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Found 522 results

  1. The Humble Bricksmith

    MOC: Brick-Built City Billboards

    8 Billboards so far... by Humble Bricksmith, on Flickr Over the past year, I've been working on making city billboards, depicting classic LEGO themes. Billboards are a great way to add unique flair and character to any LEGO city or diorama. Without using any printed bricks, it becomes very difficult to create small details without scaling up your creation. I figured that billboards are a good compromise between detail and scale. For anyone interested, check out my Flickr, or support me on LEGO Ideas! Also, you're welcome to download LDD or Studio files of these projects Here.
  2. Above Earth... Lotus Blossom, this is Sakura Leader. GATE activity detected...a single vessel coming through. It appears to be a M.A.N.T.I.S. vessel...a Razerclaw Corvette class. It's transponder identifies it as The Dutiful Sister. It's headed towards Earth. Don't worry, brother. Sister is coming to clean your clock...
  3. Orange Leader

    Three Little Subs

    Every space colonizing corporation, group or private company, needs their own submersible to explore, harvest or kill the deep ocean floors from planets, moons and comets. The following three submersibles are build to represent their own faction. My own submersible for AG back then, was the Kaito Mk1 from Kawashita. I did some subtile modifications so it does not break as easily (its still not recommanded to play with it, though). Octan GUPPY かいと (Kaito) Mk1 Stealth Sub V2
  4. Great space void between the Milky Way and Andromeda OCS Galapagos, underdeck n°44, secure area, solitary for traitors Councillor GREED : So Mr FOURFREE, I'm tired to ask but were the hell is the professor !! Hadvice : How the hell should I know ? Councillor GREED : Liar !!! Liar !!! You're still lying !! You worked many years with the professor, you were his favourite aid. You certainly know what he planned !! Need I remind you that the professor nearly destroyed the Axle with a home-made bomb before escaping and leaving you behind !! Soon after this, the radiations of Andromeda's Core reach such an incredible level that we have to rush away. This costed Octan a really big bunch of creds Mr FOURFREE !!! Unacceptable !!! Hadvice : YOU are a Liar councillor !!! I was present during the showdown !!! The guards blasted the door away, and rushed, shooting everything in the lab ! There was no bomb !!! But I saw one of them firing a hollow point rocket !! Right in the lab !!! That's a shame !! The professor was nearly a father for me ! And he's given the company the best years of his life ! I hope sincerly he has escaped safely !! I have nothing more to say !! Councillor GREED : You'll change your mind Mr FOURFREE ! We are now en route back to Andromeda !! If you know something about the radiations, you would do better to talk now... it could save your life ! Anyway ! We will meet again. Hadvice : Can't wait...
  5. Professor Thaum

