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Found 199 results

  1. My Lego collection is assembled from a bunch of my old sets from when I was a kid, some Classic creative boxes, and some mixed used lots that I bought locally. These all have one thing in common: very few minifigures! I build mostly Space, Town, and Fantasy/Castle MOCs. Is there any inexpensive way to assemble a bunch of minis for populating MOC layouts if I'm not too picky about getting specific figures?
  2. jjr_2009

    CMF Survey

    I know similar messages have been posted in the past, but I thought I would do a slight variation: Out of the CMFs that you own, which is your favourite . . . Male minifigure: Female minifigure: Licensed minifigure: Additionally: What is your least favourite CMF that you own? What CMF do you want the most? What S16 CMF are you most looking forward to? Any honourable mentions?
  3. Hello everyone, *Waving hands* It's me and I am back to conduct the latest poll and survey for the upcoming brand new exciting LEGO Minifigures – The LEGO Movie Series in our Eurobricks Community. The current official LEGO 71005, LEGO Minifigures – The LEGO Simpsons Series has been recently revealed in this discussion. If you wish to change your vote after you acquire the LEGO Minifigures – The LEGO Simpsons Series after May/June 2014 or any point, you may choose to do so, as the current poll settings allow you to withdraw your votes by choosing other choices instead. For the past official Eurobricks polls with regards to LEGO Collectables Minifigures Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, Series 5 and Series 6, Series 7, Series 8, Series 9, Series 10, Series 11, LEGO Movie Series, even though they may not be so applicable anymore, they can still be found in the following links below. Collectable Minifigures Series 1 Poll Collectable Minifigures Series 2 Poll Collectable Minifigures Series 3 Poll Collectable Minifigures Series 4 Poll Collectable Minifigures Series 5 Poll Collectable Minifigures Series 6 Poll Collectable Minifigures Series 7 Poll Collectable Minifigures Series 8 Poll Collectable Minifigures Series 9 Poll Collectable Minifigures Series 10 Poll Collectable Minifigures Series 11 Poll The LEGO Movie Series Poll The names above are the official representation with regards to this new LEGO Minifigures – The LEGO Simpsons Series. Let us know what you think about this upcoming new LEGO Simpsons series especially on your choice of the favourite minifigure! WhiteFang
  4. I am happy to announce that the 2015 LEGO Minifigure Catalog is now available. In addition, the 5th edition of the Star Wars LEGO Minifigure Catalog and the 2nd edition of the 2014 Minifigure Catalog are ready. The updated catalogs have have many corrections and additions. Moreover, all books have a new QR code system that allows you to easily look up each figure online. Soon our app will also feature a QR code reader, so that you can directly lookup a figure into the app. Enjoy!
  5. Hi, I'm new, so if this is not the correct type of post to make in this section, I apologize. Anyway, the most troubling thing to me, as someone who is trying to collect all the Marvel figures are the Comic-Con exclusives. As a Lego purist, I generally avoid buying any sort of custom pieces, but I eventually caved and started looking for replicas of the Comic-Con figures. I found the Decool Jean Grey online for like three bucks, and it looks surprisingly very nice and almost exactly like the original figure (definitely beats shelling out $200+ for the real thing). Generally speaking, though I have had a lot of trouble finding replicas accurate enough to meet my standards. This past weekend I was at BrickUniverse in Raleigh, NC and I found a vendor selling a Spider-Woman replica, which I bought (I believe I have his business card, so I can provide details if requested). Otherwise, though, I haven't had much luck. What is the general consensus on buying replicas over the real thing in extreme cases like this? Has anyone else found any good replicas of the Comic-Con figures that I haven't? If so, where did you find them?
  6. SpiderSpaceman

