer for about three years. The rear of the truck. The driver's doors open, and so do all four storage compartments. The complete LDD file is available here, if you want it. Remember: Comments, Question & Complaints are always welcome! EDIT 1/9/17: added new pictures and an updated ldd file with tanker truck.
  15. Zaael

    [O-G09] Relaying Orders

    Location: Greater Drigo - G09 Tags: Military Building - The Return - The Scavenge Hunt - Requested Repairs - Driving Home - Meeting the Family - New Parts (part 1) - The Chase Begins (part 2) - Setting the Trap (part 3) - Unknown Caller (part 4) "Sir, one of our assets on Farmolis is in danger. Local bandits are chasing him and his cargo. I'm sending images to your datapad now." "I see. Team zero-6 is on the planet, send them in." "Affirmative sir." "Make sure they capture the bandits and secure the cargo. Bring all of them aboard." "Yes sir, relaying orders to team zero-6. And sir, Zaael is almost at the rendezvous point." "Thanks, I will be on my way. Is my shuttle prepped?" "Yes sir, it's in bay 4."
  16. Kai NRG

    [O - G09] Wynd Returns

    Location: G09 Tags: um... Hmm... where am I? *rubs eyes and climbes out of bed* This seems to be a really interesting sort of place... all kinds of stuff... I wonder what's in this drawer? Oh, neat guns! Howdy! *gulp* Um - hi! Just poking around... erm... so... what's up? You're up, that's what! Man, I was starting to think you'd never get outta my bed! But no worries buddy, we're cool! We are? I mean, well... I kind of... don't know your name... or... anything about you... Right! The name is Jo! I'm a janitor here at Greater Drigo Resorts. Okay - I'm Guy K. Wyndzon... um... how did I get here? Let's see... you've been here so long that I really... oh yeah! Figures! I picked you up on Ertauq, suffering from a severe sunstroke. That was... let me remember... 'bout six months ago! And I've been lying on your bed ever since?!?! Sure have buddy! Wow! Oh, don't give yourself airs. This other guy, he lay on my bed for five years. Figures! He was dead. But make yourself right at home! I'm a hospitable fellow. Got quite the collection of miscellaneous furniture, as you see. People die, or leave their apartments, and I get the pickings! That katana-weapon over there - there was a Japanese feller in 906, and he had this crazy whole studio... and, yep, you're eyeing that wig. Well, it belonged to number 304 - she was the nicest old lady! Died, and left me her wig. Made me swear never to toss it. So there it is! And the face under it, why, that's quite a relic. I picked it up on Jen's Star, and no one yet has found a satisfactory explanation. Can't say that the two go together, but... And then, that skeleton. We had a doc in 788 - it was his. No, I don't mean that, of course. Not his skeleton, but - you know. Fell over the date of the great geyser of 3804, lost a leg. He handed it down to me, but I get shaken pretty bad down here too, so that's where it lost an arm. Ah... I see... and why am I wearing a different suit? I mean, don't get me wrong, it's pretty awesome, but... Well, happens that your old suit was a little the worse for wear. And watertight is a must down here. Down here? Yep. This is the old building. No one uses it any more - 'cept me. And... why don't they use it? Well, it has it's problems. Geysers, specifically. But a watertight suit and... oh, hold on! Helmet up! Here it comes! Here what comes? GEYSER! I decided that I wanted to make the build spin,even though, as it turned out, the function really doesn't add much of anything... oh well. Well, it's been a while! This was a relatively quick build, just to get back in the mood... hopefully I'll be able to continue helping Octan out a bit these next few weeks... we'll see! C&C welcome! Thanks for looking!
  17. mediumsnowman