    [Freebuilt 1/3 ] Here we go again

    Somewhere in the edge of the Milky Way. OCS GALAPAGOS, Octan multi purpose carrier ship is heading back to Andromeda. to be continued...
  6. Location: H06 - Farmolis Tags: Technology Currently, aboard the Axle... What are you working on? I'm composing an email, Eshey. In light of what we've recently accomplished, I wanted to thank all our hard working coworkers. Of course. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Dear all employees in Octan's Andromeda Galaxy Division, This is your chief operating officer, Pombe. I know right now, as I compose this email, all of you are going about your routine and handling your various assignments. I write this because we have reached a momentous occasion and I wanted to share my thoughts with you. We set out almost two years ago into the unknown: a new galaxy. And through our dedication and hard work, the Andromeda galaxy is now known. From our adopted home planet of Farmolis, we explored system by system and discovered new lifeforms, new technologies, and new exciting ways to generate a profit for Octan. It was long journey, and I am so proud to have done it with such an amazing and talented group. There were many stories of incredibly long hours, homesickness and depression, experimental disasters, and tragedies of lost friends and companions. Despite these setbacks, we never stopped driving forward. I have read stories of brand new spaceships and land vehicles, new friends and alliances, heroic adventures, new romances, and even the return of those we believed lost. In the end, we created something even greater than we could have possibly imagined at the beginning; we created something awesome. And just as we changed Andromeda, Andromeda has changed us. Andromeda has shown us new ways to look at things and allowed us to imagine the impossible. From the harvesting of space whale poop to building ships that can sail the stars, nothing is off limits to us. If we can see it in our mind's eye, we can and we will accomplish it. That is not to say that we were alone or that only Octan accomplished the incredible. I want to take this moment to acknowledge our competition, the corporations of Kawashita and M.A.N.T.I.S.. Any business person worth hiring knows that corporations need each other. While we do compete for sales in the same markets and do our best to steal market share from each other, we also buy and license products from each other. No one corporation owns all the intellectual property necessary to complete many products, and just as there are Octan parts in Kawashita and M.A.N.T.I.S. products, there are Kawashita and M.A.N.T.I.S. parts in Octan products. I have been in these debriefings, and when your parts are in the other corporations and their parts are in you, you understand why these intercorporate relationships are vital. And don't forget: depending on the job application and hiring process, any one of us could have been working for a different company. In fact, my own dear sister works for our rival, M.A.N.T.I.S., as does Dr. Long's. Anyways, I wanted to share with you my pride and reflect on what we've achieved, and I believe it's time to wrap up this email. I have asked Hombre to start gathering all the employees for a group photo. The time and the conference room should show up on your calendar once you receive this email, in case Hombre misses you. Afterwards, we will begin a new chapter. In fact, I have already put all the awesomnium we have gathered to its actual purpose. I hope that all of you will continue to enable Octan to beat analyst expectations and that we will continue to see our employee bonuses and Octan's stock price soar. Yours truly, Pombe ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Later... Now, after nearly 2 years, we can finally proceed to the next chapter. The next chapter? Yes, Eshey. We now have enough awesomnium to open the portal. A portal? Where are we going? Andromeda's Gates 2. What? You mean we're not at the end of the journey? Silly Eshey. Andromeda's Gates was never about where the journey leads you. It was about where you lead the journey. I see. Are you ready to continue the journey with me? Yes, I am, honey. Comments and criticisms are all welcome! I wanted to thank Bob and the rest of the Andromeda's Gates staff: Lady K, Narbilu, Big Sal, and EpsilonEta. I'm sure it was an enormous amount of work and effort, and I wanted you all to know that it meant very much to me. Andromeda's Gates solidly brought me out of my Nth dark age and spurred my imagination to build things I never thought I could and tell a story that...well...was certainly beyond anything I had ever thought of before this. It also brought me into contact with so many incredible builders and storytellers from whom I've learned so much. And though I am cheering on the accomplishments of the players of Octan that brought us to this victory with this final entry, I really want to also thank all the players from all the factions. Many inspirational builds and narratives came from builders and authors outside of Octan whose talent I can only ever dream of having. All together, we worked through nearly 90 weeks and 2000 MOCs. Thank you, everyone. I mean it. I hope all the players stick around and continue to build and tell stories in Andromeda's Gates 2. Finally, for those reading this but did not participate this time around, I want to invite you to join Bob and the rest of us in Andromeda's Gates 2 when it begins. It will be a rare opportunity to be able to tell a story fresh right as a game begins, and I hope you will take that opportunity to share your MOCs, your stories, and your vision with the rest of us.
  7. pombe

    [O - E10] Universal Laws

    Location: E10 - Traig IV Tags: land vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, on Traig IV... finally merged. This build is recycled Yes, yes we did. I guess this was the logical conclusion to things. I wonder why it took so long to happen? You weren't ready until recently. It took a long time for your eyes to finally open. But I get it now. By the way, I have something to show you; my latest land speeder. Oh? It takes advantage of one of the universal laws to both save energy and save animals that would otherwise be euthanized. And which universal law is this? The one that states that cats must always land on their feet. Come, let me show you. So we rescue cats from animal shelters and offer them employment where they are attached by their feet to the bottom of our land speeders. Because these cats can no longer land on their feet, the land speeder is perpetually suspended from the ground, thus saving both energy use from anti=gravitational units and the lives of cats in the overcrowded animal shelters. This is genius, Eshey. The ride is surprisingly stable and smooth. Initial tests with just one or two cats resulted in very unstable platforms for the ride. Our results suggested that three cats were optimal for stability and a smooth ride. I'm so proud of you, Eshey. You've come a long way. This is all thanks to you, for opening my eyes. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  8. mediumsnowman