    Fading metallic print

    Hey everybody, I hope I'm not remaking a topic here but I wanted to inquire: I've got a good collection of Minifigures, including the majority of the collectible Minifigures, and I want them to be in collectible condition (without sealing them away), but for a number of my favorite figures that doesn't seem to be possible. There's certainly cracking down the torsos that just happens to figures I'm not messing around with, but my particular concern is metallic print. It's just downright gone from my series 1&2 collectible figures, certainly from the Indiana Jones line figures (some of my favorites ever), and my cyborg "Agents" villains. I would be crushed for this to spread to the rest of my Collectible Minifigs, my Superheroes, and Lord of the Rings figures, among others. There's definitely an age component to the print failing, but is this degradation totally inevitable? Is it my climate? I'm in the greater New Orleans area and there is a lot of absurd temperature fluctuation in the weeks around the change of seasons, and excessively moist air (of course my place is conditioned but the room where the Legos are at has poor circulation or something. I wonder if keeping them in different conditions would keep them from damage once they're vulnerable. What are your experiences? What can you suggest for preserving/preventing whatever reaction is causing the damage (without putting them in a vacuum or shellacking) I really do bet it's the air humidity, unless it just happens to everyone? Does anyone still have gold on, say, the maraca Guy's hat?
  7. LEGO have announced a new Marvel Collectible Minifigures Series for September 2016. Click here for more details!
  8. A few LotR MOCs: Galadriel, Elrond, Gandalf the White, Gondorian knight, Sam, Frodo, Merry and Pip. The hobbits pre-date the official ones with a few later parts. Apologies for the rubbish photography. Questions, comments, rings of power?
  9. I bought this for under $1 each, they're not Lego minifigures but I thought they as good as Legos. Moreover, they're transparency so looked very nice in dark, pls check out this video for that.
  10. fatsomania

    Swimming Pool

    This is an outdoor swimming pool like real ones in many cities and towns. Ten stairs high is a simple water slide that twists. Also included are some diving boards. In addition, this includes a building where you pay admission. This model includes a water slide, high diving board, low diving board, lifeguard tower, 2 pool umbrellas, 8 lounge chairs, 11 minifigures, building with 3 sections and detachable roof, lockers, and 2 bicycles. This is a project that I have posted on LEGO Ideas. You can download the full-resolution images here:
  11. JabbaFett

    Six packs torso?

    I'm looking for a minifigures with six pack torso and no accessories whatsoever on it (not like the current series 15 minifigures' Wrestler which has a champion belt printed on it, same applies for series 5's Boxer). Any suggestions? Thanks :D
  12. So with all of the desired minfigures for this series, and only 18 slots, there will obviously be some left out. Who would you guys like to have? This also serves as a means of keeping the actual theme thread less cluttered. Confirmed characters are: -Mr. Incredible -Syndrome -Mickey Mouse -Genie -Ursula -Peter Pan -Captain Hook Rumored are: -2 unknown Princesses
  13. Hi there fellow LEGO fans! I've been procrastinating this for months but I finally started updating my BrickLink store and I have a few items for sale here. An assortment of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and other themed minifigure heads, torso assemblies, and accessories are all up for sale. I would prefer to sell this as a lot for around $40-$50, which would price each item at a bit less than $1 while many of these parts belong to rare figures priced much higher. If you are interested in particular items, I would also not mind breaking up this lot. If interested, contact me via private message or email. ( Additionally, stop by my BrickLink store! :)
  14. MinifigureHQ


