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Found 4 results

  1. HeraldicBanner

    Hello! I'm HeraldicBanner!

    Hello! I'm HeraldicBanner (that's my screen name, I obviously don't go by that in real life.) One of my few real-life friends, @TechnicRCRacer, reccomended I take a look at this forum. I did, and I decided to create a new account. I've been told that the "Hello, my name is..." is to introduce ourselves briefly, so here goes; -I'm a huge Tolkien nerd, as you can probably tell from my profile. -I'm also a huge history nerd; I'm mostly interested in the Dark Ages - Late Middle Ages. -I also read a lot of science fiction -- I greatly enjoy Asimov's works, Dune, Warhammer 40k (though I can't afford to play; seriously, Games Workshop, $1,300 for a model? Are you kidding me?) -I've done quite a bit of Lego (though not nearly as much as most members on this forum), but mostly just from sets and instructions. I don't really have enough money to buy the largest sets, nor do I have enough to purchase shipping from Europe, which is where most of the pieces originate from. I like the new Saturn V set, and generally enjoy Lego's realisic space sets. I like Technic and I think that most of the larger Creator sets are really good.
  2. Hello, my name is Catalin and I'm happy to be here. I live in Romania, in Bacau city. I like to create moc's and I like to see other moc's creation from other friends and partner. I need help finding an application that allows me to upload a picture of a building, to enter data on the size and receive information on how its construction. Good luck!
  3. Brick buster


    Hi i have just joined Eurobricks. and what I'm looking for,at the moment ,are ideas for building military tanks with power functions. and looking for inspiration for my next lego model. I am a lego builder that started at age 8 {i am now 14}. i have a shared collection of 90,000+ parts with 2 brothers and 1 sister. we have most of the old star wars sets from 2005-2007. all of the lord of the rings sets {except two}. and all the hobbit sets from 2012-1014. I hope i will fit into this community. until then. happy building.
  4. WesternOutlaw