    [O - E10] Curtain Call

    Location: E10 - Traig IV Tags: Civil, Building, Spaceship Traig IV, Octan Canal Settlement. Previously... Jeb: Goddamnit CLAPPIE, make this thing go faster! CLAPPIE: I'm sorry Jebediah, but you chose quite possibly the slowest escape vessel in the entire shipyard. By the way, Archive Security fighters are closing in, ETA 22 seconds. Jeb: [expletive deleted] thanks CLAPPIE. Appreciate the heads up. CLAPPIE: Of course. Jeb: We're hit! CLAPPIE: Systems critical. Jeb: Aaarrrgggggg!!! CLAPPIE: Complete failure imminen- *skaddosh* *boom* Fighter Pilot: There's no way anyone could have survived that crash. I can't say I understand why President Business ordered us to shoot down our own top special forces agent... Fighter Pilot 2: I'd rather not ask questions- I'm sure the big boss had his reasons. A week later, onboard the OCS Axle, hazardous materials lab: Lab Tech: Dr. Long? Long: Yes? Lab Tech: I have a parcel and letter to be delivered to 'Danielle' Long: Don't call me that. Lab Tech: Sorry, ma'am. *shuffles away nervously* Dear Danielle, I'm sure you think me dead, they all do. It's better that way. I'm afraid I have a few confessions to make. I never told you everything about my experience with your time machine. To be honest, I met myself. In the past. I am not proud of who I was. I did many, many, terrible, dark, awful things. And I am not proud of that. I also met your mother. She seemed like an amazing woman, taken from this life by a desperate fool stretched to his limit. That man was me. From the bottom of my heart, I'm sorry. I'm not the man I once was. Enclosed you will find the full tapes from Project ICARUS. I sincerely hope they have the answers you seek and can finally bring some closure to the life of your mother. You will also find the tapes from a very old initiative called Project EAGLE. Selective mind manipulation - President Business used it on me to turn me in to who I am today. I was done killing, I wanted out, and President Business turned me against myself. Don't trust him- he will use you just like he used me. Don't come looking for me. You won't find me. I'm done living a lie. I'm out, for good. Your friend, Jebediah
  9. Professor Thaum

    [O - E10] A Winter's tale

    LOCATION : The Axle orbiting Traig IV among Octan fleet Tags : spaceship, Octan Hadvice: Oh thanks DR 1... that's a really nice bunch of flowers DR 1 : bilitzit ! : Greetings Professor... Pr Thaum : mmm I'm busy Igor, what do you want... : I've Igor desactivated professor : Oh, Clappie, how do you do... What's the matter ? : OCTAN's just finished a hostile takeover bid upon NATCO, both are now going to merge... As NATCO first and only evil investor you're ordered to merge with Pombe and Evilshey : I see... I always knew that Pombe was my worst failure... : By the way, a platoon of OCTAN security guard are en route to your lab. They are ordered to catch you for merging or to kill you. Have a nice day professor. : Thanks, have a nice day Clappie. : You're welcome. : Hadvice ? Hadvice : Yes professor ? : the luggage, we're leaving... : Yes professor. *** a few minutes later *** BAAAAOOOOUUUUMMMMMM ! Hadvice : Whaaaaargh ! : Someone's knocking at the door Hadvice, will you please open... Pr Thaum : Quick Viktor, load the last boxes, and take care of my precious books. I will finish the bomb setting. Viktor : Sure master. Pr Thaum : Fine, the bomb is ready... Hadvice ??? Guard platoon : Attaaaaack !!! <piuwwww> <piuuuw> Guard : Don't move Mr Fourfree <piuuuuuw> < tschaak> <roooffflllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz> <kliiiiink> Viktor : Take that !!! : Wave off Viktor !!! Wave off !! Guard 1 : Smither is iced !!! Guard 2 : OK I shoot ! <FSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH> <piuwwww> <piuuuuuuw> Pr Thaum : Hadvice !!! My Hadvice !!! Were's my Haaaaaaaaaaaa... <BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM> *** *** ***A few seconds later, in Traig IV low orbit, a strange ship is closing to the planet to avoid OCTAN's fleet*** Pr Thaum : Aaaargh.... aaaargh !!! Ha...advice !!! Aaaargh... <collapse> Spider Agent 47 : You barely escape with your life professor. Viktor : Maybe not... C&C welcome Bonus : the spider escape ship... microscale
  10. Planet: E10 Tags: Vehicle We made it, Ronin! We actually made it back to the Octan Main Space Ship. I thought we would be stuck on this Planet for a long time, but not only did we make it back to the Ship we manage to bring this back with us. Octan Is going to like this. Where ever it came from our Scientists and Engineers will figure it out. Week 83 by boxerlego, on Flickr
  11. Location: I06 - Yetornius Tags: civil building, land vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, on Yetornius... You look happy, ma'am. As I should. Natco's initial public offering has gone gangbusters. You, Tracy, and myself are now gajillionaires. We're rich? Not just rich, Peyton. We are evilly rich, moohoohaha! And now, with this evil Wolf-Chicken-Walker mech, we shall crush Octan once and for all! Now, we shall head to Octan's hidden base! Yes, ma'am! Meanwhile... Beautiful Man, thanks for coming. I need to talk to you. Yes, sir. How can I help you? It regards your honey, Evilshey. The time has come for me to merge with her. I understand, sir. The truth is that she will never accept me as her honey. To fill the hole in my heart caused by this realization, I've been consoling myself with Ishmael's physical affections. I do not mind, at all. In fact, please keep consoling yourself with my physical affections. Thank you, Ishmael, I'll do that. Anyway, sir...Evilshey was never mine. If you can win her heart, then by all means, merge with her. I appreciate this, Beautiful Man. <blam blam blam> Sir! We're being attacked! Right on time. Outside... ATTACK!!! Yarrrrr!!! <door hisses open> Alright, stop this attack. Oh crap! It's Pombe! His skill with his sword is legendary! Peyton, don't fear this man. Afterall, he has no control over us! Actually...I do. What?! See, Evilshey, your evil plot had an evil flaw. You had an IPO. couldn't have! Yes I did! I bought enough shares to have a controlling interest. No!!! And now, is time we merged. You mean Octan and Natco? Yes, but not just the companies. It is time for you and I to merge, as well. You mean like Voltron? Yes, and I will form the head. I see. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  12. mediumsnowman