    With the success of Brick 2014 (we launched there) we're really excited by the brick show this year. With details of Brick2015 soon to be released, who's going and what do you hope to see/exhibit?
  15. Backstory: When I was a youngster in the 80's, I was a very big fan of LEGO. I collected and built many sets, and had many minifigures. I used to regularly switch around pieces to make the best looking minifigures. This included swapping out everything from torsos, heads, and hands, to arms, legs, and hips. I was aware of every detail. I loved when new sets would come out that had minifigures with more advanced details than in previous sets. New head prints, beyond the standard smile, were a step forward for LEGO as a company. I grew away from LEGO in my teens and twenties as I explored other hobbies and interests. When I returned to LEGO in my thirties, I was happy to see that this progress never stopped. LEGO was now printing on the legs and backs of minifigures, and their prints were looking better than ever. And this has continued to the present day, with new developments like side leg printing, arm printing, and dual molded parts. The point: LEGO has made considerable progress in the way that they detail their minifigures. They are capable of so much more now than they were 20-30 years ago. They have increased their standards of design again and again, constantly creating more and more detailed minifigures. But they don't seem to use these techniques as often as I would expect. Leg and back printing have become commonplace, but the more recent advances of side leg printing, arm printing, and dual molding are seen less frequently. Is it because they are new techniques? We see these advances in Collectible Minifigures, in Dimensions, in polybags, and in larger sets. If they can use these new techniques, then why aren't more sets including them? For example, why is it that they have made very detailed versions of C-3PO and Boba Fett from Star Wars in 2015, both of which include highly detailed printing, only to make less detailed versions of the same characters the next year in 2016 that lack these advances? It would seem to me that this is a step backwards in progress, a regression, stepping away from the design apex that was set only a year earlier. Do others see it this way? Some have made the point that the idea is to make more detailed minifigures exclusive, bringing more incentive to spend on more expensive sets. Does this not reduce the incentive to spend on the sets with newer, less detailed minifigures? Others have made the point that it would make the sets more expensive if they would include these details. Would it really increase the cost enough to be a big factor in the overall set price? Conclusion: What is the general concensus of the people on Eurobricks? As LEGO advances their techniques, should they make these advanced printing and molding techniques a new standard for minifigures, or should they keep these more detailed minifigures as exclusives and incentives?
  16. Hello, yesterday, I had a visistor in my office: A housefly. So, I have shown the housefly the LEGO Fly Monster (Minifigures, Series 14 'Monsters'). And the housefly was very impressed, I guess. ;-) Best wishes Andres
  17. Not really a brickfilm...but hey - it´s LEGO
  18. Hoots! Gloryhammer aren't visiting the mighty land of Cymru, but I have created some little plastic version to make up for it. If you were not aware, Gloryhammer are a metal band. Their latest album Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards has been pretty much on repeat in my Car. Being a little bored and thinking that the promo shot: Had a number of elements that matched well with LEGO I in fact owned... I couldn't resist! The castle in the background is Caerphilly Castle, I visted there today with my sister and her friends, but it has long been a favourite of the family to visit. I thought it would make a pretty epic backdrop. Hope you enjoy these figs!
  19. #10 - Nova Hunter Nova Hunter is the chief in the Exploriens theme He has a cool mustache and looks like a mature leader. His Explorien uniform with black hands looks awesome too. He was a cool enough character to be included in the LEGO Racers video game. #9 - Bob Bob is one of the first minifigures and is commonly used as a mascot by LEGO. The thing I like about Bob is his classic smiley face. Even though he only appeared in two sets, he is easy to build with classic smiley face, red torso and blue pants. #8 - Baron Von Baron Baron Von Baron (formerly known as Sam Sanister/Sinister, Evil EyeLord Sam Sinister,and Mr. Hates) was the main villain from the Adventurers and Orient Expedition themes. In the Egypt theme he tried to steal the Re-Gou ruby but failed. On Dino Island he tried to steal dinosaurs to open up a theme park. I like his monocle, cool mustache and hook hand. He is an awesome villain. He was also cool enough to be included in LEGO Racers 1 and 2 (though he has both hands in part 2) #7 - Tony Twister and Professor Millennium Tony Twister, alternately known as Baron Bloomberg in the United Kingdom, is a Time Twisters minifigure released in 1997. He is a villain and travels through time along with his twin brother, Professor Millennium, alternately known as Commodore Schmidt in the United Kingdom. I like Tony's mustache, leather hat and black jacket with yellow epaulettes. Millennium has the same cool hat and an awesome goatee beard. I put them here together because they are twins. #6 - Pepper Roni Pepper Roni is the star of the LEGO Island trilogy. He is a young delivery boy who delivers pizza to the citizens of LEGO Island. I like him because he looks like a cool kid. I like his printed hair and pizza torso. #5 - Dr. Cyber Dr. Cyber is one of Timmy's friends from the Time Cruisers theme. He goes back in time with him and collects hats from different times. He has a robot named Robby. He tries to alter