    Train Tech Registry Now with 286 Registered Train Fans! - This list is no longer being updated. * *thomas*, 12v, 12vretrofan, 1974, -R8- A AAwsum, Adam, AgentRick57, Alainneke, Andre1983nl, Andy Glascott, AndyC, Anticyclone, Architrains, Ashi Valkoinen, Asper, Athos B Baard, Badsneaker, Ballast, Bamos, Banditloon, BelValcor, Ben Kenobi 1992, Bernie56, Bileam, Bjtpro, Blondie-Wan, BobaFett2, Bonczyk85, Breezerider, Brenden Perkins, Brickaroo, Brickdoctor, Brickie, Bricks n Bolts, Bricktrain, Bricktrix, Brickviller, Brik-el, Brinstar, Brrrm C Cagri, Campbjj, Capt. Stabbin, Captain Becker, Captain J, Captain K, Captain Zuloo, CarrollFilms, Catanas, CBFasi, ChristopherMcL2, Cinderbike, Clcwong, Commander P5, ConductorPete, Cossack225, Craigstrains, Cwetqo, Cyclone D DaCheese, Daedalus304, Danger19, Darcaesar, Darkdragon, Darthluke824, Dartmar, David (New Zealand), Deanc, Deeks, Defenz, DetroitBricks, Dhivael, Diamondback, DmChylde, Dr Kilroy, Drdavewatford, Drevim, Drexlore, DwarfSleepy, Duq E Efferman, Efullner, Electricsteam, Eliminator, Eness76, English Electric, EPJL, Esben Kolind, Eurotrash F F0NIX, Fede78, Frank STENGEL, Fred67, Freddie, Funkdis, Fuzzylegobricks G Gambort (Tim Gould), Gareth, Gcarstensen, Gigi, Gormadoc, Graafderk, Greg3, Grogall, Grunneger, Gumpoleon H Halfpenguinhalflego, Harmacy, Harnbak, Harold, Hechristensen, Henryhotspurs, HhcBrick, Hikaro Takayama, Holodoc, HoMa, Homer_S I Iarnrod Raille Liath, Icosahedron J J3tang, Jaeson Pryer, JamesP, Jay Sathe, JBucy, JCC1004, Jcnoslegos, Johnny cogs, Ju87, JupiterTwo K k27463, KIERAN2400, Kimi, Kisvakond, Konrad, kost u grlu, kyphur, kyzr44 L L@go, Laka, Landam77, Lazarus, Leg Godt Gud, Lego Man Can, Lego Otaku, LEGO Train 12 Volts, Lego1975, Lego9vtrainfan, Legochief, Legodjw, Legoist, LegoMavrick, Legonz, Legoroni, LegoSjaak, Legotom, LegoTrainFan, LiamM32, Lightningtiger, LisasPapa, Liutas, Locomotive Annie, Loggii, Lostdriveway, LovinLegoSince97, Lyzech M Maciejd, Macoco, Man with a hat, ManitobaMoe, Mapman, Mariano, Markz68, Marl of Kark, Martyboy70, Mathijs-T, Matt Barton, Mattman, Medib, Melfice, Merkal, Merkurius, Missouri BB63, Monorailrulez, Morty, Mrblue, Mred, Muffinman42, Murdoch17 N Nagy Laszlo, Nebsirob, Nexus7, Nielsv, Nikola Bathory O Oddjob, Oky Wan Kenobi, Ozan P Paddyb98, Panda9001100, Patje, Paul B, Paul Sinasohn, Pe668, Pencil_42, Pet-Lego, PeteM, Peter L, Peterab, Picardgk, Pikappa79, Pingles, Piranha, Polish Guy, President of Brick Town, Private_lego, Proraptor, Pugsx3, Pulsar, Puma1824 R R1chstr!, Radar, Rail Co, Rday1982, Renewal, Retrosalad, Reza95, Richie, Richstri, Riograndefan, Ritz Brick, RoamingStudio, RSLego, Rustie86 S SavaTheAggie, SDH, Seany, Sebby, Selander, Sergio, ShaydDeGrai, Shupp, Sixoh, Sjuip, Småen, Smittyfan, Snapshot, Soc399, SONIC883, Sokratesz, Spanks_4, Spzero, Staalis, Stacker9000, Staszek, Stefanwest, Steinkopf T T-Bricky, Talltim, TaltosVT, Tarby99, Teddy, The Red Brick, TheBrickster, TheLegoTrainFan, TheOtters, ThomasB, Toastie, Tom Bricks, Topsy Cret, Tra8cer, Trainmaster5000, Tunamint, Twistopher, Typo U ust60 V vampyre78, Veeb0rg, vgsprites W Wabbajack, Walter Kovacs, Wardlws, Wondermonkey Y Yoshi648, Younge Z ZueriHB Introduce and share your passion for Lego Trains here. Pictures of your Lego Trains and Train Towns are encouraged. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Okay, I'll go ahead and start by saying, Welcome to Train Tech! I'm TheBrickster, one of the EB moderators, and long time collector of Lego -since the mid to late 1970s. Yes, my early childhood during the late 70s was spent with Lego basic building sets, followed by Town, Castle, and Space. Unfortunately, growing up in the United States, trains were not available in the shops during the era (at least I don't remember seeing them, except for maybe one push train in the early 80s). What a fabulous theme that I really missed out on. It wasn't until the mid 90s when the My Own Train Collection became available and I had to have the entire collection. Ordering track, rolling stock, and a 9V transformer, I soon had a great starter set for Lego Trains. Now, I have this fabulous collection which I very much enjoy building and running around the track: I live in the Western United States where trains play an important part of our history; from mining, cargo, to transporting people from the East Coast during the 1800s. While my personal experiences with real trains are pretty limited, I enjoy looking at pictures of old steam locomotives, Pullman coaches, as well as the refined and sophisticated look of European trains (both passenger and cargo). I love the old German steam locomotives with their large black engines and red wheels and base. Fantastic engineering marvels! I'm currently admiring all the fantastic 12V sets from Lego as well as older 9V sets like 4563 and 4564. Trying to build these out of a limited collection of train bricks is rather difficult without the original sets, but very fun and enjoyable. Lego trains are truly a great theme ring twould encourage riy Lego fan to purchase at least one set. So, again welcome to Train Tech, and I hope you enjoy the forum; and please, share your experiences and Lego train interest with our EB train community here. -TheBrickster