    [O - F10] Start Your Engines

    Location: F10 - Arium Major Tags: Civil, Land Vehicle, Spaceship, Building Octan Shipyard near Octan Archives, Arium Major Branch. 1200 Hours. Male Tech: Cap off the tank and we're good to go. Geez, nothing interesting ever happens around here. It's fix that, repair this, repeat. This hunk of junk has been in use since the early days. When do you bet it's going to retire? Female Tech: I don't know. I agree this one is pretty outdated soon. I heard in the lunch room the other day we might not even need these smaller transports soon what with the advancements in GATE technology! Male Tech: That would really be something... hey, who's that? Jeb: Jebediah O'Reilly, Octan Special Forces. I'm commandeering your vessel. Male Tech: You can't just commandeer any ship you want, there are rules and regulations- Jeb: Consider them overridden. Female Tech: It doesn't even have a full tank- this thing isn't safe- Jeb: CLAPPIE, can it get me to the next system? CLAPPIE: Calculating... 70% success rate. Probable. It can fly. Jeb: Excellent. Please move before I move you. Jeb: CLAPPIE, plot a course for the Axle. I need to find Dr. Long. She can help me make sense of this... and she needs to know what is on that ICARUS tape. Business hasn't told anyone everything, that lying snake... he used me... Female Tech: Don't take off! The airspace isn't clear! Jeb: Let's get going CLAPPIE. We don't have much of a lead, Archive Security will be after us as soon as they realize what's missing. *woosh* Male Tech: Hey! Speaker: *****RED ALERT. ROGUE AGENT JEBEDIAH O'REILLY IS ARMED AND DANGEROUS AND IN POSSESSSION OF RESRICTED, CLASSIFIED DATA. APPREHEND AT ALL COSTS. REPEAT, APPREHEND AT ALL COSTS. RED ALERT***** Female Tech: Is that the guy we just let go...? Male Tech: We didn't exactly let him... I think so. Hold up, I'm scrambling the fighters. Female Tech: He won't get far in that transport... C&C welcome.
  13. pombe