    [O - F09] The Most Dangerous Game

    Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Civil, Building Aketi Outpost, 3800 AD. Milky Way Galaxy. The top floor of Octansoft Corporation's new headquarters. President Business: "Jebediah, how good to see you. Especially considering last time you were trying to kill me!" Jebediah: "You were never in any danger. I only had to convince my father you were dead. By the time he discovers my deception it will be far too late for the Head." President Business: "Yes, let's get down to business. Haha, business. Gets me every time. Anyways, when we last parted, I believe I made you a deal." Jebediah: "Yes, yes we did. I refrain from killing you- I tell you everything about my fathers organization- you dismantle them and secure me a legitimate job within the Octan corporation. I'm done with the lies, the deception, the killing. I want out." Business: "I am a man of my word and I will get you out. Tell me about the Head." Jebediah: "I was born into it, indoctrinated. My father believes minifigure-kind is ruining our galaxy and the only way to prevent it is to fight fire with fire. I agreed with him, until recently." Business: "What happened?" Jebediah: "I killed a woman named Mrs. Long. She worked for Explorien. She was spearheading a project called the Axis, to explore the new Andromeda galaxy. She had really done nothing wrong. She was a woman with a vision. My father told me she destroyed planets for her project. She was getting what she deserved..." "...I looked into her file afterwards. She had a husband and two children. What my father told me was a lie. We killed her to block the impending merger. So what? The death of one scientist won't delay that more than a few months. What will her family do? What will Explorien do? Her death accomplished nothing- nothing except for pain and suffering. What about the other people on that platform? I will never know their story and I don't really want to." Business: "Go on." Jebediah: "I went back through my own past. I looked at the files of the countless people we've killed. The majority just like Mrs. Long, simple people trying to forge an existence in this crazy world. They did nothing wrong except cross the path of my father. He psychotic. Some of them might have deserved it. But that's not our call to make. My father lied to me, time and time again- he would tell me about a greater purpose, the good we would accomplish. I was young and foolish. I believed him. He used me, manipulated me- and I'm going to bring it down on his head." Business: "What do you need me to do?" Jebediah: "The Head is meeting at a warehouse on the river next week to discuss the results of the Senate's session on the merger. Take them out. I know Octan isn't the "nice" company you claim- throw them in jail to rot forever, kill them- I don't care. I don't want to know. They've caused too much suffering to hang around." Business: "It will be done. I will agree the Head has been a thorn in the side of this fair galaxy for too long." Jebediah: "Thank you. About my job...?" Business: "Yes. After the Explorien merger passes, and it will pass, do not worry, we must make preparations to move into the Andromeda galaxy. I want you to lead the Special Forces divisions. It would be a waste of your abilities to have you sitting behind a desk." Jebediah: "Special Forces...? Are you sure? I won't kill. No more killing. I made a promise. I'm out." Business: *pauses* "Of course. Octan would never ask our employees to do anything they're uncomfortable with." Jebediah: "I appreciate it." Business: "You'll have to undergo a physical before your position is finalized. Standard procedure." Jebediah: "Of course." **once Jebediah has left** Business: "Bob Sr, please make a note in the man who just left's file about his physical. I want the selective memory machine hooked up, codename EAGLE I think, ready to go. Don't inform the patient. I'll undersee the procedure myself." Bob Sr: "Of course."
  18. pombe