the Space-time Continum as little as possible. He was a rocket scientist at NASA. I like his cartoonish eyes, red bow tie and pencil. I also like him because Time Cruisers is my favorite theme. #4 - Dr. Kilroy also known as Dr. Charles Lightning and Professor Articus Dr. Kilroy is a minifigure from the Adventurers theme. He is a brilliant scientist with extensive knowledge of artifacts and archaeology. According to LEGO Mania Magazine, he is Johnny Thunder's uncle. He is cool because of his cartoonish eyes, awesome beard, red bow tie and assortment of outfits featuring a white pith helmet. Plus he hangs out with Johnny Thunder in he most awesome adventures. #3 - Zack Zack (also known as Red Shirted Cowboy) is a Western minifigure released in 1996. He has appeared in seven sets and appears in all the Lego western commercials. Zack is a tough cowboy who helps the Sheriff protect the town from outlaw cowboys. I like him because of his blue jeans, a red button-up shirt, and a brown vest with gold buttons. My favorite thing about Zack is his printed white wavy hair. His head and face are used as the Ice Planet Astronaut. #2 - Johnny Thunder Johnny Thunder is the main protagonist of the LEGO Adventurers theme. He is included in numerous sets as a minifigure in each of the theme's sub-series, often alongside his friends Dr. Charles Lightning and Gail Storm . In addition to all of this, Johnny also appears in seven video games more than any other LEGO character. I like his mustache, hair and hat. He was the LEGO equivalent of Indiana Jones but cooler. #1 - Timmy Timmy was a minifigure who was first released in 1996. He has a pet monkey named Ingo. He has a pet monkey named Ingo He was seen extensively in the Time Cruisers theme until its discontinuation in 1997, and after that he appeared in many FreeStyle sets. Timmy has the best face ever with black hair hanging down, cartoon eyes and even has a nose!!
  20. Here are the zombies from my display collection. I have tried to make them more fantasy zombies of the Dungeons & Dragons variety rather than modern zombies that official LEGO ones are. I have had most of them for years, but only just photographed them as I was waiting for the Scooby-Doo and CMF S14 zombies. Questions? Comments? Futile attempts to escape these brain-starved undead?
  21. I was thinking that LEGO might want to do another themed series, as Monsters has become such a hit. I figured the next one would be Mythology, which has been another popular subtheme of the Minifigures, with less representation. This is what we have so far: Minotaur Ocean King Cyclops Medusa Battle Goddess Lady Cyclops Here are some ideas I have for a set of 16 and the standard five females: * King of the Gods- reuse laurel-crown hair, Fisherman beard, have a skirt for a toga, lightning-bolt accessory * Lord of the Dead- Skull accessory, black/green robe, white skin, black hair. * Hunting Goddess- Bow/arrow, moon designs on robes, new hair? * Love Goddess- Crystal heart piece (as seen in Friends/DP), long Elizabeth Swann hair, white robe, clamshell accessory * Satyr- possibly reuse Gargoyle head (although a new piece would be better, two peg legs with the feet painted black, Pan pipes accessory * Grey Sister- This one is designed to be bought in threes. An old crone in a grey cloak with a 1x1 eye tile, and two faces. One with empty eye sockets, and one with an eye in it. When set up in a group, one of them can have the eye in, or none of them can while the eye is being passed. For simplicity's sake, all of them can have the tooth. * Messenger God- new winged helmet to allow for Flash customs as well, caduceus staff, satchel * Wicked Weaver- Human-spider hybrid like Spinlyn, but perhaps with fewer pieces, or an arrogant Greek female with a spindle and a spider accessory. * Strong Hero- club piece, lion-skin robe, snake accessory * Gorgon Slayer- Spartan helmet, reuse Battle Goddess's shield, have wings printed on side of feet. * Harpy- short female with Man-Bat style arms, but with feathered wings. Ugly face, perhaps with Chima-esque beak printed on it. * Centaur- new horse-like lower body with pegs to insert into torso * War God- Spear, shield, Spartan helmet, angry face with red eyes and red armor? * Music God- Lyre accessory, sun designs on robes, bow and arrow * Party God- Bunch of grapes, laurel crown hair, purple robes, thrysus staff or goblet * Blacksmith God- scarred face, recolored Mjolnir, sword (perhaps in a glowing orange state), brown robes I'm not entirely sure how well these would sell, but there's definitely a market for it, and it seems like the next theme LEGO could expand on, without repeat characters to complain about. Any other ideas that would work better?
  22. MOCed minifigures from CMF S14 and a photobombing spider-guy.
  23. Hello, the Lego Dimensions Starter Pack comes with a Batmobil and three minifigures: Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle. Images with full details you can find right here. Minifigures: Gameplay & Toy Pad: I was able to play the game at a Warner Press Event in Hamburg a few days ago. In my YT-Channel you find more LD-Videos. Best wishes Andres
  24. Hi! So I've decided I want to start customize Lego Minifigures and Friends mini-dolls. First off, I would like to know what are best types of paint to use on the mini-dolls and minifigures (including the rubber Friends hair). I've tried painting a Friends figures and the paint dried in a hard finish, and it inhibited movement of the legs. Also, what are the best methods for removing any printing. And finally, does anyone know how to take apart a Friends figure?? Thanks so much for any, and all tips!
  25. Hello. I did not think I would start collecting minifigs except those with diverse set. Is there any special way to approach it? Miscellaneous old minifigs, what about them? I have a mixed bunch, many are probably not complette more, but still fun to have.