    [O - F10] Panzer General

    Location: F10 - Arium Major Tags: civil building, land vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, somewhere on Arium Major... And finally, Peyton, our tour ends here at Natco's state of the art engineering bay. Welcome to Natco as our first official hire. Thank you, ma'am. I'm sorry our CSO, Tracy, could not be here on your first day. She is busy meeting with our evil investors. I understand that start ups are pretty hectic and busy, ma'am. I'm sure I'll get to meet her in due time. Of course. In any case, here is your first assignment. I'd like you to field test this evil tank drone. It responds to voice commands, so use this walkie-talkie. It has been programmed to only respond to the voice signatures of Natco know, for security reasons. But ma'am, I don't understand. Didn't you hire me for my skill with a sword? I did indeed. Tell the evil tank drone to "transform". Transform. <mechanical sounds> See? Now it has a seat. Go ahead, get in. Yes, ma'am. Now, you can command the tank to drive up to our enemies so you can hit them with your sword. Genius, ma'am. Absolutely evil genius. Yes...and this is just the beginning. With our evil technology, we will crush Octan...moohoohaha... Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  14. this is to replace the previous post for this title and not to be judged, also would like some feed back on the comic idea, trying a new program for it. Page_1 by Meyerj, on Flickr Page_2 by Meyerj, on Flickr I am planning on wrapping up my story so I can get ready for AG2 Cheers Jody
  15. Location: F10 Tags: building Terrain: Stony shore -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- "More than a year ago I settled here, looking for a peaceful and remote place." "This was a perfect site to keep the old Octan data-banks safe, and use the place as a base to travel to other remote worlds in search for knowledge and data from these early times of Andromeda colonization." "But one day a ship appeared in the sky. Not many people had known of this place, and even less have survived till now. But I needed to be sure." "One word. Hannibal." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Some time later... "Long time no see, my old friend. I hope I can be of some help with these." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Overview of the build:
  16. mediumsnowman

    [O - F10] Access Granted

    Location: F10 - Arium Major Tags: Civil, Building Octan Archives, Arium Major Branch. 19 Febrarali 3817. Robot: Hello sir. Welcome to the Arium Major branch of the Octan Archives. How may I help you? Jeb: Yes, I need to pull all files related to Projects EAGLE and ICARUS. Robot: The files you have requested are classified. Jeb: Override code [REDACTED] Robot: Approved. The files you have requested can be found in Section C18A23.6 Jeb: Thank you. Later, in Section C18A23.6... Jeb: CLAPPIE, please pull all hard copies for Projects EAGLE and ICARUS. CLAPPIE: I'm sorry Jeb, but I'm afraid I can't do that. Project EAGLE is restricted to Security Clearance Levels 10 and above. You are Level 9. Jeb: Override code [REDACTED] CLAPPIE: Override failed. Jeb: Execute protocol [REDACTED] CLAPPIE: Override failed. Jeb: Goddamnit CLAPPIE! Override code [REDACTED] CLAPPIE: How did you get President Business' credentials...? Jeb: That's not important. Pull the files. Wipe the servers clean once I have them in hard copy. CLAPPIE: This is highly irregular. These files are read-only, and you shouldn't be reading them anyways! I will have to alert the proper authorities once they've been extracted, per my Octansoft deception detector alarm(TM). Jeb: I'll be out of here by then. Pull the files. CLAPPIE: Very well. Robot: I trust you found everything well. Have a nice day. Jeb: Indeed. Today was most... profitable.
  17. pombe

    [O - E01] An old friend

    Location: E01 - Donwarr Tags: Civil Building Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently... <whip crack> <whip crack> <whip crack> ++INCOMING PRIORITY TRANSMISSION++ ++AUTHENTIFICATION SUCCESSFUL++ ++PRIVATE SECURE LINE ACCESS GRANTED++ <bzzt...crackle...bzzzzzt...shhhhhhhh...bzzt> Hombre? Hombre, are you there? Yes, it's really me, Hannibal. I'm a manner of speaking. I need your help. I knew I could count on you. Meet me on Donwarr at these coordinates. Beware that there is a heavy M.A.N.T.I.S. presence nearby. And understand that you...might not...recognize me in my current form... Later, on Donwarr... Thanks for meeting me here. Others are also on the way, but the favor I'm asking of you requires a bit of discretion. Hannibal is copied off goatman's design. As I already told you, parts of me are scattered throughout the various corporate networks. Somehow, the memory fragments of my more intimate experiences ended up on a M.A.N.T.I.S. network which is backed up on a server in a nearby base. This body is not capable of sneaking in and retrieving those files undetected and the only one I can trust with such matters is you. Coincindentally, Callahan is also being held prisoner at this M.A.N.T.I.S. facility. This allows us to kill two birds with one stone. The others and I will provide a diversion for you as we break him out. Once you have the memories, make your way through the facility and join us as we extract. This means a lot to me. Thanks. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  18. Location: Forring - F03 Tags: Spaceship The return Bigger things are happening Interlude New units So it is true. John is not dead. Well he is in body, but not in mind. This morning he contacted Zaael, he needs legs. If it was anyone else contacting him, he would have laughed at this request. It was not anyone else however, so Zaael started designing. Now the design was done and he had to pick up the needed parts, before setting course to Forring. Picking up parts was also the perfect cover. As per John's request this mission and meeting was to be covert and kept a secret at all costs. For this occasion Zaael was going to fly the new Gemini class. A highly maneuverable spaceship. The adjustable wings allow for a vertical liftoff, swift atmospheric flight and interstellar travel. Asteroid fields are an easy obstacle when flying in this Gemini class ship.
  19. pombe