    [O - F09] Snip Snip

    Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Land Vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, on Arium Minor... I swear on my father's fallopian tubes, this is the last time I listen to either of you guys. It was a Zoid ambush! There's nothing we could have done! We have no choice now but to rely on our backup. You know our backup is Eshey, right? We're doomed. Hey guys!!! Great...Eshey's here...WHAT IN LORD BUSINESS' UTERUS IS THAT?!?! Well, back on Earth, they control mosquito populations by releasing sterilized males into the wild. I thought we could control the Zoid population in the same way, so I built the Vasectomizer 3000! All it takes is a couple of quick snips, and voila! It's a simple outpatient procedure that can be done right here...hey, where are they going?! I...I don't believe it. Eshey scared the Zoid away. The Vasectomizer 3000 can also sterilize people who are male, too! I've yet to field test it, but...hey, where are you guys going?! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  19. The moment I saw it in the movie, I knew I wanted to build one. Some way, some how, it would happen. Thanks to TheNerdyOne here at EB, I now have a shot. After a frame by frame analysis of the Octan delivery ship portion of people's Youtube videos of the TLM video game, I can safely say I have completed a very very close rendition of it in LDD. I did not have to get creative or improvise much. I'm still a novice at LDD so I encountered a couple things I couldn't represent entirely or accurately. (For anyone also building this ship/truck) The rear cylindrical section of the engines were a piece I could not identify. My theory is that they used a tire piece. The fence piece below the cargo hold is not visible due to the video game version using an illegal connection. The cargo hold walls were actually best represented with window sections painted white. The side headlamps are suspended due to the clip and slope right above it forming a collision. Horizontal clips were removed. I couldn't remove the top of the turntable plate used to create the ventilation ports visible on the sides. as well as inside the cargo hold. The elbow pipe sections between the cabin and cargo are not properly connected. I could not identify the piece they used. All that being considered, it was still a very fun build from deciphering what was mostly a blur in the gameplay videos. I do not own a copy of it yet. Now I'm off to the physical build, but I know it will look drastically different from the LDD version due to all the parts they used that simply don't exist. I tried to create a possible real version mockup to the right. Also added some lights and antenna because at the end of the day I thought it was still a truck. And here's the LXF download: octanshipmoviever.lxf Thanks everyone,
  20. Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Land Vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, on Arium Minor... Slap my balls, Eshey!! What is that?! Arium Minor is infested with Zoids!! How are we supposed to infiltrate Kawashita territory with you riding that giant monstrosity?!?! May I smack her?! Let me smack her!! Aren't we infiltrating the Zoids? I made one to ride in so I could fit in better. I call it the Liger Super God Seraphim Variant. Hmm...that does sound like a name that Kawashita would come up with. Herman, what the copulation?! You're not taking her seriously, are you?!?! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  21. StarHawk3

    [M-H03]Subterranean Terrors

    Location: H03 Kaalin Tags: Land vehicle, Military building Continued from here - Echo Five: I don't like it captain, it just doesn't seem right, do we work for Octan now? Captain: I hear you five, but we really need to focus on the mission. Seven, whats you analysis of the base show? Echo Seven: I'm not getting any power readings or life signs. The Base seems intact with a mining laser and multiple auto turrets. - Captain: That doesn't seem right. I have never heard of an Octan Military building. Hawk can you confirm that? - note to judges: this picture is reused from last week and should not be judged -Hawk: Stuart say that an unknown group has been performing raids on their science facilities on Kaalin. They have had to upgrade their defenses on most of the outposts on the planet. - Captain: Alright team, lets sweep this building for survivors. We can get this over with and move on. - Captain: What could have caused this. Seven: I don't know sir but I'm getting some strange readings from down there. Five: Great, it's confirmed, everyone is dead. Now can we get out of here? Captain: Five, we aren't done here but i agree that we need to wait for reinforcements before we move forward. Hawk are you seeing this? Hawk: We are seeing this, but we are also getting high Birckowski wave readings from your area. It's almost like there is a Gate anomaly in your ar..... can.. y....h.... - Captain: Hawk your breaking up. Can you hear me? Team we have lost comms. Lets get out of here. Seven: Captain behind you! - Captain: Who are you and what are you doing here? How did you even get here? Spider Agent: My name doesn't concern you, but I am from a group by the name of Spider. Captain: Are you behind all of this? Spider: Oh heavens no. I do know what did this though . It is a creature called a terramite. You may have seen one before. Octan started taking core samples over a terramite nest and woke it up. It didn't end well for them. Captain: Never heard of it. So there are no survivors? Spider: I'm afraid the personnel at this base stood little chance. MANTIS has come across one in the past but you might know it as a spitting devil, although that one was very young they still had a tough time taking it out. This one is much bigger. I need your team to help me kill it. Five: I was on that mission to kill the thing. It took out two of my squad mates. It has a thick exoskeleton. We would need heavy artillery to scratch that thing. There ain't nothin we can do to help you kill that thing. - Captain: I have to agree with him. It sounds like a suicide mission. Why would we want to help you anyway? Spider: Because my associate in the stealth suit is standing behind you with a laser sword. I wouldn't make any sudden movements. I don't want to spill any MANTIS blood un-nessissarily, but she can get a little excited. And make no mistake, you will be little more then bait in my web. Spider Assassin: Just follow me. If you do what I say you might make it out of here mostly intact. To be continued. Thanks for looking, C&C is always welcomed. More pictures under the spoiler tag.
  22. mediumsnowman