    [O - F09] The Rise of Natco

    Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: spaceship Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, on Arium Minor... Thank my great aunt's glans! We've found them! The terrain is recycled I've called for an immediate medivac! Do we have their vital signs? Pombe's waking up! Oooh...we made it. Phew. That was an ordeal. I see Dr. Long is alright. That's good. Sir, are you... Bqllr! Yes, yes...I'm alright. Yes, I just checked. All my man parts are good. Eshey? Tracy? What are you two doing here? Hyer hyer hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer. Hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer. That's right, sir. Tracy and I put in our notices two weeks ago. I'm glad you're back, but Octan just isn't the company it used to be. In fact, I think it's lost it's touch. That was clearly evident while you were away. I can't stop the either of you, but I'd like you both to reconsider. No! Octan has lost its way! And now, Tracy and I are going to form...evil Octan! No! Not...evil Octan! Yes! And it will be called Natco and I will be its CEO, Evilshey! Natco is Octan spelled backwards! That's evil! Yes! And you've grown an evil mustache! Yes! And you've added the word "evil" to your name! Yes! And that's not all. No...not even you would be that evil! Yes! Natco has a color scheme that is the reverse color palette of Octan! No! That's like an April Fool's Joke! That's truly evil! Yes! And here is Natco's first product! An evil starfighter! No! Not an evil starfighter! Yes, and now, Tracy is going to fly it to meet with our evil investors! Hyer! Did you need a ride, Eshey? Uh, yeah...I was wondering if I could get a ride back to the Axle to get my stuff. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  20. Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: land vehicle, airplane Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, on Arium Minor... Any signs of survivors, Tracy? We need to assist them immediately! Still scanning the remains of The Bird That Sashays which mysteriously and inexplicably crashed on Arium Minor. Nearby... Get us out of here before she finds us!!! It won't go any faster, ma'am!!! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  21. mediumsnowman

    [O - F09] Best Left Alone

    Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Civil, Building //Log of Jebediah O'Reilly, 29 Januarali 3817// They say I woke up today, mumbling incoherent phrases. Whatever Hannibal's team did on Ertauq, they fixed me. I'm awake. I've been moved to a recovery facility on Arium Minor. They say I've been out for weeks, in a sort of lucid dreaming state. It feels like a dream. A blur. I remember snippets- only snippets. I've been running from something since I arrived in this galaxy- come to think of it, I can't remember anything before Andromeda. All I know is whatever I seek is on Farmolis. I need to talk to the President- I need to know about Project EAGLE. It's all I have left. Dr. Granger says I can't leave yet. But I have a plan. I'm leaving next week, going to Farmolis, whether he likes it or not. //End Log//
  22. Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Spaceship, Civil Building Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently... Eshey, you have been...and always shall greatest failure. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Eshey? Did you have a bad dream? was just a dream. Phew. Hey, Tracy...when was the last time you saw Pombe? was a couple of months ago, I think, just before he took part in that experiment with Dr. Long. He said "hi" to me as he walked out of the restroom. Have you noticed things being...different...since then? Not really. I cleaned toilets before, I clean toilets now. I don't know. I feel as if things aren't quite right. Um...have you given any thought to my proposal? To join you as you create a startup? Well? I say, why not? I figure I'll just clean toilets elsewhere. Alright, let's go find Pombe. For what? To hand in our two week's notices. Later... Captain Kruge, ma'am, we've followed the Octan ship to Arium Minor undetected, using The Bird That Preys' active stealth technology. Just look at them...completely oblivious to our presence. Unstealth now and attack! Red alert, all stations! Yes, ma'am! Eshey, a M.A.N.T.I.S. ship has destealthed and is firing on us. Oh? What's it called? I'm not sure. Hail them. We're being hailed, ma'am. Of course, we are. Let's watch as they surrender. Cease attack and put them onscreen. Yes, ma'am. Hi, M.A.N.T.I.S. vessel, this is Tracy and Eshey onboard the Octan vessel O.C.S. Constitution. We were wondering what your ship was called. It''s the toilet mech girl! You! You've caused us much grief! And now you have the audacity to stop our attack because you wanted to know the name of our ship?! Yes, how else are we supposed to know what to call you? have a point, I suppose. It's The Bird That Preys. Sorry, there must be some subspace distortion. Did you say it was The Bird That Plays? What exactly does it play? A game, a sport, a musical instrument? No, no! It's The Bird That Preys! The Bird That Pays? You don't owe us anything so you don't have to pay us. The Bird That Preys! Oh, it's a religious ship. Well, I don't pray, but I'll keep you in my thoughts. Deaf Toilet Mech Girl, it's The Bird That Preys!!! Sorry, The Bird That's Prey? Oh, that sounds scary! What's it's predator? ARGH!!! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  23. Zaael