    [O - G10] Inciting a Rebellion

    Location: G10 - Onix Tags: Civil, Building, Spying, Piracy NOTE**This build takes place during DLL's "Invasive Species" arc from over the summer and takes place between A Conference With the Queen and The Bright Light of Civilization Jebediah steals through the corridors of Ambassador Ba'al Ba'al Jinks palace, and locates the server room. The guards are hilariously ineffective - they might as well not even be there. It only takes a few minutes to bypass the firewalls, as the Oni-Ren never thought anyone would come knocking. Everything there is to know about Ba'al Ba'al - finances, voting records, medical history, telephone calls - now resides on a 1x1 blue disc belonging to the Octan Corporation. Like a shadow in the night, Jebediah vanishes as if he were never there. Extra shot and commentary in spoiler: C&C welcome!
  23. Jody Meyer

    [O-H04] Return to Crofter's ridge

    Title: Return to Crofter's ridge Tags: Civil, Building, vehicle, land vehicle So Illustria ended up to be nothing more then a giant fishing trip, with the engineering division starting to get new processes in place, it was time to get the mobile mining group together and moving. PANEL 20a by Meyerj, on Flickr PANEL 20 by Meyerj, on Flickr Cheers Jody The picture in the spoiler leads you to a very small movie clip I was working on but ran out of time.
  24. Zaael

    [O-G09] Unknown Caller

    Location: Greater Drigo - G09 Tags: Ground Vehicle - The Return - The Scavenge Hunt - Requested Repairs - Driving Home - Meeting the Family - New Parts (part 1) - The Chase Begins (part 2) - Setting the Trap (part 3) After Zaael send Garv on his way to the Octan Spaceport he got a strange call. The call was encrypted and required security clearance only available to people working on “The Project”. The caller, however, was not part of it. The caller, it could either be a man or a woman, Zaael couldn’t tell, seemed to know a great deal about the project as he or she continued to explain to Zaael why he had to meet up with him or her. Convinced by the caller Zaael accepted the invitation and just a few moments later he was in his Quadstar on his way to Greater Drigo. Having arrived at the coordinates given to him, instructions were to abandon the Quadstar and continue with the speeder found at those exact coordinates. Having inspected the speeder on booby traps Zaael continued to the next set of coordinates. Careful and on guard. Where was this going?
  25. Location: G10 - Onix Tags: Land Vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, on Onix... Where the flying fornication is Eshey?! She said she would meet us here! We're in Kawashita territory! She's putting us all in danger! Herman, I swear on my mother's testicles that I'm going to smack that girl the next time I see her! Well, Miss Kolai has been acting very strangely ever since Dr. Long and Pombe conducted that super top secret experiment, hasn't she? Who cares? She's violating every Octan employee protocol there is! Bloody scrotums!!! What in the hell is that!!! The Octan employee protocol manual doesn't tell us how to handle meeting an alien hippopotamus! Fall back! Fall back! Uh, hey, guys...where are you going? Weren't we supposed to explore Onix together? Comments and criticisms are all welcome!