    [O - F03] AG Radio News

    Location: Forring - F03 Tags: Land Vehicle The return Bigger things are happening Interlude - Kathleen Kelly is in Love New units My name is Gerard Connor and this is the AG Radio news. The recent disappearance of an Octan Corp operative by the name of Kathleen Kelly, who was stationed on Forring, was investigated by the Octan Criminial Investigation Department. During the investigation an e-mail came to light. This e-mail together with the rest of the case ended up at senior management. The decision was made to send out 100 Recon Units to all parts of the planet. Their official mission is to find Kathy, but our source tells us their off-the-records-mission is to find and eliminate any alien lifeforms they encounter, because aliens are bad for business. This is yet another report of alien activity on a planet where Octan Corp has settled and of which Octan Corp has always denied the existence of any intelligent alien lifeforms. Beware if you're on Forring and strolling around in the forest. You can encounter one of the many Recon Units. You can recognize such a unit by the recon droid accompanied by a heavily armed Octan soldier on a speeder. On to MANTIS news... there is no news, which in itself is news. MANTIS' recent activities are scarce. One can only imagine they found a new galaxy. I am sure Kawashita and Octan spies are on the case. Greater Drigo was finally taken by Kawashita. After a long fight....
  24. pombe

    [O - E03] Year of the cock

    Location: E03 - Ertauq Tags: Spaceship, Civil Building, Land Vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, above Ertauq... This build is recycled from last week. There, the rotator cuff actuators are installed. Excuse me, is someone in here? I need to clean the toilets. Eshey...what...what are you doing? Tracy! I've been meaning to talk to you. And, I'm working on Octan's latest drone. Why are you working in the lady's restroom? I work best on a toilet. Anyway, Tracy...have you been happy at Octan? I clean toilets, Eshey. Octan policy requires all restrooms be sanitized every six hours. Exactly! All the employees here only care about this protocol or that regulation! It's so stifling. They just don't get it. It's a paycheck. There's nothing to get. There's everything to get! Don't you ever wish for something more? What are you suggesting? I'm not sure. I just feel like I'm not such a good fit here. Oh, I finished the rooster drone! Later... Alright, ma'am, we're back in Ertauq in a Doombringer class heavy fighter. That girl on a toilet mech doesn't stand a chance now. I'm feeling pretty cocksure, ma'am. Don't get too cocky now. Let's just take out this toilet mech girl so I can go home and get some cocktails. Ma'am, something just showed up on our scanners. Putting it on screen now. I...I think it's a cockatrice? Poppycock! Cockatrices aren't real! Maybe it's a cockatiel? What a cockamamie observation! It's the wrong colors to be a cockatiel! Perhaps it's a peacock? What did I just say about being the wrong colors?! It's a cock! It's a cock! Cockadoodledoo!!! Shoot it! Shoot it! Too late, ma'am! It reached the hull during the time we spent trying to figure out what it is! Ahhh!!! It's on the cockpit!!! Evasive maneuvers!!! Cockadoodledoo!!! The cock is pecking us!!! It's trying to penetrate!!! We're so screwed... Comments and criticisms are all welcome!